The Divine Human Series:
"SHOUD 12: Closing Channel"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
July 19, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear family of Shaumbra, that we bring together all of our love and all of our vibrations in these closing moments of this gathering.

You have come from thousands of miles; you have come from all parts to be here. You have endured the dangers of the journey. You have endured the dangers of your mere presence, of being here.

You will go back out to the people, out to your families and to your work, knowing that you have helped to create something that will have an impact on the generations and generations to come.

When you leave this mountain where we sit, you will be faced with the struggles of everyday human life. Indeed, we have shared the bread and shared the wine here. We have shared our love. We have shared our common interest in the integration of the divine and the human. And when you go back from this mountain to your villages and your cities, there will be hardships. There will be difficulties and turmoil all around you, but it does not need to be within you.

You will be carrying a new seed of divinity, a seed of something that will become known as the Christ Consciousness with you. You will spread this in your own quiet way to all who you meet along the road.

The work you have done here will have a profound impact for so very long. And one of these days, you will gather together again, on a mountain in a new land. A land based on freedom, a land based on opportunity, a land not even known by you yet. You will gather on a mountain, and you will open the very seals that we have learned about over our time together.

You have been called here for the gathering of Mount Zion to open a whole new generation and understanding of God, of divinity, and of the Christ Consciousness. You will be written about in books, scriptures that will be passed throughout all of the new churches of the land. You will be written about in this holy testament that changes the life of many.

When you gather again together on the mountain in the new land, you will write a new book. You will write in the new book as well, and it will contain the simple essence and the simple truth of our gathering here on Mount Zion. The simple words of this gathering, the simple energy, are “You Are God Also.”

Go down from this mountain and share your heart, not your mind but your heart. Go down from this mountain and take any path you so choose. Wait not for Spirit to tell you what to do. Spirit walks beside you and lives within you each step of the way.

Go down this mountain, take any step, begin your new journey; any direction you so choose. You will feel a new guidance within you and all around you.

Don’t worry about what comes next, what will happen the next day. Be in your moment of divinity. That is the clearest and the strongest God you could possibly have.

It has been an honor for all of the entities who have gathered here – angels from the Order of the Arc and all of the rest – to share this moment. We will gather together again in the summer of a year long, long from now.

And so it is.