A Message From Metatron
"Questions and Answers"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
April 7, 2002

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we return to this sacred and blessed energy. So strong and so intense is the energy here. It is something you can literally take with you. You can take it now and bring it forth at any time you choose. You can bring it forth when there is doubt, when you wonder what is going on. Simply return to the energy of here and now.

Now, dear friends, you ask how you can communicate with those of us on this side of the veil. And you ask how you can communicate with yourself and your divinity? You say that you have not been able to tap into it yet, that it seems so far away, and so distant, and you are not so sure.

The energy of your divinity, and therefore the knowingness and the love of All That Is, is right at your fingertips. It is already in your heart. It is already part of your mind. It is so close. It is so close that you are overlooking it. You are looking on the other side of that wall, thinking that it will be delivered by someone else from somewhere else. It is so close you do not realize that you are already channel. You are already talking to beings on our side of the veil. You are already in your divinity.

But because you are looking so far away for the answers, you have not come to the realization that it is already within. You are in the illusion that it is somewhere else. You have not faced the reality that it is within you.

Do you want to channel I, Tobias, or any other entity – Metatron, Yeshua, or any of those who have shown up at the Crimson Circle? Go closer within. Feel the energies first. Do not worry about the specific words. Understand that it is so close within. Do not worry about the literal words that come through. Feel the energy. In that energy is the knowingness.

Dear ones, you are searching for something that you think looks and sounds and feels different than you. You are looking for yet another outside mirror. It is not so. It will not look or feel or smell different than you do. It will be so much a part of you that it may be a bit difficult to recognize at first. It IS you. It is the divine self that is already there. Even when you come to the realization that you are walking in the divine moment, many of you will deny it. You will continue to look somewhere else for your divinity.

When your awakening divinity is ignored, when you do not acknowledge it, it says to you, "Perhaps I will go back to my sleep for a while to let you finish your game."

That is why Metatron said today, "Are you ready to show your Spirit, to let it burst forth, to know that it is YOU and not look for a foreigner. Do not look for a grand angel. Do not look for some higher, distant self. Simply walk each moment in your divinity, knowing that it is there, knowing that it is so much a part of you already that perhaps you do not recognize it."

Now, in the energy that was delivered on this day, there are many questions that have come up, questions about what predictions we make, what things Metatron sees. Dear ones, as you know, it is all potentials of what is going to happen. It is all potentials. What happens is based on your consciousness of the "now," the consciousness of the "now."

We will not make predictions of great wars. That would not be appropriate, for we do not know, even from our side of the veil. We can only see the potential that these things are possible now. Indeed, we see the potential, as you see the potential, that there are small groups out who hold an intense energy of duality, what you would call the darkness aspect… who feel they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by letting the darkness burst forth at this time.

There is the potential for those who possess weapons of mass destruction to come forth at this time. But it is only potential. There is the potential here for great changes of the Earth that you would call destructions because something needs to be released, something needs to let go. But we will not make a prediction of an earthquake on a specific date, or a tidal wave at a specific time. We can only say they are potentials.

We will not make a prediction that a certain disease will sweep across a land. It is a potential that exists right now in this delicate balance of duality of the New Energy. It is only a potential. Do not, dear friends, get swept away by the drama of the time that you are in. Do not, dear friends, get swept away by the sadness that may come if certain potentials are brought into the "now."

There will be a tendency for your own duality to feel a deep sadness. You may feel a need to rush out, back into the throes of duality, to save others, to save mankind. Perhaps you will feel it is necessary to jump back in that, to allow the sadness to sweep you away. But dear ones, remember what we have spoken of today, the appropriateness of these potential changes.

Remember the path you have been on, coming to know who you truly are, coming to free yourself. Understand that this is what the others are doing in their lives also. Understand also, that at the core of all things is the solution. The divine solution for your own life has already been created by you. We are not talking philosophically here. We are talking about "now" reality.

It is the "Fruit of the Rose," the solution that has already been created by you and for you in the moment and in the "now." Understand that it already sits within you. It is ready for you to absorb, to receive, and to own. We know so many were confused by this "Fruit of the Rose," but it is the divine solution you have already given yourself. It has always been there. It is simply waiting for you to receive it.

Challenging times are ahead, difficult times, only if you allow them to be. Sacred times for Earth and for all of the universe. As we said before, so goes the consciousness of Earth, also goes the consciousness of the universe. Consciousness… that beautiful energy that is the meld of the wisdom from the past, the potential of the future focused and brought into the reality of "now."

You will see many, many changes all around you. Remember your consciousness and what it is. Own that consciousness. Stand behind the short wall. You will see how and why things are truly happening at this time on your Earth.

Now, with that we would be delighted to take your questions. But we challenge each of you also to feel the answer within your own being to the questions that are asked. Feel, absorb, and receive the "Fruit of the Rose," and know the answer lies within you, not in some far-off reaches held by some other entity. The answer is already within. With that we would be delighted to give our interpretations.

QUESTION: Tobias, many of us have been riding a very low wave these past few weeks. Can you please shed some light on the subject? Thanks.

TOBIAS: Indeed. Indeed, and you will feel these more intensely. Understand that you are more sensitive than ever in this New Energy. You are opening up right now. You are feeling the sadness that Metatron spoke of earlier, a sadness brought in by the winds of change – both literal and figurative winds – that are upon the face of Earth right now. You are feeling others’ suffering and pain. You are taking it as your own in so many cases. You are feeling the burdens of others. Understand what it is, and honor it, but understand dear ones, that it does not necessarily come from you.

You are also riding many cycles within yourself, ups and downs. They are becoming more intense and more frequent. It is the energies of duality, seemingly going out of phase, because, in a sense, that is literally what they are doing. Light and dark were always phased appropriately. Now they are going out of phase. You will feel these dips. You will feel the peaks also. They are going out of phase in order to realign in this new marriage that we spoke of earlier. In doing so, you are creating a New Energy.

First go within to know if this sadness, is coming from you or from the outside. If it is coming from you, understand that it is part of a process. Understand that the lows are helping to build a momentum to move through this energetic shift, to move you into the New Energy.

We will speak of the New Energy in the next several lessons. You are literally creating New Energy. That is part of the cycles. They will be intense, these cycles, for a period of time. Do not try to get out of them or ignore them. Try to have wisdom about them. Try to have wisdom of what is going on. Dear friends, these cycles you are going through, and the changes in duality going on within, will be expressed on the outside also, as humanity also goes through these shifts. You will see it expressed in very strong ways here.

QUESTION: Tobias, am I where I should be spiritually and physically?

TOBIAS: You are where you are at, and therefore, it is appropriate. The humans wonder if they are doing the right thing, if they have made the right decisions and choices in their life – like we would know! (audience laughter) It is only a choice. It is only a decision. There is no right or wrong about it. That is duality. So many of you are locked in this. That is why Metatron spoke of showing yourself and expressing yourself.

There is a fear that you are not "doing the right thing." There is no right and no wrong. There simply IS. There is no place you should be or shouldn't be. You simply ARE. It is all in the moment of "now." There is not a prescribed course or pattern. God did not put you on Earth and say, "You must find the hidden treasure." That would be ridiculous. You are here as part of a journey, a journey of new consciousness, a journey of expanding Spirit. In that expansion there is no right or wrong.

In the journey of Earth, the one who is in the gutter, the one who is destitute and sick in the body and feeble in the mind, is highly honored on our side of the veil. This human has not made wrong decisions. This human has made deep decisions. This human has not feared to go to the depths of the darkness to find out what it's like down there. We applaud this human as much or more than the human who sit timidly at home, sheltered behind their walls and their doors, afraid to move or make decisions. The human who lays in the gutter has boldly explored the depths of pain and suffering. And in doing so, this human has helped create a new and expanded consciousness.

Now, this human who is also in the gutter sometimes becomes trapped in this consciousness. They begin to think this is now the reality. They lose their way and forget how they can get out. They are so immersed in this energy that sometimes they get lost within it. Indeed, indeed, sometimes Spirit and you get lost!

Then one day, while they were laying in the gutter, miserable and cold and hungry and angry, a human comes up to them and does nothing more than smile and ask them how they are doing. What goes beyond the words and the physical appearance is a glow, is a glow of divinity and a glow of hope. The human who has become lost in their journey sees that it is possible to get out. For what they are beholding in front of them is a grand and divine angel who wears the name of Shaumbra, who has been on the long journey, and who has discovered themself. And the one who you would call a bum laying in the gutter, beholds this, and knows that they can find this glow within their own being also.

When Metatron spoke of showing who you are, it is not a lot of loud words, or philosophies. Sometimes, it is simply showing, allowing your illumination to come forth. We thank you for this question. And Cauldre tells us that we get very long-winded at times. (audience laughter)

QUESTION: Tobias, is there anything specific I could do to be better at owning my divinity that I am not now doing?

TOBIAS: It is to understand that it is already within. There are no rules, or regimens, or disciplines. The old ceremonies, the old rules, the old disciplines, actually distract from your coming to understand your divinity. Your divinity unfolds and blossoms naturally. It is doing that now. You are in the midst of the blossoming.

Sometimes all of you look so far into the distance. You think your divinity comes riding up over the hill with the setting sun on a white horse to sweep you away. And as long as you continue looking out onto that ridge, dear ones, your own divinity that is blossoming at your feet cannot truly enter into the "now-ness" of your life. Without your nurturing, your divinity will start to wilt. It will go back to that place in hiding where it has been for so very long. It will wait til the next day or the next lifetime when you are ready to acknowledge that "You are God Also."

QUESTION: Tobias, I just started working with the Creator Series Lessons about six weeks ago. Although I’ve read all the following channels, including the Ascension Series Lessons, I very much want to be current and up to speed, both of the content of the lessons, and of course, the energy of Shaumbra, which, in a way, of course, I am. If I work with the lessons at the same rate in which they were given, taking a month for each lesson, I’ll always be eighteen months or so behind. How can I work with your material and be up to speed? I’m sure this is a question that many people are experiencing and will experience.

TOBIAS: Dear ones, when these lessons and discussions are given here, they are done so on a monthly basis. There is an underlying appropriateness to have these spaced as such for the groups we are talking to at the time. We will explain that in a moment. For those who are now being drawn into this energy, there is not a particular order that these need to be read in.

Cauldre interrupts us (audience laughter) and says that it would be better to read them in order, so as not to become confused, because of the language that we build upon. But WE say (more laughter) that these do not need to be read in order at this time. There does not have to be a monthly sequence.

It would be most appropriate to read and absorb three at a time, for we deliver the lessons in "quads." There are three lessons that are tied together before we move onto the next three. It would be a good idea to focus on three at a time. It would also be a good idea to have an energetic understanding before you move on to the next.

These lessons are delivered in this group in the "now" in spacings of approximately 30 days. This is done so that in the future, when you use these materials as a foundation for what you are teaching, there is time for you students to absorb and experience the lessons. If you try to take your students through too many lessons at one time, it will be difficult.

Now, back to the specific question. You, the one who asked the question, do not need to space these out at 30-day intervals. But again, we would recommend reading at least three lessons during the same time period. This will tend to keep a better balance within you.

QUESTION: Tobias, you have instructed us that now is the time to do what we came here to do, and we would have a knowing of this. I have searched all of me and found others feeling as adrift as myself. Can you give me some guidance as to finding that knowing, while we wait for our students to appear? Thank you.

TOBIAS: As the human saying goes "The student will appear when the master is ready." Now, so many of you are still looking in the distance, in the future over the hill, for this knowingness. It is already there. But you are looking past it. You are expecting it to come in some grand form. But it is already there. It is SO close within. You are expecting something to be written on the wall. You are expecting a grand sign or revelation from Spirit. We know. We see it in you. But it is already there.

Now, if you ask us what it is, we cannot reveal it to you. You must reveal it to yourself. But there is one clue in this, a clue that we have been speaking of since the beginning of our discussions. Shaumbra are teachers, teachers in many different ways, teachers in their own right, all having different ways of teaching the material. Look at this clue. Then look within yourself. You will come to understand.

QUESTION: Dear Tobias, is it not the habit of the intellectual mind to focus always on old forms and patterns that actually obscure the knowing and experiencing of the already existing divinity? The shift of focus away from these illusions of form would, in effect, take the foot off the brake – correct? Analyzing what is already in synthesis creates separation. Please elaborate.

TOBIAS: Indeed, it is natural to go back to experiences of the past. But this is not so bad in itself. It depends on how much you hang on to it. As we said, the past created wisdom. Bring forth the wisdom of the past into the "now." With that said, we find so many humans getting locked into the analytical. In a sense, you are not integrating the other energies, the energies of what you would call the "heart," and the "compassion," and the "knowingness" that are already there. You tend to focus in the mind only, trying to figure things out, rather than "knowing" them out, or "feeling" them out. Simply integrate your entire being in the process with this.

Yes, indeed, many things become locked in the brain tissue as you analyze, and you go over and over again. But we do not want you to cut out the brain. There is a certain modern concept, a modern philosophy, that says the brain is the root of evil, that the ego is bad. Dear ones, it is all part of the process. The mind IS part of the overall process.

Right now so many of you are finding that the knowingness tends to come in as a feeling. It is eventually processed in the mind so that it can be acted out in your human reality. The mind is valuable. The mind is very valuable in this. With the acknowledgement that you understand that the past is simply experience from which wisdom is derived, you will find your own mind allowing you to release, so that you can move forward. Your mind is trying to perform a function that it has been directed to do. But now, you can redirect it. Let your mind know it is time to bring in wisdom rather than analysis.

QUESTION: Tobias, thank you for all you do. You have really helped me on my journey. Is there anything you want me to know?

TOBIAS: That you are God, and you are dearly loved! And, as we said earlier, that there are no right or wrong answers. There only IS. There is only expression. We want you to know that there is family all around, all of the time. And that you hold the power of your own divinity. You are the one that has magnificent potential in the New Energy.

It is you, dear one, who we come to at night. We know you have wondered what this is. We come to you at night, simply to be with you and to sit with you. You do not need to make it so complex.

QUESTION: Tobias, can you comment on the nature of relationships in this time of change and transitions from Old Energy to the New Energy? I will offer an example of what I mean. I have encountered an old relationship in the present, which presents problems for me. The person who initiated a relationship with me has made, since the last time I saw him, the choice to become a Catholic priest. He tells me he would like to expand the definition of priest within the context of changing times while at the same time following the traditional relational codes of priests. He is moving toward the New and taking steps backwards as we discover and affirm our kinship of heart and spirit. The dualism confuses me and puts stress on our friendship. It also makes me wonder why people who are moving towards the New Energy, like me, can get caught in old forms while trying to reshape them toward the New. Any comments from your side of the veil would be welcome.

TOBIAS: We thank you for bringing up this energy of relationships – most challenging right now in this New Energy, as you know. And indeed, because you are in the New Energy does not mean that all things around you are in it. We spoke of this quite a while ago, of the "two Earths." You will be in one state of consciousness and awareness, and you will understand the other state of consciousnesses all around you… But perhaps they will not understand you. This is a time in relationships, in particular, when duality seems to come forth in the strongest and sometimes the most peculiar ways.

There is a tendency for many people to go back, or what appears to go back, because many are trying to resolve or heal something from the past. They realize that in order to move forward, part of them must go back to heal the past. This is appropriate for them. This is something that should be honored.

What you are feeling right now is yourself getting drawn into their energy, into their own conflict and understanding of duality. With this individual, in particular, there is a long history going beyond this lifetime. There person led you in the past. You followed this person in so many ways. And now you are confused about who you were following. In a sense, they are saying to you, "Do not follow me anymore. Do not follow me. Follow yourself. And in you following yourself, and me following myself, we can release the old bonds of the past, and we can come back together in a relationship that is newer than new, not based on old karma and old contracts with each other." In other words, this person is trying to release you. He is trying to get you to follow your own divinity.

There are also those humans moving into the New Energy who want to change the old institutions. We are seeing this more and more as you become balanced in your own divinity. They want to go back and shake up the old ways. We do not make any judgment of this. It is just an interesting observation.

QUESTION: Please tell us some more about dream analysis.

TOBIAS: Dreams are an area we will be speaking more of, but we are delighted to have this question now. Dreams are a very interesting phenomenon. It was not known that when humans went to Earth and took on physical body that they would have dreams at night.

Now, there is tremendous understanding of dreams that has not been tapped yet. We will encourage Shaumbra and specific groups within Shaumbra to work on the understandings of dreams. Your oceans of Earth are vastly undiscovered. Your universe and the stars all around you are nearly totally undiscovered by humans at this point. But dreams are the most undiscovered territory of all. What you remember about a dream is only a small portion of what is truly taking place.

In the New Energy there will be much more interest and much more understanding of dreams. Your scientists, researchers and psychologists have been frustrated because they have tried to place dreams in a box and give them these symbols and definitive meanings. But they have not looked at where the real understandings of dreams are.

We will speak more of with this in future discussions. You are having different types of dreams right now, different types of experiences in those dreams. This is all part of the process you are going through right now. In particular, if you want to look for an energy behind these dreams, it all has to do with releasing duality.

When you interpret your own dreams now, look at it from the standpoint of releasing duality. Use this as your key understanding. Then, you will begin to put all the parts and pieces together.

Dear friends, it has been a wonderful energy today. It was a delight for Metatron to come in and speak directly with Shaumbra and to bring this energy into all of you. Now, some of you may experience an unusual tiredness within your being, or an unusual surge of energy. It is all the elements of duality. Some of you may feel burned out for a bit of time after this, or a fogginess around you for several days. All of this is appropriate. As the energies of your divinity and those of us on this side come in closer and closer, it is like getting in shape for these experiences. You will handle them easier each time. They will not have so much effect on your physical being.

There is much that has been given today. We know you will also want to go back and read these words for deeper understandings. You will want to see if there is some secret coding within these words. In a sense, yes there is. But the coding is not in the words that are on a piece of paper. The coding is in the energy that was weaved in through them throughout this day. That is your homework – to figure this out and what it was really telling you from the inside. We will return next month and resume with our next lesson.

And so it is!