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Povestea mea de a ma vedea Maestru incepe din anii de adunare a energiei Shaumbra (simtind o chemare in 2001) si apoi am inceput sa ma implic prin alegere proprie din 2006. Dupa participarea la primul workshop live cu Adamus, in 2007, la Frankfurt, am simtit pasiunea de a impartasi aceasta informatie si cu altii si... mi-am inceput procesul de a deveni Invatator Certificat si am inceput sa prezint Studiile Avansate ale Crimson Circle. 

Celelalte povesti pe care le-am experimentat au fost despre a ajunge pilot militar, apoi sa ma joc cu ideea de presentator radio si multe experiente din domeniul IT (DTP, in zona de edituri, intelegerea profunda a computerelor / PC, ceva programare si website-uri – chiar lucrand si intelegand zona corporativa cu sistemele lor de website-uri si, mai tarziu, realizarea de subtitrari pentru Studiile Avansate). 

Dupa prezentarea unui numar de workshopuri pot spune doar ca acum este o adevarata pasiune pentru mine prezentarea fiecarui workshop, cu compasiune si in deplina onorare a proceselor de descoperire si transformare ale fiecarui participant, mai ales dupa experimentarea cu grupuri diverse si de diverse marimi – in Romania, Spania si Rusia – bucuria de a vedea experimentarea a ceva nou, care schimba viata pentru fiecare participant.

Multumesc pentru vizitarea profilului si va invit sa luati legatura cu mine oricand.

My story of seeing myself as a Master starts from the years of gathering the Shaumbra energy (feeling a calling back in 2001) and then getting involved by my own choice starting 2006. After attending my first live workshop with Adamus, in 2007, at Frankfurt, I felt the passion to share this information with others and... I did started my process of getting to be a Certified Teacher and getting to present the Advanced Studies from Crimson Circle. 

The other stories that I did experienced where to get to fly military planes, play with the idea of radio presenter, and a lot of experiences with the IT field (DTP, in the field of publishing houses, understanding deeply computers / PC’s, doing some programming and doing websites – even working and learning in the corporate field about their websites, and, lately, doing subtitles for Advanced Studies). 

After a number of presented classes I can only say that now it is a true passion for me to present every workshop, with compassion and honoring the process of discovery and transformation of every participant, after experiencing with diverse groups and sizes of groups – in Romania, Spain and Russia – the joy of seeing the experience of something new and life changing for every attendee. 

Thank you for visiting my profile and feel welcomed to get in touch at any time!