"The Awakening of Your True Self"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
October 30, 1999

Tobias: And so it is, my dear friends, that our family of Crimson gathers once again.

Today it is not just the humans who are sitting in this circle, but also the many that are your past lives. These are the aspects of you who have gained all of the experiences, which in turn have created the Book of Earth. Each of your past lives gathers here in the Circle with you today. They are all part of you, yet each has its own distinct identity. It is appropriate for them to join you on this eve of Halloween. We welcome you, each and all of you, into this circle.

For the next few minutes I, Tobias, will talk through our friend Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) as we do a final adjustment and a balancing of energy in this space. As we have said in our previous gatherings, when we come together like this with you, when you invite us into your hearts, then together we create a new and a sacred energy. This energy that is not of the old human way. This energy that is not of our side of the veil either. Rather, it is an entirely new energy that we create together. Take a moment to feel this. Take a moment to acknowledge it in your heart. For this energy, for this vibration of love, is the new energy of the new human.

Now, some of you have felt this energy before. You have carried it with you for days and weeks at a time before it seems to disappear. But, my friends, this energy-this enlightenment-is something that you will be able to carry with you at all times in the not too distant future.

Your own biology is adjusting to accommodate for this. It takes time for the DNA and the cells of your body and the molecules and the organs to accept these changes—this higher vibrational state. That is what each of you is going through at this very time. Your body is learning to adjust. As you pull this sacred energy into your being, as you invite it to be part of your life experience, you will be able to hold it more and more to a point where one day, very soon, you will walk continually in that energy.

At the same time your emotions are learning to handle this new energy. Your emotions have not been used to this. Your emotions have been used to duality for so long. The acknowledgement of that comes from all of the aspects of your past lives who gather here with you tonight. Your past lives understand even more than you the heaviness of the veil. Your emotions are now learning to accept a new Oneness. Within you, you are beginning to accept a lightening of the veil.

And indeed, as this is happening there is even (for a short period of time) more conflict in your mind. The old human mind, the old human emotions tend to want to hang onto the ways of old, for that is what it is used to. Yet, the new enlightenment within you desires to move forward in this new energy. What happens when you have this polarity, when one side wants to hold on while the other side wants to move forward? It is like a collision. It is like two cars hitting head on. It causes disruption within your life. It causes depression within the center of your being for you are not sure which way to go. But all of this, my friends, is temporary. All of this will pass. These are simply symptoms of your own development, of your own Becoming.

We will talk about this more in a few moments, but now we come to do the final adjustment of energy in this space. Those, who we call the weavers, have been busy working between you-working around you-weaving and melding the energy so that you not only hear the words that are being translated through our friend Cauldre, but that you also can accept the vibrations and the energies that are unspoken in this room.

Now, before we continue on this day we come to what is always our favorite part. That is where we ask, with your permission, to come forward to hug each of you. But today it is not just those who are your family, the Crimson Council. It is all of the aspects of your past lives. It is indeed your soul-your True Self-that wishes to come forward. So, we will ask Cauldre to pause for a bit longer time than usual. We ask each of you who is gathered here to feel this energy that you are helping to create, and then to let those who join you in spirit to come forward to hug you. We ask you to do so at this time.


The energy is indeed sweet!

Now, some wonder why it is that we spend much of our time telling you of the honor that we have for you as humans. This is intentional. This is to let you know that although your path may be difficult now, although there may be challenges in your life that you would not expect at such a blessed time of change, it is to let you know that we are encouraging each of you onward. Letting you know, my friends, that the change point of your earth and subsequently of your universe is very, very near.

We ask each of you that is doing the light work-the healing and the traveling and the praying and the meditating and the working on your inner self-we ask each of you to continue this. There are times when it would be easy for you to let go, to release, to come back to home. There are times when the road seems burdensome and endless. Yet, the change point-this time that you have been anticipating for so long, and all of your past lives have been working for-is simply a breath away.

We encourage each of you to continue the teaching, the holding of energy, the opening of new insights. The work that you do is not trivial. Perhaps it does not make the headlines of your newspapers, but in ours it does! On this side of the veil, we see what you are doing. And when you make decisions based in love, based in moving forward, it is like flames into the night that we all see.

One of our greatest joys will be when you come home after you have accomplished what you came to do on earth in this lifetime. We will play back the memory thoughts for you and to show you what was truly happening. We will show you the impact that you had on the lives of others that you touched, and the impact that you had on the earth as a whole. And we will show you what you have created in another place that really does not quite yet exist, but you are helping to create it. We call this place the Second Creation. This be a joyous day when we can share with you what you have done on your Earth!

So, the honor that we give is also meant to encourage you to continue your journey in this lifetime. Can you not feel that encouragement coming from all of your past life aspects as well? We cheer you on. No, they and we cannot do it for you as we have mentioned before. As many here in this room have discovered even in these past few months that your own guides, your own angels, have backed away because this is your time. This is the time to cross the chasm. It is a lonely time perhaps, but it is the final leg of a long, long journey.

Now, we will talk briefly of your beginnings. And we will talk of the new energy of the divine human—of you. We have stated in other sessions that when this place of earth was created eons ago you, the angel, came here. But only a small part of you is truly in consciousness on this place of earth. The other parts of your self-what we call your True Self-are in the grids of earth and in the energetic fields in the other planets.

When you took this journey to earth, most of your True Self was placed in an energy cocoon. There was reason for that. It was that there was much internal, inside work to be done. So, most of your True Self was wrapped in an energy so that others could not see it. Those from other planets and other dimensions could not see your True Self. Your True Self, while wrapped in this energy cocoon, was watched over by legions of guides and angels to protect the delicate balance that was needed.

Your True Self had always been an outward creative expression. Spirit had always been an outward creative expression. It was time now to pause and to turn inward to discover something that could only be discovered in a solitary space.

While your True Self was wrapped in this cocoon and watched over by the angels, a small portion of who you truly are came to this place called Earth and began taking physical form. And when this part of your True Self came here and took physical form it also accepted duality. It took on an attribute that was most needed by your True Self and by Spirit in this great, great understanding called earth. A part of you had to walk without the conscious realization of who you were. You gave up the conscious recognition that you are indeed spirit, that you are indeed Love. You came to this place of earth and water and rock and air and did not remember who you were.

This, my friends, has been noted as the greatest sacrifice that any beings have ever made in the history of this creation. You forget who you were. Even in your deepest prayers and in your quietest moments you were no able to remember. You have struggled to remember. You have asked for signs from Spirit. But those aren’t the rules. The rules are that you would walk without remembering, without connection. Oh, indeed Spirit has heard every prayer! Spirit has felt every emotion, but it was imperative to not have you remember. We will not get into the details of this on this night. But we are here to tell you that what you have done is a sacrifice that no other has ever done.

Do you know that even a stone on your ground remembers that it is part of Spirit? Every tree, every molecule, every particle of light remembers that it is part of Spirit, remembers its origins. That is why when the animals die, they do not grieve. When the trees die, they understand. There is no grief here because there is always the understanding of the essence of who they are. You, the human species, are the ones who do not remember. That is why we honor you. For you sit here tonight, even as we talk, and do not remember! This too will change.

Now, we have also stated that your True Self that has been in this cocoon is now awakening. Imagine this as an energy egg that is now opening. Your own True Self, my friends, seeks to return to oneness with you. As your True Self emerges and is awakened from this long, long sleep it has been in, its first desire is to return to you.

In a sense, your True Self is somewhat lethargic (as you would be) after sleeping for eons of time. It is a bit drowsy. And there are angels working with your emerging True Self to help adjust the energies. But the first thing your True Self seeks to do-the first desire of your true heart-is to return to you to be one with you again. Have you not felt at night as you were laying somewhere between awake and asleep...have you not felt a longing, a crying in your heart? My friends, this is the deep desire to integrate with All That You Are.

Now, because of the dynamics of your earth and because of the way that humans were created, you have been given complete free will, even apart from your own True Self. Your True Self can only wait, patiently and lovingly, while you complete your journey in illusion here on this Earth. Your True Self cannot meld with you until you open your heart, and until you invite that return. It is not up to your True Self, it is up to you. Should you choose to go another dozen, another hundred lifetimes without reuniting, your True Self will be there in total love and total acceptance until you are ready to invite this Golden Angel into your life.

Now, each of you has invited and even pleaded to have this happen. But there is part of your human energy that resists this. Part of your human energy feels like it will be certain death for you to invite your Golden Angel into your consciousness. That is why it is so difficult at times. That is why you wonder where spirit is--where the angels are. Because there is still part of your being-that begins at the DNA and goes all the way through the cells-that is not ready to accept this.

Dear friends, dear family.... honor this. Do not fight it. Honor the fact that your own being still holds on to being a human. For you have live many, many lifetimes under this energy, under this veil. To fight it will only cause frustration. To fight it will be a dishonor to every one of your past lives that is in here with you now. Simply honor this transition. Honor the energy that has enjoyed being human. Honor the energy that is focused on your three dimensions.

In the days to come, while you are in your quiet time, while you are driving the car, give thanks to yourself. Give honor to all of yourself for the lifetimes that you have lived as a human. We see you wanting to shed that human skin so quickly to ascend, as you say, to have some lightning bolt come down and change everything. My friends, that will happen if there is honor for everything you have done until now. When this happens and there is that energy of love surrounding everything that you have done, surrounding all of your past lives, this will open the pathways for the energy of your True Self to join you.

As we scan this room today, each of you has accepted a particle of the energy of your True Self. Each of you is beginning to fill up your new energy field with this vibration of your Golden Angel. Continue to honor and allow and it will continue to build. You will notice things around you look different than before. You will notice insights and perceptions that you have never had before. You will see the changes. You are on your way to becoming what we have termed the Divine Human. You will maintain the energy and the physical attributes and some of the emotional attributes of your human being. But you will integrate and meld with your divine being—with your Golden Angel.

This new Divine Human will have understandings and knowingnesses about things around you, about other people. You will not really know where these come from but indeed, they come from you. You will be able to walk into situations and read the energy and not know how you did it. You will be able to affect your own biology quickly. You will be able to heal yourself simply by voicing your intent. The Divine Human will be able to communicate with other humans without saying words. You will be able to affect situations without having to display the previous strong human emotions. You will be able to do it by simply, silently, talking to other humans and changing the outcome of situations.

The Divine Human will not have needs. You will be without need for you will know that all things come to you as appropriate. You will not have wants. You will not fear what comes next. You, the Divine Human, will be now and present and not worry about the future. For you know that the divinity within you will provide you all things.

You, the Divine Human, will not need to worry about your humanness anymore. You will not need to worry about other people. You will be able to accept where they are and where you are. You will be present in the moment, creating in the moment, creating miracles in your now. You do not need to worry of what comes next. All of this comes simply out of trusting from the deepest level of your being. Trusting your own soul. Trusting your own True Self.

You have been separate from your True Self for eons of time. You are like a child who has been abandoned by its parents at a very early age. There is still the trauma of the abandonment. You have been like a child who is left to fend for yourself in a sometimes dark, sometimes fearful, sometimes lacking world. And you cried at night-you the child- wondering where the parent had gone, wondering why you had been abandoned, wondering why you had been left to fend for yourself.

There has been divine reason and divine purpose for this, but yet the trauma of separation, the grief, and anger, and the loneliness are still there. A sweet and loving mother. A strong and protective, forgiving father. They’ve come back from their own journey. They’ve come back to be with you. They’ve come back to find their child but yet you all look so different. The child is now filled with experience and truly no longer a child. Look around you at the past lives that stand here with you today. You are hardly a child anymore! You are a creator in your own right. The sweet and loving mother and father, they are your True Self. And they have changed also.

When they (your True Self) came to this energy of earth and went into their energy cocoon, they were an angel like us, like your family of Crimson who has been at your side. And now as they emerge from their cocoon, they are different. They are not like us. They are grand beings who have learned something incredible. When we look at the emerging True Self it brings tears to our eyes. And now you the child and you the parent, are coming to a point of reconnection. Oh, what a blessed, wonderful, long awaited celebration this will be! It is truly up to you, the child, the human, to honor all that you have been through, to honor this journey, to allow the True Self in.

Now what happens to us? What happens to those angels that have been at your side through these many lifetimes with you, who have watched over your True Self while it has been in this egg? Now it will be our turn. You have been the first to go through this. You have been the first angels to go through this process. What you have learned will now enable the rest of us, the rest of your family of Crimson, the rest of your family of Spirit to go through the process.

Indeed, we will not have to go through all of the difficulties and the separations that you have, for you have done this in sacrifice for us. We will go through a type of metamorphosis after you are complete and after this place of earth comes into its ascension status. Then the rest of us will follow you. You will be the ones watching over us as we make this change. It is very difficult to explain this entire scenario, but my friends we honor you dearly, for you have no idea what you have done.

You will be walking on this Earth for a period of time as Divine Humans, as teachers showing others the way. You will help them to understand the deep and beautiful and intense processes that you have gone through. You will be the ones grounding this energy that we call the Divine Humans. Many of you in this room will continue to work and to learn together to help solidify this energy of the Divine Human, to help teach it, to help formalize it even. It is no mistake that you are here together for you will be the ones writing the new books.

Before we close on this day, we ask you to look around at all the past lives that are here. Thank them and honor them. For they have gotten you this far. They have gotten you to this place. Bless them as they bless you. For the transition that you are about to go through will change the history of the past. We love you dearly.

And so it is.