1. Cover Page
2. Year End Thoughts
by Geoffrey Hoppe
3. The Alchemy of Light and Dark: Shaumbra in France
4. Maslow Predicted the Shift, by Owen Waters
5. Small Enlightenments: Part 2, by Wulfing von Rohr
6. The Light and Dark Inside, by Jean Tinder
7.Insights into the New Energy, by Dr. Michael E. Brandt
8. International Translations
9. Shaumbra Heartbeat
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The Alchemy of Light and Dark: South of France Tour

In October 2009 about 50 Shaumbra joined Adamus Saint-Germain on an 8-day tour of southern France. They visited ancient sites such as Carcassonne, Rennes les Chateau, Montsegur and more, felt into many layers of energies and memories in the area, and explored the energies of Light and Dark.

In these sessions Adamus talks in depth about light and dark, and the alchemy that happens when they are integrated. He also discusses what’s happening in Shaumbra dreams, his lifetimes in France, and tells his own very interesting version of the story of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

These sessions also include Norma’s story of the love of Mary Magdalene, Garret’s moving story of his own journey of integration, many conversations between Adamus and Shaumbra, and much more.

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December 2009 Newsletter

International Translations

When Tobias sounded the call over the last ten years, no one knew how many of us would respond. But, as Adamus said last Saturday during Shoud 4, the response has been amazing! Humans from all around the world felt the call and somehow found their way to Shaumbra and the Crimson Circle.

Of course this call went out to EVERY Shaumbra-at-heart and consciousness worker, not only the ones who speak English. Therefore, we are extremely grateful and proud of the many who have stepped up and offered their services to translate the material. Because of their work, the messages from Tobias, Kuthumi and Adamus Saint-Germain are becoming available to a constantly wider audience.

To give you an idea of how hard our translators have been working, we are now able to offer:

• Monthly Shouds in at least 22 languages
• Shaumbra Institute Schools subtitled in 11 languages
• Ask Tobias, Special Topics, Free Items, etc, in 10 languages

For the more popular languages, we have created Product Guides that list the items that are available in each language in Shaumbra Shoppe. These Product Guides will be posted on the appropriate International Crimson Circle websites, and are also available here.

English Product Guide
Deutsch Produkt Verzeichnis (German)
Guida prodotto italiano (Italian)
Norsk Produkt Guide (Norwegian)
Ghid de Româna de produse (Romanian)
Guía del producto Español (Spanish)

Here are the translations currently available in Shaumbra Shoppe, but be sure to check back regularly as we update with new products every week.

Please visit Shaumbra Shoppe for more information and to purchase any of these translations.

A very special Thank You to all our wonderful translators!

Note: If you have questions about any of the translations or wish to help out with this, please contact Jean Tinder [email protected]

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