The e2012 Series

SHOUD 4: "Life Designers" – Featuring ADAMUS, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle

December 10, 2011


I Am that I Am, Professor Adamus Saint-Germain, ASID.

Now, some of you may think that ASID stands for American Society of Interior Designers. (laughter) Do I look like an inter- … do I look like an American, much less an interior designer? No, it stands for Angelic Society of Illuminated Designers, ASID, and today we’re going to talk about life design. Beautiful design, my dear (to a woman wearing a “French revolution” style costume)

SUSAN (woman): Thank you.

ADAMUS: I am highly flattered. Beautiful, Beautiful. I am in heaven here with Shaumbra. I am in heaven – your costumes! Oh, I know some of you don’t have them on, but great costume anyway. (laughter) Your adornments today! They make my heart sing. I have my sword back. Thank you, dear. Yes.

MARY: Merry Christmas.

ADAMUS: And merry … oh excellent! All is well in all of creation. Ughh! (laughter as Adamus pretends to stab himself with the sword)

So today, yes, ASID – Angelic Society of Illuminated Designers – and you could be also. You could be also.

Today, before …lovely (to Linda). Look at what Cauldre got you (pointing out her necklace). Mm-mm-mm-mm-mmmm. Yeah. We’ll want a close-up of that (to the cameramen). Yes. Isn’t he precious? (laughter and Adamus chuckling) He was going to slap me, but it would only hurt him! (more laughter) That’s the great thing about being a channel.

LINDA: Yes, he is precious.

ADAMUS: Absolutely.

LINDA: Thank you for acknowledging that.

ADAMUS: So today, we’ll talk about life design but a couple of quick messages before we do. First of all, I awoke Cauldre at four o’clock this morning. Why? Because he was asleep! (laughter) Great time to talk, and I said to him, I said, “Cauldre, Linda,” I said, “I want to give Shaumbra a Christmas present this year. I want to give them something special.” And immediately Cauldre said, “Money?” (laughter) I said, “No. No, not money.” I said, “What does Shaumbra want more than anything?” He said, “Money,” again. I said, “No.” (laughter) “They want answers!” I said, “So today I will dedicate the second half of our program to questions and answers!” (audience responds “Woo hoo!”)

So, my dear Linda, would you write this down on the board where people can email to you …

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: … with their questions. We’ll take questions from the Internet. Mm-mm-mm. Over here (to the cameraman), over here (the camera pans to him), there you go. We’ll take questions from the Internet today, so write them out – in English please. Write them out, make sure they make sense, make sure they’re less than one page, and make sure it’s a question, not a statement. We’ll take questions today.

Actually, I do love questions and answers, but there’s so much to talk about – I have so much to talk about – it’s difficult to allocate the time. But today, as a special Christmas bonus for all your hard work, you get my abuse. (laughter)

Secondly today, I’ve not done this before, but today …

LINDA: Could we announce that …

ADAMUS: Oh, yes. Please.

LINDA: Okay. So the address is [email protected].

ADAMUS: And anybody can send a question.

LINDA: Anybody.

ADAMUS: Any question you want.

LINDA: And my computer is live and anticipating.

ADAMUS: Ready to go.

LINDA: Yes it is.

ADAMUS: So, would you repeat that once again?

LINDA: [email protected].

ADAMUS: And we can get a nice camera shot of that. I love being producer here, sorry Jean.

So, number two, we’ve not done this in the past, but I’m going to dedicate … (Adamus knocks over a cup of coffee, Linda gasps)

LINDA: Lovely!

ADAMUS: Oh no! It tipped over on the Sedona Journal. Oh no! Well, that’s too … (he’s flipping through the pages) I notice there’s a lot of prominent channelers on here. Hmm. Let’s see, Cauldre, where’s your picture? There’s Lee Carroll, Steve Rother, Pepper Lewis, but Cauldre, your picture is not on there.

LINDA: Ohhhh.

ADAMUS: I wonder why not! I don’t see any articles …

LINDA: Bad boy channeler.

ADAMUS: … from you in here.

LINDA: Bad boy, bad boy … (in a sing-song voice)

ADAMUS: Perhaps, just perhaps somebody doesn’t like Adamus. (laughter)

LINDA: (still singing) They don’t want bad boys!

ADAMUS: So … (he tosses the magazine on the floor and spits; much laugher, cheering and whistles from the audience) Yes, put that under the Christmas tree! (laughter) And it was a total accident knocking over this swill.

Speaking of swill today, speaking of swill, let’s break open some wine. It’s Christmas! It’s the holiday! (audience responds saying “Woo” and some applause) And why not? So, please, to the staff, the good wine – not the cheap stuff for the dance later, the good wine, and you won’t know it later anyway – the good stuff in the back there. I believe there’s some bottles back there.

LINDA: Oh, let me oblige you.

ADAMUS: And I have to say not
good, good stuff. It is … and by the way, bring up more than one. This is not a Jewish wedding here. (lots of laughter) But, I mean, look what happened to Jesus. He went to the wedding. They just had one little bowl, and they ran out quickly. He had to take water and do a little transformation.

We are Shaumbra. We have plenty of wine for today. Yes. So break it out – the glasses, the wine – and sorry it’s not French wine, but it will do. I know what I’ll do! I’ll wave my hand over it and
pretend that it’s French wine. (laughter) We’ll just pretend!

So Shaumbra, while the wine is coming out, being prepared … (someone says “Yay!”) Yay.

LINDA: Staff is looking to accommodate you.

ADAMUS: Off my stage. (he pushes the magazine across the floor) Hm.

Being Life Designers

Next, I have not done this before, but I’d like to take this opportunity in this special Shoud about being Life Designers, being illuminated designers – that’s what you’re doing; your whole life is a design, it’s a beautiful design – I would like to dedicate this Shoud, its energies, its hopes, its potentials to somebody with the initials “L.H.” in the South. You know exactly who I’m talking about, because, L.H., you are going through so much of what everybody else is experiencing, but you’re going to an extreme. You’re doing it big. And remember, when it is the darkest, drink wine. (laughter) And remember also that, as so many of you already know, in this clearing process, in letting go … (Suzy brings him a glass of wine) Thank you my dear. Eh-eh-eh-eh, my dear. (he kisses her hand) And a real gentleman doesn’t place his sweaty lips all over your hands. It just comes close.

So, cheers! And I’ll wait for you to get yours. We’ll have the first real Shaumbra cheer at a Shoud, as soon as you get yours. Is this okay?

LINDA: Sure.

ADAMUS: Sure, sure. In this whole clearing out process, you have to understand that you get into this human condition – by design, of course, but then you forget that you designed it – you get into this human condition, there comes a point, as hard as it is, it’s time to do some releasing, what you might call clearing. It’s letting go of the identity, and it seems like death. It seems like the darkest of the dark. It’s actually not. That is an illusion. It is the greatest blessing and gift you can give yourself, to release yourself from the stuck energies of an identity that’s served you up to now, but there’s something far grander, created by you, the designer; you, the designer of your life.

It’s interesting, because you’re Life Designers, and you do it in a very interesting way. You segment yourself. You take this essence of you, and then you slice off parts and pieces, or you release, you let go of parts and pieces. A part of you is here in the human experience. It
is grand. If you forget about things like death or things about forgetting why you’re here, if you could eliminate those, you could really dance to this life experience. But as a designer, you placed these things here, this thing called death, this thing called illness, poverty or lack in there as part of this whole life design. Now you’re pissed at yourself about it (laughter), but it’s been embedded there after many, many, many lifetimes and experiences.

So you’re in that process of releasing. Or maybe it’s not really releasing. Maybe it’s actually accepting. Isn’t that the same? Isn’t the total acceptance a release of what you thought the design should look like, of what the life that that design kind of took on its own, and now you’re bringing that design back?

You’ve been brilliant in putting this veil together that keeps you from absolutely remembering, but the veil is an illusion. It’s thin, thin, thin. As Aandrah will say, “It’s a half a breath away.” But are you
willing to take that half a breath? Are you willing to really be so bold and courageous? Because everything will change when you do.

The humans have sewn into the fabric of their creation this thing about resisting change, this thing of saying, “I just want to do human a little better.” But are you really willing to change? It’s gets down to, as we talked about in Frankfurt, in DreamWalker Life, it gets down to everything – relationship, jobs, sense of your identity – not self-worth but identity – even your health, everything. Are you really willing to go beyond that identity?

The identity will not go out of existence. It will just take on a different reality anchor in your life, in your design. We’re going to talk about reality anchors today.

So your life design has been brilliant in so many different ways. You like to think that you have this thing called a soul, and even we’re going to go beyond that in this next year – beyond the soul, absolutely – because it was one of the steps or stepping stones. But what you have, that maybe you’ve been calling your soul, is your wisdom. Your wisdom.

Your wisdom is right here. Right here. It’s right here and here (tapping people with his sword) and even … (looking at David’s Egyptian costume coupled with sturdy winter shoes) Are those genuine Egyptian
soles?! (some laughter) What are those things?

DAVID: Colorado Egyptian.

ADAMUS: (chuckling) Colorado Egyptian. So … where was I, David? I get so confused. Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah.

So you created even this thing called a soul – it’s part of the life design to segment it – it’s really just your wisdom. Your wisdom.

Wisdom is the result of the distillation of your experiences, squeezing out the best of the best, not focusing on the drama and trauma and the negative of your experiences, but like taking an orange and squeezing the juice out of it, squeezing the wisdom. And that’s what a soul is.

And it never really was up there. (he’s tapping on the ceiling with the sword)

LINDA: Stop that.

ADAMUS: It never real- … eh, there’s somebody up there. (laughter) Come out! Oh.

So, there never really was a soul. There never really was. There was never this grand golden angel. We’ve used those terms, because it’s part of the evolution, part of the spiral. But now we even go beyond that into your wisdom, your true wisdom, the distillation of your experiences.


I love the word “distill” – to refine, to bring down to the essence, to have the alchemy of consciousness. It’s interesting that in our Keahak project right now, we’re working with distillation, and I’m actually getting more resistance than what I thought.

Keahakers were supposed to be journaling. Half of them weren’t. Hm. They said they were, but they weren’t. The other half would write pages and pages and pages and become preoccupied, obsessed and almost addicted to their journaling. Writing from the mind, writing about every little detail that nobody ever cares about, even their soul, their wisdom, kind of going on in a mental burst with all of these words … (he poses for the camera) Thank you. (laughter) You have to be quick! You have to know when they’re taking a picture of you. You never know when they’re going to be taking that shot. Nothing worse than a bad picture on Facebook. (laughter) It should be banned, should be made illegal. I don’t know. I’ve seen some… not yours. Yours is lovely. Lovely outfit today. Yes, yes. Wonderful time we had in Egypt, yes (to someone in an Egyptian costume). So many great outfits. Oh! Well, great people. (some laughter and Adamus chuckles)

So, I love this distill, because it’s bringing it down to its essence. So the Keahakers have been asked to distill in their journals. [They’re] supposed to be journaling three times a week. It’s good. It gets you in connection with yourself.

Next I asked them to distill it – 25 words or less, three times a week – and they’re having a hard time. Now, I would think that’d be easy. If your teacher said, “Write a term paper of 2500 words or 25 words,” which would you pick? (someone shouts out “Twenty-five!”) Most would think, but yet they’re having a hard time writing about themselves in a distilled process. But I’m asking them to do that – sorry, Keahakers – I’m asking them to do it … Where are we on the wine? Oh, it’s being prepared. Oh great, great. Let me know when it’s ready, because I’m waiting rather impatiently for mine.

SUZY: We put it back here if somebody wants it.

ADAMUS: Oh no, no, no, no, no. That’s not … it has nothing to do if they want it. Pass it out! Pass it out! Yeah, sure.

SUZY: There’s children here.

ADAMUS: We’ll have them pass it out too! (laughter)

LINDA: Wait, wait, wait. Wait. Wait, wait. There’s a …

ADAMUS: I don’t care!

LINDA: There’s a regulation that says they can come and get it. (speaking about the meeting hall regulations)

ADAMUS: What do I say about rules and laws? It’s not yours!

LINDA: Just allow that the …

ADAMUS: What, is this on the Internet or something?! Oh. (laughter)

LINDA: Yes. So if you’d like some wine, please, it’s available if you want it.

ADAMUS: Please, I’ll do it if I have to.

LINDA: Would you stop!

ADAMUS: Thank you. Thank you. (someone hands him some glasses of wine, he starts passing them out) Let’s just do this. Let’s just do this. Thank you … Ah, all these rules, all these laws, all these … oh, my gosh. We’re going to talk about that today – life designing. Sorry. They’re not going to get drunk, they’ll just get a little giddy. It’ll make my channel, my answers much better. (laughter) Much better. We’ll be dancing in the aisle. (many audience members are going to get wine)

So, distilling. Distilling is taking … without words, please. How much talking is necessary to drink wine? We had a wonderful example on the boat on the Nile one night. Remember?

We were sitting outdoors in a beautiful surrounding. The sun was setting, the boat floating gently down the Nile. I stood up for my presentation, as I do, and looked out at the audience – 108 Shaumbra from all around the world – but something was wrong. Something was dreadfully wrong. There was no aisle down the middle. How am I supposed to walk around if there’s no aisle down the middle?! The chairs were all bunched together.

Now, I’m not blaming anyone for that rudeness. I said, “Shaumbra, let’s try something here. Let’s do something. Get out of the mind. Take a deep breath. Breathe deeply. We are going to do something without talking – with not a single word – and we’re going to do it in less than one minute.”

Now, you have to understand, we’re on a boat outdoors. There wasn’t much room at either side. But I said, “We’re going to create an aisle this wide down the middle. Do it without a single word.”

In far less than one minute, an aisle appeared, and it was absolutely straight, other than one chair at the front. It was absolutely straight. That was an example that those who were on the trip hopefully will never forget. It was done smoothly and easily. No blah, blah, no talking, no discussion, no brain. It happened like magic. The aisle suddenly appeared. An example of what it’s like when you get out of your mind. You take a deep breath, you imagine it, and therefore it is done.

So now that the wine is getting distributed … a glass for Linda, please.

LINDA: Of course.

ADAMUS: Absolutely. We can’t have any before … she’ll take the red.

LINDA: No, no. They already figured out what …

ADAMUS: Oh you already … oh, good, good.

LINDA: They take care of me. I’m lucky.

ADAMUS: So Shaumbra, today we’re going to talk about life design.

Let’s take a deep breath with that.

Life Design

Life design and other things. DreamWalker Life (a recent workshop) – DreamWalker Life in Frankfurt – it was truly an experience. It was one of those New Energy experiences. When you’re at a loss for words of how to describe things, just say “New Energy.”

EDITH: We do.

ADAMUS: It was a … we do. (chuckling) It was an amazing experience, and one of the main points, the very simple, easy point, was when Kuthumi was giving his talk, his presentation – beautiful, beautiful presentation – about his life after enlightenment; after he had gone through his mental breakdown, laying in bed for nearly two years, finally getting up one day and deciding he’s going to live.

Now, this is a bit of a challenge, because most of the Ascended Masters – the 9,000 or so ones who ascended – have their enlightenment and within days, maybe weeks, maybe a year or two, they leave the physical body. It has been too difficult to stay in this dense environment. With enlightenment, it is very difficult to put up with mass consciousness, very difficult to be in this solid mass – hurts the body, very difficult on the consciousness – and many of the Ascended Masters felt like they were being sucked back out of enlightenment, even though that wouldn’t have happened, but there is a kind of a water-boarding effect. You just feel like it’s going to happen.

So many of them left. Not Kuthumi. He walked the Earth for many, many, many years after his enlightenment. And he told the story of what he did after he left. He gave this advice to Shaumbra – so simple, so brilliant. He said, “It’s as easy …” – oh, and Aandrah is going to understand this simplicity, this distillation, this wisdom. Ah, cheers. (audience says “Cheers,” he takes a sip of wine) Ah, to a new year. 2012 – oh boy.

So he said, “It’s very simple.” Distilling it down to the essence, he said, “It is as simple for any of you as saying, ‘Yes, I am enlightened.’ Not ‘I want to be enlightened,’ not ‘I’m going to be enlightened,’ not ‘Someday, maybe, I have to study for it.’ ‘I am enlightened.’” That’s it. That’s it. You can quit now – “I am enlightened” – because the moment you say it, it starts happening. The moment you feel it, it starts attracting those energies. Suddenly, as you feel it – “Yes,
I am enlightened” – you start to believe it. You start to live it. Everybody else believes it. You just walk out on the street and start telling people.

“Edith, yes, I am enlightened,” but you say it in that kind of voice – “Yes, I am enlightened” – kind of a nonchalant … “Yes I’m enlightened,” like “Aren’t you?” and they believe it, Edith. They believe it, and suddenly they’re in awe and they want to know “How did you do it?” And you take a deep breath …

EDITH: Facebook. (laughter)

ADAMUS: (laughing) Facebook. That’s enlightenment. You say to them, Edith, you say, “I chose it.”


ADAMUS: What else happens after that doesn’t matter. (Linda brings the microphone) Whether they end up … thank you. (laughter as he takes the mic and starts talking into it, then gives it back to her) Whether they end up in the Crimson Circle, on their own, some other group, dead, on the New Earth, it doesn’t matter. But you say, “I chose it! And then I backed away. I got the hell out of my way so the enlightenment could be with me, rather than worrying about every little detail. Where should I go on the Internet? What group should I belong to? What should I study? It doesn’t matter.” The moment you choose it, it becomes. It just starts happening. It just starts creating itself.

Now, here’s where you get into trouble, and here’s our lesson in life designing – Adamus ASID. I like that. I’d like that on my business card. Of course, I don’t have a business card, because they didn’t give me one, but maybe now.

LINDA: Poor you.

ADAMUS: It’s hard being me. (some laughter, Adamus chuckling)

So, here’s part of this life design process. Your life design is absolutely brilliant. You’re saying, “What?” It’s absolutely brilliant. How you’ve segmented yourself, partitioned yourself, forgotten part of yourself, and therefore, experienced yourself – it’s been absolutely brilliant. Brilliant. So brilliant that this thing that we call wisdom, the soul, the essence, is part of that life design with you, working with you right now, even though you’re going, “I don’t know. I haven’t talked to my soul ever. It doesn’t respond to my many, many requests and demands. I haven’t won the lottery. I am getting a little bit older. So I don’t understand this whole soul thing.”

Look at the life design – and you’re actually in cahoots with it, you’re part of it – but there are elements that reach beyond what your consciousness is aware of, and that is a good thing. Thank God, that’s a good thing.

If it was the human self – the limited awareness human self – running everything right now, you would be a seven-year-old with a lot of toys and the fastest bike in the neighborhood. (laughter) You would have stopped right there. That would have been it, because your human self controlling everything has said, “That’s it for a seven-year-old.” Toys, Xbox or whatever you call these things, no rules from the parents, free run of the house, parents actually serving you, waiting on you hand and foot, which is the way it is these days anyway, a fast bike, better than anybody else’s. Remember that, when you were about that age? That was it! That was the pinnacle. That was it! You didn’t contemplate spiritual qualities. You didn’t look at things like your life experience. You were very much in the moment, but very much in limited awareness.

The good news is you have – you have had – this life design plan going on with your wisdom, and your wisdom said, “No, you’re not going to have the fastest bike, because it’s not part of this beautiful plan.” The life design that you are a part of – you’re not a puppet to it at all; you’re a part of it, you’re an active part – but that life design plan said, “We’re going to keep going. We’re going to get in the third grade and fourth grade and graduate, go to college. We’re going to do all these things.” Why? Part of the experience. Part of the grand experience of life, part of sensuality. Also, part of life – an important part of life – because this life, as Tobias said, is like no other.

“Past Lives”

This life is not just an extension of your past lives, not just another progression of your past lives. It is not. I said in Frankfurt, and some actually took offense to it, I said, “Your past lives are not you.” They’re not. They’re not at all. Get over it. None of them are important. Half of them are fabricated. Half of them are makyo crap. They really are. The other half you just relate to the archetypical energies of Yeshua or Moses or Cleopatra or Mary Magdalene or whatever.

They’re real, but they’re not real. In other words, they’re an active part of this whole experience that you’re having, but there is this thing that the human – the limited human – does. It says, “I was Mary Magdalene,” to try to give yourself some worth, I guess. Well, yes, you were part of Mary Magdalene, a little part along with a lot of others, but you weren’t Mary Magdalene. You’re
not Mary Magdalene.

You’re not your past lives. They’re the cousins of your soul. There are your brothers or sisters or cousins, but they’re not you. And the sooner you can let that go, the sooner you’re going to free yourself, unburden yourself, get over their crap. Some of them are still out there, these past lives, traumatized, active, looking for a new residence, looking for a new house – you. They’re still … they haven’t freed themselves and the soul, in its brilliance, is allowing them to do that. You say, “That’s really dumb of the soul. Why doesn’t the soul call them back, make them come back?” Well, you can’t. A creator cannot force his or her creations to come back. You can only invite them back.

So there are a lot of these past life aspects out there – trauma, terrorized, walking the Earth in kind of a night-walk type of thing – but they’re not you! That’s the amazing thing.
They are not you. They’re another expression of your soul, so they’re related, but take for example, do you feel that you’re just an extension of your cousins? No! You’re totally different. You’re unique. You’re you.

Up until this lifetime there was a definite link between lifetimes. There
was a type of progression. But then, in the brilliance of the life plan and the life design of the soul, it says, “I’m going to create an expression of myself that’s different, that’s not just another lifetime.” Why? Why? Well, because it got tired of doing the other lives, and just, well, realized it needed something to set itself free.

The soul, you –
you – realized that you’re the Standard for all those other past lives, for all the other humans, for yourself. You’re the point of integration of yourself. You’re the point of enlightenment for yourself, not those other lifetimes. Even if you were a Buddha – not that lifetime. This lifetime, right here. 

You are the point of integration. You are, as Tobias said years ago, the designated ascendee of yourself, of your soul, and in order to do so, your soul comes in here to join you. Your wisdom arrives. Your wisdom arrives. That’s all it is. It’s not this great big fluffy angel being, sorry Bonnie. (laughter because Bonnie is dressed up like an angel) It is your wisdom, comes in from the other realms – and it’s not even the other realms, it’s just an imaginary block – but absorbs in to your Body of Consciousness.

It arrives, and in doing so, something interesting happens. You become the Standard for these other past lives of that soul. You become the example. You, by example, help set them free. Not that you’re going to go around with a knife, cutting their chains or their ropes that bind them, but your example will release those ropes.

You release, you could say, some energy of your soul – your wisdom. You release yourself of that burden thinking you were your past lives, and in doing so, you integrate all of that energy, all of the consciousness. It is squished and distilled into wisdom, which arrives. Wisdom arrives for you.

You are Life Designers – brilliant Life Designers. Brilliant in how you put this together. You doubt yourself so often. In this next year, you’re going to learn, more than anything, let go of that doubt. You’re going to see how you are also ASID – illuminated designers of life.

The difference is now, as you’re able to open your eyes and start seeing this, you’re able to get out of your head, which would have been very difficult to do 20 years ago. We’re doing it now. You’re doing it now – getting out of the mind, allowing it to happen.

The difference is you’ve gone through human hell. You’ve gone through the difficult stuff. Couldn’t have got much more difficult, correct, LH? Couldn’t have got much more difficult. So now what’s left? Enjoy life! What the hell! Why not? Let go of the rules. Let go of all the things that would have bound you before.

Brilliant Life Designers, brilliant in putting yourself right here, right now, and there’s
nothing you need to do. That’s the brilliant part. Nothing you need to do – no mantras, no chanting, no crystals, no… just go through every page here (of the magazine), just read that – none of that. (laughter) None of that at all! No readings, no anything.

You take a deep breath; you realize you are a Life Designer. You realize that this is all natural. All natural. We’ve talked about it many times. You’re walking backwards through time to experience how you got enlightenment, and now you just take a deep breath and say, “Yes,” (Shaumbra says it along with Adamus) “I am enlightened.” Yeah, you have to say it with a bit of an attitude, some acting. Yes, I am enlightened. Yes! I’m enlightened. Yeah! Yeah!! Yo! Yes, I’m enlightened! (laughter)

And suddenly – you say it with a smile and a laugh – suddenly, it changes. Everything – the energy, the amount of wisdom that comes in, the reunion or the reconnection between the human self and the wisdom – and it comes in and it says, “Wow! Glad to hear you finally admit you’re enlightened. You’re no longer on the path. You’re no longer striving for enlightenment. You no longer care. It’s just, ‘Yeah, I’m enlightened!’” Why not? Let’s enjoy life.

(someone picks a speck off his clothes as he walks by) Oh, I thought you were trying to fondle me. (some laughter)

So Shaumbra, a deep breath with that.

Next Lifetime

And speaking of that, next lifetime – so we’re talking about life designing here – next lifetime, what’s it going to be? Oh, I could feel you say, “What do you mean next lifetime?! This is it! Oy! No more next lifetime. I thought that’s what the Crimson Circle was about. It was the exit door. (laughter) Adios and farewell. Nice being here, glad to be gone. Gaia, have fun down there with all the rest of them. I’m out of here.” Really? Really?

You could make that choice, but I don’t think this is what your wisdom is thinking. Well, your wisdom’s not thinking, but feeling. I don’t think it’s what you’re going to feel next year. Why? Because you’re going to start to realize, next lifetime… When I say that, you go into, “Oh my God, being born again. What am I going to look like? How smart am I going to be? How much money am I going to have in my pocket? Am I going to have those same goddamn parents I’ve had for the last five lifetimes?! (laughter) Not them again!! And the brothers and sisters! Why do I keep coming back?!” Maybe they’re coming back to you.

Next lifetime. What if it’s totally different? (someone says “Yeah!”; audience laughter) I can tell you are one that enjoys every day.

And here’s a hint. The Ascended Masters are coming back now, and they’re coming back in physical body, but they’re coming back different. What if you could come back in physical body by choice – choosing your parents, your situation – but not dumb human choices, not “I’m going to win the ‘bleep’ lottery” choices. That’s a dumb choice. That’s the dumbest choice I ever heard from a human. “I need to win the lottery.” You’re going to waste your energy, my energy on wanting to win the lottery? That’s stupid. Sorry. For all of you who stopped at the gas station today on the way up, and you’re … sorry! That is stupid. Why? You’re wishing and hoping. You’re in mass consciousness when you’re playing the lottery. You’re competing with everybody else who are all desperate schmucks trying to w- … It’s true! I’m sorry. They get so off- … not they –
they (looking into the camera) get so off-… not all of you. Two of you got offended when I said that.

LINDA: More than two.

ADAMUS: But it’s true! Let’s … I say we’re going to increase clarity. We’re going to turn up the temperature. We’re going to call makyo when we see it.

So where was I? Oh, the lottery. Dumb. Your soul, your wisdom doesn’t care. It actually has got a good design. It knows that you’re going to self-destruct with three million dollars. You are. You’re going to self-destruct. You’re just going to intensify any feeding that people are doing on you right now. You think they’re feeding now? You haven’t seen these octopuses put their arms around you until you’ve got three million dollars. Then you’re going to wonder if you know what to do with it. You’re going to make the worst investments in the world.

SHAUMBRA 1 (woman): For fun!

ADAMUS: But fun …


ADAMUS: Fun for about a year.

SHAUMBRA 1: I keep screwing up for lifetimes. I can do a couple more!

ADAMUS: (chuckling) Just a couple of more! Then you’re going to make the worst investments, because you’re going to put your money in some scheme, now thinking that you’re amazingly brilliant, when you should be putting your investment where? (a few in the audience answer “In yourself”) In yourself. Thank you, and that’s the last place you’ll put it. And then you’re going to go buy some ridiculous things, but that’s good, actually. Sports cars, a few other things like that, but because you really don’t love yourself, then you’re going to crash the sports car, and house will burn down, and all this other stuff. Then you’re not going to have three million dollars. You’re going to be in debt, filing for bankruptcy, and you’re going to be mad at who? (audience says “You”)
Me! (laughter) Absolutely. Me! And you’re going to say, “I …”

We go through this every night in your dreams. Every night we go through these arguments, these … well let me call them discussions. You’re going to be mad at me. You’re going to say, “Why didn’t you tell me? You’re supposed to be a prophet.” Do I look like a prophet?! (laughter) Ehhh. No, I’m not a prophet!

I will make one prediction for next year – everybody’s in on the prediction thing – profound prediction for next year, for 2012. So much hype about this. By the way, so much hype about 2012. Reach in, get some of that energy, because there’s a lot of it out there. It’s chaos energy. It’s wacko energy, but there’s a lot of it. Breathe in, reach in, grab some of that, bring it into your life for something you want to do. Bring it in for you. Not to win the lottery, but just … don’t worry about the lottery; the energy’s going to be there. Reach in and grab some, because there’s a lot out there.

Prediction for next year – 100 percent guaranteed to come true – things are going to change. (laughter) You don’t need to read this (the magazine) – I’m holding the back (to Linda) – you don’t need to read that or anything else or even anything I say – I’m picking on everybody – things are going to change next year. You say, “What changes? Well, tell me what’s going to happen?” (Adamus sighs) Lindsay Lohan’s going to go into rehab. (laughter) Kim Kardashian’s going to get engaged to a girl. Yeah, and it goes on and on. Who cares?

Things are going to change next year. They’re going to intensify. They’re going to get more chaotic. They’re going to get bigger. They’re going to get … it’s going to be a challenging year for a lot of people who are really stuck – people who are stuck – because the energies coming in in 2012 are the energy of change. It was predicted from a long time ago, it’s called the year of change.

Change isn’t bad. Change can be great. You change your clothes every day, that’s a good thing. Change is not all bad. (Adamus chuckles) Oh, I thought that was funny. Maybe they don’t.

So, back to the point, your next lifetime. What if the next lifetime maybe wasn’t even totally physical? What if you could be here when you wanted to? You didn’t go through birthing. You followed the Tobias example, you didn’t go through the birthing. What if you weren’t even resident here? What if you did as I do? I just take up with a dog once in a while. A real dog, not a … they let me hitchhike along with them, a bird once in a great while, never fish, or I’ll manifest the illusion of a physical human being for a couple of days. A couple of days is about all I can tolerate. Then I start getting headaches and nauseous and realize, “Oh, I’m acting so human” and then I evaporate that illusion.

But what if you could do that? Be here when you wanted; simultaneously, at the same time, be on New Earth frolicking through the woods, swimming with the dolphins. Why not? Great dolphins on New Earth, you put them there. Floating on clouds. You always wanted to do that. New Earth, you can. You just float along on a cloud. “Oh, if they could only see me back in my home town. Wow! Just floating. Just floating.” (laughter as Adamus pretends to be floating)

What if you went and just created, you know, your own little universe? It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be quite as big as this one, and you just created that. What if you could do all of those things simultaneously in your next lifetime? What if you were never stuck with anything? What if you had this next lifetime and there wasn’t the word or the feeling or even the awareness of doubt? It just wasn’t even in your awareness. Somebody came up to you and said, “Oh, I doubt this.” You’d be like, “I don’t know what that means. Never heard of the word doubt.” And they tried to explain it. “I still don’t know what it means. Totally foreign to me.” What if this is your next lifetime? Any way you want.

Doesn’t life here offer some amazing, amazing things? (audience says “Yes”) Aren’t the good days really good? (audience again says “Yes”) And the bad days … really good, yeah, yeah. Isn’t it great to … (he kisses Linda) just touch another human or touch yourself? Take a walk in the woods. When we had one of our recent discussions with Shaumbra, I said, “Well, what do you love to do?” it was simply beautiful. “Walk in the woods with my horse and my dog.” Cook, that was a big one. I don’t know what was with that group, they all wanted to cook. Does cooking turn you on?

LINDA: Mm hmm. (some people say “No” and some say “Yes”)

ADAMUS: It should. It should. It’s sensual. It’s sensual. First, you get to … every sensual experience you get to smell it and see it and hear it. You get to then eat it, and then you get to eliminate it. What an experience of being a human!

I say all of this, Shaumbra, because next year is going to be a year of changes, but welcome, absolutely welcome changes for you. For you. Perhaps not for a lot of others who are still wound up a little bit too tight, a little bit too mental, a little bit too much in a very old restrictive energy, still trying to figure it out, and here you come along and just say, “Yes, I’m enlightened. I’m enlightened, because I chose it.” So, next year, amazing energies for you. Breathe them in.

Don’t get caught in the drama, the headlines, the conspiracy. You’re going to hear more conspiracy next year than ever. Everything’s going to be a conspiracy. It all kind of is, but it’s a dumb conspiracy. And I said before, people at the head of governments, I’m sorry, but they’re not bright enough to really carry out a good conspiracy to take over the world. First of all, why would you want to? Why would you want to? What do you get when you take over the world? It’s bankrupt. There’s a lot of disease. There’s a lot of wars, starving people, dumb people. There’s a lot of that out there.

So you’re going to hear a lot of conspiracies. Oh, you’re going to hear them about me. I love them. I love them. It’s just energy. You’re going to hear them about Shaumbra. Shaumbra. Don’t you know somebody right now – I know you’re there (he looks into the camera) – is watching in, taking notes about this group and what they do. Then they extract little pieces of what’s said here, publish it on the Internet, talk about all… they talk about all the secret things going on here. Hello! How secret can it be – camera pans over – when we’re on the Internet?! When we’re broadcasting! You didn’t even have to have a big secret code to get in. We’re here. So put down your pen. This isn’t anything – back panning over the audience – anything but a group of very loving, very spiritual and absolutely enlightened humans. Call that a conspiracy? I call it the grandest thing on Earth. So … (much audience applause)

I have five minutes for my next topic before we take questions. Are we getting any questions?

LINDA: Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

ADAMUS: Are you getting any comments?

LINDA: No, just lots of questions. You just to have to help me know, do you want real personal ones or do you want broader perspective ones? Because there’s a lot to choose from.

ADAMUS: I like the personal ones. Those are good. It doesn’t matter. Is there any email from [email protected]? (laughter) “F you, Adamus! F you!” (Adamus chuckles and audience laughter)

Oh, dear Shaumbra, I had so much fun in Frankfurt. You were all there, one way or the other. We celebrated life in a way that only you can do, and I mean that seriously. This other group that wanted me … only you can do. Because you’re not looking for a guru, you’re not looking for all sorts of structures, you’re anti-structure, which is good, we can really move. Next year we’re going to be soaring. We’re going to … we, you, are going to take yourself to a new level next year.

So next point, very important. (to Linda) And would you mind writing or are you busy there?

LINDA: No, no, I just was perusing.

ADAMUS: Good. Next point, very important for next year.

LINDA: Okay.


ADAMUS: Okay. This year was the year of re-ordering. We started out early in the year with our message, our discussion about re-ordering. (more info here on “
Re-Order Your Reality”)

LINDA: Sir? Could we say one more time that if you want to send in a question you can send it to [email protected].

ADAMUS: Got it. Good.

Now, we talked this year about re-ordering. Re-ordering means that you are changing the way you are focused or centered into external things around you – gravity, polarity, duality, electromagnetics, regular magnetics, light and energy being the primary ones. You are connected into all of these things – you’ve made the choice to get connected into them – because those connections, with those primary elements, allow you to have an experience in the physical reality. They’ve kept you in this kind of a hologram. They’ve kept you focused, but they’ve also kept you limited – part of the life design.

So this last year was about saying you’re going to allow yourself to reorient into these various conditions. Why? Because they were changing anyway. Why? Because your consciousness is changing. So it was basically you allowing yourself to readjust into magnetics, gravity, energy, light, Earth, air, water, all these things.

Ultimately, it had an effect on your DNA. DNA is not what it was a year ago. Tobias asked a number of years ago for somebody to go to be a human guinea pig and get their DNA tested, and then ten years later get it tested again. Unfortunately, I don’t think anybody did. But if you had, even if you had a year ago had your DNA analyzed, then had it reanalyzed, it would be markedly different. It would be different than what it is right now. It’s happening, not to all, not to many humans, but it’s happening, because you’re allowing it to.

Now, in the re-ordering process, you change the way you’re focused into or adjusted on things. It’s like taking a beam of light and changing the focus – the intensity, the amount of energy needed to drive that light, where the light hits, how big the light hits. So you’ve changed your focus or your orientation.

You did it with actually a minimal amount of what you would call side effect – getting ill, going crazy, having things happen to your body, rashes and other ailments. Many of you have gone to the doctor with the old “what’s wrong with me?” ticket. The doctor said, “We can’t find anything. We can’t find anything.” Or they just thought, “Yeah, we’ll give ‘em something here. Here’s some medications for what’s up here (head).” (Adamus is laughing at his own joke) I thought that was good. “There’s nothing wrong with you

So you’ve gone through a lot of changes, gotten through it pretty gracefully; now we go to the next level this next year. You have what are called reality anchors. Ba-doom. Reality anchors. These are coming from the inside, not the outside. Last year was the outside, but these are your reality anchors.

Reality Anchors

You have tens, thousands – who knows, millions – of reality anchors. Your five senses are a big part of the reality anchor. You have a certain way of looking at things, hearing things, smelling things, touching, tasting things. These are all anchors that put you … I’m going to draw a picture now. Thank you. These are all … thank you. Thank you. (he draws a human figure with “anchor points” around it) So these are all ways for you to anchor your reality, yourself. It keeps you in what you would call a focus. It keeps you in a dimension. It allows you to stay kind of in here (draws a circle around the figure) with only slight shifting back and forth. And I’m done, dear Linda.

These reality anchors are the way your furniture is arranged in your room. It’s not Feng Shui, it’s a reality anchor. You put it there, or it was put there for you; whether you think about it every day, there’s a certain pattern or organization to all these things. As you’re going through building the new place, you say, “Well, let’s put the chair here and the bookcase here.” These become reality anchors.

And while they seem insignificant, actually, they’re not at all, because if somebody walks in and moves that chair about one inch, you may not notice it right away with your eyes or in your mind, but there’s going to be an uneasy sense in that room. “What’s wrong with this room? I need to sage or I need to call in a Feng Shui expert.” No. It was your anchor got shifted off a little bit.

You anchor with things like your vehicle, your car. You’re sometimes sad to give up an old car and get a new one. It was an anchor. Now, you quickly adapt that new anchor into your life.

Your emotions are a huge reality anchor. Your emotions – your anger, your happiness, your laughter, your imbalances. Your imbalances, believe it or not, even though they sound imbalanced, are very balanced. They’re anchored exactly where you put them. The imbalanced emotions aren’t wobbling and wavering and all what you would call imbalanced. They’re very stuck. They’re pillars that you call imbalance. But they’re there. They’re anchors.

Your earlier life experiences are anchors. Your schools that you went to, the teachers, all of these are ways of perceiving reality. All of these are ways of staying in that perception of reality.

Humans don’t like to move those anchors. But, dear Shaumbra, what do pirates think about anchors on their boat? (someone says “Arrgh”) Arrgh. “Anchors are for sissies,” a good pirate would say. “Anchors are for those who don’t want to go anywhere,” a good pirate would say.

So this next year is going to be about releasing the reality anchor. Instead of replacing it with … thank you (he takes the marker from Linda). Instead of replacing it with another anchor (he draws an anchor), something that’s going to keep you held down, it’s going to be replaced with a sensor. Think in terms of digital computers or whatever. A sensing mechanism, you could say almost like a sensing arm that goes out, but always shifting. An anchor grabs onto the Earth and holds on for dear life, while everything tries to shift it – the waters, the wind, everything else.

These sensors – the reality sensors – actually are going to be probes for you. They’re going to sense the environment, your situation, your reality. They’re going to provide you with feedback, but not up through here (head). It’s going to be in here (body), feeling feedback, sensory feedback about different potentials.

Your reality sensors are going to replace the eyes in many ways. They’re going to replace the eyes and some of your other physical senses, or, let’s say, be in addition to. They’re gong to sense different things that may attract you; experiences. They’ll also give you warning, heads up about certain things you’re not going to want to encounter. Your reality sensors are going to be co-managed by you and your wisdom, you and your soul. Wisdom is coming in right now. It wants to play. It wants something to do, so it’s going to be part of creating these reality sensors.

One of the biggest symbols you’re going to notice for this year is your hand, because that’s going to be the symbol reminder of the reality sensors. You’re going to start getting some nice wonderful heat sensations and nice tingling, positive tingling – not numb tingling, positive tingling – in your hands. These are going to be symbolic of your reality sensors. These are not
the reality sensors, but they’re going to remind you at all times. We’re taking away the anchors, the reality anchors.

You even had reality anchors into potentials, into tomorrow. You throw them out there, you plant them there and say, “This is the potential that we’re going to experience.” Phhew! Blow that one away. Next year, and from henceforth, it’s going to be different, because you were choosing potentials based on the past, based on what’s come up until now.

Limiting yourself, thinking, when I say, for instance, “What’s your next lifetime going to be like?” and you go, “Oh! Not again,” well, hold it. Take
that reality anchor away. That anchor was ‘physical body, limitations, crap from other people.’ So you eliminate that and you put out your reality sensor instead, sensing what could life be, without anchoring into things like science or math or anything else. In other words, imagining what could life be? Could you be on New Earth frolicking on a cloud? Could you be here on Earth full time, part time, any time? It can be anything. So these sensors go out. But these (the old anchors) need to start coming away. Time to pull them up. Time to set sail into the changes that are coming around next year.

I’m going to talk more about reality anchors throughout the year. I’m going to remind you when you’ve got them planted. I’m going to remind you that even when you tell me that they’re gone, I can still see when you’re hiding them in the back room, in the closet. Why? Because they’re comfortable, because they’re familiar, because you know when a storm comes up that you know you can find a safe harbor. You can set that anchor down.

But, dear Shaumbra, what do they tell you when a hurricane’s coming up and you’ve got a boat at the dock? What do they tell you? To throw a few more anchor out? No. To head into the storm, and that’s where we’re going to go next year – heading into the storm. (some applause) Why not? Why not?

Questions and Answers

So, with that, let’s take questions and answers. Now, we’ll play a little game with this. Linda’s going to read the question, and we’re all going to feel into the answer. Of course, I will do the answering, but we’re all going to feel into it, because you already know the answer. The person who sent the email is already going to know the answer. And, by the way, yes, we’ll take a few from this group as well, but we want to acknowledge all the wonderful beings who are listening in online. I know sometimes you feel that you’re out there on your own, but you’re not. You’re right here with us. So let go of your reality anchor that you’re at your Internet on your computer; come on and join us right here.

LINDA: Okay. Most of these are very personal questions.

ADAMUS: Doesn’t matter.

LINDA: Doesn’t matter, okay.

ADAMUS: Just at random. Doesn’t matter.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: Doesn’t matter.

LINDA: Okay. Random.


QUESTION 1: What else do I need to do to finally heal and release the psoriasis I’m experiencing on my hands? I’ve eliminated many foods, which has helped but never healed 100 percent. Why can’t I release or get past this experience when I choose to?

ADAMUS: Sure. Good. Good question, because you all have some psoriasis or something in your life, some little condition. Please talk to it. Talk to it. What is this condition trying to tell you? It will answer. It will answer you.

Generally, it’s one of a number of things. It’s a method for releasing some very toxic energy that’s been built up in your body, and far better to have a little psoriasis in the hands rather than to have some very deadly terminal disease. True? (audience says “True”) True. So part of it is a way of releasing.

Now, at a certain point, you do have to say, “What is still releasing, and why is this taking a long time? Why am I continuing to keep that slow process?” Why not just release it all? Why not just say, “Yes, I’m enlightened.” Psoriasis can’t hang around too long with enlightenment. There’s no place for it.

The other thing, as I just mentioned – hands. So part of it also, for all of you, your hands are going to intensify. You’re going to notice even changes in your fingernails, changes in whether they’re warm. A lot of you have cold hands. Not you sir (to David). Warm hands, warm hands. I just wanted to shake your hand. A lot of you have cold hands. They’re going to warm up, and then you’re going to be wondering why they’re so warm. Is there something wrong with you? Do you need to go to a doctor? No! It’s your reality sensor, the reminder of it at work out there.

So, but more than anything, when you have a rash or a lot of you still have stomach issues, because, just to keep it simple, a lot of you are still holding onto some SES issues in your life.* In other words, you’re letting people feed from you, and you’re still playing the victim. Your stomach is telling you – the stomach is where this SES is – your stomach is telling you “Love yourself. Love yourself.” You cannot battle the SES virus, but you can love yourself, and the stomach problems go away.

* “SES” refers to the “Sexual Energies School” where Tobias talks about the sexual energy virus.

There is no doctor – there’s one doctor, maybe a few – there are very few doctors on the Earth right now that know how to diagnose Shaumbra. Very few. Very few, and (to Linda) I hope this is an inspiration – nay, it
will be an inspiration – for your show with Dr. Doug. Let’s get down to … let’s go past the medical. Let’s talk about what’s really going on.

The way doctors diagnose things right now is mental. It’s very limited. It’s not wrong; it’s limited. What you’re going through right now is very different than anything that’s been written in a medical textbook. So why not use this existing show … could we have the door opened a little bit? You’re generating a lot of heat in here. Very hot, and perhaps over here for a moment, back there. Whew! (the staff opens the doors)

So, what a great platform for truly … and I’ll come on the show, even though Cauldre says I’m not going to channel any more on the air. That’s makyo. (laughter) I’ll come on the show, and we’ll talk about how to diagnose Shaumbra. Is that fair?

LINDA: Are you talking about
Astrodoc on, the first Wednesday of the month? (they chuckle)

ADAMUS: Yeah, why don’t you call everybody about that?

LINDA: Hosted by Douglas Davies – Dr. Douglas Davies?

ADAMUS: Absolutely. Let’s turn that – if you and Astro Doc agree – let’s get away from the medical. Let’s talk about Shaumbra diagnosis. What’s really going on? What’s really going on? See, now that would provide such a service.

So, psoriasis – take a deep breath. Why is it there? Why is it still irritating? What’s it trying to tell you? And I don’t want to tell you. I want you to take a look into what that condition is telling you. What does psoriasis do? What are the symptoms? Dry, itchy, irritating. So use that as the basis for addressing. There’s something in your life that’s being irritated, something that needs attention. It’s dry. It needs breathing. Breathe into your hands. Right? Good.

Oh, it’s freezing in here! Would you close those doors? (laughter) I’m pretending I’m a human. No, keep that one back there open.

So, next question, and then we’ll take one from our studio audience – our wonderful studio audience.

LINDA: Okay, now, this question has the name of somebody you’re not supposed to say.

QUESTION 2: In the last months your friend – begins with an “R” – said that Romania, Hungary, Poland and Paris will disappear from the world in less than two years.

ADAMUS: Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

QUESTION 2 (continuing): This channeler said that almost all of Europe will be entirely under water at the end of 2012. How do you comment on that? You’re telling us to have fun and Ra-… this other being channeled said we should build a bunker. You owe us the truth.

ADAMUS: Thank you. So, and there’s going to be a lot more of those type of messages. They’ll come and go. What about the photon belt? How many of you spent money preparing for the great photon belt about twelve, fifteen years ago?

LINDA: Cauldre, would you raise your hand? (she’s laughing and audience laughter)

ADAMUS: And why is that crap out there? Because people like to read it, because then it’s drama, then it’s conspiracy. Then they can say, “Oh, my god! Poland, Russia, everything else is going to be wiped off the map.”

Now, once in a while history is a good thing, because it tells you this stuff doesn’t happen. It doesn’t really. And the saddest thing is there ought to be some accountability for anyone, including any of this group, for putting things out there. They put it out there because humans believe it. They buy into it. They’re fascinated by it, and they pay good money for it. That’s a reason for anybody with less than good authenticity to continue doing it. You can hardly blame them. You have to blame the ones who sit before them and pay them good money.

There are changes that are taking place here on the planet. It is the greatest time for anyone with a bit of enlightenment to live, to love, to create, to start a business, to enjoy life, to have a glass of wine while the rest of the world worries about ridiculous things like all these countries being wiped off the face of the map. It’s true. It takes away from the joy of life. You could actually say the people that do this are highly infected by this SES virus. I can’t even say they’re doing it deliberately; they get caught in it. They think they’re channeling – they are, but they’re channeling crap. (laughter) No, I mean makyo. They are. They’re channeling something, but what is it?

Just because somebody’s channeling doesn’t mean it’s good. Just because I’m standing here doesn’t mean I’m correct. It just means I’m here to hopefully inspire you, hopefully piss you off a little bit once in a while – I know a lot of you have said, “Damn Adamus!” but hopefully that’s got that old reality anchor loosened up a little bit – hopefully to make you laugh, hopefully to remind you that you are God. Nobody else. You are God also – your own God, your own sovereign being. So …

LINDA: There are random questions. I’ve got a pretty good one here.

ADAMUS: Great.

QUESTION 3: How do I know the different between “It’s not yours” and “I did design it myself”?

ADAMUS: That’s a good question.

LINDA: It is a good question.

ADAMUS: That’s a good question and the answer is? What you’re choosing. What you’re choosing. It doesn’t matter, any of those things. You come to a point where you realize that.

We’re going to focus on conscious designing this year. A lot of it seems to happen unconscious. It’s really not, but what’s happening is your wisdom is saying once in a while, “Remember … remember you’re going to be stuck as a seven-year-old with the fastest bike.” And your wisdom has … well, that’s why it’s wisdom, because it’s wise. And it’s saying, “Let’s continue to move past that.”

So as the wisdom – I see it as kind of like this beautiful golden sweet honey-like essence just dripping into your life – as it comes in … and it is coming in. It is here, actually; it’s just for you to open your eyes to. As it does, you’re going to realize that about – oh, the number fluctuates – but I’m going to say about 90 percent of everything that you buy into about yourself is not yours. It’s about other people, mass consciousness, aspects, past lives and all the rest of that. It’s not yours. About 10 percent is yours. It’s what you’re choosing. Even the thought that flashes through your head right now isn’t yours until you actually choose it.

Unfortunately, you’re operating kind of on a default autopilot. “Well, it must all be mine,” so you’re kind of default choosing all of it to be yours. We’re going to be more discerning, more focused on it, saying, actually those thoughts really
aren’t yours. Those crazy thoughts – they’re not yours, even if it came from your brain. Even if it came from your brain, they’re not yours until you, the sovereign being, chooses it and says, “I like that one. I like that feeling, that thought. That’s mine.” Then this all this other craziness starts to go away, because it’s not getting attention or energy. It starts to leave, and then you become very aware that you’re a conscious Life Designer, very aware that you’re a member of good standing in the ASID. So, good, thank you. Next.

LINDA: Next.

QUESTION 4: Why the hell won’t I let myself find a man I can love and who will love me?! Love and much appreciation for what you do.

ADAMUS: I love you. (laughter) Your wish just came true! Now, you didn’t say you wanted to sleep with you, you just said find a man who loves you. I love you. (laughter)

LINDA: Easy.

ADAMUS: And stop sending in questions like that, Linda.

QUESTION 5: Would you be willing …

LINDA: Now, stop that. (she sticks her tongue out at him, he shows his mouthful of food)
Ohhh! That was ugly!

ADAMUS: It was broccoli. It wasn’t ugly.

LINDA: That would be Cauldre’s worse nightmare if he got a shot of that.

ADAMUS: He’s away somewhere. (laughter)

LINDA: Oh good.

ADAMUS: I think he’s in Australia. How did he get there? (more laughter) Quickly. Time is running out.

QUESTION 5 (continuing): Would you be willing to speak a bit about all the human protesting and uprising around the world currently? It feels to me like more and more humans are beginning to wake up to a lot of the large-scale energy feeding and imbalance that’s been going on for lifetimes.

ADAMUS: Why do you ask me a question and then give me the answer? I don’t understand. That was one of these things on New Earth that, you know, needs to be discussed. Why do humans ask a question – what’s the first part?

LINDA: I already went onto the next question.

ADAMUS: No, no. Okay, the first part was “Would you be willing to talk about the uprisings?” I was going to say yes. You want me to do it now or later? (audience says “Now”) Yes, and but then they went on to answer their question. Very interesting. Humans – I think Kuthumi said it – silly, silly beings. Makes no sense.

Uprising – it’s so obvious right now. Everything has to come up. 2012 is going to be a year of things coming up. Not the end of the world, but things coming up. They’re being pushed up and forced up.

There is an unrest around the world, and there
should be. There should be. There should be the fall of any walls that suppress human angels, whether it’s a church or a school, whether it’s businesses, whether it’s anything. It doesn’t have to be violent. It actually can be done easier with what you would call love or compassion than with all this anger, but they’re using some crude methods. It’s called media. That’s all it is, is media. (there’s some laughter) No, it’s all – it wasn’t funny – but that’s all it is. It’s only media. It’s a manipulation of the media, and the media manipulating them. But it’s okay, because it’s pointing out some of the flaws in the old systems – financial systems, government systems. It’s interesting. You’re going to read more and more of this kind of drama stuff in the papers of a, oh, let’s just say, maybe a prominent sports coach that suddenly with a great history, suddenly busted. So busted.

The consciousness potential that was chosen by a wise group of humans is coming to Earth, and it will not tolerate this lying. It will not tolerate hidden agendas anymore. Now, what you’re going to see, though – very interesting, stand behind the short wall; my favorite of the Tobias messages – stand behind the short wall this year and watch what happens, because now you have these Occupy groups who start out with good intent. They’re feeling the need for change, things have to come up, and now what happens? Let’s assume that their pure intent is there, but suddenly, that SES (sexual energy virus), those other energies – the reptilians and all the rest of that – they come in and start using it.

So actually, within these Occupy movements, within themselves, if you would go spend some time with them, there are more rapes than in the general society right now. There is more stealing, there’s more drugs, there’s more abuse. They’ll blame it on the police or bad parents or whatever they can, but it’s really … let’s say they start out with pure intent, but this energy moves in, and they’re not aware enough or enlightened enough to know what’s happening. And suddenly, they’re infected. And suddenly the very pure cause that they came forward for is getting infected. And then things get really ugly, and then there’s violence.

You can create a different potential, but only they can choose it. So, good. Thank you.

QUESTION 6: Will I be in contact with more enlightened people this year?

ADAMUS: We’re not making any more enlightened people this year, sorry. (laughter) That’s our quota. That’s our ratio for the year, so take what you can get. (laughter)

Do you
want to be in contact with more enlightened people? (audience says “Yes!”) Then choose it, and then it will happen. Then it will happen. Yes.

QUESTION 7 (FROM TIFFANY): I have a question.

ADAMUS: Microphone, please.

TIFFANY: So you were talking about next lifetime…


TIFFANY: …playing on New Earth clouds and having fun…

ADAMUS: Yes. Yes, yes.

TIFFANY: …and then being able to do all these things.

ADAMUS: Right.

TIFFANY: What I wonder is can we do that in this lifetime?

ADAMUS: (sighing) Oh!

TIFFANY: Because I want to do that now.

ADAMUS: You totally blew my closing statement (laughter), and a half hour too early. Now, how do you think that makes me feel?! (laughter) I was royalty. I’m ascended. I’m kind of like well known around the angelic circles, and you take my punch line??!

TIFFANY: I’m enlightened.

ADAMUS: You’re enlightened. Thank you. (Adamus chuckling, audience applause) Thank you.

Absolutely. Absolutely. We’ll just walk back through time. We’ll pretend it’s three minutes to five and we’ll just walk back and I’ll give my closing statement right now. Oh … so, how to throw a guy off. So, yeah, absolutely. Why wait… totally messed … (laughter)

Why wait for your next lifetime? Or, better answer, why don’t you just start your next lifetime right now? Right now. (some applause) Why not? Don’t give me all the scientific reasons why you can’t. You
can. Get rid of the old anchor points, dear pirates. Get rid of those and start it right now. Absolutely.

Now, that being said, allow, because a lot of things have to start shaping and shifting. And I’m not saying limit, but be a little patient, because you still have a physical system that was designed a long time ago. There’s still a lot of mass consciousness around. It takes a while, but actually, it’s already working right now. Simultaneously, you are also on the New Earth. You’re having about sixteen dreams right now as you’re sitting here, smiling at me, knowing what you did to me. (some laughter) You’re kind of searching into potentials.

A lot of things are happening. The question is right now, is the shift in awareness or the opening in awareness to where you know these things are happening, how long is that going to take? The equation, and I’ll write it out for next month if Linda reminds me, is something to the effect of … it’s a doubt-to-expansion ratio formula, kind of like Einstein’s formula, which I really helped him with (some laughter), but it’s similar to that. We’ll have a doubt-to-reality formula that we talk about.

So, with that, that’s the end of our talk, Feliz Navidad, I’ll see you next. No! We’ll walk backwards through time. Okay, so now we’re not at the end, we’re somewhere in the middle. But I released my anchors, I don’t have to have a closing statement.

LINDA: Okay. Another question?

ADAMUS: Here, and then back to Edith.

LINDA: Okay.

QUESTION 8: Why, Adamus, don’t you talk about UFOs? You said that you would talk about them in the past.

ADAMUS: Because I don’t like them! (laughter) Because it makes me nauseous, and then it’s Cauldre that vomits, not me. (laughter) Because Tobias talked about them, and he said that – I’ll write it out – he said that aliens are a lie. (he writes A LIE) Alien. A lie. Yeah, you weren’t listening back then. They’re a lie. They’re a part of the great big “humans are putzes” theory.

By believing that there’s these grand intelligent beings, which there aren’t, in other cosmos, you get to deny yourself here. You get to think that somebody’s going to come along and save you or do anal probes, one of the two, or do an anal probe and then save you. (laughter) It’s a form of denial. And it doesn’t make a difference anyway. They’re insignificant. They’re here, the beings from other dimensions, generally not even physical in nature. Just get over that one. Aliens aren’t physical. They’re kind of a … they have a different type of essence, but they don’t take on physical body.

The ones that stray here by accident really hate it here. They hate it, and the stories get out to the rest of the universe, the rest of creation about how awful Earth is, because it’s dense, and they’re not used to dense bodies; because it has an energetic gravity, not just physical Earth gravity, but a consciousness gravity that sucks people or beings, aliens in. Sucks them in. They get sucked in here, then they forget that they’re aliens and they start thinking that they’re humans. And then they get born after the parents, you know, do the thing, and they get into a physical body, and now they’re in the same boat that you’re in, but they’re in the back of the boat. They have to spend a lot of lifetimes, and then one day, they have a car accident, they get knocked unconscious and they wake up and go, “I’m not supposed to be here. I’m an alien! I’m from some place else! What the hell am I doing here?!” And then they start going to readers, and they start going to psychics and everything else, and the psychics now get caught in their whole drama, you know, the alien races.

Oh, by the way, does that sound like your story?
It is! You’re the aliens!! (laughter) You’re the UFOs! You don’t belong here! You got stuck. I’m having too much fun with you today. Cauldre’s asking me to – what is he saying – temper down a little, but why? Why? No, no.

LINDA: Next question?

ADAMUS: No, I’m not done with aliens. (some laughter) So there are some life forces that are very, very interested in Earth. They watch you – from a distance; they’re not stupid. They watch from a distance. They send probes in. They send probes in.

LINDA: So that’s true? South Park was right?

ADAMUS: Yeah. That’s a different type of probe. They do send energy, well, you call them beams in, waves in, and sometimes you’ll perceive these as little metal ships with lights that spin around. Most of the time they’re not physical. But that’s your anchor. You have to make it physical to try to understand it. So your eyes see it as this metal ship floating around.

They got over metal ships a long time ago, because it was a waste of good metal sending it here. So now they use these kind of light probes. They’re not more advanced. You could say technically, yeah, they have a few things that you don’t have, but they’re not more advanced. Actually, there is no place more advanced than Earth.

If they were so advanced, they would have already come down and told you that “You are God also, now get over everything else.” That’s what they would have said. They would have said, “What are you searching for? Start living it.” They are interested in something you have that they don’t. They’re
fascinated by it. They are intrigued by it. They want to manufacture it, package it, sell it to other planets maybe, and it’s called love. Love. Love.

Love was invented here, created here and experienced here, right here on Earth. Love wasn’t from another planet. Love wasn’t even from God. God knew nothing about love until it occurred to you. Nothing. How could Spirit have known that? Spirit knew connection with you, but Spirit didn’t know what love was. It now does because of you, because of what you’ve experienced. And when you experienced it, you felt that surge within you and you expanded yourself momentarily to the other dimensions and back Home and you said, “I love you, dear God,” kind of like saying to yourself, “I love me.” God felt that, having never felt love before, never knowing what love was, being overwhelmed and saying, “I love you also. Thank you for showing me what love is.”

These other life forces, these what you call highly advanced, intelligent life forces do not know what love is. They want it, they’re trying to analyze it. That’s the sneaky thing about this love that you created. It’s not in your blood, and they analyze blood sometimes. It’s not there. It’s not in your brain, thank God. This love is not there. The love is not trapped in this organ called the heart or in your skin. You can’t trap it or contain it, even by writing it in a song or in a book.

Love is one of the only substances in all of creation that is undetectable. You can’t analyze it, you can’t measure it, you can’t detect it; you can only experience it.

So, aliens? UFOs? pfft! (he spits, some laughter) Yeah, good. Now you know you know my feelings. It’s the humans, ah, that count.

And people get so distracted by these, whether because it’s a savoir or something to aspire to. It’s not. It’s right here. It’s right here. It’s sitting in these chairs. It’s listening in on the Internet.
This is where it’s at. This is why I’m here and you’re here. This is why we’re talking about life, living – absolutely living life. So, thank you.

LINDA: Edith has the mike.

ADAMUS: Absolutely.

EDITH: Well, we’ve been integrating for some time now, and you brought that up in this channel. And I just need a little clarification on the difference between the past lives that don’t want to come back and our aspects – integrated aspects. What’s the difference and what have we been doing these last many years?

ADAMUS: Yes. When you consider the amount of particles that you had out there – fragments or essences out there – it was tremendous. It was, for your soul, it was a thousand or more lifetimes. And then you take every human experience and all the fragments that that has – millions and billions, some here on Earth – a lot of them here – some in the other realms.

So here you are integrating them, collecting them. Not forcing them, but – matter of fact, you’re doing quite well at this – integrating a lot of aspects. Who’d have thought, who would have even aspired to trying to do it in a single lifetime? That would have been considered madness 50 years ago. Even yesterday! (laughter) It would have been considered madness a while back, because the energy worked different and consciousness was more rigid. But you, and others around the world, said, “No, we’re going to integrate,” and what that meant was not forcing anything – quite the opposite. Integration is about acceptance, not forcing. You can’t beat those aspects into coming home. You can’t force them.

Integration of past lives is a little different. They, actually – if you want to get specific about it – they don’t actually come back to you. They actually go back to what you would call your soul, but into your wisdom. So they – and in a way, yes, you could argue and say, “Well, then they do come back to me” – but, in a way, they don’t really. They go back into the soul. But you help to release them.

You and your soul, your wisdom, literally are … you’re here; you’re focused here on Earth. Your soul, wisdom, is joining you here, and when you do, you start taking DreamWalks into the soul’s past lives. Now you recognize at some level, “Ah, these aren’t mine,” so you don’t get all tangled up into them. You start doing – and this is a much longer class, please don’t think this is all there is on the subject – but you and your soul essence, who are now here, start going back in time, presenting yourself to those past life aspects of your soul. The nice thing is when you encounter these past lives, you don’t get all caught up in saying, “Oh that’s me in a past life!” It’s like, “Oh, interesting. I’m behind the short wall. These are really my soul’s, so I have a connection to them,” but you don’t get all caught up in them.

And now you’re walking back, in a way – not literally, but you’re kind of going backwards in time – having an encounter with a past life, a past life that may still be stuck or traumatized or just enjoying its experience back then in that time period. And you come up to this past life aspect, whether it’s in a dream or for real, maybe in the guise of another person or in the guise of an apparition, like an angel-like being, and you present yourself to that aspect. And it recognizes you, and it breaks down in tears, for it can feel the love. It recognizes that it is not alone, and it recognizes that it is far grander than it thought it was.

You’re doing that from the Now, you’re going into the past, but in a way, it’s not really just the past. It’s occurring right now. And your soul is rejoicing, because together with you it has freed up a part of itself, brought itself back home. Part of the whole reason for being here in this lifetime, the life design, is to do that.

It’s not retrieval. It’s just presenting yourself to the past lives. “I Am that Am. Here, I – my soul – I made it, made it into this lifetime,” whether it’s 10,000 years in the future or 10,000 years in the past. “I made it to this lifetime. I Am that I Am.” I said, “Yes, I am enlightened, and therefore, I became, and now I come back to greet you. I’m a time traveler, Oh-be-Ahn, in love.” Boom! That past life is suddenly freed. Suddenly, its perception of its journey, the very linear mental nature of its journey, absolutely transforms.

So the question is, did that past life actually occur as the aspect thought it did? Yes … and no. It occurred, but also many other iterations. A grander story, a multidimensional story occurred. So that linear little human back in that past life, that story is still real, but it’s not the only story. When that past life is able to then say, “What are my other stories? What else really happened? What was the bigger picture? What was the other side of the pink cowboy hat?” then it goes, “Dear God, I Am that I Am,” and that reunion with the soul takes place. It’s a beautiful process. That’s one of the many reasons you’re here.

Don’t consider it a responsibility at all. Don’t consider it a duty. Take it in joy, don’t do it at all – it doesn’t matter; but it’s one of the things that actually your passion, working with your wisdom, said, “Let’s do that. Let’s go back and visit all of our potentials, all of our past lives …” I know, more questions, but I’m I’m having fun.

LINDA: No, no, no. I was just turning my direction towards you …

ADAMUS: I know.

LINDA: … to just enjoy it.

ADAMUS: So, Edith, that’s what you’re doing right now, and sometimes it’s easy for the human self – the seven-year-old with the fast bike – to say, “Well, how come things aren’t better? How come I feel so limited?” Well, stop feeling so limited. Yes, you are enlightened. Look at what you’re doing right now, all of you, setting a potential for Earth and New Earth. You’re going back and opening up the perspective of past lives, helping to … not to free them, not quite the right word, Cauldre, but you’re helping to illuminate onto your past lives. Imagine the whole change of dynamics when that occurs, when that occurs.

Now, because you were going to ask, why don’t you do it yourself right now? Why don’t you DreamWalk yourself right now? In other words, why don’t you present yourself to you – your soul to you? That’s all it is – presenting you to you. It’s an amazing thing. It’s a real time, in the Now DreamWalk.

Let’s make another note for next month. Let’s do that next month, a DreamWalk into yourself. Edith, I love your wisdom. Thank you.

EDITH: I love you too.

ADAMUS: Thank you. Another in-house question, yes. Better than an outhouse. (some laughter)

LINDA: Ohhhhh…


MARY: I’m frustrated by the yo-yo between my mind and my heart.


MARY: And I get so much in my mind, and I choose to go to my heart, and it’s like instantly my mind yanks me back out, whether it’s mass consciousness or what it is. How can I stay more in my heart, because I feel like my mind is really limiting me?

ADAMUS: Where do you prefer to be?

MARY: In my heart.

ADAMUS: In your heart. Why is your mind then playing this game? Loaded questions, don’t you love it?

MARY: Yeah. Yeah.

ADAMUS: Don’t you love it? Why is your mind playing the game?

(she pauses)

MARY: That’s why I’m asking.

ADAMUS: Yeah, all those reasons. Because you’re letting it.

MARY: Okay.

ADAMUS: Part of you enjoys it. Part of you doesn’t think that you can do any better. Your mind is actually part of that life design, and you’re a designer yourself, so you understand the metaphor.

MARY: Mm hmm, yes.

ADAMUS: The beauty of design, even what one would perceive as faulty design, isn’t at all. It’s just a great experience.

So you’ve basically given permission to your mind, and that’s exactly what it’s doing. Your mind is not your enemy at all. Your mind has been programmed by you, by others. The mind has been programmed for debating, denying, doubting. Your mind has been given domain over your heart by you.

It’s not up to your heart to fight it. It’s not a contest between your heart and your mind, because you’re going to have a heart attack with a headache at the same time, truly, and that’ll be it. Then you’ll have a next lifetime, which is not so bad. They’re pretty good. But why? Why not just do it right now?

you have to step in, my dear. You have to step in, but that’s the real issue. You’re not. And you would like to actually pretend, it’s like, “Oh, my poor mind.” Well, un-program your mind.

MARY: Okay.

ADAMUS: Only you can. I can’t.

MARY: Alright.

ADAMUS: I can’t. I can add more programming into your mind. Really? Did you want a little programming? A little extra? Bonus programming this week.

MARY: I think my mind has enough programming. No.

ADAMUS: You can un-program your mind. How do you do that? How do you …

MARY: Just choose it.

ADAMUS: Thank you. You got your guy back there. You choose it. You take a deep breath into it, you stop worrying about it, you stop wondering if you can do it. You say, “Yes, I’m enlightened. Geez! Un-program.” Boom! And then it happens. Then you live out the experience.

You don’t walk around … you don’t walk out the door after you say, “Yes, I’m enlightened,” and walk in front of a car to see if you really are, because that’s basically doubting. You just
assume that you can walk in safety and peace anywhere. But you don’t … that’s one of the things humans do. They say, “I’m going to test it. I just said, ‘Yes, I’m enlightened,’ now I’m going to take boiling water and pour it on my hand to see if I really …”

MARY: Eew, oh.

ADAMUS: But, no, you’re just doubting. You’re not living. So, this fight between the mind and the heart – you manage it. You manage it.

MARY: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Yes, and it’s not even about denying the mind or giving the heart the new big status. It’s about
you. It’s about the I Am. Yeah. It’s just some breathing and my, my, my, you like to doubt sometimes.

MARY: I feel like it’s about accepting myself.

ADAMUS: Yeah, loving yourself. Yes. Yes. Do you take long walks?

MARY: Not too much.

ADAMUS: Never. (Adamus chuckles)

MARY: Well…

ADAMUS: Yeah, long walks, please.

MARY: Yeah, okay.

ADAMUS: Long walks.

MARY: Thank you.

ADAMUS: You’ve got one of the most beautiful areas in the world to do it, but long walks. It gets you out of your head. Actually, I’ll rephrase that. It expands the mind, and then the mind and the heart start dancing together.

MARY: Then is the foot that hurts just an excuse not to walk?

ADAMUS: Oh yeah, absolutely. You don’t have time, your knee hurts, whatever, whatever. No, long walks are great. What did Steve Jobs, our guest last week (last month), what did he do? Long walks all the time. He didn’t sit in a …

LINDA: He’s dead.

ADAMUS: (chuckling) He’s enlightened. He didn’t sit in boardrooms, unless he had to. He would take executives from Fortune 500 companies out for long walks through neighborhoods, in the woods, through the shopping mall. That was his way. Walking. Walking, it does wonders, particularly in nature.

Two more questions.

LINDA: Okay, I’m going to summarize, because I’ve been scanning the questions …

ADAMUS: Yes, yes.

LINDA: … and there are an incredible number of questions related to cancer. And one in particular – I’ll read this one.

QUESTION 10: We’ve made no virtually no improvements in cancer survivability since Nixon declared war on it in ’71. In some cases, we’ve actually gone the other way. Would you say that this is one of the ways that we’ve chosen to provide ourselves with opportunities for ascension and enlightenment? (at that moment a little dog barks in the background; audience laughter and applause)


QUESTION 10 (continuing): Or without directly endeavoring to cure those with cancer, how can Shaumbra increase the odds for those with cancer to awaken according to their schedule for doing so?

LINDA: And there are as many questions here about cancer for Shaumbra as there are for non-Shaumbra.

ADAMUS: Oh good, good. So On (Garret), would you mind answering? You’re obviously experienced with it, and you have actually better insight than even I do. Cancer. Why is it here, what purpose is it serving, and how should you deal with it?

ON: Well, I think she answered her own question there.

ADAMUS: Yeah, absolutely. Don’t you love that?

ON: And it is an experience that can be totally freeing, liberating you from some of your anchors, if you choose it to be.


ON: So it is not a good experience, it’s not a bad experience. It’s an experience for liberation.

ADAMUS: And the worst thing is, what?

ON: You die.

ADAMUS: You die. And, you know, seriously, it’s easier than being born, and you’ve done it a lot, and that identity of yours screams out and says, “But I can’t die!” Well, you’re going to anyway. But it’s an anchor, the run from death. Once you accept that you’re going to die, which you’ve done over and over and over, you finally got to the point, it’s like, “Geez! All right, but I’ll just live in the meantime.”

So the purpose of the cancer, and energetically, what is cancer?

ON: Just out of balance.

ADAMUS: Out of balance. Yeah, and I would go so far as to say it usually represents any anger or hatred …

ON: Yeah.

ADAMUS: … which is things being out of balance. The research being done into cancer right now doesn’t address the energetic issues. It’s looking into the biological issues – the interplay between cells and enzymes and chemicals – but when they start looking into an energetic interplay.

Put a bunch cancer cells together, activate them, and have them fight with each other, because that’s where they came from – battle, fighting, anger. Observe them. Observe how they interact with each other in their battle in the little test tube. Feed them so some will get strong, some will get weak, some will transmute, some will try to then re-cancerize the ones who transmuted. Watch the dynamics through a microscope, energetically not biologically. You’ll learn the answer.

Now, the question is, is consciousness ready for the cancer cure? No. They’re actually not. How many years? Any guess On? Just a good guess.

ON: Well, it’s just a guess. I like the idea that when enough Shaumbra, enough people let go of their fear and anger, that it will spread like wildfire through mass consciousness.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Typically, I’d say – and you are correct – about 20 years that cancer will still be prevalent, but it doesn’t have to be anchored on that. It can change very, very quickly. Right now if you trend it out, about 20 years, but it could change. It could change by Shaumbra recognizing where cancer comes from and recognizing that you can’t just call it bad. It does serve a purpose. It gets a lot of people thinking about their life before they die. Unlike battle – battle happens pretty quick – cancer, they have time to really contemplate the meaning of life. So it’s serving a consciousness purpose to an extent. But, that being said, aren’t there better ways? Absolutely. Absolutely.

So for Shaumbra who are dealing with cancer, it tends to be energetically some old residue of anger and hate. And this is very simple – don’t think about it real much – what does it take to transcend cancer? (someone says “Choice”; another “Choose”) Loving yourself. Choice and loving yourself. You can make a choice, but if you don’t love yourself, that cancer is still going to be resident.

By the way, every one of you here has cancer. Every one of you, sorry. Every one of you have cancer cells in your body. They are potentials, may not be activated, may never be activated. Only a small, small percent of you is it going to be – although you can change that.

Those cells are there. They’re the shadows of self-doubt, hatred and anger, and you can either let them come to the surface or you can release them. That’s why we’re going to be talking about anchor points, letting those go, changing the energy, the patterns and the dynamics.

So if you have cancer, love yourself, and accept it, by the way. Stop battling it. You found that out, On, early on. You’re not going to win a battle with cancer at all. You’re going to fight something that you designed. Now, what you can do is love your way through the cancer. Love your way through it. It’ll transmute all that stuck energy, and it will make your whole body shine and you’ll enjoy life anyway then.

LINDA: Last question?

ADAMUS: That’s it, last question.

LINDA: Okay. This is related to a question earlier. The earlier question was: “Why the hell won’t I let myself find a man I can love and who will love me?” (Question 4) Okay, this is a response from this person for your answer.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yes. They love the answer, they want a date with me, and … uh, continue.

LINDA: Keep digging.

ADAMUS: Keep digging! Okay, keep digging!

QUESTION 11: Why was my question ridiculed? It was heartfelt. It causes me as much discomfort as eczema, which was answered seriously.

ADAMUS: Yes, absolutely. Absolutely, and no offense meant, but you do have to be able to laugh at these things a little bit. And, ah, let’s just dig right in, since we’re already part way in.

First of all, it’s about loving yourself, and you’ve set up a life design – all of you, one way or the other – it’s about loving yourself. You’re not going to find a man. Why? Because your soul is smart enough to know that it’s sticky. It’s sticky stuff. Finding somebody else is going to distract you. It’s about loving yourself. You’re not going to find anybody until you can love yourself. It’s a beautiful plan.

Look – if you’re into statistics – look into the statistics of Shaumbra who are single, or single without children, or single with children, doesn’t matter. Why? Why? Because of bad breath? No. Because you don’t have much personality? Not at all, you’ve got a great personality. You designed it that way so you could have time to fall in love with yourself. You don’t need a man or a woman or anything else. You don’t need a dog or a cat. It’s about you, and your life design says, “Discover

Now, I would come back on you and say, why are you so desperate for a man? Why? It’s just going to be another lifetime with another one of those man experiences. This is the lifetime to be with yourself. Why not take that same passion and that same energy and invite your soul into your life? Instead of sharing your bed with a stinky old man (laughter), why don’t you share it with your soul? Instead of taking a drive with a man and then having to …

LINDA: Can you do both? (someone says, “Yes, you could do both”)

ADAMUS: Yes, you can. Good question. But I know you on the Internet. You’re going to try to do man first, enlightenment second. Seven-year-old with the fastest bike on the block – seven-year-old – it’s not going to work. You already set up your life design to be with you. You’re da man! (laughter)

Feliz Navidad! Enjoy! Enjoy life!

I Am that I Am! All is well in all of creation. Love yourself. Noël. Amen. (audience applause)


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