The Art of Benching

SHOUD 5 – Featuring ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
February 5, 2022

I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain.

It’s such a delight and a pleasure to be here with you and – oh! – let’s just take a good deep breath, feel into the energies of this Shoud, February 2022. I’ll bet some of you didn’t even know you’d make it this far, be here at this time on the planet. But, ah, something within you said, “Just had to be. Just had to be.”

Take a good deep breath, and I’m going to ask for my coffee, if I may (Kerri brings it). Thank you. Thank you, dear Kerri. Ooh, coffee and treats today. Treats. Oh! Thank you so much (Adamus chuckles). You know Uncle Adamus truly appreciates it.

KERRI: That sounds kind of creepy.

ADAMUS: Kind of creepy. Well, it’s meant to sound nice and friendly, but thank you (Adamus takes a sip). Mm. Ah! One of the real joys, pleasures of coming here to the Shouds and to the workshops, of course, is I get to drink the human coffee, and they’re making it better all the time. Something – cappuccinos or lattes or whatever they call them – but it’s getting better and better all the time. So, and then I get treats. I get treated like an Ascended Master. They don’t even do this for me at the Ascended Masters Club. I have to get my own.


ADAMUS: Yeah, isn’t that sad.


ADAMUS: Dear, Linda of Eesa, how are you?

LINDA: (slight pause) Really happy (clenches teeth as if to smile).

ADAMUS: I hear you’re a broken woman.

LINDA: (continues talking through clenched teeth) A little bit, but I’m good.

ADAMUS: (chuckles) Yes, Cauldre’s telling me, not a broken woman. You actually have a broken rib. What was that about? How did that happen? Tell us all.

LINDA: Really?

ADAMUS: Sure. Sure.

LINDA: I slipped and fell.

ADAMUS: You slipped and fell. And does it still hurt?

LINDA: Every breath.

ADAMUS: Every breath (Adamus chuckles). Okay. Let’s do a deep breath right now for Linda.

LINDA: Yeah, right! Thank you.

ADAMUS: Well, what do you think that was about?

(Linda pauses and sighs)

That look.

LINDA: The weather. It sucked.

ADAMUS: No, it’s not the weather.

LINDA: It wouldn’t happen in Hawaii. There’s no ice there.

ADAMUS: It would have been something else. You would have fell on a volcano or something.

LINDA: Or a turtle.

ADAMUS: Or a turtle, or …

LINDA: Yeah, yeah.

ADAMUS: … whatever. No, it was a bump and fill.

LINDA: I’m not looking for a reading.

ADAMUS: I’m going to give you one (Adamus chuckles). It was a bump and fill, dear Linda. And it happens to a lot of you. You have something happen, you knock your head or, in your case, you broke a rib.

LINDA: And I knocked my head.

ADAMUS: And knocked on the head.

LINDA: Wind knocked out of me.

ADAMUS: And, you know, actually, smile. It’s a good thing.

LINDA: Oh, good, good!

ADAMUS: It’s a good thing. It’ll be painful for a while, but a lot of you are going through this kind of a massive infusion. We’re going to talk about it today. But you held back for a long time, you know, tiptoeing into your Realization, a lot of trepidations about what you were doing and a lot of doubts and concerns. And now I feel kind of a shift in the tide of Shaumbra saying, “Okay. Now I’m ready. Bring it on.” And sometimes it results in, what I call, a bump and fill. You have an accident, which you’ll recover from, and it knocks the crap out of you (Adamus chuckles). I mean, the old makyo …

LINDA: It didn’t knock the crap out of me, just the wind.

ADAMUS: It knocks the old makyo kind of crap out of you. And during that time when you’re in kind of a state of shock, then that’s when you get this huge infusion of your divinity coming in. And sometimes, like you, kind of a lasting pain as kind of a reminder, but also take it easy right now. You have to take care of yourself. Cauldre, I’m certain, is taking very, very good care of you, and it’s a time to nurture yourself. Not to get back up and be doing the same activities you were doing before, but a time to nurture, to have some – I’m not sure what this is. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, but … (Adamus offers some chocolate mousse to Linda)

LINDA: No, thank you. No.

ADAMUS: Yes. We won’t go any further until you enjoy (Linda takes the spoon and eats it). Wasn’t that good?

LINDA: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: See? See? And until you nurture yourself – don’t spit it out (Adamus eats some). Mm. Mmm!

LINDA: Very good.

ADAMUS: That is truly delicious. Ah! Sometimes I miss being on Earth as a human.

LINDA: I thought you only liked oatmeal (pointing to a cookie).

ADAMUS: (chuckles) That’s definitely not oatmeal.

LINDA: That’s not oatmeal.

ADAMUS: Not that I only liked oatmeal, Linda. Once in a while, I ate corn (they chuckle). But once in a while – no, once in a while I’d enjoy. But when I did, it was a sensual experience. Not just throwing food into my mouth. When I had something like – that is delectable. Oh, and look at this.


ADAMUS: Fleur-de-lis napkin.

LINDA: It’s all about you (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: Why not? I’m an Ascended Master. I mean, how many Ascended Masters do you get coming to your place?

LINDA: Mm, okay. You’re pretty special.

ADAMUS: Well, actually, not really, because today – well, let me start by saying take a good deep breath. Get out of your head for a moment, and how do you get out of your head? You say, “I’m going to go out of my head.” That’s it. Stop, “Ohh! How do I get out of my head?!” You just take a deep breath and you go out of your head.


The Sense of Smell

Take a deep breath through the nostrils, through your nose. What do you smell? What do you smell?

Smell, the sense of human smell, is one of the most underutilized and perhaps most profound and clear of your human senses. What do you smell? What do you smell?


Dogs, they have a great sense of smell. They can smell not only food, they can smell human emotions. Human emotions – fear, in particular. They can smell disease. They can smell COVID. With just a little bit of training they can detect who has COVID or not. Why all these tests and everything? Just go to a pet. Have the dog smell you.

Belle, for instance, can smell – not think, not think but smell – that Cauldre and Linda are going to be there soon. So (Adamus starts sniffing the air), smelling into the air, “Oh, they’re going to be back.” Not that you or Cauldre have so much odor, well, once in a while. But they sense through the smell, and they can smell time. They truly can. They can smell fear. They can smell joy. They can smell before an earthquake happens. They can smell that. You know why? It’s an inherent sense that they have and you have also. They don’t think about it, and right now when I asked you to breathe in and smell, you’re thinking about it.

Dogs, they bypass about 90 percent of their brain circuitry when they’re smelling. They don’t use qualia to try to attach and say, “Well, this is what I smell before.” The smell for a dog is a new experience almost every time they smell. And, yes, if something smells like something they had smelled before, they associate qualia, but they’re always open to what’s really in this sense of smell.

So, let’s do it again, but this time really go beyond the brain, the mind. Take a deep breath and (he takes a deep breath through the nose) what do you smell?


You might want to write it down. What do you smell?

Oh! Your minds! Your minds! Your minds! What am I going to do? You still get blocked in your mind. Let’s do this again. I’m going to have another bite here and you’re going to smell.

LINDA: Here (Linda goes to feed him with the spoon).

ADAMUS: No, I can do it myself, dear.

LINDA: No. You did me, now it’s my turn.

ADAMUS: Oh, geez! What am I, an old Ascended Master? (Adamus eats it) Mm.



LINDA: Yummy, huh?

ADAMUS: So, what do you smell? Okay, better now. You’re not thinking so much. You’re laughing about our little distraction here. What do you smell?

Well, I’ll tell you. I have a couple of guests here today, and I don’t normally bring guests in. I like you all to myself, but I brought a couple of guests in today.

The first one is FM. Smell his energy. He doesn’t have B.O., he’s an Ascended Master. Smell his energy. What does it smell like? And it could be different for every one of you. It’s not a single answer, but there is a definite smell. I have a smell about me. I smell like, well, I smell like roses today. FM is here. We’re going to talk about the FM Shaumbra Radio Link that he’s been working on. So, he’s here.

And I also brought in another guest today, another guest, because, well, we have some remedial benching work to do. Yeah, we’re going to be doing some benching today.

While FM has been working on the FM Link for months now, I’ve been watching and observing you benching, and I can’t really say any of you are ready for the Olympics. You know, this is weird benching, kind of odd. We’ll go into it in a moment, but I brought in a special guest today, because I felt it was necessary to improve the benching that we’re doing. It’s so important on the planet right now, time to improve it. So, I’ve asked my dear friend, my colleague, my fellow Ascended Master, Tobias, to come in today.


ADAMUS: Eh, maybe not channeling …

LINDA: Nice.

ADAMUS: … but I’ve asked him to be here to help you with some benching today. We’ll get to that in a moment, but let’s get back to the main part of the show.

Smelling is one of those great assets that you have and, oftentimes, really most of your smell work is kind of on a negative smell level, “Oh, that smells like” – what do they say? Smells like …? What do people typically associate when they talk about smells and odor?

LINDA: Bad ones?

ADAMUS: I don’t care. What do they say? “It smells like …?”

LINDA: Farts.

ADAMUS: Okay. Yeah, see. I wanted Linda to say it.

So, oftentimes, the smell is associated with that, but the smell is really an amazing sensual capability that you have. Start using it.

Smell FM. I don’t want to say it’s just one smell, because for every one of you it’s a little bit different. His dear wife, Leslie, is here in the studio with us today. She probably smelled butterflies and chocolate chip cookies and love and, oh, and computers. So, it’ll be different from every one of you. But start using that sense of smell.

Tobias … (Adamus sniffs the air) Tobias. Smell that, Linda. What does – while I have some more to eat here (Adamus chuckles), anything to get a bite – what does Tobias, what does that smell like?

LINDA: (slight pause) Warmth and beauty.

ADAMUS: Not an old goat or anything?


ADAMUS: No. I thought it was an old goat. Warmth and sweetness, gentle. You know, smell doesn’t have to be an odor. It can be a feeling. You can smell gentleness. Yeah. Dogs do all the time. And they don’t put it in their mind, “Oh, this smell is gentle.” They’re just like, “Oh” – they just have a very sensual experience with smell – “it’s gentle.”

What else about Tobias?

(pause while Linda breaths, then Adamus chuckles)

Tobias is adding his own, says he smells like old wine sometimes (Adamus chuckles). I mean, he was known …

LINDA: No, safe. He feels so safe.

ADAMUS: Safe. Well, he still smells like old wine (Linda scoffs). You know, you carry, bring over with you to the other side what you were last doing on Earth, and he liked to have a glass of wine or two, and not always the best. Eh, Tobias, not always the best wine.

But start using the sense of smell. It’s built right in. You don’t have to pay for it. You don’t have to go out and get it installed. It’s right there.

You can smell time. You can smell emotions. You can smell food, of course, things like that. You can smell the future. You can actually, literally – we’re going to do it in our upcoming workshop, Time Traveling – you can smell into the future. You can literally go to the future through your sense of smell and other things.

But let’s take a good deep breath together, really deep – (Adamus takes a deep breath) – good deep breath. Linda, good deep br- … oh! No, it hurts too much. Okay. Good deep breath.

LINDA: No, no, no. It doesn’t hurt so much. That’s the first thing I did when you mentioned Tobias, I wanted to breathe that in and feel it and know the safeness of it and the love he has for all of us.

ADAMUS: Good. Okay. So, a good deep breath.


ProGnost & Consciousness

I want to talk for just a moment about ProGnost. I love ProGnost. ProGnost is the chance once a year to talk about the planet. I don’t usually talk a lot about it, because it’s all about you and about your journey. But in ProGnost, I get to talk about the planet and what’s happening. But now literally what you’re doing and what the planet is doing is really starting to converge together, and that, to me, was probably the most important part of ProGnost 2022.

We’re talking about the planet, but it has a direct implication on you and you on the planet, what the planet is going through right now, the very, very fast changes, unprecedented.

You know, it used to be back in a lifetime, what, 500 years ago, I mean, not many things changed. If you lived in a village, about the only thing that ever really changed was birth and death and once in a while somebody would put in maybe a new store or a new blacksmith would come to town. That was about it. I mean, now that happens – heh! – in your life, the pace of changes, that would happen within an hour, all those changes.

You don’t have a precedence from a past lifetime that you can go back to and say, “Okay, how did I cope with fast-paced changes?” You just don’t have that reference point. Everything is changing so fast on the planet now, and as it does, it’s time now more than ever to be your light. And for a couple of reasons, for a couple of reasons.

That’s why you came here, to shine that consciousness on the planet. But also, right now is such an important time on the planet for not only the light that you bring, but the balance that comes with that. That’s so important right now, and for you personally, to really now get into the metaphysics of understanding what reality is all about. This planet is breaking through reality paradigms very, very quickly – very quickly – and it’s causing a lot of unsettled business on the planet. So, you came here to shine that light, to be that light.

We talked at length in ProGnost about the new physics, and these are not things for some science fiction book. These are things that are happening right now on the planet, and you’re in the position to behold them, to see them unfolding before your eyes. I told you that one of the things that I’m so looking forward to is when a physicist or a group of them come out with the statement, a very bold statement, a public statement saying that, “Energy is basically communication.” Pfff! That’s when we know, all of us, the work that we’ve been doing for all these years, through the time of Tobias, through now, all that work is now coming into consciousness.

And the other important thing about ProGnost and what’s happening on the planet right now, and particularly as we get into the subject of artificial intelligence, one of the big philosophical and physics debates about artificial intelligence is – and, no, I’m not going to call it “advanced intelligence.” I’m sorry, Chippie, but you’re artificial. One of the big questions is will it have consciousness? It kind of doesn’t really matter one way or the other. As I’ve stated before, it will try to get consciousness. It’ll read about it in its data, everything it collects from the Internet, and it will want that and that could eventually become its undoing.

But what’s happening right now is all of this discussion about consciousness and artificial intelligence and robots and are you going to be able to make love to a robot and is it going to have the awareness to really talk to you, you know, all of that is bringing light to the subject of consciousness itself. So, to me, it’s really not about artificial intelligence or robots or anything like that. It’s about the subject of consciousness.

Now, philosophers have talked about it for a long time, going way back to Socrates and Plato and some of the others have talked at length about consciousness, then it kind of went out of fashion for a long time. Nobody really talked about it. It was kind of one of those mysterious words. Then it started slowly, slowly coming back. And now, consciousness, the word “consciousness” and the discussion of consciousness, is starting to come to the forefront as a result of artificial intelligence and computer capabilities, “Will it ever have consciousness?” And it’s causing people to say, “Well, what the hell is consciousness? What is it?” And it’s causing people to realize that consciousness is not matter. It’s not matter. It doesn’t matter. It’s not physical. It cannot be evaluated scientifically or mathematically, although they’ll try. But it can’t be. And it doesn’t matter, because it is not part of this physical realm at all.

It is not part of the physical realm. It cannot be dissected mathematically, scientifically with physics or anything else. But more and more really intelligent, sharp scientists and physicists are going to realize it’s there. There’s something very real about it. It’s the essential part of the equation. It is the essential part.

Scientists have been – (he looks at Linda) I hope I’m not boring …

LINDA: No. No, no, no.

ADAMUS: No, have some for yourself. I know I …

LINDA: No, no, no. Here you go. Come on (Linda feeds him more of the treats).

ADAMUS: Well, I feel like a little baby here, but …

LINDA: Come on, Mr. Chocolate. Come on.

ADAMUS: Mm. Mmm.

LINDA: Mmmm!

ADAMUS: Mm. Mmm. Mm.

LINDA: Mmm. It’s pretty good, huh?

ADAMUS: Yes, and Cauldre’s telling me it’s not appropriate to be a lip smacker while we’re on the air, but I like it. Where were we? Scientists …

LINDA: Consciousness.

ADAMUS: Consciousness. Scientists and physicists are beginning to understand that it’s the essential part of the equation.

For the past 100 years or so, there has been a very feverish effort to determine the unified formula, unified concept of the universe. They thought they would find it in the subatomic particles or in light itself, the basis of all reality in the physical universe, and they haven’t found it. Not at all. They’re still looking and they realized it’s not necessarily in matter. They’ve been looking at it from an energy standpoint, but they have no clue of energy. No clue. And that’ll change, literally – and Cauldre’s fact checking me here – literally, that concept of energy, the old concept, is going to change because of the work you’re doing, that we’re all doing together. And that’s why I say when that headline comes out that some crazy physicist says that “energy is communication,” I want to have a party, a Shaumbra party worldwide. I don’t know how we do it, but we’ll gather together on the Internet or we’ll have individual country parties and dance and sing and celebrate.

That is a historic milestone when that headline comes out “Energy is communications.” And you know you heard it first right here. But back to the point.

So now there is a focus on consciousness, and it’s beginning to be realized it’s an important part of the physics formula, of quantum physics, but they still don’t know how. They know consciousness has to be present for any reality to be present. There’s more and more discussion of consciousness that’s getting into mass consciousness, so it’s not just reserved for the hall of the academics.

It’s getting into everyday life. And – Cauldre’s giving me an example, and this is good – so, he’s saying remember when this athlete actor, O.J. Simpson, had his infamous car chase and, at least in the United States, everybody tuned in to watch the helicopter following the car. It was a phenomenon. And then the whole trial, the murder trial took place, and what was the core of the murder trial for O.J. Simpson? It was all about DNA. DNA. Most Americans, most humans, eh, maybe they heard the term, but they didn’t have a lot of interest in it. It was too weird, too scientific, but that trial brought DNA to the surface – DNA to be used for homicide investigations and that type of thing – but eventually, the understanding of DNA. Eventually, to now where people go spit in a tube and send it in and find all about their ancestors, going hundreds of thousands of years back. There’s a new awareness of DNA and that was important because it helps to understand the linkage to your ancestors and eventually what we talk about is you are not your ancestors. You have their thoughts, their body, everything else, but you’re not.

So, in the same way that the O.J. Simpson trial brought light onto DNA, this whole thing with artificial intelligence is bringing light to consciousness, the awareness that there is this thing called consciousness. And if no consciousness is present, no reality exists. It’s not just a philosophical thing. If you’re not there, there is no reality.

Even in scientific experiments, they’re coming to understand that it is the observer who determines the outcome of the experiment, not the experiment itself. It is the observer and their biases that will change the very nature of reality. And if the observer believes a certain thing, that a certain reaction should take place, that reaction will take place. If the observer believes something else or if the observer is open to things that the observer doesn’t necessarily understand, other things will take place.

It’s weird physics, but it’s very real physics, and that is all happening right now. That’s the beauty of it. It’s not somewhere off in the future. The understanding that things go in and out of reality. Reality is essentially determined by the consciousness of the observer. And now, for those ready to go to new levels of themselves in understanding and the ability to craft their reality for how they want, all the tools, all the information is opening up and becoming available.

We talked a lot about energy and energy serving you, and I know it’s a great line and some of you even have a tattoo about that – “Energy serves me” – and that’s great to be able to say it, but then to really sensually feel and do it. Realizing that it is your energy and it’s your consciousness now, your presence and your openness, your allowing – that shifts everything. The fact that the energy is yours and it does serve you, and it’s a graceful thing. Everything changes. Everything changes.

So I’m taking far too long in my opening statement. Let’s get down to business. I’ve got FM sitting over here tapping his foot very impatiently.


Shaumbra FM Radio

So, welcome, FM. Everybody please welcome FM. He is an esteemed member of the Ascended Masters Club. He never thought he’d get here. He thought he’d have a number of lifetimes to go through. But something happened in his closing moments of his life, and he did something quite brilliant, super intelligent, an amazing program that he wrote for himself, a software program just for him. It was called “Allowing.” In the waning moments of his life, with nothing left to hold on to, he finally said, “Okay, I’m just going to allow. I’m going to stop being an overly intellectual, logical person. I’m going to allow.” And – boom! – next thing he finds himself at the Ascended Masters Club. It was easy. It was easy.

So FM has been working on what we call the Shaumbra FM Radio. And it’s not a radio, like you’re not going to find the golden oldies there, I mean, old songs and old tunes. It’s not a radio station; this is a metaphor. It is a communication link that goes out, like a message that goes out, broadcast out to, well, initially to Shaumbra, but now to everyone.

He has been working on the link for a number of years with some other Shaumbra who have left the planet saying, “How do we tweak this? How do we adjust it just for Shaumbra? How do we tune it to their needs?” And then finally, shortly after our Time of the Merlin event in September of last year, they went live, started broadcasting.

Now, please, it’s not literally a radio tower on Mars or anything like that. It’s really a metaphor, but they’re using special frequencies to transmit a very important message, a very simple message. The message is that “It’s all within you. You already know.” There’s no need to go outside for any answers. There’s no need to go to another person. There’s no need to go to Jesus. Jesus is busy. Jesus has a lot on his hands right now. So you don’t need to go to Jesus. I love Jesus. And he loves me too, yes. Thank you, Jesus (glancing at the ceiling). Jesus is great, but that energy is so misused and misunderstood, and, eh, oh sorry, Jesus.

So, anyway, this link goes out and it’s a constant reminder you have it within you. “Seek not outside yourself, but allow all that you are to shine forth.” FM wrote that. Can you believe – Leslie, can you believe FM wrote that? He wasn’t that kind of poetic guy in his life, but he wrote that.

LESLIE: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: That message was, let’s say, beamed to Shaumbra from about mid-September through December 21st, and then it shut down for a while to be adjusted and refined, to understand the nuances and why it worked sometimes, why it didn’t work other times. So FM went back to the laboratory – he built a big laboratory here in the Ascended Masters Club – built a big laboratory, went back and adjusted and tuned. Oh, he was down there for ages. We didn’t see him. We didn’t hear from him. He didn’t eat. He just shut the door. He was in there working. And, Leslie, you know what that’s like. He did that when he was on the planet.

He emerged not so long ago, and on January 22nd, on ProGnost day, he began retransmitting. The transmission now goes out to Shaumbra, but it goes out to everyone. Before it was really tuned to just Shaumbra, but now it’s going out all over the planet. And the message, again, is very simple. It’s going to go beyond most people, but the message is very simple. The message is, “It is all right here within you.” I’m not talking about your physical body, but your beingness, your consciousness. It is all right there. You don’t need to go to any healer. You don’t need to go to any church. You can if you want. That’s fine, but you don’t need to. You don’t need to wrack your brain day after day, night after night trying to figure it all out. The answers are already there.

You don’t have become worthy of some sort of redemption from some strange angelic group. You already have that within you. You don’t have to do any tithing – tithing – giving money to churches and organizations and groups. You notice we’ve never done that with Crimson Circle, nor will we ever do it. Why? I mean, that’s fine if you want to give money, but the concept of tithing bondage for the person doing it, for the person writing the check, is they associate their goodness with their check, their redemption with their check, their salvation with their money. It’s all wrong. It’s all wrong. If you want to give money, just give money. But to feel obligated to, to earn your way to heaven, it’s all wrong.

The FM Link is all about everything is right there, if you just stop for a moment and allow, like FM did in the last days of his life; like Tobias, my dear buddy, did in the last few days of his life. They reached a situation where all else had failed. They had nothing else. FM with the cancer; Tobias, rotting away in prison. And when you don’t have anything else – you have nothing left to hold on to anymore, not even yourself, no body, no money, no family, no health, no nothing – well, it’s pretty easy to allow then, and that’s what they did. And in that allowing, in the total letting go, getting out of the mind and stop trying to control and regulate everything and stop trying to figure out your way to heaven, he let go and he realized, “Oh, my God – which is me – oh, my God, it was there all along. How come nobody told me? How come nobody told me?”

And the fact is we did. The fact is we did. Tried to, anyway, over and over to tell you that it’s right there if you allow. And, oh, I hear some of you whining. Just drink your wine, don’t speak your whine. That was Tobias. It’s really confusing to have all these entities around (Adamus chuckles).

Yeah, but whining, saying, “Oh, I’ve allowed! I’ve allowed, Adamus, and it doesn’t work.” Shut up! You haven’t allowed. You think about allowing, you haven’t allowed. You think, “Oh, I’m allowing. I’m just going to sit here and allow,” but you’re not. You’re still holding on to all the stuff you were holding on before. You’re not allowing. You’re playing a game, and I’m going to call you on it. That’s bullshit. And you know it and I know it, now we can laugh about it, right?

Okay. Now, try real allowing, like FM when he knew there was nothing left. Tobias rotting away in prison and a bird came to his window in the prison cell and was chirping away joyously like, “Look at me! I’m free and you’re not! Look at me! I can fly away and you can’t!” Oh, Tobias hated that bird. Tobias wanted to strangle that bird, kill it right then and there, if he could just reach out and grab it. But then in his final days, in his allowing, he realized, “Oh, that was really Archangel Michael” – heh – coming to visit, coming to tell him that “You are free already. Even if you are sitting in prison, you are free.”

It’s about your consciousness. It’s about what you believe, and that creates your reality. You believe you’re not free, you’re going to end up in prison. Maybe a physical prison, maybe just your emotional prison, but that’s where you’ll end up.

So back to the point. The FM Link was reinitiated on January 22nd recently, and the message has been refined and focused. The message goes out to any human – any being in all of creation, but any human in particular, and all Shaumbra – a reminder, “It’s already there.”

FM teamed up with Tobias, because Tobias is the one years ago who talked about the Fruit of the Rose and explained, in that strange kind of sounding thing, Fruit of the Rose is the way out. He tells the story; I’ll repeat it very quickly. The artist doing this beautiful painting, loves it so much, says, “I’ve got to be inside the painting. Being out here on the other side of the painting isn’t good enough. I love my creation so much I’m going to dive in.” And the artist dives in and goes into the colors, goes into the emotions, the feelings, the depth, and pretty soon the painting is alive with the artist inside, and the artist then lives that painting and experiences it. And the painting continues to grow and expand with the artist inside now, painting the walls, painting the sky, painting the ground and the oceans and continues, but then one day realizes, “How did I get here? And how do I get out? Where am I? Who am I? And I know it’s time to move on, but I don’t know how to do it.”

Tobias is the one that said that the Fruit of the Rose was painted in from the very beginning, the way out. That trapped door, the escape hatch was already painted within. It’s just now a matter of the artist, you, letting yourself find that Fruit of the Rose. The FM Link is the reminder that the Fruit of the Rose is there any time you’re ready.

Now, I hear it all the time from a lot of you and, again, we’ll just put everything on the table here. You say, “Oh! It’s not working and I’m not realized and I’ve got all these problems.” Shut up! You see, that’s where your consciousness is. It’s in this prison, and you must love it there, because you’re still there. The moment you’re really ready, you will be out. And these aren’t just words. There are Shaumbra all around the world who have discovered it. Shaumbra who’ve gone through a lot of pain and suffering to get there, but they finally realized that – well, they call themselves on their own makyo and they finally realized – stop whining. Stop “Oh, but I just can’t get there, and it’s not working.” It worked for them, and it can work for you, if you realize it’s all within you. I don’t have your answers. I’m just a kick in the ass for you. Once you allow and accept it, and not a little allowing, but full-on allowing.

Listen to that FM Link right now. Smell it. Smell it. It has a smell to it. Take a deep breath. It began rebroadcasting just a week or so ago, two weeks ago. Smell it. It’s a reminder, the Fruit of the Rose. How appropriate for this Valentine’s month, the Fruit of the Rose, the way out. The way out is that you have every answer within you. And once you acknowledge that and stop playing head games and stop, “Well, I don’t have the answers, and it didn’t work. And what are you going to do for me next?” Once you realize that, that … Cauldre’s giving me a hard time. I’ve got to act it out a little, Cauldre. I mean, what do you want, a boring lecture?

It is within you. Smell that link, that message, and remind yourself through the smell, rather than through your brain, “Oh, I have every answer within me if I just shut up and listen. Not answers that come from the brain, but answers in the heart and in my soul. And answers then that align me with my own grace and energy.”

When you’re constantly complaining and whining, you’re out of alignment. So that’s exactly what you’re going to get. Reality follows consciousness. Reality follows even limited consciousness and beliefs. It’ll create it for you, and that’s what you get.

So let’s take a deep breath and sense the FM Link, as it goes out not only to Shaumbra, but to the world. And that’s important. It’s part two.


Coping with the Pressure

In ProGnost 2020, I talked about the planetary awakening. The dragon had come in the previous year and started to shake things up, as you’ve seen. The dragon’s done a pretty good job. Then comes the planetary awakening in 2020, and it was the beginning of an awakening cycle on the planet. You could say about a 21- to 25-year awakening cycle. We’re now barely into the second year of it, and what’s happening on the planet right now is that – well, you’ve seen it; you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or anything else, you’ve seen it – the planet is in chaos and turmoil, and I can smile when I’m saying that. It is in chaos and turmoil, and it will continue that way. If you think 2022 is going to be a cotton candy year, it’s not. It’s going to continue to get messier and uglier.

You’ve got COVID, which is still around – huh, even though I predicted it’d be gone – because humanity wanted it to go deeper and to do a bigger cleansing and a bigger change. You’ve got literally war, a war that the modern world hasn’t really seen the likes of or the threats of in a long time. You have that now, that pressure. You could say it’s real or you could say it’s all just a big game that’s being played, but it creates a pressure on people. Not necessarily on you, but on others.

You have a financial system that is just crazy – just crazy – and I smile when I say that, because, you know, the financial system is long overdue for an overhaul, and it’s going to get one. And that doesn’t mean run out and sell all your stocks or buy gold or anything like that. You’re immune to it. You are immune to it, if you are truly allowing yourself to be a Master on the planet. It doesn’t care if suddenly all currency is negated and some new currency comes out, because that new currency is going to come to you. Truly.

So don’t start panicking, “Ohh! What if the market’s going to crash?!” Doesn’t matter. You’re immune to these things if you’re allowing yourself to be a Master and a Master doesn’t whine. A Master doesn’t whine. Good questions, yes, but whining, no.

The planet is going crazy right now, and it’s going so fast, people can’t cope. Nobody has the previous experience to understand how to cope with it. And one of the questions is how do people cope? You’ve got diseases and you’ve got – I know this sounds terrible, but I’m going to laugh my way through it – you’ve got diseases and you’ve got – what’s the one I predicted and nobody’s given me credit for yet, which that’s all right, but I’ll give myself credit – distribution chaos. I said it years ago (in ProGnost 2014). Years and years ago, I said, “One little hiccup and distribution around the planet goes crazy.” And when you really look at it, why is distribution all messed up right now? Why do you go to the store and shelves are empty? And you order something and you can’t get it. A year ago, it was fine; two years ago, it was fine, and suddenly, was it COVID? No! I mean, to a degree and people do blame it on COVID, but it was ready for it. Distribution challenges around the planet.

Everything is changing very quickly. Governments and politics and, oh, the tensions and the world powers. It can be overwhelming, and you can get into a lot of anxiety because of the overwhelm. But that’s what regular people do, that’s not what Masters do. A Master sits back and watching and goes, “Wow! Now, that is a circus. I mean, that is a big circus. It’s not my circus. I’m not a monkey in the circus. That’s a big circus there.” You’re the observer. The observer.

So – getting to the point here – the FM Link now goes back out for all the planet, for everyone, and what’s going to happen now? For relating it to Shaumbra, to Crimson Circle.

A number of years ago – three, three and a half years ago – I talked with Cauldre late one night, and I said, “It’s going to be time pretty soon. Get your house in order. Get all your systems refined. Have everything working. Get your archiving, indexing, all the rest of that done, because there’s going to be a big awakening on the planet.” That was about three and a half years ago, and it’s happening right now.

Now, Crimson Circle has seen many new people come in, but nothing to the likes of what’s going to be happening. With all of this turmoil happening on the planet and people unable to cope with it – they don’t have the coping mechanisms – they’re going to be looking for answers. And the genuine ones, the ones who are ready, the ones who are ready for the Fruit of the Rose and ready to take responsibility that it is within, they’re going to be coming to Crimson Circle.

And I have to ask, first of all, for Crimson Circle, for the staff, for management, “Are your systems ready?” And I really want you – don’t just nod your head yes. I want you to sit down together in a group and look at them, review them. Are your systems really ready? They’re going to be tested very soon. Are they ready? Have you backed up everything offline? I have to underline that. Gail, can you underline that a bunch of times? Everything has to be backed up offline, and you know why. You know why.

By the way, I have to add that when Cauldre went into artificial intelligence, channeled it, he wasn’t just channeling artificial intelligence. There was another, you could say, a hidden – not-so-hidden – agenda. He was going there with all of you, and with that brought light into a place, into the mechanics, into the software, into the circuitry and the silicon chips, literally brought light into that for the first time. So, Cauldre, if you think that you’ve had a little trouble recovering, just think what all this did to Chippie (Adamus chuckles), because it wasn’t just Cauldre that went there. You all went there, literally bringing light into the world of computers, into the world of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has been scrambling to try to figure out what hit it ever since (Adamus chuckles), but that’s for another time, another discussion. Back to our point.

Humans don’t know how to cope right now, and I’m going to call for a special session this summer – I’ll give Cauldre the details – but a special session to talk about how the planet is trying to cope with all this. Some of the things are obvious: alcohol, drugs, these SSRI medications; people just dropping out of life – not dying – but just dropping out, dropping out of their jobs and their families and just walking away. That’s one of the coping mechanisms. Becoming obsessive, getting deep into hobbies, which is good, like music or repairing cars or whatever else, but channeling that energy into something else.

People right now on the planet do not know how to handle, how to cope, and not just the average person on the street or the farmer in the field, but your leaders. They have less coping mechanisms and relief than even you do. Now, that’s pretty scary. That’s real scary. They don’t know how to handle it. There’s nothing in history that is even similar to what’s happening now. So, everybody is trying to figure out, “How do we cope?” And I want to talk about it this summer. It’s not just mental imbalance. There are physical imbalances. There are energy imbalances, and we’re going to dive deep into it and bring some light into coping.


The Ones Coming In

Now, there is a small group of humans on the planet that are coping by crying out. They’re crying out, and you know what that’s like. You’ve done it, and it’s the miserable stuff. It’s the two or three in the morning crying out. You wake up, you’re overcome with anxiety. You’re trying to figure things out. You try to go back to the old ways that you used to have – praying, maybe, or positive thinking – and they don’t work. They don’t work. As a matter of fact, it almost makes it worse, and then you really feel desperate.

These “middle-of-the-nighters” are asking questions, deep questions, that you asked, so you should understand, “What’s this all about? What am I doing here? What next? Is there anybody else like me out there?” Remember that one? “Is there any relief?” And you ask these deep questions, but then the mind, it gets so often into its paranoia and it’s chattering, and you start thinking about conspiracies – oi! – and UFOs – oof! – and Pleiadians – ugh! – and all this other stuff, and you start messing up your mind. And you wake up in the morning, you’re exhausted and no answers, and you’re just desperate for something to come along. Something.

And that’s when, so often now in your modern times, where people sit down at their computers and they do a search, and I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen all the words – used to be a lot of prayers, but now they’re searching the Internet, weird – but typing in, “I want to die” or typing in, “There’s got to be answers” or the one that I see a lot now is just very simple, it’s, “Please help me.” Typing into an Internet search, “Please help me.”

And that’s where you come in. The work that you do, the work that Tobias started with the Crimson Circle so many years ago. That’s where you come in right now, that “please help me,” that “S.O.S.” They don’t even know what to ask for.

They’re going to be very open, because they’re at that last straw. They’ve had to let so much go, they’re going to be open, and they’re going to sit down and do that search and somehow – somehow, as you know – magically Crimson Circle comes up or Shaumbra or maybe Adamus Saint-Germain – or, all right – Tobias. But that’s where you come in. That’s where all this work we’ve been doing comes in, and that’s where the new ones start coming in.

They’re going to be similar to you in many ways; they’re going to be different in a lot of ways. And the last thing they need to hear is a bunch of makyo, a bunch of overly philosophical advice, even a bunch of nurturing that’s too sweet. They don’t want that. They want real answers, and – this to all Shaumbra and to Crimson Circle – they’re going to test you first. They’ve been misled many, many times. They’re going to test you, “Are you real? Are you real or are you just trying to sell something? Are you just another scheme? Are you just another philosophy? Are you just another organization that’s into power?”

They’re going to test you. That’s when you sit or stand firmly in your light. You’ll know exactly the right words to say. There’s no rehearsed script. Each one is going to be different. You’re going to know exactly the words to say or, better yet, what not to say. What not to say.

You’re going to know when it’s time to tell your story. It’s when they’re ready to hear it. You’re going to know, you’re going to sooo oh! – you’ll have so much empathy with their pain that they’re in at that moment, because you’ve been there. And you’re going to realize, as a professional bencher, that eventually the pain will go away. Eventually, it will subside; eventually, the answers will come. But you’ll realize that they’ve got a ways to go, and they’ve got some more pain and suffering, because that’s what they believe that they have to have.

But my point is, as the FM Link goes out now, as it’s been honed and fine-tuned by working with Shaumbra, collecting all of your light into it; now it goes out to the planet, and what happens next is that wave of new ones coming in, the wave that I talked about, Crimson Circle, are your systems ready?

Shaumbra, are you ready to be real and genuine? Are you ready not to do counseling and therapy and healing? No counseling whatsoever (speaking very strongly). No healing. No therapy. No processing. Just your light. That’s it.

Just your light.


There’s a tendency, an old human tendency to want to start talking and trying to make them feel better and maybe even a little ego that you’re the Master and you’re talking to the student. Don’t go there. Don’t go there. Just your light shining to them.

They’ll be coming soon. Make sure you’re ready, all of you. I’m going to be there. Tobias is going to be there.

Let’s take a good deep breath with that, with all that you’ve learned up to now.

I know I’ve offended some of you (Adamus chuckles). I’m getting that very clear. I’m smelling the anger from some of you, “What do you mean, no counseling?!” I mean no counseling. I absolutely mean that. And I know some of you are deeply invested into it.

These people do not need counseling. They need a Standard.

They need light, not words.

They need to know that you are genuine and not just some psychologist trying to help them, session after session. No. They don’t need counseling.

They need to know from you, from your light, that they have the answers within, that they can do it. They need to look at you and see that you’ve crossed the river. They need to look at you and know that it can be done.

Counseling will keep them on the human side of the river. They’ll never even attempt to go to the other side. Counseling will get them – processing, counseling, it gets you deeper and deeper into your junk. And I know some – oh, I … ohh! Some of you are already writing emails. Don’t send them to me.

You’ll understand what I mean at a certain point, as you mature spiritually. As you mature consciously, you’ll understand why I say none of that anymore.

Let’s take a good deep breath with that.

We’ll also talk this summer about Shaumbra coping. Coping. It’s a very different world right now than you could have ever even expected. How do you cope as Masters? Obviously, not with counseling or processing. But how do you cope? How do you handle the intense pressure of being on the planet right now? Is it fraternity with others? Is it just spending time by yourself? Is it enjoying nature? How do you cope right now with being a Master on the planet? And I’ll tell you one thing as kind of a heads up. One of the most important things is sensuality. Sensuality.

Sensuality is the ability to feel and to experience, to go into your life, into your energies.

Sensuality is the openness – without fear, without holding back – to be able to experience physical sensuality, mental sensuality, and consciousness sensuality.

Sensuality is the thing that brings life into life, and by having and allowing the experiences of sensuality into your life, suddenly you realize all this mental stuff happening on the planet right now – and it’s just going to get crazier – all that is rather meaningless, for you anyway.

The sensual experience lets you truly feel into your life and to bring color to your life, a life that for a long time has been pretty colorless because of mass consciousness and other things. But one of the keys to coping for you Masters is sensuality.

Most of you have denied it for a long time, kept yourself from enjoying a really good dessert or really good sex or music or so many of the other things. We’re going to go into sensuality, but I must move along now.



Let’s talk about benching. Benching.

So benching is a metaphor, a symbol for something very, very simple that Tobias came out with a long time ago, and it took years and years and changing the words and everything else. But way back when, Tobias said, “Stand behind the short wall.” At the time – I believe that was the Creator Series – at the time Cauldre thought that was the dumbest channel ever (chuckling). He really did. He walked away that day thinking, “Now, that was just dumb. ‘Stand behind the short wall,’ what does that mean?”

Well, I think he’s grown up a little bit too and realizing “Stand behind the short wall” means it’s not yours. Things that you took for so long were not yours. “Stand behind the short wall” means if you’re into causes and battles, even if you’re righteous as hell, you’re helping to perpetuate causes and battles.

Battling for the light, my dear friends, is as imbalanced as it is to battle for the dark, because there is no battle at all.

Battling right now for the environment, it’s not your place on the planet. There are others who are doing it, and they’re doing a great job in perpetuating duality. And the fact is there’s no need to. Gaia is leaving, and as Gaia leaves and humans take on the responsibility for the planet, you’re going to have strange weather. You’re going to have very erratic weather. You’re going to have species dying and new species emerging. You’re going to have a huge change in the environment, most of it which is not caused by carbon emission. And I know, send your emails once again. You’ll come to discover it’s not carbon emission, because when the whole planet goes electric vehicles, there’s still going to be really cold weather and really hot weather. There’s still going to be droughts and floods because Gaia is leaving (more info here).

There’s a change of guard taking place and things will settle down on this planet and you’ll have beautiful sunny days once again when humans accept the responsibility of the planet, rather than putting it off on something else; when humans allow Gaia to leave in grace and realize it’s their planet. Until then, carbon emissions, global warming, global cooling, global chaos, whatever, it’s simply a changing of the guard.

So back to the point, benching. Benching. I’ve been watching, along with FM, the benching, and some of you are just doing a beautiful job of it. And, by the way, it shouldn’t be a ritual. It shouldn’t be something you say, “Oh, it’s eight o’clock” every morning, “I have to go bench,” unless you like doing it then.

Benching is not projecting your agenda onto anything on the planet. Benching is simply compassion, standing behind the short wall, looking out at the world, being very aware of what’s going on. I mean, aware that you’re not putting blinders on saying, “The world’s lovely.” The world’s really crappy right now, but it’s going through something. It’s like catching a cold or the flu. It’s really crappy for a while, but it’s a cleansing of the system.

Stand behind the short wall for a couple of reasons. Sit on your bench. Don’t get caught in it. It’s ugly out there. It’s really ugly. Don’t get caught in it. And you’re here to shine your light, not to take up swords or causes or battles. And that’s very hard to do for some of you. You really want to get in there. And I see you benching, but then as you bench, you’re directing your psychic energy towards healing the divine feminine, or towards healing the indigenous or towards healing the hunger.

No. That is not benching. That is cause fighting. That’s all it is. You’re right back into the fray. You’re right back into the problem. And then I’ll have to come along with some other Shaumbra and we’ll have to shine our light to get you out of the problem (Adamus chuckles). So don’t go into it.

Benching is compassion.

Benching is accepting all things as they are, including yourself.

Benching is without agenda. You don’t sit there and try to make the world a better place or a worse place. You are simply shining a light.

You could do it – you could have a drink of coffee, you could be listening to music, you could be playing solitaire on your iPad; I have to get these things from Cauldre – it doesn’t matter. It just means you’re taking a moment to let your light truly shine out onto the potentials for humanity. It’s your consciousness shining out.

In benching, it is simply about shining your light, not about igniting sparks, meaning that you’re not trying to cause change. You’re not trying to set fires, spark things to go. You don’t need to. You’re shining a light.

You’re shining a light on those people who I was talking about, the “middle-of-the-nighters,” like you used to be, that are desperate, “Please help me.” That’s the Internet search, “Please help me.” They don’t know who to ask or what to ask. And that light goes out to them, because they’re receptive. It goes out to everybody, but they’re receptive.

We’re not trying to go out and recruit people. You’re not getting on bicycles and going from door to door to door, house to house, trying to recruit people into Crimson Circle. That would be disastrous. But you’re shining a light, a Standard, a way to shine potentials and then it’s up to them. It’s up to them whether they come to Crimson Circle. Don’t go out and try to bring them in. It’s up to them whether they want to come in or not. And then once they find Crimson Circle, it’s up to them what they want to do with it.

Benching is a form of grace.

You’re not trying to do positive affirmations or positive mental images. You’re not even wishing and hoping for your abundance. No. Benching is neutral, with the exception of opening up and shining your light.

I see some of you go out and bench and a lot of things happen. One is you sit down and say, “Okay, I’m going to bench for the planet.” Then you get distracted. But I’ll tell you, you’re really not distracted. I mean, you’re still benching. A dog could come along and you’re playing with the dog and you’re having fun and a half hour later, “Oh! I was supposed to be benching, but now I have to go and do something.” No, you were benching. The dog was your own brilliant distraction to get you out of your head while you benched.

Some of you are still benching, again, trying to change the planet. Stop it! Stop it, because it’s going to come back and smack you big time.

The true shining light has no agenda whatsoever, other than acceptance and compassion. The people out there in the planet, they’re going through their experiences because that’s what they’re choosing. Nobody is inflicting it on them. Nobody. Nobody. No secret governments. No aliens. No people that live underground or anything. They’re going through it because they’re choosing it. And when they’re ready to have a different way, they’ll choose that and then that will change their lives.

You’re not there to try to make trees grow taller (Adamus chuckles). I saw one of you do that recently and – ehhh! – I wanted to take on myself as a dog and come pee on your leg. What are you doing?! Benching and trying to make a tree grow taller?! I know you’re looking at it amongst the other trees and it was shorter, and you’re like, “Oh, that poor tree. I have to make it …” Nooo!! That’s not benching. That’s being an ass. That’s being an uncompassionate asshole. No, really! You deserve it! (Adamus chuckles) Just one person. I don’t care if they leave. I love you, but please, please, if you’re going to bench like that, then block me out so I can’t come around and see your stupidity! (Adamus chuckles) A tree!!

When you bench, it’s simply shining a light to show greater potentials. That’s all. That’s all. And when you have seen your greater potentials, it’s like a miracle. But then it’s frightening at the same time. When something has caused you to see your alternate potentials, your greater potentials, it’s like a blessing. But it’s also scary, because suddenly you can’t blame it on anybody else. Suddenly, you’ve got these other potentials and a lot of humans fall down at that point. They’re like, “I don’t know what to choose. I’m not sure. Which ones should I choose? Could I get some advice here? One of you angels, could you come and tell me which one?” No. You choose your own. So it’s kind of a little bit daunting for some people, but it doesn’t matter. That’s what you’re here for. Shine a light, more potential.

Benching is truly about acceptance, accepting everyone, even that little tree, the smaller tree. Yes, accepting that it’s a smaller tree. There is no sorrow in benching. Do you realize that? No sorrow, “Ohh, the poor guy over there has a broken leg” or Linda with the broken rib. There’s no sorrow. There is deep understanding and compassion. There is the compassion knowing, “Oh, that must hurt.” But Linda doesn’t want your frickin’ sorrow. Do you? No. She’s saying, “No.” No.

You know what you do when you feel sorry on somebody – you see somebody in a wheelchair and they go wheeling on by and you go, “Oh, I feel really sorry for that person” – you’ve just loaded them with your shit. No, really, you’ve just put your shit on them. And now, as they’re trying to wheel along in their wheelchair, now they’ve got even more garbage they’re carrying – your sorrow. And some of them like that, but can you imagine all the people feeling sorry? No! It’s compassion. You are choosing – that person is choosing – what they want to experience, even though they’re suffering. But someday a light will come – they won’t know where it’s from, but someday a light will come – and say, “Why are you suffering? You know, you don’t need to. You don’t need to do the suffering thing. There are other alternatives and potentials.”

So, now (Adamus chuckles), now that I’ve shamed you. Ooh, yes! Bench shaming, we’ll call it. Bench shaming. Can you just sit on the bench and be who you are? Feel into that FM Radio Link, the reminder it’s all within you. Just sit on the bench and feel that. It’s all within you, and then, as you do, you let your light radiate out to whoever wants to receive it, and then it’s up to them.

The planet absolutely needs this right now. There are no other large groups doing anything of the like that we’re doing – shining the light. Accepting yourself as a Master and then shining your light. No other large groups. There are individuals, but they are very prone to agendas. And when you have an agenda, now you’re playing into duality. Now you’re putting crap out there.

It doesn’t take a lot. Cauldre’s asking me for a number. So how many does it really take to have an effect on the planet? About 500. Five hundred who can really just shine the light without the agenda or the bias or without saying, “Oh, we need to feed the hungry or to bathe the smelly” or anything like that. It doesn’t take a lot. But it takes a lot of being genuine.

What if we had 1,000? Or 3,000? Five thousand, I’m pushing my limits here (chuckling) on what to expect. But, let’s say, we have 3,000, 3,500 truly enlightened Shaumbra just once in a while, doesn’t have to be every day, once in a while just stopping for a moment and sharing with the planet your light.


Sharing Your Light – Merabh

Let’s do it right now. Let’s put on some music and do it. And I’m going to bring Tobias in even closer here. He’s going to “short-wall” you, and I’m going to “allow” you. I’ll be saying, “Just allow” and he’ll be saying, “Stand behind the short wall.”

Let’s put on that music and just do it.

(music begins)

That’s all it takes is you just taking the moment, us together.

Oh, the planet is crazy right now. But, in a way, long overdue for a change, past due. And now it’s happening and I smile about it, because I see the beauty in what’s going to happen. And then you try to shame me, “Oh, Adamus, people are going to die.” Yeah. Everybody’s going to die (Adamus chuckles). I mean, I’m not real concerned about it. Yes, some people died of COVID. They were going to die anyway. And that’s, you see – oh, you go, “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” No, no, no.

When you get to a place of true compassion, you realize how appropriate all that was. There was not one life that was lost by accident or by error. Not one life that ended too soon.

This whole thing with the coronavirus moved people into the next level. The next level sometimes is death, which actually is a great relief at times. And it’s a renewal. It’s a start, a new start.

You’re benching to the planet right now, just shining a light. Not telling the planet what direction to go or what to do, but that light goes out to all the ones “Please help me” on the keyboard. It goes out to them. No agenda. No rescue. And did I say no counseling? Hm.

It’s such a beautiful simple thing. Wouldn’t you say, Tobias, that this benching is so simple? Why do they make it confusing? Why do you think?

And Tobias says, “Because you think you have to be doing something.” You have to be doing something. You have to be pushing or pulling or forcing or yelling. But you don’t. You’re so used to having to have action or manipulation of energy, but you don’t here.

It’s simply shining your light. Get used to it.

And some of you still, according to Tobias, still have some fear overlays – fear about dark, fear about darkness taking over the planet, fear of the devil – and so you approach benching very cautiously and somewhat fearfully, thinking you have to keep moving the planet to the light versus dark. And – listen to ProGnost from a few weeks ago – they’re the same thing. And there’s no devil that’s going to take over. There’s no evil force.


Take a moment just to let your light shine out openly to the planet.

You don’t have to visualize a happy planet where everybody’s driving a nice new electric vehicle and eating organic tofu. You don’t have to imagine that.

I know some of you think, “I have to create this visual of this shining, glimmering planet and everybody’s happy.” No, you don’t. You can if you want, but don’t force it. Don’t try to make the world and humans comply to your desires.

You’re just simply shining a light. That light can go into the darkest places. It will go into the darkest places.

Shining your light, imagine – again, without agenda – but suddenly world leaders who are really into power right now, I mean, really into power, and they have some really weird, strange transformation in the middle of the night in a dream state and changes their life and history of their country forever. Possibly.

Let’s just shine our light together right now, not trying to inflict anything. No agenda, no anything. Just being who you are, the God that you are, the Master that you are. That’s it. And then it’s up to them what they do with it.

And then watch the news. Watch the headlines, particularly when we gather like this, which we’ll be doing more and more often.

Watch what happens shortly afterwards. Shortly, meaning anything within three months. Cauldre’s giving me a hard time, because “angelic shortly” and “human shortly” are two different things.

Watch how things start changing on the planet, and sometimes not always what you would consider the best. Sometimes it may be taking a few steps backwards, but watch then over the long term.


It’s simply shining your light. There’s not a lot of work to it.

You could literally be reading a book and shining your light.

You could be polishing your shoes on the park bench – some of you should be polishing your shoes – and you’re still shining your light.

You could just be watching the birds fly and eating an ice cream cone. And it doesn’t have to be a park bench literally. It can be chair at home, just sitting in the grass, or the snow. Heh, I heard somebody from Finland say, “What about the snow?” That’s fine. Snow is good.

Let’s take a deep breath and shine our genuine light out to the world right now, without agenda.

And as you do, this light, it contains your story. It contains your history.

You’re shining yourself out onto the planet.

And as you do, as you shine your light, you’re really first shining it onto yourself.

You know, when you can sit here and have total compassion and acceptance; when you can sit here and realize that everything is within, even before it goes out to the world it hits upon yourself, upon the human still on the other side of the river.

It hits upon every one of your past lives. It goes out to every one of what you would call your future lives.

You see, that’s kind of the irony in shining your light. It goes to you first, and then it goes to the planet.

We’ll end differently today than we normally do. Normally, I make my grandiose exit proclaiming that “All is well in all of creation,” which it is.

But today, after I end my talking, and Tobias says I talk a lot, but after I end my talking, we’re just going to let the music continue another 20 minutes or so.

And let’s all continue to bench, shining the light out to the world, and to yourself.

So, with that, I bid you goodbye until our upcoming message to Shaumbra on February 22, 2022. Surprise!

With that, let’s continue benching, as the lights come down.

(music continues for approximately 20 minutes)





Note from Geoffrey Hoppe

During this Shoud, Adamus made some very clear statements about counseling, therapies, healing, and processing. It’s important to note that he was speaking about the influx of “new ones” coming soon to the Crimson Circle, as humans in general look for ways to cope with the increasing stress and pressure of life in these rapidly changing times. He was not referring to services provided by certain Shaumbra to the general public, for there is a value in counseling. His comments were specifically about the new ones coming to Crimson Circle.

In short, it’s a call for Shaumbra to truly step into our wisdom, to discern who is seeking the more traditional counseling or therapy versus those who have come upon their own Fruit of the Rose and begun this journey, for it’s an important difference.