"In Your New House…"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
June 4, 2000

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that our family of crimson gathers once again in this very sacred space, in this very sacred energy, and indeed on this very sacred day.

On this day we have much information and experience to bring forth to you. There is information about your new house and about your new energy. There is information about why you have been going through many of the things you have, and information about where you will be going in the future. During this time I, Tobias, will talk through our friend, the one we call Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe).

For these next few minutes we will balance and adjust the energies with you. We will look into each one of your hearts. We will meld with you. We will share a moment of love and a moment of peace. It is now time, dear friends and dear family, to simply meld energies with us. Simply open your hearts. Simply be in this safe space with family.

Now as we have said so many times before, it brings tears to our eyes when we are invited into your space, like we are on this day, to feel your energies, to feel your love, to be with you again. Sometimes the veil is thick, thick indeed. It is difficult to communicate with you, and difficult to share energy. But today when you open like this, when we gather like this, it is truly a feeling of home, of Shaumbra, of love.

Now as most of you in this room (and most of you reading this) know very clearly, there came a point in time in your life within the past several years when you were asked, or when you came to a decision point, about whether to stay here on Earth or whether to leave. You came to a critical time. Each of you was asked differently, each in your own way, whether you would stay on this Earth or whether you would return Home. Think back for a moment. You may recall this time. For some of you, it occurred in your dream state. For others it occurred while you were driving down the road or while you were reading, or perhaps while you were ill. The reason why we mention this on this day, dear friends, is that each of you here knew you were coming to the end of your old contract. You had fulfilled what you came to the Earth to do. At that point you could have left. You could have departed the physical body and come back Home. Obviously, the ones here (and the ones reading this also) chose to stay! (laughter) In a sense, as we jokingly say, you "re-enlisted" in spiritual service. You "re-upped." You knew that there was additional work to do on this Earth. That is why you are here.

Now since this point of decision in your life, there have been many things that have happened to you. Some of these events have been quite painful or difficult to walk through. There have been relationships that have been pulled apart or that have gone the other way, relationships that were long and meaningful and are now being dissolved. There were perhaps job changes. There was perhaps losing much, if not all, of the material goods that you had. There was perhaps losing friends, losing family, walking the lonely road. All of these things, dear friends, have been part of your plan, so to speak, of what would happen if you chose to stay. Those things that needed to be released, those things that were not appropriate, found a way out of your life. We know and we understand that the path has been difficult. But it has been an important part of the journey.

Today you will walk into your new house. You will begin working with the new capabilities. Oh, yes indeed, all of this will be in metaphor but equally meaningful and equally real in your lives. It was not appropriate, as the question was asked before, to hold on to the crystals-again a metaphor-or to hold on to the old books. How many here have looked back into your old books recently and found the words no longer rang true as they once did? How many here have felt like they were floating, in transition? How many have felt like the tools and the comfort zones that you had in the past are no longer there, and there is nothing to hold onto in the now?

All of this is part of the process that began when you made the decision to stay on this Earth, to re-enlist in spiritual service. All of this, my friends, is about moving into your new house, the "New Camelot." It is about accepting the Divinity within you. For eons of time under the veil you have not understood who you were. You have not been able to hold the empowerment of yourself, even if you wanted. You have not been able to bring in the fullness your own Divinity.

But now the energy of Earth has changed. The times have changed. Now it is appropriate. Now there must be those who walk first, that learn first and integrate their Divinity first. The step-by-step process begins in one human, then a group of humans, then many humans, then it spreads across your Earth. This group is what we call the "classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth." You are ones who agreed to begin accepting your Divinity and creating in the new Earth.

You are the ones who are no longer under old karmic contract. You have released this. My friends, we ask you to hear this deep within your being, deep within your mind. You are no longer under karmic contract. You have satisfied that. There is not one of your past lives or even this lifetime that you are still obliged or indebted to. You walk freely without the bondage of past karma. You walk freely to be creators on this Earth in this lifetime. That is why you have gone through so much in your lifetimes and in these last few years. Changes. Transformations. Feeling like you don’t know where Home is anymore. Feeling like you want to reconnect with Spirit, but it is not possible. Feeling like the old ways don’t apply. All of this has been appropriate, though difficult we know. That is why we honor every single one that is here and reading this. That is why we honor every human on Earth. It is a difficult path. You have given up the comfort of the old. You have given up everything that you thought you were or were going to become. You have done so willingly. You have done so in joy. This is the "classroom of the new spiritual energy."

There are many other groups of light workers around your world at this time, going under different names with different teachers. This group here holds an important function, in particular, for this continent, for this energy zone that you sit in. How many have been moved here, have been placed here in the past 5 or 10 years, in the past year even? There are important energies that are held within these mountains and held within the plains surrounding the mountains. These are important energies that have to do with your own Divinity, and the Divinity of every human on Earth. That is why you are here in this location, in this geography.

Then there are your brothers and sisters all across this land, all across this Earth that are also doing the work, that are also part of the new spiritual energy, part of this classroom. They are in the outposts. They are in the more remote places, and while they cannot always sit with us here, they are connected. We ask each who is in this room on this night to help to spread this energy and the love to all of the other light workers that are part of the "extended" classroom.

From this classroom we will learn about Divinity. We will help you to understand who you truly are. We will help to you understand how to bring in this energy, your Divinity, your True Self. After we come back from our summer recess from the Crimson Circle, when we come back in August, we will indeed start intense work – not that the past year or so hasn’t been intense for you! (chuckling) But we will start with the true understandings of how to work with the energy of your new house. Then each of you, dear friends, by your own will and by your own choice, by your own intent… each of you then will be asked to be a teacher. You will be asked to use what you have learned and gained to help others appropriately, to help others when they come to you.

Each of you (pausing) – the emotions here are quite high – will move into the highest order of your intent, the highest order of your journey of the many lifetimes on Earth. Each of you will serve as an ordained teacher. You will hold that ordination in your heart. You will know that you have been blessed with this. You will know you have walked the path, that you have earned it. Oh, it may not be recorded on a piece of paper, but when we look into your eyes, when we look into your heart, we will know that each of you is ordained as a Divine Human with the credentials to teach and to guide and to help the other humans that are going through the very process that you did. With your experience and guidance, the process for them will be much easier. It will not be with the deep trials and tribulations that you have gone through. It is for this reason that we honor each of you dearly. You have given up much and sacrificed much to be sitting in these chairs on this day – all given in love.

Now dear friends, before we walk into your new house on this day, allow yourself to be washed in a rain of love and tears from all who gather here; from Tobias, from the Crimson Council, from those who have walked with you as your guides in the past, from your family members who have departed and are on our side of the veil now. We stand here with a smile. There is not one that is not smiling for the work that you do. Allow yourself to be washed with a shower of joyful tears. Allow these tears to wash away the old, to wash away the guilt, to wash away the shame that you may have felt. Let our tears wash away any thoughts or feelings of unworthiness that you have held. The only reason they are there is because of the veil, because you do not see who you truly are. Let our tears wash away physical ailments that have been holding you back. Dear friends, accept this in this energy. It is powerful indeed in this energy. Allow yourself to be washed and purified and cleansed from anything that you thought was less than perfection. Let yourself release any thoughts that you are less than complete or less than full.

Dear friends, we will all laugh and talk of this someday. How could it be that you could not see who you were, when we could see it clearly in each and every one of you?

Now before we continue with the next part of our session, we ask to come forward, all of the entities that are gathered in this room – the angels, the archangels, indeed Sananda. We ask to come forward to hug you, to meld with you, to pat you on the back and give you encouragement, to thank you for re-enlisting and to thank you for staying on Earth to bring in this new energy, as difficult as it is. So, during this time we will ask our friend Cauldre to be in silence for a moment. We ask each of you to simply open your hearts, to give permission for us to come in now to hug you and kiss you.


This, my dear friends, is the time of the new energy of Earth. With the spiritual physics such that they are, this is truly the first time in the history of humankind on Earth that it is possible to bring in the energy of the Divine Self. Oh, you and others have tried in the past. You have tried to figure out God. You have tried to be holy and spiritual. You have had journeys in past lifetimes in religious orders. You have started many religions, as we have mentioned. But until recent months of your time, it has not been possible to truly begin bringing in this divine energy. The veil was thick. The True Self was in a cocoon of sorts. The vibration of Earth was not appropriate. We come now to the time where it is now possible to bring it in and to begin working with it and to begin using it.

Today we will walk into the new house. We will walk with you, and we will talk of how it works. But know for each of you that it will take a commitment on your part. It will take the understanding that you are the creator; it will not be done for you. It will take the understanding that it is your house, that it is your divinity, that you own it, that if you wait for another to make it work for you, wait for another to bring it to you, nothing will happen.

So now, dear friends, let us take this time to walk into the new house. There are three angels chosen that will walk with you. It is not so important to know who they are. Perhaps you will sense who they are. They will walk with you and accompany you with your permission, of course. Let us begin the trek now into your new house, into the New Camelot, into your Divine Self. As we walk through, we will narrate. We will show you some of the things within. We ask you to try not to have a preconception of what you think it is, but simply begin to walk with us now.

Now let us approach the entryway of your new house. Let us stand here for a moment before we truly go inside. Let us talk for a moment of what the house represents. For lifetimes and lifetimes your house has been primarily your physical and mental being. There was and is an energy structure around you. There were seven chakras within the house and five outside of the house. Your energy field, what you call your Merkabah, was limited in size and shape and capability. It was limited in the amount of spiritual energy that it could handle. This was done for a very good reason. The rest of your spiritual energy was held within a cocoon in another place, in somewhat of a different dimension, until the day came when you could accept it into your physical being on Earth.

Now as we stand at the entrance of your new house, let it be known that there are no limits to the energy quotient of your new house. There are no limits. "The quotient of energy will always be appropriate to the experience at hand." This is one to remember. The energy quotient of your new house will always be equivalent to the experience and the needs that are at hand for you. Do not predetermine how large or how small your new home is.

Your old house was primarily designed to allow you to experience and to maneuver on your side of the veil. It was designed specifically so that there was not interplay in your conscious state to our side of the veil. Have you ever wondered why, when you prayed so earnestly and with so many tears to the angels and to Spirit, your prayers were not answered for you? It was because the veil did not allow that to happen. Your old house would not allow that to happen.

In your new house there is a different type of energy structure. We have said in the past months that there have been "builders" working on your new house. There have been builders putting together the structure and framework of your new house. This is a complicated and intricate framework of energy that surrounds you. We will not go into great detail of that here on this day. But we say that it has taken incredible expertise and incredible refinement from what your old house was. There is an energy weaving around you that makes the old Merkabah look pale in comparison. It is grand and intense. It has been woven carefully to allow you to bring in your Divine Self, and hold it and be in contact with it and have access to it. It is a fine weave. It is a beautiful, delicate weave. It is a sustaining weave, this energy of your new house.

There is one other thing that we ask you to be aware of as you stand at the entrance of your new house. Have you noticed while we have been talking that the perception of what your new house looks like continues to change before your very eyes? First it may look like a large castle. Then it may look like a beautiful white summerhouse. Then it looks like nothing at all. Then it is gone. It continues to change while you stand at the entrance. Understand that when you are in your new house those who are outside of it, those who are on the outside, will see what they choose to see. This is important to remember here on this day. They will choose what they see, what they hope to see, what your house looks like. There is not a predetermined pattern or look or feel to your new house. It will appear to be individual and unique to them, so when they tell you that you look a certain way, understand this is coming from them. Use this to understand where they are coming from. And the next person will come to you and tell you that you look entirely different. Do not let this perplex you, for each will see you as appropriate for them before they come into your house.

Now we will ask the angels that are accompanying you to open the door, and we will walk into your new house with you. (pause) You will notice two things here. First of all, notice the energy. Notice the hum, the vibration of your house. It is not necessarily a sound. It is not necessarily a light. It does not necessarily emanate from one place, but it comes from within all aspects of your new house. It is a "sense." This first vibration that you felt, heard, or sensed when we mentioned it, remember this. This will be a grounding for you in the months to come as you learn to work with the tools of your new house. This is the frequency that is for you. Do not overthink it, dear friends. Accept it, the vibration that you first sensed. It is yours. That is what you will be working with.

In your new house, there is nothing inside other than this vibration. There are no walls like those of your old house. There are no ceilings. There are truly no doors, for you only perceived that when you entered. That is why we asked the guides to create one at that moment for you. There are no lights, although light seems to be emanating from all parts of your new house. There are no floors, even though you seem grounded here. You can see clearly to the outside for there are really no walls. There is only a perception, a faint hint and perception of an energy pattern that perhaps creates an outer wall, but even that is moving and changing. On the outside of the house you saw structure. On the inside you only see a hint of energy pattern, a pattern that is constantly changing. This should tell you something, dear friends. This should tell you either that the builders did not do their job very well (laughter), or that, dear friends, there is something more to it. Indeed, there is something more to it!

In your new house, the energy is neutral. It remains neutral until you activate it. When you choose for a wall to be there, it will be. When you choose for a chair to relax in at the end of a long day, it will appear. Be careful what you choose. You have heard these words before but have never had the chance to truly experience what this will be like. Be careful what you choose here in your new house, for it will be there. If it is that you need more energy to continue your day-to-day work, your spiritual work, your job (which is also your spiritual work), then give intent and the appropriate foods and the appropriate energy and nourishment will be brought forth to you. They will find their way to you. If it is that you need more rest and more energy in your physical body that comes from sleep, put your intent out. A bed like you have never slept in before will appear, and it will be there for you. If it is that you simply need quiet time, reflection time, so create it within your new house. Whatever it is that you need on your journey going forward, whatever it is that you so desire, and whatever it is that you intend, can be created in your new house.

In your new house, all of the energies will remain in a neutral state until you create it otherwise. This is important to remember, for if you just sit in your chair and wait for things to come to you, nothing will come. When you choose to be a creator, when you choose to accept the Divinity of who you are, all things will start coming into play. The energy that appears to be in neutral, that appears to be dormant, will now come to life. If it is that you need more abundance in your life to continue your spiritual journey here, your work of teaching, then you will attract abundance. If it is that you need abundance, then call this forth from within your new house, and it will be there for you. If it is that you need physical healing to continue your spiritual work here, activate the energies in your new house. Give intent for healing, and it will be there.

In your new house, there are several things that happen. As we said, the energy remains in a neutral state until you choose to be a creator. This may cause conflict for you. You are not so sure what to create. You are not so sure if you are creating the best possible thing for yourself. Dear friends, as you stand in your house, understand that every single thing that you create is appropriate. Fear not your own creative ability. Learn to begin trusting your own Divinity. It will come from within your Self. Do not fear it, for within the energy structure of your new house there is also woven an energy that would make it most difficult for you to ill-create. That was an attribute of the old energy. That was an attribute when there was separation. But, as we have talked to you about before, there is now unity at the source. There is unity in your new house. Fear not your creative ability. Don’t wait for Spirit or your guides or others to do it for you.

My friends, from this day forth when you are in your human situations and you are not so sure, and you still feel heavy with the energy of the old, come back to this place. Come back into your new house. Voice your intent. Do not voice it to Tobias or to Spirit or to the angels. We can hear you, but there is nothing we can do. Voice it in your new house. Voice it to your True Self, to All That You Are. Give intent. This will turn the neutral energy of who you are into creative energy. Then all things begin to happen. All things begin to happen. Do not worry of the details of how they happen. Do not worry, do not fret over how this is accomplished.

In your new house, you have the ability to create all things for yourself. Understand that the details will be taken care of by the very structure, energy and gridwork of your True Self. Oh, and indeed it is you taking care of it, but on levels that you do not need to worry about while you are in the human condition.

When you first start working with this energy, it may be somewhat awkward. That is even why we asked for three to accompany you today, to give you a feeling of comfort. You are not used to dealing with this much energy. You are not used to the fast response to your creative wishes and desires. You have been used to praying to others, to asking for help on the outside. Many here are still asking their guides to do it for them. In your new house, my friends, it is up to you. Oh, indeed we will be there watching and cheering and learning, but it is up to you.

As you enter your new house in the future, it may feel a bit awkward. There may be an initial feeling of mistrust. The mistrust is that if you give this a try and it doesn’t work, then you have failed. Indeed, this is not so. If you give it a try and it does not work, it only means that you are trying too hard. There should be no effort involved. It should be intent with love. If there is struggling involved as you stand in your new house as a creator… if there is struggle or effort involved, you are not listening to your vibration, to that "hum" you heard when you first walked in. You are only listening to the intellect of the old human.

When you first walk in and begin using the energy of your new house, there may be mistrust that you will misuse the energy or it won’t be appropriate. As we have stated, it cannot be so here. If you would like to test this theory, you are free to do so. (chuckling) With the wisdom that you have, with the structure of your house, you cannot create what is inappropriate. Do not fear your own creative abilities here. Do not fear that you are not worthy of what is to come. It will take a bit of time to get used to working with your new house. We cannot be there to do it for you. Do not look to us. Certainly, we are always there in love, always there to talk. We cannot activate these neutral energies for you. It is you. It is who you are. It is waiting for you to come forth as the creator.

Now you will not necessarily move into your new house all at one time. There is a transition period here. You will continue to find yourself drawn back to the old energy, for it is still strong with other people. It is still strong even in yourself. But from this day forth consciously put yourself in your new house, and soon enough in time, you will become the permanent resident. It will take conscious but effortless thought to put yourself in your new house. When you find yourself in experience tomorrow at your work or with your family that frustrates you, consciously put yourself in your new house. Become the creator of what it is that you choose for the outcome of this experience. Do this on a regular basis. It will take diligence each day to consciously put yourself in your new house, to learn to work with the energies that are all around, to learn how they respond to you, and you to them. This is something, dear friends, that requires practice, but it should be a practice of love. If you find yourself efforting and struggling, wondering why things aren’t happening – it is because you are efforting and struggling.

This energy that is here is not a house that you are renting. It is not a house that is mortgaged. It is owned by you. We use the metaphor of the house to help you understand. This is the energy of your True Self, of your Divine Self. It comes from within; it comes from outside. But it is all you.

In your new house, dear friends, there are many mansions. Do not limit yourself to the power, to the size, to the capabilities of your house. Work with it to be the creator in your new energy. Do not be shy or timid of this. Do not become frustrated if at first it is not like fireworks. It takes some time, as you know, to move an energy from neutral into any other direction. Be patient with this.

But more than anything, dear friends, when you are in your new house and you are not so sure of what to do or of how it operates or of how to best be a creator, simply ask your new house. Simply ask your True Self. Simply ask all of the energy that is there. When you are not so sure if you are doing the right thing in activating the energies-if you are not so sure if you are properly working the energies to be the creator-simply ask your house and then listen for the answer. Do not ask us. Do not ask the angels and guides. It is not appropriate to ask us, for we have never gone through this like you are! Ask your own house, ask your own Divine Self, and then listen for the answer. Listen where the answer comes from.

There is another aspect of your new house, dear friends. You will find that all things will come to you as you activate the energies, as you voice your intent, as you act as a creator. You will not need to go out seeking what it is that you desire. It will come to you. Through your intent, you are literally activate and polarize and energize the energy that was in neutral, and like a giant grand majestic magnet, all things that are appropriate will be brought to you. If it is a certain type of health that you are looking for, voice your intent within the house and then understand that this health it will find its way toward you. It will come knocking at your door. If there is a certain type of relationship that you choose now (now that you have cleared yourself of the inappropriate ones!) understand that the appropriate relationship will come to you. You do not need to go out searching for it. You do not need to go through a shopping mall and wonder if this person or that person is your soul mate. (chuckling) That person will end up at your doorstep.

All things will be brought to you. They will come knocking at your door. They will be so obvious that you will tend to say that it is not real, and you will look right past them. As you activate through your intent, as you activate your new house, understand that all things appropriate will be brought forth to you – abundance, health, understandings, wisdom, relationships, friends, new information, new tools. Your new house is a giant magnet that will bring things to your doorstep. Truly there will still be a period of time when the ways of the old human will still seem to play in, but, my friends, as you trust in Self, as you work with these energies in your new house, you will see that quickly change.

As we have stated before, there will be many people who are drawn to you, to your new house. There will be many that are drawn for teaching and healing and understanding. Some may be drawn just because they do not understand why the physical appearance of the outside of your house keeps changing, and they will be in amazement. But, dear friends, there will be many that will be drawn to you that will come knocking on your door for guidance. Invite them into your house. Sometimes it will be only one. Sometimes it will be large groups, such as this, sometimes much larger. They will be drawn to you, and you will have plenty of room and plenty of energy and plenty of good food in your house. But remember we say that they will be drawn to you. There is no need to go out and convert people, to try to tell them about their new houses. They will be drawn to you. All situations, all that you need, all tools will be drawn to you. All things will come knocking on your door. You simply need to be in a state, in a consciousness, to hear the knocking and to answer the door.


We will talk of another subject on this night. We discussed this with one other in the past and we would like to mention it now. It is something we know that each of you here will walk through. As you begin to learn who you truly are and to understand your vibration, and as you begin to work in the new Earth, you are literally increasing your consciousness and vibration. You are literally moving into a new place. There will come a point, dear friends-as you become accustomed to your new house-there will come a point where one day you will be deeply impacted by humanity. You will be deeply sorrowed when you look out from your new house onto the humans that reside outside. This will bring tears to your eyes. This will bring overwhelming grief to you. We have seen it in several instances now.

There comes a point in your own transformation where it is difficult to see the suffering that other humans are going through. This may be your own family or friends or people you work with. It will cause a sorrow for humanity as a whole. The sorrow will be deeper and potentially harder to deal with than when your guides left. The sorrow will be more difficult to face than even when you were given the choice to leave Earth or remain by re-enlisting in spiritual service. It will be more impactful and more sorrowful to you than any of the things that you have gone through in the last 20 years of your life.

But this time it will not be about you. It will not be about your own heart, your own path. It will be the sorrow that you see for the other humans. That is why it will be more difficult to accept than even the sorrow for yourself. It will be a difficult time, friends. We are already weaving the blankets of comfort to help you through this time. We are already preparing for the things to come. It will be a time, once again, where you will be faced on your own with the decision of whether to stay or whether to leave.

When the one known as Yeshua ben Joseph was on a hill one dark and terrible day, he was in great physical pain from being affixed to a cross. It was not himself that he cried for. He looked out onto humanity. He looked out onto the suffering of each of you. He knew the journey that you would be going through, and he wept, and he bled, not for himself, but for you. You will experience something akin to this in your own lives here. We bring this up now so that you are prepared, although there are no words that we can say that will adequately prepare you for this time. When your vibration is at a level that you are coming close to attaining, it will be difficult for a period of time to look out onto the rest of the Earth and onto humanity.

We will speak more of this in our sessions to come. As you see the rest of humanity from this perspective, understand that you took this journey also. Understand that they will have guides and teachers that are humans, that are tangible and real and have walked the path and are now living in a new house. You will be their teachers. You will be the ones to help show them to their new house. You will be the ones to help show them their own Divinity.


Dear friends, in your new house you are Divine. You are empowered. There is no other on Earth or in the heavens that can hold and use the power the way you can in your new house. You have chosen the service of Spirit in this lifetime. You have chosen to come to this place. You have chosen to now begin working with the energies of all that you are, of your true and divine being. We bless you for being on this journey. We bless you for all that you are about to create in your life. This house is you. It is owned by you and none other. And none other can take it away.

You are dearly loved for the work that you do. You are dearly loved for the new work that you are about to do.

And so it is.