The Emergence Series

SHOUD 10 – Featuring ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
June 1, 2019

I Am that I Am, Adamus of St. Germain.

Let’s take a good deep breath together, as we begin this day. Mm.

Now, I know a lot of you listening in, a lot of you here at the Connection Center don’t think you can feel anything. But I would think you just felt something. I would think that you just felt something. What it is right now actually doesn’t matter, and I would actually implore you not to try to put words to it, not to try to figure it out. But just take a moment to really feel that you just felt something.

Let’s take a good deep breath into that.

Yes, something’s happening, and you might have some human anxiety about it. You might not know exactly what it is. The human might be going, “Please tell us Adamus exactly what’s happening.” Ah, just feel it. You know what’s happening. The human may not be able to put it into words right now, but you know what’s happening. Mm.

By the way, I was at the Ascended Masters Club earlier. I was (laughter) giving a lecture. Now, what Cauldre in his human mind doesn’t quite realize is that I can do many things at one time. I can be giving a lecture (more laughter), I can be sleeping, I can be having a fine meal in Paris and I can be here listening in on your conversations (more laughter; Adamus is referring to Geoff & Linda’s comments in the previous segment). And this is a good note for all of you – stop being so damn linear! You’re the And. You can do many things at one time.

But I was giving a lecture this morning. It was called by some of the other Ascended Masters who are working with human groups. They called it suddenly and I said, “I’m busy on this June 1st, 2019. This is my Shoud day. This is my one big day out of the month where I get to shine and be rude (more chuckles).” I said, “This is what I live for. This is what I am.” They said, “No, no, no, Adamus, we have to know. Before you go down there, we have to know how are you doing this? We admit we’re way behind. We admit that we’re still struggling with our – how are you doing this? We’re still struggling with our groups, and here you are breezing off into the beyond with Shaumbra all around the world. What are you doing?”

I was a little reluctant to tell them. Not that we’re competitive, but … (laughter) But you know, we were all human at one time, so there is that kind of fun trait – being first, being on top. But I stretched it out a little bit and I said, “I don’t know. I don’t know if I can really jam it into my tight schedule. You know, I have to get down there and I have to talk to Cauldre and get him to stop being so nervous, and I have to go to Linda and get her to stop worrying about what I’m going to say. You know, it takes a while. I don’t just pop in.” I said, “I go there hours, sometimes days ahead of time.” But they insisted.

So I said, “It’s quite simple. It’s very, very simple. Here’s what it’s all about. You have spiritual teachers, most who are full of a lot of makyo. You have spiritual beings, humans, who are kind of lost and they’re trying to break through. They’re trying to be more spiritual. They’re trying to be enlightened or ascend or actually the majority of them just want to be a little richer and a little healthier. But,” I said “the problem is that you’re doing it with your students – and they’re doing it – from within the mind. You’re trying to get beyond the very thing that we learned so much about, from the times of Atlantis to now, and you’re trying to do it from within the mind and it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work. The mind will create a maze, a puzzle. The mind will create a huge game pretending that it’s getting somewhere, and it never actually does. So you have to go beyond the mind. You have to get out of it.”

There was kind of a stunned silence, like there is here now (Adamus chuckles), “Huh?” And they said, “How do you go beyond the mind. How do you do this from beyond the mind, because everything for the human is within the mind? How do you do that?”

And I said, “Well, it hasn’t been easy. This was my biggest challenge when I came in to work with Shaumbra. How do we go beyond? How do we go from out here to change what’s in here if everything is locked in here?” I said, “It’s a lot of distraction. It requires a lot of distraction. It requires a tremendous amount of commitment from every Shaumbra who is in this transformation. It requires a lot of laughing and it requires that we have some mechanisms, which we are going to explore here today, that get us out there to deal with what’s in here.”

And I said, “But I’ve got it even tougher than any of the rest of you saints up here. I’ve got it tougher because I’m dealing with the very group that put us in here. The very group that got us into the mind. I’m dealing with them, so you can imagine how difficult it is. There’s a lot of guilt, that the dragon is helping to bring up right now. There’s a lot of denial. A lot of denial – ‘Oh, it wasn’t me. No, I didn’t do all this.’” Yes, it was (some laughter). “A tremendous amount of denial. There’s a lot of mental activity,” because if you were one of the ones to help put on the old headbands, there’s going to be a whole lot of issues having to do with that. So, I said, “It’s particularly difficult, but we’re going to take that energy, we’re going to take that mindset, so to speak, and we’re going to use that very thing to go beyond.”

There was another hush that fell over the crowd and they said, “But isn’t that enough to drive one crazy?” (more chuckles) And I said, “Absolutely,” I said, “My Shaumbra …” My Shaumbra (audience says “Awww”) are … (Adamus chuckles) We ought to get one of those sound tracks, “Awww! Awww!”

“My Shaumbra right now, that’s what they’re going through.” I said, “I laid it on them last m… – I laid a lot of stuff on them last month – I laid it on them last month. They’ve got this thing that’s going to be happening within 45 to 60 days. Oh, did they panic. Did they panic. So many of them went, ‘Am I going to die? What’s going to happen to me? Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this?’” And I said, “But that’s exactly what we’re doing right now, and that’s what they’re going to be feeling and experiencing, each one in their own way. There’s not going to be much about the physical this month. There’ll be some residual, but it’s going to be what’s occurring up here.

“They’re going to forget everything. They’re not going to be able to put the pieces together like they have been in the past. Their logic isn’t going to work so well anymore,” I said, “And that’s exactly what we’re doing.” But I said, “You know, I’m going to sum it all up,” and Linda, if you would write this, because it was so masterly. “I’m going to sum it all up for all of you” – my Ascended Masters listening to my lecture – “I’m going to sum it up and it’s pretty simple,” but it’s one of those things that’s going to have you wondering about it for a long time, “What did he really mean?” I’m going to sum it all up and it’s this simple: You’re crazy until you’re not.


Not Crazy

You’re crazy until you’re not. That’s it! And that’s what you’re all going through here right now. You’re crazy until you’re not. What that means is as long as you consider yourself going crazy, okay, you will be. As long as you consider yourself crazy compared to other people, crazy compared to your own past, crazy for having thoughts that are different, that are difficult to define, that defy science and regular logic, well, then you’re crazy. As long as you’re considering your dreams to be just made up, not real; as long as you’re considering that some of your true desires in life are just crazy dreams, well then you’re crazy. Until you’re not.

“Not” being when you accept that you’re not crazy. What you are experiencing and feeling, the knowingnesses that you have that you can’t define, those tremendous feelings within. You all have them, these kind of breakthrough moments and you just get it for a period of time, and then, of course, then you close down, and you think, “Oh, that was just nonsense, I’m just making that up.” It is not. You’re crazy until you’re not. You’re crazy until you realize, “This isn’t crazy. This is not crazy. This is natural. It’s real. It’s expanded.” When you try to put yourself back into that limited world, the blue world, that’s crazy. That’s crazy.

But you’re back there amongst a lot of other blue people, with the whole blue reality and then your mind settles down and says, “Oh, you see, I’m back here now. I must not be crazy.” But, well, you know what it’s like, you keep getting that little thing in your mind saying, “But you’re crazy. Well, you’re nuts. Why can’t I just lead a normal regular … Why do I have to hear voices? Why do I have to get these overwhelming feelings? Why is it I have such a yearning to be something else? Oh, there must be something wrong with me. They tell me that I’m just supposed to accept who I am, what I am.” No. No. It’s not about that. It’s not about putting yourself back into crazy-land.

It’s about now breaking free, emerging. Emerging from that. You’re crazy until you’re not, meaning once you take a deep breath and you realize, “Hey, this isn’t crazy. This is more real, more natural; this is more freedom than anything else,” then you’re not crazy anymore. Then you stop putting that label on yourself. You stop walking and talking like a crazy person. You stop having crazy-people dreams in your life. We’re going to talk a little bit more today about dreams. You stop being the crazy dreamer and now you’re real. Now you’re real.

Over the course of history, a lot of greats were considered to be crazy. Leonardo da Vinci was considered to be a total nut job in his time. He couldn’t make appointments. He couldn’t finish a painting. He couldn’t really have any sort of real relationships with other people. He was eccentric, always doodling and drawing. He was crazy until he wasn’t, until suddenly he realized that he was communing, opening up with things that are all around, that are here but just cannot be seen with the human eye or perceived with the humans senses, but are here, and you know it.

It’s sad when I see your mind negate things that are really here. Negate it because you say, “I don’t want to be that crazy guy or that crazy girl. I’m just going to conform.” You cannot conform any longer. That’s it. You’ve gone too far. You cannot conform. You’re not crazy. You’re not crazy. You’re more real. You’re more sensual. You’re more multidimensional. You’re more authentic than any of the ones who have ever called you crazy. And they will come back someday and realize and admit that, “No, you weren’t crazy,” and they’re going to apologize for calling you that and you’re going to have some big aspects coming around apologizing for – your own aspects – for calling you crazy. You’re not. You’re crazy until you’re not, meaning get over it.

Then suddenly you’re not crazy. Suddenly, you are brilliant (a few chuckles). No, really. You are brilliant! You are a genius! That’s what they’re going to say or at least what you’ll say, “I’m a damn genius.” (laughter) You are unbelievably creative. You are such a being of multidimension. You’re crazy until you’re not, so let’s just get over that crazy part right now.

Let’s take a deep breath. You’re not crazy. I know crazy, and you’re not crazy. Crazy, actually, if we were going to define it, it’s not ones who fly and who soar to heights that they know nothing of, but yet feel that there’s something there. Crazy are not the ones who soar. Crazy are the ones who keep going deeper and deeper and deeper into a very limited reality looking for answers. That is crazy. Crazy is repeating the same patterns lifetime after lifetime, hoping for a different result. That’s crazy.

Crazy is when one starts taking these medications, these mind drugs, and it gets them so deeply embedded in the blue, in the nothing. That’s crazy. That’s really crazy. Crazy is trying to conform yourself so that you’re no longer yourself. You’re the conformity of everybody else. That’s crazy.

You’re not crazy. No, you’re pioneers. You’re venturers out into the other realms. You’re the ones who are willing to take on new. I’ll come back to this later in this discussion, but you know I’ve talked for a long time about the I Am is the consciousness, the awareness – “I Am, I Exist.” The Master is the one who brings all the experiences to wisdom, cleans up, is the one at the backside of the elephant parade, cleaning up all the stuff, composting it and getting it back to the basics (Adamus chuckles). That’s the Master.

The human is the one who experiences new. Crazy is when you’re not doing new, when you, the human, are held back. You’re not into new. You’re repeating old patterns. That will drive you crazy.

The human is all about new, but yet, for a lot of reasons, they haven’t been doing it in a long time. They keep doing the same old patterns. You’re going into the new, and while a part of you might think, “Well, that’s crazy. Why would I want to go into the new when I don’t know what it is or where it is or what it will do to me? Why would I possibly want new in my life? Hell, I haven’t done a good job with the old, why would I want new in my life?” (some chuckles)

It’s crazy not to go into the new, because that’s the human’s job – new, experience – and when you’re not doing experience, when you’re not going into the new, then you’re crazy. Then you’re negating the very reason the human facet is here in the first place. Then you’re suffocating yourself. You’re suffocating your soul, literally almost, I mean, because it’s not getting its daily ration of new and experience. And then when you’re not into the new, when you’re not out experiencing as the human is designed to do, well, then the Master has no poop to clean up behind, because it’s just, well, it’s the same old crap (more chuckles).

We’re going into the new, I mean, in so many ways, and yes, the human worries once in a while, “What’s going to happen? Where’s it going to go?” But I ask you, I challenge you to feel into it. Part of the human says, “I’m not so sure about this,” but you already know. I mean, you already know. I know that. You already know where we go next. Maybe not definable in your words or even your thoughts, but your gnost knows. Let that come forward today.

Let’s take a good deep breath into the new. Yeah, we’re not going to be repeating old patterns. That’s for sure.

Anyway, I love that. I love what I told the other Ascended Masters. I said, “As far as the human goes, you’re crazy until you’re not.” And it took them a moment – yes, as wise and as smart as they’re supposed to be, they were human at one time, so they’re a little slow on the trigger once in a while – but a hush fell over the Ascended Masters Club and they took this in – “You’re crazy until you’re not” – and then one by one over 9,000 Ascended Masters getting to their feet and applauding (laughter and applause). What can I say? (Adamus chuckles) I notice you didn’t get to your feet, but that’s okay, don’t… (more chuckles). It was truly a defining moment, and it’s about you. It’s about you. It’s about the work we’re doing, and it’s challenging. It’s difficult at times. It’s rough at times. And particularly what we’re doing now, literally going beyond the mind. Can’t do it from within the mind, but it does feel crazy when you go outside of the mind.

Let’s take a good deep breath with that and, before we go any farther, let’s put on a little music and I want to do a very short – eh, it’s not really a merabh. It’s an experience. Ooh, they brought me food today. Let’s put on a little music and turn down the lights. Pardon me (Adamus takes a bite). Mm.


The House of Shaumbra

Good. Before we go any further today, I’d like to, all of us, to visit someplace, a place that doesn’t exist on the physical planet.

(music begins).

Doesn’t need to. A place that doesn’t take up any space or any time. It’s very timeless, but a place that’s deeply personal for all of you. Deeply personal.

I’d like for us to visit the House of Shaumbra today. It’s the House that you built, starting over 2,000 years ago.

You know, just out of nothingness, thin air, I guess you’d say, you can create a House. A House is, well, some would call it a dimension. I call it a point of consciousness, a point of awareness. And a House can be one person, one being, one angel. It can be a whole group like the House of Shaumbra.

We have a House of Keahak where we meet in twice a month. It’s a point of consciousness, a point of gathering and collection, and I’d like you to come into this House today, of Shaumbra. And, without trying to define anything in terms of what the human mind would define as color, shape, size, I invite you just to feel the energies here.

It’s your House.


Feel how it’s changed, from the very times of Yeshua to now, but particularly in these last 20 years, how that House of Shaumbra has changed.


This is a space that you’ve created. It contains tremendous wisdom. It’s an energetic library of sorts. There’s not really books there, but there are all the experiences and the insights that you’ve ever had, ever done, along with all the other Shaumbra, even the ones who have left, who have gone, the ones who have crossed over as well.

The best kind of an analogy I can give it, it’s like an incredible crystal, but not a hard, physical crystal. Just an incredible crystal. And it’s been infused with your essence, your knowingness, your wisdom, your everything.


Let yourself feel into this House of Shaumbra. You’re a part of it.

It continues to grow every day that you’re in life, you’re living.


It continues to expand every time we have a gathering.

The reason why I asked you to come here today to the House of Shaumbra is because it’s a non-mental place. There’s no logic here, there doesn’t need to be. There’s no hierarchy and there’s no order. Doesn’t need to be.

Feel into it for a moment, and feel your part right here in this House of Shaumbra.


This is the gift right here that you’re going to be leaving behind. There’ll be a time when you move beyond, no longer coming back to Earth, no longer even in a nonphysical way really connecting so much back to Earth. But this beautiful crystalline energy, this is the gift you’re leaving for Earth. It’s a culmination of all your lifetimes. It’s really that coming to embodied Realization.

You know, as crazy as it sounds – but nothing’s crazy anymore. Nothing’s crazy. I mean, eh, crazy. You look out into the world – politics, business – a lot of that’s crazy. But nothing is really that crazy anymore. You’re going to be leaving this gift and you know, at the very core of this Earth, as crazy as it sounds, it’s not a bunch of molten lava. Scientists like to think so, but I don’t know a scientist that’s been down there yet. So, no, at the very core of this planet Earth is a crystal, a huge crystal. Some would say maybe it’s physical. I don’t know. Maybe it’s not, but there’s a crystalline structure. There has to be, otherwise the planet wouldn’t be here. There is a crystalline structure at the very core of this Earth.

In these next few years that we have together, we’re going to be taking this crystalline energy of Shaumbra, the House of Shaumbra, and connecting it – not right now, it’s a little too early to do that, but we’re going to take this House of Shaumbra – we’re going to connect it right to the core of the very Earth so that everyone who comes after you, they’ll be able to tap into that in their everyday life. That’s the gift you’re going to be leaving behind, a beautiful gift.


The House of Shaumbra. And such a big part of it in this gift is going to be breaking out – breaking out of limitation, breaking out of the Land of Blue – and it’s going to be kind of coded, kind of in a code, for those who are ready for it. And it’s going to say, “You’re not crazy. You’re not crazy. No, actually you’re more in touch with yourself than any other group of humans. And you doubt yourself, of course. You fight yourself. You try to take what is from your heart, from your dreams, from your knowingness, you try to put that into logic. It doesn’t work so well. But you’re not crazy.”

And when we do our connection at some point, with the House of Shaumbra into the very core of Earth, it’s probably going to be one of the biggest things that stands out for those who are ready to hear it.

You’re crazy until you’re not. Until you’re not, until you realize that, “Oh, no. I’m really not. I was actually …” – the word isn’t quite right – “… but I was right all the way along. I just didn’t let myself realize it.”

Let’s take a good deep breath here in the House of Shaumbra.

Ah! I hear all the question already, “When are we going to do this connection?” We have some other things to do first …

(music ends)

… such as my first question of the day. But first I want to talk just a little bit about our gathering last month, a little summary.

Again, to really set yourself free as an embodied Master on this planet, you have to be able to go beyond the mind. The mind will keep you in the Land of Blue. It’ll keep you limited. It’ll keep you in logic. It’ll keep you in a type of control. It will keep you from seeing all the energies that are in the room right now, entities. They’re around, and you’re not crazy if you see them or feel them. You don’t have to see them with your eyes, but feel them, they’re all around, but the mind blocks that all out. Blocks it all out, and as we talked about last month with the Atlantean headbands.

Now, some wondered, “Is this like a story? Is it a metaphor or was it real? Were there really headbands in Atlantis?” Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. Feel into it. Allow what you want to allow. There could have been these headbands. There could have been the use of intense energies on the mind for the sake of conformity, for the sake of common experience, for the sake of better communications amongst humans, for the sake of creating kind of a oneness in society. And then, with the intense energies of the crystals attuned in just the right way, directed in just the right way, you get zapped – again, not in a sinister plot, but you got zapped – for the sake of conformity, oneness, standardization. Yeah.

Or it could just be a metaphor, if you prefer that way, that over a course of time humans just got more and more into the mind, more and more mental. They began to worship intelligence. They forgot about things like knowingness. They forgot about, well, gnost. And that was reinforced with things like church, education and now drugs, medications, these medications that I’m not fond of at all, the SSRIs. And that’s, by the way, the new headband – the new headband – those medications. And there’ll be some groups that maybe 100, 200 years from now will be sitting here kind of like we are saying, “Yeah, you were the scientists that invented those. You were the drug company executive that pushed them. You were the pharmacists that gave them away like candy, the doctor that prescribed them to anybody, no matter if somebody walked in and said, ‘Oh, I cut my finger’ and the doctor said, ‘Here take some of these. You’ll feel better.’” Maybe there’ll be a group sitting here 150 years from now that says, “Okay, you’re the ones who peddled these drugs, now we’ve got to get out of that.” But back to the point. Headbands? Yeah. But if it doesn’t feel right, look at just the development of the mind over a long time.

So last month we talked about these headbands, that banging noise. How many heard that even after the Shoud? The – bang! bang! – in the mind. It’s always there. By the way, it’s always there whether you think it is or not. It’s there, you’ve just tuned out of it. It’s always there, well, for a little while. We’ll get over that.

So, we had this rather interesting big talk last month and said, “Okay, you were the ones who kind of started this whole headband thing, fashion of the time, ‘Let’s conform. Let’s actually wear these things,’ so you’re the ones that have to get out of it first.” That had a big impact last month, a big impact, but I see you’re back for more (a few chuckles). Here we are.

Okay, now question of the day, Shaumbra Wisdom, question of the day. We’ve been talking a lot of about the mind and the brain. A little differentiation here. The brain is this vessel that sits on top of your head. It is an electromagnetic chemical device, the brain that’s in your head. Now, I use the word “mind,” which is really the psyche. It’s kind of the human spirit, in a way, the human intelligence. It actually doesn’t reside in your brain, believe it or not. I use the word “mind” and for some of you, particularly in some of the German speaking countries, this is a little challenging at times, because “mind” is similar to, I guess, “ghost” or “spirit.” But here the spirit is of the human mentality.

The brain is simply a processor. The brain is an amazing processor and that’s all it is. The brain is so good, it knows how to take a wide spectrum of energy and consciousness and reduce it down. The brain can take elevation and bring it into limitation. It’s really good at that. So it’s the processor, it sits on top of your head.

The mind are the things that come as a result of that transformation into, what you would call, confined or lower consciousness. That’s what the mind has and that’s what the mind does. We’ll get into more of that in just a moment. But question I have for you today and Linda with the microphone please. Ready?


First Question

LINDA: Depends on the question (laughter).

ADAMUS: (chuckling) Anybody else what to do the microphone today? (more chuckles) Question, and I’m speaking here of the mind, the human mental psyche. Go ahead.

LINDA: Go ahead what?!

ADAMUS: Find somebody (someone says “Whoa!” responding to Adamus sort of shooing Linda and some chuckles).

Ready? Ah! So, and I’m going to ask you not to think about it but rather to feel into it, to gnost it. What are the vulnerabilities of the mind?

Now, the mind is very boxed in, very limited, and we’re talking here about the difficulty of getting out of the mind. How do we do all this without thinking, because that’s just going to get you more… but there are some cracks in the egg, so to speak. There are a few back doors in the mind. What do you think they are?

SHAUMBRA 1 (woman): The first thing that comes to my mind … (laughter)

ADAMUS: Yeah! Yeah! See, that’s the difficulty. Even the vocabulary supports the mind.

SHAUMBRA 1: What my sense is or the best way I can get out of mine is to go to nothingness.

ADAMUS: To go to nothingness, okay.

SHAUMBRA 1: So I think nothingness might be a vulnerability of mind.

ADAMUS: Okay. Are you successful in going to nothingness?

SHAUMBRA 1: I am. I’m not successful in staying there.

ADAMUS: In staying there, okay.


ADAMUS: What happens when you’re in nothingness? Why can’t you just stay there?

SHAUMBRA 1: I start thinking about things.


SHAUMBRA 1: And I don’t even realize it and then I’m really angry that I got out (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: Yeah. The mind has to fill the void.


ADAMUS: That’s what the mind does. It has to fill the void. It cannot stand nothingness.

SHAUMBRA 1: Exactly.

ADAMUS: The mind doesn’t understand there never is nothingness, there’s just things beyond the mind’s comprehension. So, when you go into a place of nothingness, it’s not nothing. It is just what the mind cannot comprehend. And it’s going to open the floodgates and fill that nothingness with as much as it possibly can.


ADAMUS: Three times as much as it normally would be filling that space. So, then what happens? You’re in nothingness, suddenly you’re flooded with thoughts, what do you do next?

SHAUMBRA 1: I realize I’m thinking about them and I get mad, and then I go back into nothingness (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: Yes. And then after you go back into nothingness, then what happens?

SHAUMBRA 1: They come back again.

ADAMUS: They come back again (she chuckles). And then how does this all end in one of these bouts with nothingness?

SHAUMBRA 1: It can end two ways. The best way is when I can stay there for a while and it’s just absolute relief. It’s the only place I really feel good right now. Or I get up and go do what the mind is telling me to do (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: Right. Right.

SHAUMBRA 1: It’s making problems and trying to solve them.

ADAMUS: Yeah. What’s the longest sustained time you’ve ever had with nothingness?

SHAUMBRA 1: Probably only a few hours.

ADAMUS: A few hours, okay, and that was a trick question because if you’re in nothingness, you wouldn’t have any awareness of time and it wouldn’t really matter. No, it’s very, very difficult, and you’ll have brief moments of the beauty of nothingness, which actually is not, but the mind will fill it up. And the mind will actually play along with you for a little while and say, “Okay, you be in nothingness for a little while here – you pretend you’re in nothingness – but watch what happens in about 47 minutes.”

SHAUMBRA 1: (chuckles) Yes.



ADAMUS: And it fills it back up. And then it’s so damn frustrating and you’re like, “What did I do wrong? And do I have to go off to sit on a mountaintop in India and learn how to do this?” Nah. Nah, because their minds are filled with the same crap. They’re just sitting on a mountaintop (she giggles). Yeah. Yeah. Good. Thank you. Next.

LINDA: More.

ADAMUS: What are the vulnerabilities, the openings, the crack in the egg? What is it?

LINDA: Ulli was begging for the mike.

ADAMUS: Oh, yeah. I saw that, Linda.

ULLI: The first thing that came up was the energies from other people, but I don’t know if I understand the question when the …

ADAMUS: Yeah. So you’re trapped in the mind, there’s a prison in the mind, and the mind would like to have you believe you cannot get out of the prison, ever.

ULLI: Okay. Okay.

ADAMUS: You are trapped there. You are a slave of the mind.

ULLI: Yeah.

ADAMUS: But I can tell you there is a way out. What is that way? What’s the flaw in the mental system? “What is the glitch in the matrix?” Cauldre’s telling me.

ULLI: (pausing) Oh, difficult question.

ADAMUS: To have a concussion? (Adamus chuckles)

ULLI: Um … (she pauses)

ADAMUS: You’re lost. You’re thinking too much about it.

ULLI: Yeah.

ADAMUS: It’s spontaneous. It just, you just say it and then part of you is going to say, “Oh, that sounds so crazy.” Eh, you’re crazy until you’re not.

ULLI: Yeah.


ULLI: First that came was something from outside crashes inside.

ADAMUS: Okay. Something from outside crashes. Okay. Do you want that?

ULLI: Yeah, why not?

ADAMUS: Why not, okay.

ULLI: I can live it through, let it through. Yeah.

ADAMUS: It kind of is something from the outside. Kind of. I mean, you’re getting there. You’re on. See, if you had just gone with that first crazy thought (she laughs). Yeah, yeah. Good. Thank you. A couple more. What’s that vulnerability?

LINDA: Let’s ask a crazy Shaumbra psychologist.

ADAMUS: Oh, good, good. What’s the crack in the egg, the glitch in the matrix?

JULIE: The knowing. There’s just this knowing that you just know it. And you don’t know what you know, that you know that you know. You’re just there.

ADAMUS: Okay, now, you’re sitting here in the zoo in your mind and you know that you know. Okay, but now how do you get out, go beyond the mind?

JULIE: The question of the day.

ADAMUS: Yeah (they chuckle). What would you tell a client of yours?

JULIE: I’d definitely talk about the feeling of… it’s just a ‘yes’ or it’s just a feeling that you know and you can’t even explain it.

ADAMUS: Right. Right.

JULIE: So it’s …

ADAMUS: This isn’t doing your crazy client a lot of good here (they laugh).

JULIE: No, no!

ADAMUS: They’re like, “What is she talking about?”

JULIE: I know, because when you talk about the heart or the – that can be so mental.

ADAMUS: Sure, the mind is going to turn the heart into … yeah, the mind is great at that.

JULIE: So it’s a wisdom that is our gnost.

ADAMUS: Right.

JULIE: And certainly many people have had the experience of knowing something and following that, and knowing it and not following it.


JULIE: And you can definitely compare how well those two experiences go.

ADAMUS: Mm hmm. Yeah, and a lot of times, though, you have a knowingness and you follow it and the mind jumps in, laughing and laughing saying, “Okay, I’ll let them pretend that they’re following something, but it’s going to be a dead-end path.”

JULIE: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: And that’s one of the frustrations. That’s what I lectured about this morning with the Ascended Masters. There’s so many spiritual teachers on the planet, but they’re working from within the mind and you never get out. Oh, you can say, “Okay, we’re going to dig a tunnel deep underneath this prison, go beyond the mind,” and the mind is just laughing and says, “Yeah, when you emerge from that tunnel, you’re still going to be in the prison, no matter what.” It’s a challenge.

JULIE: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: It’s a big one. Good. A couple more. We’ve got some real wisdom …

LINDA: Let’s try the face of youth.

ADAMUS: … percolating.

LINDA: Let’s try …

EMILY: I think the mind only has the past as its point of reference. So, every time I feel like I’ve created something new that’s out of my patterns it’s been something the mind never thought was possible, based on my past experiences. And the mind then doesn’t surrender, but the greater part of me gets – I believe more in the greater part of me.

ADAMUS: Mm hmm. And the mind will still fool you. The mind, it’s kind of like – it actually is pretty fascinating, because it’s still going to fool you. It will feed out the line to you, and it really loves doing that with people on the “spiritual” path. It’s going to feed out a line, “Yes, you’re on the spiritual path. Keep searching. Keep searching.” But it’s all within the mind and you never get out and, again, the very purpose of my lecture this morning – I should get a copy of that and have it sent to you (Adamus chuckles). It was a brilliant lecture (some chuckles). But, yeah, the mind is still going to play games. So, have you been able to go beyond the mind?

EMILY: I think I’ve been able to …

ADAMUS: We should probably stop there when you say, “I think.” It kind of defeats the whole thing.

EMILY: My idea of who I am has changed.


EMILY: Therefore, I think … (they laugh)

ADAMUS: Now, I want you to observe the brilliance of the mind. The mind is not bad, but yet it is self-contained. It is absolutely self-contained. So the mind, again, will have you think, “Yes, I’ve changed my identity and I’ve had tremendous growth,” and the mind is going, “That is so funny, because you’re still in the mind.” The mind is, “I’ll play a game with you. We’re going to pretend that you’re really evolving and becoming masterly and that you’re on this quest and you’re changing your identity,” but you’re still in the mind. It’s a big institution. It’s huge, and just when you think you’ve left the corridor of the mind or the brain, you’re just in another wing of the institution (she chuckles). And it’s very frustrating. I mean, it’s absolutely frustrating.

Now, take a moment to feel the difference though between the thinking that you’re making progress – all of you – you’re thinking that you’re making progress, but you’re not. You’re in this maze and you find out the maze is not just level like this, it’s got ups and downs. You’re in this maze and all the time you’re telling yourself, “I’m really making progress, because I’m working hard. I’ve come a long way. I’m no longer on level one, I’m on level five.” Level five of the brain. I mean, you’re still there. Now, versus your knowingness.

There’s that aching part of all of you. It’s called your knowingness, and your knowingness also says, “I’m still in the institution of the mind. I’m still on the grounds. I haven’t left. I might have opened a few windows and doors,” but your knowingness is like, “You haven’t left yet. You’re still there. You’re just in a different department, and you’re older and you’re more tired and you’re more frustrated, but damn, are we having fun or what?” (some chuckles) Good. These are all the effects of the headbands. Hmm! Don’t you love what you created? (Adamus chuckles) I never had one.

One more and then we’ll get on with the next question. By the way, there’s a tremendous amount of wisdom – thank you, thank you – a tremendous amount of wisdom that’s here today. One more. What’s the crack in the egg?

MARY SUE: Well, you’ve given us one clue, and that’s distraction.


MARY SUE: Falling asleep works for me.

ADAMUS: Yeah. I’ll tell you a secret though. Falling asleep … eh, I’ll tell you later.

MARY SUE: No, go ahead.

ADAMUS: I’ll keep it a secret. Oh, I’ll tell you now. Okay. At night you have these dreams, right? And in the dreams you’re doing a lot of running and searching and frustration. In your dreams you are trying to get out of your mind, but you’re hitting all those dead ends. You’re still in the institution of the brain and the mind.

MARY SUE: Even if you don’t remember them?

ADAMUS: Do you remember your frustrating dreams? You’re searching for something. You’re lost in the woods. You’re in a crowd without your clothes on (some chuckles). Oh, that’s a different kind of dream (she chuckles). I’m channeling you!

MARY SUE: I wasn’t aware of that one! (they chuckle)

ADAMUS: Yes, mhm!

MARY SUE: (chuckling) Okay.

ADAMUS: So I’m sure not many of you had these frustration, “trying to find something” kind of dreams, you’re lost in the woods. They’re all …

MARY SUE: Oh yeah, I’ve had searching dreams.

ADAMUS: Yeah. You’re lost. You’re in a foreign town somewhere. In your dreams, you’re trying to get out of this nuthouse (Adamus chuckles), institution.

MARY SUE: Okay. Then another prong or avenue would be imagination?

ADAMUS: Imagination. Ah! Okay. But the mind is really a tricky S.O.B. The mind will say, “Okay, sure. Use your imagination, and yeah, let’s go beyond the boundaries of the institute of the mind. Let’s go out there. We’ll do a jailbreak. When nobody’s looking, we’re going to sneak out the front gate and run for it like hell.”

MARY SUE: That’s if you make something coherent into your imagination.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

MARY SUE: But if you just imagine things and don’t try to interpret them, would that still …

ADAMUS: Well, just for the sake of my story.

MARY SUE: Oh, okay. Sorry. I don’t want to interfere with your story! (she chuckles)

ADAMUS: So you imagine, “Okay, I’ve broken out of the institution and, oh, whoopee for me,” and then suddenly you realize, “Damn it! I’m still in the institution. It’s just changed the way it looks and acts, but I’m still here. How do I ever get out?”

MARY SUE: Okay, another option.

ADAMUS: “I must be crazy for trying to get out, because, no, this is the good life. This is what I’m supposed to be doing, and I should just be happy with the food here at the institution, and I should be happy with all the other inmates here (a few chuckles). Even though I’d like to choke them all. But there must be something wrong with me, because I want to strangle everybody else that’s in here.” (more chuckles) Everybody.


ADAMUS: “I must be crazy. Give me some more medication, doctor, please.”

LINDA: Whoopee for you.

MARY SUE: Another one that …

ADAMUS: Go ahead.

MARY SUE: … goes along with distraction is abstraction.


MARY SUE: And that is very expansional, because you go to places that you wouldn’t have gone without abstracting.

ADAMUS: There are wings of the institution that have yet to be explored (some chuckles). And I’m making this sound terrible, and kind of, in a way, it is. It is. So, how do you know if you’ve really gone beyond versus just the mind playing a big old game on you?

MARY SUE: Okay, to me it’s when I can close my eyes and I see all this stuff happening to me and I don’t know what it is and I don’t care.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. What’s happening to you when you close your eyes?

MARY SUE: I just see things. I just see – I mean, it goes really quickly.


MARY SUE: I don’t know …

ADAMUS: What kind of things? I mean, do you see, you know, apples floating in the air? Do you see horses galloping across the landscape?

MARY SUE: I see shapes.

ADAMUS: Uh huh.

MARY SUE: I see places that I don’t know what they are.

ADAMUS: Right, right. Right.

MARY SUE: I see …

ADAMUS: Do you see me?

MARY SUE: I don’t. I don’t see people.

ADAMUS: Well, then you’re still in the mind (laughter).

MARY SUE: I don’t see people.

ADAMUS: You don’t see people. Well, count your blessings.


ADAMUS: But the question is, and this is a really good question to explore outside of the mind.


ADAMUS: How do you know you’re not still just in the institution? How do you know they just didn’t paint the walls and change the carpet?

MARY SUE: Well, I appreciate the opportunity to learn, if I’m still in there, but… yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah. So, but you do know. How do you know whether you’re still in the institution?

MARY SUE: If things look familiar. If I am concerned about how I look or what I do or what people think of me, then I know I’m definitely in the institution.


MARY SUE: If I explore things, you know, like a picture. I love to extract it or abstract it into whatever, and I think that … (a few chuckles from the audience they’re saying “Ohh”) If I look at something – I know I did it. If I look at something familiar, I feel I’m in the mind.


MARY SUE: If I look for things that are not familiar.

ADAMUS: Okay. Yeah. I would say you’re still in the mind.

MARY SUE: Okay. I will take it.

ADAMUS: Because then you start the debating – and this isn’t just about you, it’s about everybody. You start that whole internal dialogue and debating, “Am I? Am I not? Am I powerful enough that I can go beyond? Or am I still stuck in it and I’m just creating a different look, but it’s the same old place?”


ADAMUS: And I’ll tell you – thank you – and I’ll tell you kind of the difference. If you’re thinking about it, wondering, “Well, am I really beyond the mind?” then you’re still in the mind.

If you have an aching, a deep aching, the knowingness that there is something else beyond, something else out there, something that you haven’t yet experienced, you’re still in the mind but you’re not playing a game with yourself that you’re out of the mind. When you have that deep yearning and saying, “I know there’s more.” If that yearning is still there, it means, yeah, you’re still in the mind, because otherwise that yearning goes away. That longing. I know all of you have that, that longing feeling, the longing – call it what you want – to return to yourself. The longing to be real again. The longing for You. You’re still in the mind. When the longing is no longer there, then you’ve gone beyond. Then there’s a tremendous realization, the knowingness, the fulfillment, the gnost of things.

Let’s take a good deep breath with that.

The crack in the egg. That backdoor, the escape route. You know, the mind is an amazing thing. It really is. You helped to design it for what it is. It’s an amazing thing, and it’s tight and it’s gotten tighter. It’s gotten more controlling. You talk about it in terms of the advancement of culture and civilization and people being more intelligent than ever and far beyond, you know, what the humans were 500 years ago, but not really. They’ve just gotten more in the mind, gotten more in the brain.

So, there is this crack in the egg and that’s what we’re going to be exploring, and you’ll know that you’re still within, as long as there is that longing. You’ll know when you’ve gone beyond, when that longing is fulfilled, when there is pure knowingness and you’re not having to ask or wonder in your mind; you’re not having to say, “Well, I had an hour of nothingness, so did I go beyond?” Probably not.


Second Question

So, before we go any further though, I have to ask another question. It all ties into this.

I talked about the headbands and, again, whether it’s a metaphor or whether it’s real, doesn’t really matter, because you’re in the mind. You’re there. And it wasn’t necessarily bad. It’s just that bad is when you’re trying to get out of it and you can’t seem to find the way, when you’re having these endless dreams at night that you’re lost in the woods. That’s simply a dream of not being able to get out. When you’re still having that deep longing, “Please God, there’s got to be more. I know there’s more, but I don’t know what it is or how to get there.”

But all that being said, what was the beauty, the benefit of the headbands, of the mind? What was the beauty? Because it wasn’t a mistake. It was not a mistake. It only feels like that sometimes, but it wasn’t a mistake.

So, this is real Shaumbra Wisdom: What good came out of it back in Atlantis and up to now, of the headbands, of being in the mind, of being in limitation? What is the mystery and the beauty of it? This is a big one, so please, Linda, choose carefully. And don’t think too much. And don’t mind me if I’m going to have a little fruit salad.

CAROLE: Well, I wonder if it has…

ADAMUS: I should have some nuts to go with it considering what we’re doing here.

CAROLE: … anything to do with deep breathing?

ADAMUS: Deep breathing.

CAROLE: Well, you say take a deep breath and it makes the mind go away.

ADAMUS: Right. But what was the beauty in this whole thing of going into the mind, of diving so deep into it, going into the prison? What was the beauty of it?

CAROLE: Well, there was more social… you know, people were more social.

ADAMUS: You would do this for some more human conversation?

CAROLE: Well, just being with love … feeling …

ADAMUS: Love? I’m not going to go with that. I’m going to edit that out of the whole recording (Adamus chuckles). You were just, you were giving me – eh, you’re just giving me garbage right now. Sorry.


ADAMUS: And I understand why, because you’re so in the brain. it’s amazing. When you got the microphone, you went – kweckkkk! – right inside.

CAROLE: But wouldn’t the heart have something to do with it? Because there’s …

ADAMUS: No. No. The heart’s controlled by the mind.

CAROLE: Oh, okay.

ADAMUS: No, literally, the heart is controlled by the mind. The heart, your emotions – totally controlled by the mind. Eh, that’s why people – “Let’s go to the heart” – you’re just going to a soft part of your brain. That’s all you’re doing (some chuckles). I mean seriously. Seriously. That’s one of the biggest scams, biggest scams around (more chuckles). I’m an Ascended Master! They had a standing ovation that lasted, I don’t know, 30 minutes today at the Ascended Masters Club for my brilliance, and I get the microphone thrown at me? (more giggles)

This whole heart thing is a total scam of the mind. It will give you a little bit of feel-good, ten minutes a day, two days maybe, “Oh, I’m having an emotion. I’m feeling love and I’m feeling happy.” It’s a scam! I’m sorry, but who here hasn’t experienced this, “Oh! I’m having an emotion” and then the next day you’re crashed. You’re in bed, you’re crying, and you call out for me! You say, “Oh! I want to have more emotions.” It’s like I’m tired of emotions. Emotions are of the mind. They are not real. They’re not real. They’re a fabrication. They are a lie of the mind to keep you happy.

LINDA: Well, then why do you differentiate between emotion and feeling? I’m saying it right now.

ADAMUS: Did Linda give you the mike?

LINDA: Emotion and feeling. I mean, why are you – you’re just throwing them in the same bucket.

ADAMUS: No. No, feeling is very different. Feeling are the true senses, the 200,000 angelic senses you’re not using. Emotions are the human things that come from the mind. The mind made up, they copied – or they tried to copy, they did a cheap imitation of – real sensual feelings and you haven’t had any of those in a long time. You really haven’t – a real feeling. You get some kind of, once in a while, a little bit of a feeling, but you’re still dealing with emotions and they come from the mind and they’re artificial. They’re like – what do you use instead of sugar in your drinks? You use these chemicals. It’s kind of the same thing, “Well, you know, sugar is bad so we’re going to give you chemicals, which are really bad?” And they’re not real.

But that’s what I was telling the Ascended Masters today. I said, “When you go to your channelers, to your teachers and that and you’re working with them on this and everybody’s ‘peace, love, joy and oneness’ – ptooey! – and I hope they get pissed off at me. I hope I shake all that up. Oneness is the biggest lie of the mind, right next to emotions. Oneness, “Let’s all go back to oneness.” That’s like saying “Let’s forget about everything we’ve done and go back to Atlantis and be one again.” No! You are sovereign beings. You’re not going to go to one. Oneness is a scam and anybody who teaches it – (Adamus chuckles) Cauldre is like stopping me, but I am stronger! (laughter) I’m an Ascended Master. I’ll say it – anybody who is teaching oneness is full of makyo! (more laughter) They are in the mind. They are totally teaching crap on this planet. Why do you think the planet …

LINDA: Don’t say any names.

ADAMUS: Oh, come on, please let me say names (laughter). No. No, no. So where …

CAROLE: What are the benefits of the band?

ADAMUS: The benefits of the band?

CAROLE: Love, the fake love or whatever you’re talking about.

ADAMUS: Emotions.


ADAMUS: So, do you think that’s a benefit?

CAROLE: Well, maybe.

ADAMUS: Wow. I’d like to sell you a car (more laughter). Good. And this is tough, by the way. This is tough. It is not easy, so I know you’re frustrated. You’d probably like to choke me right now.


ADAMUS: But it’s just an emotion. It’s fake. It’s not real (laughter). Your real feelings, you want to give me a big hug (she shakes her head). Not so much (more chuckles). Okay.

Next. Come on. This wasn’t a mistake. The headbands were not a mistake. They seem to be at times, but there was a beauty in them. There was something that we did, you did. What was it?

GARY: Shared perception.

ADAMUS: Shared perception. That is accurate. That’s one of them. And… where’s Linda when we need her?

LINDA: She’s right here!

ADAMUS: Well, we expected you to be right there (some chuckles). Shared perception. Commonality. Commonality, which you didn’t have, which led to this whole oneness thing, which kind of was taking it a little too far. Commonality. We could have shared experience, and there’s a beauty to that. Yeah. Good.

Part of it, the reason, is because, again, prior to coming to Earth, there was the spiritual angelic families, a lot of battles, a lot of back and forth. But now you come down here and you all are equalized with the headband. You’re all equalized. And it’s part of understanding the experiences on the angelic realms. Over here! (laughter) Okay. That was a good one. Linda, microphone.

LINDA: Let’s see.

ADAMUS: Okay. What else?

LINDA: Inquiring minds want to know.

ADAMUS: There was a beauty in it.

LINDA: Okay.

DAVID: (clears throat) Uhm … (clears throat again)

ADAMUS: Thinking.



DAVID: I was thinking.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Do you want Linda to distract you? Yeah (they chuckle). Look at her – what the hell are on your feet? Boots, shoes, I’m not sure.

DAVID: Hoo-wah!

ADAMUS: Yeah, I haven’t seen that since the 17th Century (laughter). So, it’s a distraction for David.

DAVID: Yeah. It was an experience.

ADAMUS: What good came of this? What wisdom did you and the Atlanteans have about this whole headband thing that you’re now just beginning to realize?

DAVID: Going into limitation.

ADAMUS: Well, sure. That’s what happened. But what – do you like that?

DAVID: No, but that is the gift, finally; come a long way to realize that that no longer suits us and we can change and choose differently.

ADAMUS: Yeah. I’m going to define it a little bit different and, Linda, then you’re going to run like hell and write this down. I’m going define …get the microphone! Otherwise, he’ll keep talking (laughter, as Linda’s running back and forth).

SART: Faster! Faster!

ADAMUS: Going into limitation, why? (someone says “Experience”)

LINDA: What was it?

ADAMUS: Experience. Absolutely, experience. The I Am doesn’t care. The I Am is like, “Whoa! There’s something else. Hey, human! Why don’t you go down there and get really limited and then let me know how that was? I’ll stay here in my grandness, but you go down there.” It was because it can. It can go into limitation. And you have to feel this, not think it, but the I Am wants to know, to feel and to experience every potential. Not just nice potentials, not just big potentials, every potential, even potentials of absolute separation. Absolute. I mean, here you are – get into your I Am-ness for a moment here. Okay, here you are in your I Am-ness, “Whoa! Wouldn’t it be fascinating to experience absolute separation to the point that I didn’t even remember me? Let’s give it a try. Let’s put on some headbands and go for it.”

So, separation, because it can. Limitation, for the experience. That’s part of it. What else? What other good came from it? There’s a big one. It’s like this big elephant in the room. It’s just standing right there.

SHAUMBRA 2 (woman): Functioning in the physical.

ADAMUS: Function… yeah.

SHAUMBRA 2: Being able to negotiate the density.

ADAMUS: But did you have to go to that extreme with the mind and the brain? I mean, couldn’t you have gone into physical, you know, without being – left the front door open, so at least you could get back out?




ADAMUS: Okay. So it’s helped you to be in the physical?


ADAMUS: How in the hell are you going to get out?

SHAUMBRA 2: Well, I guess I could start like this (she giggles, and starts to take off her shawl).

ADAMUS: Death doesn’t get you out of the physical. Not anymore. It used to, but the death ticket doesn’t work that way anymore. You go right back in.


ADAMUS: Yeah (she chuckles). Isn’t that terrible? Yeah. So how are you going to get out of the physical?

SHAUMBRA 2: (pauses) Overload the mind.


SHAUMBRA 2: Yeah, I mean, why not?


SHAUMBRA 2: I’m so close to overload anyway, I might as well …

ADAMUS: The mind actually likes that.


ADAMUS: No, you can try to overload as much as you want and the mind is like, “Bring it on. I’ll get bigger. I’ll get more expansive.”

SHAUMBRA 2: Well, it might think it can. I think the mind has limitations and you can go so far, and then if you add one little more thing, it’s going to explode on you.

ADAMUS: Let me put it this way. The mind is – how to say – the mind can be in a never-ending limitation, unlimited limitation. In other words, it can create, it can go really broad and wide. It can create more corridors, more wings, more departments of the institute of the mind, but it’s still the mind. It can get really big in its limitations.

SHAUMBRA 2: (chuckles) I’ll take your word for it.

ADAMUS: Thank you (they chuckle). What I’m saying here is that the mind has no limits when it comes to limitation. It will keep recreating itself to accommodate even more limitations. So the mind can bring you a great big tray full of limitations, you go, “Oh, no, no. I’m really full. I’ve had enough.” And the mind will say, “Oh, no. We’ll make room for all that. It’s just more limitation.” Good. So, I’m not sure what we write on the board here, but, eh, just put “physical.”

LINDA: Physical?

ADAMUS: Yeah. Give the mike to somebody else, then write the word “physical,” then go running back (a few chuckles). Yes. What’s the beauty of all this?

MERIKA: Maybe going into mass consciousness?

ADAMUS: Going to mass consciousness. Is that fun or what?

MERIKA: It’s no fun, but might have a function.

ADAMUS: Yeah. It’s kind of what David said, commonality.


ADAMUS: The ability …

MERIKA: Hypnosis.

ADAMUS: The oneness – “Let’s experiment with that” – but I’m going to give you a clue. If we experiment with oneness and commonality – we all kind of look the same, act the same, talk the same – what do you really learn from that? One big thing. It starts with an “S.”

MERIKA: It starts with an “S.”

ADAMUS: “S,” and it’s not shit, I mean … (laughter) I was channeling one of you.

MERIKA: It’s self-, something self (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: Sovereignty. Sovereignty.

MERIKA: Sovereignty.

LINDA: Ohhh!

ADAMUS: Sovereignty.

MERIKA: Oh, yeah.

ADAMUS: So, one of the great big gifts of all of this, the headband stuff, being in the mind, commonality, mass consciousness, “we are one” – not – all of that, is it was a great way to help you eventually realize your sovereignty. It was kind of a warped crazy way of doing it, but it was like “Let’s deny the sovereignty, let’s eliminate the sovereignty, so that we finally have an appreciation,” because this journey – ever since really you asked that stupid question, “Who am I?” – it’s all about coming to your sovereignty. That’s it. So, let’s turn these lights down a little bit. They’re getting blinded out there. They want to go back to sleep.

So, the beauty of the headbands, the ultimate beauty of the headbands, in a way that perhaps could not have been done any other way, is coming to sovereignty, understanding from having been in the Borg, in the mass consciousness, locked in the mind, what true sovereignty is. That was the beauty, and it’s taken from Atlantis till now to really even begin understanding it. That’s the gift in the House of Shaumbra, one of many gifts, but the gift you’re going to be giving back to this planet – sovereignty. “I Am that I Am. Oh, I’ve been at the other end of the spectrum where I’ve been locked in the brain, put in the institution with the other prisoners and told that ‘Try to make it good.’ But I finally understood what sovereignty is. I Am that I Am.”

Now, feel into that for a moment. With the headbands and mass consciousness and all the rest of that, and you start to realize your sovereignty, your oneness within you, your uniqueness, your soul, imagine now your experience in all this. Imagine how the I Am is rejoicing. It now knows something, has the wisdom of something it never really knew before – sovereignty. “I Exist. I am a sovereign being. I am God also.”  

Now maybe it seems like kind of a long cruel way of doing this whole thing with the headbands and getting into the brain, not knowing how to get out and everything else, but it really kind of happened in a flash of time. It really has been a hell of an experience, and now you’re coming to sovereignty.


Brain vs. Mind

I haven’t answered your question yet, “How we get out, what’s the crack in the egg, what’s the glitch in the system?” We’ll get to that in a little bit, but before we do, I want to talk a little bit more about, well, let’s talk about the brain. I’m going to have them put an image on the screen I asked, early this morning, Cauldre to find, and the question is going to be, as this image comes up on the screen, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

 (pause as an image appears)

What’s wrong with this picture? Anybody get it? (someone says “Headless”) It’s a headless chicken. Now, this is a true story. I did ask Cauldre to look it up because I wanted to use it as an example today.

This is Mike, the headless chicken. It was a real chicken. Mike was on a farm here in Colorado back in 1945. And the farmer went out to get dinner, because before, you know, they didn’t just open the freezer door or go through the drive-in. They went out to the yard and got a chicken like Mike and an ax and cut his head off.

Well, the farmer had a few drinks that day and went to cut the head off and didn’t quite sever it the way he normally would have. The head fell off – if you go to the next picture here (a photo appears of Mike standing beside his head, a few people say “Ohh!” and Adamus chuckles).

This is a true story. The head fell off and the farmer wasn’t sure what to do. He noticed that Mike was still running around, and he thought to himself in kind of a sadistic way, “I wonder how long this will last?”

He went out the next day Mike is still walking around. And the next day Mike is still going, and the farmer thought, “Well, what if I feed Mike? What if I use a little eyedropper and some …” – I don’t know what they feed chickens, milk or whatever. And this went on and on and on, and pretty soon this has gone over a week and Mike was a little scared. No, I mean not Mike, the farmer was a little scared (some chuckles). Mike didn’t know any better (more laughter) is all I can say. The farmer is like, “I wonder if this is Satan. I wonder if this is something demonic,” because this chicken is still running around and pooping, eating and pooping, like a chicken does. Yeah (a few giggles).

The farmer told a few people about it and they said, “You’ve got a real gem on your hands there. You can make a little bit of money off of Mike. You keep feeding him, you take him out and show him around to a few places; charge people a quarter to see the headless chicken,” which he did. He made, in today’s dollars, he made about $50,000 a month in today’s dollars – not back then – by going around and showing this perverse Mike sitting on a pedestal and people would pay a quarter one at a time and come in a see Mike.

So it went on for 18 months – true story – 18 months, and the only reason why Mike died was because the farmer, who was taking him around from show to show to show, had a little bit too much to drink once again, because now he’s in the money and he’s really living the high life. Well, he forgot to bring the little tools that he would use to clean out Mike’s throat so he could feed him, and he was feeding Mike some corn, which isn’t real smart, you know, and Mike started choking on it and the farmer didn’t have the tools to clear his throat and Mike fell over dead.

Now, the moral … (Adamus chuckles). Why am I telling this story? (someone shouts “Why?!”) Why am I telling this?! They applaud me at the Ascended Masters Club (some chuckles). Here they boo me. Why? Because you are not your brain. You are like Mike – schwifft! (cut off head) – and you’re still going to keep operating. You identify with the thing on the top of your head, and the fact is that you could keep – maybe – you could keep living like Mike did. I’m using this as an extreme example.

This thing right here (points to head) you identify with so much is not you. It is simply a processor that has the capability of taking broad bandwidth, a lot of spectrum, a lot of thought, and reducing it down, limiting it and then boxing it in. The brain is really good at that.

The brain, your brain, holds no memories. There are no memories in your brain. None whatsoever. Your brain does not generate any energy whatsoever. None. It uses energy. It’s not an energy source. Your brain has no intelligence in it. That’s not an insult, it’s a fact. Your brain has no intelligence whatsoever in it. It is simply a device. And you know you’ve got part of your brain that’s reptilian, part of your brain that’s mammal, part of your brain that’s evolved over time into the human, but your brain is simply a processor. The brain holds no memories. The one thing the brain got good at was fooling itself – and, therefore, fooling you – into limitation, not being sovereign anymore. It did a really good job. But maybe that’s the whole plan. Maybe that’s the whole plan.

Now, I say your brain doesn’t hold any of these. Your mind is a little different. Your mind. Your mind is not your brain. Do not mistake it. We can cut Mike’s head off and Mike still lives. Your mind is a little different. Where is your mind?

By the way, I love the way the word “mind” has come to be. Mind is not only kind of a psyche, kind of almost a spiritual or spirit aspect of the brain, but people say, “Mind your business. Mind the teacher. Mind your manners.” They’re even using that word now. It basically means control, limit. Control and limit.

So where is the mind? We can cut your head off. We’re not going to, I promise. We can cut your head off and you can still live, maybe. Mike did. Where is your mind? Where is your mind? Anybody? Show of hands (someone says “In your aura”). In your aura. Your aura is basically an energy field. It’s an emanation of your field, but your mind is not in your aura. Anybody else? Where’s your mind?

Yes. Microphone, please. Where’s the mind? Yeah.

TAD: Well, the first thing that came to me was it’s like up in the I-Cloud.

ADAMUS: High cloud?

TAD: I cl- … you know.

ADAMUS: I-Cloud.

TAD: I-Cloud.

ADAMUS: Oh, the I-Cloud. Yeah.

TAD: You know, it’s …

ADAMUS: The I-Cloud. Yeah, yeah.

TAD: I-Cloud.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Where’s the I-Cloud?

TAD: (pauses) Nowhere.

ADAMUS: Nowhere. Right. Right. Nowhere. So, anybody else? Where is the mind? What is the mind? What is the mind and where the hell is it? Because if we’re going to go beyond it, we’ve got to have a little understanding of where it is.

SHAUMBRA 3 (woman): Well, the mind is the navigator for the body.

ADAMUS: I’m sorry?

SHAUMBRA 3: The mind is the navigator for the body.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Kind of.

SHAUMBRA 3: For the physical reality.

ADAMUS: Yeah, but where in the hell is it?

SHAUMBRA 3: In no place.

ADAMUS: Is it in your foot?


ADAMUS: Is it in your heart?


ADAMUS: No. Is it in your brain?


ADAMUS: Wow. Isn’t it interesting that the brain, it is the thing – the brain and the mind actually combine together – to create pain in your body. Pain is actually really not real.

SHAUMBRA 3: It’s an illusion, yeah.

ADAMUS: It’s an impulse of the mind and the brain. But isn’t it interesting that the brain and the mind were so deviously smart? The brain can’t feel any pain. The brain – I could do brain surgery on you later and you’re not going to feel any pain. There are no pain receptors in the brain. Isn’t that fascinating? That should tell all of us a lot about the brain and the mind. Yet, it will deliver the sensation of pain some of you are feeling right now in your bodies. It’s not real. It’s not real.

By the way, I know Shaumbra really wants to go into the light body, but we’ve got to cover this stuff first, otherwise you’re just … you know what’s going to happen? You say, “Yeah, let’s drop all this other stuff. Let’s get the light body in here.” All it’s going to be is an artificial manufacture of the brain and the mind. That’s all it’s going to be, and you’re going to be playing that game, the light body game, “Oh, I’m bringing in my light body.” It’s like, no. It’s just another wing of the institute of the mind. You’re still in the crazy bin. That’s why we’ve got to get through all this. We’ve got to get beyond the mind before we can bring in the light body. And I’ve said it before, I get a little upset once in a while with these people pretending to teach light body and they haven’t gone out of their minds yet (some chuckles). And therefore, the light body is just going to be a new wing in the nuthouse. That’s all.

Okay. Where were we? Oh, I’m sorry, your body, your brain. Where’s your mind?

SHAUMBRA 3: It’s not physical. It can be in another dimension.


SHAUMBRA 3: Actually, it’s just a navigator for the physical. That’s why the headbanders did what they did for …

ADAMUS: You’ve got to hold that mike up to your mouth, up to your brain.

SHAUMBRA 3: That’s what we did for us to stay in the body and we can navigate in the physical.

ADAMUS: But where is the mind? Where is the psyche?

SHAUMBRA 3: It’s just the chemical.

ADAMUS: Is it in here (head)?


ADAMUS: No. No, no. It’s not. No, it’s not in there. That brain holds no memories. It is not creative. It does not really solve problems. The brain is just a processor. That’s all it is. It’s not even a memory storage device.

So where is the mind? Linda will keep running that microphone around. Where is the mind? And what is the mind?

Put the picture of Mike back up again here just to encourage everybody (laughter, Adamus chuckles).

JAN: I feel like Mike right now (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: Where is the mind? With all these memories, lifetimes of memories and emotions and feelings and judgments and awarenesses and experiences, where the hell is it?

JAN: I’m in my mind right now, because I couldn’t even imagine.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah (they chuckle). Yeah.

JAN: I mean, in my thinking it’s always been, you know, that the brain has always been responsible for all those things and you’re telling me now that it’s not.

ADAMUS: Cut off the head!

JAN: And it’s like, “Whoa!”

ADAMUS: And still the body keeps going. And that’s a common perception, that memories are in here (points to head).

JAN: Yeah.

ADAMUS: They’re not! And we could do a little dissecting later if somebody’s willing to volunteer and we could show you that there’s nothing in there. There’s nothing except chemicals and electricity and a connection to the mind, but where is the mind?

(she pauses)

Eh, one more. One more. Okay. Where is the mind? Does anybody want to take a shot at it?

CHRISTINA: Is it a part of consciousness?

ADAMUS: It is a part of consciousness. Thank you. And where is consciousness?

CHRISTINA: Everywhere.

ADAMUS: No, not everywhere. Where is your consciousness?

CHRISTINA: In the I Am. It’s me.

ADAMUS: Did you say it was in Canada? (some chuckles and she chuckles)

It’s where you are. The mind is a fragment, a part, very limited part of your consciousness, and your consciousness is wherever you are. Not just physically, but in awareness, and the mind is a little sliver of that. It doesn’t occupy time or space or anything else, but it’s part of consciousness, your consciousness. Thank you. You got it right (someone says “Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!”) Ding, ding, ding. Yeah. Okay, you can kill the chicken now. We’ve had enough of that (a few chuckles; the image goes away). Okay. Yeah, just when you’re getting used to it.

Big point, as we go forward, as we go beyond the mind, it is just a point of consciousness. That’s all it is. It’s not here (head) and it doesn’t exist in time or space. It is a little facet of your overall consciousness, the I Am that I Am.

The headbands got you really focused into that little facet, and then you believed that that was you. It’s part of you. We’re not going to destroy the mind as we go beyond it. Not at all. But you believe that thoughts are here. You believe that what you see with your eyes are real, and it’s not. It’s part, but a very small part of reality. You believe that what you sense in your body as this thing called pain or pleasure are real, and they’re not. They’re a little fragment of reality, but they’re not all of it. And when one starts believing that it’s real and that’s the extent of reality – the pain in your body, a thought in your mind, any of that – that’s when you really get trapped and limited. But when you allow yourself that there is so much more and it’s right here. It’s not out there, it’s not in there (head), it is right here, and it’s always been right here. It’s always been right here.

So, let’s take a deep breath. Let’s put a little music on, and I’ve got you all into your headaches today. This is great. Ohh! The head is so… yeah. So be like Mike, just cut the head off for a moment.

(music begins)

Let’s put on some music and bring this to a merabh.


Merabh – Follow the Knowingness

Where we’re going in everything we do is being able to stay on this planet as an embodied Master – with a mind, with a brain of course, but with so much more – to be sensual, to be sovereign. A sovereign being. And, you know, that was a dream of the soul. And what the soul dreams becomes so, after the experience of the human.

It was the dream of the soul to really understand, to know itself as truly sovereign. That’s what you’ve been doing – this whole being in the brain, the mind, in this whole headband thing – coming to sovereignty.

You know, the funny thing about the brain – you’re going to really learn to appreciate it and the mind – the brain and the mind are self-contained units. They stay within themselves. And as long as you’re thinking about your enlightenment, you’re thinking about going beyond, you’re still in the brain. You’re still in the institution.

I said before that you have a lot of dreams at night – maybe you remember, maybe you don’t – but dreams that you’re searching for something. A dream that you’re lost. A dream of great frustration. A dream that somebody has taken something away from you and you’re trying to find them to get it back or you’re just angry that they took something from you. These are all dreams of trying to break free, trying to find your way out.

It’s the mind’s way of interpreting – of course, the mind does not interpret, what you could say, authentically; it puts it in human terms that you might understand – but these are all dreams of trying to find your way out. And even in the dreams you find that it’s just another dead-end street.

Somebody asked me recently, “Why aren’t dreams fun and joyful? Shouldn’t I be floating off in the clouds at night and having a grand time?” Well, one of the levels that you dream of every night is trying to get out. Those are the dreams you remember, and it’s frustrating. Very frustrating.

But there’s another dream. It’s kind of overshadowed by your human dream of the mind and everything, but there’s another dream that I’d like you to feel into right now.

It’s not a dream of the mind. It’s not a dream of limitations. It’s the dream of knowingness.

The knowingness that you’re not sentenced to the mind forever. The knowingness that there is a lot more out there.

Oh, so much more out there, but don’t think in terms of just the human senses or perceptions. Don’t think in just terms of being younger, smarter, any of that. By the way, there’s absolutely no intelligence in the brain. There is none. A lot of people think, “Well, I’m really smart. My brain is intelligent.” There’s not. There are chemicals and electricity and a lot of tissue and blood and gook. But there’s no intelligence in your brain. But I deviate. Back to the dream.

There’s that dream of knowingness. It’s the knowingness that brings you through, brings you out of the limitations of the mind. And all you have to do is let that knowingness take you, take you by the hand. But stop thinking.

Let that dream of the knowingness – that’s really actually been the very best guide that you’ve ever had – let it continue to guide you now beyond the mind.

Don’t think about it. It’s your knowingness. It’s your gnost. Gnost means knowingness.

Let it take you beyond the mind, and as it does, remember what the human part of you is really here for. It’s for new. It’s for new experience.

In the mind you kind of forgot about that. In the mind you became very patterned. By the way, all these patterns, all these limitations, they’re not in the brain. They are part of that limited consciousness.

Now, if you would right now, just let that knowingness, your knowingness, let it walk you right out of the headbands. Let it walk you right beyond the mind.


And remember that for whatever you get into, including the mind and control, headbands – whatever you got into – you can also get out of. It’s like my crystal, my story of the crystal. I got myself in. Took me a long time to realize if I got in, I could get out. With that realization and one simple step I was out.

Now we come to the time, dear friends, of new. That’s a little scary for the human that’s been in the institution. You know, when you’ve got a prisoner in a prison for a long time, 30, 40 years, and they suddenly let the prisoner out, it’s scary. As much as they’ve dreamt about freedom, it’s scary. They’re not used to it, and actually a lot of them, over 75 percent end up going back to prison. Not because they’re bad people; because they can’t deal with new. They’ve gotten used to being in the prison, so they find a way to get themselves back.

We’re going into new, but it’s what the human does so well.

We’re going beyond the mind and beyond limitations. We’re going into what other people might think is crazy. We’re going into new.


It’s an experience, and the knowingness, the gnost asks you simply to embrace it.

It’s a little challenging on the human who’s been in that prison for a long time to know we’re just going to walk right out. The human is a little worried, “What’s it like out there? It’s been a long time. Are the guards at the prison going to try to chase me down, get me back in? What’s going to happen? Am I going to go crazy?”

But I ask you now simply to take the hand of your knowingness, of your gnost – as Tobias called it, the fourth leg of the stool – and to embrace what new comes in your life.

Yes, we’ll get into the light body. Yes, we’re going to get into all sorts of things that you’ll find so delightful as embodied Masters on this planet. But right now, let’s just walk beyond the limits of the mind.

Oh, by the way, this experience that I mentioned in our last gathering, the 45 to 60 days, it’s all about preparing you, getting you ready to walk beyond the mind. The mind will still be there. It will still exist, but you’ll have a whole different relationship with it. You’ll actually come to appreciate it, once you’re on the outside.

All the energies are being prepared to let you just walk out. That’s what’s been going on and you’ll have maybe another couple of weeks, a month of this whole disorientation in the mind. But it’s all about walking out.

So please now, if you would, just follow your knowingness right out of the limitations of the mind and follow it into your true consciousness.


The mind is just a tiny, tiny facet of your consciousness.


Follow the knowingness into what some would call the beyond. “Beyond” implies, oh, that it was off somewhere else and it’s not. It’s right here.

Don’t try to do anything else. Don’t think about it. Don’t do some sort of strange exercises or ceremonies, because then you’re right back in there. It’s got you, the mind.

Just take the knowingness, the gnost by the hand and walk right out.


So, dear human, get ready for something new. That’s what you do so well, so, so very well. You do new and experience. The Master doesn’t. The Master doesn’t do anything new. It just takes what you’ve done and brings it to wisdom. The I Am can only imagine or dream of new, but you, the human, can actually do it.

Let’s take a good deep breath here in the beauty of this day.

Also remembering now, as these headbands start coming off, remembering there was a beauty in it. There really was. It wasn’t a mistake. You’ll come to appreciate it very deeply, as you stay on this planet as embodied Masters. It was all about sovereignty.

Let’s take a deep breath together.

And coming back to my opening statement today, you’re crazy until you’re not.

(music ends)

With that, my dear friends, remember that all is well in all of creation.

Thank you (audience applause).