No matter how fast we run or how valiantly we try to outsmart it, death will always find us. Yet, in spite of all our desperate avoidance, death is actually a very important part of life – and there’s absolutely nothing to fear.

There is an incredible amount of confusion, misinformation and fear about death and the other realms. People don’t like to talk about it, but it’s something everyone thinks about throughout their life. Many people in society are stuck in ancient concepts of heaven and hell, or simply believe that life ceases when you die. Hold on to your chair because Adamus Saint-Germain has some profound and transformational information – not offered from any church pulpits or in sacred books – about what happens when you leave your physical body behind.

In DreamWalker Death, Adamus Saint-Germain explains the many different levels or areas of the non-physical realms. These include Near Earth (commonly called the Astral realms), Crystalline, the Bridge of Flowers and the high Angelic realms. In death, most humans go directly to the Near Earth realms. They are vast beyond comprehension, filled with life, and what we experience there depends directly on the beliefs we currently hold.

In DreamWalker Death, you will learn how to conduct a DreamWalk for someone who is approaching their death or has recently transitioned.

In this school, Adamus will also guide you on an actual DreamWalk with a departed loved one. You will feel yourself passing through the realms all the way to the Bridge of Flowers. This remarkably unforgettable experience will release the fear of death, renew a deep appreciation for life and let you experience the timelessness of your true being.


Also available as an online Cloud Class

Quotes from students:

“Although I never feared death, DreamWalker Death made me feel so comfortable for when my moment comes.”

“It was my first DreamWalking experience. It was incredible, opening up my senses and imagination to the other realms. I’ll never forget that experience.”

“Funny enough, after this school I stopped being afraid of ghosts. I know they are still there, but now I understand them.”

“This school enabled me to make a true choice for life for the first time ever.”

“My mother crossed over just a few weeks before I took this school. I felt her there. Everything is okay now.”

“I’m so going out with a party! I actually planned this whole celebration for my own funeral, my whole life in pictures and joyful music!”

“What a relief this was. The constant, horrible fear of death is gone! It was the most touching, comforting and… I’m just crying, it’s all so beautiful. I love the new perspective of death and of life.”

“I’ve decided to become a Death Transition DreamWalker. I work with old people and I see all this sadness and regret. I want to help the ones who want a different way to leave their life. This will change so much for the families, too. I hope their pain of loss will turn into appreciation and understanding.”