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I "accidentally" bumped into Crimson Circle materials in 1999 - there were two channels available - and immediately knew I belong there, I’m a part of it.  

Then there were workshops with Tobias and Adamus, Teachers trainings, translation of CC materials into Russian. And changes, all the time – releasing things that did not serve me anymore, undergoing transformation after transformation, evolving and changing and becoming. 

For several years now I have been teaching - SES, Aspectology, DW Death - in Russian, which is my mother tongue, and Hebrew that I am fluent in.  

I do it for myself. It's a great pleasure - sharing things that have changed your life with those that are ready for transformation. Just sharing - no agenda, no expectations, honouring the students enough to let them take what is appropriate for them at the moment. And watching them allowing it to unfold.

And then going back to everyday life to enjoy having great time by myself or with others, tasting a glass of wine, bathing in the sea, listening to music or just doing nothing if it is what feels appropriate at the moment. And then, at the beginning of each month, melding once more with Adamus and Shaumbra, for sharing, feeling part of the family and going further in becoming who I really am, who we really are.   

Classes by Inna

  • 26 Mar, 2020 - 28 Mar, 2020
    DreamWalker® Death Transitions School Presented by certified teacher Inna Gorokhovsky
    Netanya, Israel