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2. Year End Thoughts
by Geoffrey Hoppe
3. The Alchemy of Light and Dark: Shaumbra in France
4. Maslow Predicted the Shift, by Owen Waters
5. Small Enlightenments: Part 2, by Wulfing von Rohr
6. The Light and Dark Inside, by Jean Tinder
7.Insights into the New Energy, by Dr. Michael E. Brandt
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The Alchemy of Light and Dark: South of France Tour

In October 2009 about 50 Shaumbra joined Adamus Saint-Germain on an 8-day tour of southern France. They visited ancient sites such as Carcassonne, Rennes les Chateau, Montsegur and more, felt into many layers of energies and memories in the area, and explored the energies of Light and Dark.

In these sessions Adamus talks in depth about light and dark, and the alchemy that happens when they are integrated. He also discusses what’s happening in Shaumbra dreams, his lifetimes in France, and tells his own very interesting version of the story of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

These sessions also include Norma’s story of the love of Mary Magdalene, Garret’s moving story of his own journey of integration, many conversations between Adamus and Shaumbra, and much more.

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Journey of The Angels
A Personal Study Course

"The story of creation that’s
never been told...
now told by a real angel"

Tobias reminds us of what it was like to leave the angelic realms to come to earth. The listener re-experiences many things – what it was like to be birthed into biological form for the first time; remembrances of our Lemurian lifetimes; the pleasures and pains of Atlantis; and finally, into our more modern times and the deeper understanding of why we are here in this lifetime.

This is the story of creation that’s never been told before, shared with us now by a real angel. It explains how and why we became separated from Spirit, helps us to understand what transpires in the angelic realms, and it paints a new and refreshing picture of why earth was created and why we chose to come here.

The Journey of the Angels is a spiritual epic. It’s the explanation and understanding of Creation from A – Z. More than anything, the listener can actually re-experience their personal journey while in the energy of this masterpiece story. More than just words in an audio recording, Journey of the Angels is an experience of awakening and remembrance.

Journey of the Angels is now available in a 12 CD Personal Study Course that includes 11 audio CDs and 1 data disk. It includes a comprehensive Study Guide (PDF format) that facilitates the listener in a step-by-step process of reflecting on and observing their personal journey from Home to Now. (The course will also be taught by certified Shaumbra Institute teachers in late 2009 with enhanced original videos.)

This is the essential Tobias course for any Shaumbra – or anyone else – who wants to understand their angelic history. At times it will challenge you, at times it will give you great comfort and remembrance. You might be moved to tears or laughter, but one way or the other Journey of the Angels WILL touch you deeply.

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December 2009 Newsletter
Year End Thoughts
by Geoffrey Hoppe

Photo by Dave Schemel


If you attended the December Shoud or tuned in online, you probably noticed the new “ShaumbraVision” screen behind Linda and I. It’s a large sheet of special plexiglass material, laser etched to absorb and radiate light coming from the special short-throw projector (beamer) behind the screen.

ShaumbraVision is the brainchild of Joseph Collins, a long-time volunteer staff member and monthly meeting coordinator. Joseph spent several months researching and testing the technology before it debuted at the December Shaumbra gathering. The challenge was to have a clear, bright image even with all of the lights in front of the stage area. Until now we had a conventional pull-down screen to the left of the stage area with a projector mounted in the ceiling.

The new ShaumbraVision allows all of the images, including the slides, graphics, and Linda and I, to be in the same area. It also eliminates the problem of walking in front of the projector and blocking the light. ShaumbraVision is similar to technology used for professional trade shows and displays. Hats off to Joseph and the meeting crew for adding another enhancement to our outstanding webcast!

Walking with Adamus
It’s taken me at least three months to become comfortable with Adamus walkin’ and talkin’ during the Shouds. It’s been quite a transition after sitting with my eyes closed for ten years with Tobias. I really, really didn’t like it at first. It felt like I was going to pop out of channel-mode at any minute because my humans senses were too overwhelmed by seeing the audience and maneuvering my physical body. It also feels like Adamus talks a lot faster than Tobias.

I finally got accustomed to Adamus’ style at the Berlin Mystery School in late November. And I finally learned how to handle the tremendous amount of energy coming from him, through my body, to the audience. Now I feel like I’m floating on a cloud with Adamus gently guiding my body and using my eyes to connect with Shaumbra. It only took about five minutes into the Shoud this month to synch in with Adamus’ movements, gestures and pace. I was amazed when Linda told me that the Shoud was nearly two hours long. It felt like less than an hour, and I know Adamus had a lot more to talk about.

Adamus loves to walk around! There are times during the channel that I’ll ask him to sit for a while, just so I can get off my feet (and so Roy Hansen and Joe Engel, our camera operators, have a bit of a break). But Adamus finds it difficult to spend more than a minute or so in the chair before he starts walking around again. He’s a true showman.

Many people ask what I see during Adamus’ performances. It’s kind of like watching multiple movies, superimposed over each other. I see the people in the audience like I normally would, but then I also see some of the layers of their energy and aspects. Adamus never pries into their issues; he respects their privacy and confidentiality.

As much as I miss Tobias, I can’t image going back to the old Closed-Eye-Sitting-in-the-Chair mode. I love the interaction with the audience, being able to see everyone’s faces and eyes, and feeling the energy in the room as Adamus walks around. I also noticed that it takes less time for “me” to come back into myself after a channel. With Tobias, it could take two to three hours to really feel back into myself. Now I feel re-centered in less than an hour. Adamus comes in strong and leaves quickly.

Communicating Without Words
Years ago Tobias taught me how to communicate with him without words. It was one of the toughest parts of the “basic training” he took me through before I ever started channeling. I just couldn’t grasp the concept of how to communicate without words. Every time I tried to form and convey a thought, I would automatically attached “words” to the idea.

Imagine trying to convey the idea of a jet airplane to someone that never heard of one. You would tend to describe the wings, the thrust of the jets, the cockpit and the fuselage… in words. Now try conveying it without words, without pictures or without gestures. The moment you try sending pure “feelings,” the mind has a tendency to interject words. We’re taught and conditioned to use words even if we’re not speaking because our concepts flow through the mind.

About half of my conversations with Tobias were without words, but when I was lazy or just the least bit off-balance I would resort to words. Tobias let me choose. But Adamus insists that all of our communications are wordless. It’s challenging and frustrating at times, but I have to admit that I’ve learned a lot about going into deep, pure thoughts beyond the mind. On my good days it’s actually easier than using words. And I’ve come to realize how words are very limiting and restricted.

So I wasn’t surprised when Adamus gave all of us this as our homework this month. He asked us to tell him a story, without words. While it may sound simple, don’t be surprised if it totally confounds you. But I encourage you not to give up; the more you practice the more you’ll realize how true angelic communications are done. You’ll discover how to go beyond language, the mind and linear thoughts. You’ll know you’re “getting it” when you feel this opening in your heart, and you’re flooded with pure feeling.

Farewell to 2009
It’s been an amazing year for all of us. We said goodbye to Tobias after ten years of sharing. Adamus has stepped in with style to guide us into a new level of consciousness. We’ve had a lot of tears and a lot of laughs this year, we’ve seen the collapse of old institutions and the birth of new energies. I’ve personally seen Shaumbra come of age this year, meaning that we’re going beyond drama and processing. As Adamus mentioned in the December Shoud, Shaumbra are real. They aren’t trying to escape this human reality, rather they are allowing themselves to embrace all that life has to offer while opening to the other dimensions and realities. That can challenge any of us to the core, but as we release the old issues and blocks we come to realize the beautiful, elegant simplicity of the “I Am” presence.

Linda and I extend our heartfelt thanks and blessings to you as we close out this year. We offer a very special thanks to the Crimson Circle staff for their hard work and dedication, and to all of the volunteers that help produce the monthly webcasts and Crimson Circle events. We take a deep bow of gratitude to the international workshop sponsors, website hosts and translators that are bringing the message to over 100 countries around the world. And finally, we miss you Tobias! I know that you and Sam are still very, very connected to the Crimson Circle but all of us miss our time together, and hearing those precious words, “And So It Is.”


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