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November 2008 Newsletter
Q&A Classics

Revisiting some of the 1100+ questions that
have been
asked at past Shouds.

Planning in the Now
New Energy Series, Shoud 1

QUESTION: Tobias, can you please share your insights on how one maintains a balance between being present in the Now and goal-setting and planning ahead?

TOBIAS: Indeed, the first thing to do is to breathe in, to be in the Now, and to understand that everything appropriate comes to you. In the society that you live in now, in the consciousness that you are in, yes, indeed there is a, what you call, goal setting or planning.

You can do this in the New Energy way by doing two things. Remain in the Now, but expand your Now to encompass the potentials of what may come. Expand your Now to include those. Bring those to you to the Now. Then be open to any changes that might come.

We understand there is planning because of the dualistic energies that you live in. There is planning that is required for some of the day-to-day things in your life, but always incorporate the energy of potential change in those. You as a group of humans came into this world at a time when this goal-setting, this focus on goals, was so important. There was value in that at the time.

So many of you developed plans and goals because you wanted to accomplish much in this lifetime. Much of that centered around the release of old ways, old karma. But you can release that goal-setting now, the way you did it before, for it does not serve you. Certainly, you have to be aware of what's out in front of you, but bring that energy into the Now and allow it to change. Allow it to transmute all of the time. You will see the subtle but very important differences between just setting goals and planning, and allowing it to come into your Now, but to change.

Dyslexia and ADHD
New Energy, Shoud 1

QUESTION: Hi, Tobias. I have three boys ages 11, 12, and 17. Two have been labeled with dyslexia, and one with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Do you have any words of wisdom for them?

TOBIAS: Indeed, they come in certainly as – how to say – we don't like the label so much – but you’d call them “crystal children.” They come in with clear attributes, highly sensitive children, having a hard time maintaining a focus in an Old Energy world, and appropriately so. We have talked before about the New Energy schools that would not grade a student or judge a student for this type of attribute, which in a sense, is a gift. They are also in a state where they are in an expanded consciousness and expanded Now.

We encourage you, as the human angel parent who chose to bring them in, to be their guide in their early years – to not look at this as any sort of deficit at all, but rather as a unique gift. We ask you to also get them into regular breathing. Talk to them in the loving way that you do, and help them to understand that you can be expanded and also have a focus at the same time. One does not have to replace the other.

Understand also that they are highly, highly sensitive at their inner feeling level. The lack of specific focus on this reality is also, in a sense, a protection for them. This helps them to avoid things like serious medical problems within their being. Get them into a regimen of regular breathing and acceptance. Help them to understand the gifts that are incorporated in this. Do not try to deny these conditions, but rather to bring them into acceptance, and – how to say – enjoy the gifts with them.

Adam Kadmon energy
New Energy, Shoud 1

QUESTION: I was wondering what you could tell us about the Adam Kadmon energy on the planet and how it’s manifesting.

TOBIAS: Indeed. The Adam energy was designed and produced through the Order of the Arc. It was one of the initial templates for the divine and the biology to come together on Earth. There was a long path that it took before coming to Earth, what you would call, in a way, a type of galactic journey.

The Adam Kadmon energy that has brought you to this point no longer serves you. You could say this is one of the attributes of mass consciousness. It was an energy template that so many of you held. You could look into the energy of the Seven Seals and see it clearly. We are seeing it clearly here, and it is difficult to describe in words. But it is woven in. It is something that is into the DNA of the biology as well.

It is time to let that energy go. There will be a New one appearing. We don't want to assign a name to it at this point – humans love these names – we wanted to keep it an open architecture at this point. But you can honor the Adam Kadmon energy. Now you can let it go, and it will be replaced by something very interesting. But it was simply a template for the Old. Thank you for this delightful question.

Solutions in Africa
Teacher Series, Shoud 3

QUESTION: In “Conversations with God, Book 1” by Neale Donald Walsch, he said that right now we had the power and ability to end hunger and cure disease this minute. Since this is an older book I’m thinking we would have to do this in a paradigm more evolved than the paradigm that created these problems in Africa. The only way I can think of solving these issues is by manifesting nutritious food, clean water, medical care, decent housing, reduce birth rates, resolve political instability and tribal war, start educating women and children in school, sanitation facilities, get rid of the mosquitoes and flies, etc. All of these elements are interconnected. I’ve been thinking about how to do this but first, am I capable of doing this? And what else does Africa need? What else do we need to know about Africa and why did Africa agree to take on the darkness?

TOBIAS: Indeed. Indeed. Excellent question and a very intellectual approach to it. You are looking at the surface. You are thinking, “What if we ship food over.” Food will be eaten and then these people will go back to the old way of doing things. You can send medicine over and they will use the medicine and go back to the old way of doing things. You can send chemicals that will kill the mosquitoes and the mosquitoes will die and they will come back again. Because there is such an energy environment there, it has to be addressed from a different level.

We’re going to go back to the number one problem with humans right now: They’re giving their energy away. They’ve been giving it away for a long, long time. Not all, but part of the indigenous of the African regions come from a spiritual family that has very interesting and long story. As a matter of fact, one of the projects that I, Tobias, would like to do is to write a story to follow this spiritual family through the heavens, down through the Order of the Arc and to Earth. And there has been a history of giving it away.

This history, this energy is so strong that it’s affected even those who are not in the immediate spiritual family. It has become part of the way of doing things in this region of the world. In a sense you could say that Africa is also taking on many of the problems, many of the darknesses for the rest of the world. It is part of their process of giving it away. They give away what they have and they take everybody else’s junk. There was a while when that energy balance served a type of distorted purpose, but it doesn’t need to anymore.

Now, if you want to go and make a difference, first of all... first of all please have compassion. Before any of you go out and start working with anyone – whether you are a teacher, a doctor, a minister or whatever – before you walk out your door, put on your compassion shoes. You’re going to need them.

We would like you to have compassion for everybody that you work with. If you feel sorry for them, whoever it is you’re working with, whether it's the continent of Africa or whether it is your next door neighbors, if you feel sorry for them, you’re immediately going in with that energy around you. That becomes your energy standard, you see? It becomes a template, and now you’re working with energy of sorrow and it’s going to either make you ill or make you ineffective. So put on your compassion shoes before you go out. Understand that every human being has chosen exactly where they are. From the poorest beggar in the street, can you look at them and have compassion? That is exactly what they wanted to create.

Now the difference is that they might have wanted to create that – those in Africa may have wanted to create this situation of taking on the world’s problems and woes and dark energies; they may have chosen that, have compassion for it – but, here’s the difference: They don’t know how to get out. That’s where the Shaumbra Standards come in. Just like the dear one who talked before about how she doesn’t know how to get out of the old abundance cycle. She chose it. She put herself there, for a beautiful reason. Now she’s stuck in it. With a little bit of energy evolvement, she’ll get out of it quite beautifully and with the help of everybody here listening in today gave to her as well. You, for a second, for a moment, became an abundance energy Standard for her.

So back to the original question: Have compassion, and then realize that they are calling out, perhaps to get unstuck. And this is where wise Shaumbra energy comes in. Are they really calling out to get unstuck? Do they really want to move out of the role of this – what you call – the third world type of countries or continent? You have to go in and feel the energy. Are they really saying they are stuck and they need somebody? And if you can clearly and objectively acknowledge that yes they are, they no longer choose to play the game of darkness and despair, then go in. Not with food, not with medicine and not even with money.

Go in as a Teacher. Teach them how not to give their energy away again. Once they learn that, then you bring the money in and the food in and the knowledge and the expertise in industry or whatever else it is. But you have to break the cycle and the cycle, right now, is giving their energy away. Thank you.

Teacher Series, Shoud 3

QUESTION: Hello. I’ve been having some serious health issues that have gone on for a number of years, and I’ve tried many things to deal with it. Can you tell me what the root cause is and how to best effectively heal it?

TOBIAS: Indeed. We’ll make this very simple, very, very easy, because it’s now been covered with so many layers of doubt and confusion and inappropriate medical advice. The core cause, as you say, very simply, is that you don’t necessarily want to be here on Earth. You felt compelled to come back. You were actually pulled back in, almost against your will, you were pulled right into this birthing vortex. But it was part of an old – what you would call – soul-self agreement that said you had to be here at this time. But you’ve been resisting it and fighting it and basically your biology has been responding appropriately. It has not been letting you truly live.

So you’re here now. We predict you’ll be here for a little while longer, so why not let your body catch up with what you’re doing? Let your body enjoy living here. This isn’t any deep dark, big, old karmic issue. This is quite easy to work with. You just didn’t want to be here.

So work with this Standard Technology that we talked about in our last Shoud. This is where you take one healthy cell – and you have millions of them – take one healthy cell within your being and connect with it. Develop a relationship with it. Don’t think about it, but feel it. Go into its essence. It is part of you. It is the biological perfection. This healthy cell radiates its energy. It is like a radio station. It radiates to every other cell in your body, and it can radiate health and well-being and balance to every other cell. It can talk to every other cell and say, “I am that I am and you are also.”

It has an effect on every other cell of transforming the imbalances or the... really the lack of living essence that is being denied to your body. And it will literally transform you back into a healthy state of being. It’s not going to be a miracle type of cure where you get down on your knees and it’s all gone and we throw some water on you. This is a type of thing that radiates through your body. So you go through a series of phases in the rejuvenation or re-balancing process.

Don’t just do this Standard Technology once. Do it everyday until you feel so connected that you know the absolute essence of this healthy cell. You know it inside and outside. You even know its name. You know the exact composition of its consciousness, because that’s what it is. You know it so well that then you’ll enable it to go to every part of your body.

You, on the other hand, could fulfill a higher level Earth passion or goal from your soul-self of being one who transformed himself medically in a New Energy way to become the example for others, and that is the real passion and the real reason you chose to be here.

Money and Spirituality
Creator Series, Lesson 10

QUESTION: Tobias, please speak to charging money for spiritual gifts.

TOBIAS: (chuckling) We look at the energy here and we ask each of you to look at this also before we say our words. What is being asked here is the appropriateness of charging a financial sum for spiritual understandings or classes or lessons. We ask you to feel the energy behind this.

Now we will provide our insights. This is an energy of duality, an old energy. There is within you the deep feelings that the energy of money and the energy of churches should not mix, or the energy of spirituality and money. We do not understand why you do not have equal and balanced respect for these.

And now we will add a twist to this. You will be the ones going out to do the teaching. You will need an automobile to drive to your office or to the home of a client. You will need heat and food. Is it not appropriate that you should be compensated for your work? Is it not appropriate that the ones seeking your service should put forth the energy and the effort to balance what you are doing for them?

The work you will be doing as teachers will be more valuable to them than all the money in the bank can pay. How do you charge for being a human guide and for helping to enlighten others? How do you charge for helping somebody break through the old energy into the new? How do you charge for teaching another how to be a creator of their own being? We ask you, all of you who are Shaumbra, to release this old notion for you will need the balance in the work that you do.

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