“Walk On - The Powerless Life” Series

SHOUD 9 – Featuring ADAMUS, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
May 7, 2016

I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain.

What a day we have in store (laughter). I’m going to say it’s – well, first of all, here in Colorado, if we can get a shot out the windows, you can’t see a lot – but I call it a Transylvania day (more chuckles). Kind of foggy, kind of mysterious. In Transylvania, we had many beautiful days as well, but then they were smattered in between with these days where the fog rolled in. Everything was held in place. You know, that heaviness when the fog comes in, it really makes you go inside. Remember, for many of you were there in the Mystery Schools back in Transylvania, in our beautiful Mystery School with the large fire in the fireplace, with beautiful music echoing through the halls, but outside mysterious, foggy, cloudy, broken by the occasional howling of the wild wolf. Arh-wooooooo!

LINDA: That’s a wolf?

ADAMUS: Ah, the perfect setting. That was a …

LINDA: That’s a wolf?

ADAMUS: That’s a dog of some … you do wolf.

LINDA: No! I have a girl voice.

ADAMUS: All right. Let’s all do wolf.

AUDIENCE AND ADAMUS: Arh-wooooooooooooooooooooooo! (laughter)

ADAMUS: A little bit more like an owl, but you get the point.

Ah! Ah! (Sandra hands him his coffee) And it comes to me. Thank you. Thank you. See, you don’t even have to ask. It just comes to you. Isn’t that the way it should be? (audience says “Yes”) It just comes to you. Even before I was even thinking about coffee – I was going to think about coffee in two minutes – but before I could even think of it, truly, the universe – through Sandra – the universe brought the coffee. That’s what we’re going to. That’s what I want each and every one of you to experience in your life. It’s not just a nice happy thought. It is the new reality. It just comes to you. And then you realize, “Oh, that’s right. I was going to ask for a cup of coffee in a couple of minutes.”

LINDA: You’re looking pretty dapper.

ADAMUS: Thank you. Thank you. So let’s toast to it comes to you. (audience says “Cheers”) Cheers.

LINDA: Cheers.

ADAMUS: Hear, hear.

I’m going to tell you right now, today’s a disruptive day. It’s hell on energy day, and we’re right in the middle of I don’t know how many different – what do you call them – the retrogrades.

LINDA: Oh, five. Five planets in retrograde.

ADAMUS: Five. And, you know, once you go beyond two, it doesn’t matter if it’s five or 50. I mean, it’s just everything is getting turned around, and you’re going to find that today. If you were feeling a little queasy before we went online, before you came here, before you joined us online; if you’re feeling that kind of gut reaction to things, it’s because we’re just going to tip the tables upside down.

You know, I’ll start out by saying, I know you’re at the point of no more. You’re just tired of the old way. No more. The problem is how do you get out of it? How do you go beyond? Because so many times when you’ve tried, it’s like a big rubber band tied around your waist and you’re walking on, just like the Series, and you’re walking along and whooaaaaa! You just get pulled right back into mass consciousness, into old patterns. So today we have to do some very disruptive energies.


ADAMUS: I’m going to upset a few people (Linda gasps). Nothing different.

LINDA: You’re promising?

ADAMUS: Same as always, but a few more than normal. I’m going to cause a few of you to get energetically nauseous (Linda gasps again). Nothing different (Adamus chuckles). I’m going to cause some real, I guess you would call it chatter on your social media, and I’m going to be called a lot of different names, not necessarily by Shaumbra, but by others. And then therefore, because I am, you will be also, because you’re part of this.


The Masters Club

By the way, congratulations on your Masters Club (audience applause). Do you know how long it’s been in the coming? How long it’s been since Tobias, Kuthumi, any of us, myself, have been waiting for you to declare yourselves Masters, put up a sign, act like Masters? It’s all an act, and all it takes is somebody being bold enough to say, “Damn right, we’re Masters,” put a plaque on the wall, therefore you are. It’s all really that simple. And the whole premise of ‘it comes to you’ is that simple as well. It’s not a lot of hard difficult steps. It’s giving yourself permission. It’s the act of consciousness, which is acting. Well, of course, it’s acting.

Some people will say, “Well, yeah, but you’re just acting like you’re a Master.” Well, you’re acting like you’re an asshole. I mean, it’s like … (gasps and laughter)

LINDA: Ohhh!

ADAMUS: Or, or … but it’s true (some applause). I’m not going to hold back today, I promise. Yeah (laughter).

By the way if some of you are wondering is Donald Trump studying my ways? Kind of.


ADAMUS: A bad interpretation. Very, very bad, you know, because you have to know that line to walk up to. But, yeah…

Anyway, it’s amazing and the whole thing that it comes to you. Everything. Not what your mind thinks, but what your heart and your soul are desiring out of life comes to you. It’s easy. It’s natural. There’s no working at it.

Can you imagine that? That’s one of the things we’re going to start breaking apart, shattering. You don’t work at it. I don’t want you to work at it anymore. I want you to allow it to come to you. I don’t want you to constantly have that rubber band around your waist and you’re going into your mastery and gliding along and suddenly that rubber band snaps you back into your old position. We’re done with that. We’re done.

I want to thank all of those who participated and those who did not in the pledge drive. It was a Shaumbra energy, whether you pledged or you paid, whether you didn’t and just had a smile on your face and contributed energetically. I want to thank you.

And there were two very important things in this. One was, as a group, as Shaumbra, you are all personally individually ready to expand. Afraid as hell of it, afraid of what might happen, but you’re ready. You’re at that – I love it – you’re at that point of that tension where you’re afraid of it, but you just can’t stand being in the old anymore. So you’re right on kind of that fence line, and that causes a beautiful tension that will actually be like the rubber band. But this time instead of holding you around the waist, you put it around your butt, and you pull back and it launches you (laughter). That’s the way the rubber band should be used. Remember that. Do not put it around thy waist. Put it under thy butt and let it – shwitt! – like a slingshot, let it carry you out there. That’s where we’re at.

So in this pledge to expand, it was symbolic of you’re all ready to expand, and then you do. And, using this example of this new Masters Club, there was a lot of tension in it from the staff, from Cauldre and Linda, from many of you Shaumbra, “Can we make it happen?” There was the – I guess you would call it – the tension or the nervousness of the legalities of it. It would have been easier just to stay in here. Let me put it that way. Just easier. It’s like, “Well, let’s dream about a Masters Club on Earth, but let’s just stay in here, because geez, it’s money. It’s a lot of legal issues. It’s a lot of planning. It’s a lot of coordinating. It’s going to be a lot of effort,” so one would think. So it’s too easy.

And think about it in your own life. You say, “I really want to be that embodied Master, but it’s safer, less risky just staying what I was doing.” But you’re at that beautiful place. It’s like, “Eww! Ow.” It’s like a bad fish market. It just stinks, you know, and it’s like you just can’t keep going back there. You’ve got to do something.

So you take what you call is a risk, but it’s really not. It’s already waiting for you, that’s the damn thing. You think it’s a risk. “What if? What if it doesn’t work out right? What if I go broke? What if it affects my health?” You go beyond that. It’s already waiting for you.

This – this expansion, this new Masters Club – it’s been waiting for over two and a half years. Just waiting for you, for, yes, the leadership of the Crimson Circle staff, of Cauldre and Linda, waiting. When are you going to do it? The mind gets in there. “Well, I don’t know if we’re quite ready. It’s a lot of money.” It’s not a lot money (Linda scoffs). Nothing is a lot of money. No, nothing in life is a lot of money. I’ve yet to see something that’s really a lot of money. It’s not. It’s all a matter of perspective.

If you’re collecting five and ten cent coupons, it’s a lot of money, because your perspective is a coupon collector. I’ve got to say, shut up! Just go beyond! Give the coupon to somebody else who’s caught in that mentality and just go shop. It’s not a lot of money. I don’t care what you’re thinking about buying, it’s not a lot of money.

We – you – are insisting that we go beyond this. You’re insisting and resisting at the same time. Interesting. Very interesting. So what are we going to do? That’s when we blow things up. You have to. There’s such a tremendous amount of pent-up energy in your lives, in the world. I mean, your lives are actually not bad compared to the rest of the world. There’s this pent-up energy, and that’s when we say let’s just blow it up. But let’s blow it up and have fun watching blowing it up. You do that when you’re little kids; you just blow something up, burn something down. It’s like “Wow!” (some chuckles) “Sorry mom and dad about the house, but god, that was so cool.” You just blow up – some of you have blown up cars before, an old car, and it’s like, “God! How am I going to get rid of this car?” Buuuush! Peowww! We’re just going to blow it up, but we’re going to do it from the perspective of having fun doing it, rather than, “Oh, no! Everything just fell apart.” It’s like, “Oh, yes! There it goes.”

So today is the day of disruptive energy. This year, well, actually this lifetime, but this year is disruptive energy. Let’s just blow it up, and that’s what we’re going to do today. But I’ll warn you … (Linda sighs and Adamus chuckles) Are you tired or anxious? A sigh of …

LINDA: Nervous. Nervous.

ADAMUS: Nervous.

LINDA: Nervous.

ADAMUS: We’re going to go onto some sacred grounds today, because the sacred grounds are where some of the biggest, stickiest, nastiest monsters are. So we’re going to go onto those sacred grounds. That’s why you might have been feeling a little out of sorts before we started today. That’s why I say there are some who are going to get upset. They’re not going to like it. They’re going to want to kind of hold off, segregate those sacred territories within themselves and in mass consciousness, “But we can’t go there.” We have to go there. We have to go there.

So let’s take a wonderful deep breath, because the other part of this whole expansion, the whole Masters Club, it was so – do you doubt it now? I mean, when you saw the slide that Cauldre prepared, you saw the stone wall with the bronze plaque, “The Masters Club,” that wasn’t a big deal. It’s like, “Oh, yeah. It’s natural. We’re supposed to be there.” But sometimes there’s so much resistance.

The second part of this was it all comes to you, everything. Now, that’s not just a nice saying. That’s the way energy works and consciousness and what some people would call the universe. You don’t have to work for things. You can apply yourself when you choose. You can apply your creativity. You can apply your physical body at times, when you want to. But you don’t have to work at things. There’s a big difference.

Work is a term of the mind. It comes from the mind – work – and when somebody says to you, “Get to work.” “Ughhh!” Wow. What if somebody said, “Get creative.” “Oh! Okay. That’s easy.” Just letting it come to you. Letting the energies align in the way a Master would, in a brilliant symphony of energies working to serve you. So the Masters Club is an example of letting it come to you.

The Crimson Circle team said, “Okay, it’s time.” It couldn’t have been more obvious if you would have slapped them over the head with a two by four (a large piece of wood). The space becomes available next door; what are they waiting for? Everything is falling in place – “But, oh, it’s a lot of work and a lot of money.” Shut up! It’s there.

LINDA: Why are you pointing at me? (some chuckles)

ADAMUS: I’m pointing over there at the new space.

Shut up. It’s ready for you.

So when they finally, the biggest challenge in this whole thing was finally saying, “Let’s do it.” Why not? Why not have a bigger space, whether you need it or not? That’s not the point. People will justify, “Well, do I really need this?” Get a nice car, a fast car, whether you need it or not. Why not? I don’t understand that mentality, “Well, I don’t have the money.” Well, there you go. It comes to you. You don’t have the money. You start acting being the Master, and it’s just there. It’s just there.

So they finally said “Let’s do it.” Oh, nervous, nervous, anxiety. Why? Then you, Shaumbra, all around the world suddenly came forth with your pledges, with your money, and it was just there. It was just there. There’s no mystery to this. There’s no having to be good at fundraising. They’re not particularly good at fundraising! There is no having to market it. There’s no having to – it’s just “Shaumbra, join in,” and that’s it, and it comes to you.


It Comes to You

For everybody who participated financially or energetically, it’s the same way. It just comes to you. And for those who really, really energetically, financially participated – I mean, just really felt it – now I want you to feel into your life and let it come to you with the same ease and grace minus all the worrying up front if you deserve it or if you need it. Let that part go. Let it all come to you.

Love. Love. And money. Sure, why not? And health. And just energy, creativity, whatever it is. You don’t even have to define it. You don’t have to say, “Universe, here’s what I want.” You don’t have to, because it’s actually already there before you even think about it. And once you are in that state of consciousness, there’s nothing ever to worry about again. Ever. There’s really not, unless you want to go play in that sandbox for a while. Some of you will. You’ll say, “Eh, you know, there was something about the worrying and about the stress and it made me feel heroic when I overcame all the odds.” Go play in that sandbox, but don’t forget that there’s this other sandbox in the realm of “and.” It’s already taken care of long before you even knew it. That’s the way to live.

If you find yourself in the brain, struggling with it, wondering about it, “Am I doing this right? Now do I have to turn to the west and then the north,” you’ve lost it. You just do it, and then you feel that grace of life and all of its energies coming in to serve you. It’s that simple. Anything else is makyo.

And I know what’s going to happen. You’re going to go out and play with this and you’ll do it half way. “I’ll kind of try it, see if it comes to me.” No. Just go out and do it fully without thinking about it, without assessing the risks and the probabilities and are you doing it right or wrong, are you offending other people, any of that. Just do it. That’s going to be the hard part. Does it align with your, what you would call, your morals and your values? Those are crap anyway. So just do it. No, they are. They are. They don’t even look good on you anymore – your morals and values. Those are very old and very human. So let them go. Let them go.


Physical Balance

An interesting thing happened in our wonderful BON Adventure on the Big Island. We got into some great discussions, good energies and two very important things happened. The first, which I’ll talk about right now. The first was that we got to talking one day about, I think it was exercising, physical exercising and there was quite a discussion about getting a little older, keeping your body in shape, working out. How many of you here work out at least occasionally, if not frequently; how many? Go ahead and raise your hand. Get them on camera, I want to see this. Okay. You didn’t raise them very high. What are you, tired of working out? Come on! (some laughter) Raise them really high.

So a lot of you work out and there’s a mentality with it, that goes along with it. I’m not opposed to working out. I loved, when I was in physical body, being in that experience. But so often working out is – you do it in kind of what I call an aspect ratio: “If I put in this much pain, I’m going to get this kind of return.” Why? That’s ridiculous. It’s truly ridiculous. Unless you really like pain or unless you really think you have to go through that.

So one day in our discussions I started the day, I said, “We’re going to do a 60-second workout” and everybody laughed. And I said yes, absolutely in 60 seconds every day, in awareness of your body, you can get the same results or better than in a one-hour physical stressful, even painful workout.

Now, some of you like working out because you get that hit of endorphins into the brain. After the workout, you say, “I feel so good.” Well, you just injected a bunch of chemicals into the brain, which is okay, but then they’ll come down.

For those of you who just want a body conditioning, what we would call toning, in every part – your muscles, your bones, your organs, every part of you – 60 seconds is all it takes. It’s 60 seconds of awareness of your physical being. Awareness that you are a physical being. You’re not your body, but you’re in a body. That’s all it takes, and there’s no stress in it. There’s no thinking. There’s no having to think about different parts of your body. It’s just, “I exist in a body.” Whoa, and then you feel your whole body as an observer. Not with, “What’s wrong with my body? Why is my body aging? What disease does my …” No. Just 60 seconds of I Am awareness in the physical body. That’s it. That’s all it takes.

The funny thing is I’m telling you this – this should be in all of the tabloids as the latest diet craze. It balances your weight. It balances the glow on your face, your eyes, everything. Everything. But you do it without the expectation of certain end results. You just allow it. You do it without worrying about your physical body. You just realize your physical body. That’s it. Sixty seconds is all it takes. So I prepared a 60-second music workout for us.

Now, during the work-out stay seated. Slump in your seat if you want. There is no physical effort that has to go in. It’s 60 seconds of I Am awareness of your body.

You start doing this a few times even and suddenly you’re going to realize that there is some new communication, magic happening with your body. It’s suddenly going to start waking up. There’s that connection that’s made between you and it and it starts realizing, “Oh! My buddy’s back.” And then you’re like, “Oh, my body’s back.” And it’s like, it’s so beautiful.

So we’re going to do a 60-second workout here. Just be very comfortable, and there’s no forcing energies. It’s just 60 seconds of awareness of your body. That’s it.

So let’s take a good deep breath and let’s get that music ready in the back. At the count of three, our 60-second workout. One, two, three …

(upbeat music plays)

That’s it. That’s it. Easy. So, by the way, these will be available free of charge as downloadable tracks. I’ll do a brief intro. Sixty seconds. Put it on your iYammer thing and just do it once in a while. Sixty seconds.

Now, now Edith I have to tell you this. So when we were getting all the materials together, all the recordings, John Kuderka said, “I’m going to play it so loud that Edith has to plug her ears.” So you need to have a talk with him (some giggles).

So, because of that, I did prepare another track, and this track is a little quieter, a little more gentle, if you don’t want the excited music. So let’s do that now. Sixty seconds of awareness in your body. That’s all you need. If you still like running, jogging, lifting weights, whatever, that’s fine. But this is all you need for your physical body – the awareness of your biology without judgment. Just the awareness – “I Am in a physical body.”

Let’s play the second one. Good deep breath into the 60-second workout.

(calmer music plays)

Easy. And you don’t even need the music. Sometimes the music is just kind of nice. But actually, I’m going to go one step further, and I haven’t told this to Cauldre or Linda or anybody else, but I’m going to ask for volunteers. Twenty-one days, 60 seconds a day. What’s the difference in your biology? They’ll put something online like they do to, like a survey, questionnaire. They’ll figure it out. See, I don’t have to worry about these things. I just announce them.

LINDA: No big deal.

ADAMUS: Twenty-one days. What difference does that make to spend 60 seconds a day in awareness of your body? And what differences are you going to feel in your body? What differences are you going to feel in your balance in your body? So they’ll take care of the details. They’ll announce it however they announce it. Take part in it and see what a difference it makes in your physical life. (You may access the questionnaire at this link: 60-Second Workout survey)

Okay, so and both soundtracks will be available for free download. (Please click here to download the 60-Second Workout tracks.) We’ll do just a short intro on them and then into your 60 seconds. Deal? (audience says “Deal”) It’s so easy. It really is. And the funny part is there are skeptics right now, doubters. They’ll say, “Yeah, but, but…” Why not? Why not?

You know, let’s look at this way. Let’s say, according to conventional science and medicine, it doesn’t work. You know, if we were to chart all this out and they say, “Yeah, but it couldn’t possibly have an effect.” Well, we are pirates. You are pirates. We’re jumping over the boundaries. Okay, in true scientific terms, nah, it doesn’t work. But guess what? We’re going to go quantum and make it work. We’re going to go cross over that line. We’re going to use consciousness rather than force, rather than power. We’re going to make it happen. That’s why I want to do the survey, because you’ll show yourself you can do, be anything you want to when you apply your consciousness. I don’t care what science says. Science has a history of being wrong. I don’t care what conventional wisdom says, because we’re not conventional. We’re going beyond all that.

So why not? Just let’s say for example, it totally is b.s. Can I say bad words?

LINDA: That was nicer.

ADAMUS: Let’s say it’s totally b.s. But let’s say, “No. This is the way we want reality to be. So let’s make it that way,” and then it is. Then it is. Suddenly, you’ve created it. Suddenly, it makes a difference, and not because of positive mental thinking. That doesn’t work. But because of allowing, because of the act of consciousness. Sixty seconds, look what happens. That’s it. Yeah. And it works.

I want you to start understanding that all the conventional thoughts, sciences, belief systems are no longer valid. No longer valid. You are not limited to that. You are free to get out of your seats and go beyond mass consciousness. So, good.


First Question of the Day

Question of the day. Linda, with the microphone please. Linda’s going to take the mike out into the audience. Question of the day, which one do I start with? Okay. You should all be nervous right now. Linda’s like armed with a microphone (a few chuckles). It’s like a holdup right here at the Shoud and she’s right in front of you.

LINDA: Oh, I look tough.

ADAMUS: She is tough.

The question is, what percent of your time and energy do you spend on self-judgment, self-assessment, self-criticism.

LINDA: In one day?

ADAMUS: In your daily life, what percent is spent on self-judgment, self-assessment, self-criticism? What percent? So Linda, microphone to the audience please. What percent is spent on these things?


ADAMUS: Oh. Yes.

KATARINA: It used to be a lot, but within the last half a year it’s about five to ten percent.

ADAMUS: Five to ten percent is spent on this self-judgment, self-… your thoughts that are streaming through your mind, five to ten percent. What did it used to be?

KATARINA: One hundred twenty.

ADAMUS: (chuckling) Okay. Good. What made the difference?

KATARINA: (pausing) I can’t tell (Adamus makes choking sounds). It happened naturally that it just changed. Somewhere it changed and the new me was just there and I don’t give a shit anymore (some chuckles).

ADAMUS: Okay. That’s good. Okay. So you’re five to ten percent. Great. Thank you. Thank you.

What percent of your time, energy, your daily life, what percent of those thoughts that are flowing through are about self-criticism, assessment, judgment? Yes.

MARTY: I can’t put a number on it, but it’s too much still.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Just make up a number.

MARTY: Yeah. Umpteen percent.

ADAMUS: Umpteen. Yeah. That’s a funny number.

MARTY: Yeah.

ADAMUS: More than 50 percent?

MARTY: No, probably not.



ADAMUS: More than 30 percent?

MARTY: Yeah. Someone between 30 and 50.

ADAMUS: Somewhere in there, yeah. Okay.

MARTY: Yeah.


MARTY: But trending down.

ADAMUS: Trending down.


ADAMUS: There are days when you hit 100?

MARTY: Eh, yeah.


MARTY: Yeah. Yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

MARTY: And it’s funny because it’s dumber stuff all the time.

ADAMUS: Right, right.

MARTY: So it’s kind of … it’s easier to see it, especially on those 100 percent days. It’s like, “Oh, I’m being stupid here.”

ADAMUS: Being stupid, right.

MARTY: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Well, that’s kind of like a self-criticism right there, “I’m being stupid about my stupidity.” (some chuckles)

MARTY: Oops! Yeah, yeah.

ADAMUS: Okay. Good. Do you ever have a day of the real nasties? You know, not just dumb stuff that could you almost joke at, but the nasties?

MARTY: Yeah! Yeah.

ADAMUS: The wickeds.



MARTY:  Yeah, they’re not fun.

ADAMUS: Ooh! Wow. What do you do to handle those?

MARTY: The silver lining is I know that it’s probably an aspect; it’s definitely an aspect.

ADAMUS: Right, right.

MARTY: That’s not the real me and it’ll pass. So just ride it.

ADAMUS: Ride it. Ride it.

MARTY: And I stole a little saying from the church, so don’t tell Jesus’ dad, because he might be pissed (a few chuckles). But in those situations I just say, “Let go, let God.”

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

MARTY:  And it actually helps.

ADAMUS: How about “Let go, I Am.”

MARTY: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. I mean, why pick on God and everybody else?

MARTY: Well, I mean, God, as … (gestures inside).

ADAMUS: Right, right, right. Right. Yeah, okay. What religion?

MARTY: I grew up Catholic.


MARTY: So, yeah.

ADAMUS: I’m sorry for that.

LINDA: Hail Mary full of grace.

MARTY: Hope my mom isn’t watching right now.

ADAMUS: Yeah, God isn’t … (Adamus laughs)

MARTY: If God doesn’t zap me, my mom will! (laughter)

ADAMUS: You know … (Adamus chuckles) Do you think God watches in on our webcasts?

MARTY: Ooh! It’s probably like one of those, you know, swamp people reality shows to him.

ADAMUS: Right, right. Right. Right.

MARTY: “Oh, look at those Cretans down there!”

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. “I can’t believe there’s really people like that,” you know, yeah, when you watch those. Yeah, yeah. Do you watch those?




ADAMUS: I didn’t know if it just makes you feel better about yourself.

MARTY: Oh, no. No.

ADAMUS: You know, you know, watching that …

MARTY: Real life is way better than that shit.

ADAMUS: Right! Right! Good. Okay, so overall you’d say, what? Thirty percent, a third of your time in self-criticism?

MARTY: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Okay. All right. Good. Thanks.

Ah! What percent of your time in your daily life, stream of thoughts are self-criticism?

OLGA: I wish it would be less.


OLGA: But I think it’s similar, like 30, 40 percent.

ADAMUS: Thirty, 40.

OLGA: Yes.

ADAMUS: Okay. Yeah. What do you do to handle this, you know, when the judgment comes up?

OLGA: I kind of feel “and” very well.

ADAMUS: Ah! I like that.

OLGA: And this “and” helps me a lot. So I don’t think that’s when … okay. Sometimes judging myself it’s like autopilot. You know, it’s when you’re used to use the same route every day.

ADAMUS: Right.

OLGA: Sometimes you maybe need to go to different direction and somehow autopilot turned on and you go here, and say, “Oh, no, no! Today, I need to go there.” So and it’s easy on the route. You just make a turn and go this way. So when I get in the judgment and if I don’t notice it so I continue it. But then I say, “Oh, where I am? Oh, that was wrong route.”

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah.

OLGA: I go a different direction now.

ADAMUS: I like that.

OLGA: So the “and” helps a lot.

ADAMUS: “And” is so beautiful because it’s like, “Okay, I’m having one of those nasty days, being attacked by myself, cannibalizing myself” – is there a word for that when you just cannibalize yourself? – “I’m having one of those nasty days. Oh, and I’m over here. I’m not singular. A nasty day over here; over here on this other ‘and,’ oh! Wow! What a relief.”

OLGA: It’s beautiful.

ADAMUS: Very helpful, because none of you are singular. None of you are singular. You are so very multifaceted. You could be having that bad day and over here you could be having an amazing day. Why keep it so boring? It would be like having a television set with one channel on it, and that’s it. No, switch the channel. See what else is on. You know, on that TV set … oh, Cauldre’s saying you don’t turn the dial anymore (laughter). Yeah, well, okay, you click that remote and it’s like, “Oh I don’t like this show that’s playing. I’ll move to another show.” And you know the funny thing is, it’s not linear. It’s not like you’re moving from one show in a timeline to another show.

Do you ever stop to think, for those of you who have, what, 300, 500 different channels, they’re all happening at the same time? They’re all occurring simultaneously. Isn’t that amazing? It’s kind of like life and you and your aspects. They’re all occurring simultaneously. It’s which one are you going to tune into? And then pretty soon you start realizing you don’t even have to tune into just one or the other. Pretty soon you’re turned in to, what, eight, ten all at the same time, and you have no trouble actually understanding and being aware of all of them fully. You don’t have to just go from one channel to the other. You put them all on and you’re absolutely able to understand every one of them.

OLGA: Beautiful.

ADAMUS: That’s it. Yeah. Good. A couple more. What percent of your time?

EMI: I guess 60 percent or so, but it was 90 percent.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Yeah.

EMI: So it’s very less and …

ADAMUS: Sixty. What caused it to be a little less?

EMI: About my family? Or …

ADAMUS: Just junk thoughts going through your mind. Just self-critical …

EMI: Yeah, but I caught it.

ADAMUS: You caught it.

EMI: Yeah.

ADAMUS: And it was because of your family?

EMI: I criticize myself by myself.

ADAMUS: By yourself.

EMI: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Okay. And how has that been for you? How has it served you?

EMI: Bad.


EMI: Very bad. So stop now and I breathe deep.

ADAMUS: Did any of it make you a better person? Did any of the self-judgment …

EMI: Never.

ADAMUS: Never.

EMI: Never.

ADAMUS: That’s kind of a funny thing.

EMI: But I do it.

ADAMUS: But you do it.

EMI: But I can stop now.

ADAMUS: Yes. Good.

EMI:  And breathe.


EMI: And I go to another direction.

ADAMUS: Yes. So today … you don’t mind if I get personal?

EMI: Please.

ADAMUS: You’re from out of … oh, “Please,” she said … (they laugh) It comes to me! (laughter) So today, when you were getting ready to come here, did you have any self-critical judgmental thoughts?

EMI: No, but we had many, many accidents on the trip. We have …

ADAMUS: Oh, what did you do wrong?

EMI: No visa.

ADAMUS: No visa!

EMI: Yes, b we could have at the airport. No car at the beginning, or …

ADAMUS: How did you do it without no visa, without a …

EMI: We could buy at the airport.


EMI: On the internet.

ADAMUS: Suddenly, “Oh, yeah. We’ll sell you a visa right here.” Okay. Yeah. You should have just told them you know Adamus Saint-Germain.

EMI: Okay. Next time.

ADAMUS: Next time.

EMI: Next time.

ADAMUS: No, use my name. I don’t care.

EMI: Okay.

ADAMUS: No, really.

EMI: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Really, because they’re going to do one of two things. What the f-… (laughter) Or, when you evoke my name, suddenly I’m there with you. Suddenly, it’s like …

EMI: Ah!

ADAMUS: Ah! Ah! See it’s so easy! Yeah.

EMI: We didn’t say your name, but we have thought about you.

ADAMUS: Oh, thank you.

EMI: In travels.

ADAMUS: Yeah, I’m thinking of you too but say my name. Evoke my name.

EMI: Okay.

ADAMUS: You know, because it’s going to throw that other person off guard. “What is she talking about? ‘I know Adamus Saint-Germain.’ Am I supposed to know this Adamus? Is that my boss’s name? Did I miss something in school? Is that a secret code word for terrorists? What is this?” (audience laughter) And then they get all … see, that self-criticism and self-assessment – “What did I do wrong? Do I know this St. Germain?” And they become so muddled and confused that you just walk right by (laughter). “I don’t need no stinkin’ visa.” See how that works? It works.

EMI: Okay.

ADAMUS: Yes. And once you invoke my name, I’ll be there to work with you too.

EMI: But it was enough to think about you and we say to each other, “Oh, Adamus give us a joy.”


EMI: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Oh, good.

EMI: Some travels on a trip to the Crimson …

ADAMUS: That wasn’t Adamus, didn’t do that with the troubles.

EMI: Really?!

ADAMUS: No. No, no. Could I give you a hug? You’ve come this far (audience says “Awww”). Yeah (they hug).

EMI: Thank you.


EMI: Thank you.

ADAMUS: I mean, a big hug.

LINDA: You should hug her friend too.

ADAMUS: Come on! Come here. Come, both of you.

ADAMUS: Come here. Come here, both …

LINDA: You too. You too. Come on. You should have a hug too.


LINDA: You should have a hug too. Both of them. Both of them.

HIROMI: I don’t need microphone (some applause).

LINDA: Both of them.

ADAMUS: Come on up. Come on. It’s okay. It’s okay (applause continues as they come up to the stage). I don’t bite very hard (spoken like Dracula; more laughter). Okay. We’re going to hug. Okay, ready? We got this on camera for all the world to see? And God – God is watching through that camera (more chuckles). Okay, ready? (they hug and say “Ohh!” and audience says “Awww”) Okay. Stay right there.

EMI Thank you.

HIROMI: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Okay. Now, that … (they start to leave) Hang on (laughter). That didn’t arouse me so much. One time Tobias was in Japan.

EMI: I don’t know.

ADAMUS: Yes, no, he was.

EMI:  Ah, really?

ADAMUS: Yes, yes. And Tobias went to Japan and he loved Japan. And Cauldre and Linda love Japan.

EMI: And you, Adamus?

ADAMUS: No, I wasn’t there.

EMI: Please come.

ADAMUS: Thank you. We’ll be there if you do one thing for me.

EMI: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Okay, because Tobias had this same problem. He loved Japan. He loved the Japanese people. He loved the food. He really liked the wine, but there was one thing that bothered Tobias in Japan – the hugs.

EMI: We don’t hug.

ADAMUS: I know. Not so good (some chuckles). Yeah. So when you come up, would you come over here?

EMI: Here?

ADAMUS: Yeah, right here. So when you go to Japan or even come here, the hug, let’s feel it, baby. Let’s really feel it (audience applause). Okay, now, hug me.

EMI: Japanese hug?

ADAMUS: No! An Adamus hug. A Shaumbra hug. Hug me like I’m your dog. I mean, hug … (laughter)

EMI: Okay.

ADAMUS: Oh, no. Bigger hug. Yeah. Okay.

EMI: Yeah (they hug).

ADAMUS: Gah! Get out of here! Come here! You try it (to Hiromi). Like hug me like you mean it. You think about me. You talk about me. Hug me like you’re so happy to be here with me.

EMI: Go (to Hiromi; lots of laughter, then she hugs him; someone says “There you go.”)

ADAMUS: What?!! Did I get hugged? (audience says “No!”)



EMI: Three together?

ADAMUS: Three? That’s weird. Three together. That’s weird (more chuckles). Okay, come here. Now I’m going to demonstrate. Now, don’t … just take a deep breath here (Adamus exaggerates a breath). Okay. Come here (he envelops her in a big passionate bear hug; audience applause)

EMI: Thank you. Thank you. (He hugs Hiromi passionately as well, lifting her off her feet.)

ADAMUS: Oh! Ahh! Ahh! Ah, ah, ah!!! (more applause and laughter) Now, that’s – that’s passion. You see the difference? That’s passion. You know, ohh! And don’t be afraid to really …

EMI: Okay.

ADAMUS: … hold somebody or yourself. Or yourself. Now, if you’re going to do that, it’s like this. It’s like (he hugs himself passionately), yeah! Just like, like really hold … I mean, that’s passion.

LINDA: Wait! Show us that one more time.

ADAMUS: No (laughter). Okay, thank you.

EMI: Thank you, too.

ADAMUS: Yes. Good (audience applause as they return to their seats).

ADAMUS: Let’s all do a big hug here. Just stand up and hug somebody next to you. Not three. Not three. Just two. Not three. (Lots of noise and activity as audience stands and hugs each other.) Okaayy! Let’s not get carried away! This is not tantra class. This is just a simple hug. Why are you giving her the tongue over there?

LINDA: Ohhh! (audience continues hugging, then finally sits down)

ADAMUS: Okay. Now, you feel how the energy changes? It just changes. Okay. And thank you for coming all the way from Japan for a hug. Yes. And now … (more applause) And now for the rest of the day everybody here is going to be hugging you and showing you a good Shaumbra passionate hug. Good.

Okay, here’s my point. I asked the question what percent of your time, energy in your daily life has these self-critical, judgmental, controlling thoughts? For each and every one of you 100 percent. Hundred percent. Would you write that on the board? One hundred percent, because very thought that you have is laced with a degree of judgment, whether it actually comes out or not, I don’t know, but it’s laced with it. Every thought.

Think about a hug. A hug. What’s wrong with that? But there is that, “Uh! What if I don’t do it right? What if I do too much? What if I hug Adamus too much and he thinks I’m a perv? So I’ll hold back. What if other people see this?” They are. You’re online. So even if it was what you call a good thought, it’s laced with, it has the potential of really going dark. Every thought.

You can’t fight it. You cannot overcome your thoughts. You can “and.” You can go beyond, saying, “You know, okay, Adamus – that bastard – said that all my thoughts are crap and I’m going to go over here to the point where they’re not. I don’t need the self-judgment, the self-criticism.” It doesn’t get you anywhere. It does not make you a better person. It does not make you more socially correct. It does not make you more disciplined. It does not make you feel better. It does not make you wealthier. It does not keep you from being an addict or an idiot or anything else. It doesn’t. It doesn’t.

So I want you to be aware that this stream of thoughts has this junk in it, and it’s not about trying to overcome it, because that’s one more level of self-criticism. “Oh, Adamus said all my thoughts are just a garbage heap of mental crap.” No, I didn’t say that. I said it’s in there. It’s a potential and some days it comes out more than other days. Some days are the more, “I’m fat. I’m stupid. I’m not successful. I’m not a psychic. I’m not …”

Take a deep breath and “and” it. “Oh! I’m over here now. I’ve broken beyond those barriers.”

You know, the mind is kind of programmed into that, and it will keep doing it for a while. Eventually, it’ll let go when you get over into the “and” and when you realize that there’s a lot of really heavy programming in there, really heavy. And you’re not going to attack it from within. You’re not going to overcome that crap from within. You’re not. It’s actually like using criticism to try to wipe out criticism. It still nets out at criticism. Using judgment about yourself or attacking your own self-judgment with more self-judgment, you still end up at the end of the day with a lot of self-judgment. So you “and” it. You say, “Yeah, it’s part of me. Wow! Amazing. Interesting. And I’m over here. I don’t need that. It doesn’t get me anywhere. That’s just a part of me, an expression of me, but it’s not all of me.”


Second Question of the Day

Okay, second question. Good deep breath with this one.

LINDA: Uh oh.

ADAMUS: Go ahead, get the microphone ready before I ask the question.

LINDA: It’s ready.

ADAMUS: Put it to somebody’s mouth.

LINDA: Right now?

ADAMUS: Yeah, and then I’ll ask the question. I want to see the surprised look on their face, because the camera is going to be pointing at you.

LINDA: You can hold it (laughter).

ADAMUS: Camera.

LINDA: Hold it close.

ANTJE: Okay.

ADAMUS: Good. What is Satan’s greatest accomplishment? (Linda gasps) What is Satan’s greatest accomplishment? Aah! We shouldn’t be talking about Satan!! (Adamus chuckles)

ANTJE (woman): Um, I’m so sorry, but I don’t understand the question.

ADAMUS: You know Satan?


ADAMUS: Satan!


ADAMUS: The devil! The devil.

ANTJE: Yeah!

LINDA: Sart does! Wait! Sart does! (Linda grabs the mike and hands it to Sart) Sart knows the devil.

ADAMUS: Whoa, whoa, whoa … (Linda laughs loudly) Oh that – hold it! Hold it. Hold it! Hold it.

LINDA: Sart knows the devil.

ADAMUS: Hold it. That was a classic rescue. That was a rescue. We’ll go to Sart, but I want to … you know, the devil? Lucifer?


ADAMUS: Satan.

ANTJE: Yeah.

ADAMUS: What is Satan’s greatest accomplishment?

ANTJE: That I will go to him when I die.

ADAMUS: Okay. Go to hell when you die. Go to him.

ANTJE: Go to him.

ADAMUS: The house of Lucifer. Okay.


ADAMUS: Good. Thank you. Do you ever worry about that?

ANTJE: No. No, I don’t.

LINDA: She’s not Catholic.

ADAMUS: Okay. I didn’t say Catholic.

ANTJE: No. No, no.



ADAMUS: Good. Next. What is Satan’s greatest accomplishment?

SART: He kicked me out of bed (Adamus chuckles).

ADAMUS: That was your ex-wife (lots of laughter). Ba dum, boom!

LINDA: Ohhh!

ADAMUS: He kicked you out of bed.


ADAMUS: What do you mean by that? He woke you up?

SART: He wouldn’t let me hang out with him anymore.

ADAMUS: Wouldn’t let you hang out. He was intimidated, right?

SART:  Yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah, okay.

SART: Now that I Am.

ADAMUS: Okay. Kicked you out of bed. Okay. Yeah. What if Satan appeared right here, you know, in front of all of us? What if … (Adamus chuckles) Ohh!

SART: Here we go!

ADAMUS: I was just going to let it try to slip past Cauldre, but he was blocking it. But here we go in our arm wrestle. What if suddenly Cauldre was channeling Satan and that came through, Satan. Would you chat with him?

SART: Yeah, I think so.

ADAMUS: What would you talk about?

SART: What fun we had in the old days (Adamus chuckles).

ADAMUS: You two were kind of like that, eh? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Good. So you have a colorful past (more chuckles).

SART: I’ve been told that.

ADAMUS: Good. Okay. Great. Next. Thank you, Sart. Thank you.

Satan’s greatest accomplishment. You never know what you’re going to get when you come here.

BARBARA: That Satan is here for all of us, basically.



ADAMUS: Right.


ADAMUS: What religion were you raised in?

BARBARA: Catholic.

ADAMUS: Catholic. Okay. See, she gave a good answer.

BARBARA: I always say I’m a recovering Catholic.

ADAMUS: Recovering Catholic. Yeah, yeah.


ADAMUS: Okay. How do you feel about Satan right now?

BARBARA: I don’t give a crap.

ADAMUS: Really?


ADAMUS: No. Okay. Yeah.

BARBARA: I think we were friends, though, in past lives.

ADAMUS: Right. You’re all buddies with Satan … I wasn’t even a buddy with Satan.


ADAMUS: Okay. Yeah. And …

BARBARA: And I had an attachment to the Satan aspect earlier in my life, a good part of this life.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Meaning … what does that mean?

BARBARA: Just how I was raised and the beliefs.

ADAMUS: Right. Meaning that there was a fear of Satan?

BARBARA: Sure. A fear of going to hell for being who I was.

ADAMUS: Right, right. Right.

LINDA: Ooh! What’d you do?

ADAMUS: So you did a few bad things? What’s the worst thing you ever did?

BARBARA: In this lifetime?

ADAMUS: Yeah. Well, the other ones, yeah, don’t really count. Yeah.

BARBARA: Uhh, ooh. I don’t know if I could say that.

ADAMUS: Cauldre asked me not to ask the question. So I’ll be a gentleman and pass on that. But at least you had the consciousness of it for a moment.

BARBARA: You got it.

ADAMUS: I got it. Okay. That’s not so bad.

BARBARA: Other people probably got it too.

ADAMUS: Sart’s done a lot worse (she chuckles). Okay, thank you.

BARBARA: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Thank you.

LINDA: More?

ADAMUS: Satan’s greatest accomplishment. See, is it okay to talk about Lucifer, the devil, all the rest of that here? But now hang on a second, because I did actually have to talk to Cauldre in advance about this session. Normally, I don’t, but I knew his sphincter would tighten about talking about …

LINDA: What?!!! (laughter)

ADAMUS: … talking about this. I told you today is disruptive. Do you want me to be nice? So we had to talk about it and I had to say, dear Cauldre, Geoffrey, we’re going to get into some edgy topics – born and raised Catholic – and you have to understand why we’re doing this, where we’re going with it. But he was concerned about you as well. Are some of you going to be a little overwhelmed? Maybe we’re … what would others think and say, “What did you do at your cult meeting today?” Oh, we evoked Satan (some chuckles). There’s a nervous laughter – “Ohhh!” – and others of you are like, “Oh, my god, is that what we’re doing?” Yes, it is, exactly what we’re doing. We’re bringing it up. It’s the big red devil in the middle of the room, and it has to be brought up. It has to be discussed. Linda gets nervous when we talk about Jesus, much less Satan in the room (some chuckles). So, yes, we are talking about that. So where are we, who’s next?

LINDA: Right here.

ADAMUS: Satan’s greatest accomplishment is? Would you mind standing so everybody could see that you’re part of this Satan discussion? (laughter)

SHAWNA: Okay, so now I’m a little confused on this Satan thing.

ADAMUS: Well, he does that, you know (speaking in a creepy voice). Satan confuses you. Yeah.

SHAWNA: What really is Satan, because I love the Lucifer Show (a TV series).

ADAMUS: Right.

SHAWNA: I mean, I’m really getting into …

ADAMUS: The Lucifer Show?


ADAMUS: Not familiar with it.

SHAWNA: There’s a show called Lucifer and he’s the devil that’s come back. But it’s all about passion, you know, and fulfilling everybody’s passion.

ADAMUS: Like hugging people real passionately?

SHAWNA: Whatever passionate desires you have get fulfilled.

ADAMUS: Right. Okay.

SHAWNA: Or you can trade and then go to hell supposedly or something, you know. But …

ADAMUS: Sounds interesting. How many here watch that? (A few people raise their hands.) Wow. Okay.

SHAWNA: I’m the only Lucifer watcher (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah (they chuckle).

SHAWNA: Oh, okay.

ADAMUS: So your question is, what is Lucifer anyway?

SHAWNA: No, so now I’m like, I’m not so tortured by the devil.

ADAMUS: Right.

SHAWNA: I’m more tortured by my mind and my indecisiveness of not making the right choice.

ADAMUS: I want you to repeat that again. That’s so profound. You’re not so tortured …

SHAWNA: Well, so I’m like, is that the devil? I mean, you know, something that you’re judging … the energy, the thoughts that you use to judge yourself.

ADAMUS: You wouldn’t think my first question and my second question had any correlation.

SHAWNA: Yes! So, I’m like, so is that devil? So I’m in this – I’ve been tortured since last Saturday because I took my car in for service and I walked out with a new car. I had no intention of getting a new car but I haven’t written a check. And after this thing, I’ve got to go decide, and it’s been torturing me all week long.


SHAWNA: It’s like, do I do a two-year lease, a three-year lease or just pay for it all now and get it over with? I don’t know.

ADAMUS: And you’re tortured with that?

SHAWNA: I’m totally tortured because of the fact that I could make the wrong choice.

ADAMUS: Ahh! Oh, let’s stop right there.

SHAWNA: That’s the torture.

ADAMUS: Let’s freeze right there. “I might make the wrong choice.”

SHAWNA: I might regret it.

ADAMUS: So what do you end up doing in the long run? What do most humans end up doing? “I don’t know what to do. I walked in to get my car serviced” – stop for a moment. What’s happening there? Your car is saying, “It’s time. We’re not compatible anymore.”

SHAWNA: Oh, my car was definitely …

ADAMUS: Yeah. It’s saying, “That’s it. No more. I’ve taken you as far as I can go.” You need a nice car. Really nice one. Nicer than the one you picked out.

SHAWNA: I don’t think so. It’s pretty nice (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: What is it?

SHAWNA: It’s a Lexus RX 350, brand new design. It’s nice!

ADAMUS: It’s okay.

SHAWNA: But then there’s the guilt of spending that kind of money on a car too.

ADAMUS: It’s okay. I mean, it’s okay.



SHAWNA: But I have a property management business and I put lawnmowers and weed eaters and bales of hays in my car, which I did with my previous Lexus, and it turns into a truck and I should have probably bought a truck. And I buy this really nice comfortable, pretty …  I haven’t written the check yet, but …

ADAMUS: By the way, Cauldre’s saying, “Note to self, buy a trailer” (laughter). This is not hard! This is not tough!

SHAWNA: Well, Sart won’t store my trailer in the winter!

ADAMUS: Sart is the devil! (more laughter)

Do you realize how funny life is when you let it be, when you don’t get all puckered up on it?

SHAWNA: So I tortured myself all week.

ADAMUS: So what are you going to do? Are you going to buy it outright or are you going to lease it?

SHAWNA: I haven’t decided till I go back.

ADAMUS: Just make a choice right here. Whether it’s right or wrong, just make a choice, any choice. Just pick one of the above. What’s behind door number three?

SHAWNA: I know, because if I lease, I can change my mind. Well, I could still change my mind, but I may not lose as much … (laughter) See! I drive my … I go through all this …

ADAMUS: Look what Satan’s doing to her. Confusing her!

SHAWNA: It’s horrible!! (more laughter)

ADAMUS: Satan’s doing it. Just buy the damn thing, okay?! Buy the damn thing. Write a check or whatever.

SHAWNA: Sart told me to lease it.

ADAMUS: But look at …

SHAWNA: One is a finance major …

ADAMUS: No. Buy it. Buy it, and if you don’t like it, you sell it.

EDITH: Right. It’s just money.

ADAMUS: And it doesn’t matter. You cannot make a wrong decision. If you choose a three-year lease or buy it, it’s still – you cannot … could you just take a deep breath?

SHAWNA: But see, I don’t like …

ADAMUS: No! No! I didn’t say take a deep breath and talk. I said just … (Linda giggles) It’s already worked out. It’s already worked out. And now it’s just begging for you …

SHAWNA: To finish it.

ADAMUS: … to let it come to you. But when there’s that consternation, the mind, “Oh, what should I do? And I could make the wrong decision.” We’re going to blow all that up today. You’re going to have a massive headache, and that’s good.

SHAWNA: I wish you could get rid of that in – I wished I could get rid of that in me and really …

ADAMUS: You’re going to because – but you’re going to try to hold on to it also. I’m going to say, “Damn it all! Just just buy it.” Write a check. I don’t care if it wipes out your savings account, because you cannot make a wrong decision anymore.

SHAWNA: Well, it’s not wrong, but then you can regret it. I don’t want to regret.

ADAMUS: You’ll never regret another thing unless you choose to. It’s so simple. It’s so easy. You’re trying to work for the energies; they want to work for you. A Master allows energy to serve them. That is the definition of grace.

Take a deep breath. I don’t care if you choose what’s behind door number one, two or three. Every one of them is absolutely appropriate. None of them are better or worse. You cannot make a mistake.

SHAWNA: But see, I want to be perfect, so I want to make the right …

ADAMUS: Every choice is perfect.

SHAWNA: It’s torture for me.

ADAMUS: There’s none that is more or less perfect. And this is where all of you are getting yourself in really tight underwear, because you’re, “What should I do? Which way should I go? I’m afraid to make the wrong decision.” Then what happens? You make no decision at all.

SHAWNA: Right. I get stuck.

ADAMUS: Or you make the least risk decision.

SHAWNA: Yeah, I’m not a risk taker.

ADAMUS: I’ll tell you what I would do. I’ll tell you what I would do, and I mean this seriously. But you’re not going to do it. I would go in and buy two vehicles (Linda gasps).

SHAWNA: I almost … I will be thinking about that, because … (some applause)

ADAMUS: Or have him buy it. No, why not? Now, here is part of the point of today. The mind jumps in and says, “Oh, my god. You’re being so extravagant. You can’t afford this. It’s going to go wrong. It’s going to go bad.” No, it’s not. You just “and” it over here. There is an “and,” there is a reality where you have two vehicles. You’ve got your nice vehicle for the beautiful sexy you to drive around town – “Look at my nice vehicle.” And then you’ve got your truck – “Hey! Look at me. Huh! I’m driving my truck” (speaking like a hillbilly; laughter)

LINDA: Nice!

ADAMUS: You know …

LINDA: Do that again!

ADAMUS: No, never again. Ever, ever, ever. I will never do that again (more chuckles).

This is such … you’re letting it come to me. You’re playing into my hands today. I don’t even have to work at it (more chuckles). Who said you can only have one vehicle?

SHAWNA: Well …

ADAMUS: Fight for it. Come on, fight for it.

SHAWNA: [Inaudible] … it’s a way for the snow, and then you got to have another place to park, another vehicle and then you have …

ADAMUS: Then get a different place to live!

SHAWNA: … all the expenses with two and I’ve already …

ADAMUS: Are you listening to this? You get a different place to live now where you can park ten vehicles. And the mind jumps in with all of its crappy thoughts, all of its limitations, its self-judgments and its history and says, “Yeah, but you can’t afraid that. And this …” And it’s like that’s where you say, “No more. I’m not going to live like that. I’m not going to live having to worry about do I have an extra space to park my extra vehicle.” Of course not. And then the mind jumps in and says, “Yeah, but isn’t this all really nice fantasy and aren’t we making this up and doesn’t it sound good?” That’s the way it’s supposed to work, but very few people are doing that. That’s the way energies are supposed to work for you. But if you resist it, if you keep on resisting, if you keep on holding back, you’re in this resistance, it’s not going to work. There’ll be little incremental, you know, going from what you thought was 90 percent crap in your thoughts to 60 percent crap in your thoughts. And, you know, whether you have 90 percent crap or one percent, it’s the same thing. There’s no difference between one percent and 90 percent. It’s still crap. And we’re going to blow beyond that. So thank you and yes.

LINDA: Hey, Adamus. Look! It comes to you! (there is a pot with some cash in it that she set on his chair; some chuckles)

ADAMUS: You must have handed me the wrong bowl, because there’s only five dollars in here. I’m Adamus Saint-Germain.

LINDA: No, no, no. There’s at least twenty-four in there, I think.


LINDA: So, okay. So we don’t …

ADAMUS: Well, it’s still the wrong bowl.

LINDA: Ohh! Okay.

ADAMUS: And the wrong bowl for you. What, twenty-four, twenty-eight, whatever it is.

LINDA: Maybe thirty (laughter).

ADAMUS: I don’t start counting till a thousand, Linda (she is giggling). Okay, so we’re really proving a point here today. Look at the limitations, the crappy thoughts, I mean unless you’re having fun with all this.

SHAWNA: No! It’s torture!

ADAMUS: Okay. So you take a deep breath and just do it. Get two. Why not? But see, that Satan is like, “Oh!” Okay. I want to move on with this because we do have quite a bit to do yet. So two more.

LINDA: Two more.

ADAMUS: Yes. What is Satan’s greatest accomplishment?

VINCE: Getting us to this point.

ADAMUS: Yeah! That’s – yeah!

VINCE: Where we disbelieve, don’t trust ourselves, don’t love ourselves.

ADAMUS: That’s a very good answer. Very good answer, getting us to this point. Absolutely. Good, and one more. You’re very close, Vince, to what I was going to say. Satan’s greatest accomplishment.

HENRIETTE: Providing the scenario of fear, terror, panic and it causes people to just stop, “doe in the headlights.”

ADAMUS: Yeah, and everybody is like that, some to a bigger degree than others, but there is that. There is this whole, “What am I supposed to do? What am I doing wrong? I’m afraid to make a decision, because it might be wrong, and it’s just going to go into that bucket of more wrongs in my life.” You cannot continue existing like that. You cannot. You don’t want to continue, but you cannot continue existing like that. We have to go beyond that. This whole thing of the junk, the limitation, it’s so deep-seated in you.


Satan’s Biggest Accomplishment

And, by the way, my answer to Satan’s greatest accomplishment – getting people to believe he exists.

Satan. There is no Satan, other than the ones that humans have created in their beliefs, and therefore it is.

For someone, something to convince humans that there’s evil in the world, that was a big accomplishment. That’s something somebody or some groups are really proud of – that there’s evil in the world – and there is not. And even you believe it, my dear friends, whether you call it Satan, whether you call it evil, bad energy, dark energy or anything else like that, the fact is that the biggest accomplishment of any of that was believing that it exists. And we can’t go any further if you keep believing that.

There’s no evil. There’s no bad decisions. There’s no mistakes. There’s no sin. There’s no karma.

Now, to some of you this sounds basic. Some of you are saying, “Yeah, well, I already know that.” But I implore you to look at your own life, your thoughts, your limitations, how this whole concept of evil, dark or bad is interwoven into everything you do, and it literally shapes your life. It shapes your life and you’re afraid to get out of it. You’re afraid because what’s going to happen when you don’t have self-judgment, when you don’t have control, when you’re not assessing, are you going to do bad things? That’s why you hold back, because you’re wondering “Am I going to do bad things again?”

You drag around stuff from past lives that’s not even true, actually. You go to some psychic and they tell you, “Oh, in a past life you were a murderer,” and it’s like, not really. Probably not. But, you know, that’s a lot of drama, you believe it, they collect your money, and you drag this stuff around – “I must have been really bad in a past life, because look at my life now. It’s my karma.” No. Not at all.

There is no Satan other than for the people who believe it. There is no evil in all of creation other than the evil that people have chosen to believe. And Linda, if we can get you on the writing board here – I do miss my writing board, but …

LINDA: Ohh! Poor you.

ADAMUS: The Master walks beyond evil in order to live. The Master walks beyond evil in order to live. It’s that simple.

It’s a tough one because whether you call it sin, evil, darkness, Satan, bad, anything – duality or anything else – it has a profound effect on your life, no matter how enlightened you think you are. You have a lot of judgments about yourself, what you did wrong, what you think you’re going to do wrong. You have judgments about the world. You look out on the world and so often say, “It’s a bad world out there. There are bad people doing bad things.” Actually, there’s really not, but as long as people subscribe to it, there is. But if you try to go back and look at the source of darkness, the source of evil, there is none. It really doesn’t exist until people believe it.

And then what’s happened with humans is they’re so ingrained with it from birth. The Original Sin – “You’re bad before you ever even thought of the word good.” From religions that cram this into people’s minds. They program the mind, “There is an opposing force.”

Next page. Write the word evil.

LINDA: How big?

ADAMUS: Half the page.

LINDA: Thank you (she writes “EVIL”)

ADAMUS: And then, as most of you know this, you reverse it, and what is it?

LINDA: Oooh! (she writes “LIVE”)

ADAMUS: Live in English. To live. It’s … you know, it … they’re almost …

LINDA: I like that.

ADAMUS: They’re opposites, but yet they’re comprised of the exact same letters, in English. Live and evil. One is taking away from the other, always. One is always taking away from the other. So whether you philosophically say, “Oh, I don’t believe in the devil. I don’t believe in darkness,” you do, and it’s part of the make-up of one of the facets of yourself.

Imagine, if you would, for a moment; imagine that darkness, sin, Satan, bad, evil were never, ever, ever even whispered to human beings. Imagine a society where, from birth, nobody was ever told that they were bad; nobody was ever told that there was this Satan lurking in the shadows watching everything, trying to get their soul. Imagine if there wasn’t this whole thing about dark and bad. How that would profoundly change the consciousness of humans. It just never was put forth. It was never even in mass consciousness.

If the churches sitting on the street corners all around the world didn’t put out on their signs out front of their buildings “Get saved now or Satan’s going to take your soul.” Imagine if that wasn’t even in belief system. There was just living, and it didn’t mean that living was being perfect. It meant living was just experiencing, that there was no right or wrong. No child was ever told that they were wrong or did something bad or were in disfavor with God.

Imagine that just for a moment, that you were never told that you were dark or awful; you were never told that the devil was going to get you or you were going to go to hell someday, that if that wasn’t even in the belief system; you were never told that you had done something bad.

It’s maybe a little hard to imagine, and most people actually have come to need that in their lives – that judgment, that assessment, that duality of the opposing force. But you cannot walk on still holding those feelings. You cannot.

Freedom is the release of thinking you’ve ever done anything bad. Freedom – you can write that – freedom is releasing the thought that you’d ever done anything bad. People will fight for it. You’ll fight for it to a degree. And it’s so appropriate that we’re doing this session with all of these retrogrades, with all this weather, with everything else happening. Absolutely. It’s a perfect time to utilize the energy that’s available, even if you’d call it contrary or opposite energy. It’s going to help turn that.

So freedom is releasing the thought that you’d ever done anything bad. And you know what? You’re going to say, “Well, I can release, what, 50 percent, 60 percent, maybe 90 percent.” It doesn’t matter. If there’s still 10 percent or 20 percent, it’s still 100 percent. It’s releasing everything about feeling less than you are.

You can’t be free if you’re feeling that you’ve done something wrong or bad. You’re not free if there are still lingering shadows of Satan or darkness or bad in your life.

Here is one of those Points of Separation that I’ve had in so many of my teachings at the Mystery Schools. It’s a Point of Separation where many will philosophically argue, “It’s an evil world out there. Look at the things. People kill each other. People steal from each other. People enslave each other.” Yes, because there’s a core belief that’s been perpetuated, a core belief that humans are bad and that there is a Satan and that there’s darkness. So what do people do? They follow the act of consciousness. They’re programmed with it – “You’re bad. You’ve done bad things. You’re wrong” – so you freeze up. You’re afraid to make a decision. “I might make a wrong decision.” You cannot. You cannot. You really can’t. You just take a deep breath and go with that, but most people will fight for those limitations.

You’re afraid to spread your wings because you’ve been told you’re bad and you spread your wings too big, you might do big bad things rather than little bad things. You’re afraid to open up, to reveal thyself, because you believe that you’ve misused power in the past. Somebody told you or you read it in a book; it’s a past life thing, you were a king or a queen of some ancient land and you did bad things. The fact is you probably didn’t and the fact is it doesn’t matter, and the fact is you’re afraid of power. There is no power.

Part of you, every one of you is so afraid of power, and there is none. You don’t need it. There is none. There’s no need for it. Everything comes to you. It’s not about power. It’s not about the accumulation of energy. It’s that knowingness that all of the energy arrives, is there for you at the appropriate moment. You don’t need to stockpile it. You don’t need to hold on to it, afraid somebody’s going to take it away from you. It’s all there.

Now, this is as big leap. This is a huge leap. You can’t really do this one in little steps. It doesn’t work. You either go powerless, you either let go of all these beliefs of bad fully or you’re still in it a hundred percent. That’s why I said, even if you said, “Well, I’m down – I’m weaning off of my addiction to bad thoughts and fear and thinking I’m bad,” even if you’re at 30 percent, you’re at 100 percent.

So this is a big leap. This is, as I said, a day of disruption and change, to go to the point where you understanding freedom is releasing the thought that you’ve ever done anything bad. You haven’t.

Don’t argue about this philosophically in your mind like, “Well, okay, when I was a kid and I burned down the house, you know, I was serving the universe.” Just shut up. Just walk beyond it. Don’t try to justify it. Then you get entangled in all the crap. You just walk …

There is no evil. There is no power. And, by the way, those two things are so synonymous in mass consciousness – evil and power – and you’re afraid of it. You’re afraid, “What if I really open up? What if I really just let myself be? Oh, my god, the power and the potential for darkness.” There is none. It’s the biggest lie that’s ever been sold to humans, and it continues to be sold again and again. Redemption, salvation, whatever it happens to be. It’s all a lie. Power, darkness, Satan, all of those things are just lies.

What’s Satan’s greatest accomplishment? Convincing people that he exists, and he doesn’t, unless you believe in him. Same with power. What’s the biggest fallacy of power? There is no power. You don’t need it. So now I would like to do a merabh.

Walking On

Now, this merabh is special because you’re here, and because this is kind of that point where you don’t say, “I’ll do this and then I’ll think about it afterwards.” This one is going to go straight at you. In other words, this merabh is truly about shifting consciousness out of evil, out of bad, out of the bad things you think about yourself, because you’ve been told that you’re bad. You’ve been told that evil exists. It doesn’t. It does not. And I can hear all the righteous evangelical Christians and Muslims and everything else all around the world – “Oh! Yeah, he’s Satan.”

But let’s say their leader was sitting right here, the church religion leader was sitting right here and you had two choices, and you’re going to believe in the fact that there is darkness and evil and the devil and that you had to work your way back through either Jesus or Muhammad or one of their other clowns that they have (some gasps and chuckles). They are! They are. They are not who they say they are. The Yeshua that I knew is nothing like the Jesus that they promote. So I can – spit! – spit on Jesus (Linda gasps). No, I can spit on Jesus, because I knew Yeshua. He was amazing, but he’s not what they purport him to be.

So you have your choice now. You pick between their way – darkness, evil, bad people, heaven, hell, you have to go for salvation through their guy – you pick that route or the route over here. There’s no power. There’s not even any darkness. There’s no Lucifer. There’s none of that. It’s simply a game that, well, people are programmed into.

Which would you choose? Which would you choose? And while the choice might appear to be obvious, you suddenly start thinking about it, “Well, what if Adamus is Satan?” I’ve heard it before. I’ve heard it. “What’s if Adamus is Satan and he’s just trying to sell us freedom?” (laughter) “Yeah, I don’t want any of that freedom. That’s that Lucifer stuff.” But the mind looks up here, just like you look at “Should I buy the car or lease it for five years?” Funny thing is you really can’t make a mistake. Which journey do you want to take though?

So let’s do a merabh together. Now, this one, as I said, is going to affect your life, because you’re going to let it.

LINDA: What does that mean? (a few chuckles)

ADAMUS: It means that this whole illusion that you’ve had about darkness … even the new age pushes darkness. They push it. Everybody pushes it, and it’s an illusion. Same with power; it’s an illusion. Same with Satan; it’s an illusion. They’re all – just feel into it a moment. God and Satan. They’re both power plays. Both of them. And you think about power. Power. Oh, humans talk about power. It’s a huge lie. It’s a huge lie. There is none and there’s no need for it. There’s energy, and it serves you.

(He notices the storm outside) I think I’m going to turn into Dracula (laughter), right here in Transylvania. So you take a deep breath and let’s go into this merabh. But, by the way, if you’re not – and I mean this very, very sincerely – if you’re not ready for a change right now, then tune out or walk out.

LINDA: Change in what?

ADAMUS: If you’re not ready for a change right now, tune out or walk out, because this isn’t going to be one of those merabh where you say, “Well, I’ll just sit in the energy and then I’ll decide later on how much I like it. Do I like it ten percent or twenty or thirty?” This is all or nothing time.

We can’t do this so gently and so timidly anymore. We can’t do this – “I’m going to be a Master by doing it partway.” We’re all or nothing now. We can’t do it by just trying to massage you and make you feel good and you doing that, and then going back to crappy life, crappy thoughts. It’s got to change. So this particular merabh is infused with just that. It’s going to change things.

So let’s turn, get the lighting set appropriately. Let’s turn the music on.

Take a good deep breath.

(music begins)

Funny, the only light’s on me (Adamus laughs).

Merabh Beyond the Lie of Darkness

So, dear Shaumbra, all around the world, here also at the Masters Club, it’s time for that transition, that change in going out of consciousness of evil, which has been such an overriding force in everybody’s life. It’s been indoctrinated into you. I don’t care if you came from religious or nonreligious backgrounds, but you’re absorbing it in mass consciousness. You’ve judged yourself so much. And whether you use the word evil or darkness or Satan or just bad, it’s time to walk on completely. Not ten percent better or fifty percent better, but completely.

These are very, very much lies, and yes, I’ve had so much philosophy and discussions with philosophers over the ages, and most of it’s makyo. They try to explain to me why evil is real, and I say it’s real only because you believe it.

Satan, evil, darkness’s biggest accomplishment was getting people to believe that it existed. It doesn’t. It does not. If everybody on this planet let go of that, walked beyond it, this planet would be totally different. But they’re not going to. They’re invested in darkness. They truly are.

The biggest offender of all are religions. They’re invested in darkness. They promote it. They use it in their marketing. They don’t talk about freedom. They don’t talk about grace in your life. They don’t talk about the beauty of your soul.

But, sitting here right now with a very small group of humans here at the Masters Club, here on the Internet, you can let it go without effort. That’s the beauty of it. That’s the irony of it. You don’t get rid of darkness by battling it. You walk on. That’s it. You don’t think about letting it go and how long it takes and how much effort. You just do it. You’re just there.

You don’t think, “Well, do I need to keep a little bit of that fear of darkness, that belief in darkness, in my back pocket just in case?” You just let it all go, a hundred percent. And then for you it doesn’t exist. For the rest of the world, yes, but for you it doesn’t exist. It’s no longer a part of your reality and creation system. Period.

The Master realizes that they’ve never done anything bad, because there isn’t bad. The Master realizes they’re not trying to overcome anything, because there’s nothing to overcome. Life is just an experience. A beautiful, sensual, passionate and expressive experience. And while others may choose to live in the shadow of darkness in their lives, while others may choose to judge themselves, assess themselves and consider part of themselves to be bad or dark, we’re going to go beyond that.

We’re not just dissolving or wiping away a little bit of it. We’re not just releasing it incrementally. It’s gone. It’s gone. There’s no gravity to the lie of darkness. There’s no pull from thinking that you’re bad or that you could be bad if you’re not careful.

You walk on beyond this. There’s no residual worrying, if you were a drug addict, if you’re ever going to go back to drugs. No. You’re not going to. No holding yourself back worrying, if you drank too much at one point, that you’re going to go right back to it. No, you’re not. You walk on. It’s no longer part of the lie that you’re buying into. You simply walk on.

You don’t fight it. You don’t struggle with it. You don’t do ceremony over it. You just walk on … beyond power, which is a lie. Beyond darkness, which is a lie. Beyond that you’ve ever done anything wrong. That’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told yourself. That’s the biggest lie you ever believed – that you’ve done something wrong.

The mind’s going to fight you on this, absolutely going to fight you on this. It’s going to get mental. It’s going to try to justify. It’s going to try to do that thing where it says, “Well, okay, we’ll be ten percent better, we’ll let ten percent of the belief in the lie of darkness go.” The mind will say, “But you’re not ready. You can’t let it all go.” The mind will become philosophical about it. It’ll argue for it. No. No. No more. We’re done.

You see, because it’s still a lie if you believe that you’ve done something wrong. It’s still a lie if you believe in power. Even with just one percent belief in darkness and power, you’re going to believe that that one percent can overcome the ninety-nine percent. You’re going to believe that one percent is enough to infect every part of you. You’re going to believe that you’re supposed to carry that one percent around, and then that one percent is actually one hundred percent. It overshadows everything.


Satan’s biggest accomplishment was getting people to believe that he existed.

Who is Satan? Humans who didn’t allow themselves to be the I Am. Humans that initially used the concept of Satan and darkness to control others. Humans who couldn’t love themselves. That’s Satan. Humans who couldn’t believe that they were divine, that they actually can’t do anything wrong until they started to believe in wrong.

It’s a big step. It’s a very big step.

It’s, in a way, frightening, because there’s still that residual, you would say, that little bit of darkness, that belief in the lie; that belief that you did something bad; that you weren’t successful in a business venture; that you weren’t successful in a relationship, you weren’t successful with your children. It’s a big step to let all that go. Big step.

I would say it’s one of the three biggest things, three biggest steps you’ll ever take. It might be the biggest.

And it’s going to cause a huge head game. I just want to let you know right now it’s going to twist you. But I also want to let you know that it’s already worked out. You’ve already walked beyond it. Even though it’s going to twist your brain, your thoughts, it will get you down on the ground, get you screaming in mental anguish, you’ve already walked beyond it. You’ve already walked beyond the lie of darkness and of power and of anything that you think you’ve ever done. You’ve already walked beyond it. You’ll discover what living the powerless life is really about. The freedom.

Freedom is when you allow that you’ve never done anything wrong. Period.

Freedom is when you allow you’ve never done anything wrong. And watch how the mind reacts to that. Watch how it’s going to try to engage you, pull you in. “Surely, you’ve done things wrong,” it’ll say. “Maybe we can – let’s negotiate,” says the mind. “Let’s make it a little less wrong. Okay,” says the mind. “Let’s shave a little bit of wrongness off of this. But it was still wrong, but just not as wrong.” Watch how the mind is going to try to get you into negotiations. The Master does not negotiate.

There is no negotiation in this, because even one percent belief that you’ve done wrong, that you’re dark, that there’s power, even that one percent is a hundred percent. Because it’s been ingrained in you, in mass consciousness that Satan is so powerful, so effective that just one thought of Satan can bring down the whole house, can bring down the righteous. It’s not true, but that’s what people believe, and therefore, it is.

We can’t work at this incrementally. We can’t spend the next year whittling away at the lies of darkness, the lies that you did something wrong. So I’ve chosen today to just flip it.

And I will apologize to you in advance, very authentically; I will apologize for what some of you are going to go through – the mental anguish, the internal debates, your own struggle with your devil. But I know it’s better that we just take care of this once and for all, and you’ll end up okay. You’ll end up absolutely brilliant, beautiful.

It’s hard, very hard to simply go beyond all the old programming of hell and everything else. It’s very hard. The programming of evil and the world’s going to try to show you, “No, evil is real. Look. Look what’s happening every day.” It’s not your reality; it’s their reality. I’m not talking about eradicating the concept of evil on this whole planet. I’m talking about you – your personal life. That’s it. Is evil still out there? Yeah, because they believe in it. They’re addicted to it. That, and power; they’re addicted to it.

Can you coexist with it? Sometimes, yes. Not all the time. You’ll have to get away. It’ll bring too much pain to your heart to see how they continue to live in the lie. They continue to believe in evil, Satan, darkness when they don’t need to.

Does an Ascended Master cry from time to time? Absolutely. Because it hurts to see how people keep suffering when they don’t have to. But they won’t listen. They won’t do something as easy as walking on past dark, evil, bad, power. And then there’s nothing we can do.

So today we walk on out of the lie. Straight out of the lie. No more. No negotiating. No reducing by ten percent, by fifteen percent. None.

Out of the lie.

Do you realize what we’re doing also right now is bringing up a lot that has been suppressed, held back, mediated. It’s going to come up now. It’s going to fight for its survival. It’s going to fight for its identity, this belief in the lie. Don’t fight it. Do not fight it. Do not engage it. Walk on.

When I say walk on, it’s where are you going to put your consciousness? Are you going to keep your consciousness in that lie? Or are you going to go to freedom?


Freedom is the release of the lie. That’s probably the easiest way to say it. Freedom is walking beyond that lie. It’s a huge lie.

You’ll come through this. You will. It’s going to be tough for some of you, but you’ll come through it. Why? Because you’re pirates. Why? Because you’ve already chosen it. Because you’re truly Masters and I know I can be tough on you at times, probably not as tough as I should be, but I can be tough at times. But I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t already know that you’re Masters.


Let’s just sit here for a moment, realizing there’s not a thing you need to do.

You don’t have to struggle. Remember my 60-second workout? Same thing applies here. You don’t need to work at this. You’re just letting yourself go beyond the big lie.


How long has it been since you’ve been living with this burden that’s not yours, that you’ve done something bad, that you’re evil or there’s evil? Could you imagine, once again, a society, a place, an Earth where none of this existed? Nobody had ever sold this lie.

Where there wasn’t that burden. And, you know, when somebody believes in something, they act it out. When they believe in bad, they act out bad. When they believe that there’s power, they act in power.

(long pause)

Let’s take a good deep breath now. Let’s take a good deep breath.

And this is another merabh I’d like to make available to everyone to download, to listen to. I think it was such a point of change for everyone. That and the 60-second workout. And you know what? They’re my bookends today. I started with the 60-second workout and I end with this merabh. And everything here we’ve talked about – walking beyond the lie – you do in 60 seconds. Walking beyond that you’re anything other than the most sacred, glorious, divine being. Walking beyond all of the lies.

So, let’s take a good deep breath with that.

And now perhaps, perhaps you’ll understand what I mean when I say all is well in all of creation.

Until next month, dear Shaumbra, live from Munich, I Am Adamus, in service to you.

Thank you. Thank you (audience applause).