The Creator Series Lesson 10: Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
May 12, 2001

TOBIAS: And so it is dear friends, we return to the energy of this circle for this time of your questions and answers. We will do something here to help you better understand the dynamics of the Divine Will, the dynamics of your own ability as creators. We ask you to "feel" as these questions are being asked. Feel from within you the knowingness of the answer of truth that comes forward. Do not simply wait for I, Tobias, to answer the question. Hear the answer in yourself first. Hear it come from your one chakra, from your divine being, from your divine center. It is time to start practicing these things that we speak of. Use this time, during these questions and answers, to call forward your own divine truth through your Divine Will. Bring forth the answer.

Now perhaps you will not hear the answer to the question in your mind or in your ears. It may be a feeling or a knowingness. It may be a sudden enlightenment, a sudden burst of the thought that comes to you. These answers that you hear are coming from within you, from the Divine portion of you, from the portion of you that understands things in The All. Then I, Tobias will also provide the verbal answer through Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe). We will see how close we get! (chuckling) So with that, we will begin with the first question.

Question: Tobias, I always felt that I was destined to come into this lifetime to help others during the time of great physical and spiritual change i.e., the great destructions that had been prophesized around the end of the millennium. Since this thankfully did not happen, now I feel lost and useless. Now that I am no longer fulfilling my contract as a Changeworker, what should I be seeking? Thank you.

Tobias: Dear one, this is a most common attribute of Shaumbra throughout the world. Most of you came into this lifetime for completion within yourself, but also to guide and assist, and yes, to teach others during this prophesized time of great chaos. You would be anchors of peace and healing and light in the face of great chaos and turmoil all around you.

Through the work that you and all humans have done, these prophesized destructions – the end of the world as many called it – did not occur. You have changed, you transformed things, you moved to the next level. In doing so, indeed the contract that you initially came in with was no longer needed. There became in your life, particularly in the last year or so, a great void. The service work you thought you were being called to, to help others during time of great chaos, to help others cross over, did not occur.

But dear friends, in your original contract was a "what-if clause." That "what-if" clause said that if indeed, you were to move to the next level without these traumatic things happening, then what would you do? And that is why we sit here with you now. That is the very reason we began these very specific lessons and discussions in past. The date of August 19, 1999 was the predicted date of destruction. This was also the time when we began these discussions in the teepee (see Tobias channeling "The Departure of the Guides, August 21, 1999).

We began to work with you on your "what-if" clause. That being if things DID work out, then dear friends, there would be a need on Earth for teachers, those who had done much internal work, much internal processing and transformation. These would be the ones – and you are the ones – who agreed to go into their next lifetime while staying in body.

As we have said to you before, each of you has been given at least one, but in many cases numerous opportunities to leave this Earth to come to our side. You would return to be angels and runners for those who stayed on Earth. But indeed you chose to stay, to move to the next level.

Now there is a call of the angels that goes out. There is a need for teachers, for the ones who will be crossing over from the old energy to the new energy. Your work therefore, for all of you, for family, is to be human guides. In order to do this, you must first walk the walk yourself. How could you be a teacher if you have not been on the path yourself? How can you guide other humans if you have not crossed the great chasm to your Divinity on your own?

The call now is to learn how to release, to allow and to initiate the creation process. And now, to learn to be in Divine Will. These are all things that you are learning. These are all things that you will teach …that you are already teaching. We see many of you are already teaching it to others. Indeed you may change the words to fit them better, to adapt to them. You may describe it in your own way, but you are teaching. This is your calling.

You may work at a place that makes hamburgers …but you can still be a teacher. You may be one who draws pictures and creates joy through artwork … and you are still a teacher. The reason why you are here, the reason why you have affinity with this group and with these lessons, is so you can be the most powerful human guide and teacher to others. There IS work for you to do, do not doubt it!

Question: Tobias, how do I know if I’ve truly understood the previous lessons when my life is currently so difficult? Thank you.

Tobias: The lessons that we present here are indeed challenging. They are leading edge. Dear friends, we do not come here to just tell you "feel-good words." We challenge you at some of the deepest levels. These are all things you must walk through. We know it is difficult at times to even stand behind the short wall. As simple as that seems there is the desire to jump back into duality. We know that it is difficult to wait in your new house for something to come knocking at your door, for you have the desire to go out in the streets and grab it and drag it back into the house. (audience laughter) And then to complain about it! (audience laughter and applause)

We know there are many challenges in the lessons. Above all there is a desire on your part to want to presume what things will look like. You want to pre-determine the outcome. We have told you from the beginning, from the very beginning that it will not be what you think it is. You cannot possibly imagine in the consciousness you have now, what things will be. As you get deep into your teachings with others you will laugh and you will be amused at their strugglings and their challenges. You will want to say to them, as we say to you, "It is time to stop struggling, it is time to get out of your old human way, it is time to let the Christ Consciousness that is within you express itself."

So in answer to your question, we know it is challenging. You are breaking through old paradigms that are as old as all the lifetimes you have had on Earth, that are as old as the times you had before you got here. The old energy has its origins from the time that you came through the Wall of Fire. Do you expect to change all of this in one week of time? It will take a bit of work. It can go rapidly if you are able to release. If you are able to accept, the new energy, the Divinity, will arise from within you. We thank you for this question.

Question: Tobias, can you give us more guidelines to know when we are using Divine Will. How can I be sure that I am in Divine Will?

Tobias: (chuckling) You must step into it to understand that you are in it. There is no way that we, from this side of the veil, can define it for you. While you are dancing with what comes to your door, take your left foot or your right foot and move it from the dance floor of duality into the dance floor of Divinity. You think you must struggle and you must work hard at this and you must make it difficult. It is as simple as saying "I am now in Divine Will. I am now in Divine Will." It is not saying, "I intend to be" for you will intend for a long, long, long time. (audience laughter) "Intending" sets a space and, a distance and a time between you and an outcome.

Divine will says: "I AM in my Divine Will." Then keep dancing and understand that this will change the entire energy dynamics and pattern of all things. When you look at much of what we speak of here, it is about literally changing energy patterns and dynamics. It is going from the very slow and cumbersome dynamics of the human experience into the very refined, efficient and enlightened new energy structures. To move from the old to the new is simply a matter of BEING in that new energy. Then you will automatically go there.

There was a time when you first came through the Wall of Fire, past the original Creation, when you could travel in the void simply by thought, simply by desire. As you continued your experiences and you came to Earth and took on body, all of these processes slowed down so that you would no longer THINK and BE simultaneously. Now you are coming full circle. You are coming back to a point where you can be in a consciousness simply by allowing yourself and it will be there very rapidly. You do not need complex exercises to move to Divine Will. See your left foot or your right foot doing the dance step that takes you there. And keep it simple.

Question: Tobias, thank you for being here for us and guiding us. How are we doing? Are you and this Council still giving us in the circle ideas and options? Sometimes all I can see is a huge question mark.

Tobias: (chuckling) The deeper we go into this material, the more questions will come up from within you. This is appropriate, because it is challenging things that are at very core levels of you. We are moving now into discussions and teachings that will change the very fabric, and change the very makeup of things that happened to you when you left the original Creation. In your teachings with others that you do, you will find this to be the core, core issue with them. We will be discussing more of this in our future sessions together. We have already discussed with Cauldre a certain type of technique or exercise that will be shared with all of Shaumbra. It will bring a human back to that experience of crossing through the Wall of Fire, and heal and mend that. For this is what is causing some of the most ingrained difficulties that you are going through.

How are you doing? We defer that to the ones who enter the second circle here tonight, the ones from the other councils:


As they said before, there have been prophecies of a quantum leap in the year 2012. It is now predicted to come much sooner. They are somewhat amused that you have so much doubt. If there was a report card, you would all receive high marks for your endurance (audience laughter) and your perseverance. You would receive very high marks for your continual commitment to being in service to Spirit; for your continual commitment to keep going forward. The only low mark on your report card would be for the tremendous amount of self-doubt you have. If you could release that – and we understand that it is heavy – but if you could release that, you would soar so much higher without the burdens that you carry now. But there is also empathy for those of us who have had human experience.

This self-doubt is thick and it is deep and it does relate back to the Wall of Fire. There was tremendous doubt on your part when you crossed over, for you felt that you gave up Spirit. You felt that you deceived Spirit in a way. You felt like a child who had done wrong to a parent. Spirit does not feel that way. There is no original sin that you have performed. What you did was done for the good of all. And here you sit, having coming this far, and we assure you that Spirit loves every step of your journey. Thank you for this question.

Question: Tobias, what you ask in this lesson is tantamount to selling the soul to the devil. I feel like a wild horse must feel when asked to wear a bridle and saddle. This is a cosmic joke, right?

Tobias: This is good! (audience laughter) For this is triggering within you very appropriate reactions and emotions. As we said during (the channeling) earlier today, there would be questions about this. We are suggesting that you release a gift given to you by Spirit long, long ago when you first left the Kingdom. You are being asked now to let this go. There will be the thoughts, and feelings that you are now selling yourself out; you are no longer hanging onto something that was given to you by Spirit. These feelings and emotions will definitely come up.

We cannot answer this directly for you, other than to ask you to feel your own emotions, to feel what this is like. When the time comes and it feels appropriate, you will know. You will step into your Divine Will. You will understand that, in a sense you, are really releasing nothing, that you are moving into something much grander. In a sense for you – we tell you in particular for we know the way your mind works – Free Will is truly a subset of Divine Will.

Question: Hi. Where is the One Chakra located and what can I do to accelerate this process. Thanks for everything.

Tobias: It is not located anywhere that you can describe or feel or touch. It is all of you, all of who you are. It is typical for you to associate it with your Heart Center, for the Heart Chakra holds tremendous compassion and understanding. But literally it is not located in any single place. It is all of you.

In order to accelerate the process, it is simply a matter of what we have talked of in these discussions. It is a matter of allowing and releasing and then initiating a creator process. As you initiate the creator process, as you have passion for the new work that you do, this gets the One Chakra vibrating at a much higher level.

Do not try to associate it with a specific place. (chuckling)We do not want to see you or one of the speakers come in here with a chart that shows where the One Chakra is located, for this would not be true and accurate. There is no singular place in the human anatomy where it resides. It is all of you. It is the melding of the former seven plus five chakras into one, into unity. Understand that it is simply you.

Question: Tobias, can one choose to move into one’s Divine Will if one has not received the Fruit of the Rose?

Tobias: It will be difficult. There is an energy that is needed at all parts of your being, physical, mental and spiritual. There is an energy that is needed to move to these new levels. In a sense, if you tried to move into Divine Will before receiving the Passion, it would be like putting the cart before the horse. The series of lessons that we discuss with you are done in very specific order. (chuckling) Even though Cauldre does not always feel that way, they are done very specifically. They are laid out in segments, for the absorption of energy, for the understanding to take place in the appropriate patterns.

As teachers, you will find that you could not teach this too quickly. The human transcending from the old energy into the new will not be able to handle the amount of energy that is coming in – but also going out – if these lessons are given too quickly. Again, we would not like to see you as teachers trying to do the Reader’s Digest version of these lessons. It would not do well for the human, for either they would not understand it or there would tend to be a burn-out factor for them. These are laid out in specific sequence. It is not meant that you need to read these one month apart from each other, but we suggest that you have an understanding of a lesson before you move to the next.

Question: Tobias, is there a new energy frequency that is attaching, blending or melding with the astrological signs that may or may not be evidenced in a person’s chart?

Tobias: We will call in others from the council that understands the workings of the stars.


They say that there are energy attributes stored in the planets, as a part of the energy make-up of the planet, can be realized by the person moving into the new energy. These energies, that are not only in the planets of your solar system but also exist in the other stars in the galaxies, do not influence your life. They are not the guide walls of your life. These are simply at your disposal for expanding your Creator Energy. So, in direct answer to the question, do not look so much in these areas right now for the power that you need to move into your Divine Energy. That will all come from within. As you bring that up from within, there is a corresponding energetic reaction to the appropriate planet. But if you focus on the planet rather than your Divine Self you will not be able to pull forth the energy. At this time it is not our recommendation to look to these areas for understandings or empowerments.

Question: Tobias, please speak to charging money for spiritual gifts.

Tobias: (chuckling) We look at the energy here and we ask each of you to look at this also before we say our words. What is being asked here is the appropriateness of charging a financial sum for spiritual understandings or classes or lessons. We ask you to feel the energy behind this. Now we will provide our insights.

This is an energy of duality, an old energy. There is within you the deep feelings that the energy of money and the energy of churches should not mix, or the energy of spirituality and money. We do not understand why you do not have equal and balanced respect for these. And now we will add a twist to this. You will be the ones going out to do the teaching. You will need an automobile to drive to your office or to the home of a client. You will need heat and food. Is it not appropriate that you should be compensated for your work? Is it not appropriate that the ones seeking your service should put forth the energy and the effort to balance for what you are doing for them?

The work you will be doing as teachers will be more valuable to them than all the money in the bank can pay. How do you charge for being a human guide and for helping to enlighten others? How do you charge for helping somebody break through the old energy into the new? How do you charge for teaching another how to be a creator of their own being? We ask you, all of you who are Shaumbra, to release this old notion for you will need the balance in the work that you do.

Question: Tobias, before me I see and feel the life I am stepping into but I sense a part of me stalling. Any suggestions?

Tobias: This is very typical and we have seen this in nearly all of Shaumbra. There is a desire and excitement to move forward, but there is a feeling that perhaps you are stalling. We ask you not to become over concerned with this. There will be times also when you feel things are moving too fast. It is one of the attributes of Shaumbra that we are noting, and it is one of the things that we ask you to note also. When you sit down to teach the others you will be able to talk to them about the feeling of being stalled, the feeling of uncertainty. We do not see that this will continue to be a problem for you specifically, the one asking the question. This is rather temporary, so do not be concerned that this will continue for great periods of time.

Question: Can we put Free Will in the Oven of Grace?

Tobias: This is most wise and most appropriate.

Question: I am confused about intent. When we first entered our new house, you said to use intent to activate the neutral energy, now you say intent is unnecessary. Is voicing intent of need or desires ever appropriate?

Tobias: What you are experiencing is an evolution in what you are learning. Prayer was an important part of your life early on. You moved from prayer to intent and now you are moving past intent to what we call the I AM. A simple Isness exists now. It is part of you. It is already here. As you teach others, you will walk through the process of prayer … to intent … to now simply I AM.

Intent was appropriate at the time when we spoke to you of it. It is still appropriate for most humans. But you are now moving past intent into Isness, into the All. You are transcending intent, and moving into the Divine Moment where all things that you need exist. Intent has been an important tool. We are not saying that it was inappropriate, for it served its purpose at its time. But now we are moving you past that.

Question: Tobias, is it a good thing to work with those that have passed on? Thank you.

Tobias: This is an excellent question. They, in a sense, are working with you. For the most part they do not need the type of healing work that you believe you should offer to them. They do not – Cauldre challenges us here – but we continue. (audience laughter) They do not even so much need the type of prayer that you do.

Now there is an exception here. That is when they go through their transition where they are still heavy into the energy of Earth and of being human. This lasts for anywhere from a period of three days up to several months. You will be able to feel their need to be forgiven and released by you or others that hold them back. They have a need to be told that they are in a good space and an appropriate space. There are those who come to our side who so deeply and firmly believe in judgment that they sit and wait for it. It takes some work on our part and your part to help release them from this. There are those who are in hell even to this day. They have been there for quite some time, for they choose to believe in it, even though there are angels on this side who are working with them to try to break down those old belief systems. But it is difficult when there is an engrained belief that they belong in this place called hell. It is difficult to get through to them. They think, oddly enough, that the devil is trying to trick them once again – to release the concept of hell.

When another comes to our side, release them. Forgive them if there are unresolved issues. And know that they come back to serve you. They are the ones who join the team of your runners, so do not feel that they need your healing all of the time.

Question: Tobias, please explain this feeling of crowded energetic gridlock in this third dimensional experience.

Tobias: The more you transition into the new energy, the more you will feel the heaviness and the thickness of what you call the 3-D energy. The more it will be difficult to go into crowded places. The more you will want to spend time in your higher vibrational new home, both literally and figuratively. It will become increasingly difficult to handle certain jobs, certain situations. We will discuss more of this in our series that will start in August. We will help you to understand how to deal with it. But the clue was given today when we said "It is not about you anymore." We will discuss more of this later.

Question: In my experience, the only truly Free Will is the Divine Will because the other choice comes out of old false identity or reaction. Is this not true?

Tobias: Your perception is …very wise and very accurate. You will learn more about this as you truly transition into Divine Will. In a sense Free Will was an illusion. Free Will was an illusion. In a sense, Divine Will has always been and do not think about this so much in the mind, but feel it from the heart. Divine Will has always been at play. There was an illusion that there was something called Free Will.

This does not mean that you were not free as angels to do whatever you have chosen to do. But under the guise of Free Will there has always been the current of Divineness. In all of your journeys you have felt separated and alone from Spirit. This has created an illusion of Free Will. But in reality, you are never alone. What we mean by this is that Spirit has always been with you. Spirit has always loved you and supported you. Spirit has always been you.

This has been difficult for you to imagine. Many of you have prayed or intended for an angel or God to appear to you as a "sign" before you take a step into your next level. Many of you have looked at the outer relationship in order to validate something that can only happen on the inside. Indeed you have never been alone, you have never been without Divinity, you have never truly been separated from Spirit.

And as we move into our next series – (chuckling) Cauldre says we continue to promote these – we will talk more about how your divinity has always been there. We will talk about how to take your new Divine Will and bring it together for the support and the knowingness of God that you have always sought. We will talk about how to overlay your Divine Will with the support from Spirit, the support from Home that you have longed for all. We will discuss how to truly meld these together.

There is much work ahead as you can tell, much to discuss, much to discuss. We will continue to encourage you to bring up the answers for yourself. We will continue to encourage you to release the information that is stored within you, so that it can be brought back to you. We will continue to ask you, dear friends, to begin channeling your true self, your Divine Self, for that is indeed where the answers lay.

I, Tobias, and the ones who come from the Crimson Circle are simply guides along your path. It is not that we know the answers. It is not that we even live the experience. We are simply here to assure you that you are on the right path and on the right course. You will be coming more and more into your own empowerment in these days to come. The relationship between Tobias and the others that gather will be closer and deeper and more like friends. We are not the exalted ones. You are the ones who are exalted! We love you dearly.

And so it is ...

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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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