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The Alchemy of Light and Dark: South of France Tour

In October 2009 about 50 Shaumbra joined Adamus Saint-Germain on an 8-day tour of southern France. They visited ancient sites such as Carcassonne, Rennes les Chateau, Montsegur and more, felt into many layers of energies and memories in the area, and explored the energies of Light and Dark.

In these sessions Adamus talks in depth about light and dark, and the alchemy that happens when they are integrated. He also discusses what’s happening in Shaumbra dreams, his lifetimes in France, and tells his own very interesting version of the story of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

These sessions also include Norma’s story of the love of Mary Magdalene, Garret’s moving story of his own journey of integration, many conversations between Adamus and Shaumbra, and much more.

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Journey of The Angels
A Personal Study Course

"The story of creation that’s
never been told...
now told by a real angel"

Tobias reminds us of what it was like to leave the angelic realms to come to earth. The listener re-experiences many things – what it was like to be birthed into biological form for the first time; remembrances of our Lemurian lifetimes; the pleasures and pains of Atlantis; and finally, into our more modern times and the deeper understanding of why we are here in this lifetime.

This is the story of creation that’s never been told before, shared with us now by a real angel. It explains how and why we became separated from Spirit, helps us to understand what transpires in the angelic realms, and it paints a new and refreshing picture of why earth was created and why we chose to come here.

The Journey of the Angels is a spiritual epic. It’s the explanation and understanding of Creation from A – Z. More than anything, the listener can actually re-experience their personal journey while in the energy of this masterpiece story. More than just words in an audio recording, Journey of the Angels is an experience of awakening and remembrance.

Journey of the Angels is now available in a 12 CD Personal Study Course that includes 11 audio CDs and 1 data disk. It includes a comprehensive Study Guide (PDF format) that facilitates the listener in a step-by-step process of reflecting on and observing their personal journey from Home to Now. (The course will also be taught by certified Shaumbra Institute teachers in late 2009 with enhanced original videos.)

This is the essential Tobias course for any Shaumbra – or anyone else – who wants to understand their angelic history. At times it will challenge you, at times it will give you great comfort and remembrance. You might be moved to tears or laughter, but one way or the other Journey of the Angels WILL touch you deeply.

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January 2010 Newsletter

Insights into the New Energy

with Dr. Michael E. Brandt

New Year, New Decade, New Beginnings,
New Energy

A new year is a wonderful time to start something new in our lives, whether it be to adopt a new resolution, turn over a new leaf so to speak, start a new self-improving habit or curtail one that no longer serves us. It’s a good time for either small-to-medium sized incremental alterations or for wholesale shifts.

As our friend Adamus recently pointed out – there’s nothing particularly special about the New Year (or new decade, century or millennium for that matter) with respect to instituting desired changes, transformation or house-cleaning. New Year’s Day is just a marker – a reminder of the perennial existence of the fact that change and transformation are inherent aspects of “The System in Creation.”

The System – How it Really Works

In this system, flux or dynamic change is the norm rather than the exception. The infinite, expansive, now moment takes precedence over the perception of the universe as a clockwork with time running down, or of the illusion that randomness, along with entropy (the tendency toward increased messiness or disorder) is relentlessly increasing such that the physical universe will eventually suffer a so-called heat death – that all the energy within it will dissipate leaving the universe in a deep freeze.

Nevertheless, this system is characterized by two other qualities. Together all three represent key factors (in my view) of the constitution of New Energy. One of these is non-linearity and the other is the phenomenon referred to by the technical term chaos (vs. the colloquial or non-technical use of the term).

Getting off of the linear

Non-linearity is simply the absence and the opposite of linearity. Linear systems or processes rely on the principals of proportionality, superposition and distribution. Superposition means that causes or effects add to or subtract from one another (as in the phenomena of destructive interference – a term a good deal less ominous than it may sound). For example, if I double the amount of force I apply to pushing a cart, it will accelerate by twice the base amount. If I apply double the effort to something, I achieve twice the amount of work. If I’m employed halftime, then increase my hours to fulltime, I double my paycheck, etc.

An example of destructive interference is two spatially coincident transverse waves (such as ocean or light waves) in which one wave’s peak or crest is canceled out by a spatially coincident wave trough. If you are a swimmer exactly midway between these two you experience no mechanical force or pull upon you whatsoever. These are all proportionate systems and up until about the early 1960’s we believed that most natural systems were predominantly linear in their essence. The laws of proportionate linear systems were codified by the great natural philosopher and metaphysician Isaac Newton in the 17th century. Anyone who has studied high school or college freshmen physics has spent at least a few semesters delving into the psyche and soul of Sir Isaac.

We began to recognize certain “anomalies” out there (there really is no “out there” out there) and over the last half century or so we have realized that there are whole classes of natural systems (mechanical, chemical, biological, social, economic, cultural, etc.) that behave non-linearly, sometimes in quite far from linear ways.

From around the 1940s through the 1960’s physicists learned how to harness the tremendous energy pent up within the nucleus of the atom. They learned about the neutron chain reaction – an example of a far-from-linear phenomena that can unleash energies that exist in stars. In the 1930’s we learned about economic systems that can suddenly crash. We learned about biological systems that can suddenly “turn on” (come alive) or shut down (“die”). We learned about so-called catastrophes (technical term) such as a sand pile that avalanches when one more grain of sand is dropped on it, similar to an avalanche of snow on a mountain.

We’ve learned about systems that can suddenly and spontaneously change their mode of functioning, for example a trotting horse suddenly breaks into a gallop when she reaches a certain speed. Water reaching the boiling point or freezing (a complete change of state), volcanic eruptions, so-called swarm behavior (a flock of birds or school of fish that suddenly changes direction all together at once, for example) are additional examples.

Now we realize that these kinds of systems that we formerly thought were nature’s oddballs are actually more of the rule in nature now – and that linear systems are almost the exceptions.

Chaos rules

We also discovered another kind of system, one that is actually a particular type of non-linear system. It is referred to as chaotic. These are systems that appear by all usual measures and observations to behave in a random or stochastic manner. Their behaviors are hardly, if at all, predictable based on their past behavior. Yet, it turns out that there is a definite underlying order that governs their behaviors – ones that appear accidental or random in nature, without much apparent rhyme or reason as to why the system does what it does. The earth’s weather was discovered to be such a system. The lottery happens to be another example, as is the stock market, your heart’s rhythm pattern and your brain’s electrical activity.

Oh I can hear you thinking – “Michael, are you telling us that our heart rhythms are an ‘accident waiting to happen’ or that our brains just produce random thoughts?” (mine? Very likely; yours? … ;-)).

It turns out that chaos is both a gift and a blessing. It is an opposing “force” to regularization/monotony, to being forever locked into stereotypical behaviors, habits, addictions, lack of flexibility and non-adaptability. It is an extraordinary agent of energetic balancing and rebalancing. Although its effects can be disconcerting or even devastating, I contend that chaos is actually very good news for us all, always has been, and always will be.

The existence of a myriad of possibilities and potentialities is chaos’s playground. In a chaotic system both are virtually and effectively limitless – like the outcomes of a game of bridge or chess – and they are, generally speaking, all equally available to the human that allows herself to choose from among them. When one has access to a system with lots of potentials/choices, there is also a practically unlimited amount of information available to them.

If it is the case that the System in Creation is fundamentally nonlinear and/or chaotic in nature then a logical conclusion is that each of us has ready access to this virtually limitless quantity of information. One might even conclude that that information is within us, an integral part of who we are. A channel likely recognizes this. We are all channels, just that some of us are more conscious/aware of that fact than others.

The flipside: order out of chaos

Fortunately these systems have a flipside: they can easily behave in an orderly, predictable manner. The system is free to choose a limited behavioral repertoire. This can occur through a simple inducement imposed from “outside” (even with the application of a very small, low energy impulse to it) or spontaneously. And that is a major characteristic of such systems: small shifts may lead to profound behavioral changes.

An example of a small change is the passage of time itself: from one second to the next, one day to the next, the “old story” is laid to rest while functioning as the seed-beginning of a whole new dynamic – of a totally brand new story. The old earth makes way for the new earth, the old energy gives birth to New Energy.

So what we see with such systems is that seeming opposites of nature or behavior exist together naturally in a balanced, integrative or symbiotic relationship. This should (if you will permit me to use that word) give us pause because this is revelatory. We may see that there are many such systems which are a confluence of seeming opposites. And it may prompt us to ask the question: “what other types of systems or effects are there that impact me where apparent opposites exist in a balance as one?” Asking a question such as this may be the beginning of the acquisition of awareness and of true wisdom. It may even lead to a profound shift in one’s life as it has in mine, more than once.

There is upside and downside potential here for us. We’ve all been to restaurants with extensive menus. There are times we appreciate this, yet other times the choices can seem overwhelmingly complex and we’d just as soon have someone else order for us. Unless we can find a way to narrow down the choices to a select few that may serve us, then the “buffet” could actually pose a threat to our human selves.

So what’s in it for us?

The next question to ask ourselves might be, how can we use this information personally, to help us attain more joy and fulfillment and live more harmoniously, peacefully and effectively? One way is to deliberately apply the realization that “things are not always what they seem or appear to be.”

What we may observe to be an accidental process, or to put it more bluntly – an apparent disaster – may simply be a particular manifestation of a chaotic system that comprises a large number of alternative outcomes. Our brains/minds attempt to identify patterns hidden within a myriad of noise stimuli that bombards our senses constantly. They do this by filtering out the confusing signals. After all, if one cannot detect the snake or stealthy lion suddenly leaping at you in the jungle, your current human incarnation may be over.

When our brains are unsuccessful in extracting the essential information needed to survive (and thus to thrive) within the environment, the system can be strained or even just break down. But if we allow ourselves the expansion of consciousness that comes with the realization that chaotic systems are ubiquitous in nature, and that almost every one of them is characterized by a primary underlying orderliness, then we reduce the chances that we will become immobilized. We even have the opportunity to turn a particular situation around rather quickly and thoroughly (we sometimes refer to this as transformation).

We can “take advantage” of the chaos and even turn it into a vehicle that will take us where we need to be in order to achieve success. One of the little understood characteristics of such systems is that they are capable of displaying behaviors that can easily move us closer to our objectives with only the gentlest of coaxing (vs. having to impose a huge force or energy upon it). The key to this “turning of the tide” in our favor is the timing and the applied direction of that coaxing. With increased understanding of and insight into how such systems work, these two factors are more apt to reveal themselves allowing us to use them to our benefit.

Nothing’s really changed, except for the words we’ve used to describe it all

This brings us back to our discussion in last month’s newsletter. Our ancient masters of wisdom and understanding were fully conversant with nonlinear and chaotic systems, they simply used different words to describe these. The manner with which they did so and taught their students was very different from how both clergy and scientists do so today. Those sages of old spoke of nonlinear and chaotic systems using theological terminology and dialogue – specifically describing the omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence of God. Unfortunately, people became confused, believing that these masters were talking about a remote, transcendent God, one totally outside ourselves, rather than a God of nearness/immanence – the God within and without that is one with all that is.

As I mentioned last month, the masters of Kabbalah – those whose antennae were/are tuned to station “Divine Intelligence Radio,” referred to God using the moniker “Without Bound” - as infinite existence-beingness itself, and One with every iota of the System in Creation. Master Tobias couched all this using the expression/reminder, “you are God also.”

Shedding fear, angst and other distracting illusions

In her book Is God Pink? Dying to Heal, Mary Jo Rapini, 50, a psychotherapist of terminally ill patients, describes her near death experience (NDE) after suffering a brain aneurysm while working out one day in a Lubbock, Texas gym, seven years ago. Mary Jo had listened to many of her patients discuss NDE’s. She believed that there was a rational, scientific explanation for all of them. At the same time she was terrified of becoming ill and of dying like some of her patients.

She sublimated her fear by obsessively working out. She was running marathons and participating in triathlons – and vastly overdoing it. While preparing for an event one day, she suddenly experienced massive agony (she thought she broke her neck). She lost control of her body and thought she was drowning. She immediately underwent emergency brain surgery. Mary Jo experienced a tunnel with pink light engulfing her. She felt deeply loved and did not want to leave. She reported that she knew she was in the presence of her Source – God, who spoke to her and told her she needed to return.

The experience was profound enough to change her whole life, as she reports. Her fear of death totally vanished during her recovery. Previously, when her patients would tell her they had a tumor she would check her own body, but that habit disappeared after her surgery. Then she got in touch with limitlessness. “I think all of us make excuses for why we can’t achieve what we want to do. But in all honesty there’s nothing that you can’t do in this life if you really want it” she said. Mary Jo believes that the aneurysm was “probably the biggest blessing that God has ever given me.”

No one need suffer in any way in order to both experience and utilize the blessings of the gift of our limitlessness. No matter what our present circumstances happen to be – whether we find ourselves experiencing illness, “loss” of a loved one (death is an illusion and no one is ever truly lost), financial difficulties, career change, foreclosure, job loss, family issues, and others. If we choose to consciously and deliberately remain in touch with and be aware of our true essence of limitlessness within, rather than to delude ourselves into believing that the circumstances of our human lives are our actual truth – then that is the extent to which we permit ourselves to experience soul expansion, growth of spirit, life satisfaction and victory.

May each of us experience a total and complete victory over our human limitations (eminently do-able in the present New Energy times). In so doing we afford ourselves the opportunity of relentless ascension, ever approaching our Source, our Self.

May this New Year be for all of us one of new beginnings, new opportunities, many blessings, and abundant, accessible and utilizable New Energy.

“I AM with you all-ways.”

Dr. Brandt is the author of the soon to be completed book “Insights into the New Energy.” Michael was a tenured medical professor and research scientist-engineer working in a major health sciences university in Texas. He has degrees in physics (BS) and biomedical engineering (MS and PhD). He has performed research into the human brain-mind, the heart, and the immune system for over 24 years. Currently he researches and markets various green technologies for home and businesses – in particular green computers that more than pay for themselves with the savings in energy and maintenance costs. His most important work is in teaching how science and Spirit relate to each other. He applies this information in his counseling and energy healing practice. For further information please link to Michael’s website www.DivineHealingPrayers.com. To contact him click right here.

© Copyright 2010, Dr. Michael E. Brandt, Houston, TX.



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