The Freedom Series

SHOUD 7: “It Comes to You” – Featuring ADAMUS, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
April 6, 2013

I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain. (only some applause) Hm. Thank you. Let’s try that again. (laughter)

I Am that I Am (some audience members say it with him), Adamus of Sovereign Domain. (audience cheering and some applause) Thank you. Thank you. But I’m still not quite … (laughter) No, no, no. It’s my opening, not yours. It’s a little lame for a grand Ascended Master to have to do his own introduction. (audience responds “Awwww”) Awwww. Awwww. Sitting up there by myself with not even Linda of Eesa. Sitting up there and having to “I Am that I Am, Adamus.”

I follow the way of humans. (Adamus chuckles) Oh yes. I follow the way of humans, and I hear sometimes when celebrities are introduced, as perhaps a grand Ascended Master should be, it’s something more like this (speaking like an announcer): “And now from high atop the Ascended Masters Club on Angel’s Peak, it’s the grand Ascended Master Adamus Saint-Germain!” (much audience approval and applause) To have somebody do that for me, to have the voice – the voice of Shaumbra or something like: “From deep within the illuminated crystal caves far below the top of the Earth, it’s your host Adamus Saint-Germainnnn!” (some audience approval) Something like that. And then I could come on and say, “I Am that I Am, obviously,” after an announcement like that.


Announcer Auditions

So perhaps we should … perhaps we should audition (some laughter) for the announcer role, for the announcer role. So Linda, microphone handy? Yes. Announcer role.

Let’s start with, hm, Marc Ritter. (laughter) Come on up to the front Marc. And now I’ll – this is like a talk show, a game show – so I’ll be on side stage. I’ll come up to the side stage, and now the countdown. You’ve just got the signal from John Kuderka, I’m off stage waiting.

MARC: You should go behind the curtain. (laughter)

ADAMUS: (lots of laughter as Adamus looks for a way to get behind the curtain) You got it. You got it. I’m just … okay. There’s boxes back … there’s a piano back here! (laughter) I’ll just pretend. Okay. On side stage, and you get the countdown from John. (John signals to start)

MARC: And now, as every month, our beloved host …

ADAMUS: Like nothing special about this month? (laughter) But go ahead. Don’t let me interrupt this audition. I’ll just sit here and drink my coffee.

MARC: I’m at a loss for words. I don’t know what to say.

ADAMUS: “And now from high atop Angel’s Peak from the Ascended Masters Club, it’s your host Adamus Saint-Germain!” You can’t do that?

MARC: No. (laughter) You can though, right? (more laughter)

ADAMUS: Try anything. Just give it a shot.

MARC: Um … and now from the very, very highest tops of the Angel Peak …

ADAMUS: (cutting him off) Thank you. We’ll consider your resume. (laughter) Thank you! Don’t call us, we’ll call you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (some applause)

Linda, perhaps this time you should pick the volunteer. Somebody that’s going to bring this show to an open. This is the Awakening Show.

LINDA: Mofo!

ADAMUS: It’s the Awakening Show! (Marty swaggers up to the stage; lots of cheering and laughter)

MARTY: (in a dramatic and silly announcer’s voice) You know him from in your dreams. He fucks up your daily schemes. And now the one, the only, the inflammable, unstoppable, unflappable Adamus Saint-Germain! (much audience approval and applause as Adamus “arrives” on stage)

ADAMUS: Good. Getting there. Thank you! Thank you. Another audition, Linda.


ADAMUS: This is an important job.

LINDA: Sorry. I’ll do my best. Let’s see.

ADAMUS: A little excitement. How many spiritual workshops or events do you go to?

ALAIN: Oh no!

ADAMUS: So boring. Ohhhh yes! Yes. And you can do this in French. Yes. (Adamus chuckles)

ALAIN: Et maintenant, du plus profond des cavernes de cristaux, le grand maître Adamus Saint-Germain. (Translation: And now from the depth of the crystal caves, the grand master Adamus Saint-Germain.) (audience approval and applause)

ADAMUS: Merci! Merci! Not so bad. One more, Larry. Larry. You’ve got a good voice, Larry. Excellent voice. You just need to use it. Oh, you were saying, “Please, pick me Adamus.”

LARRY: I was!

ADAMUS: Please pick me. I know you were.

LARRY: Damn right I was.

ADAMUS: So, now your turn.

LARRY: All right everybody clap your hands together! Let’s rock the house! (audience claps and goes “Woo!”) We’ve got the one and only, from the depths of hell all the way to heaven, Adamus Saint-Germain!!! (much audience applause and approval; Adamus chuckles and Larry start to leave the stage)

ADAMUS: Ohh Larryyyy!

LARRY: Oh. (he comes back to the stage) Yes?

ADAMUS: Didn’t we have a talk a few months …

LARRY: No, it’s next month. Next month. Next month.

ADAMUS: But didn’t we have a talk a few months back about an abundance issue?

LARRY: You told me six months and that’s May.

ADAMUS: I know. I’m checking progress. How are you doing, Lar?

LARRY: Uhh crap. (they both laugh)

ADAMUS: Why Larry? (Adamus sighs)

LARRY: I don’t know.

ADAMUS: “I don’t know.” Really. Didn’t I say in the last gathering …

LARRY: I had to be a millionaire! No!

ADAMUS: … that I never want to hear those words again “I don’t know.”

LARRY: Oh, you’re right.

ADAMUS: Didn’t I? Didn’t I, Larry?

LARRY: Yeah.

ADAMUS: And what’s the first thing out of your mouth?


ADAMUS: “I don’t know.” Why Larry? Eh – don’t say those words. Why Larry? Eh-eh. Ehh! Why?

LARRY: (mumbles and shrugs)

ADAMUS: Yes, you do. Yes, you do. Why Larry? Here you’re a good looking, strong intelligent man with a good voice and a good sense of humor, but a lack of self worth.

LARRY: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: Why? (someone can be heard saying “I don’t know”; Larry mumbles something) Ahh! (Adamus chuckles)

LARRY: He said it. I didn’t say it! I didn’t say … ehhh.

ADAMUS: Perhaps it’s because those are very famous words within yourself – “I don’t know.”

LARRY: They are.

ADAMUS: “I don’t know.” Larry, did I ever tell you about my story in the crystal? (laughter)

LARRY: Really.

ADAMUS: One hundred thousand years …

LARRY: Please tell me.

ADAMUS: … of saying …

LARRY: What happened?!

ADAMUS: … I don’t know. Until finally one day I said (someone says “I do know!”) “I do know. I do know.”

LARRY: Yeah, you do.

ADAMUS: “I got myself in here, I can get myself out.” That easy. So you do know.

LARRY: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: You do know. Wait till next month. Bye Larry! Interview next month. Thank you Linda. (audience applause) “I don’t know.”

I thought last month we did – no moral support, there – I thought last month we did a merabh of knowingness. We played some nice new age-y kind of music. You sat in your chairs and went into your knowingness, and I said at that time, Larry, no more saying “I don’t know,” because the universe is kind of literal. Kind of literal. You’re kind of literal, and when you say “I don’t know,” it’s exactly what you get – “I don’t know.”

How about saying, Larry, “I’m awaiting for the answer to arrive and it’s right around the corner.” How about, “I already know. I just haven’t brought it up yet.” How about getting in that good voice that you just demonstrated up here – that ability to stand in public and entertain, enlighten, amuse – and do that with yourself! Don’t just do it for everybody sitting out here. Look in the mirror, like your video showed. Look right in the … did you notice who that looked like? (some laughter; referring to the video played just before the channel)


All About Enlightenment

Oh, dear Shaumbra, dear Shaumbra, I’m still, still looking for the five. For the five. You know what I’m talking about, don’t say “I don’t know.” For the five – or 50 or 50,000, doesn’t matter – the five who are going to take that step into enlightenment. Who are going to say, “I do know. I always have. I was just playing a little fun game. I am enlightened,” and really mean it. Not just something from the mind, but who can say it from the heart, “I am enlightened.”

So far we’re a little bit a ways away from those five, or from even one, but we’re getting close. We’re getting close.

I’ve been accused of using some unorthodox teaching methods, if you would even call … (chuckling) You wouldn’t call them teaching. (to Norma) Okay! (laughter) There’s a little bit of teaching in there. Why? Why? Why? Why?

GARRET: That’s what I’ve been wondering! (laughter)

ADAMUS: And I’ve been wondering where your enlightenment is! You’re sitting on it! (more laughter) A little different than last month, eh. (someone says “Eh”) Eh.

Because, dear Shaumbra, dear Shaumbra, we have to push. We have to distract. We have to laugh once in a while. We don’t need to get so serious about things, so dreary at times.

I picked this group of Shaumbra – I told you, I chose to come here to work with you – because you truly are pioneers. You truly are pirates. (audience says “Aargh!”; Adamus chuckles) And, and I know you are choosing enlightenment, but kind of a little tiny bit stuck in the process. So, yes, there are a few unconventional methods that we use.

So today’s unconventional method – let’s do today’s Shoud like a talk show. (audience doesn’t give much response) Game show with prizes? (audience says “Yeah!”) Let’s do it like a game show-slash-talk show with prizes. Last month was wonderful, but nah. Nah. I didn’t notice a big shift in enlightenment, so we’ll do it a little different. So let’s do it like a game show.

Now, I’m familiar with your talk shows/game shows that started here in the U.S. and now are found all over the world. The format’s fairly typical, and there’s a reason for it. The format is pretty much come out with a monologue, which I’ll do in just a moment, followed by a little comedy routine, which you’ll do in just a moment (Adamus chuckles), followed by, oh, in this case, there’s usually a guest, but today and henceforth when we do these variations of what’s really the Adamus Theatre today, instead of the guest today, we’re going to do Memorable Moments with the Master. My little sermon. I’ll grab my pulpit and we’ll have a little talk. And usually on the talk shows there is a musical guest. Today, we’ll have a musical merabh. (audience approves) Ah. See, you love merabhs. You love … but you don’t love me so much as the merabhs. (Adamus chuckles; someone says “We love you”) Thank you. Thank you.

So let’s do this as a talk show, and let’s start all over. I believe, well, you decide who is going to be today’s announcer. We have Larry. We have Marty. Who else? Oh, we have Alain. And who else? And Marc. So all that want Marc to do the announcing, cheer, clap or whatever. (some cheers and claps) Yes, yes, yes. Okay, good. And Alain – the French announcer. (some applause and a few woos) Yes, and Marty. (much audience approval and applause) And Larry. (some applause) Marty, Marty, come on up. All right. Let’s start today’s show. Let’s start today’s show.

Now, please bear in mind, and I’ll tell you right from the start – before you announce, before we start the show – part of this is distraction, because if you can sit here for the next 100 minutes and laugh and enjoy and wondering what the hell we’re doing, I’m doing, that’s good, because you get out of your mind. Partly, it’s because there is profound information … somewhere. (laughter) We’ll try to find it. (Adamus chuckles) Partly, and I mean this very seriously with a smile on my face, but partly for those who are just tuning in who haven’t been here before, drive them away. (some chuckles)

Go somewhere else. Go to some nice new age sleepy website, om and chant or whatever you do or talk about your problem childhood. This is not the place for it! This Crimson Circle is a place for those who are choosing embodied enlightenment in this lifetime. Period. (audience responds “Yeah!” and “Woo!” and some applause) I do not know a single Master that om-ed their way into enlightenment. Absolutely not. Absolutely not. I do not know a single enlightened Master who did it out of some type of servitude or obedience or suffering. I do not. I do not.

So those who like to come around once in a while, those who tune in new, they hear there’s something new age going on; I would really like them to go someplace else, because I want to maintain the purity, the conviction and the focus of this energy. It’s all about enlightenment. I’ll talk to you about enlightenment from here, from here, from here, and yes, Linda, from all over. I’ll talk until it finally, finally starts settling into you.

So let’s start today’s show.


The Awakening Show

MARTY: (in a grand announcer voice) Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready? He’s been in a crystal for a zillion or so years. Fresh out! He’ll pick you up when you’re feeling down. He’ll stomp you down when you’re feeling up! Adamus Saint-Germain!! (audience applause and approval)

ADAMUS: Ahh! Ohhh! It feels so good to be here with you today! Ohhh yes! You go sit down (to Marty). It’s my stage. Thank youuuu Martyyyy! (chuckling; audience applause)

What’s in store for us today? We’re going to find out in just a minute, but first we’re going to take this short interruption to talk to Edith. (some chuckles)

Edith, you break my heart.

EDITH: Good.

ADAMUS: Good, she says. Good! (laughter) Edith! Now we’re going to get a little confrontational, Edith. Eeedithhhh, how’s your new car?

EDITH: Waaaah!

ADAMUS: (chuckling) How’s that new car, Edith?

EDITH: It’s arriving.

ADAMUS: It’s arriving. Hang on a second. I’m going to see if it’s out in the parking lot. Not! Not there, Edith. Edith …

EDITH: I know it’s not.

ADAMUS: Edith, what’s wrong … let me start with this. What does a car symbolize?

EDITH: Any kind of lack of abundance symbolizes that you don’t love yourself.

ADAMUS: Yes, and a car kind of symbolizes your journey. Your journey. Now, what did you say about your current car, which your car heard, by the way, and is highly offended? What did you say about your car? Your car is kind of a representation of you, your physical body, your journey through life, how you travel through life. What kind of car do you have, Edith?

EDITH: Cadillac.

ADAMUS: Cadillac. How old, Edith?

EDITH: It’s old. Fifteen years.

ADAMUS: Fifteen years. What’s wrong with it?

EDITH: It has a serious leak.

ADAMUS: As I said, a car is symbolic of you.

EDITH: No doubt.

ADAMUS: No doubt. You, maybe an energy leak somewhere. You don’t mean to, but it’s leaking, Edith. And then you post – oh! I was so offended when I read it – you post on Facebook that your car is tired and worn out and you don’t like it anymore.

EDITH: I didn’t say I didn’t like it!

ADAMUS: The feeling was there. (laughter) Your car thinks you don’t like it. Your car …

EDITH: No, I didn’t say that to my car either. I love my car, but I don’t like ...


EDITH: … $8,000 worth to get it repaired, because it isn’t worth $8,000. So I have to … I asked …

ADAMUS: Would you spend $8,000 on your dog or your cat or your child? (a couple of people in the audience say “No”; laughter) You see what I deal with?! Edith, why … why Edith, why, oh why do I say that you broke my heart?

EDITH: I have no idea.

ADAMUS: No idea. That’s kind of like saying “I don’t know.” (some chuckles) Let’s just put an asterisk by that and down below the asterisk says “dumbass answer!” Doesn’t go! Not just for you, Edith, for anybody.

Edith, what went wrong in this journey to manifest a new car or get your nice Cadillac currently totally repaired, gleaming, shining, almost like new? What went wrong Edith?

EDITH: The darn lack of abundance.

ADAMUS: No Edith. No Edith.

EDITH: Well, what the heck was it?

ADAMUS: It’s going to be one of those classic video clips – “No Edith! No Edith! (laughter) It doesn’t work, Edith! Edith, no!”

Edith, how did you approach … Problem – need a new car. It happens. Solution – what did you do, Edith?

EDITH: Well, at first I sat down in front of the mirror and told myself how much I love myself.

ADAMUS: Right. Good. Good step. Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

EDITH: But when I came home from the garage, I sat down and cried a little.


EDITH: And then I did ask all the Shaumbra if they … 

ADAMUS: Now let’s stop right here. Facebook … (Edith sighs) You knew this was going to happen. Facebook – oh, I know who’s been naughty or nice. (laughter) Facebook. Go to Shaumbra and what did you ask Shaumbra to do?

EDITH: Please do some deep conscious breathing with me for a newer car.

ADAMUS: Almost, Edith. You said please breathe for my new car.

EDTH: Yes.

ADAMUS: Like, “I’m not going to do it. You do it.”

EDITH: No, I’m doing it too. I want them to breathe with me. I asked them to breathe me and particularly …

ADAMUS: Why? Why?

EDITH: … if they were …


EDITH: … comfortable with those beliefs.

ADAMUS: Is … Michelle, could you open the drape there for a moment?

EDITH: Oh god.

ADAMUS: Just roll that up. It doesn’t matter. Cameras will blow out, but that’s okay. I don’t see a new car out there, Edith. You asked … you … (people notice the new equipment trailer through the window; laughter) See? Daddy got a new trailer, Edith got crap! (more laughter) You can pull it down (to Michelle). No new car, Edith. No new car. You could have a new car sitting out there. (someone says “Champagne color”) Champagne color.

EDITH: No, I don’t like champagne color. 

ADAMUS: It’s up to you. She likes violet. You could have a new car, but you made one strategic error, and I want all of you to remember this. In spite of all the lectures, conversations, discussions, humor and disgust that we’ve had over the years – disgust – in spite of that; in spite of knowing that you can just breathe it the Edith way, make it happen; in spite of me amassing and collecting phenomenal jewels for about the last ten thousand years and placing them in caves all around the world and saying, “Now you have access to those energies”; in spite of all that, you asked everybody to breathe your frickin’ car for you Edith, and that’s why it’s not there. You asked them. That was where you went wrong, because you can do it by yourself, my dear.

EDITH: I know it. I’m a sovereign being. But I just thought I could … I just thought I could use some …

ADAMUS: Say that again!

EDITH: I said I know it, because I’m a sovereign being. I knew it when I asked, but I just wanted a little help. What the heck’s wrong with that?

ADAMUS: Why? Everything. Everything is wrong with that, because (Edith growls in frustration) … everything is wrong with that. I’m picking on you in this show.

EDITH: Yes, you are.

ADAMUS: Everything is wrong with that, because …

EDITH; You’re going to make me cry.

ADAMUS: Good! Get it out!

EDITH: And then you’re going to feel guilty.

ADAMUS: Oh, get it out! Yes. Get mad at me too! I’ve got a list of people who are mad at me. (lots of laughter as Adamus hides behind the easel for a moment) And I don’t care! I only care about the five or 50 or 5,000 that are going to be enlightened in this lifetime, and I want one of them to be you.

EDITH: I want to be too and I thank you.

ADAMUS: So I’m giving you a hard time right now.

EDITH: And I do know … I don’t know what’s wrong. I feel sad that I’m not manifesting my abundance either.

ADAMUS: But, but …

EDITH: It breaks my heart.

ADAMUS: Yes, okay.

EDITH: I mean, I am sad.

ADAMUS: Okay, a hint to all of you. Edith is just representing you. Edith needs a new car. Good. Edith can have any car she wants. Good. Edith should have that new car and that new car is sitting right close by ready to come in. But the moment that you say to everybody else here or on the Internet or Facebook, any of those, “Would you breathe with me?” No! It is your creation. Now you’ve tied up all of their energies and, as well, any of their abundance issues, any of their leaky issues, any of their other stuff. You’ve said, “Hey!” This is what you really said on Facebook. You … am I doing okay here? Am I annoying anybody, do you think? (audience agrees and some laughter) I don’t think so. I thought I heard a few thoughts saying, “What happened to the St. Germain from last month? (more laughter) What the hell is happening here?!” We’re becoming enlightened.

So what you did, what you really – energetically, not in your words, but energetically – you put out a big sign “I’m broke. My car is broke. I don’t have any abundance. I can’t do it on my own. Can anybody else help?” And sure, what happened is you attract … you (looking into the camera), the ones who came … let’s go up here. (looking into another camera with Edith)

EDITH: Oh no.

ADAMUS: You, the ones that came in to help Edith are the same ones who have the same damn problem with abundance, lack and not understanding your own sovereignty. That’s why you don’t have a new car and that’s why you don’t have a new car. Exactly. That is why.

EDITH: Sorry guys. (Adamus chuckles)

ADAMUS: Edith, you’re leaking. That’s going to be another classic phrase. “Edith, you’re leaking.” Don’t leak anymore. You’ve got it within you, if you would just allow it to be. It is – Edith, all of you – it is so easy, you’re going to cry when you get it. It is right there. You know it, even if you deny it. It is right there. There is nothing, my dear, nothing between you and abundance, other than allowing. That’s it. Other than allowing. There’s no God in heaven that’s keeping it from you. There are no spirit guides or any of that old makyo that are keeping it from you. It’s one thing. It’s Edith saying, “Damn it!” Even, “Fuck it! I want that car.” You can say that. Say it. Go ahead.

EDITH: No, I don’t want to say that.

ADAMUS: You don’t have to.

EDITH: I am offended by that word.

ADAMUS: Really?

EDITH: I don’t like. Yes.

ADAMUS: You know why I like it?

EDITH: No I don’t know why you like it …

ADAMUS: It breaks through barriers …

EDITH: … and I don’t care why you like it! (laughter)

ADAMUS: It breaks through barriers. (Adamus chuckles) It breaks through barriers. There are so many barriers that humans have …

LINDA: For 200 bucks I’ll say it! (lots of laughter; Adamus digs out some money and holds up a dollar)

ADAMUS: Linda would say it for a dollar. (more laughter as she refuses)

LINDA: I’m not cheap, baby!

ADAMUS: Edith, Edith, Edith. Bring it up from within you. We’re going to do a little experience today, and it’s for you. For you, not tied into anyone else. It is yours, and perhaps you’ll realize how easy it is. And break through the barrier sometimes. Say the bad word if you have to, just to break through your own barriers, because there are a lot. Not only are there barriers, but there’s leaks. There’s leaks about self-worth. There’s leaks about how worthy you are with yourself. 

Leaking means letting energy out, giving it to other people all the time instead of giving it to yourself first. Then you won’t leak; you’ll radiate out to everyone. Your radiance will illuminate the goodness in their life for them to see. So let’s not do anymore “breathe with me for a new car, breathe with me for my health,” any of that. No more sympathy, no more solicitation. You have it within you right now.

I was disappointed, but we’re still friends?

EDITH: We’re still friends.

ADAMUS: Lovers?


ADAMUS: No! I didn’t mean like that. I meant like, you know, close, like friends.

EDITH: Yes. Yes. Right. 

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Good friends. Really good friends.

EDITH: Vibrant friends.

ADAMUS: Good friends.


ADAMUS: Now, Edith, I am going to be – I’ll put it politely – on your case and everybody else’s, on your case, because it’s there right now. It really is. It’s only those barriers and all the junk, but I don’t even want to address what the junk is. Get over it. All of you, get over it. Really. Get over it and let’s get on with it. 

Thank you. Now, now that – ahem – I’ve done my opening monologue. (laughter) Yeah, powerful stuff. I love this game show stuff. It is time for the Awakening Show! (a few in audience  says “Woo”) Would you write that on the board (to Linda), the Awakening Show, like … we don’t have neon lights here, so, the Awakening Show.


Awakening Is Not Polite

Awakening is not polite, so you shouldn’t be either. That’s the subtitle for the show. Did you know that? Awakening is not polite, but yet you try to be. You try to be so polite about it. So nice. “I’m going to be nice in my awakening.” Fuck that, Edith. (laughter) Does not work! Does not work.

Awakening is rude! It is rude. It is rude. Awakening. Awakening is a demon, a dragon that you created and said, “Crush me.” Hm, yeah. And it is. Awakening is very, very rude. It lacks any social skills. It lacks any sense of compassion, other than perhaps at the deepest core. It lacks niceties. It has no sophistication or elegance, as some of us do. It lacks humor, other than when it feels itself grinding you to an absolute pulp. (a few exclamations; he laughs) Welcome to the Awakening Show! Brought to you by … (Adamus chuckles)

So my point is why do you treat your own awakening so politely? You’ve given it license. Truly, you have. You’ve given this awakening license to come and rip you apart limb by limb, thought by thought, belief by belief. You gave your awakening – you gave it the right to bring me in. Awakening is not polite, is it? (Adamus chuckles) Awakening is not polite, so … yeah, or nice. So sorry. I offend a few, but you’re going to hug me and kiss me in your awakening, and when you drive up with that new … how about nice Citroen or some nice, you know … why a Cadillac? Yeah?

EDITH: Because I like it.

ADAMUS: They’re nice.

EDITH: I like it.

ADAMUS: They’re nice. Yes. Okay. Whatever you choose, but you, not all of Shaumbra.


ADAMUS: Awakening …

EDITH: I didn’t think. I apologize.

ADAMUS: You don’t have to apologize to me. Apologize to yourself. Go in the bathroom right now, look in the mirror and apologize to yourself. (some chuckles) Seriously.

EDITH: I’ve already been talking to myself.

ADAMUS: Edith, Edith. See, the worse thing is to beat up on yourself. The best thing is to smile and laugh and say, “Ah, why do we make awakening so hard? Why do we have to draw in everybody around the world to bring in a stupid car? I can just take a half a breath – boom! – it’s there. It’s that easy. I can do it on my own.”

EDITH: I’m tired of not bringing in my abundance. That’s the most frustrating thing.

ADAMUS: We’re going to work on that today. She’s saying she’s tired of not bringing in her abundance. Yeah. So Edith, you really stand out representing so many across the world right now who are having the same issue. Thank you for letting me not be so polite to you.

Awakening is not polite, and neither should you be about your awakening. It’s time to roll with it. It’s time to open to it, but stop being so damn polite and trying to be nice with your awakening, because it’s going to rip you apart anyway.


Awakening Game Show

So now let’s do the next part of our Awakening Show with Adamus Saint-Germain. We’re going to have a little game show participation. We will need two more stools up at the front here so we have a total of four lined up. We will need four participants in this portion of the show. Isn’t this a different way of doing spiritual? (audience agrees) We could play some nice music and hum a little bit.

Four participants, Linda. We have a series of questions.

LINDA: Am I making picks, choices?


LINDA: Okay. 

ADAMUS: Line them up.

LINDA: Here, you go.

ADAMUS: The Awakening Show, brought to you by …

LINDA: Pete.

ADAMUS: We need a sponsor. We need a sponsor. Who would be an appropriate sponsor for it? (someone is chuckling in audience, while Linda chooses the participants)

LINDA: Are you okay with that?

ADAMUS: Yes, a chocolate company. Good. Now we have our four participants. Would you please briefly introduce yourself. Tell us your name, where you’re from and why you’re not awakened yet. (laughter)

PETE: Pete Gibbons from Loveland, Colorado.

ADAMUS: Good. Good to see you, Pete. (mimicking a TV host)

PETE: Yep. (some chuckles)

ADAMUS: I’ve been watching your TV shows.

PETE: Yeah. And why I’m not awakened, because I really don’t believe that I’m worth it.

ADAMUS: Ah! Good answer from Pete, and you’re the studio audience today. (audience applauds) Next.

JULIE: Julie Mack from Longmont, Colorado.

ADAMUS: Good. Good to see you here, Julie. What do you do for a living?

JULIE: I play with psychology.

ADAMUS: Oh good.


ADAMUS: Excellent. How many … (she’s giggling and someone says “Good promotion”) Yeah, what’s your website address? Let’s get this over with. Yes, and how many …

JULIE: And animal communication, as well.

ADAMUS: And how many of your clients are on mind medications?

JULIE: Um, not a lot …

ADAMUS: Brain candy. Good, good, good.

JULIE: A few this month. 

ADAMUS: A few this month. They’re coming out of the woodwork.

JULIE: Just dive right off the edge. (she giggles)

ADAMUS: There’ll be a lot more coming out. Good. Well, thank you and how come you’re not awakened yet?

JULIE: I’m breathing it in.

ADAMUS: Oh good, good. Where is it?

JULIE: (giggling) Right here.

ADAMUS: Here, okay. Would you breathe it out now so you can see it. (she’s giggling) Good! Well, thank you for participating in today’s show. (some applause) And, next. Yes.

ALAYA: My name is Alaya Holman, and I’m from Longmont, Colorado.

ADAMUS: Yes. Why are you looking at her when you say that?

ALAYA: Because we both live in Longmont.

ADAMUS: Oh really! What a coincidence. (they chuckle) And what about your awakening? Where is it?

ALAYA: Coming along. (some chuckles)

ADAMUS: Sounds a little tentative, wouldn’t you say?

ALAYA: No, it’s actually cracking open.

ADAMUS: Would you roll up that window again, Michelle, so we can see if it’s here yet? (laughter) Oh yeah! There’s your awakening and Edith’s new car!

ALAYA: I am awakening. I’m awakening.

ADAMUS: Good. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for playing along today. And …

DENISE: My name is Denise.

ADAMUS: Yes, Denise.

DENISE: And I’m from Pierce, Colorado.


DENISE: Twenty miles east of Fort Collins.


DENISE: This has been a huge month.

ADAMUS: Wait till next month. (some chuckles)

DENISE: I had a huge, huge dark spot that's actually been alightened, and I’m just now coming together.


DENISE: And I’m just opening my arms and crying a lot.

ADAMUS: Good! Crying is good. You can cry right here on the Awakening Show, because …

DENISE: Probably will!

ADAMUS: … that’s why we’re here. Yes. Good. So everybody has introduced themselves. We’re ready for the questions today.

Now, there is a grand prize today. Yes. The grand prize is dinner at the restaurant of your choice with your soul – Crimson Circle will pay the bill – and an Adamus Award. So you have something to compete for. The audience will actually determine who the winner of each question is and there will be 44 points awarded for the best answer. Forty-four. Can you add?

LINDA: Do you want me to keep score here?

ADAMUS: Yeah, yes, please. Names, columns, all the rest of that. And if you’re just tuning in, you might want to tune out. (laughter) Actually, you might want to go back to last month and watch that Shoud. Pretend that it’s happening right now, because we’re having to approach enlightenment from a different way. 

Okay, we’re going to start today’s questions. This is an easy one, just to get everybody warmed up. I bet you never thought you’d be doing this today, did you? Neither did I.


~ Question 1 

Okay let’s start with the first question. Please tell us the ancient Hebrew name for the concept of God. Ancient Hebrew name for the concept of God.

LINDA: Are you serious?


JULIE: Yeshua.

ADAMUS: … tend to have them written out … oh, microphone. We’ll start down there, we’ll come down the line.

LINDA: Okay, starting with Denise.

ADAMUS: Ancient Hebrew name. Denise, what is the ancient Hebrew name for God?

DENISE: Yeshua.

ADAMUS: Yeshua! (audience starts to disagree) Eh, audience, pleeease! No, no, no. Shhhh! Shhhh!

ALAYA: Allah.

ADAMUS: Good. We have two different versions so far. Good. Next? Julie.

JULIE: No idea.

ADAMUS: No idea. That’s kind of like “I don’t know!”

JULIE: I know. I do know, and it hasn’t dropped in yet.

ADAMUS: Good. Make up a name, if you would. Any name.

ADAMUS: Jesus. (pronounced the Spanish way)

ADAMUS: Bob. (laughter) “Oh Bob, B-Bob, Bob. (singing) I’m doing this in the name of Bob!” (laughter) What are you going to call your dog? “Bob!” What’s Bob spelled backwards? (more laughter) Pete. Pete.

PETE: Yahweh. (audience approval and some applause)

ADAMUS: Yahweh. Now, this is just the opening test round, but actually none of our participants got the name correctly today, because …

PETE: But I was closer. (laughter)

ADAMUS: That’s true. The ancient Hebrew name for God was “What could not be spoken.” (audience says “Ohhh”) The correct answer was … (he just stands there silent)

LINDA: She had it! Julie had it!

ADAMUS: But she said the words. No words could be said for the absolutely correct answer. But we will …

JULIE: I was close.

ADAMUS: We’ll give you 22 points.

LINDA: Twenty-two?

ADAMUS: Twenty-two. Yeah, 22.

LINDA: Twenty-two!?

ADAMUS: It’s the opening round.

I have to pause here for a moment. Isn’t this a little better way to do enlightenment? Good.


~ Question 2

All right. Next question. Oh, I love this question, it’s one of my favorites, and we’re going to start with Pete. Next question, and audience please really pay attention to not just the words, but the energy, because you’ll be voting on the best answer. And the question is Pete, Pete, why do bad things happen to good Shaumbra?

Why do bad things happen to good Shaumbra?

PETE: Eh, subconscious aspects.


PETE: Not understanding your subconscious aspects, and they bring in that negative energy.

ADAMUS: Where is your subconscious?

PETE: Well, it’s not knowing. Not knowing.

ADAMUS: Not know- …

PETE: Not knowing …

ADAMUS: Oh! Kind of like “I don’t know!”

PETE: Yeah.

ADAMUS: “Now bad things are going to happen to me. I wonder why.” Good. Thank you, Pete. Thank you. Next. Julie.

JULIE: The word bad is …

ADAMUS: With 22 points, the leader in this competition. Why do bad things happen to good Shaumbra?

JULIE: So, the word bad is duality and it’s not bad. It’s when we’re out of trust.

ADAMUS: Yeah, out of … good.

JULIE: So when we allow … it’s all about trust and we’re leading ourselves. So we’re always … we’re always the wizard behind the curtain.

ADAMUS: Whew! Wow! Profound. 

JULIE: So there is … but it’s … I can …


JULIE: … appreciate it and not always enjoy it at the moment. For sure.

ADAMUS: Good. Good. Thank you. Next.

ALAYA: That’s a tough one to follow.


ALAYA: Psychologist. (she chuckles) To me it’s perspective – how you perceive, how I perceive bad or good – and it’s a matter of taking a look at self and forgiveness and also an understanding of self.

ADAMUS: Good. Yes.

DENISE: I think it has to do more with our deep core beliefs. Sometimes if we look down on ourselves, it comes on us. But if we can really come in touch with ourselves and really love us for who we are, then positive good things happen. And so maybe there’s not good or bad, but to be able to expand and to be who we are. 

ADAMUS: Excellent. Now, it’s your turn to vote. All those who feel that Pete gave the best answer, please voice your approval. (audience is silent, then laughter) I love you, Pete! I love you! (more laughter) Okay. Okay, next. All who felt Julie gave the best answer, please give your approval. (some approval) All who felt Alaya gave the best answer, please voice your approval. (one person clapping) And all who feel Denise gave the best answer. (much cheering and applause) Forty-four points to Denise.

LINDA: That got her the dinner already! You said it’s 44 points!

ADAMUS: Forty-four points for each best answer. Then we total them up at the end. You have a calculator or do you need one? (Linda sighs) This could go for a longggg time. And, by the way, the real answer to the question – Why do bad things to good Shaumbra? – you like it! Ah, you absolutely like it, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening. It serves you – maybe that’s a more polite way to say it – but you absolutely like it.

You can blame it on society. You can blame it on parents. You can blame it on aspects or anything else. But the reality is that it’s happening to you – whether it’s your lack of abundance, health issues or anything else – because there’s something that you’re deriving from it. There’s something that you’re getting. It is not being doled out to you by some unknown soul or unknown god. It is not something that is from your karma from your past life, unless you want it to be. It is absolutely because somehow it is serving you, and you are allowing it to happen.

You can change it at any point. But ask yourself, “How is this bad thing serving me? What’s it doing? What’s it doing to bring me to my enlightenment?” because as I’ve told you before, everything that’s happening in your life right now, every thing is about enlightenment. And as I said before, you’ve created the dragon of awakening. You’ve created it. It wasn’t created for you, you created it and it is making sure that you will wake up, no matter what it takes.

Correct answer is, “Because you like it.” Thank you.

Let’s move on to our next question. Oh, and this is a good one. This is a good makyo potential one. (Adamus chuckles) They’re all good makyo potential.


~ Question 3

How do you measure your progress in awakening?

How do you measure your progress in awakening? In other words, is it based on material things in your life? Is it based on your sexual prowess? Is it based on whether you could sleep better at night? What is it based on? This is a very personal question that I ask you. How do you measure the progress of your awakening?

Let’s begin down at this end with Denise.

DENISE: I used to measure by other people’s comparison and compare myself.


DENISE: Now I come in within, touch my heart, cry a lot (she’s now starting to cry) and know that I’m a whole being for who I need to be and it’s a great place to be.

ADAMUS: Good, excellent. This is going to be a tough competition here. Next. How do you measure your awakening progress?

ALAYA: The peace that I feel inside, and like you, cry, and having conversations with myself that I enjoy and really feeling … talking with myself and being more myself and … (she sighs) the peace that I feel from the time I wake up to the time I close my eyes, and just the conversations I have with me.

ADAMUS: Good. Thank you. It’s getting tough now. Julie, you’ve got the microphone.

JULIE: I know.

ADAMUS: You’ve got two answers that just came in front of you. (she giggles) How do you top that?

JULIE: Definitely by riding the waves, man. It’s …  just the allowing of everything and the “what the …?” and the fun and it’s just amazing and it’s intense and it’s crazy, and I can tell when I’m there and I’ve just … I’m just riding those waves, man. I’m swirling and grooving, and it’s more and more amazing. And it’s … yeah, it’s definitely not what I expected.

ADAMUS: Good. Good.

JULIE: The fine print was …

ADAMUS: Good answer. And the microphone goes down to Pete. Pete.

PETE: Okay.

ADAMUS: By the way, we’re not very diverse on our group. You know, we have just one man, three women. We don’t have any Asian, African American or other type of representation. What kind of panel is this?

LINDA: Bite me! (laughter)

ADAMUS: Good. Good. Thank you, and we’ll just move to Pete now. Pete? (Adamus chuckles) By the way Edith, that’s what you needed to have told me before – “Bite off, Adamus. I’m getting that car.” Thank you. Pete.

PETE: Okay. I say the biggest thing in finding out is I’m really comfortable with myself when I’m alone. But more than that it is that I’m really a spiritual being and that I love myself and I can … it just expands me. That's all I can say. It just comes out of me, and it just … there’s a love within me that loves myself and then can love everybody else.

ADAMUS: Excellent. Good. Oh boy. This is tough, tough. All good answers here. Let’s start down on this end. Those who felt that Denise gave the best answer, please voice your approval. (some applause) That was kind of the polite thing I talked about before. Golf clap. Alaya. (a few claps). Julie. (a few more claps) And over to you, Pete. (much applause and cheering). Forty-four big points for Pete on the board!

This competition is getting tough. We’re getting down to the last few questions here. So participants, please make it good. We have two questions to go. These are deep questions. These are, what do you call it, the bonus round questions here. And just think, you’re going to get an Adamus Award and dinner for two – you and your soul – at the restaurant of your choice. (laughter) Thank God your soul doesn’t eat much. All right! (Adamus chuckles) 

Next question for all of you … by the way, I love this. This is great. Last month – so boring. This month – fun.


~ Question 4

Okay, here we go. Here we go. What is the truth of truths? Oh, by the way, oh, go ahead. What is the truth of truths? Think about it for a moment while I reflect on our – don’t answer yet. Think about it for a moment while I talk about the last question. You have a few moments to think.

How do you measure your awakening? How do you measure it? By the amount of money in your pocket? Eh, possibly. Not a bad measurement. By your relationships? That’s a tough one, because they’re probably gone. (laughter) By how smart you are? No, you lose your mind.

How do you measure your awakening progress? The joy. The joy. The joy.

Now, that being said, there’s also going to be very difficult and challenging moments, but levels of joy that you’ve never had before. It’s doesn’t mean every day is going to be joy city. It doesn’t mean that you’re just going to be hop, skipping and jumping down the road. But it means the conscious awareness of a level of joy that you’ve never had. Usually followed by a deep dive into the abyss, but … (laughter) But, but coming up for a new level.

So now that you’ve had a chance to reflect, we’re going to start with you Pete. Pete, what is the truth of truths? By the way, I could be giving a really boring lecture about this, and I can be standing up here in a white robe and pontificating about truth of truths. Spit! Let’s have fun. Pete.

PETE: The truth of truths for me is …

ADAMUS: Hold that microphone close so everybody in the world and the universe can hear you, because this is big.

PETE: … is that there really is no duality and that I am you and you are me. And then when I go over or pass on, I became a gift with my energy or my knowledge …

ADAMUS: Errhhhhhhhhhhh. What I hear is the makyo meter! (laughter)

PETE: Okay.

ADAMUS: I’m sorry Pete, but …

PETE: Okay.

ADAMUS: … you were on a roll there, but you were rolling the wrong way. (laughter) You were rolling straight to makyo! So you forego the microphone, I’m so sorry. It certainly isn’t a judgment on our part. It’s the other Ascended Masters going “Puke it out.” Okay, yeah. The pressure’s on.

Julie, what is it? The truth of truths.

JULIE: The truth is I Am. I Am that I Am.

ADAMUS: Good. (some applause) Don’t clap now. Save your energy for the final voting. Good. Thank you. Anything else you want to add to that?

JULIE: It’s …

ADAMUS: It would be makyo if you did. Thank you. (laughter) Yes?

ALAYA: Whatever fucking truth I think it is.

ADAMUS: That’s good! (audience approval) Good, good, good. And the pressure is really on right now. Denise.

DENISE: Oh god!

ADAMUS: The truth of truths.

DENISE: The truth of truths.

ADAMUS: Truth of truths.

DENISE: All I could think about at the time is sometimes when you’re in the depths of pain and you’re sitting there going, “How do I get through this?” And you’re crying inside saying, “How do I get through this pain and to see the light, because I want that light so much.” And take whatever steps it takes to be able to open that light and trust that whatever comes to you or whatever comes to you to take those steps to move forward. And I bask in that right now. 

ADAMUS: Can you synthesize that? Can you simplify? How would you say that for the studio audience who’s not getting what your saying, how would you put that in simple distilled language? The truth of truths.

DENISE: I’m still trying to figure that out.

ADAMUS: Oh. It’s coming. Take a deep breath. It’s coming. Ooh. There it is. How would you say it?

DENISE: Trust and love yourself how you are.

ADAMUS: Boom! Good. Thank you. Okay, now let’s do voting on this question, before I give you the appropriate answer and the only answer. And I’m sorry, Pete. You’re disqualified, because of … (laughter)

PETE Don’t believe him!

ADAMUS: … makyo! Makyo! So let’s begin here. All who feel that Julie gave the best answer, scream and yell. (audience screams and claps) And for Alaya scream and yell. (lots of screaming and yelling and applause) And down the line for Denise. (some applause) It’s Alaya with 44 points on the board! (audience approval) We have a competition, Shaumbra. We have a competition going on here.

And by the way, the appropriate answer to the truth of truths is “I exist.” That’s it, ladies and gentlemen, Shaumbra. I exist. That is the original truth – “I exist, therefore, I am.” I exist. Nothing else matters. Everything after that is either another truth but not the core, or a mistruth. From the simple words “I exist” come all truths and mistruths. I exist. That’s what you felt when you left Home – the loving, comforting home of Spirit – went into the darkness, went into absolute nothingness and said and felt, “I exist. I Am that I Am.” Nothing else matters. There is no other truth more important than that. Everything else either turns to makyo or everything else is simply supporting that truth – I exist. Nothing else matters.

Do you realize the significance of that? “I exist, therefore, I can create. Therefore, I can live. Therefore, I can be. Therefore, I can feel. I can be sensual. I can have joy. I can have sadness. I can have lack and I can have abundance. I exist.” Do you realize how profound that is? “I exist.” That’s it. That’s all that matters. There is no other philosophy. There are no other books. Everything – everything that tries to explain it in detail is just makyo, spiritual bullshit. “I exist.” That’s it. Feel into it for a moment.

You exist, David, Edith, all of you, Elizabeth. You exist. You exist not just as part of something. You exist as a sovereign being. You exist. That’s all that matters. None of the rest of the talk about dimensions and time and space and the concept of God, which shouldn’t be spoken anyway, your past lives, your future potentials. None of that matters other than “I exist.”

This is what’s special. Nothing else matters. When your physical body dies, you can still say “I exist.” When you go traveling in the other realms, that will be the song that you sing – “I exist and I’m aware of it.” You see there are, what, six and a half billion or more people on this planet right now. Do you know how many consciously understand that they exist? Oh, they live. They have their jobs. They have their families. But very, very few can stop for a moment, aside from all the religious garbage, aside from anything that’s happened in their life, their history or anything else, just stop for a moment with that simple pure truth and the deep breath – “I exist. I Am that I Am.”

That’s what “I Am that I Am” means, my dear friends. Anything else is makyo. “I exist. I Am. I Am.” Thank you. (audience is saying that Julie should get some points) You’re the one voting, not me. She had it right. You voted wrong. Sorry!


~ Question 5

Next question and final question. What is the biggest shift going on on the planet right now?

LINDA: Shit or shift? (some chuckles)

ADAMUS: You choose. You choose. What’s the biggest shift going on on the planet right now? And let’s see how we’re doing with our points. We have a pretty heated competition. Julie should have gotten those 44 points, but you voted against her. (some in audience are saying, “No we didn’t”) Let’s give Julie 44 points. It’s tied right down the line!

JULIE: Wooo!

ADAMUS: Yeah, ooh, elevate. See, you don’t have to work for things. What’s the biggest shift going on on the planet right now?

Now, this is the last question of this game show/talk show/whatever you call it/stupid show. This is the last question. Make your answer good, succinct, tight, and appeal to Shaumbra, not to me. What is the biggest shift, Denise?

DENISE: The awakening to who I am, the existence of who I am.

ADAMUS: No, planetary global shift humanity, mass consciousness, that kind of stuff.

DENISE: We’re doing it on a more conscious level …


DENISE: … and we’re doing it at a global level. I have picked up across the world that people are really in tune to each other.


DENISE: And I think that’s amazing.

ADAMUS: Good. Next. This is it, for that dinner for two, you and your soul, and an Adamus Award. (Alaya displays an Adamus Award on her name badge) Ah, see. You’re not alone up here though with that Adamus Award.

ALAYA: Well, I can use another. Always.

ADAMUS: Good. Let’s have your answer, biggest shift going on on this planet right now.

ALAYA: The awakening of the 22 crystals within the planet. The access that is allowed, that has been opened for us to access the consciousness and the awareness of those crystals so that we can, I can, awaken myself, which awakens others.

ADAMUS: Good. Okay.

JULIE: There is definitely a shift in violence, and I can feel that shift in violence towards self, violent towards the planet, violent towards animals, and there’s a lot of swings. There’s a lot of shifts that are occurring, definitely from the personal level. So more and more compassion, more and more connection. There’s a swing that we finally are lifting off in terms of those levels of violence with countries, with wars …

ADAMUS: I’d just …

JULIE: … with yep …

ADAMUS: Let’s leave it right there.

JULIE: So that’s it.

ADAMUS: Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Good. Pete. 

PETE: What’s the question again? (laughter) I want it just to focus here.

ADAMUS: Absolutely. I understand, Pete. The question is what is the truth of truths? (audience says “Nooo!”) Pete, the question is what’s the biggest shift taking place on this planet? Consciousness …

PETE: Got it.

ADAMUS: … consciousness. What’s happening?

PETE: Yeah.

ADAMUS: What’s happening?

PETE: I see it from the Old Energy to the New Energy coming in, and how it’s manifesting or kicking the Earth is like North Korea, that guy.

ADAMUS: That guy. (some chuckles)

PETE: Yeah. The storms of New Jersey …

ADAMUS: That little guy …

PETE: You know, and just all the chaos is coming it. But it’s kind of like the wave, it’s just going through the Earth and cleaning out the Old Energies. And personally for me the New Energy is inviting me to be here with the Shaumbra.

ADAMUS: Good. Okay. Now you have it. This is the final voting. This will determine who gets dinner for two with your soul, and – I might be there also – and an Adamus Award. Now let’s start at this end, and please make sure to express your vote through cheering, applause or whatever. It is you voting for the winner of this first ever Awakening Show game.

All those who feel Denise had the best answer express. (some applause) All those who feel that Alaya had the best answer, let us know. (only a couple of claps) You know, I’ve found bribery does really good with this group. I mean, they’re not above taking five bucks, you know, for … Good, now we go down to Julie. (a few howls and claps) And Pete. (lots of applause)

Linda, who do you think the audience chose?

LINDA: Pete!

ADAMUS: Pete! Pete is the winner …

LINDA: Pete!

ADAMUS: … of the Awakening Show game!


ADAMUS: Thank you Pete, and thank all of you.


ADAMUS: Linda, another Adamus Award for Pete. Pete, dinner for two, you and your soul at a drive through, McDonald’s. (laughter) Thank you for participating. (Adamus is chuckling)

LINDA: Are you going to be so stingy with these awards? Don’t all three deserve at least the award – all four?


Linda: Ohh!

ADAMUS: Let’s not diminish the importance of these awards. The others will get, well, we just happen to have enough … (he takes some caps from the table) you get an Awakening Zone …

LINDA: No, that’s freedom!

ADAMUS: A freedom cap! A freedom cap. Yeah, freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. So thank you for participating. (audience applause) And if we could get the chairs cleared out here. We just need the two.

So that leads me into my answer. There are no wrong answers in that question “What is the biggest shift going on on earth right now.” Leads me into the next session of this awakening show called Meaningful Moments with the Master. 

LINDA: Ohhhh.

ADAMUS: This is where I give my viewpoint.



Energy. Energy is the biggest shift going on on the planet right now, along with everything else. But there is more energy available to humans than any other time in history, ever. I’m talking about cosmic energy, energy that’s in the air, free energy. I’m also talking about energy in the Earth itself. There’s more available than ever, ever before.

But humans aren’t allowing themselves to receive it. Humans for the most part are still fighting over energy, fighting with each other, having the belief that there is a limited quantity.

Take, for instance, money. There’s a general belief that there is a limited amount of money. There’s not. And by the way, with Shaumbra, we are going beyond the monetary system. We are. We’re going to get off of that. You know, the monetary system that you’re used to, which is either the stuff that you carry around in your pockets or the – (Linda wants it) it’s mine, it’s mine – or the plastic or the digits with the bank, but that entire monetary system is going away. We’re going – we, as Shaumbra – are going beyond that.

There’s a whole new mechanism for energy and for abundance. If you’re tied into the money, into the monetary system – you’re tied into keeping track of your bank accounts or how much money is in your pocket – you’re going to miss it. Now, most humans will miss it, because that’s how they’re used to doing their abundance.

There’s a tremendous amount of abundance, tremendous amount of energy available to each and every one of you right now. Most humans are missing this – what’s really the biggest thing happening on the planet right now, its energy availability – because they’re looking down to the ground. They’re looking in very limited terms and are believing everything that is being put out there about limitations, whatever it – food, gas, money, anything else. They buy into it.

When you take a look at it, there really is no real system anymore. There isn’t. There is no real monetary system. It collapsed a long time ago. There really is no legitimate energy system out there. It’s all a little bit of charades, a little bit of smoke and mirrors, but people buy into it. They buy into … the minute that somebody says that the market is bad, they buy into it. The minute that somebody says we’re going to have a shortage of a certain type of product or a shortage in the distribution channel or whatever, and what do people do? Like lemmings they follow it, they go along with it and then it becomes true. It becomes so. Absolutely.

There is more energy available than ever before, awaiting humans who are ready to use it, awaiting humans who are ready to receive it in their life without any excuses, without calling on others to bring it into their life, without limiting themselves, without feeling that they are not worthy of it. It is here right now. Period. And it’s going unused. More energy than ever before.

I talked in our last Shoud about this Illuminated Free World Bank, this fund that is actually based on something real. Not just on talk or rhetoric or tense trust between humans, but is literally energy that has been brought from the other realms at your request. You’ve been asking for it, but you’ve been holding it off in the other realms. You’re saying, “I want energy. I’m choosing something better. I’m choosing enlightenment. I choose to walk on this planet as an Ascended Master, so bring forth the energy that is going to be needed by me.”

It got a long way through the dimensions and through the realms. It came from the cosmos. It was attracted and brought very close to this reality through these crystals. It’s not the crystals themselves that have value. They’re simply a storage focus and distribution mechanism for all these tremendous energies that have come in.

These energies got here. They came very, very close to this reality. But you, for whatever reason, held them a little bit a ways away, didn’t think you were quite ready yet, so you kept them in the ethereal realms.

But something happened – call it whatever you want – on December 21st, the end of an old era, you finally – part of you – said, “It’s time to bring that in,” and at that moment these reservoirs of jewels and crystals that have been attracting energy from the cosmos, not just from the physical reality, but through all the cosmos. These crystals that have been attracting the energies and storing them suddenly opened up to make them available, to make them available to you for your life, for whatever you want.

But since I began talking about this two months ago, there is a general lack of real understanding. There’s a confusion and a fogginess, and people do things like still asking other people – I’m sorry Edith – but still asking other people to do it for them. Why? You could have ten cars in your driveway.

This isn’t just talk. I would not tell you this unless it was absolutely true and could be brought into your life, making your dreams come true.

Remember how we’ve talked over this past year or two, I’ve talked a lot about your dreams. What are your dreams? Talked a lot about this topic of freedom. What is it going to take to get you free? What is freedom? Are you ready for freedom? Are you going to receive freedom? We’ve been going through these subjects in detail, all as a preparation for right now. Right now being that there is more energy available to you than ever before.

Also, as a side note to that, whether you understand it right now or not, this is the best time of any of your lifetimes. The best time, right now. Now, some of you go, “Oh geez. Really?” (some chuckles) But there’ll come a point where you look at it and say, “It was an amazing time. An amazing time of playing hide and seek. An amazing time of allowing myself to wake up. An amazing time of having this awakening dragon tearing at me and me resisting. An amazing time of creating illusions and continuing old belief systems. An amazing time where these dynamics of my own awakening were bringing me through the process, even though I seemed to be resisting. An amazing time of being stripped of things that no longer served me, things I really didn’t want. An amazing time of transitioning.”

You realize that a caterpillar, as it goes through the process of turning into a butterfly, do you realize that it’s in this transformation. It is being crushed. It is being disintegrated. And that caterpillar coming into being a butterfly is going, “This is amazing. It hurts, but it is amazing. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but wow! Wow! Nothing like it.” And that’s what you’re going through, so allow yourself. In spite of, yes, the difficulties and the problems, most of which are not yours to begin with. They’re about other people. They are receiving ideas and thoughts and feelings that are coming from mass consciousness that are not yours. But in spite of that, this is the most amazing time.

Now, back to energy. There are these energies that are available, and tied in with this – and this is a phenomena that’s pretty much unique to those going through the intense awakening process, the later stages of awakening – the other important factor, and this is a paradigm shift … that sounds so cliché-ish, Cauldre. Could you come with an- … this is a real big change in the way things are going. (laughter and Adamus chuckles)

You’re used to working for things, struggling for things, efforting for things. I’ve talked to you before about goals and plans. Let them go. Let them go. You cannot goal yourself into enlightenment. You cannot. You cannot. You can have your little daily plans, I guess, to make sure the regular mundane human things are taken care of. But enlightenment should not, cannot be a goal at all.

You’re used to struggling for things. It’s been that way not just in this lifetime but many, and from my perspective, it is harsh. It is colorless. It is a very strange way of doing things – suffering your way into whatever it is.

Now, with the opening of these twenty-one caverns that hold the energy – and Shaumbra, this isn’t just a metaphor. It is very real. These energies I’m talking about aren’t for somebody else. They’re for you. And there’s been so much confusion in the last month, actually I’m quite surprised. People not knowing what to do. It’s so easy. What happens – and the real shift for you, not necessarily for the rest of the planet, but for you – is something that Tobias talked about a long time ago. And you’re going to resist it. You’re going to think about it too much. You’re going to do everything other than just let it happen, until the point you get tired of some more suffering and struggling. But the concept is very simple.

Henceforth, it comes to you. Real simple. Henceforth, it comes to you.


It Comes To You

Years ago Tobias gave the example. You get on a bicycle. The typical way of doing things – you get on the bicycle and you start pedaling. And you start sweating a little bit, you start breathing heavier, and you you ride through the landscape. You ride down the streets, up the hills, through the village, or wherever else, along the river. You’re pedaling, you’re exerting and the landscape is going by you. That is duality, that is old, and it doesn’t need to exist that way anymore.

Now you get on the bike and you just sit there. You do not pedal. You do not move. Even the bicycle really doesn’t have to do anything, and the landscape moves. You are stationary. The landscape moves.

Now, the nice thing about this is that you don’t have to do anything other than receive, and you’re really bad at receiving. On a scale of one to ten you get about a .5 for your ability to receive. Truly. And if that were not so – I do not make this up and I’m not just saying it to insult you – if that were so, we wouldn’t be having the discussion and we wouldn’t be in situations that are a little embarrassing – I’m getting people mad at me again today – but we wouldn’t be having these discussions. You’re not so good at receiving.

This concept – very, very real concept – it comes to you. You get on that old bike or new bike. You get on that bike and you just sit back. It all comes to you. It’s not linear. It’s not like going down the road anymore where the landscape just starts moving while you’re just sitting here. It’s not linear. The exact perfect thing comes to you. Perfect, not based on what God thinks is perfect, because God really doesn’t care, or some other being or anything else. Perfect for you by you. It comes to you.

Don’t blink. Don’t doubt, is what I’m saying. Don’t blink. Let it happen. Let it come to you.

This is the New Energy. This is also the way these crystal caverns work. Simply, they attract, they store, they distribute energy. That’s all. That energy is going out right now as we talk, but you’re still riding your bike down the road trying to find something, God knows what – enlightenment, happiness, joy, a new car, a relationship or sex for one night, I don’t know. But now it is take a deep breath, you get on that bike and it comes to you. It comes to you. Whatever you need. Huge volumes of energy, energy that will manifest in a variety of different things.

Health, perhaps. Some of you are still going through health issues. The energy is there to clear out the body. Abundance. Money. Let’s dissolve the monetary system, because it actually is all an illusion anyway – you know, your credit cards, your money, your cash and everything – it really is. We’re going to be working on a new system of energy abundance. It doesn’t … Cauldre, well, Linda is really arguing about this. Yeah, ultimately it’ll put some dollars in your pocket so you can play the game. But the real abundance is at a much more pure and real level. Much more pure. So you’ll bring it in on this non-monetary level, and then let it come in and make a lot of cash, put it in your pocket. You’ll come to the point – I ask you to come to the point – where you never have to worry about money again. You don’t have to balance your bank accounts or worry about if a shirt is five dollars or five hundred dollars. It doesn’t matter. It’s inconsequential. It is stupid. It’s not enlightenment. It’s not. What you pay for a shirt or your milk or anything like that, it’s not about enlightenment. That’s so old.

So back to the point. There is a tremendous amount of energy. You got that? You understand that? It’s in twenty-one caves. Pretty simple stuff. It’s crystals. It’s really pretty, a lot of colors. You’re not going to go take the crystals. They are a mechanism for attracting appropriate energy, storing energy, distributing energy. That’s what they’re here for. They’re very pretty, but … that’s number one. It’s here. There’s a lot of other energy as well, you’ve been working with it, but this is the new stuff.

Secondly, it comes to you. That’s going to be your bigger challenge. Most of you, you’re still a little tentative about this whole cave/crystal thing, like not sure, and when we talked last month about it I basically said Make it for yourself. Nobody else. Whatever you’re choosing. Don’t be afraid of it, but don’t limit it to little things like “I need $1,000 to fix a car, buy a computer,” or anything else. That’s so minuscule. Let that energy come in big.

Most of you still very confused. “I’m not sure what to do about it,” you say. You’re scratching your head, you thinking, “Well, I’ll pay bills with it.” Awakening people don’t have bills. They don’t. I’m serious. They don’t have bills. Bills are a debt accumulation, an energy deficit. A Master does not have that. Does not have that. They don’t have debt. It just – they are. It goes back to that premise – “I exist.” Did I say “I exist in debt?” Did I say, “I exist in stupidity?” No. “I exist. I exist.” That’s all that matters.

So here’s what we’re coming to. It comes to you, and that’s going to be a tough one, particularly a tough one following last month where I talked about mass abundance for you, mass energy. Now we’re going to put the two together so you’ll really be confused. It comes to you.

We’re going to be merabh, and I’m going to ask John – I didn’t give him any advanced warning – but ask John play some of the nice music, the polite music that was played during the break for those listening online.

And remember awakening is not polite. It is not. It is not. It is brutal, but it’s fun.


A Merabh of Receiving

So we’re going to do a merabh. Lights down, please. This is a merabh. A merabh is a shift of consciousness. This is a big one, because it is about can you let it come to you. For today’s merabh, we’re going to use this whole example of these twenty-one crystal caverns ready to beam energy to you.

(music begins)

It’s going to come to you, my dear friends. You’re not going to go to it.

Recently I took a group, small group, to these caverns just to feel them and experience them. Told them not to touch. Just wanted them to feel what it was like in one of the caverns. Today, we’re not going to go there. Today, it’s about you letting it come to you.

Part of you is going to resist this, because this is not the way your reality system has been up to now. Part of you is going to be wondering if you can do it right or if it’s real. Part of you is going to fall asleep, because you’re really tired.

What we’re doing here is this merabh of letting energies come to you now. You’re sitting on the bike, stationary. By the way, this is natural. This is the way things work in the most natural state of being. Having to effort, struggle, work hard, limit yourself – that’s unnatural. The natural way is allowing everything to come to you.

So take a deep breath … and feel into these energies of the Illuminated Free World Bank.

These are your energies. They’re here for you.

They’re here for you. The question is will you receive them? 

Now, stay where you are. Don’t go off to these caves, but stay where you are. Feel for a moment into what you call your heart, your essence, this thing I talked about today – your I Am, the I Exist. Feel into that for a moment.

I exist.

When you can get down to this core level – “I exist” – how amazing. Then the energies come to you.

When you’re off scurrying around, when you’re off searching for something, the energies really can’t come to you. But when you’re in such a place of trust, such a place of awareness, the energies can come to you.


And there are tremendous energies, my dear friends. They’re not just on a first-come basis. Not just 44 points for answering the best question. The energies are available to all of you. There is no supervisor at the door. There’s no judge determining how much you’re worth. It’s you, just you and these energies.

And they come to you. They come to you. That’s why they’re here.

It’s going to be quite a shift of, oh, you could say, patterns to let things come to you. You’re still going to want to jump in there with some of the old ways – manipulation, control, over-management, planning and limitations. There’s still going to be that tendency to do that. The challenge, the beauty is letting it come to you.

And the mind’s going to jump in and say, “Let’s see it. How much is there? What does it look like? What does it do?” This is where you take a deep breath and you get back into that simple “I Am, I exist.” It doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter what color it is. Doesn’t matter what vehicle or pathway it takes to get to you. It just comes.

There’s only one thing that is going to prevent it. It’s you. You’ve been familiar with patterns of whether it’s illness, lack, loathing, discomfort, not being present in this reality – whatever it is – you’ve been used to those patterns. The real challenge is going to be can you let it come, full on. Full on. Or are you going to try to stop some of it or all of it and say, “Well, just a little bit at a time. I’m not quite worthy enough yet.” It’s totally up to you. It’s your game. It’s your game, your game show. Doesn’t matter. But this energy, it’s here right now.

It’s here for you. It comes to you. You’re going to want to start defining it. You’re going to get into your brain and start defining. Don’t, or at least try to avoid it. Let it just come to you.

Go beyond thinking in terms of “Well, does it mean a new job? Does it mean winning the lottery?” or anything like that. Goes beyond that. Keep it pure from the I Am to the I receive. “I Am, therefore, I receive, without question, without limit, without controls or management systems. I receive.”

You’re used to searching for things. In this shift, you don’t have to. It comes to you. Oh, you’re going to feel a bit uncomfortable with it, saying, “But, but, but … I have to do something.” No. Just let it come to you. Just let it come to you.


It sets the mind on fire. The mind thinks, “Well, no. I have to do something.” No. You just take a deep breath. Let it come to you.

That’s all you have to do. You don’t even have to think in terms of whether it’s a new car or new house, any of that. It just comes to you. It’s going to be so simple, so simple that for a split moment you’re going to think that you didn’t work hard enough to earn it. You’ll feel a little guilty. You’re going to want to have a way of measuring how much you give yourself. Don’t. Take a deep breath. Let it come to you, unrestricted.

You earned it already. You did. You earned it by all these lessons that you’ve gone through, and by the way, let’s be done with any lessons now. Let’s be done with all lessons. You’ve earned it because of your – what you would call – your diligence or your commitment to yourself and your awakening. That’s why it’s there. 

The energies come in now; they come to you, because finally you brought them from the other realms. You have brought them, not me. This Illuminated Free World Bank is not mine. It’s yours. That’s why you don’t see the name “St. Germain” in it. It’s yours. You brought it here. You finally broke that barrier that kept these energies off in the other realm. You finally said, “It’s time to receive,” and that’s why they’re brought into these caverns, stored in these beautiful crystals, the likes of which you’ve never seen before, and now they’re ready for distribution, ready for you.

Can you let it come to you? Not go searching for it. Can you let it come to you easily, gracefully?

Take a deep breath. It comes. It comes.

Don’t think in terms of paying a bill. Don’t think in terms of just a small human need. Let that energy flow in. Don’t wrestle with it. Don’t wonder if you’re doing it right or wrong. Just let it come to you. It’s that simple. “I exist, therefore, the energies are here.” It’s that simple. “I Am, therefore, it is.” It’s that simple.

My dear, my dear, dear Shaumbra, sometimes I wonder how you do it. Sometimes it’s so colorless, so harsh, so gray in the world that you’ve been playing in, the reality where you’ve been dreaming. It’s amazing how your body’s even held up at times. You’ve been struggling for it, going off trying to find it somewhere. Now, just let it come to you. Let it come to you.

The universe, cosmos are filled with energies. They’re absolutely filled with energies. The energies were put there, made there, from your passion, your passion to know thyself, to know that God within, to, as you would say, return Home. But what you find is Home comes to you. Yes, Home comes to you. It comes to you.

So you could say there is such an abundance of energy that you created, from your passion, your desire to know Home, to be Home. That’s why these energies come in to the twenty-one crystal caves now. It’s not a fairy tale, it’s very real. That’s why you finally allowed these energies to break through this invisible ceiling that has kept them away from you. Now they’re here.

So I ask you once again, can you allow these to come to you in your life? Unlimited. No rules or guidelines. Feel, if you would, please. Feel it come to you, filling you, filling your life. Filling you.

Let it come to you.


Flowing into you …

Flowing into you …


Take a deep breath.

I want you to consider this for a moment: What is grace? What is grace? We played our little game show today, had a lot of answers from Shaumbra about different things. So now I ask you the question, what is grace?

Nice word. It’s got to be one of those polite words, I guess. Not a bad word. Grace. If you were sitting here up at the front as one of the game show contestants, what would your answer be about grace?


I’ll tell you what my answer is. Grace is the ability to receive. Period. That’s the definition of grace. A Master allows the energies to serve them. That’s grace. Without questioning how much or when. “Do I deserve it? Are there others in need?” No. You don’t ask those questions. That’s out of grace.

Grace … grace is receiving energies without question, without doubt. Grace. A Master allows energies to serve him without question. Without question. Period. That’s grace. Pure, simple, beautiful.

These energies are here. They’ll come to you, if you allow them. They’ll come to you if you stop playing the show, the game, the illusion. They’ll come right now, if you’re in grace.

So the question is, can you receive? Will you receive? Will you receive without question? Why do I hear so many questions?

Grace is receiving. Period. That’s it.

Let’s take a deep breath. Let’s have the lights back up.

In our next gathering, we’re going to continue with the discussion of these energies. We’re going to talk more about how it comes to you. You’ll have plenty of opportunity in this next month to let energies come to you, to let a new reality come to you, to receive it, to be in grace with it. 

So let’s take a deep breath.

Now, let’s get back to our game show featuring Adamus Saint-Germain. And the reason we played game show today – the wrap up of this whole thing – was, my dear friends, if your life was a game show, a talk show, would you even want to listen to it?! (some laughter) Probably not. So please change the game, change the show. 

Let’s take a good deep breath, as we bring this gathering of Shaumbra to a conclusion. A good deep breath in that grace of knowing that all is well in all of creation. Thank you.

Adamus has left the building. Clear. Thank you. (audience applause)



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