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Anca Apostol  is  an  Advanced Studies Teacher for  DWB, SES, NES, JOA and DWL. 

She also attended  DWD  School and  conducted several   DWD dreamwalks as a facilitator.  As an Aspectology attendee and a psychotherapist Anca is now discovering the new Psychology, at the fronteers  of consciousness. The experience in  Keahak II and Keahak Life programs added more experience, awareness and knowledge towards the realisation of the I AM, I Exist presence.

Anca re-discovered her passion for  multidimensional  traveling since her early childhood years, when she often had out-of-body experiences.  With a soft and insightful  inner guidance, she nearly stopped these  experiences around the age of 10 years.  It was along with the amazing encounter of  the Shaumbra materials in 2008 when she realized that now it is not necessary to “runaway”, it is home coming to you, staying in the body, breathing and expanding.

In her  life Anca experienced difficulties such as physical and psychic abuse, illness , self-worth issues - things that she learned to overcome after attending the SES School. These are  the reasons  why she also compassionately felt to  become an SES Teacher.
This was the beginning of a fulfiling  life-changing experience. Anca attended Geoff and Linda Channeling Workshop  and she is now a proficient  channeler and therapist.

Her background as a psychologist went trough Ericksonian Hypnosis Psychotherapy, Psychodrama and  Neurolingvistic Programming.  As a therapist, since 2002 Anca gained  experience as a Reiki Master-Teacher ,  Pranic Healing  Advanced Practitioner, also learning about  Buddhist  meditation and healing techniques along with her visit in India in 2006.

Anca Apostol  is offering  SES,  JOA and DWL Advanced Studies classes together  with  the very special co-teacher Florin Mandiuc.
At her office in Brasov and wherever her light is called, she is organizing  workshops , counselling  or channeling sessions.

Anca ‘s outstanding  passion  is to facilitate  the  exquisite  blessed Adoula  sessions, connecting the future parents with their chosen soul-child.  She is lovingly proud of her assisted born-babies and their truly brave parents.

Anca hopes to continue her  extraordinary  and joyful spiritual work,  openly discovering  and freely sharing her amazing  experiences  with you.