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Excerpts from Tobias’ channel at the New Energy Conference, July 2006

Let’s talk about the components of your Being here on Earth. You start with the body. Your body is what allows you to do things in matter, in 3D, to feel things like emotions and pain. It allows you to taste, to hear, to live within your creation. In angelic form, it is very difficult to experience your creation to the extent that you can do when you’re in a body. It is a very important part of your journey.

Then there’s your mind, a very interesting thing. Angels don’t have minds. They don’t use brains. “Mind” literally means to tend to, to keep organized, to watch over. And that was the function of the mind – to store the data for the body, for your experience on Earth. To hold that information and to bring back that information when it was needed. The mind has been given too many responsibilities and it doesn’t know what to do right now. So much focus right now in the schools is placed on the mind, on the brain, on things like IQ, and this is causing a tremendous imbalance on a very individual basis, but also on a consciousness basis.

The third component is spirit, a Latin word that literally means breath. There has been a great distortion of this whole concept of spirit. Spirit is just life force, the breath, the original. Spirit and the breath mean birth, movement of energy. The spirit also involves all aspects of yourself. It is the total Being. Spirit is very personal. Spirit is very much in you, but right now in the consciousness of humanity, spirit is so misunderstood, so distorted.

So, we have the body, the mind and the spirit, but there’s a missing piece. You’ve looked for it, cried for it, and tried to recreate it. It hasn’t been there, and, in a sense, it couldn’t be there until now.

Imagine for a moment if your chair only had three legs instead of four. What happens? Well, you learn to adapt and adjust. You learn how to sit in just such a way that you don’t turn over. Your muscles compensate and the mechanisms of your mind make sure you are positioning yourself in just the right way. And after a while you forget that there ever was a fourth leg. You now are working in a reality that is three-legged, but yet there is always that underlying, nagging feeling that there’s something missing.

The original architecture or design of the bio-psycho nature of humanity included four aspects: The body, the mind, the spirit or the life energy, and there was another beautiful component called “dei un gnost,” or “gnost.” It is the missing piece that has caused you many times to wonder why things are so rough and difficult.

Dei un gnost is also the core of passion in the human existence. It’s the fourth piece. It’s not spirit and it’s not the mind. The best way to explain gnost is that it is knowingness, but not knowingness from the mind. It is creativity, but not creativity from the mind. It’s not intuition either. It is the ability to bridge between the nonphysical realms and into the crystalline realms and bring that energy and consciousness down into the earthly realms. It is the ability to very rapidly manifest dreams using the balance of body, mind, gnost and spirit.

So, what happened to gnost? Where did it go? To understand that we’ll go back to the energy of Atlantis, back to the times of Ault.

Ault, the original name of Atlantis, was the second era of humanity. It was a time that lasted many hundreds of thousands of years of time, the time where we truly began to develop the whole human identity. We were getting more comfortable being in a physical reality, but yet bodies took on all sorts of shapes and sizes and forms. So, in Ault, we wanted to commune together, to standardize. It was a desire, a choice.

We began to work with the body and mind to try to standardize and conform, to create a oneness, a conformity to bridge our energies together. Work was done on the physical body that included a type of surgery, done with very precise types of light tools. Your lasers today are very crude imitations. These light tools were used to cut and graft, to change and to rearrange the body so that you didn’t have to wait in between lifetimes to start manifesting a more common look.

Some of you have been plagued with types of sicknesses or diseases, illnesses for a long time, because you continue to carry forth the coding from Atlantis. Sometimes it flows through the family blood line, and sometimes this coding has caused your body to be something it wasn’t really designed to be. Sometimes it causes your body to be distorted, to shut down in certain areas, to take on a look in your face and physical features that truly isn’t you.

What we really want to talk about is another type of coding that took place, particularly in your last few incarnations before the fall of Atlantis. There was work done to standardize the mind so that all humans would have the same approximate mind capacity, to increase the ability of the mind to store information and to sense on a third-dimensional or material level.

As the body was adapting better and better to a physical reality, it was felt that the mind needed to increase its abilities and to be able to adapt just as well. So there were many, many experiments, a lot of research that was done to conform the mind to standardize it.

Back in Atlantis, and many of you allowed this work to be done on your mind. There was a programming that went into the mind that essentially allowed the mind to become hypnotized. This implant of mind control was so strong that it actually seeped out into the consciousness of all. Even if others hadn’t had this type of mind control or brain surgery, it eventually found its way into the consciousness of everyone. And it still exists today.

The conformity of the mind – the ability of the mind to be directed, hypnotized, limited and controlled – is still around today. Saint-Germain has talked about it in Synchrotize, about the lies of the mind, the lies that you tell yourself and the lies that are inflicted into your reality landscape. That is why, as the Crimson Council, we have always said, “Don’t do affirmations.” That is a form of mind control. Even visualizations tend to come from the mind, and you tend to re-trigger the old Atlantean mind implants. You are visualizing from your mind, limiting yourself, hypnotizing and lying to yourself.

Because of the work that was done in the mind control back in the days of Ault, you left the communities, your families and loved ones, and somehow found your place to the Temples of Tien. You knew that these controls and the standardization had gone too far. They were causing too much damage and what once had been a beautiful and loving land of Atlantis was now turning into a place of control and misuse of power.

In the Temples of Tien we worked together to try to undo so much of the mind and the body control work. In the Temples of Tien we worked with energies that would allow us to shift into other dimensions, and in those other dimensions release some of the controls. And to a degree, some of these were very successful. But we found it very difficult to bring that freedom from the other realms back into the physical, back into the 3D world.

What was happening in overall consciousness was that this balance of the four legs of the chair, the four aspects of Self that was designed on angelic levels, was now being distorted because of the conformity of the body, the control, and the experiments of the mind. This fourth leg – gnost – began to fade away because it wasn’t being used anymore. It was being blocked off.

Without the fourth leg, without gnost in place, it is very difficult to create. Everything becomes a struggle. It is time to bring gnost back, but it brings up some very interesting dilemmas. It brings up a paradox because gnost also is a big stop sign, is a big warning. You were programmed, in a way, to not have it anymore. It became a “no.” It became something you shouldn’t have, so there’s a tremendous wall, a barrier and a fear in going back to gnost.

[It is time] to allow gnost to return back into your life, to allow that fourth leg of the stool to come back. But it’s going to come back in a different way so don’t go searching for your old gnost. It’s going to come back in a different way. You’re going to be challenging yourself and perhaps even others to try to define it. A few of you are going to say you already have it, and I can assure you, you don’t.

When you get gnost, when you bring that balance back into your life, it creates a glow. It creates an ease and a grace that you haven’t known since the days of Atlantis. It creates a simplicity and a clarity that defies any words that I could say. It is cosmic and it is human, all at the same time. It is the bridge between your internal crystalline realms, your creative self and your human self. It is the missing stepping stone that was taken out, that kept you from easily flowing energies back and forth between the realms.

Gnost, the creative knowingness, is ready to come back. It is time. You’re going to very possibly feel an effect in your mind and in your physical body. They’re not used to it, not sure what this energy is. We’re going to ask you not to panic, not to place the blame on something you ate or something you did or anything else. Just understand that you’re letting this missing piece come back, come back different.

We’re not going to ask you to try to go back and undo any of the sometimes brutal surgeries that were done in your bodies and minds. You can’t. That was. We’re going to ask you to create your own sacred space, to create your own way of bridging for gnost to come back to you.

We’re going to ask you, please don’t try to tell others what gnost is, because that is your experience and it’s important for them to have their experience with it. You can’t push it. You can’t manufacture it. And I can’t say any words to help you other than to say that gnost, this brilliant creative knowingness, is the missing piece that allowed the grace and ease of manifestation, the realization of dreams. Instead of dreams being held out in the astral realms, gnost brought them in.

The beauty of gnost is that it will change your life. It will change how you live and how you create. It is very personal. It is not your heart energy; it is something different. It doesn’t exist in your body, but it is all around you, it is part of you. Only you – only you – can integrate it back into your reality. Only you.

Gnost is the core of passion. It is the fruit of the rose. It is the expression of passion on the earthly levels.

To read or hear the full message from Tobias, please CLICK HERE.

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3 comments on "Beyond Atlantean Programming"

  • MARTA on October 19, 2021 1:47 AM said:
    THANK YOU!!!!!!! Fear of being controlled and the understanding of the gnost. That explains everything!
  • Tup on July 18, 2020 2:59 PM said:
    As I allow your monthly meeting (shoud) I feel like you are personally speaking with me and as this continues I now realize why I have question all spiritual knowing I have been working at to do the ascension thing. I have no idea if you even read these comments probaley not but I just would like to say thank you for allowing me to allow me to know who I am and I to ascend into the new Human I really desire to be. Thank you so Much Tobais you really made it easy for me to hear and realize who I am.
  • Mabel on June 19, 2019 5:14 PM said:
    Muchas, muchas gracias.

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