The Transhuman Series

SHOUD 7 – Featuring ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
March 4, 2017

I Am that I Am, the good feeling Adamus of Sovereign Domain. Welcome (cheers and audience applause).

Ah! And there truly is a good feeling in the room here today, and even with everybody who’s listening in online, a good feeling and a very appropriate song, beautiful song to begin our session (referring to the song just performed by Yoham).


Energy scents

I have a few confessions that I have to make today, but I’ll get to those in a moment. I just want to take a moment with the good feeling. You notice there’s a good feeling here. Maybe you came in from outside before, from your home or your job, wherever you happen to be, and there was just, well, you walk in the door and there’s a good feeling. Hm? Is it the people? Is it the fresh-made coffee? Is it all of the above? Is it the food? Is it the building itself? But there’s a very good feeling. Is it the crew back here working so hard to make this a good production? I’m going to sit back here so they get on the air (audience applause).

But you know, it probably happens to you more and more these days. There’s just kind of a good feeling about something. I call it an energy scent. You might want to write that on the board. We’re going to be doing a lot of writing on the board today, I’ll explain why in just a moment. I call it an energy scent. It’s like an aura of energy.

You’ve probably experienced it before. You have a favorite room in the house for instance, and it’s just – you don’t particularly know why – it’s just a … I like that, as if by magic (the words appear on the screen). It’s like a fragrance, a scent. Scent. It comes from the Latin word “sentient,” which means feeling. It’s like a sense, which I’ve been talking about a lot lately – come back to your senses – and a scent is related to that. But it’s because a room smells good. It’s not just a physical fragrance. There is an energy in the room, an unmistakable energy. One of the rooms in your house, maybe it’s your bedroom, maybe it’s the toilet.


ADAMUS: Could be. No, actually I don’t really say that in any sort of false humor, but maybe it’s the one place in your house where you can get away, where you can shut out the rest of world. You have a bathtub. You’ve got your stuff in there. It’s not everybody else’s. It’s just yours, so it has an energy scent to it, a certain feeling.

Maybe it’s a coffee shop; just some place where you’re so comfortable going. Maybe it’s because you’ve been going there a while, but I would say you’ve been going there a while because it has a good energy scent to it. It’s got really harmonious energies.

You could be sitting in your favorite café somewhere and there could be other people around and there could be noises and odors – odors of the coffee being made … (he takes a sip of his coffee) Oh, that’s hot, and that’s good. That’s good. But, you know, you just sit there and it’s so comfortable. It’s kind of, well, a safe space. And maybe you’d like all the other people to leave, but even with them there, it’s still a safe space.

Maybe it’s an Internet page, a website, as you call it, and you just like going there. Maybe the Crimson Circle website, maybe some other website where you just feel really comfortable, because it’s got a good scent to it. It’s got a good aura, and maybe not to everyone, maybe just to you. but it just feels good, kind of like the song. It just feels good.

You’re going to be having more and more of these type of reactions, these scents, and it’s not … let’s take a room like this. This Crimson Circle Connection Center has a very good energy scent. I like coming here. And, you know, for an Ascended Master it’s kind of difficult to come down here – down here isn’t the right word, eh, down here – come down here. You know, there’s a really harsh gravity that just kind of – well, you know – it just kind of sucks you in. And I’m not talking physical gravity; I’m talking that sucking force of life that blocks out all the other senses, that gets you so focused. Even when you don’t want to be focused, it sucks you in. It captivates you.

It’s even like that when I come hang around a lot of you. It’s like that when I visit you at your house or we’re out for a walk. It’s a little difficult sometimes to stay for real long, because of the gravity. It affects everything.

You know, in the ascended life, you’re really quite free. You’re really quite free in every way you could possibly think. I mean, free of the burdens of abundance, because it’s always there. You’re free with your senses. You’re not just limited to a couple dull senses. You’re free in every way. You don’t worry about the next moment. You don’t do planning. You don’t have goals. It’s really kind of free. So when I come and hang around, there’s a gravity. It kind of sucks – it’s a little harsh sometimes.

As I talked about in our last Shoud, that hard human life. Well, no wonder, because gravity, which is kind of the byproduct of time and space moving through consciousness, the gravity just kind of sucks things in in this reality. Not to say I don’t like coming to visit you. I love being here, but I really love here in this Crimson Circle Connection Center. There is a distinctive energy scent. It has nothing to do with the colors on the wall or the lighting or the music. Those enhance it indeed, but it has to do with, well, the fact that, first of all, this is yours. All of you helped to create and build this place.

I’ll make kind of an interesting point here: let’s say just a few people had paid to put all this together, rather than thousands and thousands and thousands. It’d have a different energy scent, because each one of you contributed. You added in a very loving way, a very open way and knowing that you had ownership in it, energy ownership in here.

Then when you combine that with the work that’s been done in here – eh, it’s not even work; it’s the transformations that have occurred in here – what’s happened over these two and a half years since we’ve been here, that adds to this energy aura that’s in the place.

When you combine it with not just the monthly Shouds, but the incredible things we’ve done here, Wound of Adam being one; recently, we filmed The Masters Life 4 and many, many other things – Aspectology, Sexual Energies – that all goes into the energy scent.

It’s not a hard Feng Shui, as in saying the door should be on the north or maybe it’s the south, whatever. Fung Shui doesn’t really matter to an Ascended Master. To an Ascended Master it’s all Feng Shui. It all works out. If the door is in the wrong place, the door will find a way of moving to adjust to the Master.

But I want you to take a moment and just feel – the places, the things, the people – people in your life you just feel good around. Maybe they don’t have the most profound words, they’re not the smartest. Maybe they come from a different culture, they have different politics. But, you know, you just feel good being around them. That’s an energy scent.

You give off a scent. You give off a scent, Sart.

SART: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah, yeah (laughter).

SART: Sure do!

ADAMUS: And what’s happening right now is you’re all – how would you say – transmitting, radiating more than ever. So when I come to visit like we are here or when I come to visit you personally individually, there’s a noticeable difference in your fragrance, in your energy scent. And, again, I’m not just talking about smell, but the harmony; not the harmony between me and you, but the harmony within yourself.

You’re radiating a lot more, not to be mistaken with giving away your energy, giving away yourself. You’ve done plenty of that. You’ve been used as a doormat, and then you go back and lay down and let others use you again. But it’s different now. You’re more free to just let yourself open.

And when you get to that point of just feeling comfortable with you, that’s a fragrance, a scent in itself. Once you just start getting comfortable with you, you give off a whole different type of energy scent.

Other people notice it. They notice it. They don’t know what they’re noticing. Just like you walk into a room like this at the Connection Center and you try to figure out why it always feels good and, you know, “Is it the way they set the lights? Or is it the way the furniture is designed?” Those are embellishments. But if there is the right basic energy resonance, everything kind of then starts matching, even if you’re not trying to do it. In other words, there was the right energy resonance in putting together this Crimson Circle Connection Center.

So no matter what color you put on the wall or no matter what the ceiling looks like, you almost can’t go wrong. You can’t do the wrong thing. It just kind of automatically works out. And then when you get done building a place like this, it’s like, “Well, how did that work?” It just kind of came together, because with that energy harmony that went into here, it creates the space, a safe space, a space that has a really amazing energy scent to it, a resonance that even if somebody who wasn’t Shaumbra, knew nothing about what we did – better that they didn’t – but who knew nothing about it, they walk in here. They are going to walk in a just stop for a moment, about five feet almost a meter inside the door. They’re just going to stop and kind of look around. They’re not going to hear a word you’re saying, if you’re trying to talk to them, because something’s striking them. They don’t know what it is. They’re trying to figure it out, what makes this so special and so safe, what’s the energy scent.

Like I said, there may be a favorite restaurant that you go to. You’re just comfortable there, because it’s got a good energy scent. Maybe from the owners, maybe because you’ve been there a lot. It doesn’t really matter, and I actually invite you not to get too logical about it. Just feel the scent.

Maybe it’s a favorite store that you like frequenting. Maybe it’s your car. It just has a nice energy scent to it. It’s just, well, safe. You’re not feeling the combative nature that energy often has.

Energy often has a combating nature, because let’s say somebody had … I’ll give you a good example: dogs. Dogs. Dogs very much adapt to their Master. They adapt the energies, the ways of the Master. They also adapt the Master’s imbalances. They soak it up. They’re like a sponge, and that’s so much of what dogs – and kind of cats, but not so much – that’s what they’re for. They really take on those.

So there are some dogs you meet and you just fall in love. They have an energy scent to them. They’re not the best-looking dog. They may not be the smartest dog. They may know no tricks in the book. But they’re just … you don’t know why, you don’t know what it is about the dog, but you just want to hug it.

And there are other dogs that are annoying. They’re obnoxious. Not just because they’re yippy or not just because they literally smell bad, not just because they’re foaming at the mouth all the time, but there’s an annoying scent about them.

Now, that annoying scent, probably picked up from their owners, will probably create the drooling foamy mouth, the constant sitting down on the carpet and pulling along like that. (someone says “Ohhh” and laughter as he sort of demonstrates) I’ve seen it. I’ve seen some of your dogs do it. So that’s … don’t “ohhh” me. Don’t “ohhh” me on that. It’s like, “Ohhhh!” along the floor (more laughter). I’ve often wondered why humans don’t do that. I mean, dogs do, but why don’t people? Don’t even try that, Amir. Do not try that (more laughter).

LINDA: Go ahead, illustrate it, Amir. Nobody could do it better than you. Go ahead show them.

ADAMUS: This is a family show. So let’s get back to the point (more chuckles).

So that pet, that loving dog has an energy scent to it. And, again, it may not logically make sense. “Why do I just really feel connected with this dog?” and other dogs that you want nothing to do with. They’re just annoying. Because it’s the energy scent that they have.

You have that as well. You have that energy aura, a radiance, a halo about you, and I’ve really notice lately that it’s changing. Before there was a lot of, well, in human words it was kind of sometimes a toxic odor. Not literally, but because there was so much internal friction that it gave off an energy odor.

You know, sometimes when you go through a deep cleansing, when you, you know, do all those things, those three-day, ‘why don’t you just shoot yourself’ kind of programs or those seven-day ones. Some of you made it through 21 days. Really? And you kind of smell bad, and you do bad things in that energy place called the toilet, you know, because it’s an energy friction that’s taking place.

LINDA: Why do you have so much poop on your brain today? (some chuckles)

ADAMUS: I merely am your messenger. I channel you. So if you don’t like what I’m saying, if you think this is about crap, it’s, well … no, I’m just telling you. Actually, that’s a valid question, because there are a lot of times when …

LINDA: What’s was the question?

ADAMUS: Your question? Why am I talking about nasty things – because you’ve been going through a lot of tough stuff for a long, long time. It’s wearing. It’s taxing. It’s not a lot of fun.

But remember how last month I asked the question: “Do you want to go faster or slower?” and most of you said faster. That smells. I mean – because you’re going through so many changes so quickly, there’s a lot of inner and outer resistance, a lot of change taking place – I can detect the scent, not just your human stink, but the scent of the changes, and it’s imbalanced. It’s a little bit putrid. It’s …

LINDA: Poopy.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Yeah (some chuckles). It’s sometimes a little rough. I have to keep my distance – “Ohh! It’s kind of a little rough today.” But I bring this up today because it’s changing. It’s a little easier for me to be close to you. You’re smelling, you’re scenting better than ever, most of you (laughter).

And I’d like you to be aware of it for a moment – your own energy scent. You probably never thought of it in those terms. Not the way you look. It’s actually really kind of not even the way you feel, but there is a scent, a fragrance, an energy fragrance coming from you and what I really love is that you’re opening that up now. You’ve really been holding tightly, and that’s part of the cocooning process of awakening, going into mastery. You cocoon for a while. And, you know, it’s kind of like the old story that many have told, but Tobias told – the caterpillar going into the cocoon, emerging as the butterfly. Well, when you cocoon, you hold everything in and rightfully so. You’re doing some very deep inner dives, and there’s a transformational process that’s taking place within that cocoon. You’re basically, well, you’re transforming – I was going to say murdering – but transforming the human. But, in a way, you’re really murdering the human when they’re not looking, but you know they’re not going to die. They’re just going to shut up for a while (a few chuckles).

SART: Yay!

ADAMUS: But you’re transforming the human and there is a smelly process, even in the cocooning of a caterpillar. There truly is. I mean, how many of you have ever really smelled closely of that cocoon? It’s really smelly. And if you break it open – don’t, because you’re disturbing a very important thing that’s going on – but if you were to break it open, it really smells, because there is an energy transformation and a resistance. All the time that the caterpillar is in the cocoon, there is tremendous resistance. All the way to the very, very end, a tremendous, huge resistance to everything that’s going on within that cocoon, which is natural.

(slight pause)

Does that sound a little familiar? And it’s an odorous process, it’s an arduous process, it’s a very difficult process. But, you know, then a funny thing happens. When that butterfly is about to emerge, sticky and pasty and awkward and everything else, just before the emergence, there is an energy scent, literally a smell, a beautiful, almost kind of like if you combine flowers and fresh baked cookies. That’s what that cocoon would smell like.

That’s why … see, the Ascended Masters, we don’t really have eyes. We had them before, but we don’t have them now. We don’t see things like you do, thank God. No, thank God that we’re not limited to just human vision. But we’re very aware of energies. We’re very aware. For instance, we don’t see that the cocoon is shaking and moving, because that butterfly is about to emerge. We don’t see that. What we sense is a fragrance, an energy scent that’s really now coming into harmony, rather than being in resistance and in transformation. It’s coming to harmony and it smells so beautiful. I mean, the scent is so beautiful.

LINDA: (yawning) Ohhh, geez.

ADAMUS: (Adamus sniffs her) Hm. You don’t like that?

LINDA: Yeah, come on.

ADAMUS: Would you like some coffee?


ADAMUS: Okay. So it’s so beautiful and that’s what I detect happening now, right now with all of you. It’s changed. The scent is changed. There’s not nearly the amount of resistance. And I know some of you can say even up to two weeks ago you were going through hell, but something changed. Something really changed. We’ve gone through some very, very big things lately, deep, transformational, awkward and everything else, but I can tell it’s changing.

But two points here. First is that you’re going to be more aware of energy scents, a scent of something. Don’t go mental on it; just allow yourself to feel it. If you’re in your favorite café, really soak in that energy. There’s something that resonates there, something very favorable and harmonious with you. So really let yourself … if it’s another person. You don’t know why you’re … there’s a scent about them, there’s something. Or a favorite room in your house, no matter what it is, you’re already starting to become more and more aware. It’s just, “I really like this space.” You’re just comfortable there. Don’t get all thinky-thinky about it. Just allow yourself to be there.


More Comfortable with You

And the next point is that you’re getting more comfortable with yourself. Just as you feel that same level of comfort when you walk in the doors here or you’re in a restaurant in your favorite booth and it’s just kind of your place, there’s an energy scent. Now you’re becoming more comfortable with you. You might not be really totally aware of it right now, but you’re going to feel it coming very strong in the next couple of months. Your energy scent and you within yourself are changing very much so.

When it does, when you feel that, “Why am I just okay? Why am so comfortable just being here with me?” When that happens, don’t start the psycho-evaluation on yourself – “Why?” and “How did I get here?” and “What’s going to happen next?” and “Is it all going to fall apart?” Just stop for a moment. Be aware of the scent through the senses, but be aware of the harmony that’s taking place, of the emergence out of the cocoon. Be aware of you.

So that’s where I wanted to start and now my confession.

LINDA: Uh oh.

ADAMUS: Had to distract you for a little bit.


A Shaumbra Celebration

I was at the Ascended Masters Club last night and I have to admit that I have a bit of a hangover today. Ow, ow, ow! (audience says “Ohh”) And …

AMIR: It smells.

ADAMUS: It smells! (laughter) And it smells, indeed. You see, normally before we gather for a Shoud I take it easy the day, the night before. I spend some time with all of you, we do a little gathering, we have kind of pre-Shoud meeting. We talk about what’s been going on. That’s why, when you hear me say certain things in a Shoud, you say, “I was just going through that.” Well, of course, because we met beforehand and you were telling me your damn story and then I repeat it at the Shoud (a few chuckles). “How does he know what I was just …” Because you told me.

Well, I was at the Ascended Masters Club last night and we had a celebration. We had a big party last night, and we stayed up far too long. It was a big celebration and it was impromptu. We hadn’t planned it. It wasn’t put on our calendar, because we don’t have calendars. But we didn’t put out the call. We didn’t have Gabriel blow the trumpet in advance about this gathering. It just happened.

Well, as a matter of fact, I came back there – after being around here for quite a bit, I came back to the Ascended Masters Club – I have to admit I was a little gravitated; that’s the word I use to say I’ve been around you guys a long time and just sucked in. So I was a little – we don’t get tired, but we just get compressed. You know, instead of being open, I was just feeling a little compressed. You get depressed, I get compressed (laughter). I get compressed when you’re depressed.

So I was feeling a little compressed when I went back to the Ascended Masters Club and Apollo said to me, “What’s going on Adamus? You’ve been away for a while. We haven’t hardly seen you around at all since the beginning of the human new year.” I said, “I’ve been busy, really busy with Shaumbra.” You know, I said, “We had to kick off ProGnost 2017. That was a bitch.” (some laughter) Because …

LINDA: What?!

ADAMUS: I said, “That was bitch,” I said. See, we don’t give a ____ what words we use at the Ascended Masters Club, because no word holds bad connotation like your human words like ____ and things like and things like that. They’re bleeping me out today (some chuckles).

LINDA: Are you sure about this?

ADAMUS: So I said, “You know, it’s been pretty wild and crazy, pretty compressed for a long time now. We started out with ProGnost 2017 and it was a …” (someone says “Bitch”) Bitch. I’m getting you to say it instead of me. It was a bitch, and Apollo said, “Bitch?! You calling me a bitch?” No, no, no. I said, “It was a bitch.” They said, “Why?” and by this time some of the other Ascended Masters were starting to gather around and I said, “Well, it’s not what they wanted to hear. They wanted a nice fun message. They wanted a Kumbaya moment, kind of. They wanted a little energy massage, because it’s been tough down there. My god, has it been tough. I’ve been watching – I watched the elections. That was tough” (a few chuckles). And not just that, not just the elections, but the trend of what’s going on on that planet. I said, “You know, I had to break the bad news to my beloved friends, Shaumbra. I had break the bad news and say, ‘Old Earth and New Earth just aren’t coming together.’” I laugh when I say it, but “Old Earth and New Earth just aren’t coming together. Some of them understood. Sure. Some of them were almost two thumbs up on that one, because they understood how harsh this planet is. They understood my underlying message that it’s just not a safe space to be in love with yourself.”

I said, “Some of them really understood, but a lot of them, boy, they were upset. They cried. They got depressed. They went out to try to find some other channeled identity, because they didn’t like me anymore. And they …” (someone says “Awww”) Yeah, see, I know a few of you, didn’t you? “They didn’t like the message,” I said, “So it was kind of tough.” And I said, “Then we came back right after that – boy, right after that, almost too fast – and did this Wound of Adam thing.”

When I said “Wound of Adam,” now there was probably about 40 or 50 other Ascended Masters gathered around, mostly women by the way, used to be women. Some are in drag. Some I can’t tell what they are anymore (some laughter), but they used to be women in their last time. Good god. It’s confusing up there. It’s really confusing (more laughter).

So by this time about 40 or 50 had gathered around and the moment I said, “We recorded the Wound of Adam,” you could hear the “Ohhh, finally! We were wondering, just like Shaumbra, when you would do it.”

I said, “Well, I had to wait for the right time. I couldn’t just do it any time, because I had to wait until, well, the energy dynamics, the scent was in the air. That’s what I was waiting for, the energy scent.” And one of the Ascended Masters said, “Well, Adamus what are you talking about the scent?” And I said, “Well, I had to wait till just the right time to do ProGnost 2017 and then to do Wound of Adam and then to follow it up with what we call our Shoud.” I had to tell them what it was, our Shoud, because they all tied together. And I said, “I had to wait for there to be love in the air. I had to wait for there to be love in the air, because, you see, if we had done it too soon, and we’d have gone into, like, the Wound of Adam, it could have been very harsh. Not just the words, but the energy scent of Wound of Adam – some of you have actually watched it – there’s a scent to it. I’m not saying it’s all easy or pleasant, but there is something very distinctive in it.

There is, of course, the longing for love and the longing to find the lover, the longing even for the soul mate, but then the transmutation beyond that into ultimately understanding the love is right here. “So,” I said, “I had to wait for there to be love in the air,” and some of you may have experienced that in viewing it. There is a distinctive scent in it, something that will perhaps bring you to tears and perhaps a few laughs. There is something that will warm your heart and something that will bring up such an inner knowingness from you. Hearing the words is not even that important, but it’s just something in there that brings up such a knowingness, like you know what was being talked about and you know before the words come out what they’re going to be. So, a beautiful scent.

So I said to the Ascended Masters, “Something’s changing. I smelled it recently,” and I said, “And then on top of it all, I just got back from filming probably what I would personally consider to be the best so far of any of the Masters Life series – Masters Life 4: Sensuality.”*

Well, they went quiet. They whole room went quiet at that point. “Sensuality,” they said. “You mean, Adamus, you’re working with Shaumbra and they were ready for sensuality?” And I said, “I’m not sure (some laughter), but I think so. I think so.”
* “The Master’s Life, Part 4 – Sensuality” is available in the Crimson Circle store.

I said, “You know, it was a bit tough. The energies were very compressed the first day or two, very, very compressed. Really tough. But,” I said, “I think we broke through, energetically. I think we broke through.” And one of the other Ascended Masters towards the back of the room said, “Sensuality, isn’t that like really the last thing that one does before their true enlightenment? Isn’t that like at the end of the Book of Awakening, sensuality, when you can actually talk about that? When you’ve broken through the barriers of the mind. You’ve broken through the whole concept of how reality is simply perceived through the mind and the human senses. Isn’t that towards the end of the book?”

One of the other Ascended Masters yelled out from another corner of the room and said, “That was the last thing before my enlightenment – understanding sensuality, returning to my sense of sensuality, returning to my true senses. That was the last thing, and in that all precipitated out of the, you could say, longing and the willingness to love myself, to open myself back up into the senses.”

There was kind of hum buzz around the whole room. Everybody was remembering their moments of going beyond the mind, going beyond perception of reality through five human senses and finally coming back to their senses, their real senses, of which love is perhaps the greatest and the most difficult, the most challenging. Going beyond a very singular sense of focus, and that’s all you’re in right now, one sense. Everything else – your eyes, your ears, your brain, everything else – are subsets. They’re mechanisms of one sense that you’re in. It’s called focus. It is an angelic sense. It has many, many benefits to it. It will be a true badge of courage and honor and enlightenment that you wear henceforth, anywhere you go from here to eternity. It’s truly noble to have gone through that sense of focus and no other senses.

And, again, there was an “Ahhh” around the room, and you could just feel the energy scent that came out from everybody, remembering how compressed and condensed they were in the physical body and in the mind, how desperately they were trying to get out. Not because they didn’t love life, not because they were bad people, but because it was so confining. It was so dense and so hard.

And everybody could remember. There was a moment there, I remember last night there was a moment when everybody was just reflecting, a moment when everybody remembered what it was like to try so hard to be enlightened, to be better; trying so hard with all their human will and their effort and their work and their suffering, which some equate with making progress. So hard, and they all were remembering that. I’ll never forget that moment last night, and then the realization; the realization that you suddenly go beyond that.

You know what it’s like. You really work at something hard in your life, changing something within yourself and you just can’t seem to get over whatever that something was. You just can’t seem to get there, and then one day it just happens. You wake up in the morning and it’s like a part of you is transformed, something you’ve been trying hard to do, and suddenly – snap! – a shift takes place. And that’s quite what it’s like here. You’ve been working very, very, very hard on all this, to the point of exhaustion, and to the point of stopping working so hard, and you just let go. For some of you it’s devastating and you crawl under the sheets and lay there for a week not knowing what to do. And then you let go, because, well, there’s nothing else to hold on to anymore. I guess you could say you just stop caring, I guess. You just let go and then suddenly, suddenly it shifts and changes.

You can’t do it from here (head) or here (muscles). You’re not going to muscle your way through. But suddenly you just take a deep breath and things shift.

Well, when I told them what we did here in the last month or two months, when I told them the changes that we’ve gone through from ProGnost to love, from coming back into real senses – this (mind) doesn’t make any sense at all, you’re going to laugh at yourself one day – but coming back to the real senses, somebody yelled out from somewhere, “Open that bottle!” And we did (laughter). And we drank St. Germain Liqueur all night and some wine and God knows what. We celebrated late into the night (cheers and applause from audience).

We celebrated our awakening as Ascended Masters – our awakening and then our eventual mastery – but probably more than anything, we celebrated yours. We celebrated you coming to your senses and being that scent.


Coming to Your Senses

Here’s kind of the barometer, the way to measure all this. In the next few months in particular, you’re going to be much more aware of just a feeling in a room, from a person, a pet, an Internet site, a certain place you go walking in the woods. It’s going to feel safe. It’s going to feel very familiar, even if you’ve never been there before. It’s going to feel very energy compatible. It’s going to have a harmony and a resonance, rather than a resistance. You know what a resistance feels like, but these things are going to have resonance with you, because there’s a good energy scent. And, at the same time, you’re going to be noticing your own energy scent, a change – kind of like I say, it’s a combination of fresh flowers and freshly baked cookies, washed down with a little bit of wine – and it’s just going to be so much more harmonious. You with you.

You know how it’s been for too long now, where you’re not even comfortable with you? You know, it’s hard to just be by yourself or if you’re by yourself sometimes it’s like going down Melancholy Lane straight over to Depression Avenue. It’s like, “God dang!” You don’t want to be with anybody, but you don’t want to be with you, so what do you do? You go to sleep. Even that’s been terrible lately – the dreams.

So, suddenly it’s just going to be there. Maybe you wake up in the morning, maybe you’re just driving down the street, it could be anywhere. It could be shopping. You could be filling your car with gas. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t have to be a big moment, but anything, and suddenly, “There’s a good energy scent, me to myself. Forget about the outside world, but me to myself. It just feels good.”

Now, I’d like you to stop at that moment, take a good deep breath and not go into how you got there or why or start thinking, “Well, it’s only because it’s a nice sunny day or only because I just got my paycheck.” Stop all that noise. It’s because you’re coming into your senses. There is an energy scent about you. Be with it. Don’t evaluate it. Don’t try to figure out the psychological Feng Shui or anything else, what you did right and how you’re going to repeat it. Just stop and be in that, and it will come again and again and again. It will come in different ways and different waves. Not to say there’s not going to be some hard times in between, but it’s going to be there. It’s going to be there.

The other thing you’re going to notice in energy scents is that now people are going to have a different attraction to you. You’re no longer repulsive (laughter).

LINDA: Oooh, how exciting!

ADAMUS: Cauldre, that wasn’t quite the right word! That was a little strong. I can’t believe he said it. You’re not going to be so resistant. Eh, it’s repulsive (more chuckles).

You know, you’ve been in your cocoon. It’s been kind of stinking in there, and you’re emitting that energy scent to others. What scent are you emitting to others? “Stay away from me. Stay away from me.” You don’t want the intrusion. You’re tired of the energy feeding, but you weren’t really sure how to handle it, so you cocooned yourself. You encased yourself. You were sending out a scent of, “Stay away. I don’t want anything to do with you,” and a scent, at the same time, of, “I need help. I need help, but not from you. I don’t like any of you. I need help from somewhere. I don’t know where it is. I don’t know how I get it but I need help” (some chuckles).

You were sending out an energy scent of what I’ve asked you never to say in this room – “I don’t know” – but you’ve been saying it in your cocoon. “I don’t know! I don’t know! I don’t know!” Locked away in your cocoon, “I don’t know. He won’t let me say it in the Crimson Circle center, but it don’t know!” (more chuckles) You’ve been sending that out, “I don’t know.” Total confusion to you, yourself, to everybody around you. “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

So there’s kind of a putrid odor to that, a scent. I’m not just talking about the smelling. There’s kind of a stinky smell associated with that. Along with that sometimes a neediness, but again, pushing people away, which is probably okay, but a neediness. You need something.


Free to be You

It’s going to change now. It is changing, because either you got so exhausted that you just have no fight left in you or you just started realizing you’re never going to get there through the concrete of the mind. You’re never going to get there, so you’ve just allowed yourself to open.

You know what happens when you allow yourself to open is that that cocoon, that energy cocoon starts falling apart. It realizes that you don’t need it to encase you anymore, to hold you in, to actually keep you from what you really want to be doing here, so it starts dismantling itself. You don’t have to do it. The cocoon knows how to dismantle itself. And then there is the emergence. The emergence where you’re no longer afraid to be you, from the standpoint of you with yourself.

That’s where the biggest fear came from – afraid to be you with yourself. And then you’re no longer afraid to be you with other people. Then you start smelling like those cookies and flowers, and they’re attracted to you. But – this is very important here, very important to stress – not the feeders like you’ve been used to in the past. You know imbalance attracts imbalance and desperate people attract other desperate people. They might have different levels of desperation, but there is an attractant there, kind of an energy pheromone that attracts those kind of energies.

So suddenly you’re free to be you. You’re free to really be an energy transmitter, radiant, not worrying about the wrong people, the wrong day, the wrong opportunity, whatever. You just don’t worry about that anymore, because you naturally set up the energy dynamic without thinking about it. You naturally are attracted to certain people or rather they’re attracted to you. You’re suddenly attracted to certain situations without thinking, and it just unfolds.

And, you know, if you take a look at how much of your life had been spent planning and worrying – and I put them both in the same category, planning and worrying – it was a lot. It was the vast majority of the time trying to avoid and prevent disaster. But you know exactly, with the magnetics of energy, what happens. You spend your whole life worrying and trying to prevent disaster. You’re worried about ice falling off the wing of an airplane at 30,000 feet and hitting only you, nobody else, only you (a few chuckles), and you spend your whole life worrying about it. So you don’t go outside anymore. You stay inside. Haven’t you figured out that ice can go right through the roof? (more chuckles) But you’re in a life of avoidance, rather than of true living. But, again, it’s okay, because you’re in the cocoon and that’s what you do in the cocoon. But you spend your whole life worrying about it, and then happens? You step out the door one day and there’s a big hailstorm. A big hailstorm and it clunks you all over with big balls of hail. It wasn’t off an airplane but it was ice from the sky, because you attracted it.

But now you get to this point, it works the same way the other way. Look at it like that. So you spend all your life trying not to think bad thought. But what do you do? You think bad thoughts. (Adamus laughs) You spend your life battling your bad thoughts. You spend your whole life worrying about what’s going to happen, who’s going to hurt you next, where are you going to lose all your money. Your whole life fortune, where are you going to lose that; how are you going to get hurt physically, what disease is going to come into your body. You spend all this time worried about these things and then they happen. They kind of have to. It’s an energy attractant. It’s scent attracting like energy. I guess you call it the Law of Attraction; I call it the Law of Smelly Energies (Adamus chuckles). They attract each other.

Now it changes. The same principle that you’ve been trying to avoid, but you’ve actually been digging deep into, the same principle applies the other way around. Instead of now worrying about what you’re thinking, worrying about what’s going to happen next, you suddenly – it’s the same but from a different standpoint – now you don’t have anything to worry about. You realize the moment you don’t worry about worrying, you don’t have anything to worry about. The same equal thing brings everything to you.

You know, energy is always coming to you, no matter what. No matter what. So now the same principle, but the scent is different. The consciousness, the awareness is changed. So now suddenly things just come to you with as much, you could say, the equivalent of ease as there used to be dis-ease; with the equivalent of grace as there used to be struggle. It’s a complete reversal. It just comes to you. It’s just there.

Somebody, many people have asked, actually, and the question came up in Masters Life 4, “Isn’t it boring being an Ascended Master? What do you guys do, just hang around all day and everything works out? (a few chuckles) Isn’t it really boring just doing nothing?” Well, that indicates to me that the human really likes a challenge. The human likes a lot of suffering. The human likes to make things difficult, because they’re working from a singular sense. They don’t know anything more. They don’t know better. They’re working from a very limited form of consciousness.

Now imagine, as I said in Masters Life 4 … no I’m not giving it all away here, but Cauldre, Linda, Alain are all worried I’m giving it away. Geez!

Imagine for a moment, well, you have been living in one sense. You’ll come to understand what I’m talking about – one sense. Not five or even six. One. One, one, one. One sense, and you’ve been doing that for, what, a thousand or more lifetimes. You get pretty comfortable with it. You get pretty … hello, Linda. She’s giving me the looking over there. The look to move on? Or the look to sit down? Or the look that … you want to get me some more coffee kind of look.

LINDA: I’m in shock and awe though. I have been making a commitment to Geoffrey that I would stop using bad words, and for every one I stopped using you’re making up for it. What is this?

ADAMUS: Why did you make a commitment to Cauldre to stop using bad words?

LINDA: It was a threat.

ADAMUS: He threatened you? (she nods) But yet I can use bad words?

LINDA: Yeah, what’s that about?

ADAMUS: I’m an Ascended Master (Adamus chuckles). But back to the point. Back to the point.

Just imagine for a moment, because this is what happens as you come out of that cocoon: You’ve been in one sense, one perception, a very narrow perception of reality, and suddenly you start emerging. You get out of your brain. You break up the concrete. That’s all that is. That’s a concrete energy mass up there. That’s all it is.

Suddenly, you’re in … (the coffee machine can be heard) Oh, I love that sound, coffee being made. Suddenly you’re in five senses. Would that make a difference in your life? Five senses and they’re all, you could say, much more expansive than the one you’ve been in. Now you’ve got five and then 10 and then 50 and then 100. The mind cannot imagine it. It tries to, that’s why the mind asks stupid question like, “Isn’t it boring being an Ascended Master? What do you do, just sit around all day?”

See, the human mind would think, “Well the Ascended Master goes fishing, throws the line in and a fish walks over to the line, sticks it in his mouth and says, ‘Okay, pull me up.’” (a few chuckles) That’s the human interpretation of being an Ascended Master, and the Ascended Master is sitting there going. “Geez, that’s not fun. I already have 400 fish over here. It’s another damn fish. Who’s going to clean up the fish?” And, of course, being an Ascended Master suddenly somebody comes to clean up the fish and take them away. “Oh, that was really boring today. I didn’t have any challenges or struggles.”

It’s not like that. The Ascended Master goes fishing, just like a human would and is going through the whole human process of fishing. But at the same time the Ascended Master is open to so many other levels of awareness – love being one, for instance – levels of awareness that just transcend anything that you could even imagine – imagination being another. So while the Ascended Master is out fishing and reeling in the fish and throwing them back over in the lake on the other side, and the Ascended Master is in the sense of imagination, which could place them anywhere they want to be doing anything they want to be, because it’s a free sense.

The other thing – and I’ll get on with what I’m going to talk about here as soon as my coffee comes back – you’re going to realize as you emerge now, as you develop your energy scent, you’re going to realize that there’s just places, things, people, whatever, dreams, whatever it is that are just so energy compatible. They just – like the song – it just feels good, and you’re going to realize that living in this overwhelming compression has been so difficult and so un-beautiful. Un-beautiful. You’ve been struggling to find beauty in yourself and in life and wondering why you can’t. And then you realize that beauty in itself is a sense, but impossible to experience when you’re in just focus.

Let’s take a good deep breath with that.

My coffee is almost ready. I’m almost ready to get on to our next part.


Adamus’ Confession

So back with my story. I have to admit that last night we partied a lot. And you’d say, “Well, you’re an Ascended Master. You have a hangover?” I do. I do, because I’d just been hanging around on Earth for a while. I was still kind of compressed. So all that partying had an effect on me. I got a bit of a headache when I came to awareness this morning. And then I realized, oh, my energy level was, from all that late night partying and being around you all for two months of some pretty harsh activity, I suddenly realize that … well there is my coffee. I suddenly realized that, “Damn! I hadn’t prepared anything for today.” (some laughter)

LINDA: Oh, that explains it all! Ohhh! Now I get it! Yeah! Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: I thought to myself, “You great Ascended Master you, you’re going to go down there and you’re just going to be rambling (more laughter) for about almost a little over an hour, and somebody’s going to bust you on it. You’re just going to be rambling away and everybody’s going to be wondering, ‘What the hell’s with him today?’ And then everybody’s going to be watching or listening here. Everybody’s going to be saying, ‘Maybe there’s a deeper level that I’m not getting here (more laughter). Maybe it’s over my head, because I’m not really much of a Master here.’”

LINDA: Not a chance.

ADAMUS: And so you’re all trying to listen even closer, like, “So what’s he doing? Is this distraction?”

LINDA: It’s 3:30! Where are you going?!

ADAMUS: I’m about to get where I’m not going (some laughter). I’m going to say that again. I’m about to get where I’m not going. Yeah. And you are too.

I said to myself, I said, “You great Ascended Master you,” I said, “What are we going to do today? And I don’t feel good enough to sit down and try to script anything out.” I said, “I’m just going to show up and be honest. I’ve got a hangover today, and isn’t that terrible on Shoud day that I would have a hangover and I have no script.”

And then I thought to myself, “Hang on a moment. First of all, I can dance for a long time up here before they catch on (laughter). I can distract. I can ask for coffee. I can do a lot of things. I can hold my own for at least 45 minutes, and hell, I’ve gone now an hour and five. How about that?” And then I thought to myself, “Hang on, damn! Isn’t this the way of the Master? The one time I’m way out of sorts, I haven’t planned a thing, I haven’t scripted a … usually we get together and I write notes and we figure out what we’re going to talk about in advance,” because you’re like that, therefore, I had to be like that. I had to plan the Shouds, because you were still planning your life. You see, I’m just matching you, your energy scent.

LINDA: Really? (someone says, “It’s our fault then.”) We’re supposed to buy that? (some laughter)

ADAMUS: Here’s good news. Would you mute her microphone for the rest of the … (Linda laughs loudly and audience laughter) Please take the batteries out. Do something.

And I said, “This is so funny, because it’s so real – I stayed up too late, it’s so real, I planned nothing – but yet on the other hand, isn’t it time you stopped trying to figure it all out? Isn’t it time you stopped planning everything? Isn’t it time you just let it come to you, rather than you go to it?” And I thought, “This is so wonderful. Just when they think I screwed up, they realize I am so brilliant because …” (laughter)

LINDA: If you don’t say so yourself.

ADAMUS: “… this was meant to be. Isn’t it time we all stopped the obsessive planning? Because planning and worrying are really different words for the exact same thing. Isn’t it time we just allowed it to be, without controlling and just let it be? We just let the things come in that come in and just go with it and watch where it goes to and be in that blessing, because it is.”

And that’s when I was going to start shaving but I realized I hadn’t done that in about 400 years, why start now? You don’t need to when you’re an Ascended Master. I was just about to start shaving and it dawned on me, “You know, this all works out. Damn! Am I somehow brilliant? I don’t even know how. It all works out, because I’ve got this energy hangover, I didn’t write the program for today, but I don’t have to do anything, because Yoham is here. Yoham is in the house. Oh! Am I one lucky son of a Ascended Master.” (laughter) I said, “You know what I could do is I could just merabh through the day.” I said, “I’ll just get up here and do a little opening and chat a little bit and then I’ll say, ‘It’s time to do a merabh.’”

And then, then it struck me, first of all, the realization. Isn’t it funny how they just show up? They’re just here, when I’m just not … I just didn’t script this thing. I didn’t put – sorry – I didn’t spend the time putting together things for you, but it worked out. And then it dawned on me; it hit me. I said, “Oh, geez! But about what? A merabh of what?” (some chuckles) We’ve done a merabh on this, we done a merabh on that; we’ve done a merabh on polishing a doorknob (laughter). We’ve done a merabh on running tap water. We’ve done a merabh on how to do your laundry (more laughter). It’s like, “Gah! We’ve done so many merabhs, what are we going to do?” And for a half a moment, having been compressed for the last couple of months with you, I panicked. I almost panicked, and then I took a deep breath and went into the and – “And I’m an Ascended Master” – and I thought, “Well, hell, I’ll do what I should have done a long time ago. You pick the merabh.”

Now this all works out conveniently on a day when I have a bad energy hangover, Yoham is here, you guys pick the merabh. I’m just going to sit back and do what I do best, as an Ascended Master.

LINDA: Which is?

ADAMUS: You decide (some chuckles).

So Linda’s going to take the microphone right now …

LINDA: Ohhh!

ADAMUS: … and we’re going – oh, yeah. Now it’s on you (more chuckles). I have been up here dancing for an hour and ten minutes. Now it’s on you.


First Question

So Linda’s going to go around with the microphone in just a moment and the question I’m going to ask is based on this: Enlightenment – going from awakening to embodied mastery – that journey … by the way, Crimson Circle is not for the pre-awakening or the awakening. It’s for those who are going from post-awakening into mastery, the toughest part of all. The toughest part. It’s easier to stay back in awakening, but we don’t. We go forward.

But even in that journey, there are beautiful gifts. Beautiful, beautiful gifts and experiences in that. Amazing gifts. You receive them all the time. As hard as it’s been being in the cocoon and lonely and challenging and dealing with concrete brain, cement head, there are gifts in it. And actually, the first part of the question – and we’ll get to the second part in just a moment – just stop for a moment. What is the greatest gift, the greatest moment or experience that you’ve had, in spite of the hardships? You know, it could be a moment, like the “aha” moment last night at the Ascended Masters Club. It could just be a little experience you had.

What’s one of the gifts that you’ve had? And just … in the microphone.

LINDA: Is there a timeframe for when this happened?

ADAMUS: No, no. Well, most of you have been going through this intensely for about ten to fifteen years, so anywhere in that timeframe. Just very quickly, what are some of the most precious moments that you’ve had?

LINDA: We have to share that?

ADAMUS: Please.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: It could be a fleeting second. It could be a day, it doesn’t matter. I’d just like to hear that for a moment.

ALICE: Eh, give the mike to the funny one, eh? (they chuckle) I would like a hangover merabh myself.

ADAMUS: A hangover merabh (laughter). We have not done that yet, the hangover merabh, but you know what they say about the hair of the dog. So if we were going to do that merabh, we’re going to bring in a bunch of wine. Yes (she chuckles). So a beautiful, just that moment.

ALICE: Mine would have been a three-day moment in 2013 where I was just sitting in a sauna and watched a bit of sweat on my arm and suddenly just – boom! – expanded into senses that are … and you say it’s one focus, it was that expanded. So I could hear things that were like a mile away, see colors that … and that lasted for three days and I was rocketing. Yeah, I was exhausted.

ADAMUS: Exhausted, yeah. Yeah.

ALICE: And kind of talked to myself about going a little slower from that point on. But that was what …

ADAMUS: Or staying away from saunas (she chuckles).

ALICE: I went back many times trying to repeat it! (she laughs)

ADAMUS: Did it work when you went back?

ALICE: Uh-uh.

ADAMUS: Never does.

ALICE: Uh-uh.

ADAMUS: Never does. You know why? Because the mind is trying to plan it, recreate it, and it just doesn’t work. So you let yourself go with the next experience.

ALICE: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: Good. Thank you. We’ll go quickly here. I’m not going to add too many comments. I’m just curious. Most beautiful moments.

VICKI: I want a merabh to close the gulf between Adam and Isis.


VICKI: That’s on my mind, so that’s the merabh that I’d like.

ADAMUS: We’ll get to that in a moment. But first, your beautiful moment or experience in your life, something so memorable in the awakening into mastery. Something that was so touching.

VICKI: Oh, that would be in the grotto on Kauai with Tobias in January …

ADAMUS: (whispering) Tobias, not me.

VICKI: … 2004.

ADAMUS: Good, good. And what happened?

VICKI: A laundry list of things happened. So I, you know…

ADAMUS: Just it was a revelation.

VICKI: It was a moment for me. All of Kauai was quite a moment for me.

ADAMUS: Right.

VICKI: Yeah.


VICKI: And it’s fascinating, because I went back to listen to the CDs of that workshop, they didn’t work.

ADAMUS: Ahh! Interesting.

VICKI: It was such a moment!

ADAMUS: Interesting.

VICKI: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Good. A few more. Just that precious moment or experience in your coming to mastery.

SWETHA: Wound of Adam.

ADAMUS: Wound of Adam. That was pretty recent.


ADAMUS: Like a couple of days ago type of thing.


ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. What happened? Just out of curiosity.

SWETHA: (pausing) Most of it I felt I knew, but kind of forgot. A lot of it … I don’t know how to explain, but it was like an “aha” moment.

ADAMUS: Yeah. It just is there.

SWETHA: Just, just …

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. And actually, I’m watching you struggle – you’re very smart, pretty mental – and you’re trying to explain things that are such beautiful experiences and you’re trying to explain them from here (head). Isn’t it hard to do?


ADAMUS: Don’t you just want to be with the scent of it? The feeling of it?


ADAMUS: Absolutely. So you take a deep breath and you do (they take a deep breath). Good. Thank you.

SWETHA: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Two more. Just the moment, an experience, something that was just so precious.

SART: Just this morning, sharing what’s happened over the last two months with friends that are on the same path. And I felt you come in very big this morning, even with a hangover. You were good.

ADAMUS: Sometimes I’m best that way. Yeah.

SART: Yeah. It was good.

ADAMUS: My resistance to you was worn down a little bit.

SART: (laughing) I appreciate it very much.

ADAMUS: Thank you. One more. Don’t forget this side of the room.

LINDA: I … can’t you not see that …

APRIL: I had one last night where I’ve been very wrapped up in the political crap going on and getting all wound up in it, and I went out on a Facebook page of my friend and saw this song completely took me to a whole other place, whole other level (she’s getting teary). And I just realized how precious music is and passion is.

ADAMUS: Mm. Yeah, it is.

APRIL: And I was closing myself off to it. So that’s why that was precious.

ADAMUS: Yeah, music, passions, and, again, I talk a lot about these in The Masters Life about sensuality. It’s tearful and joyful at the same time when you realize how compressed you’ve been living, and for good reason. There’s a really interesting experience in the whole thing. But as you emerge out of it, it’ll bring you to tears, how much beauty has not been in your life and how much beauty, actually, there is. I see so many of you trying to create or make – no, best word – manufacture beauty in your life, trying to find beauty, and it doesn’t work very well. It’s there but in a very different way. Thank you.

Oh, then you wonder, “Why have I lived like this? Why have I shut down?” And it’s nothing you’ve done wrong. It’s not a psychological thing. It’s nothing that you’ve done wrong. It was actually a choice, a beautiful choice. But now you’re emerging out of it. Yes.

ROMANA: My most precious moment was in August 2014 when I went over this virtual cliff and I fell. First, I felt a fear, and then I got to trust in me.

ADAMUS: Right.

ROMANA: That everything goes on smoothly.

ADAMUS: So you’re slow motion tumbling over a cliff.

ROMANA: Over this cliff.

ADAMUS: Yeah. How far down?

ROMANA: First I saw the ground. It was a cliff, ocean and the waves are coming down and …

ADAMUS: This wasn’t a dream. This was for real.

ROMANA: No, no.

ADAMUS: Well …

ROMANA: And in this fall, like a kind of flying, a kind of …

ADAMUS: Freedom.

ROMANA: … freedom and trust in myself.


ROMANA: And there was, at this moment, there was no ground. There was no falling down. There was flying, and this moment changed my whole life. That is my most …

ADAMUS: The moment.


ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

ROMANA: I also try …

ADAMUS: Can you feel how she’s just not in her mind, in the feelings – or in what I would call the scent of it, the energy of it – and it’s almost like it’s more vivid now, in a way.

ROMANA: I try often to create this moment exactly on the point where I was going, I was making a walk and on my most precious way, but it doesn’t come back. But I can remember on this moment, and when I’m struggling in my life sometimes and I can feel this moment, this freedom and this trust in me, and this really freedom. This freedom not to fall, to feel everything. Yeah.

ADAMUS: Beautiful. Beautiful. Thank you.

ROMANA: Thank you.


Second Question

ADAMUS: Good. Now let’s switch the question a little bit now. So I’ve got a bad hangover, Yoham’s in the house, you pick the merabh. So, you see, you’ve had many gifts along the way, and today is a good day to give us, yourself, a gift.

Now what I’d like you to do, if you’re ready to write in the back there, we’re going to go around and what gift are you going to give yourself, let’s say, in this timeframe – today and the next the next couple of weeks. What gift? You could call it a breakthrough, you could call it realization, whatever you want. But what gift? I already heard one from the back, Vicki, it was about the male and female having intercourse. Was that what you said? (laughter) I’ve got such a headache today (more laughter). It’s what you were thinking. That’s not what you said. Okay. Okay. It’s what you were thinking.

VICKI: The gulf between the two starts to narrow.

ADAMUS: The chasm narrows. Okay.

VICKI: The chasm closes.

ADAMUS: Right, right. They come together.

VICKI: Doesn’t have to be sex.

ADAMUS: Could it be …

VICKI: Doesn’t have to be penetration.

ADAMUS: I’m sorry, I’m just not good today, because I … this hangover (she giggles). Okay. No penetration.

VICKI: Doesn’t have to be.

LINDA: What?!

ADAMUS: But she said the words.

VICKI: It doesn’t have to be penetration.

ADAMUS: Okay. Just a melding.

VICKI: A melding. Oh, that’s a lovely word.

ADAMUS: A unity.

VICKI: A unity.

ADAMUS: A unity.

VICKI: A unifying.


VICKI: A cooperation

ADAMUS: Right, right.

VICKI: Yeah, and a compassion.

ADAMUS: Right.

VICKI: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Okay. Good. I like that. So that’s number one on our list. What we’re going to do is go down through here and then we’re either going to choose the … we’re going to go into the energy essence. We’re going to find the essence in there and then the merabh around that. Are you ready? (to Yoham) Do you have hangovers today? (someone says “Yes” and someone says “No”)

ADAMUS: (chuckling) Right. We all have hangovers. Great. Okay. Next. What gift? What gift today?

CHAITANYA: A gift of clarity.

ADAMUS: Clarity. Okay. I like that. Sure. One of my all-time favorites, clarity. Today’s a merabh-of-the-gift day and you get to choose what we’re going to do and we’ve got … yes. Good, good.

LINDA: Keep going? Ready?

ADAMUS: Yeah. Why don’t you come up and get into position (speaking to Yoham) and then just feel the energy coming up here, and then when we’re ready to get into our merabh, then we’re going to hit it. Good. Okay.

We have two so far. What we have is being clear about the unification of the masculine/feminine. Okay. What next? What gift?


ADAMUS: From yourself? Did I say that? No, you could …

HENRIETTE: Yes. Relief from this compression, this heavy oppression. The constant…

ADAMUS: Yeah. You give yourself such a hard time.


ADAMUS: Oh, my! Give me the microphone, so I can hug you (audience says “Awww” as they hug). Oh. You are constantly tormenting yourself, so how about – who gets this? (he hands the microphone to someone) Yeah. So let’s say – yeah – a merabh of relief from self, from old self.


ADAMUS: Okay. You so deserve it. You really do. Okay, thank you. Okay, we’re doing good so far. Next. What gift today?

JOE: Clarity. Forgiveness …

ADAMUS: Errhh! Already taken (some laughter). You lose! But that’s okay. So double clarity. Put a little thingy on clarity.

JOE: Forgiveness and clarity.

ADAMUS: Forgiveness and clarity. Good. Good, I like that. Oh, this is going to be a good merabh. I hope you’re ready. (Linda gives the microphone to Amir) Oh! He gets to add to it.

AMIR: Linda! (He didn't expect the microphone)

ADAMUS: The gift of Linda.

LINDA: Nooo! What’s your gift? What, what?! What?! What?!

ADAMUS: Well, let’s put that on there, gift of Linda, but Linda means beautiful, so the gift of beauty. Okay, thanks.

AMIR: I already feel so blessed. It’s enough, what’s going to be here.

ADAMUS: Just pick something.

AMIR: No agenda. No agenda, Linda (someone says “Agenda free”).

ADAMUS: Agenda …

LINDA: Since when?

ADAMUS: Okay. No agenda. The gift of …

AMIR: Of self-love.

ADAMUS: … whatever.

LINDA: Just self-love. He said self-love.

ADAMUS: Self-love.

AMIR: Self-love is there.

ADAMUS: Okay, all right. All right.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: All right. I feel a little bit of makyo in there. And I’m going to add to this my own, the gift of whatever. Okay. I like that one, whatever. Whatever! They’re going to sing the song, “Whateverrr. Whateverrr.” (Adamus singing)

LINDA: Let’s see.

ADAMUS: We’re running out of room. Can we make another TV over here for more?

LINDA: No, no. We can do a page. She’s leaving room on the right-hand side there.

ADAMUS: It’s a miracle.

LINDA: Just hold on.

ADAMUS: It’s like magic.

LINDA: Work with us.

ADAMUS: Really.

LINDA: Work with us, Adamus.


MARIKA: The gift of ease.

ADAMUS: The gift of ease. I like that. Ease.


ADAMUS: Good. Let’s keep going. We’re kind of integrating, melding all these together.

LINDA: See, she’s finding space (to write everything on the screen).

ADAMUS: Yeah. The gift of …

LULU: Can we just dance and be?

ADAMUS: Sure, sure. Gift of wide open. How about, let’s say …

LULU: Completion, I mean, nothing else.

ADAMUS: Sure, sure.

LULU: Just enjoy.

ADAMUS: Yeah. So you just step outside there and when the music starts playing … no. You can dance in here, anything you want.

LULU: I have not a problem with that (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: I like that, the gift of joy. I like that a lot.

LULU: The gift of joy.

ADAMUS: Yes, the gift of joy. Good. Next.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: And now, pause for a moment. Just stop everything. Now just feel – get into your sense. Feel now. You’re adding things to here. They’re absorbing all this. We’re creating something together. We don’t have to plan it. I didn’t have to sit down at my desk in my palace in the Ascended Masters Club and say, “Geez, what are we going to work on today?” Let’s do it on the fly. Let’s be really spontaneous, right? Good. Next.

ALI: Allowing from the place that we’re at today.


ALI: And I know you’ve done a merabh of Allowing from before, but from the energy of today of just allowing without having to plan or worry.

ADAMUS: Allowing. Openness. Freedom.

ALI: Yeah. Just letting it happen.


ALI: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Two more.

LINDA: I saw an inspiring face. Just a second. (Adamus waves to online camera) Everybody’s watching online and wondering what the hell we’re doing here. I had to say hello to them (a few chuckles).

Good. Next. Where are we? Good. What gift would you give yourself today in terms of a merabh? The “Merabh for Mary” gift.

MARY: Courage.

ADAMUS: Courage. Courage. Okay. Good. We’re going to put a little courage in here. What does courage feel like to you? What’s the scent of courage?

MARY: Confidence and knowing, empowerment.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Is it masculine or feminine?

MARY: Neither.


MARY: Both.

ADAMUS: Right. Good. Okay.

LINDA: More?

ADAMUS: One more and we’re going to wrap this up and make it really good.

LINDA: Hand this to Lara, please.

ADAMUS: Oh, good!

LARA: Letting go of identity. Lifetimes of identity.

ADAMUS: Letting go of false identity or limited identity.

LARA: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Love it. Okay. So we have all these. Oh, she got it all on the same TV.

LINDA: Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: Wow. Let’s feel into this for a moment. And Yoham, am I in your way here? So you can see the screen, feel into that. There is an energy essence. There is an energy scent in that. You can turn down the back lights. There’s an energy scent in that. Without even looking at the words, you should be able to start feeling it. It’s not coming from the TV; it’s here in the room, it’s here with everybody watching in. It’s a gift that you’re going to give yourself.

Now, I’m not going to say too many words, because I have a hangover (he laughs). I’m not going to say too many words, because I want this to be open. Today is about really showing you that you can be; that you can stop worrying and planning and overthinking and resisting. You can stop all the efforting and the trying and just be.

So Yoham is, well, I can feel very … they’ve picked up the scent. They’re on the trail now (a few chuckles). They’re going to bring this gift back in the form of the merabh of whatever happens. And I’m going to ask you to do something really courageous. I’m going to ask you to just let it happen, okay?

Now, I already know that you’re going to think about it too much. And then the thinking isn’t going to get you anywhere, and you’re going to wonder what’s happening, if anything. And then I’m going to ask you to take a deep breath and remember the gifts that you’ve already given yourself in this beautiful, beautiful journey into your mastery and just to allow, without any expectation. No planning. No rehearsing. No forcing. No limiting. No trying. No nothing. Just listen to the music, because the music is going to be the perfect reflection of exactly what gift is most appropriate for you today.


Merabh of the Gift

So let’s turn off the monitors. Let’s take a deep breath and let’s begin what we really came here for today …

(music begins)

… to receive. To really receive.

You’re in a very beautiful, beautiful space here. Even if you’re watching in online, you’re still here and we’re still there with you. This has such an energy scent to it, such an amazing resonance in this place.

And now is the time simply to allow it, to receive it, whether it’s the bringing together, the union of the masculine-feminine, whether it’s clarity. No matter what it is, now is the time to bring that together.

Isn’t it amazing that Yoham is here with us now, playing beautiful music in the background in this space, physical or otherwise, in this place where we all gather now, where really there isn’t any planning. They had no idea what was coming. No planning at all.

You’re going to find that your life doesn’t need all that. You’re going to find that the worrying, the planning, the stressing is really actually impairing the energies, the energies that you really want. But you got so used to all that thinking and struggling and fighting, you really kind of impaired the beautiful energies from coming in.

It seems kind of awkward, maybe, to just sit here and kind of merabh away and, “Shouldn’t we be working at things? Shouldn’t we have a lecture?” No.

No, this is much more appropriate.

So, take a deep breath and let yourself be in that energy scent of yourself.

Really, just take a note of your energy scent. Not just the physical fragrance, but the delectable, beautiful essence of your own energy, how it’s changed in just two short months.

(long pause, as Yoham plays)

See, everything has an energy scent. Everything, whether it’s a tree in the forest or whether it’s a room that you might go into, a café; whether it’s a book that you’re holding. Everything has an energy scent to it. It’s a resonance. It’s the ratio of the different energy particles, how they align, how they come into a sense of unity together or sometimes what could be perceived as a lack of unity.

It’s the energy scent, like an aura or a halo. It’s in everything, whether it’s a single blade of grass or whether it’s an entire pasture that spans for kilometers and kilometers, it has a scent to it.

You have an energy scent, and it’s the ratio of how the energies are aligning with your consciousness, how you are allowing the alignment to occur. That scent is based on how free you’re letting yourself live.

You start picking up on the scents, even of other people. Are they open or are they closed? Are they focused or are they free? Are they carrying a lot of old burdens on their shoulders or have they let those go in favor of a free life?

Everything has that scent and the true Master starts going beyond their eyes and ears and into the feelings. Not judgments. Not judgments, and I know some of you are so afraid of judging. There’s a great distinction between being discerning or aware and judging. But you start picking up on the scents of things.

A feeling without having to define it or measure it, without having to think of it in a human or a linear term, but rather just energy terms. You don’t even have to say it’s good or bad, light or heavy, it doesn’t matter. It’s an energy scent.

In this next portion of the merabh, I’m going to ask you to feel your own scent. Be aware of your own energy scent. I told you before that, as you emerge from the cocoon, it’s been changing. It’s been very different, and I am very, very aware of it, because I don’t use eyes to see or ears to hear. I’m simply aware of energies.

Now I invite you to take a moment as the music plays on and to be aware of your energy scent without judgment, and even without trying to define it, but to feel the changes you’ve made, so deep in these past few months.

So let’s take a deep breath together and be in awareness.

(long pause, as music continues)

Let’s call this the Merabh of the Gift. Let’s call this the gift that you’re just going to give yourself without having to plan it, worry about it, think about it. Truly, a free gift.

It’s just like today; without having to do a lot of planning or worrying, just let’s show up. Let’s show up and allow the energies to come to us. Let’s show up and just have such trust, such knowingness that all the gifts are going to be there.

That’s what we did today, with some distraction on my part, with a few jokes, a little bit of discussion, but really just showing up and letting the gifts be there.

Let’s take a deep breath together … a good deep breath.

The Merabh of the Gift. What gift you ask? What gift? Wait. I mean, just watch what happens next. You’re going to start really understanding how energy works in response to the creator. That’s you.

Let’s take a good deep breath together at the conclusion of this day for me.

It was a little hard to get through today, but now it’s time for a little hair off the dog (some chuckles).

I love working with all of you, dear Shaumbra, and remember, no matter what happens, no matter how bad that energy hangover is, remember that all is well in all of creation.

Thank you. And thank you to Yoham (audience applause).