The Merlin I Am Series

SHOUD 1 – Featuring ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
October 3, 2020

I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain.

Welcome to our new series, Merlin I Am. Hm.

It just takes me a moment to really realize what I’m realizing, that we’re in this new Series. In a way, I’m looking back at myself from my book, Time of Machines. This book is looking back at me, it’s the year 2020 and there’s a group of realized Masters, embodied Merlins on the planet and we’re launching into our new era. We’ve put all the old junk behind us. The human has finally realized that Realization isn’t up to them. The human has realized that they don’t have to work through all their issues. They don’t have to go through all those tissues, all the tears and all the regrets and everything else. They’ve allowed the dragon to come in, tear them apart, receive the forgiveness from the I Am, meaning, hey, the I Am, it’s no big deal. It’s no big deal. And then they allow their Realization or they become aware of their Realization. So I’m looking back at myself hundreds of years, as we come into this beauty of embodied Merlins on the planet.

No small task. I wasn’t sure it could be done. It was a book, after all. It wasn’t meant to be literal fact, it was a book, but yet we did it. I look back when I came to each and every one of you in 2009, month of September, my first session with Shaumbra. I looked at this ragtag team of pirates. Ah, I wondered how we were possibly going to do this. I had a plan of course. I had devised a brilliant plan, a plan that had to do with theatrics. I pulled upon my lifetime as Shakespeare with the theatrics that would need to be involved. I pulled upon the sense of shock. Yeah, shock was needed, because if we just went along with the old New Age way of doing things, you’d have been fast asleep. So, shock, provocation, a lot of provocation to keep you on the edge of your chair and the constant reminder of why you’re here. You’re not here as a hobby. If you were back then, you’re no longer here. You’re either on the other side or you went someplace else. But the constant reminder of what we’re doing here.

We’ve had fun along the way, I think. I hope.

LINDA: There’s been some fun.

ADAMUS: There’s been some fun. Had a lot of challenges along the way.

LINDA: There’s been some challenges.

ADAMUS: There’s been a lot of challenges (Linda chuckles). And some literally dropped out because it wasn’t what they were wanting, hoping for, and that’s fine, because as I said back then if it was just five. But here, we have well over a thousand now who have become aware of their Realization.


A New Era

So, we enter into a new era with Shaumbra starting today. I have to say, I had to take a break (pats Linda), as you probably did, dear Linda. I had to take a break after this last Series. I had to take a break for what you called your September recess. Although I was busy, of course, with some of the events that you had, but I had to take a different kind of break, a reflection break. Where are we going to go from here? What’s our next step in this new era? (he picks up a pumpkin that’s decorating the stage) I promise I won’t drop this on you or anybody.

LINDA: Thank you.

ADAMUS: How are we going to go into this new era with Shaumbra? What are we going to do? How am I going to change? I, being St. Germain. How am I going to reorient it now for the new consciousness of Shaumbra, as we go forward? Can I cut back on the provocation? Little bit. Not a whole lot, but a little bit. Can I be more entertaining? “How can I possibly be more entertaining?” (Linda chuckles), I asked myself. Can I be more entertaining? A little bit. Should I be lighter and easier?


ADAMUS: I think not. I think not.


ADAMUS: Should I be more – how do you say – should I be more personal and interface with Shaumbra on a deeper more touching level? (Adamus has his arms around Linda’s shoulders)

LINDA: It depends.

ADAMUS: It depends. I think this is not good social distancing at this point (Linda chuckles). Should I have more gatherings with Shaumbra, our nocturnal, our nighttime gatherings? Ohh, I don’t think so. That was – it served a purpose. So how do I reorient myself? How do I redefine Adamus, which is really each and every one of you? What would I do different? Linda, any thoughts?

LINDA: Be our friend.

ADAMUS: Be a friend. Oh, yeah. How are things going with all of your friends? Maybe I won’t be that friend.

LINDA: That’s why I said be a friend.

ADAMUS: Be a friend. Oh, because you don’t have any. Okay.

LINDA: Well, I would like one with your energy and at your level.


LINDA: Yeah.

ADAMUS: So what do I do to redefine, to update? All of you should update yourselves once in a while. What should I do different? Should I dress different?

LINDA: No. You’re pretty handsome.

ADAMUS: I think Cauldre should dress different. I don’t know about me.

LINDA: Oh, stop that!


LINDA: Don’t be mean to him.

ADAMUS: Well, sometimes he looks like he’s going to Boy Scout camp (Linda gasps). I like long flowing robes. I like elegant clothing.

LINDA: There are nicknames that go with that.

ADAMUS: You dressed me just fine for this Passion of the Merlin event. I love an elegant jacket.

LINDA: We need support on Realization. That’s what we all need, Adamus.

ADAMUS: You need support.


ADAMUS: All you need is to realize you’re realized. How can I support you in that?

LINDA: Well, then help us realize we’re realized.


LINDA: No, it’s a crazy world. Come on, you know it.

ADAMUS: It’s a very crazy world, but you chose to be here at this crazy time. That’s all I can say.

So, I thought about it. I reflected. I paced back and forth in my elegant quarters at the Ascended Masters Club. I have many other houses, but I do like staying there. I paced back and forth. What do I do with Shaumbra? How do I reorient myself to the way you are now?


ADAMUS: And I came up with the answer. I’m going to be more direct with you (Linda laughs). What? I’m going to be more direct. I mean, a lot of times, you know, I have to create this elaborate scheme to get your attention, and I think I’ve gotten your attention, so a little bit more directness.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: Wouldn’t you enjoy that?

LINDA: I hope so.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Just a little bit more directness in the things we do. In other words, let’s get to the point. We don’t need to be doing a lot of dancing around right now. We don’t need to – well, yeah, I’ll be provocative when necessary. But one of the things is just everything is going to be a little simpler.


ADAMUS: A little simpler.

Now, some of you may not like that because, well, the human by nature is not very simple, but the Merlin is, so I’ll be a little more direct, a little bit more simple and I’ll be equally entertaining to you – equally entertaining – and maybe a little personally warmer with you. So I had to redefine myself to continue working with you.

We’re going to talk a lot about what it’s like to stay here on the planet as a Master. It has its challenges, and no group has ever gone into this. Some individual Ascended Masters have, but not for the length of time that we’re talking about with you. So we’re going to be talking a lot about that.

Also, as I announced, I won’t be here for more than five years, maybe a little less, but no more than five years. I’ll drop in for a visit now and then. I’ll drop in to entertain once in a while, but it won’t be this regular guidance, because you’re not going to need it.

No, you’re not going to need it. There’ll be plenty of you all around the world who are truly embodied Merlins, and other than just getting together once in a while – “How’s it going? What are you doing? What does it feel like to be a Merlin? What are the big points that you learned along the way?” – you won’t need me that much. Which is fine by me. I have plenty of things to do. I’ll always be with you, but we just won’t go through the intensity that we have. I understand that you and Cauldre might be a little exhausted along with the rest of the Crimson Circle staff.

So, five years and there is a lot to do in that timeframe, but after that it’s up to you. It’s up to you, because what humans really want to see is a true Master. Not a bullshit Master, not a pompous Master or arrogant or anything like that, but a real Master. And there’s attributes that definitely stand out, which we’re going to be, well, you’ll be experiencing, we’ll be exploring.

It’s so much better if they hear the words from you directly, not through a channel, because a lot of them think that’s hocus-pocus. They’ll learn that it’s just the art of communication, but initially a lot of them are turned off by that. So, it’s going to be you taking over, you defining, you leading the next ones, and I have to admit there’s another kind of a, oh, I say, somewhat selfish reason for not staying longer than five years. Do you want to hear what that is?

LINDA: I’m afraid so.

ADAMUS: You’re afraid so. You don’t need to be afraid of anything except yourself and me.


The Incoming Wave

No, the other reason is quite simple. There’s a new wave coming in, and I can’t say exactly when. You’ve seen a little bit of it, but a new wave. They’re going to be attracted to this, because there’s a couple influences on it right now: the planet going crazier, and it’s not necessarily going to let up. When the planet goes crazier, people are really looking for direct answers, non-makyo real answers. And when they somehow find their way to Crimson Circle, they’re not going to see a guru. They’re not going to see even really an Ascended Master, other than one visiting. They’ll be impressed that you have Ascended Masters visiting, but the crux of Crimson Circle won’t rest on the shoulders of an Ascended Master. No, they’re going to see you and that’s going to have a profound effect on them. They’ve thought about it. They’ve dreamt about it – meeting a real embodied Master – and it’s going to be you.

They’ll come in from a variety of different ways. They’ll find something on the Internet, perhaps, let’s just say maybe there’s a dynamic that’s woven into an upcoming film that’s going to be put out that will have worldwide appeal, and that will bring a certain amount of attention and focus to Crimson Circle. Who knows? It’ll come from a variety of different ways, and suddenly there’ll be a whole new, new new group. I call you the Founders, the ones who have been around for a while, the ones who are here right now, the Founders. You helped really ground this energy. You brought a lot to this planet. If you take a look at what they call the content within Crimson Circle, all the messages from Adamus and me and Kuthumi and, geez, now you even have Sart in the mix on that. That’s pretty good company, Sart, to be right up there with the big boys, I mean, the real big boys.

LINDA: (whispers) Tobias.

ADAMUS: I was getting to Tobias. You were whispering in my ear like I’m going to forget Tobias. Who’d you mention? Oh, Tobias. Yes, we have Tobias and the beauty of his work, which will really appeal to a lot of the early ones. The Adamus materials initially might not really appeal to them. They might think this Adamus is kind of arrogant and pompous. You’ve learned differently of course, but they might think that at first, like you’ve thought sometimes.

But they’re going to be attracted to this wealth of information. Right now great efforts are being made to catalog it, to index it, to archive it, to file it so it’s easy to find. They’re going to come in and, oh, you know how the new ones are. Imagine you at your worst. Imagine you’re tossing and turning, not just in your sleep at night, but every day that you get up. You’re somewhat imbalanced. You’re imbalanced between your spiritual awakening and then wanting to stay as a human also. That’s interesting. You awaken, but then you try to stay as the human self that you were; it kind of doesn’t really work so well, does it?

They’re going to come in and they’re going to be filled with makyo! Makyo up to here. You know it. You’ve been there. And I’m not saying that you haven’t been sincere. There’s a difference between sincerity and makyo. Makyo is generally an outward expression, whereas everybody’s sincere, but it just depends how much makyo crap you have to get through to get to the sincerity. Everybody’s sincere.

So you’re going to have to contend with a whole mass of new ones coming in, all those questions, all that makyo, all the defocusing and all the self-distractions – you know what they’re like, I think you invented most of them – and then the others will follow.

So when I say five years, I’m looking now at this new group coming in, oh, and they’re going to be coming in fairly soon and then it’ll grow and grow. I don’t know if I have the Master’s stomach to go through it again. I think you wore me out in what you were doing. I say that tongue in cheek.

LINDA: Lovingly, right?

ADAMUS: Loving.

LINDA: (whispers) Oh, thank you.

ADAMUS: Absolutely, lovingly. But now it’s your turn. It’s your karma to deal with them like I’ve dealt with you (Adamus chuckles). You can answer their questions better. You can be a real embodied Master sitting there for them. And remember as you go through all that, the Master really can be an intolerant son of a bitch (Linda giggles). That doesn’t mean you have to sit there with a big smile on your face and sugarcoat everything. Sometimes you have to be really damn clear and sometimes you have to kind of be provocative. Sometimes you have to be a little shocking.

Here’s one thing I really want you to do, all of you. As we’re going into this new era, let’s put the past, let’s put awakening behind us. Let’s put this whole search for everything. You take a deep breath and realize that you’re realized. That’s it.


ADAMUS: It feels pretty good, doesn’t it?


ADAMUS: Yeah. And that’s it. So we put all that behind us.

All that noise from the awakening that the new ones are going to carry, the new ones are going to have, and it’s going to be a handful for you. But there’s a certain reward and satisfaction in it. There’s a certain amount of reward and satisfaction. But for all of you, as Masters, I’m going to give you a couple of inside secrets, things I’ve discovered, I haven’t even really shared with the other Ascended Masters.


Insider Tip

When you’re working with them – and it doesn’t matter if this is your new professional life, for some of you it will be; some it you it will be occasional, some of you will be dragged into it reluctantly – but whatever you do, be a little (speaking slowly and dramatically), if not a lot, theatrical (Linda giggles).

What? Did I say something? Was that you, Linda, laughing? Or was that …

Be a little theatrical! Don’t be so goddamn boring. Be expressive. Be full of life, even if you don’t feel you’re full of life.

(short pause)

Work on your timing.


ADAMUS: Work on your delivery. Work on your voice (speaking deeply). Have fun doing it. Laugh inside yourself as you’re being theatrical. But theatrical is simply what, Linda? Simply what?

LINDA: Acting.

ADAMUS: Acting. It’s the act of consciousness. The Act of Consciousness!

LINDA: It’s the perfect book.

ADAMUS: It is the perfect book (here), written by the prefect author. A little expression in your life, and maybe I’m exaggerating, maybe I’m not. But you know how difficult it was (Linda giggles, as Adamus exaggerates his theatrics), working with some Shaumbra, and I wondered, “Are they dead or are they alive?”

They could barely eke words out of their mouth. Expression was like this (dull face). There was nothing! It was like that shell body that Sam used to inhabit. It was just kind of going like this (walking zombie-like).

There’s nothing wrong with expression, and I know some of you think, “Oh, that’s so embarrassing.” Really? Does this look embarrassing? Aren’t you laughing a little bit? Smiling maybe? Thinking, “Oh, Uncle Adamus is just exaggerating.” But isn’t this better than just sitting here in the chair with my eyes closed and droning on and on. We all go to sleep.

So that’s a big tip. Start working on it now. Sooner than later.

LINDA: (very theatrically) Yes, Adamus! We will do it! We will do it! We will do it!



ADAMUS: Thank you. But just a little bit more, Linda. A little bit more expression.

LINDA: We will do it!! (grabbing Adamus)

ADAMUS: But keep it family oriented all the time. Maybe not. You know, shock. No, doesn’t it …

LINDA: We will do it!!

ADAMUS: Doesn’t that feel good? In a way. I mean …

LINDA: Yes, it does.

ADAMUS: … part of you says, “Oh, that’s so silly,” because …


ADAMUS: … you’ve had all this oppression on you, and it doesn’t mean you need to be wild. It doesn’t mean you need to go crazy, because theatrics can also be so subtle (speaking more slowly and dramatically). Theatrics can be a look with the eye or a subtle look.

LINDA: I’m good with the eye thing.

ADAMUS: And a quiet voice …

LINDA: (whispers) I’m good with that eye …

ADAMUS: … that says, “Don’t interrupt me, Linda of Eesa.” (she giggles) “The Master speaks now. Don’t interrupt, ever, the Master.”

LINDA: (whispers) Okay.

ADAMUS: And I’m teasing with you, but that’s actually not bad advice. A little theatrics, please, a little spice in your life.

I want to get back to the Adamus Theatre. We used to do that and it was tremendous fun, for me anyway. But that’s one of the things as the Master. Stop being a stick in the mud. Stop being monotone. Acting doesn’t mean you have to go wild and crazy (speaking very deliberately and with feeling). It simply means you’re aware.

You’re aware of your communications. You’re aware that every part of you speaks (walking directly to the camera). It’s not just the words coming from your mouth, but it’s the gesture of the hands. It’s the expression in the eyes. It’s the look. It doesn’t need a lot of words. It doesn’t need 25 words or more. It just needs a look (very close to the camera now). Is it acting or are you finally coming back to the real unoppressed you? I do not know.

So, Shaumbra (going back to his chair), have a little fun with it. You’re going to need it. I had to do it. I had to do it with Shaumbra for the past – how many years have I been here now – 11 years or more it seems. Have a little fun with it, okay? Have a little fun with your Realization. Be a little expressive.

I learned so much from Shakespeare in particular and some from my lifetime as Mark Twain, but Shakespeare went deep, went deep, deep into the soul. Okay. Smile and do a little acting.

So I had to redefine myself and I’m just going to be more direct.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: Yeah, that’s it. You want to say, “What’s the new Adamus look like?” More direct.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: We’re entering into a new era with Shaumbra. 2020, many of you realized, so many of you right on the cusp of being aware of your Realization. I’ll speak to that in a moment, but it’s time for that next era kind of change in Crimson Circle even, in the organization. They are doing some adjustments right now, more to come. Adjusting to you, adjusting to Shaumbra and how they’re going to work with you, how they’re going to serve you. I’m adjusting and certainly you’re going through a lot of adjustments right now. These aren’t painful adjustments. They’re kind of release adjustments. You release some old stodgy stuff and you’re really letting the real You come forward.

Let’s take a good deep breath with that, a theatrical breath (he takes a long, deep breath).

Okay. I think you get the point. Start having fun.



The Merlin Emerges

Coming to Realization, becoming the Merlin. Let me go back to some of the basics on that. It’s all a natural process. It really is. And there are the new ones who are going to fight you on that. They want to have processes and procedures. They want to have systems. They want to have certain levels that they have to go through and hierarchies. That’s the way humans are programmed, and even though a lot of the new ones – and it doesn’t mean young ones; some of the news ones could be older. Oh, they’re going to really ask, “What’s your system? Where’s your book? What are the guidelines? What are the rules?” They’re going to want to know all this. They’re going to have a little hard time understanding it’s all natural. But eventually, like you, they’ll accept, “Oh, shit. It wasn’t even up to me, the human. Why would I possibly have to have all these procedures to get there? You just take a deep breath and you allow, and then it happens.”

What happens? In the background the Master has been going through, cleaning up your crap – I’m sorry – your past experiences. The Master has been going through lifetimes of past experiences and bringing them to wisdom with that magic touch – bing! – like that. You want me to do that again? Okay. With that magic touch – bing! It brings all of your experiences to wisdom. One by one the Master goes through.

Now, I could easily predict the date of your Realization, because it’s not you doing it. I’m watching as the Master goes through, the human level of resistance or allowing, and just a certain kind of a natural process that takes place, it is real easy to see. Okay, here’s when the Master gets done cleaning up the house, going through all the past. And we do certain things to aid the Master. One of the big ones was Ancestral Freedom, Wound of Adam. A lot of the other things we did is assisting the Master in doing that. It’s basically you giving permission for the Master to go through and clean up.

And when all that cleanup is done, when you reach – it is a point of convergence – when the Master is no longer operating in your past, so to speak, going back into your old stuff. But now the work of the Master, having cleaned everything up, the Master is now working with the human on a real-time basis. As soon as you have an experience, the Master is there doing the wisdomizing bit. It’s happening synchronistically. It’s happening in real time. That’s the point of Merlin emerging. The Master’s gone back and cleaned everything up in the past or brought it to wisdom, even though the human may not actually be aware of it until later.

Even though the human is still acting kind of on knee-jerk responses to the past, and the human is still in that perception that there was something wrong with the past. But then all of a sudden one day the human starts realizing, “Oh, I just am not dragging around that issue anymore. It’s not an issue. It was just an experience.” But sometimes the Master has truly done all the work and the human is kind of still living on echoes of the past.

The human will get over that naturally. You don’t have to work at it. But now we have the Merlin emerging, because everything’s been brought to wisdom, and wisdom occurs simultaneously with the human experience. That is Realization. It was never up to the human. We talked about this extensively in some of our Keahak sessions and also in Passion of the Merlin.

So now you have Realization. In other words, the Master has done his or her job, and now the human just needs to allow the awareness of that. That’s why some of you are still – some of you are really in anxiety right now, like “Ohh! I’m not one of the 1,012 that Adamus talks about.” Well, you may or may not be. You just may not be aware of it. A lot of you are right there at the focal point, at the moment of the Master being done. Maybe they have a few little details to clean up, so the dragon goes in and goes for the deep dive, and you think your life is being turned upside down. But it’s just the dragon cleaning up those last details, and then you’re there, maybe a week, a month. It really doesn’t matter.

What matters is for the human just to be aware of it. Just get outside of your little box sometimes, your brain box, and let yourself even pretend or act like you are aware that the Master is done. And in that pretending you discover a truth that you are done. Sometimes you have to pretend or imagine in order for you to realize what’s really there.

Some of you still are very, very mental, or you have such a preconceived notion of what this should all be like, you’re not even seeing what’s right in front of you, which is your Realization.

I have no doubt that every one of you who’s tuning in right now and is going to stay through the end of this session is going to have their Realization. It doesn’t really matter when and don’t stress about it. The more you stress, you keep yourself unaware of it. It’s there. It is a natural occurrence. It’s a natural occurrence for this to happen.

Take a deep breath and let it happen.

You’re still thinking about it. You’re still “What do I need to do? How come it didn’t happen to me? Who did it happen to? Could I get the list of the 1,012 who it happened to?” No, stop. Shut the fuck up.

I told you I was going to be more direct, right? Isn’t that direct?

LINDA: Very!

ADAMUS: Okay. So that’s one of my deals, I’m going to be more direct. But stop for a moment and just let yourself feel into and be aware that the Master is done – or just about done – and the Merlin emerges, and then we go from there.

A lot of you are stressed and “Oh, maybe I’m making all this up.” Yeah, you make everything up, so why not make up this anyway? Why not make up your Realization? It’s acting at its finest.

So, I felt a lot of stress around Shaumbra, and I have to laugh. I mean, really, I shouldn’t be laughing at you, but I do. I have to laugh. I’m being direct, right?

LINDA: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: Okay. Tell me if I’m being too direct.

LINDA: Really?

ADAMUS: No (Linda laughs). No. I don’t want to hear about it. I know Shaumbra’s limits, oh, and have I been there with them.

So where were we? We were talking about, oh, your Realization. Just take a deep breath. It’s there. Okay? Now let the human be aware that it is there. And you say, “Well, am I just making this up? I need something to happen on the outside as a sign that it’s really …” No, you don’t. Not at all. Take a deep breath – I love what Kuthumi says – “I am enlightened.” That’s all there is to it. Go about your business. Go about your day. Go about whatever you’re doing and now you’re walking in it, rather than thinking about it. You stress too much about something that’s a natural process. A process – I can look you in the eye – hang on a second – I’m going to look you in the eye (Adamus moves very close to the camera) and say to you that your Realization has either already happened or it’s right there.

Take a deep breath. Allow it. Stop worrying.

I know I’m going to stop worrying about it. We’re going to stop doing a whole lot of talking about it, because we’re going forward. We have a lot to do. It’s a new era of Shaumbra. We’re preparing for the next wave to come in, but there’s actually something far more important – being here on the planet as embodied Masters.

The planet right now is a wicked game. Oh, it’s a wicked game, and it needs you here. I need you here. The planet needs you here, the Ascended Masters, the ones who come after you, the future, the past, it all needs you here right now. You don’t have to do a lot other than enjoy your life, enjoy abundance, enjoy sensuality, but stay here.


Time Conflict

Oh, this wicked game the planet is involved in. And the game, if you really get down to it – I talked about it in Keahak – the game is really the game of the past and the future. They’re the ones now at loggerheads. The past and the future are competing. In a way, that’s a good sign, because it marks, it shows that a huge cycle that’s been going on for hundreds of thousands of years on this planet is ready to come to an end. When the past and the future are now colliding and competing, as you may recall from your own life, when it’s happening on a planetary basis, it’s going to be hard to go through, but it’s a good sign that the planet is truly evolving and clearing itself.

So you have this whole conflict of time right now. Oh, I love time. I love no time. I love free time, but I love the whole theory and concept of time. It’s the glue that holds all this together. It’s what creates gravity. It’s what creates physics. It creates everything. Fascinating topic, and we’re talking about it a lot in Keahak, and we’ll talk about it, to a degree, here in our Shouds.

We have the past and the future clashing. You can see it right now. Look at anything that’s happening around the planet that involves basically clashes, battles, conflict, and you can trace it energetically to time, to the past and the future. Neither will win. That’s the amazing thing. You already know that neither wins. But what happens, the perception of past and future and time itself is drastically changed.

That’s what’s happening to you right now with time. The whole perception, the thing that’s been keeping you so locked in, the thing that actually holds what you felt was your karma, the thing that held on to guilt and shame was time. We’re going to be time explorers, as the true Merlin is.

Realization. You’re going to realize and you’re going to come back to be later and say, “Oh, Adamus! Adamus, I should have listened. I was stressing about Realization. I still felt the human had to do it, and then one day something happened and I finally realized that I’m realized.” The human became aware of the Realization that was already done. And then you’re going to say, “Why did you let me waste so much time on worrying about my Realization?” And, yeah, well, we’ll wait for that moment to come.


Realization Support

But I’d like to do something in the meantime, just to kind of assist and support you coming to your awareness of your Realization. I’d like to do a DreamWalk of Realization.


ADAMUS: Not today. Not today. No, I want to set this up very special, and to do so, I’ve got to collaborate with a group of the other Ascended Masters and then some on Earth who have already realized or become aware of their Realization. We’ve got to set this up. There are a lot of parts and pieces to orchestrate. Actually, not really, but …

LINDA: (whispers) Okay.

ADAMUS: … it sounds good.

LINDA: (whispers) Yeah, it does.

ADAMUS: Okay, so we’re going to do this. We’re going to do a DreamWalk of Realization where particularly if you feel that you’re not realized or you’re not sure – like one day you feel you’re realized, the next day you feel like you’re a putz – we’re going to do this DreamWalk of Realization so you can, well, go into your Realization, see what it’s about and then decide whether to bring it back with you or not. In other words, be aware of it as a human.

We’ll launch this, we’ll put it out, it’s a good strategic date. This is going to be fun.

LINDA: What date?

ADAMUS: Halloween.

LINDA: Whoa!

ADAMUS: Halloween.


ADAMUS: The day of the dead.

LINDA: Whoa!

ADAMUS: Well, it’s actually the day before the dead, but the day of the dead, because there’s part of you that has died. You just haven’t buried it yet. Heh!


ADAMUS: I’m being direct.

LINDA: I hear you!

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

LINDA: I hear you!

ADAMUS: Yeah. No, there’s part of you that died, but you’re trying to keep it alive. You’ve got it on artificial – what do you call it – support systems, your emotions. You know, it would be what to medicine would be the oxygen and the medications and the morphine and everything else.

LINDA: Life support.

ADAMUS: Life support. Thank you. And you’re keeping some of the old parts alive. I don’t know why, but we’re going to kill it (Adamus chuckles). Yeah. No, I mean that nicely. We’re going to put it to rest, is a better way to say it, in this DreamWalk of Realization, so you can realize it was the past. You don’t need to hold on to it anymore, and we’re going to bring in the future, which is your realized Self, which is already here. You just not aware of it. We’ll do it on Halloween day, and on top of that I do believe that Halloween is very special this year, because it is a full moon. It is a Hunter’s Moon. It is the Blue Moon. So once in a blue moon – once in a blue moon – you allow yourself the Realization.

The Blue Moon’s the time. It doesn’t happen very often. The last time was, oh, probably about 76 years ago where you had the blue harvest moon on Halloween – 1944, to be specific – another time of great change on the planet.


ADAMUS: So let’s do it. We’ll do our DreamWalk together on the Blue Hunter Moon of Halloween 2020. Talk about an ominous title.


ADAMUS: 2020 is rough enough as it is, but Halloween with the Blue Moon (speaking dramatically), a great time for Realization.

Okay. Deep breath.

You’ve got to have fun with it. You know one thing I did learn along the way is it’s really easy to get serious and to be pompous. I’m not saying I ever was, Linda, but it’s easy to get serious and to be pompous, and just so full of yourself. But underneath you know what that fullness is – a bunch of crap. But you get so laborious and boring and tedious. You open up and you realize how free your spirit really is. That’s what I love about acting. It’s the free bird. It’s the Free Energy. It is the free time that I exist in (Linda claps). So have fun with it. Thank you. Thank you. Hold the applause for later.

LINDA: I’m excited! That’s such a great idea for your DreamWalk. Whoa!

ADAMUS: I thought so. Yeah, I thought so.

LINDA: Oh, my god. What a great support.

ADAMUS: Yeah. It will be great fun.

LINDA: Yeah!

ADAMUS: And, you know, to have it occur on a certain …

LINDA: Yeah!

ADAMUS: … calendar date, something intriguing, either a numerological date – which most of the time doesn’t mean a thing – but Halloween, full moon, the walk into Realization (very theatrical). Will you come back or not?

I’ll make sure you do (Linda giggles). That’s a guarantee, and, oh, this is going to be a paid event too. I mean, come on. I mean, why would it be free? You’re going to get realized for what – how much are you going to charge for it? – twenty-five bucks. You’re going to get realized.

LINDA: Whoa! That’s a deal.

ADAMUS: That’s the deal of the century.


ADAMUS: That’s amazing. You know, it’s discounted off of 27 million dollars. Now you get it for 25 dollars.


ADAMUS: But act now, space is not limited.

LINDA: But wait!

ADAMUS: There’s more! (they chuckle) What’s the more?

LINDA: (whispers) I don’t know.

ADAMUS: Oh, you get the music (Linda chuckles). You get the music to go along with it, in case you didn’t really like the DreamWalk, but you love the music. You get the free music to go along with. Have a little fun …

LINDA: That’s so exciting.

ADAMUS: … with your expression. And that’s one of the things I’m going to be direct about. I’m going to come up with a word. If I find you to be tedious and boring and basically a lump on a log, I’m going to come up with a good new word to describe that. I’ll call you out on it. And, no, I’ll think of a word. It won’t be nasty. It won’t be like “butthead” or anything, but it will be a word that everybody – it’s kind of like “makyo,” which I did not make up.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: But it’ll be like makyo, but this will be something that’s so definitive that you’re being a real tedious bore. Have a little fun! Act out!

Okay, moving along, I believe. So do you like the idea of the DreamWalk?

LINDA: It sounds heavenly to me.

ADAMUS: Good. Good. I like it. So, moving along.


Realization Handbook

So, the other thing we’re going to do is we’re going to compile a kind of a handbook, a guidebook. It’s not a rulebook, but these are helpful suggestions for those coming into their Realization. But it’s also kind of documenting your history, what you’re finding.

There are some things that I already know that will go into this, but then there are also things that you’re going to be discovering. And I’d really like to compile this and we’ll put it on the Crimson Circle to keep track. And Linda and Jean Tinder being Content Manger to collaborate on this, to keep track of it, in other words. Don’t have to publish it right away. We’ll do it when it’s got enough heft to it to really put it out there. But these are things, something like, we’ll call it something like “Merlin’s Guide to Embodied Survival.”

LINDA: That’s good.


LINDA: It’s on track.

ADAMUS: Yeah, I can already see …

LINDA: It can evolve. Yeah.

ADAMUS: … the graphic on the front cover.

LINDA: Sure.

ADAMUS: And Cauldre thinks that he’s going to do it. But, no, I think I’ll do it. It’ll be direct.

LINDA: He’ll have his word.

ADAMUS: It’ll be direct.

LINDA: He’ll have his words to it.

ADAMUS: But as Merlins, it is going to be a little challenging – and I use the word “little” lightly – it’s going to be challenging at times. Just because you’re realized doesn’t mean suddenly the world changes to adapt to you. The world actually gets a little uglier in some ways and more beautiful in others. But it’s not easy. That’s why the likes of Sart, he just said, “Eh! No. I’m crossing over,” FM (John Kuderka). You know, they hit that place where “Why stay? Why stay?” and I think Sart had some regrets about it at first. He felt that he maybe didn’t live up to himself or to you, but it is tough to stay.

Now, the energies are being fashioned in such a way as to make it absolutely as enjoyable as possible, I guess you could say. We’re working with Shaumbra; the Crimson Council, in particular, is working to kind of – they can’t do it for you, but they can help set up a dynamic to make it more comfortable to stay. You know, abundance, for one. We had to get over that abundance, and thank goodness that for the most part that’s done with. Either the ones who were adverse to abundance have left or you’ve realized abundance is natural. It’s your energy. Why would you not be abundant?

So, staying, to make sure that you’re abundant. To make sure you don’t have to worry about all the money issues. That’s one of the big things. To make sure your health is balanced. Again, we can’t do it for you, but we can certainly set up the table. Heh! We can put out all the dinnerware and the forks and knives and the cups and glasses, get it ready for you. You’re just the one that has to fill it with the meal. In other words, you’re the one that has to ultimately do it, but we can certainly help set up the dynamics.

There shouldn’t be a single one of you that has to worry about some of those old needs as an embodied Master. And, again, we can help set the table; you’ve got to come and sit down and eat at it.

We – I don’t want to go too much into this right now, Cauldre’s seeing a lot and he’s getting confused – we’ve set up a special council within the council at the Crimson Council to work very closely with you who choose to stay, but you’re still having a really tough time with some of the issues like health in particular. We’ve got a whole, you can call it, a health group, a health corps that’s going to be working directly with you. They can’t do it for you, but they can show you some energy dynamics that you might not have seen, because you still have a tendency to get caught in your head and try to figure out things the old way.

They’re going to work with you on abundance. They’re going to work with you on knowing when – they’re going to really work with you – on knowing when to get away, to just go off by yourself on a retreat, a refuge. They’re going to work with you – the ones who will choose it – to have a place that you can get away to, outside of your regular home. Someplace you can retreat to. You’ll really need this. Whether you own it, whether you rent it, it doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s accessible to you.

So, we’re going to be working with you on those things to make sure that you can stay here and be as happy or fulfilled as possible. There’ll still be some rough times, because you’re dealing with the world around you.

Let me go through some of the first things that we’ll enter into the guidebook, the “Merlin’s Guide to Embodied Survival.” A couple of main things.


Merlin Guideline 1: Stand Behind the Short Wall

Number one – and this goes back to Tobias – “Stand behind the short wall.”

LINDA: Yeah.

ADAMUS: You know, that’s number one and for a very good reason. The minute you get entangled with politics, with trying to save the world; the minute you get all caught up in masculine or feminine, the divine goddess or the shithead masculine or whatever; the minute you go there – light and dark and all the rest of that – it’s going to drag you in. It’s going to suck you in. And even though you’re an embodied Master and you say, “Yes, but I’m beyond that,” it’s going to at least grab one of your legs and pull you in, and maybe up to your chest. It may not totally pull you in, but it’s useless! It’s totally a waste of energy to get embroiled in that.

Neither side is ever going to win, I’ll tell you that right now. Whether it’s light or dark, good or bad, masculine, feminine, Donald Trump or Joe Biden, nobody ever wins. And you say, “Well, but somebody’s going to win the election.” Oh really? Oh, really.

LINDA: Uh-oh.

ADAMUS: I’m just being direct. Even if it takes a while to determine who’s going to be president, they don’t win (Linda laugh). No, and neither side …

LINDA: No, I get it! That’s cool!

ADAMUS: … ever wins. As long as there is duality, as long as there is these conflicts – which humans seem to love; they’re addicted to them – there’s going to be these battles. Nobody wins. Stay the hell out of them. That’s not why you are here. I will go so far, because I’m direct now. I’m going to …

LINDA: Okay. Okay.

ADAMUS: I’m going to wear …

LINDA: We’re got to get you a new T-shirt.

ADAMUS: … a T-shirt: “I am direct.”

LINDA: “I am direct.” Okay.

ADAMUS: If you still feel the need to get involved in these things, leave right now. Leave Crimson Circle, because you’ll end up leaving later, you’ll end up leaving in six months or a year, because you’re still addicted to causes. There are no causes on the planet. There really aren’t. There are only people who fight causes.

This planet would resolve so many of their issues – hunger and the environment and wars – if people stop fighting for causes. It’s the fight, it’s the people that perpetuate these causes. The solutions to every one of these things is already there – the environment, the energy crisis with gasoline engines, the monetary – the solutions are right there. But as long as people are fighting, taking up sides, not listening and not going within, these battles will continue. And you can’t blame it on the other guy, and I know some of you right now are really upset with me and that’s good.

You really need to consider whether you’re going to stay with what we’re doing, because I will not – as long as I’m here – I will not tolerate that dualistic addictive behavior.

And you’re saying right now, “Oh, Adamus, you don’t understand. The world is a terrible place.” No, it’s not. You don’t understand. If you’re calling it a terrible place, if you don’t have the compassion to allow others to have their experiences, no matter how they want to have them, you don’t understand. You don’t understand that the answers, the solutions for this planet are relatively simple, and it starts with a few people who have allowed their Realization. They’re not battling anymore. If you are battling, you are not realized. If you are in a fight or a cause, doesn’t mean you can’t have your opinion about it, but have it behind the short damn wall. Get behind the wall and stay there.

The planet is going crazy right now with people who love battles. You know, it kind of provides an emotion. It gives them a reason to want to live. It gives them something to fight about it. You all know it. Some of you have come from families that love to fight (Linda giggles, as Adamus is pointing at her), and you know that that’s what they live for. Oh, they complain about it. They blame everybody else, but they love to fight.

So, number one in the handbook, stand behind the short wall.


Merlin Guideline 2: In the World but not of It

Number two, understand that you’re in the world, that you’re existing in the world, but you’re really not of it anymore. That’s a tough one because you want to do both. You want to be in the world and you still want to be of it. And there’s going to be times where you feel lonely and separated and very different. You’re going to feel very, very different, and I know you did when you were younger, but I mean this is different different. When you were younger you wondered if you were different; now you’re going to know you’re damn different.

So, you’re going to be in the world, but you’re not of it anymore, and there’s a sadness with that because you love this planet. It doesn’t mean you can’t love it, but you have such a kind of almost melancholy feeling. But understand you’ve transcended that. You’ve gone beyond the linear world. You can still do the And, meaning that you can exist in it, but it no longer owns you. That’s what, for most of the people on the planet – humanity, the planet, whatever you want to call this – owns them. It doesn’t own you anymore. You can love it. You can admire nature. You can enjoy good music. You can enjoy humor and dance and the arts and business, whatever you want, but it’s no longer yours. No longer yours.

Let’s take a good deep breath with that.


Merlin Guideline 3: Communications Change

Next in our handbook, communications. Be aware that communications change drastically for the embodied Master. What does that mean? Several things.

First, the internal communications. You’ve been chatting away in your head for god knows how long, how many lifetimes; chatting away in your head. You’ve got mind talk perfected, brain bullshit perfected, and you go back and forth in your mind and you’ve created different parts of your mind that talk back and forth. It’s still your damn mind. The Master transcends that. They don’t have to work at it, it just occurs. But be aware that it’s occurring. That’s the important point. Be aware that it’s occurring.

There’s a new sense of communication within yourself, and it’s not your spirit guides talking to you. It’s not me talking to you. It’s really, what you could say, your essence. It’s really you, the true You, talking. It doesn’t necessarily talk in human words, but it may. At first you may just think it’s you with yet another bullshit part of your mind talking. But then you realize it’s profound, and you realize the simplicity. That’s how you know it’s different than your brain talk, that brain banter that’s been going on. The communications get very clear and they get very real, and there’s no doubt when you’re in that sense of communication with yourself.

Your body communicates with itself, not in a language, but with energy impulses known as the anayatron, which is slowly going away. You’ve communicated with yourself from, you know, one cell tower in your brain to another cell tower in your brain in its incestuous closed-loop circle system. But now you have a different type of communication coming in. It’s simple, it’s effective and it’s outside of the brain. Be aware of it. You don’t have to work with it; be aware of it.

Do a little breathing and you’ll start to sense it. It’s you, but it’s not confined to your brain. It’s what you would call your Facet Communication System. It’s the connecting of dots or really points of – not separation, but points of networking – within yourself going all the way to the I Am, to the Merlin, to the Master, to you, past lives, past and future, which are now combining, and it’s very simple stuff. It doesn’t get complex. If it takes pages and pages and hours and hours, it’s just your brain talking. If it’s simple – (snap!) – and it’s like that, then it’s you.

Your communications with others changes. Some of you are pretty good communicators, but you use a lot of words. You use brain-com, meaning that you’re talking from your brain to someone else. You’re using words that are pretty flat, pretty boring and very unenergized.

What you’re going to notice is your communications with others suddenly changes. You need very few words, and that’s kind of what the true Master or the true Merlin does. Very few words, because you don’t need it. It’s all right there in presence. And the mind may say, “Well, we have to really explain this in great detail ad nauseam.” No you don’t. The Master can say a few words to someone, and there is a wealth, a plethora of energy communications behind it that they may not get right way. It might take them walking down the street or sleeping overnight on it, but it’s there.

Start being aware of this new communication with others that doesn’t need a lot of words. Maybe it could use a little theatrics. Maybe it could use a little timing. Timing is very important. Maybe it could use just a little bit of expression, but start realizing that there’s a new level of communications with others.

Right now the communication is like brain to brain and that causes a lot of confusion, a lot of misunderstanding. Start being aware of the new communication that’s taking place. You can be sitting with somebody saying very few words; there is a tremendous communication taking place with them. Don’t be afraid to open up that part of yourself. A lot of you have been shut down, you don’t want to expose that part of you. Get over that now. It is okay to open up. They’re not going to steal your energy. We spent years and years and years on sexual energies, really developing that. They’re not going to steal your energy right now, unless you want them to.

So the whole communication system changes and not overnight, but these are the things, it’s part of the survival guide for the embodied Merlin. They start to realize the whole communications gig changes.


Merlin Guideline 4: Simplicity

Then there is the simplicity. The human mind makes everything complicated, as complicated as it can be. You can give a human a very simple question or a simple task and they will make it complicated. That’s what the brain loves to do. It justifies the brain’s existence. The brain feels like it’s expanding. It gives it identity. But the fact is that it’s all brain shit, and it’s complex. It’s very complex.

By the way, I can just see Jean looking for some quotes to put on your Crimson Circle Internet home page. That was a good one.

It’ll attract the new ones. They’ll love that shit. I mean, they’ll realize this group is either for real or crazy, and they’ll probably be attracted to you because you’re crazy.

LINDA: Or both.

ADAMUS: Or both. So simplicity is a key to things.

The Master’s life is simple. The Master doesn’t need to make it complex. And in that simplicity is not boredom, but actually the ability to perceive things they never would have perceived before.

You still tend to make things complicated, and I’ll call you out on it, “Why are making it so complicated? It’s really simple,” and then you’ll fight me on it. “Oh, Adamus you don’t understand.” I understand. You like making things complicated. Do you want to make them simple? That’s what the Master does.

So you start to simplify your life. What does that mean, simplify your life? We’ll talk about it a lot more, but it means to get from point A to point B, you take the direct route instead of – I forgot what we called it – wiggle womp or niddly diddly, which the human tends to do – higgly piggly, whatever it is. It’s the direct route. Whether it’s from creation to manifestation, take the direct route.

Why go wandering off in the woods, why pretend to get lost when you just take the direct route, from inspiration to manifestation? From change of consciousness or perception, why spend a lot of time thinking about it? You just – (snap!) – do it. You simplify it. That’s going to be one of the early entries into this survival handbook.

Then in the survival handbook … let’s just take a deep breath with these. Really feel into it for a moment.




In the world, but not really of it anymore. Not yours.

And stand behind the short wall. Very, very important.

Two more and then we’ll move on. Two more.


Merlin Guideline 5: Beauty

Beauty. Beauty is another thing.

As you simplify your energy, you now are aware of more beauty than ever. Not bullshit beauty, not things you are just kind of making up, but real sensual profound beauty. In what? In what?

It could be in anything. In yourself, that’s a good starting place. You’ll truly see the beauty in yourself. Beauty is one of what we call the angelic senses. It’s inherent in your being, but you really haven’t used it a lot, being a human on Earth. So now you have beauty in your life. Could you imagine? You see the beauty in the clouds. You hear it in music. It’s the more sensual life. We’ll be coming back to that.

I want to jump back to communications for a moment.

You’ll learn to communicate different with yourself. That’s a big step. Then you’ll learn to communicate differently with other people. Not so many words, but it’s all right there. Then you communicate with everything, whether it’s a tree or your car or a bird or your dog. Communications become very easy and fluid. They’re no longer regulated by the mind. The communication is there. The communication doesn’t mean having to use words.

Communication is an energetic either a receiver or – what do you call it – you’re either projecting or receiving. Transmitting or receiving. So you communicate with everything.

And some people might think it’s silly that you’re communicating with your car. You don’t have to be talking out loud, but it is the most natural thing in the world to communicate with everything – inanimate objects, coffee cup, pumpkin – communication, and it’s all natural, because it’s all yours. It’s all yours.

I’ve got one more thing. So we have this beauty out there, and that’s one of the things that is in the handbook because the Master starts realizing really the simple beauty in everything.

We’ll hold it there for now. I’ve got a number of others, but we’ll take that for another time.

Let’s start building this. Add your input, whether it’s through social media or connecting with the Crimson Circle. Let’s start building this handbook, first of all, so you’re aware of what’s going on and second of all, for the ones coming after you, particularly when they get really tedious and – oh! – they’re trying to suck your energy, which they really actually can’t do. You just give them this handbook (Adamus chuckles) and tell them to read up on it. I’m being slightly facetious.


Energy Dynamics

Next. This is a big one. I want to allow some time for it, and we’ll be talking about it in our upcoming sessions. Next. It’s a big one, and it’s a sensitive topic for many. It’s sometimes, you could say, even an embarrassing topic. You wonder how you ever got yourself into this. It’s a topic that we’ll approach gently, as to not overwhelm anybody. And the topic that really is so relevant to most of you right now is E.D.  (Adamus chuckles)

LINDA: Educational delight.

ADAMUS: Yeah, well, whatever. E.D, and that is for Energy Dynamics (Linda’s giggling).

Life for you has been very practical up to now. You look at things from a practical level, which is good. You say, “I cut my finger and it’s bleeding, and I cut it because I wasn’t being careful with the knife.” And then you go to the doctor and they sew it up and give you some stitches and maybe some medication. That’s the practical look at what happened with your finger. There’s an energetic thing going on. Once you understand the energy, then you can really effect change. That’s the Merlin.

Let’s say you get into a slight car accident, and you’re mad at yourself and you’re wondering if you’re really a Merlin and you’re angry with the person because their car shouldn’t have been right in front of yours when you hit them, and you go into all the practical things. Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep and they were driving recklessly or you were in a bad mood or you were daydreaming. That’s real practical, and practically, your car hit theirs, now you’re in trouble. Now you’ve got insurance issues and paperwork, and you’ve got the police wondering if you were drinking, all these practical issues.

Stop. Let’s stop living like that. Let’s take a look at the energy behind things. There’s still the practical thing that happened, but let’s start looking at the E.D., the energy dynamics behind everything that happens.

For instance, going back to conflict and politics, many of you are looking at the practical nature of, let’s say, the elections here in the U.S., and some of you are really in the battle of it. Get out of it. Geez! I mean, you’re just wasting your time and mine. Get away from it. Run away from it, because it doesn’t make a difference. What makes a difference is you being an embodied Master and understanding E.D., Energy Dynamics.

So, you’ve got this whole dynamic. Let’s say you don’t like Donald Trump and you’re ranting and raving about it. Step back. Look at the energy, not at what you see from a practical standpoint. I’m not saying this is exactly how you should look at it, but if I look at the energy dynamics, the United States of America needed a change. They needed something to shake up and get people out of their comfort zones, because not a lot was getting done. And they needed a reason to talk. They needed a reason to even get upset.

So what happens? They elect a president that does just that. It’s serving them. And that’s the energy dynamics. Whether he wins again or not, no matter what, stop looking at the linear human practical part; look at the energy dynamics. Stop looking at which party is better or anything like that. Look at the Energy Dynamics of what’s going on. Some of you might be disgusted with politics right now, and that’s fine. But step back and look at what’s really happening with the energy on the planet.

The environment. Now, it’s real easy to get caught into this, what I call, the carbon footprint addiction and suddenly you’ve got your good guys and your bad guys. You’ve got the oil companies and you’ve got the green workers, and you feel righteous about it. Tsk! Step back. Look at the Energy Dynamics of what’s happening.

What’s happening right now, from an energy dynamic standpoint, is that Gaia is leaving. It’s time for humans to accept responsibility for the planet, so there’s a lot of attention focused on it. You’ve got things like the polar ice caps melting for sure. Is it a result of the environment or carbon, the warming of the planet? Well, certainly. But there’s something beyond that of what’s happening on the planet. It’s the handover to the humans to take responsibility.

Taking responsibility means understanding how biology works on the planet, how rhythms of biology works, how energy works on the planet. And, therefore, humans can then really have Gaia serve them and they serve Gaia. But you get all embroiled in battles about who’s disposing of excess paper – little things like that, control issues – you’ve lost the point. You’re back practical, rather than Energy Dynamics.

Your family, for instance. If you’re embroiled in some sort of argument with your family, it’s probably gone for lifetimes. You’re looking at it from a practical level, “Well, that person lied. That person stole money. That person is trying to screw us all out of the will. That person is a degenerate.” Yeah, might be, but stop. Look at the Energy Dynamics. What’s really going on with the family right now? And maybe what’s going on is a few of them are trying to break free of that old family karma pattern and the others aren’t really willing to let them go. Maybe some of them don’t even know that they’re trying to break free, but you do, because you’re looking from an Energy Dynamic standpoint.

My point is, and we’ll do a merabh here in just a moment; my point is start looking at things in term of Energy Dynamics, rather than the practical, linear, mental. When you do, everything takes on a different meaning, a different look. You no longer get entangled in all the details. You’re simplifying things, and therefore the answers are right there. They become very, very clear for you.

This will take a little bit of discussion, not just in this Shoud but in others, about Energy Dynamics. How to recognize energy, rather than just details. But right now, let’s take a deep breath and let’s bring all this today to a merabh, but with a focus right now on Energy Dynamics.


Energy Dynamics Merabh

Let’s take a deep breath with the music.

(music begins)

Humans basically have been trained to just look at the practical – the cut on their finger, the imbalance in their biology. Maybe it’s something like diabetes. And they look at things like glucose levels and food intake and all these types of practical things, but that’s just on a practical level.

Sure, it’s good to know them, but once you understand the Energy Dynamic of diabetes, it’s pretty simple. It’s kind of, I guess you would say, symbolic. It’s a craving for sweetness or maybe love. A craving for some sweet love and attention maybe you didn’t get as a child, maybe from another lifetime, maybe you’re not giving it to yourself.

That is the Energy Dynamic, which subsequently causes an imbalance in the biology, which may be labeled as diabetes. And do you think really just eating less cake is going to help solve that? No.

It may kind of slow it down a little bit, but you’re trying to crave that sweetness, that love, through cake. And then you have to deny yourself of it because the doctor said your diabetic level, whatever it is, two; you’re just going to look for sweetness somewhere else. Not necessarily in cookies or ice cream, but somewhere in life.

Maybe you have your diabetes controlled, but now you’re off kilter somewhere else in your emotions. Suddenly, you become needy, relying too much on others. You transpose it. You put it somewhere else, that neediness.

What about addressing the energy dynamic? Why is this there?

As your communications improve you can literally ask, “Why is this there?” and you’ll get the answer. Not when you’re all in your brain kind of communications, but in the true Merlin communications.

There is an Energy Dynamic to everything. Everything.

There’s an energy component, not just to things that are imbalanced in your life or in the world around you, but to everything.

When you understand the Energy Dynamic, then you really start living as a Merlin. I’m asking Cauldre for permission to give a little bit of his story, a recent thing. He’s okay with it.

So Cauldre just bought a new car. It was about time, heh, and it’s a beautiful car, but he was going to miss his old car. It served him well. Got him around. No accidents. Hardly any bumps or bruises, just a few little nicks here and there. It got him around.

But he decided to get a new car and there came that whole question, you know, was he abandoning his old car? No, no. No need to abandon it at all.

Instead of looking at a practical level that you’re trading in one piece of metal and getting another piece of metal with wheels, well, look at the Energy Dynamic.

So, what he did was literally take the energy, the essence from his other car, which he loved, and transferred it to the new car. That simple.

Now, if he went and told this to people on the street, they may think he’s a little nutty. But, you know, you’re going to get to the point where you’re like, “Well, yes, of course.” The people who don’t understand this, they’re going to be a little nutty.

The new ones coming in, they may look at you a little odd at first, but then they’re going to go, “I know. I’ve always thought that, but I could never tell it to anyone.”

So, what he did was simply take the energy essence from his car and it got a new body. Same essence, same Energy Dynamic, now in a whole new body. Wouldn’t you love to have that?

Wouldn’t you love to just wake up in the morning and you’ve got a total new body, 2021 model? It’ll be possible at some point, yes.

Look at the Energy Dynamics in everything – the environment, politics, relationships, your body.

Everything is your energy. Everything. But up to now most of you really weren’t looking at that component. You looked at the practical part of it.

You looked at the practical part. You looked at your bank account and you looked at it and you said, “Oh, I have 927 dollars and 42 cents – or euros.” Well, that’s the practical part. But look at the energy dynamic of your bank account.

Okay, it might be a little lacking, but look at the energy dynamic of why. Why? Well, because you’ve been giving it away to everybody else, because you haven’t considered yourself worthy.

You feel into that energy dynamic of your bank account. Instead of getting all frustrated and saying, “What can I do to make more money?” feel into the dynamic and then allow the energy to change. Allow it to serve you.

Realize you’re looking at the dynamic, “Oh, pfft! Boy, I just haven’t been letting it serve me, and now I’m going to.” That’s the Energy Dynamic. The amount in the bank, what bank it is, those are practical issues. Those aren’t at the core. Those aren’t where you effect change. You don’t look at your bottom line in your bank account and think that’s where change starts. No, it’s in the energy dynamic, your relationship with energy.

There’s an Energy Dynamic in everything – in your house. You know, it has energy. It has a personality – a personality that you gave birth to.

Feel into the energy dynamic, not the practical things like light bulbs that are out and the plumbing that might have some issues and the fact that the wind blows through some of the windows on a windy day, none of those things, or that it’s in a noisy neighborhood. That’s practical and you’re not going to effect change at that level. Period.

Yes, you can put some tape over the leaky window. You can replace the light bulb, but you’re still in the same old Energy Dynamics. You’ve got E.D. Heh.

What you do is you rise above that. You feel into the entire issue of your realm, of your domain.

You feel into that Energy Dynamic and then you’re real bold and say, “I want it to serve me different. I command my energy to serve me different.” Don’t be a wimp. Don’t negotiate. It’s your own energy, why would you need to negotiate? It’s sitting there wanting to serve you.

So, dear Masters, dear Merlins, we’re going to acknowledge the practicality of life in the physical, but we’re now going to be addressing the Energetic Dynamic. That’s where the change occurs.

Let’s take a deep breath with that, feeling into it.

Life as the Merlin. It does, indeed, have some challenges. Challenges of being amongst other people who are continuing to feed their addiction to drama and conflict.

The challenge is going to be being with people who have almost no creativity when it comes to resolving issues. They would rather fight than fix. That’s going to be difficult, frustrating at times.

That’s when you’re going to need to retreat, to go on a retreat, to take refuge, to be by yourself, because it’s going to be easy to get pulled into, at first.

There’s going to be that standing behind the short wall. Don’t get into it. Really.

I’m going to go so far as to throw a little gasoline on the fire here, and this I’ll have fun with.

The Crimson Circle social media – heh, look at the energy dynamic there! – it’s not a place for politics. It’s not a place for even saving the planet. It’s a place for communicating with, sharing with other Masters.

I would throw out anybody – anybody’s post – Cauldre’s correcting me here. I’m not real – I did my first post today on social media. It was through Cauldre. His fingers did the typing, but it was my post. I’d never done one before. I didn’t know if I’d like it or not, but I did.

I posted – Cauldre actually changed it, but I was going to post, “Stand behind the fucking short wall.” He just posted “Stand behind the short wall,” but I don’t know why he took that word out. I thought it was rather appropriate. But it was my first post, and when I did that, it was kind of an exhilarating feeling. I felt it going out there onto the Internet. I felt it landing on that place. I felt others then going and looking at it.

I decided at that point that I kind of like this social media thing.

But I’m going to always limit myself to five words, maybe six. Six words – “Stand behind the fucking short wall.” That’s the only thing I’m ever going to post. Stand behind the fucking short wall. I like doing that. Yeah.

Now, I have to warn you, Cauldre might change it. It might just say, “Stand behind the short wall.” But you’ll know when you read it. Stand behind the fucking short wall.

Back to the point.

We’re going to look at Energy Dynamics, not the practical. I don’t want to see a bunch of political or any of those kind of posts that get you trapped into the combative nature of human nature. Not a place for it.

Our place in your social media is the evolving Merlin within. You get trapped in taking sides, you get trapped into the conflict, and there’s no place for it.

So, let’s take a deep breath, as we go into Energy Dynamics. It’s going to be core to this whole “Merlin’s Guide to Embodied Survival.”

Let’s take a good deep breath in the beauty of our first Shoud here on the planet, first Shoud in the Merlin I Am (Series). And I hope you appreciate that I’m just going to be more and more direct.

Let’s just go from point A to point B, from imagination to manifestation easily without diddling around.

With that, my dear friends, we’ll be back for more, and especially for our Halloween DreamWalk of Realization.

Let’s take a deep breath together.

I’m staring back at myself from the book, Time of Machines; 2020, staring back at myself in my lifetime as Adamus. It’s amazing what Merlin can do.

Thank you, dear Shaumbra.

I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain.