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"Discovering Your Passion"

Tobias’ Discovering Your Passion workshop is now available as a five audio-CD Personal Study Course. The channels were recorded in Denver, Colorado in June 2008 and have been put together in a comprehensive Personal Study Course complete with a Study Guide and text transcripts of the channels.

The Discovering Your Passion Personal Study Course allows Shaumbra around the world to hear the important and timely information from Tobias about passion in the comfort of their own home, on their own schedule. “What is my passion?” is one of the most frequently asked questions to Tobias. In this insightful course Tobias talks about what passion is, why it has changed, and how to bring passion back into your life.


Channel Pack from the Midsummer Conference – Hamburg
Includes 7 audio CDs with all channelings from the Hamburg Conference, including Tobias, Saint-Germain, Kuthumi, Kuan Yin, 'We Are Nine', Zachary and Zapharia.

Disk 1: Tobias through Geoffrey Hoppe
Disk 2: Kuan Yin through Norma Delaney, with Garret Annofsky
Disk 3: 'We Are Nine' through Story Waters
Disk 4: Kuthumi through Geoffrey Hoppe
Disk 5: Zapharia through Lee Harris
Disk 6: Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe
Disk 7: Group Channel with Zachary, Kuan Yin, 'We Are Nine' and Tobias

Digital Download - $30 USD. Must have a high speed Internet connection.
Physical CD Set - $40 USD plus shipping/handling

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November 2008 Newsletter
Shaumbra Institute Update
  by Jan Brouwer


As many of you know, Shaumbra Institute is the “teaching department” of Crimson Circle. It not only organizes teacher training on a regular basis, it also provides practical support to the teacherswho are themselves organizing workshops all over the world.

Several years ago, Geoff and Linda realized that it would be humanly impossible to continue doing the regular schools, such as DreamWalker Death (DWD) and the Sexual Energies School (SES), and introduce new workshops at the same time. By training others they made it possible that still today you can enjoy and experience the life changing information that was channeled several years ago and which has not lost any of its powerful energy since then.

Teacher training itself started in September 2006, and since then we have trained and certified over 200 teachers worldwide. In fact, few of you may realize that in the past year, since the Quantum Leap celebration, teachers have organized over 300 workshops in more than 30 countries. Now, between 20-30 workshops are held each month, somewhere in the world (see graph below). This is something we are very excited about and we are grateful to all those teachers that continue to facilitate the workshops and thereby inspire human consciousness.

Not only are we continuing to train new teachers and add new workshops, e.g. last week Geoff and Linda just finished training the first group of Aspectology teachers, but we are also continuously looking for ways to enhance the experience of workshop attendees. We realized however that we are sometimes so busy that we forget to share information about Shaumbra Institute that may be of interest to you. From now on we will therefore keep you informed on a regular basis about new developments regarding the Shaumbra Institute workshops and its teachers.

Translations and Subtitling
You may have recently attended an event of Geoff and Linda where they had included a translator so attendees could better understand the information and as a result enjoy the experience of the workshop even more. Generally, translation is quite expensive but we consider this an important service as we don’t want language barriers to stand between you and the information that is channeled.

Shaumbra Institute and its teachers also realized that language barriers may keep many who are interested but don’t understand English well enough from attending certain workshops. In addition, we noticed that even those with a good understanding of English like to read the information in their local language. In close cooperation with Shaumbra Institute, many teachers therefore started to translate the materials and as a result, many of the school transcripts are now also available in local languages. Although this has been an important step, as it certainly did reduce language barriers, we all knew that we could and should do more. Again, with the help of some teachers, we were able to create subtitled DVD’s and with the tools that have now become available we expect to be able to offer more and more workshops with DVD’s subtitles in the local language. In the table below you can see which languages are available.


x: transcript available
s: subtitles available
p: in progress

We will continue to work on providing this important service to our future students and we want to use this opportunity to thank all teachers that have worked so hard on preparing the translations and/or subtitles. If you want to know if a workshop is available in your local language contact one of the teachers in your country or you can contact us at [email protected]

Teacher Bio’s
When you are considering to attend a certain workshop, for example after you received the monthly overview of workshops that are being organized in your country, you may want to know more about the teacher that is facilitating a particular school. We as Shaumbra Institute are very aware that students want to feel an energetic match and connection with their teacher. In fact, we encourage you to “feel out” your prospective teacher, because it will be very important for how you will experience the class. Let’s face it, when you are considering to attend a workshop, e.g. DreamWalker Death or SES, you do want to feel comfortable with the person that is doing the workshop.

In the past it may not always have been possible to learn more about the teacher in advance, but with modern technology that is becoming easier. When you look at the workshop calendar on our website, you may notice that certain teacher names are hyperlinked. This means that when you click on the teacher name it will bring you to their “bio page” on the Shaumbra Institute website. On this page you can generally see a picture of the teacher and read more about their background and experience. Sometimes, the teachers have included a link to a personal website to read more or an email address so you can contact them. We have included this information to enable you to get a better feel for your future teacher and we invite you to use it actively.

In case you want to know more about a teacher but their information is not yet available on our site, you can contact us at [email protected] and we will provide you with the information you need.

Workshops in your Home Town
Although 20-30 workshops are organized each month that does not always mean that they are close to where you are living. Many times we hear that people would love to attend a certain Shaumbra Institute workshop but are prevented by all kinds of practical issues such as the distance, or the costs of travel and lodging.

What you may not know however, is that you can ask Shaumbra Institute if a teacher is willing to come to your area. There are many teachers that are experienced in organizing workshops in other places, or even in a private home setting (please note that for workshops at home certain restrictions apply). We have seen several examples where groups of Shaumbra decided to invite a teacher to come to their city so they could enjoy their favorite school close to home. Depending on the circumstances it could already work out with 3-4 attendees. And, if the group size is big enough, the host may even attend for free.

For more information, or if you are interested to have a teacher come to your home town, contact Shaumbra Institute at [email protected]

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