The [NEXT] Series

SHOUD 3: "Ahmyo" – Featuring ADAMUS, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
October 2, 2010


I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain. Welcome to our gathering, dear Shaumbra, and I have no apologies for changing the schedule. (Adamus presented his message before the usual introduction segment with Geoff & Linda) I think we talked in our last gathering that “expect the unexpected.” (laughter) Thank you! (he takes someone’s scarf)

Expect change and surprise. But actually today there is a very valid reason. There’s a lot going on in the world, if you haven’t noticed. Even if you don’t read the papers anymore, even if you don’t keep up on the news, you should absolutely be able to feel it. Tension, pressure, resistance, drama – oh, and that’s just
your life. (laughter) The rest of the world is going through extreme change. And speaking of that, I have an appointment quite soon, so I wanted to call this gathering early so that I could do both. Perhaps depending on the way things work out, you’ll read about it in the papers or the news, if you do that, or you’ll hear about it later. I have a very pressing appointment for … (he takes a deep breath) Big changes going on.

So I called this gathering a little early. Oh, the slides can wait. Does anybody really want to see those? (a few responses from the audience)


ADAMUS: Yes, absolutely. (laughter)


ADAMUS: Speaking of that, oh, this world is changing so rapidly, and that’s a good thing. That’s a good thing. You’ve been asking for it for a long, long time. Lifetimes of saying, “I choose change.” Lifetimes of working to facilitate change in the world that is happening right now.

(someone enters the room) Didn’t you get the message, Laughing Bear? The email – that celestial email – “We’re starting early today”? Hurry. Use the toilet. Get back in here. (laughter)

There are two very strong dynamics happening. Nice shoes. (to an audience member) Nice shoes. If only Cauldre would learn to dress like something other than an Austrian cowboy. (lots of laughter)

Groups and Dynamics on Earth

So, two major changes going on in the world right now that are really affecting everything. One, there is a group of people, also collected together in governments, business and places of influence and power, who believe that humans cannot take care of themselves, that the average human cannot be responsible for their own thoughts or actions or deeds. They believe that humans need some sort of guidance from governments, from churches, from other things. They don’t believe that humans are by nature intelligent, good, honorable people. They think that humanity is still, oh, in its own form of dark age. They think that people left to their own will destroy this Earth through war, through pollution, through corruption.

Shaumbra, are you part of that group? (audience responds in unison, “No!”) No, no, no. Actually, this is going to be an interesting experience over the next few years, because this group that believes – they earnestly believe – humans cannot be held responsible for themselves. They cannot be given power or money or choice or anything like that. There’s this group that believes that humans have to be told what to do.

They do it under the banner of God, of country, of family, and they basically don’t believe, Diane, that you are God also. They believe that without laws and rules and regulations you will destroy yourself. So they also believe that they are doing you a favor, you see.

There is another group of people on Earth who just don’t give a damn. (someone chuckles loudly) Thank you. I’ll look to you when I need a laugh. (laughter) And a group of people like you that know, that truly believe that humans are, by nature, good. Still working through issues and karma, still attracted or addicted to drama, but given the true pure choice, given divine will in their lives, they will rise to the occasion. Oh, they may go through some chaos. They may go through some crises to get there, but ultimately, they will make the decision that is best for them, and ultimately, anything that’s best for you is best for the world.

So you have this interesting dynamic going on. There are people very passionate, particularly passionate, when it comes to thinking that humans still have to be controlled, thinking that humans are going to destroy the environment, destroy the economy, destroy everything around them. They’re fighting hard, fighting
very hard, for control – control of your life – but they’re doing it, they think, from a good place.

You can see it in the dynamics, you can see it in politics and particularly religion. What religion today – truly, what religion today – believes that you are God also? Believes that you can handle this tremendous amount of energy coming in, handle making choices in your life, handle yourself? And we know, Kerri, that you can. That you can.

Let’s take a deep breath with that.

This is one of the forces of resistance … thank you. (he returns the scarf) Yes. I have infused that with my energy and my love. Yes.

So, another dynamic – very, very similar at the same time – another dynamic is a group of people on Earth who do not want change. If anything they want to go back to old ways, and you know you can’t. (pause while he takes a drink and then makes a “yuck” face)

LINDA: What do you want? What would you like?

ADAMUS: I thought perhaps it was coffee. But they do not want change. They are afraid of change. They think change perhaps holds something evil, holds something unknown. Change is ungodly. So they are holding out for things to stay the same or go back to what they call ‘simpler times.’ And they weren’t simpler. Just remember some of your past lives how un-simple they were, how unconscious those lifetimes were.

But they want to go back. They want to go back about, oh, somewhere between 1400 and 2000 years. Back to the good old days! (laughter) Yes, back to the desert. So they are doing everything that they can from a mass consciousness basis to resist change.

There are others that know that change is inevitable. It’s going to happen, one way or the other. There are some who understand how beautiful it is to have change.

Mind if I push some buttons? (he is inspecting the electronic equipment in the back of the room) Whoa. So, amazing.

So these are the dynamics that you’re feeling all around you in your life. You’re feeling that mass consciousness – part of it – doesn’t think that you can be responsible. Part of it doesn’t want change, and this is causing some, well, amazing energy conflicts – conflicts that I’m going to be working with later today. And perhaps, just perhaps, you would like to join me in our work later. Would you like to do that? (audiences responds, “Yes”)

LINDA: Tell me more first. (much laughter)

ADAMUS: I’ll tell you that it is very exciting, high energy, a lot of drama, a lot of passion, a lot of duality, all mixed together and with some intrigue and conspiracy.

LINDA: I’ll wait for your report. (more laughter)

ADAMUS: You don’t have to take your physical body there. That’s what you’re really afraid of – something hurting your physical body. You’re not worried about your consciousness. That you know is quite flexible and very resilient. You’re not worried about just coming there in spirit and hanging out and watching what happens. You’re not at all afraid if I say let’s go into this conflict – it will be happening later today, sometime tomorrow – let’s go there with your spirit, with your consciousness and let’s not pick sides, even though it’s kind of fun to do sometimes. Let’s not try to force the outcome of the situation, even though it may involve – take a deep breath – human lives and property. Let’s just go there and bring new potentials, potentials that are not being realized right now by the parties involved. You see, and that’s what a true change worker … it’s what true spirit does.

You know, that’s something that really Spirit – the big one, the eternal one – Spirit really can’t do that like you can, believe it or not. Spirit is there all the time, but unlike you, Spirit can’t go there and bring new potentials. Really somebody who’s in conscious human form and understands how to expand their energy has the highest level of consciousness to bring in new potentials, even greater than angelic beings. Angelic beings are kind of fluffy. They’re kind of non-solid. But a human who expands their energy into a situation like this can bring more potentials than anyone or anything else. So let’s do that after you go through your slides today, after the meeting has adjourned.

Oh, by the way, sorry you missed the call that we were starting early. Not you, Larry. (he’s speaking into Larry’s camera) The ones on … let’s go over here (to a different camera). Sorry you missed the call. We’re starting early today. If you’re sad that you’re missing the slides, we’ll do them afterwards. But right now I’m delivering a message. Thank you.

So let’s go there later. Now, will it affect you, or, better said, how will it affect you when we go there? Well you’re probably going to feel the tension. You’re probably going to feel the massive amount of energy ready to clash. It’s not going to hurt your body, or it doesn’t have to. You may get a little anxiety, but, well, you had that before you got here today. (laughter) Other shoe’s going to drop, wondering over these past couple of days, “What is going on?” We’ll talk about that in a minute.

So, dear Shaumbra, let’s journey off together later on.

What Do you Choose?

Next. Last month we talked about the big questions that you were facing prior to our gathering – big questions being the big dilemmas that you were going through – “Do I want to stay on this planet?” Well you don’t want a painful physical death, but if you could just snap your fingers and whshht! be on the other side, would you do it? No pain. No pieces left behind. If you could just get back over to the other side like that, would you do it? (some in audience say, “No”)

You say, no, but about two thirds of Shaumbra given the assignment – the homework assignment – to really be with that question in the weeks that followed our gathering, two thirds still don’t know what they want to do, still procrastinating and delaying, still going through that god-awful mental scenario where they say, “On one column I’ll write why I should stay, on the other column why I should leave.” And what’s really happening is their energy is getting very bottled up, very, very stuck. And when I remind them, as I have done, about it’s time to make a decision, they have every excuse in the book. Every excuse. They even are creating some dramas in their life that don’t need to be there so they can avoid answering the question. They’re in that in-between zone. It’s not even a no-thing zone, because you can choose no thing. But they’re just choosing blank. They’re just choosing … it’s not even nothing. They’re just choosing, well, frustration actually.

The other part of the question that was posed prior to our gathering last time was, and if you’re going to stay, what do you want to do? What are you going to do? Well, that’s a difficult frustrating question. “I don’t know. What does Spirit want me to do?” Sit and think about what you want to do. That’s what Spirit wants.

Some of you got very mental about the question. You started going back into your previous experiences – what felt good, what didn’t. The little catch here with that question was it’s almost impossible to answer that question, because what is available to you right now in the field of your potentials is not even something the mind can understand. But yet you were feeling it. You were feeling “There
is something for me to do. There’s something I don’t have to do for humanity, something to do for myself. I don’t even have to do it for my aspects. I can just do it for me.” You were feeling it, but when you tried to really articulate it, tried to put it into words, it eluded you, went away. That’s very, very natural.

Go with the feelings. You don’t have to define it. You don’t have to be able to write it down on a piece of paper exactly what you want to do. Get into those feelings. Something that is fulfilling, something that is fun, something that is liberating – perhaps that’s what you want to do. And I didn’t ask the question what job do you want. Maybe you don’t want a job. You know, you can survive without a job. You really can. Ask Aandrah, ask On –Norma, Garret. Ask so many of the others who aren’t in the old world, old consciousness type of job. You can survive outside of that. Absolutely. That’s what we call being a sovereign being.

LINDA: But some people think that means do nothing.

ADAMUS: If you choose to do nothing, that’s fine. That’s fine. And if you stop getting mental about what you want to do and get into the feeling, suddenly you’re going to realize that Spirit loves to expand. Your spirit loves to interact. Spirit in a neutral, dull state gets very aggravated. Spirit wants to expand and express. I’ll write that down. You’ve heard it before perhaps, but then you choose to forget. Spirit wants to expand, always, always.

You’ve seen the depiction. Spirit can’t go back, really, and It doesn’t want to. Spirit doesn’t want to just do nothing, because at the core of Spirit, at the core of you, is this absolute joy of life, absolute joy of expanding to find out, “What comes next? What can I create?” Spirit doesn’t like being stuck. So even if you try to do nothing and you try to just sit there in your La-Z-Boy at home – that’s that big ugly piece of furniture in American living rooms – you almost can’t. You will drive yourself crazy first. You will drive yourself bonkers, and then you’ll start getting into a lot of your own hyper-analysis, and you’ll get into a lot of mental processing, and then you’ll have a breakdown, but at least you’re doing
something! (laughter) And truly I do not say that … well, with a little bit of humor, but really that is something. That is the experience of driving yourself absolutely crazy.

Spirit also wants to express. When you wake up in the morning and everything seems so perfect, you don’t have a care in the world, it’s a beautiful day out, the rest of your family is gone for the day, you have the house to yourself, and you feel this overwhelming sense of joy, what do you want to do? Sing or walk or breathe, but you want to express that somehow. That’s the way Spirit is. The joy of expanding leads to the joy of expressing. So, my dear, it would be very difficult – well try it – it would be very difficult to just do nothing. When’s the last time you did nothing?

LINDA: Two seconds ago.

ADAMUS: Ah, no, no. No, because you’re clicking away here (points to her head) and from here, the heart, of course, you’re absolutely loving me. So that is doing something. (lots of laughter)

So, my dear friends, where were we now? I got off track. So, experience and expand.

Trusting Yourself

So, a lot going on right now. I want to focus on something today – very, very important. You could say we’re taking our next step. It will also lead you into our group experience later today, tonight.

I’m going to ask a question and ask Linda of Eesa to run with the microphone.

LINDA: My pleasure.

ADAMUS: Ready?

LINDA: Yes sir.

ADAMUS: For this group here, I’m going to ask you, what is your level of trust with yourself on a scale of 1 to 10? Ten being the highest – absolute unconditional trust; one being you better lock yourself in the closet. Feel into it. Take a deep breath, feel into it. There are no wrong answers. There are no right answers either. Volunteers, Linda.

LINDA: Oh volunteers. Here, right here.

ADAMUS: Volunteers. (laughter) Level of trust with yourself.

GAIL: Should I stand up?

LINDA: Do what you choose.

ADAMUS: Go ahead.

GAIL: I’ll stand up. I knew you’d pick on me. It really, it depends on where I’m at, with what section …

ADAMUS: Ah, deep breath.

GAIL: Let’s everybody breathe with me, please.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Level of trust with yourself.

GAIL: This last month about one and a half.

ADAMUS: One and a half. Good. Thank you for the honesty.

GAIL: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah, and how about right now?

GAIL: Right now about an eight, nine.

ADAMUS: That’s good. Good. It averages out to be about 2.2. (laughter)

GAIL: Yeah, something like that.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Yeah, and that’s good to recognize it. Thank you for the honesty. We’re going to change that today. We are going to change that. You are going to change it.

Next. Level of trust with yourself right now.


ADAMUS: If you would stand up. Yes?


ADAMUS: Five. A five. So, if I could get personal with you?


ADAMUS: Sure. Oh, I heard you say, “Oh-h-h!” (laughter)


ADAMUS: Oh-h sure! What
don’t you trust about yourself? And then I’ll give you the answer.

MICHELLE: When I feel I trust myself, I realize that it’s not completely there.

ADAMUS: Yeah. What don’t you trust about yourself?

MICHELLE: That I always do things right.

ADAMUS: Good. So, if I could.


ADAMUS: Making the wrong choice; trusting your body – issue, issue, issue; and trusting your beliefs – issue, issue, issue. And everybody else, you probably have these too. So thank you.

There is an absolute fear, when you get to this point of evolution, of making the wrong choice. My god, how many lifetimes – a thousand, 1400, 1800? You don’t want to make the big mistake now by making the wrong choice! (laughter) Send you back to about lifetime one. Send you back to Lemuria, or if you’re lucky, to Atlantis. So not wanting to make the wrong choices.

(he picks up a copy of the
Interdimensional Living personal study course) Ah, excellent program for those who are interested in multidimensional expansion. Thank you. I did it. (laughter)

Trusting your body. You’ve had lifetimes – every one of you – lifetimes of conflict with the body. The body is what keeps you here. That’s why you get mad at it. That was funny. (laughter)

In a way you take out your resentment of all of the issues of life on Earth on your body. If it wasn’t for your damn body, you wouldn’t have to worry. We’re going to go take a little journey later today, and some of you right away get a little fear – “What’s going to happen?” Well, when I said you don’t have to worry, nothing will happen to your body, you’re like, “Okay, then I can do anything.” So, issue with the body. Issue with beliefs.

Every one of you here and those coming in late to our webcast, (he talks into the camera again) I’m Adamus. You came in late. (some laughter) It’s not Geoffrey, no. He would never look this good. (laughter as he poses) Thank you.

So, trust in your beliefs. You’ve been involved in god knows how many religious, spiritual type of organizations. You’ve been overindulged – you’ve overindulged yourself with beliefs. With beliefs. And beliefs are fun. They’re a tremendous amount of fun, just like acting is fun, if you understand that’s what you’re doing. But if you forget that you’re acting and you take yourself seriously and you think this is real, then it’s no fun anymore. If you take your beliefs seriously, it’s going to hurt. You’re going to get stuck, and somehow you’ve got to get out of those beliefs.

Beliefs are not bad. I just want to clear that up. There’s nothing wrong with them as long as you understand that you created them and you can un-create them anytime. As long as you understand that beliefs serve a temporary purpose, but don’t get locked up in it. How many of you just – you don’t have to answer out loud – but how many of you believed in hell for a lot of lifetimes? You got stuck in that. You ran from half of your life or lifetimes because of the fear of hell. You didn’t have what I would call a full complete experience in those lifetimes, because you were running from a belief system – hell. It scared the hell out of you. (some laughter) Thank you.

So next. Next. Trusting yourself, scale of one to 10, where are you right now?

KAREN: Seven or eight, the last few days.

ADAMUS: Seven or eight. How about overall? Let’s say the last two years.

KAREN: Oh, up and down. Up and down.

ADAMUS: Average it out.

KAREN: Oh, maybe four or five, average.

ADAMUS: Four or five. Okay. Good.

KAREN: But sometimes way high and sometimes way low.

ADAMUS: Yes. But that’s that roller coaster effect. That’s part of the awakening effect. And what were the issues of trusting yourself?

KAREN: When I could hear really well inside, I trusted real well and went way up high.

ADAMUS: Not what I asked. What were the – just take a deep breath a moment – what
really caused you to go out of trust with yourself? It’s so obvious. Ah, you’re thinking now. You’re not feeling.

KAREN: Probably relying on the human.

ADAMUS: Now I’ll give you the correct answer.
That you’re going to hurt somebody else. You have one of the sweetest, most beautiful radiant dispositions, but you hurt some people. Not intentionally, you didn’t necessarily mean to, but you’ve hurt others. So what do you do? What do any of you do when you’ve hurt others – including killing, torturing, those type of things – when you’ve really hurt somebody? (someone says, “You feel guilty”)

Guilt. You shut down. You withdraw. You retreat and you say, “I will never …” Oh, don’t you hate that – never? “I will never be in the position again to hurt anyone,” because you had, and you still have, certain powers, magnificent talents that are going unexpressed right now, because you associate that with hurting others.

And I don’t blame you for not wanting to hurt others. In a kind of a theoretical – sorry Pete – philosophical way, you can’t really hurt others. In another very New Energy way – excuse me, Bonnie – in another very New Energy way, even if you tried to right now to hurt others, you couldn’t. You couldn’t. Even if you tried – make a conscious choice, which is very unappealing – you cannot hurt someone else right now. Your consciousness, your connection with your own spirit will not allow that.

Knowing that, knowing that you cannot possibly hurt another, wouldn’t that give you back a lot of trust? Couldn’t we raise that up to about a seven?

KAREN: Sure. Yes.

ADAMUS: Absolutely. Absolutely. So many talents that you have, I know who you are. We’ve worked together. I know what you can do as a leader and as a creative person. But you withdrew. You can’t hurt anybody right now.

I know that maybe that challenges some people – some people listening in. “What do you mean I can’t? I can walk right out the door right now, grab a knife and go berserk in a shopping mall.” No
you can’t. No you can’t. Maybe others can, but you cannot. Not because of belief systems, not because you’re highly moral. Because you have a consciousness right now that won’t allow for it.

Next. Level of trust. Yes, where are you right now?

PAUL: Probably seven, eight.

ADAMUS: Seven, eight. That’s pretty low. Compared to where you could be. Compared to the joy that you could have. What’s stopping you?

PAUL: It goes up and down depending upon how confident I am.


PAUL: And so I’m open to hearing any calibration, any other input when I’m not certain.

ADAMUS: So what’s keeping you from a 10? It’s so obvious. Everybody knows.

PAUL: The microphone. (lots of laughter and some applause)

ADAMUS: That’s good.

PAUL: I want an Adamus pin.

ADAMUS: You get it. You get it. Everybody who’s had the microphone so far gets a pin. But let’s pursue this. Yes. Yes, my compliments.

So you’re at a seven to eight. What’s between you and a 10? Because actually everybody should be at an absolute 10. And I’m not going to be happy until you’re at a 10.

PAUL: I don’t feel I have complete knowing at this instant.

ADAMUS: Say that again. Stand up. Stand up. Go ahead. (laughter as Adamus walks toward Paul, who is backing away from him) Go ahead. Don’t worry. I said that you wouldn’t hurt another. You wouldn’t pull out a knife. I will! (Adamus slaps him, audience gasps and laughs) But I want to hear what you said again. Go ahead. You don’t have complete …

PAUL: Knowledge, awareness in the physical consciousness.

ADAMUS: There you go. You can give up the microphone. That is what’s keeping you from a 10 – a trust level of 10 with yourself. Sorry about the slap. It’ll heal.

You want to know it. You want to intellectualize it. You want to figure it out, and if you can’t, if it doesn’t process through here, if it doesn’t make sense, if it doesn’t compute, you’re not going to do it. And that’s what’s keeping you. That – oh, this gets me going – that leap of trust that goes beyond the mind, that goes deep into the heart and into the feeling, the “I don’t give a damn, I don’t have to know about it. I don’t have to process it up here. I don’t have to get mental. Damn be to analysis, I’m just going to live it.” That’s what’s keeping you from a 10. Everything else is good.

PAUL: So getting out of the mind?

ADAMUS: Duh!! (laughter) I mean yes! Yes. I’m not trying to embarrass you, but absolutely, getting out of the mind. Stop trying to figure it out. You do good at times, you let that mind energy go. You have an amazing mind, but what if there was something beyond the mind? What if there was something … Here, I’m going to address your mind on this. Mind, what if there’s something even better, bigger, more intelligent, didn’t need chemicals and electrical circuitry to figure things out? What if there’s something that is so grand and it’s already there? What do you think about that?

PAUL: I don’t question that, but I don’t have knowing access yet to the degree that I want to go beyond the eight. Uh-oh.

LINDA: Should I take his prize back? (laughter)

ADAMUS: No, no, no. This is good. This is good. (laughter) This is good. If I had … if there was a pool of water here right now, and if I had a little bit bigger channeler body, if I had picked a little bit larger channeler, I would take you, wrestle you into the water and put your head underneath and hold your head down underwater until you were at the point of death – I’m that kind of guy! – until you wanted a gasp of air so much, you would give
anything for it. Anything, anything. And then I pull your head up from the water and revive you and say, now, if you want to know and to be yourself that much, to go beyond the mind that much, that you had that much desire for it, then you would get there. In other words, you don’t want it bad enough.

PAUL: I can feel that though.

ADAMUS: Yah! So, good, thank you. Good dialogue. And it’s really quite simple. It’s just taking that leap that you don’t have to … Let me say it a different way. None of this makes sense and ever will. You will never satisfy your human intellect. You will never satisfy your mind about what’s going on on Earth, ever. You can never make sense out of it. So given that, stop trying. Stop trying.

True living ¬– you don’t need to make sense of it. It’s in the moment. It’s spontaneous. It’s from intuition. It’s from gnost. And your mind – your mind, sir – is screaming out saying, “Get me out of here. Relieve me of this burden of having to be so smart, having to figure everything out. Relieve me of my limitations so I,” every part of you, “can expand and grow, can stretch out.” And the mind wants it. That’s the thing. You don’t have to battle the mind, it wants it. But you’re so programmed, so hypnotized – all of you – into thinking that you’ve got to figure it out. And you won’t. So let go. Have fun. Enjoy.

PAUL: Thank you.

ADAMUS: You bet. Absolutely. And I’ll give you an extra Adamus prize here. (Linda gasps as he takes money out of Cauldre’s pocket; laughter as she tries to take it from him) Now don’t touch the channeler! Don’t touch … this is a game. This is a game. I have a choice here between Cauldre’s one dollar bill and an almost crisp one hundred dollar bill. Which do you choose? (pause as he holds them out to Paul)
Is it that difficult?! (lots of laughter)

LINDA: Yeah, because he knows I’m watching!

PAUL: I’m not afraid. Yeah. The Franklin. (the $100 bill)

ADAMUS: It’s yours. Thank you. (audience applause) Always, always check Cauldre’s pockets before we do a session. So …

And this is good. Actually … actually, you made one hundred dollars, Cauldre just made about a thousand, and I am eternally wealthy anyway so I don’t need it.

PAUL: Any time you want! (laughter)

ADAMUS: Absolutely! And Shaumbra, it should …

LINDA: Now give me the rest of what’s in the pocket. (laughter)

ADAMUS: Cauldre’s down to the niggles now. There’s two dollars. So … so, by the way, Shaumbra, it’s just a piece of paper! He just got a piece of paper and everybody’s excited. It’s just a piece of paper.
But there’s a lot of energy to it.

Now, actually, I’d like you to go beyond the mind and turn that into something grander. How do you do that? By holding the hundred dollars out – hold it out – and staring at it and trying to make it into a thousand dollar bill. Not! You do it by – we’re going to go through an exercise later, you’ll use that, please, for the exercise that we do later – you put it in your pocket and let it go. Yes, good. Excellent. Good.

A few more. Level of trust with yourself. Stand up, please. It makes it even tougher, doesn’t it?

APRIL: Yes it does.


APRIL: I’d say eight.

ADAMUS: Eight. That’s good. That’s good. And what’s keeping you from …

APRIL: A hundred dollar bill! (lots of laughter)

ADAMUS: You know where it is! Yeah. What’s keeping you? You’re getting pretty close. What’s possibly keeping you?

APRIL: I think it’s the fear of … it’s either fear of not getting there or fear of getting there. It’s both. It’s both.

ADAMUS: Absolutely. Absolutely, and that’s very wise, and if I had any more money, I’d … let’s see if I have any valuable …

LINDA: Don’t think about it. (laughter)

ADAMUS: But yes, it’s an interesting predicament. You can be seated. Interesting predicament. It’s like you get close, you get to that eight or particularly that nine level and you say, “Well, what if I connect the dots? What if I come to a point of complete trust in self? What happens then?” Aandrah?

LINDA: Wait, wait, wait, I’m running the mike. Running. Running, running, running.

ADAMUS: They hit that point of absolute trust, what do they then give up?

AANDRAH: The fear that has been so familiar for so long.

ADAMUS: The familiarity.


ADAMUS: And with it, the game.


ADAMUS: The game. And what happens? Part of you says, “Well, if the old familiar isn’t there anymore and the game goes away, I don’t have anything to do.” But you will.


ADAMUS: You will. It’s just … it’s a little bit of a kind of a dream state thing, a game that’s played with self. So you come to complete trust, you give up the game. And part of you says, “But well, if I don’t have games to play, why should I stay here?” It’s a new game, and it’s not a game of duality. It’s a new joy of being here on Earth in the physical body without pain, without aches, without all of the other issues. So, good.

One more.

LINDA: Okay. One more.

ADAMUS: And make it the right one. Don’t make the wrong choice here. (laughter)

LINDA: Well, I’ve got your jewelry, so we’re all safe.

ADAMUS: You can’t make the wrong choice. So, level of trust with self?

LITTLE FOX: For some reason instantaneously it bumped up a couple of notches. (laughter) I’d say it shifts between a seven and an eight.

ADAMUS: Seven, eight. Okay. And what’s in between?

LITTLE FOX: Oh, forgetting it’s a journey and to have fun and to not be serious and thinking that, especially right now with these new potentials coming through for myself, feeling safe.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Now could I give you my answer?




ADAMUS: O.P. – other people. Not old people. Other people. See, you’re doing all this work for other people. That’s your passion. That’s your life. That’s your justification for staying here, my good man. “I’m doing this for others,” or other variations is “I have children. I …” Here’s my favorite. “I have parents who are sick, and therefore I can’t take the time for myself, because I’m taking care of them.” Makyo. So O.P.’s. You’re doing it for everybody else. You have to be here to guide all of these unfortunate people through their time of awakening. You have to be here to take care of your children, because without you, obviously, they would crumble to pieces, because, well, maybe they’re not so divine. Obviously, you have to take care of others. So, O.P.’s. Good. Thank you.

LINDA: One last one?

ADAMUS: It is your choice.

LINDA: I think it would be nice to hear from young McKenzie.

ADAMUS: It is your choice. But I don’t have any glib remarks to make to anyone else. So go ahead.

MCKENZIE: Do I have to stand up?

LINDA: Just in time.

ADAMUS: Yes, you have to stand up.

LINDA: Welcome, McKenzie.

MCKENZIE: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Scale of one to 10.

MCKENZIE: Honestly, I have to say that question …

ADAMUS: No, I want you to lie to me. (laughter)

MCKENZIE: Alright, I can do that too.

ADAMUS: No, let’s go for honest.

MCKENZIE: That question kind of confuses me.

ADAMUS: Really.

MCKENZIE: You could say I’m a 10 or a zero, because I am me.

ADAMUS: Right.

MCKENZIE: And if I don’t trust in myself, how can I be me?


MCKENZIE: So in my mind, trust is kind of irrelevant, because there’s no other way to be yourself. You either are yourself or you try not to be.

ADAMUS: Yes. And who do you know that is really themselves?

MCKENZIE: Nobody is.

ADAMUS: Who would be your standard?

MCKENZIE: Ummm, sorry. (she looks to the side)

ADAMUS: Don’t look in this room. (laughter)

MCKENZIE: I know! I know! I saw the screen and she was over there and I looked over there! (lots of laughter)

ADAMUS: And philosophically I agree. Practically, I have a bit of a difficult time. You’re absolutely right, but who do you know that is really the I … who is the example of the I Am or being the true me?


ADAMUS: No one.

MCKENZIE: No. Everybody follows rules. They try and fit in with society. Most of the time they try and think of what other people will … how other people will respond to them …


MCKENZIE: … and what they should do for them. And in the end it ends up with nobody being true to themselves purely, because there’s everything else going on. Like my teacher was saying the other day how she learned that our generation is so just overwhelmed with all this information that’s going on everywhere, that it’s hard to be just purely one thing. So …

ADAMUS: True. Good. Thank you. And, but let me ask, just, all that aside, what do you feel right now, scale of one to 10? I know I’m being shallow by asking this, but …

LINDA: She’s 13 and she’s with a crowd of adults.

ADAMUS: She’s been doing amazingly well.

MCKENZIE: Thirteen?! I’m sixteen!

LINDA: Fifteen, with a crowd of adults.

MCKENZIE: Six. Sixteen.

ADAMUS: Now, where’s your level of trust after this madness?!

LINDA: Sixteen.

ADAMUS: Now, level of trust.

MCKENZIE: Um, I supposed you could say I’m a 10, because I am me and that’s just who I am.

ADAMUS: Okay. Good.

MCKENZIE: Even with other stuff.

ADAMUS: Good. Excellent. Thank you.

LINDA: Thank you for being so bold.

ADAMUS: So, dear Shaumbra, we talked about it the other night on our radio program. We talked about this issue of trust, and it’s very, very important to understand where you are. You don’t have to assign it a number, but do you really trust yourself implicitly? Do you trust your body? Do you trust your choices? Do you trust your decisions? Do you trust … do you trust Spirit? Do you trust life? Do you trust living in this world right now that’s filled with a lot of chaos? Do you trust absolutely being yourself, with abandon? Standing up in front of a group and singing? Doing something outrageous? Do you trust that this whole part of your journey that you’re in right now called your spiritual enlightenment awakening is real? Or is it just more junk.

So I bring this point up and I kind of push on it to irritate it – where are you with trust in yourself – because it’s going to be hard to go forward or, let’s say, expand much more if you don’t at least understand your level of trust. Now it’s not even that you have to trust yourself 100 percent, but it’s about understanding why you don’t trust parts of yourself.

We talked the other night about … well, let me give an example. Let’s say that you get up tomorrow morning, and you’re very nauseous, very sick, sweating, perspiring, throwing up. What’s the first thing you do? Run to the toilet, I hope. (some laughter) Second, “What did I do wrong? What did I eat that was bad?” Click, click, click, click, through the mind, evaluating everything. Next, “What is Spirit trying to tell me?” Next, “Maybe my body is more powerful than my soul, because look at me, I’m getting sick.”

Now, you deal with it, you do a lot of releasing in the toilet. So you’re still feeling awful, and you decide to sit down at your computer and do a little work. The phone rings and you jerk because you’re not feeling so good, and when you do, you knock your computer over, smoke comes out and it burns up. “Oh no, this is going to be one of those days,” you say to yourself. “Why is my energy off? What am I doing wrong? Why is this happening to me? Am I being attacked by spooks? Alien beings? Maybe there’s an evil energy lurking somewhere in my house. I know I should have called somebody to do feng shui to get out the evil energy, and now they’re taking over.”

So you deal with it. You put out the fire. You realize that you are without computer. So you decide to hop in the car – and you know what’s going to happen next – to go down to the computer store. And while you’re driving down the street, thinking about your so far miserable day, a car accident. Nobody gets hurt, but your car is now smoking – it’s kind of like your computer with wheels. It’s totaled. It’s totaled, and you say, “What am I doing wrong?”

Now, given all of this … oh, and by the way, while you’re standing there waiting for the police to show up, you realize you don’t have your driver’s license or your automobile registration. You left them at home, and you’ve now pulled out your wallet and you’re looking through that and somebody walks along and steals it and runs down the street.

Now, “Should have stayed in bed.” No. Wrong answer. Question – can you be in such a place of trust to know this is absolutely perfect? And can you actually laugh out loud, “Ha, ha, ha. I know I created this. God didn’t create it. Adamus, hmm, no, he didn’t create it. (laughter) The evil spirits didn’t create it. I created it.” Can you be at that level of trust and say, “Damn, this is fun!” Or at least, “I know it’s going to evolve from this point forward.” That’s trust. That’s trust. I could go into a few other scenarios while the police are coming… oh, I won’t go there. Now that’s trust.

Every day we get – we, the Crimson Council – we get thousands of complaints from Shaumbra around the world. “Why is this happening?” Well, the answer that we give is because you created it. “Why are these things happening in my life? Oh, it must be because now I need to go out and take a crystal class, and I need to, you know, take, oh, take vitamins, and …” You get all wrapped up.

What if you had such a level of trust you know implicitly that it is perfection? What if all of these things that have happened to you today … and when you call for a taxi now to take you home, you meet somebody – perhaps the taxi driver, perhaps somebody else – meet somebody that brings such gifts into your life; maybe money, maybe love, friendship, teachings, whatever. Maybe all of these things that happened were part of the set up of you and what you would call your soul self, which … your soul self really doesn’t care about all the human incidentals. It wants to be with you, and you’ve called out for it. And when you did, that brought about a dynamic that’s unstoppable, and it’s going to happen.

And thank god that there’s wisdom in your soul that’s going to … now, your soul didn’t create these accidents, but it was an energy between you and your divine, an energy that was put out there and brings back the manifested experiences to make this all possible, and will continue to bring those experiences in. The soul doesn’t really care if your car was smacked, because there are other cars. It doesn’t care about your computer, because it was time to give it up anyway. It was time to get a new one, because there’s things you weren’t doing that you could do with a new computer. It doesn’t care that you barfed out your guts in the morning because it was releasing some toxins in your body that were stuck down there for a long time. It doesn’t care about any of those things, because it – you –
you have a deeper understanding and a deeper wisdom.

Now, what gets in the way? That humanoid aspect. That human aspect that doesn’t like change, that doesn’t want to move forward. That human aspect that doesn’t believe its own self. It really doesn’t. It doesn’t believe itself, because the human aspect is not real. It’s manufactured. It’s an act, and it really doesn’t believe itself because it knows it’s an act, but unfortunately
you don’t know it’s an act – yet.

All these things happening – you break a leg, you lose your job, whatever. What if you had absolute trust? What if you had a big smile and said, “My own guidance from myself is allowing these things to happen to get me off the stick,” or whatever it is, “to move things forward, to continue to expand.”

The question is, can you have that level of trust? That’s a big one. Can you have that level of trust when a wave of anxiety comes over you, as it has done lately, and say, “Everything is in perfect order in my life” – in
your life. If you miss an airplane, if you slip on the ice and fall and mess up your back, can you have that level of trust? Can you?

Now, an interesting thing happens. I’ll give you the end of the story. When you do, when you choose that, then you don’t need to have all those things happen, because you’ve already gotten unstuck. So part of you is fearing, “Oh my god, if I go into trust, I’m going to lose my job and my partner’s going to walk out on me and my dog’s going to die, and oh my god, look at all the things.” It’s only because you’re not at a 10, because you’re a two or an eight or a seven.

The numbers don’t matter. If there’s any degree of untrust, whether you’re at a one or a 9.9, it’s all the same. It is all the same. So it doesn’t matter if somebody said, “I’m at a two.” It’s the same as a 9.999. You’re not trusting. You’re not trusting.

Very important point. Oh, take a deep breath. I can … oh, you’re all getting so heady on me. Oh! You’re like, “Well, how do I get in trust with myself?” Make a choice and take a deep breath. That’s all. And every time … oh, here goes the clincher. In the next week or so – 10 days, week to 10 days – you will have an experience relating back to this very moment about trusting yourself.

Something is going to happen – and I didn’t say what, I just said something – and it’s going to remind you, trigger you to our discussion that we’re having here. And it will give you an opportunity to make a very conscious choice. “Do I trust myself? Or do I get into drama, do I get into questioning, do I get into feeling that I’m really not worthy?” You’ll have an experience. Write it down afterwards. Write just a short little story about it. It helps you ground that energy, and it could also be good for another upcoming book that we’ll do together.


It’s kind of going to be a Zen day today, so, and thank you Robert for dressing so. Would you mind standing up with the shawl? Very Zen look today. (Robert stands) Yes, the Zen monk look, yes. (some applause)

There is a word – Zen-ish kind of word – for absolute trust in self. Ahmyo. Ahmyo. Can you say it? (audience and Adamus say it together, “Ahmyo”) In the other realms, it’s really not a word. It’s kind of a vibration. Ahhh-mmmm-yoooo. It kind of rolls. Let’s do it. Ahhhhh-mmmm-yoooo.

Absolute trust – not in the world, not in the outside world, not in other people, not in deities, entities or anything else, not in aliens – but in yourself. Ahmyo. “Ahmyo. I Am that I Am. I know whatever is happening in my life, I’m absolutely creating it for the higher good of myself. Not for punishment, not for some” – I can’t swear, but – “not for some lesson, not because I’m bad. I’m actually creating it for the greater good.”

The moment you get to that point, you unlock potentials that were previously unknown to you. The moment you can be in this place of Ahmyo, absolute trust – “I’m creating my own life; I don’t care what the outside circumstances may look like, I’m still creating it” – that’s ahmyo. That’s absolute unconditional, un-mental trust in self. Ahmyo. When you’re at that point – which you are, you just have to recognize it – then things can really start moving. Then we start to have some fun, which we’ll do in just a moment. Ahmyo.

Ahmyo is pure, absolutely pure, the pure self, actually, kind of the realization of the I Am. Ahmyo, where you stop doubting everything that happens, you stop trying to analyze it. “Everything is created by me for” – whatever you want to call it – “a higher good, for my own expansion or for my joy of life. Every little thing.” That level of trust in self is what all of the Ascended Masters aspired to, or experienced, I should say, in their final lifetimes on Earth. That – ahmyo – is, what you could say, was the final and perhaps the most joyful step.

Imagine just for a moment, imagine, close your eyes if you choose to, but imagine what it’s like to have absolute unconditional trust in yourself. Ahmyo. That includes trusting your body. Yes, even if it gets sick or if it has pain, can you trust it? Ahmyo. No matter what happens, you created it for the love of self.

What happens is when you truly begin to have the conscious understanding of ahmyo, you quit worrying about the little stuff. You quit worrying about what’s going to happen next, you see, because you realize what happens next is absolutely perfect. But the moment you’re in the state of ahmyo, it opens up all the potentials of an illness – which is really not an illness; it’s just a clear signal. It opens up the potential of things like lack of abundance that you’ve been focusing on – the lack – for so long. Suddenly, when you say, “I created that,” it expands out, it opens up the true highest potential. Then you don’t have to experience all the junk in your life anymore. Then you don’t bring in these, what you call, bad scenarios, because there’s no need for them anymore. Your, what you would call, your soul has now got your attention, and it was just asking to trust you, to trust yourself.

So what would be the antithesis of ahmyo? Makyo! (laughter) Absolutely. Makyo.

Now, for some of you who don’t know what that is, I would say the word for makyo is… it means false, delusional, distracting, and also what I – can I say the word? I’ll have to write the word, because I’ve been asked not say bullshit in front of a group. (laughter; he writes “bullsheet”) There we go, the Spanish version, bullsheet, yes. (laughter) No hablo inglés.

So the opposite of ahmyo, which is purity, trust, no inhibition anymore and truth, you could say in a way, the opposite is makyo. Now makyo comes in, I generally associate the word with spiritual distraction or spiritual B.S., and it happens. It happens to everyone I’ve ever known who is on the spiritual path, including Buddha – lot of makyo there – including some of the great spiritual leaders of the times, including every Ascended Master that I’ve ever known. They get to this point of makyo on the journey. It happens kind of near the end of self-realization, and they start polluting themselves with a lot of crap – spiritual bullshit, rhetorical, dogmatic, organizational and structural stuff. And that’s why – I irritate people sometimes – but I say get off of the astrology. Now, I love astrology, but not when it’s an addiction. I love crystals when they’re adorning my hands and my body …

LINDA: Welcome to
my club.

ADAMUS: … as in jewelry. You know, I love Tarot, when it’s done right, when it’s empowering. But all of these things, including – sacred ground here – including Shaumbra can be makyo.

All of these things become distractions. They are false. They are put into place for a couple of reasons. One, to fill a void, because when you get to this part of the awakening process, suddenly you perceive up ahead is a big void, a big nothingness. In other words, you can’t see past the release of all the human games, so it feels empty up ahead. So often you then put makyo in the path, you put a lot of distractions in the path to fill a void.

Now, be it known that there is no void in all of creation. It can’t be. In this dimension, any other dimension, there is no void. There is no void. Get rid of that belief that there are voids. There can’t be, because it’s creation. Can’t be. So you’re loading up your future or this upcoming void with a bunch of crap, a game.

The makyo is put there oftentimes, because there is a resistance to ending the game, so these are more game chips or game toys that are put there.

Makyo is also put there – all this distraction and everything else – because you don’t want to face the real issue that’s in front of you right now, and that’s ahmyo. Trust.

I have seen very wise, amazing, radiant spiritual human beings who are very, very evolved on their path, as you would say, who are ready to take that final step into what you would call the ascension status and suddenly they go makyo on me. Suddenly, they get into falseness at the last moment. They have to fill it with something. They’re literally afraid to go to this step – 100 percent trust in self. They can get to 99.9, but that has been a fearful line to cross. There’s always a hold out. “I can trust everything about me other than …” and you fill in the blank. “Other than the way I look; other than my intelligence, how I appear to others.” It’s a big trap for spiritual workers, spiritual leaders. Suddenly, they think they have to come off a certain way in front of others – wise, intelligent, seeping of white light and blessings and wise statements. Not at all! Not at all. Actually, the true spiritual teacher and worker gets real human, because they’re not afraid of it. They’re not afraid of it. So, absolute trust.

So now let’s get to the practical part of our discussion. I don’t want to take away from the time for the slides. (laughter)

LINDA: We’re more worried about the food.

ADAMUS: We’ll continue to talk about ahmyo – complete trust – but in the meantime, tonight, tomorrow, when we go out on our group outing into chaos, treachery and potential disaster, you’ll have an opportunity to look at your own ahmyo. Do you trust yourself, (a) that it’s real, that our group experience is going to be real? Or are we just making it up?

See, you see that level that triggers that trust? “What if we’re just making it up?” (someone says “It doesn’t matter.”) Well, it doesn’t matter. Absolutely. Absolutely, if I had another hundred … but you get an Adamus award just for that. It doesn’t matter.


ADAMUS: The beautiful lady in the back.

LINDA: Which one?

ADAMUS: She’ll raise her hand.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: You know, and some of you would arm-wrestle me on that one, say it doesn’t matter. “What if we’re just making all this up? What if this is just a brilliant distraction?” And I say it actually doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. Exactly.

So let’s take a deep breath with that.

So you’ll have an opportunity to experience makyo, ahmyo, both of them, tonight and in the next 10 days. And this is not any sort of punishment or lesson. This is an experience that you’re giving yourself so you can really start to feel rather than to think about it; where, Paul, where you can actually get into the heart of it – here, here … (he takes Paul’s cell phone) No, I don’t want your nuts, I just want your phone, (laughter) okay, thank you – where you can actually get into the real feeling of it. (more laughter as Paul pleads for his phone and Adamus grins) So busted. So busted.

So … (Adamus holds up the phone) It’s ringing! Hello? Tobias? Is that you? (laughter) Oh, Kuthumi. I’ll talk to you later. I know it’s important, but right now I’ve got a group, we’re talking. We’ll all be there later on. Okay, thanks. Uh, namaste. (lots of laughter)


So, okay, now we get into the practical application. This is where it gets fun. So everybody have an object. Paul, the hundred dollars will be your object. Everybody pull an object from your purse. It could be jewelry, it could be money, it could be one of those dangfounded cell phones, it could be anything. A pen, yes. Yes, yes. Something that is yours, not something that belongs to somebody else. It can be keys, it could be money.

(To Linda) And what’s yours?

LINDA: Your jewelry.

ADAMUS: No, but it’s
my jewelry. It has to be yours.


ADAMUS: It has to be something that’s yours.

LINDA: Can’t I claim it?

ADAMUS: Something. You have a nice ring on today.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: A beautiful ring. You want more jewelry?

LINDA: Yeah!

ADAMUS: Here we go. (laughter)

Now, we are going to start and will continue to do a process of what I’m going to call infusion. I’m borrowing a little bit from Aandrah and On here. They do a course in soul fusion. Soul fusion.

What’s happening right now is that – and I get frustrated with the lack … words cannot always define it – but your soul and your humanness and your aspects are all integrating together. They are fusing. They’ve never actually really been separate. It’s an illusion. But you’ve created a very strong illusion of separateness from the God within. It’s already there, not out there somewhere. You’ve created a very strong belief and a strong illusion of aspects – fragmented parts of yourself – sometimes coming back on a regular basis for integration, but often very fragmented.

So this is a big illusion. And what’s happening right now is that – bear with me a moment – what’s happening right now is it’s fusing back together. (pause while he pours some coffee and takes a cookie) Okay. Before you get to them I had to have some. There’s never any left.

Now, as the soul and self fuse back together, as everything comes back into its natural oneness, now is the time also for you to begin to take that tremendous, beautiful energy of your God-self and start infusing it into objects in your life. Infusing it.

A couple of reminders here: Do not do it with other people. Do it only in objects that you own, that are yours. That are yours. Don’t use borrowed objects. Don’t use your kids. Preferably don’t use your dogs for this. Do this with objects. We’re going to start infusing energy. We’re going to start putting it into items such as money, cell phones, your car, your computer, anything that’s yours.

There is an unnatural barrier between you and the reality all around you. You found this way – this really clever way – of separating yourself from everything else and yourself at the same time. You separate yourself from this planet like it’s the planet and you’re over here, and we have Mother Earth here – Gaia – today. If you wouldn’t mind standing up and … yes, yes. Thank you. Thank you. (audience applause as a woman stands who is dressed up as Gaia)

So, and because of this somewhat of a – you could say – like an anger or resistance to being fully embodied on Earth, you’ve even separated yourself from your items in your life. And there’s this belief that material things are going to keep you trapped here. They’re not. Actually, they’re going to help release you.

So we’re going to start infusing … you’re going to start infusing your energy into things in your life, and you do it very simply. (he turns to Linda)

LINDA: What?

ADAMUS: I’m looking for …

LINDA: What?

ADAMUS: … object for Cauldre. I’ll take your ring, for demonstration purposes only. It’s very easy.

Now, understand you are a radiant being, whether you know it or not. You’re always giving off energies. Some have electrical or magnetic characteristics to them; some have, what you would call, more of a light, you know, as in light (gestures to the ceiling lights), characteristic; and some of them are more into this pure spiritual energy spectrum. You’re constantly radiating, but you’re doing it kind of unconsciously without a lot of focus.

You could start infusing your energy into objects without any agenda. You’re not trying to make the object into something else; you’re literally sharing yourself. And when you do, when you infuse yourself into this ring, you give up nothing from within you. You’re not taking a part of your core energy and putting it out somewhere else, because now in the New Energy, there’s never a loss. There’s always gain. You see, New Energy works different. It’s never taken away. The core value of energy always remains the same or greater. So don’t worry about giving up part of yourself.

We’re going to begin infusion here, or what some of you would call melding – a meld and a blending. French word for blending, Mélange? (someone confirms in audience, “Mélange”) Mélange. Aw, doesn’t that sound better than infuse?

So let’s say you can call it whatever you … let’s say it together, mélange. Let’s say it with a … would you mind? (Alain says it with the French pronunciation, “mélange”) Microphone please.

LINDA: No problem.

ADAMUS: You really have to hear the nuances in this, the beauty of the French language.

ALAIN: Mélange.

ADAMUS: Mélange. (he says it with a mouthful of cookie) Mélange. (much laughter) Cauldre can speak French better with his mouth full. Mélange. (more laughter)

So we’re going to start infusing. And don’t be confused about infusion. It’s a very simple process. Why? Why. Why would we do this? Because this ring, or whatever item you’re holding, holds so much more potential than the obvious that you see here. The obvious, a few little stones – I truly wish Cauldre would buy her bigger stones – and some gold. By the way, gold – and we’re going to see this as we … we’re going to start getting into gems and jewels.

LINDA: Oh baby. (laughter)

ADAMUS: The gold is beautiful, because gold is probably the best human substance for balancing energies during alchemy. The alchemists weren’t trying to change things into gold; they were using real gold or the energetic dynamics of gold to balance a process. Any time you alchemize, any time you transmute, any time you unlock energy that’s within something, there is a huge energy exchange and transmutation. It can actually be overpowering. The alchemists worked with gold, because it has a way of balancing that process so it doesn’t overwhelm you. Just a little bit of gold goes a long way in really balancing alchemy.

So why are we going to infuse? Well, because this ring is so much more than a ring. This ring has potentials that you haven’t even begun to realize. That hundred dollar bill that you now own – it’s yours, no longer Cauldre’s – that has potentials in it. It’s a piece of paper, but it has tremendous potentials through infusion. In other words, being so trusting of self that you can put part of yourself in it without worry that some other human is going to do something dastardly to you or some evil spirit is going to possess you. They don’t want to possess you. Trust me. Not at where you are in your evolution. You’re too clear for them. They’re going after other humans. I’ll talk about that later.

So how do you infuse?

(Adamus takes a deep breath and breathes gently and deliberately onto the ring)

I just did it. I took a deep breath. I relaxed. No agenda. Not trying to force change. There’s no push, there’s no resistance. I am so trusting of myself I don’t have to worry about it. And through the breath I shared. I infused. I expanded into this object without any demands, without saying, “Okay, now you must turn into five rings of greater size.” Without any of that, but feeling so joyful about my life that I can share it with the physical items around me.

Now, take a deep breath.

Take your item. Release all expectations. Trust yourself. Ahmyo. Ahmyo. And just breathe yourself into that object.

(pause as audience infuses their objects)

If you get that little mind kick that says, “What the hell are you doing?” Or, “I shouldn’t have had garlic for lunch, whew!” let it go.

Now, you have just shared or expanded or breathed your – by the way, breathing’s the easiest thing to do; there are a lot of other things, but breathing is easy – you’ve just shared your self, your I Am, your ahmyo, with this object.

This is not prana. It is not chi. This is not some universal Field energy. This is you. Got it? It’s not coming from somewhere else. You’re not going into some pool of energy located on some other planet. This isn’t that typical life force energy that flows through things. This is you. Pure you.

Now, what happens is suddenly it takes on you. You are in here now. Not trapped, but you have become a part of this. With this deep level of trust, of ahmyo, you’re not afraid of it. You’re not afraid that, “Oh my god, I just put all my bad karma in here.” It’s your purity. It’s your ahmyo. You could even sing out ahmyo. Ahhhhhhhhmmmmyooooooooo.

My purity, my love, going into this. Thank you. (he gives the ring back to Linda) Watch, observe how it unlocks potentials.

Now, let me ask. What happens if suddenly – may I have this back? (to Linda) – what happens … now, you breathe into this, into this beautiful ring, and suddenly you lose it? (he makes the motion to throw it out the back door and Linda gasps)

LINDA: Don’t even think about it!

ADAMUS: I’ll put it here with the other captured devices today. So suddenly you lose it. “Oh no! I did it wrong! And this is backfiring like some sort of witchcraft.” No. It was absolutely meant to be. Go back to ahmyo. There’s something going on here. That ring isn’t lost. That ring has expanded into another dimension, a nonphysical dimension.

LINDA: Is that what happened to my birthday present this year?

ADAMUS: That’s exactly what happened. That’s exactly what happened! You can tell the story.

LINDA: We were in Turkey at the bazaar, and we were looking at all the beautiful things in the bazaar, and all of a sudden Geoff, with some influence I think, saw this beautiful gold bracelet and offered to buy it for me. And it was stunningly gorgeous. It was very valuable. And I loved it and accepted it and put it on my wrist, and it disappeared on the plane to Egypt. Boo hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo. (laughter as she pretends to cry and Adamus pretends to play the violin)

ADAMUS: Or did it? Or did it? Or did something else happen? Did it just slip off into another dimension? Or did it slip onto the wrist of a local Turk or Egyptian? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, because there was a lot of beautiful energy in that. Not just the gold and not just the beauty of the item, but Cauldre’s loving energy and Linda’s birthday.

Now, makyo says, “I did something wrong. I’m not careful. I should take better care of my things.” Or, here’s another example of makyo used by Linda herself, “I’m not worthy of love.”

LINDA: That was naked. Thank you.

ADAMUS: Very naked. (laughter) “I don’t deserve it. I’m not a good enough wife. I need to … I can’t accept this beautiful gift.” (she hits him with a pillow) Only I get to hit. (laughter)

So that’s makyo. That’s a bunch of crap. Ahmyo is “That gift will keep giving. That gift has gone out and expanded. It doesn’t need to be on my wrist, although it might be nice. That gift is out there bringing back many other gifts.”

It all depends on your consciousness – on your consciousness. If you’re in makyo, you’re right. You lost that frickin’ thing, and it’s never coming back. If you’re in ahmyo, you’ve unlocked the potentials that were within it, and there were many. Can you be that trusting? (someone says, “Wow”) Wow is right. Wow. That’s life in this New Energy, and that’s what we’re doing.

So back to … (he kisses Linda) That was from Cauldre. So now, infusion, let’s get back to that. Blending, melding, mel … mel…

So, now, I’m going to ask you to do this with items and you can do it any time, anywhere. Even if others are around … If I could have your … I’ll use this now. (he picks up Paul’s cell phone)

LINDA: Uh oh.

ADAMUS: Even if others are around and you want to do a little infusing … (laughter as he holds the phone and ‘stealthily’ breathes into it), they don’t even have to notice. Or you could just pretend you’re talking … (he holds it up to his ear and breathes “sideways” into it, to more laughter). You see, you can infuse your energy into everything.

Practical Applications

So what are some practical app- … well, first of all, remember the reason you’re doing it, you’re sharing your I Am. You’re now so bold and so trusting that you can go out there and fertilize everything you own with it. Spread it out. It will bring the objects to life. It will bring them to life.

Try this if you want. If you have a little figurine, a little statue at home – I know you all do even if you’re hiding it and won’t tell me about it – Quan Yin statue, Jesus statue. But please, don’t use Jesus on the cross, but you know, Jesus standing there. Or just a little knick-knack thing you’ve gotten along the way. I don’t believe there is an Adamus statue out there yet, but it would incredible. Or go buy something at the market. It doesn’t even have to have any defined description. It could be a stuffed animal, a little doll or something.

Start infusing. (he demonstrates by breathing onto a cup) You will bring that object to life. An inanimate object, a little statue – you’ll start bringing it to life.

It will start holding, carrying and expressing your energy. It’s a natural extension of you. Suddenly, that object is going to be sitting along your bed stand or whatever, and after a few months of gentle infusion – it’s a key word, gentle – suddenly, you’re going to look over and it’s going to be singing and dancing. Does that mean others have to see it sing and dance? No. Will they? Possibly. Possibly. Or they just may notice strange stuff happening in the room. But it’ll start singing and dancing or talking, and it’s you. Don’t ever forget that. It’s you. It’s you. It’s the love and the joy of you in these other objects. And at the same time that it’s doing that, it’s going to open up potentials. It’s not about worshiping these things. It’s about being so trusting of yourself now, you can open up and share – ah, ahmyo – with everything.

Let’s think of some practical application in our last nine minutes that we have remaining. So Linda with the microphone, please.

LINDA: My pleasure.

ADAMUS: And please, a reminder – only your objects right now. And I know some of you are going to go out and try breathing on your spouse. Don’t do it. (laughter) It’s a lack of compassion. Only your objects or possessions or whatever you want to call them. I’d really recommend no pets at this point. We’ll get into that at some time. Yes, you “own” them. But no, you really don’t. They’re going to love to respond to this. They – yes, one of you just got it – they already are responding to it. They already are. That pet is you, but you’re not doing it consciously. Hold off on that for just a bit.

Things like the trees. Just walk outside, the trees, stay away from that right now. Objects that you own, that are yours. Jewelry. Let’s think of some other ones. Practical applications. You are going to bring to life and open up the potentials of the material objects in your life.

LINDA: My pen.

ADAMUS: Your pen. Pen is a good one. And why a pen?

LINDA: To create the flow to the pen for me to express.

ADAMUS: And it’s only your objects. No pets. No people. Just keep this simple, particularly this next month or two.

So, okay, a pen. Now you breathe on a pen. You do the ahmyo. You open up. You infuse – remember this word, infuse –
your energy. Not prana, not any of those other – your energy, your soul self.

your pen. Okay.

CAROL: How about your car.

ADAMUS: Car. Excellent one. Give a prize. A prize, yes.

LINDA: Who was that? Who was it? Carol.

ADAMUS: Car. Now, you’re doing it – you know this – you’re doing it anyway, but you’re not doing it consciously. That car becomes you, days after you take it over. And your stuff accumulates in the car. You’re having problems with the car? Take a deep breath. The car can actually move into another potential of itself and serve you in a much grander way, which it wants to do, but it hasn’t been able to.

Use the ahmyo, the breathing into the car, while you’re driving along. Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah (Adamus pretends to drive while breathing very fast; laughter) Now you’re making a conscious choice to infuse yourself in the car. It opens up new potentials. It will serve you, it will get you around safer and more reliably and with less gas than ever before. Absolutely.


KATHLEEN: Computer!

ADAMUS: Obvious one. Let’s do the microphone here.

JOSHUA: My credit card.

ADAMUS: Your credit card! Love it! Love it! (audience applause)

Now, remember, without agenda, without agenda. You’re not saying, “Oh, pay off all that balance,” because suddenly you’ve got some type of polarity involved or duality. And you don’t want to get into that. You’re just breathing yourself into that. That credit card becomes alive. It opens up new potentials. You’re in trust with yourself, so you’re not afraid of the potentials. You can manage them, you can handle them, and you breathe into it. Excellent. Excellent. Did you get an Adamus award?

LINDA: I already took care of it.

ADAMUS: I think you should get two. See? That credit card’s working already. (laughter) So we’ll wait for microphone. So next.

LINDA: Right here.

KATHLYN: Your business license.

ADAMUS: Business license. That’s a good one. What kind of business?

LINDA: What kind of business?

KATHLYN: I have a gardening coach business.

ADAMUS: Gardening coach. Good. Excellent. You breathe into that without agenda, but you’re breathing your soul into it. And, you know, for so many of you, your soul is not in your life right now, and it wants to be. Your humanness is in your life, and it’s not sure it wants to be. You can laugh now. (laughter)

So you’re breathing the divine into your life. You see how this works? So simple. The divine has been separated. It’s been out there or over there somewhere. Now you’re breathing your soul into your life. Yes!
Yes! I’m excited. What else? What else?

INGE: How about your eyeglasses?

ADAMUS: Eyeglasses. Well, sure. Sure. Eyeglasses, but no agenda. No agenda that your eyes are going to get better. Absolute trust. You’re just breathing because it’s something that’s on your face and something that is there for you. You’re not saying, (breathing fast) “Hah, hah, hah, clarity, hah, hah, hah, better eyes.” You’re just breathing your soul into it. Rather than having a separation between you and your material world, we’re fusing them together now, right Aandrah? Absolutely. So eyeglasses. What else? What’s a really important one?

LINDA: Just a minute. Just a minute. Over here.

ADAMUS: Microphone only.

VINCE: House key. House key.

ADAMUS: House key. What about the whole damn house? Just stand out there – hah! (laughter as he blows really “big”) Yes.

VINCE: Well, I don’t think as big as you do!

ADAMUS: House or key. But yes, the key represents your house, so you could do it just with your key. Absolutely, your house. Your house contains more of your energy than just about anything else. Really. Because it’s … well, you spend so much time there, that’s your retreat. So you breathe into your house. Your soul now comes into your house, into your physical house. Your soul has been off in some other house, and now it can come into your home. See how this works? Your bringing, you’re fusing, infusing yourself into your life, and it unlocks potentials that were previously unknown. Next.

ALAYA: Hi Lara, Marty. I know you guys are home right now. Our food. Food.

ADAMUS: Food. Everything you eat. Absolutely! And please don’t, you know, you’re not trying to do magic on the food. You’re trying to Reiki-ize the food. You’re not even blessing it. You don’t have to bless it. You’re just allowing your soul to be in that food, and it unlocks potentials, whether it’s pizza or organic beans, whether it is a steak or a fish, whether it is potato chips or alfalfa. It doesn’t matter. You get over this whole thing about your diets because it doesn’t matter. Your soul is now in that food. You’re not dependent on that food for energy or protein or anything anymore. What you’re really doing is saying, “I already have it inside, and now I’m going to eat because I like to.” Larry.

LARRY: My whole wallet.

ADAMUS: Your whole wallet. Okay, yes. That’s a good one, because your wallet is very symbolic. How’s your wallet?

LARRY: Empty. (laughter)


LARRY: Empty. It’s empty. You got a hundred? (laughter)

ADAMUS: Yeah. Is it heavy or light?

LARRY: Heavy.

ADAMUS: Don’t look at yourself. (Larry looks at the camera he’s working)

LARRY: I’m looking at you to make sure I’m catching you on the camera.

ADAMUS: Your wallet. You’re absolutely right. Now, but I challenge you – you – I challenge you to do it in trust. To do it not from your state of makyo, not from a state of need or what you feel is emptiness, but a state of ahmyo. Total trust. Can you, my dear friend … don’t look at that camera.

LARRY: She’s talking to me. (the camera director was talking in his headset)

ADAMUS: Tell him not to look at that camera.

LARRY: Stop it!

ADAMUS: Can you, once and for all, breathe your soul into your life and receive abundance and not worry about it distracting you on your spiritual journey?


ADAMUS: Thank you. Good. Okay. Next. What else would you breathe yourself into?

DAVE: Musical instruments.

ADAMUS: Absolutely. That’s a good one. Musical instruments, even if – and especially if – you don’t play one. Go buy one. Breathe into it. Watch it come to life. Really.

Okay a few more, and I do have an appointment. Kuthumi will be upset if I’m late.


ADAMUS: Your bed. That’s a good one. That’s a really good one. What happens in your bed? No, I don’t want to … (laughter)

LINDA: Please.

LAUGHING BEAR: Yes, my altar. Yeah.

ADAMUS: Your bed, because that is your platform for dream release.


ADAMUS: And it’s not just sleeping, but can you imagine unlocking the potentials associated with your bed? Excellent. And one more. And perhaps Jean you’ll start a forum online or a message board thing where Shaumbra can write down some of the things that they’re going to breathe their soul into and let it come to life, and then correct them when they are going to breathe onto other people. Yes.

JEAN: My body.

ADAMUS: Your body – excellent! Excellent. Your – hah, hah (he breathes) – your body! Your body! Absolutely. You’ve had this illusion that you’re trapped in this body and that it betrays you. Or if it doesn’t, it’s going to. You have this belief in death by disease, death by old age, death by wearing out. So you’ve got all that going on in your body. What if you – hah – breathed yourself into your body? Some of you think that your body is the house of your soul. Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm. You haven’t let your soul in there, because you don’t really like that body or your health or whatever issues are affiliated or associated with biology. Breathe into your body. Absolutely. Excellent one. I hope everybody’s getting an Adamus award.

LINDA: Yes sir. Yes.

ADAMUS: Alright. So it is time to wrap this up. We’ll continue next month. In the meantime, please, find a few objects. Oh, you don’t have to overdo it, but find some objects that really have some significance to you, the things that you saw on the board here. And it can be just a piece of jewelry. It can be a stone that you found a long time ago and you brought it home and it’s sitting on your … I hope you don’t have an altar. Do you, Laughing Bear? (he nods yes) Take it down. Take it down. Today, no later than tomorrow. No altars. The only thing on an altar should be your ass. (laughter) That is a true statement. I do not want to see anything else on an altar. You should be worshipping nothing other than yourself, or a picture of you, if you’re afraid to put your butt up there. I dare you. Take everything down and put a picture of yourself up there. I dare you.

Okay, so. Altar, schmalter. What?! Do you think Jesus wants to be on your altar? No! Do you think Buddha wants to be on your altar? No! He wants
you to be on your altar. There is not a self-respecting Ascended Master who wants to be worshipped. Not at all! They all have really crappy stories. I’ve told some of them in our gatherings. They all had the makyo portion of their journey – hung on a cross, starved to death, whatever it was. They do not want you worshipping them, because, you know why? They don’t want you to go on the same path that they went on, no more than you want the newly awakening to follow the same exact path you went on. Do you want them worshipping you for what you went through in your life? Absolutely – maybe – not!

No, and not that it was wrong, but you’re paving the way. There’s a more – oh, Kuthumi, I’ll be done in a minute – there’s a more efficient way to do this, a more graceful way, and that’s what ahmyo is. It’s absolute grace in action. Absolute grace. They don’t want to be on your altar. Get them off. And Gaia doesn’t want to be on your altar. She’s leaving, as you know. They don’t want to be there. Crystals? They lost their energy a long time ago. You don’t need to worship crystals or nothing else. Your picture, your picture on that altar.

So let’s take a deep breath. We’ve gone through a lot today, another wonderful gathering. Let’s very quickly review.

Trust, ahmyo. It’s important. If you’re going to be doing this infusion, you want to be doing it from a place of trust. You want to so trust yourself without reservation or without hesitation. “I Am that I Am.” What more is there? Then you can do the infusion.

We’re going to get into … this will be about three or four series that we’re going to be talking about infusion and what difference it makes in your own life. A huge difference it makes, with doing this, with the angelic beings who are coming here for the first time. It’s going to make a huge difference in what we do together. It’s going to make a difference in the potential of the world. It will make a difference later today, tomorrow, whenever we have our event together. Huge difference.

So let’s take a deep breath, about trust, about ahmyo. Take a deep breath and understand when you consciously share your soul, share your self and breathe it into the objects in your life, you’re no longer creating a separation between you and your material world. You’re no longer creating separation between you and your spirit in this world. When you breathe life into those objects, they truly come to life and they serve you in a whole new way.

So, dear Shaumbra, let’s take a deep breath, and we’ll see you later tonight.

In the meantime, I have to remind all, everyone, that all is well in all of creation, and therefore, we are all that we are.

Guten abend.


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