The Transhuman Series

SHOUD 9 – Featuring ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
May 6, 2017

I Am that I Am, Adamus of Free Being. (Linda starts clapping, and is joined by the audience.)

Thank you. You can save your applause for later, see if it’s more real by the time we’re done with today. Ah, no, nt was beautiful, but speaking of beauty, can you sense what happened in the room? And for all of you watching in, can you sense what happened just in the last few minutes? Something kind of swept over everyone, swept over Shaumbra. Hm. Maybe even a little difficult to describe in words, but a feeling of real, a feeling of, I guess you would say, quality, a feeling of sensuality. Sensuality.

I’ve been talking about the senses for quite a bit now. It’s been a lot of words and a lot of intellectual concepts, but then they eventually kind of absorb in, into your very being. You begin to understand – not at a mind-word level, but at a heart-feeling level – what it means to be sensual, going beyond what I would call a relatively gray, flat and oftentimes humorless life, where you’re so serious about life and even serious about your enlightenment. And then you take a deep breath and suddenly your world changes.

Now, we’re going to talk about it a little bit today, but is it the way you’re perceiving the world and yourself? Is it things that are really happening and changing? I mean, can this be real? All of this enlightenment that you’ve been working so hard on, is it finally here?


The Tree of Sensuality

And I notice something, I noticed a lot of things, but while the music was playing – beautiful music, a little bit quiet for my introduction, we’ll get to that in a moment, but beautiful music* – something changed. And this tree of sensuality that was unveiled today, beautiful tree, so symbolic in so many different ways of what’s going on; you know, we couldn’t have had that tree before now. Not in the real sense of appreciation, because if we had had it a year or two ago, it wouldn’t have had the sensuality. It wouldn’t have tickled your senses like it does now.
* Referring to this video

It’s been sitting there waiting for years, just waiting to come here, to be with you. And this beautiful Tree of Sensuality – and no, I’m not afraid of crystals anymore (some laughter), I’m not worried about getting stuck inside – but this beautiful tree, symbolic of the senses. I’ve said there is over 200,000 other senses that you have. As humans, you’re focused in one, and that’s Focus. You’re in one sense. Could you imagine this incredible journey of coming to this planet and taking on time, space and physical form, coming to this planet and taking on very limited energy? That’s the sense of Focus, and it worked! You got very focused. It’s your one sense. It’s the one true sense of humans – Focus. Things like your sight, your hearing, your taste, those are just tools. But one sense – Focus. Now you’re opening up to the other senses – 200,000. You’re not going to open to all those right away. As I’ve said, you get to about eleven or twelve senses that you’re actually using or allowing into your life; that’s when you get that big smile and you know you are truly the embodied Master.

This tree represents sensuality, what you’re coming to. It’s beautiful in its own right. It’s made from nature. Everything in here from nature. It represents nature. You know, so often they talk about the Tree of Life. What is the Tree of Life? To me, it’s the Tree of Senses, opening to your senses. Here you see the visual beauty of it, but I ask you for a moment to feel the energy of it.

Now, crystals, in themselves, hold nothing over you. Crystals, in themselves, are not going to free you from the bondage of limited human life. But crystals are a beautiful reminder in so many ways. As Linda says, they come from Earth, they’re made under pressure and they turn into such beautiful things like you. All the pressure that you’ve had, all that tremendous pressure, and then you let it go; you stop working so hard, you stop trying so hard, you stop exerting pressure on yourself and you become the Christos, the crystal, the Christ that you truly are.

This beautiful Tree of Sensuality – like I said, they talk about the Tree of Life, but it’s really the Tree of Sensuality – this beautiful tree represents crystals, the very thing that this planet was seeded with so long ago by the angelic beings prior to human arrival. The crystals themselves held energy. They emitted light and they emitted energy, but a different type of energy, a very different type, something that we’ll talk about today.

Crystals themselves embedded in the Earth. As a matter of fact, the core of Earth isn’t just a bunch of hot molten lava. It is a huge crystal and it has been such an important part of this planet, because a crystal represents clarity. Crystal is symbolic of Christos or the Christ. Not Yeshua, Christ, but the Christ consciousness or the Christed consciousness within each of you.

I’ll actually go so far, I’ll extrapolate and say the word “Christos,” “crystal,” “Christ” actually means “senses.” In the true literal definition it means senses; the ability to perceive with more than just the eye, with more than just Focus.

This tree also represents to me the humans, you, who will come into your embodied mastery in this lifetime. There’s over a thousand crystals on this tree, I’m told. How many? How many more? How many more trees will we need to get? When will we come to our first thousand or more of you who have allowed that consciousness into the body? How many more trees like this will line the stage when we get past the thousand and two thousand and three thousand? This, I hope, is just a beginning, and one of these precious beautiful crystals represents you, has your name on it for when that time comes.

It’s really, in a way, quite a moment to have this here to accompany us as we talk about sensuality, senses. It’s the way out. The way out of Focus. You’ve probably already learned you can’t get out of Focus with Focus, and you can’t get out with your mind and you can’t get out with trying. You just can’t. And you’ve tried. You tried reading books, going to workshops. You’ve tried every trick in the book on yourself regarding how to get out, and what does it do? Just gets you into more Focus.

It’s kind of the funny thing about the sense of Focus – it begets itself. It gets you more focused, and then you try so desperately hard to get out again, to … you know there is so much more. You know there’s so much more. It’s within you, but how do you access it? How do you get there? And when the mind scrambles off and tries to figure it out, you can’t. One thing, allowing.

You say, “Well, Adamus, if it’s that simple, why doesn’t it just happen?” Good question. It’s really a matter of trust. Trust. To allow the I Am that is already here, the universes that are already within, the senses that are already here, to allow that without effort, without manipulation, without structure but truly just to allow. That is trust at the level of, well, the deepest level. The level of “I’ll trust so much that I’m willing to die for it. I’m willing to die.” That kind of trust.

But few humans do that. Most humans think that they’re trusting a little bit. And I’ve heard this statement so many times, “I’m getting a little better every day.” (spit!) No, you’re not (some chuckles). You’re not. You’re lying to yourself – “I’m getting a little better every day.” No, you’re not. You’re running in circles. It’s like a hamster on a wheel. Is that better? Is the hamster any further ahead? The hamster thinks she is, but is absolutely no further ahead. I’m sorry, Kerri, that screwed-up face is like, “Oh! Am I the hamster?” Yeah.

KERRI: I know I’m the fat hamster on the wheel. I’ve said it.

ADAMUS: To me, you’re so beautiful. Come here, let’s have a kiss (some laughter). Come here.

KERRI: Oh, any day!

ADAMUS: Please! (more laughter as she comes up to the front) Come here, love. Come here. Come here. Mm. Ah, in front of the tree!

KERRI: Yeah, don’t look Linda.

ADAMUS: Where else? Ready? (they fake making out; laughter) Mwah! (he kisses her cheek) Good. In front of the tree. Good (applause as she returns to her seat).

Where were we? Oh, hamster on a … you know, by the way, never ever, ever, ever underestimate the power of distraction, the beauty of distraction. You know humans get focused. They stay linear. They stay on that same path. (snap!) Snap them out of it. Snap yourself out of it. Do something totally outrageous just to get yourself … you know, when you get down in the dumps, what do you do? “Oh, why am I in the dumps?” You’re thinking about the dumps and “What got me here?” and “I’m such a bad person.” Shut up. Go do something outrageous. Really. It does miracles. You can shift the energy in a room very quickly with a little distraction, genuine distraction. I loved the kiss, and you smell so good, I meant to mention. But suddenly it snaps the energy, gets it out of the focus and allows it to flow naturally.

So back to the point. Beautiful, beautiful Tree of Sensuality. It was time, and I think you’ll come to understand that more as we carry on.


The Adamus Saint-Germain Show

But before we go any further, I have to admit that, well, I told the Ascended Masters the other night at the Ascended Masters Club – it is a real place, by the way. I use it as a story, as a delivery mechanism, but it is a real place. I mean, we gather, we chat, we laugh about you (some chuckles). We have great fun, and they’re so intrigued by my stories. You know, some of them do some teachings too, but other groups, you know, like down in Sedona and places like that. But they’re so intrigued by Shaumbra. “How’s it going, Adamus?”

It’s almost like a contest, you know. It’s like we all have our groups – well, not all of them, but a lot of us have our groups we work with – and it’s almost, you know, we’ll be sitting around having a cigar and a drink and it’ll be, “How’s the group going, Adamus? How many Ascended Masters do you have now, embodied Masters down in your group?” Well, I actually don’t tell them. I like to keep them guessing. And some of them will brag, “Oh, I got two or three that are close.” It’s like, “Pfft!” (Adamus chuckles) So they’re always asking, “How is that group of Shaumbra down there?” and I don’t say too much, because I don’t want to ruin it. I want to show up one day and say, “I got over a thousand. What are you talking about? You only have – you don’t have any? None? I’ve got a thousand or more. We’re going to order another tree, as a matter of fact, a bigger one this time. Make room for more.”

But I have to admit (Linda groans) … what? It wasn’t that expensive (some chuckles). No, here’s a good point. Here’s a very good point, and actually the real point of the tree: Live your life in quality from now on. I’m tired – I’m really tired – of you cheaping out on yourself. You’re tired of it, but I’m really, really tired of it. Do you realize what it’s like for an Ascended Master to have to deal with somebody who is cheaping out? I mean, who’s afraid they might spend too much? That’s not very Ascended Masterly-like. No! “Live quality or don’t live at all,” I say. You go, “Ehhhh, not so sure.” Buy a nice tree, a nice car, a nice house.

LINDA: Okay. Okay.

ADAMUS: A nice house (a few chuckles). Just do it, clothing…

Now, part of you, the guilty – a lot of you used to be Catholic – the guilty Catholic part is like, “Ohh, but I shouldn’t be spending that kind of money and what if …” Do it. Just, damn it, do it, and watch how your life changes. If you sit and worry about a budget on a tree like this, ten years from now you’re still going to be crawling around on the ground on your hands and knees wondering where abundance is going to come from. If you do it and let the energy flow, it’s there and ten years from now you’re going to have five trees like this or more.

It follows. Abundance follows abundance. Quality follows quality. And when you’re cheaping out on yourself, you’re doing yourself the greatest disfavor. When you’re cheaping out on you. And I know, I can hear it all, I can hear so many of you online right now, “But Adamus, you don’t understand. I don’t have any money. I don’t have any bills.” Well, yes, because you’ve been living cheaply, and if you had been living abundantly, you would have all the things you want. Absolutely. Live in abundance. Live in quality or don’t live at all. Mm-mm-mm-mmmm. I can see that now on the homepage of your website.

So, to my point that I was getting at. I’ve gotten the bug. I was telling the Ascended Masters the other night, I said, “You know, I come from a theater background of sorts.” I had a few lifetimes where I practiced the theatrical arts. I love them because it gets you out of your stinking way. When you realize that this is all an act; when you realize that you can really activate any facet of yourself at any point, to act out and never lose your core I Am identity, acting is wonderful. It’s a creative expression, but it also opens you up, gets you laughing, gets you playing with the many facets that you have of yourself.

So I was telling the Ascended Masters, I said, “You know, I’ve really actually gotten the stage bug.” Now, I used to have the theater bug. I used to love acting on the theaters, but you know, if you had an audience of one or two hundred, that was huge because you had to really yell to get back there. Now you have these microphones.

I said, “I’m really getting the bug. You know, I like this. I’m comfortable on the stage, even if Cauldre isn’t. I’m comfortable with the audience. We have great fun.” I said, “I think I’m going to stay a little while longer. Maybe even Shaumbra will kind of hold back on their embodied enlightenment just so we can kind of keep this gig going for a while. I really like it.” And I said, “You know, through some Shaumbra, I watch these shows on television and they’re like these talk shows, these late-night shows. I said, “I’ll sit there” – of course, they’re asleep, they’re passed out, but I’m kind of watching through them – and it’s fun to see these late-night hosts. I kind of see myself as the …

LINDA: You mean like the Adamus Saint-Germain Show?

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.


ADAMUS: Featuring Adamus Saint-Germain.


ADAMUS: Directed by Adamus Saint-Germain.

LINDA: What would the opening be?

ADAMUS: Starring Adamus Saint- … well, and I said, you know, actually Cauldre was driving down here today and I interrupted him and I said, “I’d like to kind of play this out a little bit. Find me some music.” So, let’s redo the whole beginning. You had that nice, sweet, teary, sensual music and visuals, but here’s how I’d like to start the Adamus Show, but let me go back here first. And Linda, you’re up front …

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: … cohosting.

LINDA: Okay, I can do this, maybe.

ADAMUS: Annnd let’s hit it!

(talk-show music begins)

LINDA: Hey! It’s the Adamus Saint-Germain Show! Here we go everyone! (audience cheers and applause) Welcome! Adamus Saint-Germain! Yay! Here in our studio audience! (more audience cheers and applause)

ADAMUS: Ah! Thank you, Linda!

LINDA: My pleasure!

ADAMUS: So good to be here with all of you!

LINDA: My pleasure!

ADAMUS: Ah! This is one of the best audiences!

LINDA: Look at this gorgeous audience here for you and those online! Welcome!

ADAMUS: Oh! Oh! This is one of the best audiences we’ve ever had here! (more cheers and applause) Poor Cauldre, he’s going to die (laughter).

So, welcome to the Adamus Show! Yeah, we’ve got a lot to cover today. We’re going to talk about some of the latest happening on the planet Earth. We’re going to talk about how there is no time and we’re going to talk about a whole new energy that can change your life.

LINDA: (shouting) Yay! (more audience cheers) You go for it, Adamus!

ADAMUS: So before we do, let’s get into the monologue in the Adamus Saint-Germain Show.

You know, I was at the Ascended Masters Club the other night. We were talking about the human journey and, you know, there’s a saying at the Ascended Masters Club, “This planet is not for Masters.” This planet is not for Masters. Kind of like “No Country for Old Men,” your movie, but “This planet is not for Masters.” And we all cracked up laughing, because humor on the other side is a little bit different than humor here. But we understood what that meant. We understood that it’s so difficult. It has been for all of us, all 9,699 Ascended Masters. It was so difficult for us to stay in grayness, to stay in the singular sense of Focus; so difficult to stay amongst other people, lovely people, but rather unconscious; so difficult to stay where the world and people at times can be so cruel, so mean, so dull, that this planet is no place for Ascended Masters.

And we all nodded our head and agreed. We all said, “You know, staying a week after our enlightenment seemed like a lifetime.” For a few who stayed a couple of years, like Kuthumi, it was almost forever. They found themselves having to isolate themselves, to become hermits, to really remove themselves from everything but nature.

This planet is really no place for Ascended Masters, because it hurts. It hurts the body. It’s being compressed so tight. You’re operating from a mind that is limited and actually pretty mindless. You’re not in your senses. You’re not even you when you’re here. You’re not you. But you don’t recognize, you don’t realize it. You just know something’s wrong, something’s wrong in all of your human lifetimes. Of the many, many that you’ve had, you know there’s something that’s not right, but you don’t know what it is. So what do you do? You blame it on yourself. This thing that’s wrong, the reason you’re not getting it, that you’re not happy, the reason that life seems to be such a struggle is because you’re doing something wrong.

This planet is no place for Ascended Masters. And what do you do, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime? You try to make it work. You try harder to become more focused, to become more like what the expectations of other people are. You get more away from who you really are. You’re trying to hide and mask this knowingness that you have that there’s a lot more. Then you go into fear and you go into doubt and then you eventually go into hiding within yourself, but a very, very small part of yourself. That’s why this planet is really no place for Masters. It’s really not.

We all nodded our heads. “Damn right. Couldn’t wait to get out of there. Couldn’t wait for our enlightenment, but couldn’t wait to get out of there,” because why would anyone want to stay? Why would they want to stay in a place that is not really them or for them? A place that really doesn’t welcome Masters, that really doesn’t honor who you really are, that tries to get you back into the family ancestral karmic bloodline, a world that tries to get you back into your mind, a world that tries to get you to serve others and not love yourself. Why?

LINDA: (clapping) This is a depressing monologue. Where is this going? (a few chuckles)

ADAMUS: It’s going to go straight to hell if you’re not careful (laughter). This is my monologue. I didn’t say my show is going to be funny. I just said it was going to be a monologue (Linda laughs). It’s my monologue. Wait. There’s more (more chuckles). Nice distraction.

LINDA: I try.

ADAMUS: So we sat around and talked and finally one of the Ascended Masters, Xena, said, “But hang on a second. Adamus, you say that this planet is no place for Masters, but yet you’re standing in front of a group, sometimes acting a little foolish; you’re standing in front of a group and encouraging them to stay.”

LINDA: Yeah.


LINDA: Yeah.


LINDA: Yeah.

ADAMUS: This is the funny part.

LINDA: Yeah (more chuckles).

ADAMUS: And I said, “I don’t really care one way or the other.”


ADAMUS: I really don’t.


ADAMUS: You come over to my side. Come over to the bright side, come over to the easy side or stay there. I said, “But they want to stay. They want to stay!” And one of the other Ascended Masters said, “But why? Why do they want to stay? It’s almost like being in prison and the warden comes in one day and says, ‘Shea, you’re free. Here’s your papers,’ and Shea says, ‘No I want to stay.’ Why? Why do they want to stay?” And I said, “You know, we’ll talk about that at the Adamus Saint-Germain Show. We’ll talk about that and find out why.”


Why Stay?

Now, I have some pretty good feelings of why you do, but I’d like to hear from you, very quickly, why stay? And let’s eliminate one thing right up front. It’s not because you’re afraid to die. You think that’s why you want to stay, because, “Oh, geez! I don’t know, then I’m going to die.” No, actually, you’re really beyond that fear. I mean, it’s not like you’re looking forward to it, and I know that every one of you are saying, “Okay, when it’s my time, no pain, just walk out, none of these diseases.” That’s fine, but it’s not for fear of death.

So why stay? Please, Linda.

LINDA: Am I looking for volunteers?

ADAMUS: Always.

LINDA: Okay. Here we go.

ADAMUS: Yes. Why?

(fanfare music plays)

ADAMUS: Go ahead.

JOE: Why stay?

ADAMUS: Why stay?

JOE: Umm, to make a difference.

ADAMUS: With what?

JOE: Holding the vibration.

ADAMUS: For what?

JOE: For the rest of the planet.


JOE: As a Master.

ADAMUS: What, and I’m just… hypothetically, what if they didn’t want the vibration changed? What if they actually turned against you?

JOE: Actually, doing it for myself.

ADAMUS: Okay. Good.

JOE: And that’s a byproduct.


JOE: Yeah. Just holding it for myself.

ADAMUS: Okay. Could I dare say that you’re doing it almost just to see if you can?

JOE: Yeah, there’s a piece of that.


JOE: Absolutely.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. “Why not?”

JOE: Yeah, why not?

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

JOE: It’s a new adventure.

ADAMUS: Good. Could I also say that maybe this is really ingrained in you very deeply for many lifetimes? “I’m going to stay. I’m going to do it. I’m going to be here as a light shining on the planet for others.”

JOE: Absolutely.


JOE: Oh, yeah.

ADAMUS: Good. Good. Thank you. Next. Why stay?

BRENDA: I knew you were going to do that (to Linda). It’s an adventure.

ADAMUS: It’s an adventure. You know, but I got adventures on the other side that are beyond anything you could even imagine. I mean, we do things every day, and they don’t cost anything, that are adventures beyond beyond. You say, “It’s an adventure.” Pfft! It’s boring! It’s really boring. I have a hard time coming – I fall asleep sometimes coming down here (she giggles). It’s so boring, and you say it’s an adventure. In what way?

BRENDA: It’s not been done before.

ADAMUS: That’s true. That’s true. So what do you want, an “I did it first” badge?

BRENDA: Yeah (they chuckle).

ADAMUS: Okay. That’s a good one. Sure. Sure. What else? Why stay?

BRENDA: I’ve just had this deep sense of, I don’t know, I guess it’s from your teachings and and Yeshua’s teachings of …

ADAMUS: I noticed you put me before Yeshua. That’s okay … (someone giggles) Oh, stop being such sticks in the butt! He doesn’t care! (laughter) Yeshua had a great sense …

BRENDA: Well, it is your show.

ADAMUS: I’m going to tell you some stories. Yeah.

BRENDA: I mean, after all …

ADAMUS: It is my show.

BRENDA: … it is your show.

ADAMUS: Right, right. Yeah. Yeah (more chuckles).


ADAMUS: It’s not the Adamus Saint-Germain Show, also featuring, Yeshua, Jesus H. Christ. It’s like, no! It’s my show (laughter). Get your show, Jesus! I guess he has a lot of shows on this planet. There is the Jesus show! And it’s like, wow, okay. He’s got some. Go ahead. What else?

BRENDA: I think it’s a deep sense of bringing the Christ energy in and living that energy.

ADAMUS: Okay. You could bring it in and then quickly come over to the other side. We’ve got a bunch of Shaumbra …

BRENDA: I tried that. It didn’t work.

ADAMUS: Didn’t work?


ADAMUS: Coming over to the other side, that’s easy.

BRENDA: It wasn’t for me.

ADAMUS: Really?

BRENDA: I really did want to leave. I really did.

ADAMUS: You wanted to leave.

BRENDA: I’d just had it.



ADAMUS: And then what changed?

BRENDA: I don’t know. I just went to the beach, drank a few beers and watched the ocean waves come in (she laughs and audience laughter).

ADAMUS: I’m not going to tell the Ascended Masters that story. “Ehhh, I had a few beers and decided to stay on this lousy frickin’ planet!” It’s like, “Okay.” (more laughter) You still drinking?

BRENDA: I don’t drink that often.

ADAMUS: Not that often. “Just when I feel like leaving the planet. I’llll have a couple of beers and …” Okay. You want some Kool-Aid?


ADAMUS: Oh, kidding!


ADAMUS: Kidding, kidding.

BRENDA: No (Linda laughs loudly).

ADAMUS: Kidding.

BRENDA: No (laughter).

ADAMUS: You know, where’s the fanfare? Come on, “Ba-room, ba-room!”

BRENDA: I didn’t really want to leave.

ADAMUS: You didn’t want to leave. Okay.

BRENDA: If I had really wanted to leave, I would have left.

ADAMUS: Right, right. Okay.

BRENDA: So I had to …

ADAMUS: Tell me one compelling thing why you want to stay.

BRENDA: (pausing) It’s why I came.

(fanfare music breaks in)

ADAMUS: Thank you (they chuckle). A little delayed reaction from … “Jesus, stop that!” (more chuckles) Thank you. A couple more, real quick. Why, why, why would you want to stay? Why would you want to stay? You can both share the microphone. (Duke chuckles) Yes.

DUKE: Well …

ADAMUS: It’s a two-for-one deal.

DUKE: It’s a twofer.


DUKE: Well, I’m here, so why not try to experience mastership while I’m here.

ADAMUS: Okay. But what if you get tired of it? After three days you have such insight – not brain insight, but such insight – why stay?

DUKE: I wouldn’t know where else to go.

ADAMUS: Oh, I’ve got some great places.

DUKE: Okay! (he chuckles)

ADAMUS: I’ve got such vacation getaway deals to the other side.

DUKE: When the time comes I will call you (they chuckle).


DUKE: Okay.

ADAMUS: For your children? For your …

DUKE: No. I would like personally to experience mastership in the body.

ADAMUS: Okay. That’s good. I like that. Very clear. Thank you. Yeah. He took your answer.

SOUSAN: Exactly.


SOUSAN: He took my answer and also I think nature. I like the experience of nature on planet Earth.

ADAMUS: Yeah, we’ve got nature on Theos, which is the …


ADAMUS: Mm, really nice nature (she chuckles). Like this (gesturing to the tree), but alive. Yeah. Nature, okay.

SOUSAN: And my children

ADAMUS: And your children.

SOUSAN: And people I love.


SOUSAN: So, yeah.

ADAMUS: Fair. Fair.

Okay, so I don’t know if it’s craziness on your part or true dedication, compassion or just because you can, because you’re going to try to do it. There is a very deep and a very old commitment that you have made, going back to the times of Yeshua where you first became, you called yourself Shaumbra. You said, “We’re going to do it one day. We’re going to stay,” because you were seeing others, from time to time, leave. You saw Yeshua leave, not so pretty. And you said, “You know, no. We’re going to do it, just because we can.” But you also know, you knew back then and you know now, it’s going to transform … I don’t want to say the planet, but it’s going to transform souls. Souls.

It’ll have an effect on this planet, but, you know, when there are a thousand or more of you where you’ve allowed your enlightenment, it’s going to change the planet, but not in the way you’d expect. It’s not going to be a great kumbaya moment for the planet. It will actually cause more friction, more resistance, more tension on the planet. You know, some of the great prophets that have come along, they haven’t been admired and loved for centuries later.

So you’re going to cause some crap to come up on the planet, but there’s something you kind of like about that too (a few chuckles). But you’re also going to – if I could summarize this – you know that, even without any immediate effect, that you are creating such a potential for others. You’re adding a potential to consciousness that really isn’t – there’s not much there right now.

You know your legacy, what you’re leaving behind for others who come after you, who are going to go through those tough times into their awakening, those tough times in their life when they lose everything in coming to their enlightenment, who doubt themselves, who are in agony and torment; you’re leaving a potential that’s really not very visible right now. That’s really the reason I feel that you’re staying. It may not happen right away, this potential that you’re adding for other humans who are coming into their mastery. They may not get it right away. It may take lifetimes for them, but you’re putting it there. You’re crystalizing it for them. So, on one of those “dark night of the soul” nights, when all seems lost and hopeless and they’re at the end of the end and don’t know what to do, suddenly there’s going to be a light that shines. It doesn’t mean they’re going to take it, accept it, allow it or anything, but at least it’s going to be there.

You know what it’s like not to have that light. You know what it’s like to be in the darkest of your moments and just feel more darkness, and you know how awful that was. And part of the commitment – if we really kind of here go beyond linear time – part of the commitment that you have in the future that’s instilled in you right now is to leave that potential. That light, that hope, whether it shows up to them as an angelic voice or just clarity in their mind; whether they suddenly see the beauty of themself, whatever it is, but that light is going to be there for them. That’s why. And it may not occur right away. And, in a funny way of speaking, your future self has no agenda whether they take that light or not – no agenda – but at least it’s there.

For so many of you, if you had had that – there was little slivers of it, but almost invisible – but if you would have had that, that – let’s call it a light – that feeling of hope in your darkest moments, oh, how things could have been different. That’s what you’re leaving behind. That’s why you’re staying.

And it’s hard to do. It’s very hard to do if you have your enlightenment and then leave three days later. But when you stay embodied, when you are able to be in the “and,” to be in a rather gray, rather unsensual world, but also walk as the “and” Master, you’re also walking in your sensuality, in your color, in your I Am.

That’s the whole – really if I could kind of summarize all this – that’s this whole concept of leaving the light and being able to be in the true “and.” You’re going to be human. You’re going to make mistakes, as you would call them. You’re going to bump your head on a low ceiling. You’re going to continue to do that. We’re not trying to overcome that. You’re in the human condition. You’re going to forget that you’ve got food cooking on the stove and it’s going to burn and the house is going to fill with smoke and the fire alarms are going to go off and you go, “Oh! I’m supposed to be an Ascended Master,” and in that exact same moment you are the Ascended Master laughing at yourself. That’s the comedy part of my monologue (Linda laughs loudly along with audience laughter).

LINDA: Come on! (trying to get more audience reaction)

ADAMUS: Oh! (Adamus chuckles and more audience laughter and some applause)

LINDA: Geez!

ADAMUS: So the point is why don’t you start laughing right now, because you are in the “and.” It’s not terribly clear, but how do you get there? You just do. “I Am Here. I’m in the ‘and.’ I’m a human. I’m a mortal, and I’m going to bump my head and stub my toe, and I’m the Master at the same time.”

LINDA: (shouts) That’s so cool! Yeah! (fanfare music comes in) That is so cool! Yeah! Yeah! (audience shouts “Wooo!” and “Woof! Woof! Woof!” and some applause)


Your Most Outrageous Deed

ADAMUS: All right. Okay. Now today’s guest! Today’s guest for our show is you. I got a question for you. So Linda’s going to volunteer you to come up here to the guest chair and answer the following question on live TV in front of everybody.

What is the most outrageous thing you’ve done in this lifetime?

Now, before you come up here for this portion of the show, I want to remind you I can read all of your thoughts (a few chuckles). So I need to know what was the most outrageous thing and I will tell you the most outrageous thing that I did in my last lifetime on Earth.

LINDA: Oh, my god! This sounds like fun‼ (fanfare music breaks in again) Am I ready?!

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

LINDA: Whoa‼!

ADAMUS: Okay, volunteer.

LINDA: Whoa! Excellent!

ADAMUS: What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve done in this lifetime?

David, come on up. Big hand for David (applause and fanfare music). Have a seat, David.

DAVID: Ah, thank you

ADAMUS: Would you like a cup of coffee?

DAVID: No, thank you. I’m quite content.

ADAMUS: You’re thinking about that … oh, nice boots.

DAVID: Oh, well, thank you.

ADAMUS: Yeah, I really like those.

DAVID: Well, as you’re aware, I actually bought those after your magnificent class that you taught in Breckenridge.

ADAMUS: Yep, where I said go out and buy something for yourself. And you know, people spent a lot of money, a lot of money. I don’t know how much those boots are, but those look like about a thousand dollar boots.

DAVID: Actually, I got them on sale (laughter as Adamus reacts with disgust). But they are magnificent.


DAVID: They probably would have been without being on sale.

ADAMUS: Who invented sales anyway?

DAVID: I like good deals.

ADAMUS: Okay, nice boots. But what was the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done in this lifetime? (David sighs) Oh! Yeah. And you’re amongst friends here.

DAVID: Yeah.

ADAMUS: You can say anything you want.

DAVID: Going to Europe in 1963 when I was a junior in college and took off for the summer and spent about eight weeks or so there, traveled around.

ADAMUS: Why was that outrageous?

DAVID: Well, it was totally out of the box for me.


DAVID: I didn’t really have the money at the time that I decided to do it, but I decided to do it.

ADAMUS: Do you ever regret doing it?

DAVID: Absolutely not.

ADAMUS: But you didn’t have the money and you felt kind of like, “Oh, maybe I shouldn’t be doing this.”


ADAMUS: Yeah. Good. Good. And have you gone back or done anything outrageous like that since?

DAVID: That was the best of the best.


DAVID: It’s actually where I met you for the first time in Paris, as you’re aware.


DAVID: Yeah. And we hung out for three days. So it doesn’t get any better than that.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Bad hangover, but …

DAVID: No, it was quite … (laughter)

ADAMUS: … that’s another story. So, good. And what’s the most outrageous thing you’ve done lately?

DAVID: Bought myself some new furniture.

LINDA: Oh, geez! That’s outrageous?!

DAVID: It was for me (David laughs loudly and fanfare music breaks in).

LINDA: Man, we gotta work on these picks!

ADAMUS: Why was new furniture outrageous?

DAVID: You know, I had, you know, bullshit of saving money.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

DAVID: It just, yeah, it was.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Is it nice furniture?

DAVID: Yeah, it’s lovely. It’s gorgeous.

ADAMUS: You love it? Yeah. Did you spend too much?

DAVID: No, I got … you know. (laughter)

ADAMUS: Don’t!

DAVID: No, it’s lovely! I bought exactly what I wanted.

ADAMUS: You got it at the furniture barn, I’m sure.


ADAMUS: Well, no.

DAVID: But I …

ADAMUS: Nice furniture.

DAVID: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Okay, good. Good. Thank you. I’ll bring this to a point, hopefully, in just a moment. But, thank you.

DAVID: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Do you have any guilt about your outrageous adventures in life? Any remorses?

DAVID: At this point it would be not being more outrageous in doing it, you know, outrageously all the time.

ADAMUS: Right. Okay.

DAVID: Yeah, I mean, really, my thing is, you know, the box got kind of comfortable.


DAVID: But kind of pinched too.

ADAMUS: You ready for some outrageous?

DAVID: Absolutely.

ADAMUS: Woo wee! Okay.

DAVID: Hoo haa!

ADAMUS: Ahh! (some laughter) Good. A couple more. Thank you, David.

DAVID: Thank you very much.

ADAMUS: Thank you. Yeah (some applause).

LINDA: Okay. I’m going to work on more outrageous.

(fanfare music cuts in)


LINDA: Let’s see.

ADAMUS: All right.

LINDA: Really outrageous!

ADAMUS: Linda’s looking for a volunteer.

LINDA: Really outrageous!

ALICE: (chuckles) Oh, god.

ADAMUS: Ah! Come on up. Come on up, yeah. Welcome to the Adamus Show featuring Adamus and …

ALICE: And Alice.

ADAMUS: … company. Yeah, Alice. Good to have you here. What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done? Do we want to hear this?

LINDA: You go for it, girl.

ADAMUS: It’s like …

LINDA: You go for it.

ADAMUS: I hear it coming now.

LINDA: I dare you.

ALICE: There are so many.

ADAMUS: Well, just give me …

LINDA: Yeah, I know! (Alice giggles)

ADAMUS: … the most outrageous thing.

ALICE: Ummm, I had sex in my car.

ADAMUS: Can you all hear this okay? It’s like … (some laughter)

ALICE: Hello, world.

ADAMUS: Okay, all right.

ALICE: I had sex in my car in Disney World parking lot (more laughter, Adamus is not impressed). That was pretty cool. No, seriously.

ADAMUS: I asked for the most outrageous thing.

ALICE: That was … ohh!


ALICE: But there were people all … (more chuckles)

ADAMUS: That was it?

ALICE: And it was hot and we had a blanket over us and …

ADAMUS: Why’d you have a blanket over you if it was hot?

ALICE: So they couldn’t see.

LINDA: Nobody cares!

ALICE: Okay. So the time I did it …

ADAMUS: How many of you have seen people fornicating, and you know …

ALICE: … without the blanket. How about that? (she giggles)

ADAMUS: You know, people are just like, “Ugh, oh, yeah, yeah.” Okay. Okay. Well, no that’s – okay.

ALICE: It’s not bad.

ADAMUS: You know, actually the good thing is that Mickey Mouse didn’t walk by and have a heart attack on the spot (she giggles). Yeah.

ALICE: Scare the kids!

ADAMUS: How old were you when you did that?

ALICE: Ohh, 24, 25.

ADAMUS: Twenty-four, okay.

ALICE: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: Did you feel guilty about it?



ALICE: It was good fun.

ADAMUS: Do you wish you hadn’t done it?



ALICE: Many more times.

ADAMUS: Many more times! (she laughs) Yeah, yeah. Good.

ALICE: All around the world.

ADAMUS: And what’s the most outrageous thing you’ve done lately?

ALICE: Mmmm …

LINDA: Oh, I dare you.

ALICE: I’m going to get in trouble with Linda!

ADAMUS: No, no. Linda doesn’t care.

ALICE: It was at BON.

ADAMUS: Oh, one of our events.

LINDA: (gasps) You are naughty!

ALICE: And …

(fanfare music cuts in)


ALICE: … you guys weren’t in the room. It was pizza party night.

ADAMUS: That was fun.

ALICE: And you know how you had the chairs up here?

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

ALICE: I know you were there, so I can’t lie. But … (they chuckle) Nikolai, help! We sort of, I sort of sat on your lap.


ALICE: On your chair.


ALICE: And danced with you.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Yeah. And …

LINDA: You did a lap dance with Geoff (some chuckles). I like that.

ALICE: Short version.

ADAMUS: How long did that go? I gotta ask.

ALICE: Many minutes! (she chuckles)

ADAMUS: I just gotta ask. Was I good? (laughter)

ALICE: You just sat there!

ADAMUS: I mean, at dancing! Dancing!

ALICE: You just sat there! I had to do all the …

ADAMUS: Then it wasn’t me! (she giggles) It was probably Kuthumi or Tobias. Probably Tobias (more chuckles). “What? What? Eh, sex?! Hardly remember having sex. It’s like, oh, yeah, get me a drink instead.” It’s like …

ALICE: No, no, no! We were dancing. Just dancing.

ADAMUS: Dancing. I know.

ALICE: No sex, but it was very sensual dancing.

ADAMUS: Sensual. Yeah.

ALICE: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Okay. Are you ready for some more outrageous in your life?

ALICE: Absolutely.

ADAMUS: Okay. Oh, I love this!

ALICE: Ohh! I hope …

ADAMUS: You all make the commitment …

ALICE: Weeee!

ADAMUS: … in front of Jesus, me and everybody (more laughter). You know I’m leading up to something.

ALICE: Absolutely.

ADAMUS: You’ve got to know that. Okay. Thank you.

ALICE: Mm hmm!

ADAMUS: Thank you for sharing. Couple more. Just a couple more (laughter).

LINDA: Chicken! Let’s see.

(a man comes up and jumps in the chair)

ADAMUS: Oh, we have a volunteer, Linda. We have a volunteer.

LINDA: Oh, good!

ADAMUS: That’s good. Good. Good. Microphone, please.

LINDA: Oh, yes.

ADAMUS: Microphone. Good. What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?

DONALD: Well, I don’t want to reveal too much, but I’m actually a fictional character roleplaying as a nonfictional character.


DONALD: I literally passed through the fourth wall.

ADAMUS: Right.

DONALD: And that’s …

ADAMUS: Why is that outrageous? Isn’t that what we’re all doing or you’re all doing?

DONALD: Well, there are different levels of passing through the fourth wall I guess, and I did it at a super high level. I don’t know, it’s hard to …

ADAMUS: Did it hurt?

DONALD: (he chuckles) Oh, I’d say a little bit sometimes!

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Did it have any effects that you’re struggling with?

DONALD: Sometimes I struggle with them, but most of the time it’s really fun.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And why did you do that?

DONALD: Ehhh, pssshhhhh! Because I want to cause some controversy in this world.

ADAMUS: Okay. You talk about passing through the fourth wall, but what about the ninth?

DONALD: I never heard of that one before (he chuckles).

ADAMUS: Okay. Are you ready for it?


ADAMUS: Okay. Good. It’s coming.


ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Good. And tell me, that was relatively recently that you did this?

DONALD: Yeah, like last year maybe.

ADAMUS: Last year, okay. Yeah. Are you ready for some more outrageous, other than the ninth wall?

DONALD: Yeah, I certainly am!

ADAMUS: Okay, good. Thank you. Thank you for being here and thank you for being on the Adamus Show.

(fanfare music cuts in)

Good. One more.

LINDA: One more victim, yes.

ADAMUS: One more.

LINDA: Can it be a staff member?

ADAMUS: It can be anybody.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: Anybody. We’re just doing a little setup here. Uh-oh!

LINDA: I dare you to tell the truth.

ADAMUS: Come on up, Bonnie. Come on up. Come on up.

LINDA: I dare you to tell the truth!

ADAMUS: You look like a princess today. Thank you. Thank you for being here.

(fanfare music plays and audience applause)

Please have a seat. Bonnie doesn’t like coming up to the front with me. We’ve had some … 

BONNIE: We had some …

ADAMUS: … encounters!

LINDA: Oh, she’d like to come to the front with you (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: Okay. So what was the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?

BONNIE: I really can’t tell you that (some chuckles).

ADAMUS: Don’t tell me, tell them. I already know.

LINDA: Tell the truth.

BONNIE: I can’t (Linda starts the audience chanting “Bonnie! Bonnie!”).

ADAMUS: Then …

LINDA: Bonnie! Bonnie! Bonnie! Bonnie! Bonnie! Bonnie!

BONNIE: I just can’t.

ADAMUS: Welcome to the Adamus Springer Show.

BONNIE: It’s private (more chuckles). I can’t.

ADAMUS: You can’t? How about the second outr- … just one outrageous thing you’ve done. Anything.

BONNIE: Well, here’s what you should know about me, and then everybody’ll know and it really won’t matter.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

BONNIE: I spend … I’m a lady who’s alone.

ADAMUS: Not all the time.

BONNIE: But I choose to be, and the worst thing about it is that I usually have relationships with gentlemen who are married.

ADAMUS: No, I asked for something outrageous, not something everyday typical with most human beings (laughter).

BONNIE: Okay (Linda laughs loudly).

ADAMUS: Give me something outrageous. What’s your point? I mean, now tell me the outrageous thing that happens with these men who are married? (more chuckles)

BONNIE: Well, lovely things happen with them.

ADAMUS: Okay. Well, you’re smiling. And … (laughter) No, outrageous would be like they go home, the wife find out …


ADAMUS: … throws them out of the house.


ADAMUS: They show up at your doorstep, you’ve got another guy there (laughter), the two guys start fighting and, you know, and they both shoot each other and leave you in their will. That’s outrageous.

BONNIE: No, I’m much more careful than that.

ADAMUS: You are careful. Why?

BONNIE: Because these people have to be protected.

ADAMUS: From what?

BONNIE: Disaster! (they chuckle)

ADAMUS: Disaster! What?! It is disaster. Okay, well, tell me …

BONNIE: If they were seen …

ADAMUS: So, something outrageous recently in your life. Don’t you have something …

BONNIE: I don’t do outrageous things really.

ADAMUS: Well, you’ve got something outrageous coming up real quick (audience says “Ooh!”).

LINDA: Ohhh! That’s right!

ADAMUS: Don’t you turn … isn’t your birthday soon?


ADAMUS: Don’t you turn, like, 55 soon?

BONNIE: Well, what’s outrageous about that?

ADAMUS: Outrageous?! No… can I reveal your …

BONNIE: Oh, of course.

ADAMUS:  Yeah, I was trying to be a gentleman. Cauldre was going to just blurt it out. I’m like, “No, no, no! Be a gentleman.” So, dear Bonnie, looking like a 55- or maybe a 50-year-old is turning 75 at the end of the month (audience applause).

BONNIE: Thank you.

ADAMUS: That’s outrageous. That’s outrageous, because actually, she had a life plan that would have gone about 37 years initially.

BONNIE: Really?

ADAMUS: Oh, yeah, yeah. And, well, look back on your life. Your life plan was about 37 years. She’s on kind of like an extended pass, but she’s going to keep going. She’s handling all your problems (she chuckles) – I mean, I’m sorry, Crimson Circle Customer Service – and loving it.


ADAMUS: And dealing with all this energy and she’s going strong. That’s outrageous. You’re not slowing down.

BONNIE: I intend to go a lot longer than this. This is not much.

ADAMUS: Oh, absolutely. No. You’ve got another 60, 70 years left doing customer service for Crimson Circle! (laughter and fanfare music comes in)

BONNIE: Oh, boy! What fun!

ADAMUS: That’s outrageous! Why would anybody do that?! So, thank you.

BONNIE: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Thank you. I appreciate it.

BONNIE: Thank you.

ADAMUS: And you do look lovely.

BONNIE: Thank you.

ADAMUS: And you do a great job with Shaumbra. She really …

BONNIE: Thank you.

ADAMUS: … really does (audience applause).

LINDA: Bonnie.

ADAMUS: Really does.

BONNIE: Thank you.

ADAMUS: She knows a lot of cuss words now that she never knew before, but … (more chuckles)

Outrageous. The most outrageous thing I ever did in my last lifetime. So I had a – and this is a true story. I got an audience with the Pope. I was very concerned about the upcoming French Revolution. I was concerned with the direction things were going and the Pope was right in the middle of it. Pope Pius VI, right in the middle. The year was 1783. So I asked for an audience with the Pope. He was torn between supporting the Jesuits and not supporting them. He was more anti-revolution than anything. He was against the common people having their sovereignty, but he was in kind of a bad alignment with the French government at the time. He didn’t know it, but they were going to come in and – schwifft! – take him down, so to speak.

It took everything I could just to get an audience with him. He was a rather difficult ornery man. But I also knew that I had to be outrageous, because if I just pleaded the case for politics, for country, for church or whatever, it would go on deaf ears, because everybody pleads with the Popes and the kings and everybody else. So I knew I had to do something to get his attention.

So I was brought into the Grand Hall where our meeting would take place. I was brought in by his guards, and I knew it would be a while just sitting and waiting before the Pope came in, because that’s what Popes and bad CEOs do. They keep you waiting for a long time so they get the upper hand. I knew it would be at least an hour and a half wait.

So I took a little nap, because I could. And I did a little breathing, because I knew I had to. And then I took off all my clothes (some laughter). True story. Absolute true story. Took off all my clothes and sat there by myself – next to the fire, because it was a bit chilly – sat there totally naked.

Suddenly, the big door from the pontiff place opened and in walked the Pope. It was a moment of possible death. It was a moment of perhaps being thrown in the dungeon. But an interesting thing happened, something so interesting they wrote books about it, stories about it later. The Pope didn’t blink. The Pope didn’t say a word. The Pope didn’t stare down at my Adamus or anything else (laughter). He kept such a straight face and all of his assistants, his staff – the Pope back then always had about 20 people around him – none of them blinked.

Of course, I was laughing to myself out loud. I was laughing and I knew if nothing else, the Pope, in this kind of crazy state, had to listen. Who is this strange man sitting there – standing there by now – standing there with no clothes on? It was to become the core material for the story, The Emperor’s Clothing (Linda snorts and a few chuckles). And this is a true story. This is a very true story.

He didn’t have the consciousness to address my nudity. He was so afraid of himself and everybody else that if he thought if he mentioned something about my natural state of being that others would look at him like he was crazy, because perhaps they saw me with my clothes on. Perhaps the Pope thought, “Nobody ever walk in here and take their clothes off, so there must be something wrong with me.”

And he listened, and we sat there for an hour and a half. I started to shake at a point, because it was very cold, but I couldn’t let on. We talked for over an hour and half about the politics of Europe, about the Church, about all the goings-on. That was the most outrageous thing I ever did.

I walked out …

LINDA: That’s pretty outrageous.

ADAMUS: That was pretty outrageous.

LINDA: That’s pretty outrageous! I think you win today (fanfare music comes in and audience applause). Yes, you do! You win today!

ADAMUS: That is a very, very true story (fanfare music stops). Thanks. It’s a very, very true story, and that was outrageous. But … (someone shouts “Do it again!” and lots of laughter)

LINDA: Shut up!


LINDA: Shut up!

ADAMUS: Jerry Springer Show! Linda hits her. It’s like, “Keep your clothes on!” (more chuckles) And I talk about outrageous because we’re going to start kind of being outrageous. 

LINDA: Oh, no.

ADAMUS: You tell me stories up here. I didn’t hear anything outrageous. I really didn’t. I heard things that maybe made you a little uncomfortable, but nothing outrageous. I mean, really outrageous, outlandish. And I didn’t say “daring” in terms of outrageous standing on top of a ten-story building and jumping off. That’s just daring.

LINDA: Stupid.

ADAMUS: Stupid (Linda giggles). I’m talking about getting out of your comfort with things.

Now, you’ve been in comfort, you’ve been in Focus for so long that right now your outrageousness is nothing but distant memories. And, like David said, you get a little comfortable. You even start buying new furniture for your house to get more … (laughter) … to get more comfortable than before. “I’m going to get even more comfortable.” And your outrageousness was something, generally, that you did in your 20s and maybe 30s, but you haven’t been outrageous in a long time. Kind of stuck in a long time.

Now, in …

LINDA: Don’t you think Bonnie’s doing a little better?

ADAMUS: Better than what?

LINDA: Than the other outrageouses.

ADAMUS: What Bonnie is doing is commonplace. I mean, it’s like, you know, 50 percent of the married population is ehhh. So it’s not outrageous, Bonnie. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you could make it outrageous. There are some things you could do, but we won’t go there (some laughter). If we did, my clothes would be off. So … (more laughter)

BONNIE: Okay, let’s do it.

ADAMUS: It’s been a while since you’ve been outrageous. You forgot what outrageous is, and you think outrageous is just doing something you feel a little bit guilty about or whatever, and it’s not. Outrageous is, well, is where we go next. Outrageous is living in the beyond. Outrageous is actually starting to enjoy life on this planet, but not doing it the old way. Not buying just new furniture. You buy a new house. You buy a villa somewhere. You do something really outrageous and unexpected and watch what happens.

You know, people get into a rut. They start living in their patterns, and mumbling and groaning about their patterns. But do something outrageous. This was a bit outrageous (referring to the crystal tree on stage). I mean, not terribly outrageous, but kind of a little outrageous. I mean, you see a tree in Brazil and then you buy it without ever seeing it again and you trust that it’s just going to show up. But the outrageousness, it’s actually really not that outrageous, because you knew it. Well, Cauldre and Linda knew it. It was a feeling that they allowed and then it came to be. And the money is nothing.

You know, those cheap trees you had here before, those dead trees? That was just boring. That was like, “What?! You call that decoration?! They’re dead trees and there was no life to them.” Now we’re getting there. Now we’re getting there.

There’s two points I want to make today, we’re going to start in on; they’re going to lead to some outrageousness. You don’t need to do a thing other than to allow and other than to realize what’s going on.

So let’s take a good deep breath. We can turn down the audience lights and two things in the Adamus Show today that we’re going to cover.


Free Time

The first is time. Time.

So, time is incremental. You live in Incremental Time – a second, to a minute, to an hour, to a day, to a week and on and on – and you’ve gotten so used to it you don’t recognize there are different types of time.

Time itself is a function of Focus. You have that one human sense, the only true human sense – Focus. Time, when experienced in some new and different ways, allows you to actually expand Focus itself. Focus became so focused, you know, that it’s like a gravity that sucked it in and then you start living Incremental Time – one second, one minute, one hour – and you accept that as normal, and it’s not. It’s not.

Time has many facets to it, many, many, many facets to it, and what I’d like to do today is begin that Free Time. Now, it’s almost a contradiction, because time in itself is not a free concept. Time is a mathematics. It’s a structure.

But what if, just what if there were variables to time, different facets to time. In other words, here we are living second, by minute, by hour. But what if, at the same moment in the same consciousness perhaps, that you were actually above Incremental Time, you were in more of a Free Time? There is still the element of time. There is still kind of the element of past and future, but now it’s not so incremental. It would be the difference between being at ground level in a city and walking through all the different streets and alleys and pathways versus being on top of a mountain looking down at the city where you see all of it, not just the street or the alley that you’re on.

Free Time means it’s not ordered the same way. It’s not incremental. Free Time is very real. Now, a scientist or mathematician would argue all day long that you’re making it up. Actually, the real answer to that is “All this is make up.” All this is being made up. It’s just that people tend to believe that there is just one form of time.

The reality is time does not exist at all. It doesn’t. Time is really kind of a structure or a measurement system, but in a way it doesn’t really exist. You can’t go off in the universe and find time – the Time Planet or the Time Portal. It doesn’t. It’s kind of a human agreement. It’s become real because of that agreement, but they forget to tell you it’s flexible.

So, ‘outrageous’ here is that you’re going to continue to live in Incremental Time. Your body literally now has a time clock and a time bomb within it. It does. Your body is timed for death. That’s okay. I mean, you know, we’re not trying to overcome death. We’re just trying to expand time.

So here you are living in Incremental Time, but now in our short little merabh that we’re going to do in just a moment, we’re going to start going into Free Time. You go, “Oh, wow, that sounds great!” But I’ll warn you right up front, it’s going to throw off your timing. It’s going to throw off that very disciplined incremental way you’ve been living.

Some of you are already starting to experience this and it’s little things like forgetting what day or what year it is; not because you’re getting old but because you’re starting to go into Free Time. Some of you are actually starting to, what would you say, be able to project or predict the future, kind of. Kind of. You’re starting to know what’s going to happen next, and it does and then you’re surprised. Well, you shouldn’t be surprised. When you’re in Free Time, you’re not in those tight blocks of increments like you have been. Now Free Time allows you to hover above. It would be kind of like taking a seven-year span and seeing it, sensing it, being in it all in one time. Not having to unravel it over seven years.

There are many layers of Free Time. You have at the lowest level the Incremental Time – seconds, minutes, hours. There are other layers of time. Some of them have to do with the past, and in our coming into Free Time, you’ll particularly notice in your dreams some odd things that seem to be from the past or thoughts, feelings, associations that you’ve had that are from the past. You’re going to say, “Well, geez, I thought I got over my past.” The past is still there.

Now we’re going to do what I’m going to call a time pass around time where you kind of almost orbit back through the past in a timeless or a Free Time fashion. Not to relive it again, but as you orbit back through it without the increments, now just kind of more of a freeform, you’re going to notice that the past isn’t what you had thought it was.

The mind remembers the past in its incremental fashion. When you come back in a Free Time kind of pass around it, an orbit around it, it’s going to be different, but it will bring up recollections, associations, thoughts. Don’t get all crazy. Don’t start asking, “Oh, I thought I released all that a long time ago.” You released the gravity of it, and the event is still occurring right now. The event is still occurring. It didn’t happen back in Incremental Time and then stop. It’s very outrageous. It’s still happening. Everything still has its life to it, and it goes on. It’s a story that kind of takes off on its own and it’s being lived out in many levels, and you don’t have to attend to it. You don’t have to suffer through it, but your stories – it’s like writing a chapter in a book and then – shwww! – letting it go, and that chapter continues to write itself and all of its other potentials and all of its other iterations. It lives on.

That’s actually the beauty of a creator. You don’t have to get all enmeshed in it. You don’t have to be traumatized by it. But to start realizing that there is Free Time will be outrageous and it will change the way you live on this planet as embodied Masters. By the way the answer to the real question at the Ascended Masters Club, “Why do they want to stay?” The Ascended Masters that are there didn’t understand Free Time. They didn’t understand time anyway, but they didn’t understand Free Time. Therefore, they didn’t have the comfort, the luxury, the excitement of living in a different way. They just thought everything was linear. It’s like, “Oh, I got my enlightenment. I’ve got to get out of here because it’s going to be more of the same.” The real answer is once you start coming to your senses and being in free time, it’s no longer the gray lifeless place. Suddenly, everything comes to life.

Free Time. We’ll be talking about it more, but I want to begin the process today. Everything’s right for it – the tree, you. Everything is right.

So let’s take a good deep breath and this will be a relatively short merabh, because I have one other thing to cover today in the Adamus Show.

LINDA: Mmmm.

ADAMUS: So take a good deep breath.


Free Time Merabh

Free Time. It means you’re starting to realize (music begins), you’re starting to exist on many different levels. It means you have your incremental level – seconds, minutes, hours, days, years – and that’s fine. That’s not necessarily going to change. You’ll still want to have that for doing a lot of things, but we now take a deep breath where we’re at and allow Free Time. That means you could take an increment of seven years, for instance, and experience it all at once.

Free Time is when you are here in the moment, of course, present, but now you have … imagine like it’s an orbit of time. Imagine like a comet going into orbits, but the orbits around you – you’re the constant, you’re the consciousness – the orbits can change in their size and they can go into Past Time and into what you would call Future Time.

So the whole basis of time starts to change a little bit.

This is going to happen anyway. It’s very natural. You don’t have to work at it. You don’t have to think about it, but I want you to be aware, because this is going to start leading to some outrageous things in your life. Truly outrageous; wonderful, but outrageous things.

When one goes beyond Linear Time, when one goes into Free Time, it changes the perspective. It changes the grueling nature of everyday human life.

So imagine, if you choose, imagine your circadian rhythm, your Incremental Time basis still there, but now you allow yourself to realize the other time orbits, meaning seeing it as the bigger picture, rather than seconds and minutes; being able to comprehend large amounts of time all at once. It will baffle the mind, but that’s okay. And these orbits, kind of these comets that are going around in orbit around you, are also opening to what you would call the past and the future.

Normally, this would literally cause one to go insane in allowing this, because they’re so ingrained in Incremental Linear Time that they can’t handle it. Their balance – their physical balance in their ears – would start going out and they’d start going crazy. But we’re at that point where we can do this.

Free Time, it’s outrageous. It’s wonderful. One thing you’ll start noticing with Free Time is that this whole concept of time and, let’s say, of the past and future are really predicated on experience. Experience.

You know, Spirit doesn’t have a clock in her bedroom. The Ascended Masters, they don’t wear watches. They’re not locked into time. And, in a way, there is no past or there’s no future, in a way. What there is is an unfolding of experience.

One could say that nothing happens in the future until it has been experienced, but yet the future is always there. It’s actually not realized until it is experienced, but yet it is there. Everything you’re going to do in the future is there.

Every potential of everything and every iteration of every potential of everything that you could ever experience, that you would ever say, that you would ever do was all there when you went through the Wall of Fire, when you left Home.

That was the thing Tobias talks about, shattering into billions and billions of pieces; it was just pre-creating all of your experiences. And so many are still out there in what you would call the future, but the future is nothing more than a reservoir of potentials and all their iterations yet to be experienced.

That’s what some people would call time. That’s why nobody’s every really been good at predicting the future, because they don’t understand that it’s not occurring tomorrow and beyond; it exists in this moment yet to be experienced.

I wanted to be here together in a group with all of us here, particularly on this day of your beautiful Tree of Sensuality, so we, together, Shaumbra, we could all start going into Free Time. Please don’t work at it. Don’t struggle with it. You’ll just get yourself caught in Incremental Time. But we can allow it. It’s going to be outrageous what happens with Free Time.

It’s going to feel strange at times, because you’ve really been locked into this old way. It’s going to feel rather strange, but it’s going to be outrageous.

Imagine getting up in the morning and realizing that you’re also getting up in the morning in your past, you’re getting up in the morning in your future, all at the same time. It’s outrageous. It’ll throw you off a little bit, but then you’ll adapt and adjust.

You see, this is what an embodied Master does. They don’t just get Realized and use the same old damn tools that the other Ascended Masters did. No wonder we all left. But you will put in new pathways. You come into Free Time.

Let’s take a deep breath.


Let’s take a good deep breath.

We’ll be coming back to this. We’ll be talking about it more and more, bringing it into our gatherings.

Let’s take a deep breath with Free Time.

It kind of has a double meaning. Free Time meaning no longer stuck in Incremental, but you’re finally going to have free time in your life. Free time, I mean, oh, you’ll have real time to yourself. Instead of every moment of every day being filled with obligations and work and things you have to do, you’re suddenly going to realize what free time really is.


Free Energy

Let’s take a deep breath. There’s one more thing I want to go into today and they tie in very closely. They’re so beautiful, so related to each other.

This next subject I talked a little bit about in our recent Keahak gathering, and I told the Keahakers that I wanted to bring it to all Shaumbra at a Shoud. I bring it – the Free Time and this next realization – to you, because it’s easier, in a way, when we’re all aware of it. You’re not just out there on your own, where we have a real group consciousness. You’re not trapped in that consciousness, but it’s kind of nice to have a whole group of us feeling and experiencing it together.

The next concept has to do with energy. Energy. Now, you know from my Adamus 101 that there’s this thing called consciousness, a circle with a dot in the middle. It’s the I Am, it’s the I Exist, and it’s the only thing that really matters. The only thing.

It kind of always brings up a point: Why does a creator create? You know, the creator Spirit, All That Was, could have been perfectly content just being the I Am, I mean, the number one I Am, the Source. Why would one want to create? What’s in it?

DONALD: To experience the creation.

ADAMUS: I’m sorry, we need a microphone, and I’m asking a rhetorical question, actually, so that I can answer it (Adamus chuckles). No, Linda, please. Linda, no. Linda, no, no, no. It was a rhetorical question.

LINDA: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Yeah (a few chuckles).

So why does a creator create? Why not just be “I Am that I Am?” Just aware of the aware of yourself. Why even create in the first place? I mean, you could possibly create a mess! Heh. You could possibly create chaos. Why does a creator create? I’m going to leave that question. I’m not actually going to answer it. I’m going to leave you with that question. We’re not done yet, but that’s the homework.

Why would a creator want to create?

You’ve got your I Am, I Exist. I mean, that’s pretty good. That’s really the only thing that really matters. Why go out and create? We’ll come back to that in our next Shoud, not in June, but after that.

So back to the point. Energy. You’ve got your consciousness, I Am, I Exist. From that comes such a passion. A passion. You know, when you really allow that feeling – “I Exist! Screw everything else.” I mean, not “I exist because… I exist if…” “I Exist.” It’s the only thing that matter. It’s the only awareness that’s worth a damn. And when you really realize that, there comes such a passion. “I Exist!! Beyond the physical body, beyond all the crap, beyond my identity, I Exist!” That creates such a passion, an excitement – love is not quite the right word, but such an “Ahhh! Magnificence. I Exist” – that a light goes out. I mean, radiates forth, not goes out, but radiates forth. A light shines forth, and I’m talking metaphorically, but a light shines forth and that goes out into what you’d call a reservoir, a field of energy and attracts that energy, activates that energy and then it creates reality.

The passion of the I Am, of your soul – just right now your soul is still in its timeless excitement about “I Exist.” I mean, it’s still resonating. Let’s say, from a time standpoint your soul realized a long time ago, “I Exist!! Not beholden to anyone or anything. I exist and I always will.” And then it just started resonating within the I Am. It still is right now, and that’s still creating a radiance of light that’s going through all sorts of dimensions attracting energy and creating reality. This.

Now, when that happens, when this light shines forth and when, basically, you on the other end of your soul – you know, you’ve got all this light going out, you’re kind of the reflection, the other end of your soul – and your reality is being created by activating what I would call negative and positive particles of energy. The light goes out and, based on you, the receiver down here and the way you are experiencing, you’re going to attract different ratios of positive and negative energy particles.

Life has always been like that. Human life has always been like that. It would seem outrageous to do something different. Right now, there are a stream of negative and positive – or plus and minus, however you want to say it – particles coming into you and emanating or radiating out from you.

Just imagine for a moment this stream of energy, activated to a positive or a minus – kind of like software is either a zero or a one, energy is the same; it’s kind of digital in a way – streaming into you as positive or negative, and at the same time you’re streaming it out from you. That’s creating reality. That’s the way it’s always worked with energy. That’s how things come about.

You also know that one of the biggest challenges for humans and other beings is they’re always trying to steal energy. You learned that in the Sexual Energy School. They’re trying to steal energy, because nobody’s really come – well, very few – have come to the realization that it’s all here. It’s all here. You don’t have to steal from anybody else. It’s all here.

So, what is outrageous is no longer having to rely on the positive and the negative particles of energy. That’s really outrageous, because even quantum physics would say, “Well then you die or everything ceases to exist, because you’ve got to have that.” But you don’t. You don’t.

There is a thing called Free Energy. It is energy that is always there, that is not activated to a positive or a negative. It is an energy without any bias. It is unseen, invisible energy, because nobody has the tools to measure it. You cannot measure it. It has no force to it. It has no propulsion to it. It has no dynamic to it. It is not a force energy. There is no power to it.

The world is attuned to power, to force, to action and reaction, to the constant bashing of energies or the alignment and the friction of energies. That’s how the planet works.

However, as embodied Masters, you don’t have to rely on that anymore. That’s outrageous. That will defy every lifetime of living on this planet. It will defy not only science, but it will defy everything that you knew to be about energy and how it works. You’re so attuned to opposites – masculine, feminine, light, dark, up, down – that this will absolutely be outrageous. Free Energy.

Now, we’re going to go into it in just a moment. You’re not going to feel it in the old way, because your old way is absolutely attuned to feeling, well, let’s say, either – “Ohhh! A light feeling” or a heavy feeling or something pushing at you or something pulling away. So, if you’re approaching it with a typical consciousness you would say to yourself, “I don’t feel anything.” Well, hell yeah, you won’t. But you will sense something.

Something sooner or later will start ringing within you going, “I get it. I don’t have to have the conflict or even the old relationship of positive energy particles and negative smashing each other, competing with each other.” That’s the friction-made reality. The friction-caused life.

Life is friction. This planet is no place for a Master when they’re dealing with friction energy, with power energy.

Let’s take a deep breath. Let’s play that little music ditty real quick. There’s just the short one. We got way too serious here. Yeah. This is my show and the audience fell asleep. I mean, got bored and “What the f- … where’s the entertainment?” Just … yeah. Okay.

(fanfare music comes in)

Yeah, okay. Good. Much better. Much better.

(music stops)

Ah! Good! Back at it! (some chuckles)

Outrageous. You came up here before and told me outrageous. I really didn’t hear an outrageous. How about some of you listening in today? Do you have outrageous stories you’d like to share? Make sure to post them on your favorite social media site (more chuckles). The stories here were mildly interesting on a slow news day, but not outrageous.

Outrageous – taking your clothes off – it is a very true story. I don’t know if it was ever been written about, but you can look up some of the details. Me – it was 1783, Pope Pius VI – me naked. Not a thing. Not a thing. Got a little chilly though. I do remember that part. Brrrr!

That’s not so flattering … eh, I won’t go there (laughter). We had to break it up! It had gotten so serious in here. It’s like … (Adamus laughs) It’s just way to serious. All right!

(fanfare music breaks in again)

Never, ever, ever underestimate the tool of distraction.

LINDA: The tool?! (Linda laughs loudly and audience laughter)

ADAMUS: I don’t get it. I don’t get it. Never underestimate distraction. If you’re teaching, if you’re up teaching others, the moment you sense the energy going – wooo! – down, distract. And, especially, with yourself. The moment you start getting too serious, you’re think in your mind, “How do I figure this all out? What’s life all about? What have I done wrong?” Shut up! Distract yourself. Pull off your clothes or something (some laughter).

By the way, that absolutely is a true story about the Pope and I and absolutely true that it was the beginning of the whole story of the Emperor’s Clothing. He didn’t dare mention it, because he thought, “I must be going crazy,” and nobody else – he had about 22 assistants with him – and nobody said a thing. You should have felt the energy in the room (some chuckles and someone says “Whoa!”). And I just sat there as natural as could be, but acting like nothing was wrong. I acted like I was dressed elegantly, which actually I was.

LINDA: What was it that they didn’t see?

ADAMUS: What was it that they didn’t see?

LINDA: Yeah, I mean, why, you know, what was going on?

ADAMUS: The Pope was afraid that … he was under a lot of stress and he drank heavily and there were some other strange things about him, but he was afraid that he was losing his mind. He was hearing voices (Adamus chuckles) – I wonder whose (some laughter) – and he was afraid that he was cracking up. And he was at great tension with the Church, I mean, the Church, obviously, but the government and the whole concept of the Jesuits and the revolution. It was terrible. He thought he was losing his mind, so he was doing everything he could to lay low, to suppress, to not be outrageous.

So when he walked into the room and saw me standing beside the fireplace (Adamus poses), “Your graciousness,” he dared not say a word, because he thought, I mean he really thought – with a little hypnotic influence – he really thought that, “Oh, my gosh! I really am losing it, and if I let on, if I scream out and say, ‘Slave, servant! Why are you totally naked in front of God and the Pope and everybody?’” and that he was wrong, they would have immediately – scwhifft! – take off the head. So he kept his mouth shut. And when he kept his mouth shut, it set up such an energy with everybody else, they kept their mouth shut. And at a certain point about, I don’t know, 20 minutes into the conversation, they’d forgotten about it. They actually just thought I was in my clothing. It was outrageous.

So back to the point. Energy, Free Energy. This is going to be so outrageous because you’ve been living, you’ve been addicted to positive-negative energy, pulling it in in different ratios. Sometimes you’ve got like 62 percent negative – not bad negative, just negative, you know – 62 percent negative over here and the other part is positive, and the ratios shift back and forth all the time but it’s this constant inflow and outflow of activated energy. Activated meaning it’s put into a bias of positive or negative. We don’t need to do that, and it’s so outrageous because nobody’s ever done that on Earth before. Nobody’s ever done that.

It’s going to feel strange, because there is no power to this Free Energy. The Free Energy is all around. I mean it’s this incredible … some people call it the – what is it called? – the Field, the Source Field or things like that. It’s just energy that sits there waiting to be activated, but nobody ever said, “Why do we have to activate it? Let’s just allow it.”

We’ll get into the implications later, but I want now to go back into a merabh and just begin to sense it. And again, your mind is going to say, “I don’t feel anything,” because it’s used to feeling a push or a pull. The mind’s used to power energy, activated energy, but this is totally different.

Let’s start the music and turn down the lights.

(music begins)


Free Energy Merabh

This is more than outrageous. This is totally outrageous, talking about things like Free Time and Free Energy. Observe how they are very related. We’ll go into it later, I don’t want to get into too much lecture today, but Free Energy, what I used to call neutral energy. It hadn’t been activated.

Now, your body has become dependent on activated, biased energy, positive and negative. That’s how it operates. That’s how the blood keeps flowing and how all the enzymes work. They are constantly in a flow of various ratios of positive or negative energy.

But feel for a moment or sense for a moment now, if the doorways are open into your body, for Free Energy that has not been put into light or dark, positive-negative. It just is. It just is.

It doesn’t need separation.

We talked about Isis and Adam, the masculine and feminine, the old separation. We talked about them coming back together. In a way, it’s kind of like this with Free Energy. That positive and negative energy.

But what if your body started to use Free Energy, unbiased, never ever separated before. Energy that is not separated, divided.

Free Energy.

Energy that has no power to it. I also like to call Free Energy the Forceless Energy.

And what happens if the mind, that has always used duality energy, positive or minus, what if that’s the programming of the mind and for every thought that goes through it, for every belief that is in it, it has pulled forth old duality energy; what if now, pure energy that’s never been separated or divided – you could say it comes straight from the passion of the I Am without division – what if that comes into the mind and the thoughts and the beliefs and even your intellect? Pure Free Energy.


And what if, when you wonder about abundance or feeding yourself or your physical human energy source, what happens when you get outrageous and you simply allow in Free Energy, and that’s the source of your abundance, rather than old Power Energy?

To a very large degree energy has gotten corrupted on the planet. Corrupted meaning people now associate it with power. There’s no need for power whatsoever. Energy, power, force – all kind of the same thing.

What if, what if we, as a group, get really outrageous and we transcend that? No power. No force. No friction. No resistance.

What if we open the doors and windows to our very being as humans and allow Free Energy? Can you feel its purity? Never separated, never divided, never put into opposites.


What happens if that comes in?

What happens if you can just breathe it in, with no force, of course? What happens if you could just breathe it in and allow it into your body, let it be in your body?

What happens if it comes into your thoughts and your mind?


That’s outrageously pure, and it makes the other energies look so old and laborious and gray.


So, when I ask why would you possibly want to stay on this planet, the planet that is not for Masters, what we are actually doing is changing the paradigm, changing everything. We’re not staying in time. We’re not staying in Old Energy. We’re changing it.


In staying on this planet, we’re not going to stay in the same clothes, in the same house, metaphorically speaking. We’re going to change it all.

We’re not going to keep enduring boredom and frustration. We’re just going to change the entire paradigm.

It starts right here, in the midst of the real transhuman.

I have to laugh, I really laugh when I look at everything that’s happening with technology, transhumanism, when they think implanting a computer chip into your brain or getting married to a robot or anything like that is advanced. That’s not advanced. That’s the same old crap, just faster.

Transhumanism to me is what we’re doing right here. We’re changing the game. We’re going into Free Time. And Incremental Time will still exist. It’s the “and” of being a Master. It’s both. And we’re changing energy.

Oh, the Old Energy, the biased or the separated energy will still be a way of life, but we’re also going into the Free Energy. And to me, that is the real transhumanism of this planet. While the rest of them play with technology and play, really, just developing new swords – lighter swords, faster swords, but they’re still swords – we’re going into divine transhumanism.

That’s why you’re staying. That’s why you’ve chosen to be here on the planet. That’s the potential I talked about before.

You’re leaving behind your legacy. Why? Because, well hell, you’re a creator, because you can. The legacy of true change, a potential for others if they choose to continue with it.

Let’s take a good deep breath during this day.

Whether you really understand it or feel it right now, what we did today was outrageous, and we’re going to keep going with it.

Let’s take a good deep breath.

And I want to make such an impression in your mind, in your consciousness, such an impression of outrageousness, that when you look at your own life and think about, well, are you really ready for true outrageousness, are you really ready to step out of the doldrums and the boredom of life, I want you to imagine me standing in the papal chambers totally naked; and, moments before the Pope and his entourage walked in – I was a bit scared, I had to admit – but I took a deep breath and I said, “All is well in all of creation.”

And so it is.

Thank you. Thank you (audience applause). How about my fanfare music going out. Thank you. Thank you.

(fanfare music plays)