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I was born and educated in Athens, Greece. I studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens. After my diploma, I had been working as an architect and constructor for 20 years, in my private office in Athens.

Although I liked my job and my life and I loved my family very much, always I had the feeling of emptiness in my life.

So, I started my journey and my searching in metaphysical and alternative spaces. I practiced in Yoga, I went to self-knowledge classes and finally I studied Alternative Therapies for 3 years (Shiatsu, Reflexology, Bach Remedies and Feng Shui). After that and for 5 years I had been working with these therapies to find that even there, was not the explanation of the emptiness and the self healing.

Until the 2006, when “accidentally” I read for the first time the “12 creator lessons” of Tobias, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe.

I felt that they had written for me, they spoke straight to my soul.

In the next 3 months I read all the material of CC channels, from 1999-2006, and every time the channel opened to me a new way for the Self love and integration.
There were not strange theories or first revealed teaching. They just “were”. They were there to remind us,who we are, where we came from and how “we can choose”.

They were for the heart, not for the mind.

In the next 3 years I watched about all the seminars and workshops of CC, and I was trained as a teacher in two, Aspectology and SES, that I consider as the basics in the New Energy material.

These two seminars I am presenting now in Greece, for those who are interested in the New Energy gifts, the joy and the fulfillment.

And the “void” that was existing in my life, I learned to accept it, and to stay in it, because without it, there is no evolution and change. It is welcome!

Maria Grigoraki
New Energy Teacher
Feng-Shui consultant

Athinaidos  13 , Voula, Athens, 16673, Greece

Classes by Maria

  • 6 Mar, 2020 - 8 Mar, 2020
    Aspectology School Presented by certified teacher Maria Grigoraki
    Athens, Greece