The Freedom Series

SHOUD 8: “Bringers of the New Energy” – Featuring ADAMUS, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle

May 4, 2013

I Am that I Am, Adamus of outrageous service. (audience applause) Thank you.

Welcome, dear Shaumbra. Last month we had a bit of a rest, some entertainment – for most. (a few chuckles as Adamus refers to the Shoud of April 2013) We had a little bit of reprieve from our normal gatherings. Today? A little bit different. No Awakening Show. Hm-mm. No, we’re going to get right into some new twists and turns.

So let’s take a deep breath as we launch into this Shoud.

Ah yes, you’ll be begging me for more Awakening Shows after today. (Adamus chuckles) Interesting outfit dear Linda of Eesa. (Linda is dressed as Superman) Can they see you back home? I mean, way back Home.

LINDA: I hope so.

ADAMUS: Go ahead and stand up so the entire angelic family can see what happens when you come to Earth (laughter) and take on a few lifetimes. (Adamus chuckles) And who are you today?

LINDA: Super Shaumbra!

ADAMUS: Super Shaumbra! Adorned in gold. Yes. (some applause) Good.

Today’s Question

“To be or not to be?” That was the question. “To be or not to be? Whether it is nobler in the mind” – yes (chuckling) – “whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer…” Does anybody know the rest? A little Shakesp- … (a few people say “The slings and the arrows…”) Ah, “The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” And? Know the rest? That was it? (Adamus chuckles)

Let’s take a deep breath. “To be or not to be,” that was the question. The question was asked by Hamlet. “Should I live or should I die? What’s the use? I’m stuck in the suffering of my mind, in these outrageous fortunes” – or rather misfortunes – “that I’m experiencing.”

“Do I want to be here or do I want to go? What do I do? Can I put myself out of this misery?” asked Hamlet, written by William Adamus Shakespeare. (laughter) You laugh. You laugh.

So, dear Shaumbra, the question now is “To be aware or not to be aware?” That is the question. That is the true question. “To be aware or not to be aware?” and I ask each one of you, as we open this segment, what is the answer? To be aware or not to be aware? To be aware or not, because the reality is that you are in the Middle Lands. You are in the Middle Lands, one eye open, one eye shut, walking in a world of humans with two eyes closed; in the Middle Lands, not sure what goes next; in the dreaded despicable Middle Lands of awakening, where there is a desire for hope, but yet at times so bleak, so gray and so dreamless.

In that Middle Lands it causes you to want to take many steps back to that old reality where all walked with eyes shut, and you, now, walking in the Middle Lands amongst your fellow humans, one eye open. How do you explain to them what awareness is?

The blind man, the blind people, the blind group of humans, and just one eye open you have. How do you explain to them when they beg and beckon for you to come back to that old reality, to that old place of no awareness? You, with one eye open and one eye still closed, how do you explain awareness to those who have both eyes closed? How could you possibly explain sight to those who are blind? How could you possibly explain what it is to have some deep inner churning of the soul and the heart, to want to move quickly out of the old ways and the patterns of humans, but yet not knowing where you’re going to? How do you explain to those with no sight whatsoever? How do you explain the world you are leaving without knowing the world that you are entering?

In the netherlands, in the Middle Lands of awakening, that’s exactly where you are.

You have no idea that the words I speak to you are of truth or just of another delirious mind. (some chuckles) You have no idea if there is such a thing as an Ascended Master. You’re in the Middle Lands, but you know – you know in your heart – that you cannot go back to the world of the blind, to the world of the unaware. And even though you try to do that at times – oh, you try so desperately to return back to that place from where you came – but you can’t go back with one eye still open. You can’t seem to close both of them.

So here you are, drifting on an endless sea. Drifting on this sea of troubles, not knowing whether you are aware or unaware, not knowing what comes next. And what do you have to resort to? Not words that others say, not simply the hope that’s in your heart. What you have to rely on is you and only you. What you have to rely on goes far beyond the mind, because the mind is the strangest of all the aspects. (someone reacts, Adamus chuckles) Let it out, my dear. Let it out! The mind is the strangest of all the aspects. You can no longer rely on the mind. It has deceived you. It has created illusions that it has had you believe to be real, when in your heart you know they are not.


What you have to rely on is you, but yet unsure of who you are, still trying to find you in this endless sea of troubles, still trying to identify you – something that simply cannot be done – so you dive deeper. You dive deeper into you, and you come to the point of realizing that you is not who you thought you were, whatsoever. The you that you have known was simply the creation of a mind, a mind that was conceived here on Earth, that was developed here on Earth, refined and programmed here on Earth. The mind – the strangest of all the aspects – not you whatsoever.

So where do you find you?

Certainly, beyond the mind, even beyond the heart. You find you in those darkest hours that you’ve had, those dreadful, horror-like, nightmarish dark hours that you’ve had, and each and every one of you have had them. Those dark hours when you know there is no going back to the world of the blind and the unaware. Those dark hours when you wonder “Who am I?” Those dark hours where you wonder, “To be or not to be? Should I terminate this? How can I release myself from this trap? How can I release myself from this mental anguish and this physical pain and this lack of knowingness?” Those dark hours when you come to the deepest, the simplest and the truest of truths. The only thing that matters is “I exist.” That’s it. “I exist.”

And from that simplest, most truthful of places, a place that defies the mind and even the heart, a place that defies all of your previous experiences, any beliefs that you ever had, anything that you thought to be good or bad, real or unreal; this place of “I exist,” this simplest of all truths, is where you find you.

Not surrounded by anything, anyone else. Not confused by the world of the blind. Not confused by the world of your mind or your desperate attempts to save an identity of yourself. In that simplest of places – “I exist” – is where you start to hear the beat, the rhythm of your soul. “I exist, therefore, I Am.” That’s all that matters. All that matters.

To be aware or not to be aware? Such a torturous question, such a torturous Middle Land you find yourselves in. But, my dear friends, you have felt, even if it’s only for a moment of time, you have felt there is something deep within you. Something that doesn’t rely on any other human. Something that doesn’t care about your past, your health, your intelligence, your looks or your money. You’ve been aware of a few times of that existence of the Self. Sometimes it is but a fleeting moment and then disappears back into the darkness, into the abyss. But you remember it was there.

It’s always been there. It never goes into the darkness or into an abyss. It is never lost. It is only you – you, still in the world of the blind, still in a type of hypnotic living, still wondering how to make yourself better, how to make yourself perfect – it is you that actually goes back into the darkness, because the existence, the I Am, is always there, always waiting, always knowing. It does not care if you go into your own personal crisis, into chaos, into crash-and-burn. It does not care, because it knows you are always there, the I Am. It does not care if you were a queen or a king, if you were the richest being in all the world; it does not care if you succumb to the demons and the dragons of yourself or the others in the blind world around you, because it’s always there.

It doesn’t care about good days or bad days. It doesn’t care if you drink too much, smoke too much, sleep too much or eat too much. It does not care. It does not care if you are having emotional difficulties with others, if others are using and abusing you. It does not care. It does not care one bit about your spirituality, about your religion, about your beliefs, about your affirmations and confirmations or any of your illusions, because it is beyond illusion. It is – it is – your existence.

It’s there. You have touched upon it, perhaps when you were very young. Perhaps that’s what set you off sailing and searching to find how to bring it into this reality, how to bring it into your life. And although your mind has tried to take this – this simplest and most joyful of all consciousness – tried to take it and mold it to this world of the blind and the unaware, take it and mold it to what it feels its extra identity you should be, it will never ever, ever be captured by the mind and by the human identity. It can never be corrupted, destroyed. It can never be put in front of or behind anything else, including Spirit. It’s always there, the existence – “I exist.”

Never forget this, ever, ever, ever. Never forget this. In the darkest moments and in the most joyful moments, take a deep breath – “I exist.”

It is the truth of truths. It doesn’t take anybody else to bring that into your awareness. It is only you that can do that. There is no power in it, no power whatsoever. No energy in it whatsoever. It is not surrounded by anything. It is unto itself. It is not glorified by God. It is not pampered to by the angels. It does not exist in time or space. It is the existence, the “I Am that I Am.”

Take a deep breath, my dear friends.

No, no game shows today. No game shows today.

The Middle Lands

So you’re in this rather odd place, this Middle Lands of awakening. I have said it before, perhaps it still hasn’t touched you, that this is the grandest time of all. This is the grandest time of all, a time of celebration – celebration of understanding existence within the world of the blind. Am I being too hard by calling this the world of the blind? Absolutely not, for there’s a reason they are blind. There’s a reason why you were blind. I don’t want to get too philosophical, intellectual about it right now, but there was a reason.

And now you’re emerging from that. You chose to crawl out of that reality. Oh, it’s still trying to drag you by the feet and pull you back in; still with all of its seductive forces that work on your mind, that work on your emotions and your heart, especially if there are other people involved in your life; still trying to get you to come back into the world of the blind, but it cannot be done.

Oh, you’ve tried, and when you have you find you cannot pretend to be asleep when you are partially awake. So what to do next? You open the other eye. You open the other eye. So it begs the question, why isn’t the other eye open now? (someone says “Yeah”) Hm, yeah. Yeah. (Adamus chuckles) Good question. I’ll give you a bit of an answer.

Awakening, becoming aware, can be very overwhelming. You open one eye and you see what’s really out there and you see who you really are, and just the thought of having to open the other eye – the intensity, the true intensity of that awareness – can be overwhelming. So you stop for a bit and you walk with one eye open, one eye closed, and you continue walking in the world of the blind, but once in a while coming together with other one-eyed beings. (laughter) And you’re waiting for someone else to open that other eye first and then to say, “How was it to have both eyes open? How overwhelming? How beautiful? What did you gain, what did you lose from it? Did you die? Did you want to die when you opened that other eye?” Waiting for someone else to do it, to open that other eye.

But much like you with one eye open trying to go back into the world of the blind and explain to them what vision is, it will be very difficult, very, very difficult for one with both eyes open to explain this reality to one with one eye closed, you see. The only thing you can do at that point as a two-eyed, open being, the only thing to do at that point is to look another in the eyes, letting them see both.

Words do not need to be spoken. Actions do not need to be taken. Simply letting them see into the eyes – both eyes – of an awakened enlightened being. It’s that simple. That simple. Everything that would need to be said is said in this instant, you see. It’s that simple. That simple.

My dear friends, this Middle Lands of awakening, ah, I cursed it. I tried running from it. I tried pretending that it wasn’t there. Yet I look back on it now, such a significant, beautiful, poignant time. Please enjoy it. Please do enjoy it, because you’ll look back with two eyes at some point and realize the significance of what you’re doing. Really, the significance.

Awakening isn’t anything I’d recommend to my friends. (laughter) As I said in our last conversation, awakening is cruel! It is cruel in so many ways. No, I wouldn’t recommend it to my friends, because then they would blame me for it once they were emerged into its depths, of course. No. So I say, please, dear friend, keep both eyes closed for as long as you possible can.

But, you know, in spite of my advice to those with two eyes closed, in spite of my advice, one eye is going to awaken sooner or later anyway. One eye is going to start peeking, because there’s something within the eyes of the blind who can feel that others are starting to open their eyes as well. And you know how humans are – they just want to get a peek. But in awakening there are no peeks. No, no, no. There is not a peep show in awakening (some chuckles) – the men laugh, of course – because once the eye starts to open, once the awareness starts to come in, you can’t stop it. Once you have a little bit of awareness, it begs full awareness. Full awareness.

It has been my pleasure to work with all of you over these past few years as your eyes started to come open, as that one eye grew open wide, big, as you came to this point of stopping and saying, “I’m not sure it’s such a good idea to open that other eye.” And as I would tell my friends and I would tell Shaumbra, then don’t. Then don’t. But in spite of what I say, that other eye is going to come open. It is going to come open in spite of you.

It is going to come open because awareness desires more of itself. Awareness continues to ask for more awareness, for the dissolution of false realities, for the awareness of itself and ultimately the feeling, the experience of love for itself. So that other eye will come open. And you can resist it, you can try to force it shut, you can go so far as to sew it shut, and it will come open. That’s also the good news. That’s also where we are – somewhere in between. Somewhere in between being blind and having vision. Here we are.

Bringers of the New Energy

So that brings me to my point today of this discourse. My point today … let’s title this Shoud, just so we don’t have all this confusion and this hectic activity afterwards, all these Sunday morning emails, “What should we name it?” Here’s the name. Ready? “Bringers of the New Energy.” Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It wasn’t exactly Shakespeare, but it was good. (some applause and Adamus chuckles) Bringers of the New Energy.

My dear friends, you have gone from being the blind. You have gone to the very depths of the human experience here on Earth. Then, as you started awakening in the very early days of the awakening, you were the energy holders of this Earth. Interesting job. As I said to one group recently, it’s kind of like being a midlevel manager. Now that’s being in the Middle Lands. (Adamus chuckles) That is a curse, I would think, being a … is anybody here proud of handing a card saying, “I am a midlevel manager. I work in a cubicle.” (Adamus chuckles) I thought that was funny. (some chuckles) Don’t work in cubicles. Mm, mm-mm-mm.

So you were the holders of energy for quite some time, holding it for the planet, many of you for dozens, nay, hundreds of incarnations, the energy holders. Chanting, om-ing, praying, kneeling, hearing confessions, doing fire ceremonies and every possible every other thing you could do. There was a value in it. It did help keep a balance of energy on this planet, combined with Gaia and water. Water is so important to this planet, and some humans sitting in caves om-ing and chanting each day, not having much of a life but being really good energy holders.

The truth of the matter is, in spite of what anyone tells you, there’s no need for energy holders on this planet anymore. That’s why the indigenous … love the indigenous, but it’s time to move on, dear indigenous. Truly it is. You’ve been doing it lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. It’s time for those who were in the church – the priests and the monks – time for them to move on. That’s why the church is slowly dissolving away. We don’t need the altars. We don’t need the temples as they were anymore.

So you were the energy holders, and now – now – comes the exciting part. You are the Bringers of the New Energy.

Now, there is energy abundantly around everywhere, but nobody is bringing it in in any appreciable quantity. Everybody, as we’ve talked about, is getting just enough. But there are no… there are very few individuals and there are no groups of individuals who are truly bringing in the energy. Everybody is using kind of an old and very limited reservoir, because of belief systems, because of indoctrination and everything else. There’s not a single group out there that is actually actively bringing in the energy. Not at all. Not at all. So for this you will be the first of a group to do it.

Imagine for a moment – imagine … and yes, it’s good to feel proud or even a little inflated about this. Humanity has been using basically the same amount of energy. And in spite of those who talk about cosmic energies and cosmic events and comets delivering energy to this planet, which all might be true, nobody is using it. They watch a comet fly by and say, “Wasn’t that pretty?” Wait for the next one to come around in 20 years – “Wasn’t that pretty?” There’s even some who have the understanding and the insight to know that these are delivery mechanisms for energy, but nobody’s using it. Nobody’s using it. It’s like the milkman comes by every morning and puts six bottles of milk at the door, but nobody ever opens the door to take the milk. It’s just sitting there.

Now, energy, unlike milk, does not spoil, doesn’t sour, doesn’t go bad. It’s sitting there in huge quantities, amazingly huge quantities, available – available to each and everyone – but nobody is picking up the fork and knife to digest it, to put it in their body, to put it in their reality, to bring it in. It’s hovering around. Everybody is waiting. Everybody is in a holding pattern. Why? I don’t know. Because they’re not sure how to do it? Because they’re waiting for somebody else? Because it’s hard to do with one eye closed? I do not know, but it’s there. So today you’re going to have the opportunity, in just a little bit, to be a bringer of New Energy, a user of New Energy, using it to create whatever you choose.

Sounds simple. Sounds something like out of a fairy tale. Combine that with 21 crystal caves, we have a tremendous fairy tale story. (some chuckles) But it’s all very true.

Energy Basics

Now, in order to understand some of the dynamics, let’s talk about energy. I’ll go back to the basics – and I’ll need the writing board – and I’ll keep going back to the basics until you finally get that “A-ha! I get it! Adamus, why didn’t you tell us about this three years ago?” (someone says “You did” and a few chuckles) Go back and read the Shouds. Go back and read the Shouds.

So some of the basics of energy. First of all, you are consciousness. Understand that. You are consciousness. It’s the I Am. I exist. That’s consciousness. That’s the first awareness. You are consciousness. We’ll just put a dot there. (he draws a dot) Consciousness, “I exist.”

Consciousness continues to, you could say, unfold. It continues to become. It’s not static. It doesn’t just stay in its current level of consciousness. To say that it grows isn’t quite right, or to expand; it continues to become more conscious. So we put a circle around that – the circumpunct, the symbol for consciousness, the I Am. Very simple.

You could say also it started with the spark of Spirit. You’re going to discover sooner or later that that wasn’t actually true, but we’ll use it. We’ll pretend for right now that it was, hopefully confuse a few of you about that.

So this is the I Am. As I said before, it doesn’t exist anywhere. It doesn’t have a place in outer space of its own. It doesn’t need it. It does not exist within time. It doesn’t need it. It is totally on its own.

It is not energy This is one of perhaps the greatest illusions, fallacies, or mistruths that humans believe, and even religions, even new age does not understand that consciousness does not contain energy. Because, first of all, if you thought that it did, and particularly in the way most people think about energy, suddenly you become victim to energy, and consciousness is corruptible in that scenario. But it’s not true. Consciousness contains no energy, does not exist in any particular time or space. It is yours, solely yours. Very simple concept, but yet often I talk to groups about this, and they go out the door five minutes later forgetting it, forgetting the purity of the I Am. So, consciousness – no energy.

Energy exists outside of consciousness, and it does exist in all sorts of dimensions. (he draws a circumpunct with energy around it) Any dimension that consciousness ever visited or imagined. Energy exists everywhere that the consciousness ever felt into or imagined into; suddenly, energy is there.

Energy was created, was – let’s call it – breathed in. Energy was breathed in by the passion of consciousness. The passion of consciousness is the feeling – and I’m using very human words here – but the passion of consciousness is having the sensory experience of feeling its existence. That’s the passion of consciousness – feeling that sensory, that experiential – “Hey, I exist!” That’s the passion right there.

That passion of its existence – to know its existence and to feel it – created energy, energy outside of itself, but you could actually say that … some would say that it was the passion of going Home – I have actually said it myself before – partly true, but where is Home? Humans like to think of Home as being heaven, God, oneness, All That Was, all the rest of that crap. It’s not. True Home – true home, and I’ll use this as an opportunity to promote the latest book from Tobias, Journey Home (referring to Journey of the Angels) – the true journey Home is not back to some celestial palace. The true journey Home – right there (tapping his heart). That’s all there is to it. You don’t go back to the oneness; you are the oneness. You go back to awareness. Ah! Good. Getting somewhere? Learning something?

LINDA: Every day.

ADAMUS: Yeah, good. You’re not sleeping behind those sunglasses, are you? (laughter)

LINDA: That’s my little secret.

ADAMUS: Is that your new man next to you? (referring to a Superman figurine)

LINDA: (she pauses) Is he worthy?

ADAMUS: (cutting her off) Eh, she’s without words! (some chuckles)

So these are basics. Many of you have heard them, but it’s important to keep repeating them.

Now, right on the first level, what you would call the basic level or the simple level, right around your consciousness is – it looks like a sun now – is a … that’s, again, human words, but is a layer of energy that’s the most intimate with you. It’s only yours. It is always there, but you are hardly ever in conscious connection with it, because you’re in conscious connection with everything else – the walls, the cars, the other people in your life, your aches and pains and mostly that strange mind.

So you very rarely access it, and somebody just asked online, somebody asked the question,  “Can I access it through hallucinogenic drugs?” Sure. Go ahead. Try. Have fun. Why do I get these questions? Really. Really. No! You don’t need to access it through drugs, and it’s not going to make it easier. As a matter of fact, this layer of energy, core level energy that’s surrounding – not surrounding, Cauldre, but that’s always harmonious with your consciousness – that layer is so in truth and so pure, that, no, you’re not going to get through it with manipulative methods or false methods.

Once in a grand while, a few of you might have felt this level. When you do, you’re going to feel – you’re going to have the sensory experience – of tremendous love and all things being in order, because this level right around your consciousness follows you around. It’s everywhere the consciousness goes. That level and layer is in perfect harmony, resonating with the I Am all the time. It’s yours. It’s your personal treasure chest, if you would, of energy.

There’s not a lot of it, because it doesn’t need much. It’s efficient. It’s pure. It’s absolutely in service to you. Always, always there.

It will not tolerate manipulation. It will not and cannot be applied to what you call power. Those games use other levels of energy. Fortunately, this level of your personal energy – it’s just yours; it’s related directly and only to your consciousness – can never be taken, used or even lent out to anybody else. Fortunately, it is beyond manipulation and games, and if you try to go there in some sort of altered state, you cannot access it. It is so pure. It’s not that it has a big wall around it; it’s simply that it’s so pure that you wouldn’t recognize it if you went there with manipulation, power seeking, or anything else. So it’s always there. Always there.

Energy Attributes

Energy is … and would you like to write now, dear Linda?

LINDA: Sure.

ADAMUS: I will put this back here for you. (he moves the easel)

LINDA: Yes, sir.

ADAMUS: Energy is – if you would write on … these are energy basics, but very important to understand as Bringers of Energy. As a matter of fact, you’re going to need to be able to articulate it just like I am. Simple clear terms, highly entertaining and … (Adamus chuckles) And none of your students going to sleep. It does get a little sleepy, actually, when we talk about energy and consciousness. When we talk about these pure levels, it gets very sleepy. Some of you online, already dozing off. Wake up. Wake up. It gets a little sleepy, because it goes beyond this strange thing that you call the mind. Mm. Interesting, interesting aspect.

1. Energy is Abundant

Energy is, number one, abundant. Energy is abundant – like my water is not. My dear Sandra, Cauldre would like a Pepsi, I would like a coffee. One of each, please. (laughter)

Energy is … what?! (laughter as Adamus gasps at Linda having left the stage to get his coffee)


ADAMUS: Energy is abundant. It’s a common misperception – it’s an absolute lie, as a matter of fact – that energy is limited. Cash, money, anything like that. Please step back, step away from all the noises of the blind world and take a look at what’s really happening. The stock market up and down. You know, the stock market’s going to crash in about three months.

LINDA: Oh shit! Oh!

ADAMUS: Ohhh step back! It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter, and it’s not necessarily going to. There’s a 50-50 chance. (Sandra brings his Pepsi)

LINDA: Thanks Sandra.

ADAMUS. Thank you. A fifty-fifty chance of it crashing.

LINDA: Thank you, Sandra.

ADAMUS: Every day, there’s a 50-50 chance. Step back. Get away from all of this. If you ever feel that things are limited, stop, take a deep breath, back away and feel into this simple “I Am. I exist.” It’s so easy to get sucked into all this.

There is a huge abundance of energy everywhere. Everywhere. There’s enough energy – neutral energy floating around in this room – to power, to fuel this United States of America for a dozen years or more and still have enough left over to fuel probably half of the rest of the universe. There’s so little really understood about physics. I sit in sometimes on these world meetings of scientists and physicists and the like as they’re talking about – so seriously – talking about science. They know squat about real science. Now, it’s not to say science is bad at all. Actually science is a wonderful thing, because it also takes out some of the makyo. But there’s so much more that can be learned.

Quantum science – I love that. They’re starting to understand that there is so much more going on than what science knows. Do you realize that, in the span of human history, that it has only been in the last second of time – one click of the clock – that humans have actually understood that the Earth is round. That’s how smart science is dumb. And at the time people, even some of you, were burned and tortured for even thinking that it was anything [but] flat. Everyone used to think that the Earth was like a big dish and that everything sat in this dish – oceans and land and animals and everything else – and suddenly, they learned it’s not. It’s a ball. Some of you were tortured for thinking that.

So imagine – imagine – if it’s only been a click of time since humanity has understood that the Earth is round, imagine what’s going to happen in the next ten years.

So energy is abundant. It’s everywhere. It’s all around. So as Bringers of New Energy into this planet – and users, Bringers and users of New Energy into this planet – always understand it’s abundant. If you ever think limitation – ever think limitation – stop, back up, feel into all the energy that’s available. Energy is everywhere. It doesn’t have to be in physical form. It does not have to take on mass. It does not have to be measurable to be real, and that’s part of the problem. Energy is measured now in terms of money or in terms of fuel, in terms of calories, in terms of all these measurement systems. But it’s so abundant and it’s always there, going in and out of reality, replenishing itself, it’s not measurable. So, number one, it’s abundant.

2. Energy is Literal

Number two, energy is literal. Energy is literal.

What I mean by that is it responds literally to the passion. It responds literally to the passion. It responds just a tiny little bit, tiny little bit, to the mind, to all the thoughts. You see, now something like worry and fear actually have more passion in them than thinking about paying off your bills or thinking about your plans and your goals. You realize how little passion is in plans and goals, but yet fear – hah! That has a certain passion. There’s an expression, there’s a sensual expression in that. Energy is literal. It doesn’t care about good or bad. It does not know.

Energy works with the passion literally, and it doesn’t matter if you are a terrorist trying to blow up half of Kansas City – sorry, Kansas City – if you’re a terrorist, energy does not care. It is just very literal. It responds to passion and to action. To action.

Now, it’s the action of the consciousness, the desire to be. So energy is literal, and it doesn’t care about good or bad, anything else.

So as Bringers of Energy, remember your passion. Linda would you put in parentheses underneath that “your passion.” When you get into that thinking about, and that manipulating, “How am I going to use my energy now?” stop right there. You’re putting yourself in a box.

The brain is a very strange aspect. The brain knows very little about energy. As a matter of act, I’ll go so far as to say the mind is actually intimidated by energy, because it does not create energy, it never has, and it’s very clumsy in dealing with energy.

So the mind is intimidated by energy. The mind will literally restrict the level of energy that’s coming into your reality, because it doesn’t understand it. It can’t trap it. It can’t own it, although it tries. Oh, and it tries and tries and tries.

So as the mind is rather intimidated by it, it will shut it down. The mind is part of the issue with the other eye not opening. “What happens if all this energy comes in?” and this is one of the dilemmas you will be faced with as Bringers of the New Energy. “Now what do I do? Now I open my other eye, at least partially. Now I’ve got all this energy coming at me, with me every moment, what do I do?” And I already can tell you – so save your cards, letters and emails and your nasty thoughts – you’re already going to come back to me and say, “Okay. So I agreed on this May 4th, 2013, I agreed to be a bringer of New Energy – in other words, bring it right into my reality – and you know what, Adamus? Now I’m not sleeping at night. Yeah. Waking up in the middle of the night, can’t go to sleep. I’ve got all this energy, Adamus, and I can’t go to sleep.” Don’t complain to me. You’ve got all this energy to work with.

The mind is … let me rephrase that. The reason you sleep is to get out of your mind, and if you’re not so much trapped in this mind, you’re not going to need to sleep. The body actually really doesn’t need sleep. No, because you can sit here, as Sart is doing, rejuvenating right now. Yeah. Can we get a camera shot of Sart? Watch him rejuvenate. (camera cuts to Sart and he waves) Now you’re hamming it up. (laughter) Before … Sart, before you were sitting there in your chair – zzzz-hnggggh – rejuvenating! (laughter) The body doesn’t need to sleep; the mind does.

So back to the point – energy is literal; it responds to your passion. So as a bringer of energy, what’s going to bring it in? The passion. The desire. Yeah.

Creates a little conflict – eh, big conflict – because there is a mistrust of your passion. Your past experience – love that past experience… crap – your past experience says, “But yes, when I expressed my passion, I was put down.” So? So? So? (Adamus chuckles) Yeah! Will you be put down again? It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter. Do you want to live in the world of the blind? Or do you want to live in the world of the aware? It’s that simple. If you want to live in the world of the blind, yes, then it would affect you. But in the world of the aware, it doesn’t matter, because the rest of those who are aware love their passion, love their expression.

Passion has been put down, suffocated through the mind, through hypnosis, through programming, and ultimately you – as a souled being, as an I Am Presence – you cannot continue to live in a passionless reality. Ultimately, you cannot. You cannot. It’s not going to kill your existence. You’re just going to have to blow up to get yourself out of there, and there’s no need for that.

But no, what happens is when you’re living in a relatively passionless reality, what does one do? They create drama. They create a lot of drama as kind of a very false type of passion. But that’s not passion. That’s not passion. That’s living in the world of the blind.

3. Energy is Altruistic

So, next on the list, energy is altruistic.

Energy wants to serve you. Energy wants to serve you, and it doesn’t have any agendas. It doesn’t care if you’re on the fast train to hell or you’re putting on wings to go to heaven. It really doesn’t. It does not care. There are no judgments in energy. It cannot have a judgment. It is altruistic. It is here to serve you without agenda, here to be at your feet. It can be used by anyone.

The amazing thing is, and perhaps part of the blessing in it, is very few have discovered it. They continue using very archaic energy systems. Even those who are trying to take over the world for God knows why, those who are trying to control the world, they’re doing it out of power play and manipulation. They would never even consider trying to take over the world, rule the world, run the world, have all the money in the world, they would never even consider it if they knew how easy it was to have all the energy that you want. It’s abundant, it’s literal and it’s here in service. Why would you then need to amass money or take over the world or anything like that? It’s absolutely literal. It’s here to serve you (Linda opens the soda and hands it to him), actually before you even have to say anything. (some chuckles) Thank you. Thank you.

So these are the basics of energy. Please remember these, because one day you will be in front of your students telling them the very same thing. Not necessarily going to be playing DVDs of a Crimson Circle class, it will probably be in your own words, in your own way.

There are so many misunderstandings about energy. Most people feel energy is doled out, or life, whatever you want to call it, is doled out from someplace else, something else. (Linda pours his soda into a cup) Thank you.

Those who don’t believe in an afterlife believe that energy basically comes from how smart or manipulative they are. Those who believe in some type of afterlife generally believe that energy is doled out from either a group of angels or God or Jesus Christ based on how good or bad you are. Totally unreal. Energy doesn’t care. It has no agenda. It doesn’t care if you’re going to try to blow up the universe. You see, because energy is simply responding to passion.

The core level energies that I just drew on the board, the core level energies really understand that your consciousness can never be taken, that level of your energy can never be taken, so there’s really no worry about any of that. So the universe could disintegrate tomorrow, energy and consciousness – true energy – doesn’t really care.

Who cares? What cares? The mind. The mind. Let’s call it human consciousness.

One day, hopefully in your lifetime, humans will begin to understand a consciousness, and I’m not talking about God shit here. I’m talking about … I wanted to … some of you are dozing off here. Yeah, God shit! (laughter) It is! Humans have manufactured this tall wooden statue and call it God, and they say “If you don’t believe, this God is going to do terrible things to you, and you’re going to spend an eternity in hell.” Well, you’re already in hell, so now it’s just – anything else is good from this point out. It’s a tall wood statue because you could burn it.

LINDA: Ahem!

ADAMUS: It’s not real. (someone says “Ooooh”)

LINDA: Ooooh! (some chuckles)

ADAMUS: It’s not real. I’ll go so far as to say – for those who are really analyzing this – I’ll go so far as to say God is a human creation. Period. God was created and continues to endure through the human mind. You don’t go into outer space somewhere and suddenly, traveling down the dimensional corridors, and suddenly – “Oh, God, there you are! Oh! I’ve been wondering where you were! Here you are off in dimension 4,521,000 …”

LINDA: No more Pepsi for you. (laughter)

ADAMUS: I think something else is in there. (more chuckles)

It’s going to be interesting in your lifetime to see the changes in the understanding and the connection to God. There was a time … in Atlantean times there was no understanding of God, but no real understanding of an expanded consciousness either.

In Atlantis there was a search for Source, Source energy, and the Atlanteans – you – tried to find it in trees, in woodpeckers and in stones and in the center of the Earth, and when that didn’t work, out in outer space. Then consciousness started expanding to the point where you came up to “Well, we haven’t found it anywhere else. Let’s make up a God,” and then religions got in there and really, really solidified it and put a lot of rules and abuse on it and so here we are. Hm. Ehh, hmm.

But it’s going to change. You know, what holds it in place is tremendous guilt. How do you handle guilt? If somebody says processing and counseling, I’m going to have to come over and spit on you. (some chuckles) You walk past it. You walk past it, but I’m digressing. I’m getting into one of our other Shouds.

So energy is these things. It’s abundant. It’s very literal. It responds to your passion, to your core. You know that day when you feel really excited about something and you’re not thinking about things, you just get out of bed and you’re – “I’m excited to be alive! I exist on this planet for all of its good and bad. It doesn’t matter. I – (deep breath) I exist!” That’s when the energy comes swirling in. It’s “Whoa!! They’re finally opening their eyes,” and the energy is here in absolute service at your pleasure, always serving. Good. So these are the basics, please remember them. Next page please.

Energy Distribution

Energy comes from … now, it’s not made in these places we’re going to talk about, but it’s distributed from these points, from these sources.

1. Earth

Energy comes from, number one, the Earth, this planet. It’s probably your most immediate connection with energy. It’s always flowing up from Earth, and the atmosphere. It’s always here. You use it every day for everything that you do. Earth-based energies. You could say there’s a reservoir of energy that’s here serving humans on this planet. It resonates at human vibrational level. In other words, it’s kind of slow. It’s – I would call – murky, but it’s still here. You’re used to working with it. It’s kind of animalistic. That’s not bad, but it’s just – it’s crude. But so is Earth. So … (one person laughs) Thank you. Gotta pay for laughs these days. (laughter as he takes money out of his pocket) Five, there you go! (Adamus chuckles) The famous five.

So energy comes from Earth. You’re connecting to it right now as you sit here, as you’re watching the Internet, as you’re doing your physical things. The problem is it is rather crude, and you’re always trying to get more Earth energy. So you’re trying to intensify that. Well, when you’re trying to get more Earth energy, it sometimes is hard on your body because of the crude nature. You’re trying to pull this into your physical body, and then you get over-sensitive and you get over-tired and you start feeling aches and pain. So you’re like – at some level within you’re thinking – “Enough of this energy stuff. I’ll just take that little bit every day, what I can handle, because it’s too overwhelming,” because you’re working at that level.

Now, it’s an important level, because it keeps a grounding force. If it wasn’t for Earth energy and its associated magnetics and electromagnetics and other earthly type of characteristics, if it wasn’t for that, this all wouldn’t be held into place. It would be difficult to stay in the human body. But it’s at a very elemental – no pun intended – very elemental level.

2. Cosmic

The next level of energy, I will just call it, for sake of simplicity, cosmic. Cosmic energy. This comes from the physical universe surrounding you. There are tremendous energies – some that are already known by science, but many that are not – that are part of the composition and the servicing of your physical reality. These are in an abundant supply, but very few ever tap into them. You talk about solar waves and certain types of gamma rays and other non-physical rays, but humans kind of watch them go by – “Zing! There goes a gamma ray, there goes some type of certain red ray” – because there’s really no connection yet with the physical reality.

There is a fear on part of the mind to use these, because the mind doesn’t understand them.

The interesting thing is the mind is never going to really use them. The mind isn’t going to use them. The body will. But in the awakening, we go beyond the mind as a primary tool of discernment and expression. It goes into the knowingness. I won’t go too far down that rabbit hole right now, but we go beyond the mind. So the mind doesn’t really have to understand how to use cosmic energies.

The knowingness. You know, the knowingness is when you just know something. You don’t have to think about it. It’s there right when it happens. You can be in the middle of a crisis, a car accident, some impending crisis, and while the brain is responding to those emergency conditions – there’s an impending accident, something, a car is just going to crash – there’s also the knowingness at the same time that’s going, “I already know I’m not going to die. I might get a little hurt, I might go to the hospital and, you know, break a leg, but I already know.” It’s interesting.

That knowingness is emerging, by the way, and it emerges with your consciousness. And while the mind is still worried about the details and “what if” and it’s bringing up the fear all in a matter of a fraction of second as this impending accident is going to happen, the knowingness is “I know I’m going to be okay.” It’s not about beliefs. It’s not because of your determination or because you’re thinking good thoughts. Thinking good thoughts doesn’t really mean much of anything. Actually, I really encourage a lot of you to start thinking bad thoughts. (some laughter) It’s true, because it’s not real to walk around in “La-la, I’m only going to think good thoughts.” The bad thoughts are still there. You’re just denying them. Yeah.

So what you call a bad thought, there’s really – and some of you are going to argue with me about it – there’s really not a bad thought. You say, “Well, isn’t it a bad thought to do this or that?” No, it’s a thought. It doesn’t mean you’re going to act on it. It doesn’t mean it’s going to pollute your system. It’s a thought. The chances are it’s actually probably not yours. You’re just picking it up out of mass consciousness. So stop trying to fight off bad thoughts. It is exhausting, because it uses up a lot of Earth energy.

So you have this cosmic energy that’s coming in. You don’t have to know actually where it’s from. You don’t have to know what color it is or how strong it is. It doesn’t really matter. All you have to do is be aware.

Take a good deep breath – you can close your eyes or keep them open if you want – but feel into a moment when I talk about Earth energy. What does that feel like?

Earth energy. Well, it’s probably very comfortable, familiar, non-threatening, but also a little clumsy – the rocks and stones and trees, rain, the planet itself.

Now feel – not think – but feel for a moment, cosmic energy.

It’s not material. It’s not condensed.

Cosmic energy. It’s everywhere. You don’t have to take the space shuttle to get in connection with it, because you’re already in the cosmos right here on this planet.

At first, cosmic energy seems a little bit like chaos, because your mind is trying to order it or to make sense out of it. But it’s not chaos at all.

Chaos – the definition of chaos – is what the mind doesn’t yet understand. There is no chaos anywhere. Anywhere. It’s only when you try to use current measurement systems. Your current math is interesting as an Earth practice, but current math is far short of really understanding true cosmic activities. And we won’t go down that trail right now, but feel into the cosmic energy. It’s different. Feels chaotic, but it’s actually fairly refined.

Now, the mind says, “Well, what do I do with it?” Shut up mind. (Adamus chuckles) Shut the … hell up, mind. (Linda clears her throat) You thought I was going to say it, didn’t you? Shut up mind! Really. Tell your mind to shut up, really, and mean it. Like you really mean it. Not “Would you please shut up.” (said meekly) No, “Shut the f- up mind.” (Linda gasps) I didn’t say it! But you all heard it. Isn’t that interesting?! (laughter)

LINDA: I don’t mind the word, I just don’t like it broadcast!

ADAMUS: You can go back and play the tapes and it wasn’t there, but every one of you heard it. Amazing.

So where were we? Eh, shut up! (some chuckles) No really, that’s what it takes. The mind is a strange aspect. And it’s time that you, dear souled being, started telling it exactly what to do. Please. You get so caught up in it. The mind’s not a bad thing. It’s just a strange thing.

Could you imagine before you came to Earth, you didn’t have a mind? There was no mind. Oh, what was that like? Pretty liberating. The mind helped to bring some depth, you could say, to the sensual experience of being on this planet. The mind has helped with that. But at a certain point, you outgrew the mind. You know, it’s like a certain point the horse and buggy has to go. No matter how many are saying that the automobile or its next iteration are evil. No. It’s time to go. Time to go beyond the mind. The mind is a nice thing, but shut up. (Adamus chuckles)

Try it at home. “Shut up! I’m living. I’m busy. Shut up. I’m enjoying life. Shut up! Gosh, you’re like a bad wife or husband. Shut up! I’m divorcing you. I’m out the door.” (some giggles and Adamus chuckles)

Okay, next on our list – cosmic energy – what next? The next level … by the way, you don’t have to know where it is, how much there is, what color it is or how powerful it is at all. It’s just there. It’s here to serve you. The only thing to know – it’s here to serve you, it’s abundant and, in the cosmic energy, it’s going to feel different using it.

You’re used to using Earth energies, and you try to amass more and more of them and use more and more. It just tires you out. Step over here. Feel into cosmic energy. It’s much cleaner, much more efficient. It’s going to feel a little awkward at first, like I’ve heard many of you say lately, the feeling, oh, you’re disconnected. Oh Christ, yes! Yes! You’re disconnecting from a lot of old ways, and now you’re playing with some new ways. So you’re going to feel disconnected. Yeah. Quit trying to go back. Stop trying to close that eye. Gawd, it took enough to get one open.

So cosmic energies, just feel it. You will start to become familiar with it, you’ll understand how playful it is, and it’s not some science fiction thing. It’s just there. The mind is not going to understand it, and that’s where you have to go to the knowingness. For those of you who are really into your mind, you’re not going to figure out knowingness.

You know what you do if you’re really in your mind? “Shut up!” (laughter) And then you just take that step. You don’t debate whether you’re going to take that step out of the mind. You don’t debate whether you’re feeling something or not. You don’t argue with yourself about whether you feel certain things or react to certain things or whether you can ever have sensitivity. You don’t debate it! You don’t think about it. “Shut up!” Then you move into experience. Feeling, knowingness. It’s that simple.

The funny thing is, the years that so many of you have wasted on debating with yourself about, “Well, I’m not psychic. Yes, I am. I want to be. I’m not psychic. And somebody else …” Shut up! (laughter) Pffff! No, it’s really that simple. I’m not kidding, it’s that simple. You just say, “No! No. I Am that I Am.” That’s it. And if you hear the voice saying, “Oh yeah, I hear you say I Am …” “Eh, shut up! I Am that I Am! You’re nothing! You’re a stupid brain!” (Adamus chuckles)

You have to be a little playful, because if you don’t, you get caught in that brain. You start, “Well, I can’t say that to myself, because isn’t that bad karma on me when I say ‘shut up’ to my mind? And isn’t that negative en- …” Shut up! (laughter) Stop!! Enough already. Just choose. “Hey, I’m going to be sensitive and feeling. Wow, amazing. It was always there. What was the big deal?” (Adamus chuckles)

LINDA: Shut up!

ADAMUS: Let’s do that together just once. On three. One, two, three …

EVERYONE: Shut up!!!

ADAMUS: You do that better than “I Am that I Am.” Now that’s sad! That’s really sad! (lots of laughter) Tobias! I’m going to get you for this! Why is it that you could do that with more passion than … you say “I Am that I Am” like you’ve got a stick up your backside. (laughter) But shut up was easy. Let’s do shut up again. That was fun. Let’s do shut up. One, two, three …

EVERYONE: Shut up!! (laughter)

ADAMUS: I am now going to go back in time to when I channeled the I Am Discourses and we’re going to just call it “Shut Up!” (laughter) No, we’ll make a little more sophisticated – “Shut Up and Live!” Okay, no more “I Am,” because that maybe was too deep? Shut up! (Adamus chuckles and laughter)

LINDA: You started something.

ADAMUS: It lightens things up, really, because the worst place to have an argument is in your own mind.

LINDA: Ooooh.

ADAMUS: I’m surprised you haven’t been saying “Shut up” a lot earlier. Oh, you’ve been taking medications and alcohol. Oh. (laughter) Shut up!

So we should put it on our schedule for next month to do a “Shut up!” competition. How much body language can you … how much energy can you bring in just by saying “Shut up” in a passionate way, heh? And we’ll judge to see how much of it was Earth, how much was cosmic or the next level of energy that’s available to you right now – crystalline! (audience says “Ooooh”)

3. Crystalline

Now please understand that these mechanisms here are strictly distribution mechanisms. The energy is not created, actually, in any one of these three levels. They are strictly distribution methods. So is it like do you get your milk delivered at your front door, do you go to the convenience store for it, or do you go down to the farm and milk the cow yourself? They’re just different distribution methods. Different ways of getting it.

Crystalline energies are very ordered. They’re very aligned. The cosmic sometimes feels kind of chaotic, even though it’s not; Earth, very sluggish. Crystalline will align itself with you, and crystalline has the … by the way, cosmic energies – I think we’re going to have to write a book – cosmic energies do not trump or rule Earth energies at all. Cosmic energies, Earth energies work independently, but cosmic cannot tell Earth what to do, for the most part. So it doesn’t rule over Earth energies nor Earth ruling over it, although Earth energies have an interesting way of almost sometimes suffocating cosmic, but it doesn’t rule over it.

Crystalline energies have the amazing ability to be in alignment. They tend to stay very pure. They don’t get caught up in all the ‘goings on’ and the agendas of cosmic and Earth, which tend to be more physical oriented. Crystalline is non-physical, very pure, but it can manifest, it can come down through cosmic and Earth in crystalline forms, and that’s why you have crystals that you wear, that are buried in Earth and are beautiful.

They are – you could say – it’s the crystalline energies, the pure crystalline energies making their way down, kind of almost like a reminder that at the more core level of things, they’re in alignment. They’re in order.

Crystalline energies are … there is no power in them. There is what you would call power or density in Earth and cosmic energies, but crystalline there’s no power. So, for the most part, you’re not going to feel them in your typical sensory receptors. You’re not going to feel them. You’re not going to feel a little buzz in your brain. You’re not going to feel it as an ache in your arm or anything like that, because there’s no power. There’s no aggression. They’re in their pure form. So most beings in the universe, most humans also, are totally unaware of them, go right by, because most beings are looking for an element of power or force, and there is none within the pure crystalline. You could argue and say that when they make their way down to Earth as crystals they have a certain amount of power, but think in its pure form.

These crystalline energies are extremely, extremely efficient. Not much is needed. There’s a lot of it out there, but not much is needed.

Crystalline energies came into being when the next form of energy I’ll talk about, when this next form of energy wanted, desired for expression, for manifestation, for playing. So the crystalline is aligned with this primary level of energy and the crystalline energies can control cosmic and Earth.

Now, there are those who would say later on that I probably shouldn’t be saying that because it’s, oh, I guess you could call it kind of a secret, because if anybody got their hands on this that it would be a way to really mess up an otherwise messed up universe. (a few chuckles) It’d be a way for, let’s call it, the bad guys to get a really potent weapon in their hand.

I’m not so worried about it, because for one to truly understand and to access crystalline energies, they have to be in a clear consciousness. And some of you are saying, “Well, how come I’ve never really felt crystalline energies?” Well, because that other eye wasn’t really open. But now, as it comes open, you’ll be aware of crystalline.

Just feel it for a moment. It has no force to it. In other words, you’re not going to feel pressure from it. It has no weight to it, and in its purest form, it has only – I’m having to use human terms again – has only a hint of color. And that’s not actually totally a true statement, but the best I can get with words. What you would say by color is a hint of its own character or direction.

There are a multitude of different types of crystalline energies and therefore each has a spectrum range, a color range, associated with the tasks that it loves doing, and they’re all available to you. You can almost see it like a big crystalline wheel with all these different facets and all these different edges on it, and they’re all available to you. And some of these crystalline energies are more adept at certain things that will serve you.

To really understand the crystalline energies, to be aware of them, you have to have awareness. So that’s why somebody with a really negative agenda, it would be hard for them to access these. But crystalline energies do trump Earth and cosmic. In other words, they can rule over. When they rule over, they don’t dominate, as in enslaving cosmic and Earth. What they do is, because of their efficiency, they can very rapidly align cosmic and Earth’s energies with it. The cosmic and Earth respond very quickly. They change their physics, their dynamics, everything about them, and they align into the crystalline.

When I talk about twenty-one crystal caves of the Earth, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Exactly. These are distributors … (Linda hands him a drink) Thank you. These are storage mechanisms and distributors of crystalline energies. They are not Earth and they are not cosmic, and many of you perhaps didn’t feel them, because you were looking for power or effect. You’re looking for some sort of response, particularly through the mind, and that’s probably why you didn’t get it. And you also look for association. Association. You like to associate something that you’re thinking or feeling with something that happened to you in the past. It will be very difficult right now to associate with crystalline energies, because contrary to what any of you say, especially some will come later – “I’ve been working with crystalline energies for 50 years.” No you haven’t, because … because you haven’t. You might have been working with crystals. That’s a different thing – crystals of Earth – but not true crystalline energies, because if you had been, this world would be a different place and you wouldn’t have to be telling me that you’ve been doing it for 50 years and trying to impress everybody.

LINDA: Ogh! (laughter)

ADAMUS: Gesundheit! You must have sneezed over there.

It’s true. You know, the Master – the Master doesn’t walk around telling everybody they’re ascended, at all. The Master doesn’t walk around saying, “I’ve been working with crystalline energies for 50 years.” You know why? It’s like the person with one eye open going back to the world of the blind trying to explain what it’s like. They’ll never get it. So they don’t try it. They don’t try to tell the blind to open their eyes. They have compassion for the world of the blind and the experience that they’re going through. And then when they sense that one or more in the world of the blind is trying to open their eyes, then they’re there. Then they’re there in compassion. But why try to explain the world of the aware to the world of the unaware? Really. Why? They’re only going to kill you. (some chuckles) That was a Jesus quote. (more chuckles)

LINDA: Ohhh!

ADAMUS: That’s one of his favorite quotes! It’s true! It’s one of his favorite quotes. He said right before he left, “Then they’re going to kill you.” The world of the blind wants everyone to be blind, and even if you come to them and say, “But I have vision. I saw,” they will say, “You are of the devil. We have to kill you, because you’re intruding on our world of the blind. And we’ve got a nice little world going. We’re all blind and we all have our little blind power spots that we deal with. So you come along and say ‘you have eyes?’ You are obviously Satan.” Boom.

Where were we? Crystalline energies. A beautiful thing! (laughter)

4. I Am – Core

Next. Oh, we’re running out of time. Next. Oh, the next level, the one I talked about before – core energy. I’m going to call it the I Am energies. The I Am energy, what I talked about before, it is immediately in the closest proximity to your consciousness. It is the level and layer that’s always there.

You could say, in a way, that it is what some have called the Great Central Sun, but the Great Central Sun isn’t a community thing. It’s not a group thing. It’s your central sun.

So what happens is the consciousness attracts this legion, beautiful legion of energies immediately around it. There’s nothing closer, you could say, between the consciousness, the I Am or what you would call the soul, and this level of energy. It’s right there. It’s right there.

It will then attract these other forms. It is the original energy that you created for yourself, but it is totally unlike crystalline, cosmic or Earth energies. And again, it doesn’t have any force or power to it. It has no limitations in its capabilities to manifest. It responds to the true, you could say, creativity of the I Am, of the soul.

It will align other energies. It – I’m trying to think of how to say this – it doesn’t do it for you. It calls in the other energies for you. It’s not, what you would say, would be an energy of construction. It doesn’t actually do the work. It’s the foreman. That’s a good way of putting it. It’s the foreman energy. It doesn’t actually do anything other than command other energies – crystalline, cosmic and Earth – and it’s very good at this. And again it is extremely efficient. It doesn’t need time. It doesn’t even consume it’s own energy.

This core energy – the I Am energy – is so brilliant it consumes no energy. It’s the rudimentary energy, the foreman of all the others.

The problem was, along the way, as humans getting into this strange aspect called the mind, you got out of connection with that, and it doesn’t care. It’s still there, and it doesn’t care if the human aspect is just playing with Earth energy. It doesn’t care. But when the human who starts opening the eyes, particularly two eyes, and starts to say, “I am aware. I am the I Am, using Earth energy to incarnate myself here, and now using cosmic energy to expand my abundance here, and now using crystalline energies to expand my awareness here and all other places,” it does so. You tap back into these core energies. But remember – this is very important to remember – the I Am energy is not a worker. It is an aligner. It is the general who’s going to command these other energies.

So don’t go to your I Am energy and say, as a human, “Well, here’s what I need. I need a thousand dollars to …” Whooo. No, no. Stop. Take a deep breath. It’s there to align, to command crystalline, cosmic and Earth. Make sense? A little bit, okay.

Now we’ll continue with this discussion until you’re sick and tired of it. (Adamus chuckles) The point is …

LINDA: What’s the signal that we’re sick and tired of it?

ADAMUS: “Shut up!” (laughter) I don’t care. I don’t care.

No, actually, I do care. If you tell me that – if you tell me that – I want it said with passion and meaning. I want it said with a song. “Shut upppp!” (singing) Like, you know, not just “Shut up” (said more whiny). If you’re going to say it to me, be ready for me to come back and say it to you, and then we’ll see where the passion is. Shut up! (Adamus chuckles)

Okay, so where are we? Let’s take a deep breath. We’ll shift gears. We have a few minutes left, and I want to do a feeling experience. Not a merabh, but it’s going to be an experience.

Working With the Energies

A couple of points. You’ve been used to using Earth energy. It’s very crude, it’s very old, it’s very slow. We’re going to go beyond that. You are the Bringers of Energy – cosmic and crystalline – and you’re going to learn to come back into resonance with your core I Am energies that respond to passion. Very simple.

Stop focusing on money or abundance or those other things. Start looking at how you’re going to bring in these energies.

How do you bring in energies? Passion! Passion. You bring in energies in passion. You do not force anything, and if you find yourself forcing or getting all caught up in your head, just stop. Terminate the experience. Start over some other time.

It’s the passion, and it starts with the passion of choosing life. By the way, a long time ago Tobias characterized all the areas of human strife fairly easily. He said that there are problems in relationships, duh; there are problems with abundance, double duh; problems in health, yeah; and problems in esteem or what he called self-worth, and these were kind of the four categories. And what happens is you tend to get into these and consuming a lot of energy worrying about them, but never doing anything. All of these can be brought into balance.

And then there is a fifth category, but it’s not about strife. It’s only about the extent you’re going to allow it out, and it’s joy. It’s joy. So that would be our new fifth category, but it’s actually not anything … you’re not trying to resolve or balance here. You’re just trying to see how expressive you could be with it.

You have all this energy available to you. You’ve been used to using only – mostly only – Earth energy. Now we’re going to bring in the rest. But that’s the dilemma for today. Sounds good. What the hell are you going to do with it? Wow. (Sart says “Shut up”; Adamus chuckles) That’s what I thought. I’m leaving now. Sart told me to shut up. I can hear Sart saying, “Don’t challenge us like this. I was doing okay, you know, just getting by, and I come here once a month to get a little, you know, whatever I get here. Shut up. Don’t put all this stress on us.” No. What do you want? What are you going to do with all this energy? (someone says “Create”) Create what? (someone says “Everything”) Everything. Good. That’s good. Anything? Oh, joyful exp… – it doesn’t matter.

I’m not going to give you the answer. This isn’t the Awakening Show. It’s up to you. But it will bring in some conflict or some … you’re going to get into your head, and you’re going to, in the next, oh, two days, five days, you’re going to be thinking a lot, “I don’t know what to do.” You’re going to exhaust yourself and you’re going to say, “I’ll come back to it later.” Later is going to be next month, but next month I’m going to put a microphone in your face, and I’m going to say, “What are you going to do with that energy?” You’re going to say, “Well, I don’t know.” And I’m going to say, “You can’t say ‘I don’t know’ here in this room, otherwise you have to go to the penalty box.” (laughter) That little … there’s a phone back … there’s a phone in the penalty box! (referring to a small phone booth in the back corner) How about that. (laughter) Call God. He’ll say, “I don’t care. Shut up! Listen to Adamus, I’m busy!” (more laughter)

The dilemma is going to be what do you do with this energy? You’ve been asking for it. You’ve been crying for it. What are you going to do with this energy? It is here. It’s available right now. I’ve got twenty-one caves filled with energy and hardly anybody tapping into them. This energy is abundant, it’s clean, it’s here to serve you. Nobody’s tapping into it. Yeah. Oh, they’re diddling with it. Diddling means they’re putting their toe in it and go, “Oh! I went to the crystal caves.” Shut up! (laughter)

It is the Awakening Show! Just a different version! Season two.

No, I can see what you would call the sincerity or the earnestness, and some of you … it’s actually an interesting dilemma. Some of you are so earnest, so sincere – “If I had that, if these energies would really come to me. Oh!” – but you’re not letting them. You’re “If I… if they… when they …” No. You’re really sincere. You really have a great heart and a nice smile, but you’re not letting the energies in. And others of you are wonderfully full of makyo – “Oh, I went out with the energies of the 19th crystal cave last night. We went on a date” – and it’s like, what?! Really, I had somebody tell me that. This is not Cauldre saying that, it’s me, Adamus. They told me that they went out on a date with the energies of the 19th crystal cave. Where would you take these energies! What would you do, go to a movie?! (laughter) You wouldn’t believe what I have to deal with.

We have a few minutes remaining. A few minutes remaining. We’ll have a little music. We’ll do a little experience, kind of like a merabh but kind of not. It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s the experience of feeling these different layers of energy – Earth cosmic, crystalline.

My friends, whether you like it, if you’re sitting in this room or you’re listening in online, you’re reading this, you are a Bringer of New Energy. Not for anybody else. Please, please, it’s just for you. You are a Bringer, and when others see that you can bring the milk home, they’re going to start bringing the milk home. When they see that you, David, can access energies – snap! – like that, command them – shwifft! – have them come around you like a well-trained army troop, they’re going to say, “How do you do that? I want some of that.” And you’re going to say, “Eh, you’re not ready.” (some laughter) And they’re probably not, because if they’re just drooling at the mouth for some energy, they’re probably not. But that’s okay. At least the journey has started. At least they’ve got something motivating them.

An Experience

So we’re going to play some music now, we just have a few minutes left, and I would like you to please feel Earth, cosmic, crystalline and core energies. Just feel them. You don’t even have to associate them right now. You don’t have to decide what you’re going to do. They are here.

If we could get the lights down.

(music begins; “Dream Ten” from the album “Dream: A Liquid Mind Experience”)

Play a little nice cosmic music.

You are the Bringers of Energy.

You did it partly because of an insatiable appetite for yourself. You let yourself go broke, break down in the body, whatever else. So it made you crave energy. “I need, I want that energy.”

In doing so, you opened yourself up – you can call it need or lack of fulfillment – it opened you up to listening to all of my discussions about energies and with it ten years with Tobias. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have. If you didn’t bring yourself down to your knees, you probably would have never been here. You would have been satisfied with just enough.

You brought yourself to this place of saying, “What is energy? How do I get just a little bit?”

My friends, what you’re really doing is you’re bringing in, you’re opening the gateways for energy to come to this Earth and to be used and to be applied creatively, lovingly and joyfully.

You’re the Bringers of Energy to this planet in a way that the planet hasn’t seen it.

You could say you’ve been out on the desert starving, thirsty, almost on the verge of destruction, termination. You’ve needed that energy, but it hasn’t been there; needed that drink of water or food. You’ve let yourself go dry. Why? So that you could have such a passion and such an understanding of energy.

Not like the energy needs back in the world of the blind, but energy needs, energy fulfillment in the world of the aware. Those needs are quite a bit different. Those desires are different than back in the old world, the asleep world.

When you started opening your eyes, started allowing your awareness, it started changing the energy dynamics. Yes, you still tried to go back to Earth energies, dense energies; it just didn’t fill you up. Wasn’t there.

You thought that you were doing something wrong. Not at all. You were just giving yourself such a desire to open up into these new energies – cosmic, crystalline, and finally back into the resonance of your I Am.

You allowed yourself to get energy depraved and deprived, so that you could come to the place, the time, of a true appreciation, of true understanding of energy. You come to a time when, sitting here today, you know you’ll never abuse it, not that you would even try. You know you’d never abuse it. You know that it’s for you. It’s yours. Not for you to feed the world – just for you. But you also know that as others start to open their eyes, they’ll see how you work with energy – your personal energy – and they’ll know that some day they can also.

You’re here as Bringers of Energy into life, into motion, into creativity, into expression, in levels that have always been there, but few if any humans have ever accessed.

I want you to hear this next part very carefully, my dear Masters, dear Bringers of Energy. I want you to hear this very carefully.

The few who came before you and became the Masters, the few who came before you never had to take into consideration the use of energy. But you do.

What’s different about you and the Masters of the past, whether it was Yeshua or Tobias or Buddha or any of the others; what’s different? They knew they weren’t staying on this planet. There was no consequence, no consideration about using energy. They had the knowingness, in this impending crash with their ascension, their awakening, they had the knowingness that they weren’t going to stay.

They didn’t stay for a couple of reasons. They wanted to be on the other side to work with you here. They didn’t stay because the energies were much more dense and because they didn’t have fellowship, camaraderie with other open-eyed beings. So they never studied energy. It wasn’t a consideration for them.

But here you are, becoming Embodied Masters, Masters in awakening, and energy will be a way of life for you.

Energy will be your primary tool for creating what you want, primary tool to use, whether it is simply putting the food on the table that you choose to eat, whether it is paying for the house you want to live in or the car that you want to drive.

Energy will be your primary tool for your interdimensional journeys, your, what you call, teletransportation, appearing wherever you want any time you want.

Energy will be the primary tool for your physical rejuvenation to keep that body ageless, healthy.

The Masters who came before you, they did not need to learn about energy – energy applied here on Earth – but my friends, dear Masters, we teach this now to each and every one of you, because energy will be your tool, guided by your consciousness and your awareness, brought forth to you in your own life, with the knowingness that when it’s done once, it could be repeated. In other words, if you do it, others who come next will be able to do it also.

As Bringers of Energy, you’re going to bring it into your life. You’re going to feel it in all of its different elements and states, sensations and responses. There’ll be times when it confounds you and frustrates you, but other times when it gives you total fulfillment, total ease.

You’ve been used to dealing with just Earth energies, very rudimentary, very harsh, very clumsy. You’re going to start bringing in cosmic, crystalline, come back into alignment with the I Am energies. There’ll be an ease and a grace in it. It’s going to bring some of you to tears thinking about those harsh, harsh lifetimes, dealing with just Earth.

This isn’t about what you think or believe. It’s not about even what you’re going to try to plan. It’s not even about just your dreams. This is about bringing in new levels, new resonances, new layers of energy.

I’m going to ask you not to fear what you think. What happens right now is you block yourself down, because you’re afraid if you think the wrong thing, it’s going to cause something to manifest in the wrong way. That’s going to be one of the challenges, you’re going to be afraid of your thoughts or your beliefs or any of that. You have used that to restrict energy.

In the true consciousness, the true I Am, it’s not about what you think anyway. It’s not about that brain. It’s not about those ugly memories that come back in. It’s not about violent thoughts. You’re going to go beyond that. Those are not yours.

You’re going to bring in energy and it’s going to be attracted to the pure state of the I Am consciousness.

You’re going to find how playful it is, how creative it is, how fulfilling it is. Things like drama, things like struggle, efforting, tension, straining, tiredness, all these become a thing of the past. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen very quickly.

And in doing so, you’re going to enter into a new world, a new reality for yourself. You’re still going to be in the world of the asleep and of the blind so it will be awkward at times. It will be uncomfortable because you’re going to be working on different levels. You’ll feel that you’re no longer in the world or necessarily of it, but that too will come back into balance. You’ll assimilate, you’ll adapt this new “I Am” Self in the old “I Was” world.

The Masters of the past, they only had to release their bodies and leave. That was the big challenge for them – letting go of that physical body. You, my friends, for you it’s about what are you going to do with this energy. You’ve been asking for it. My, how you’ve been asking for it. What are you going to do with it? How are you going to let it serve you?

As I said, and we’ll discuss it in our upcoming sessions, it even goes beyond your dreams or your imaginations, definitely goes beyond the mind.

Let’s take a deep breath on this day – this milestone day.

And, by the way, I’ll point this out once again, make this offer once again. If you’re not interested in being a Bringer of Energy, for you into your life and your life only, if you’re not interested, if you’re just tagging along to see what the others do, it’d be best you leave now. (a) We don’t want you; (b) it’s going to hurt too much; and (c) you don’t belong here. If you’re here out of just fascination, you want to be a spectator, it’s not the place for you to be. It’s not a judgment. It’s just reality.

For those of you who stay, we will access these energies – crystalline, cosmic, Earth, get back into the core.

Let’s take a deep breath.

It’s a milestone, a marker. As Tobias called it, a Point of Separation. One step further now from the world of the blind and the asleep. One step now – a little out of the center zone – of that Middle Land of awakening.

And it was comfortable to stay in that Middle Land. It’s like you open one eye but not the other. You got to the Middle Land of awakening, it was comfortable. A little awkward, but comfortable.

Now, in this next step as Bringers of Energy, you’re going to go out of the middle zone. You’re going to find that one eye twitching, that eye that’s still closed is going to start twitching, and you’re going to wonder if it’s time to open it or not. Part of you will resist, part of you will want to open it.

When that twitching starts and you wonder what’s going to happen next and that aspect of the mind pops in with all of its fears and its questions, just remember – take a deep breath and remember, as you exit out of awakening Middle Land – no matter what, all is well in all of creation.

Oh shut up! (laughter) Thank you my dear Shaumbra. Thank you. Thank you. (audience applause)


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