The Creator Series Lesson 7: Questions & Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
February 10, 2001

Tobias: And so it is that we continue with the energy of this circle of this day. This is one of our favorite times … when we attempt to answer your questions. As we have said to you so many times before, there are times when we do not know the answers either. You are pioneers in the new energy, and therefore the solutions have not yet been created. We then work with you, your divinity and those on the other side of the veil to create the answers. We do know there is a changing energy that is taking place right now within Shaumbra. We will speak about this for a moment.

We have talked of this issue of "prayer." We have riled some lightworkers! (chuckling) We want to make a point here – and underline it – that we are not in any way condemning prayer. We are not saying that prayer has not been, or will continue to be, appropriate. We are simply saying that you are changing your energy, you are changing the way you create and the way you affect your outer world. Prayer has been a powerful tool for you. It has helped bring a focus of energies. It has helped to solidify your intents. It has helped you to truly know your path. When you pray from your heart with love for others, it has had an effect, if they so choose to use that energy.

As you move into the depths of your new energy, you will not need to pray for an outcome. It will simply BE. This may be somewhat difficult to understand. As you walk in a place of balance and peace, and as you create with the broad brush, you will manifest by simply BEING. You will bring these attributes to others if they so choose to use them. There will be no need for an outward expression of prayer. It will simply BE because you are there. We know this will take some work to understand.

You are beginning to understand that certain energy dynamics are appropriate. If another human chooses illness, or abundance problems, understand that this is what their being is choosing. Honor this and be in a knowing space. Then when they seek your guidance as a teacher, you can truly, truly begin to help them.

There are some who pray for others with inappropriate energy. They pray that others are not so bad! They pray that others should come to their senses! (audience laughter) They pray that others should not be so wrong. Dear friends, as Shaumbra you are learning to honor others for where they are. You are learning to create balance within yourself, and this is changing the way things appear on the outside.

Even your most recent shaking of the land in the place called India was appropriate. To pray that Gaia stops these activities would be inappropriate, for these are necessary. Just like you, Gaia is releasing old energies. Simply love Gaia, simply be in a place of balance yourself, be in a place of divinity and so will Gaia. The humans who left the earth in India during this event chose to do so. For you to not honor this is not honoring their path. As difficult and painful as this may seem, all of those who crossed over recently simply ask you to honor them. When you pray with sorrow, you send the energy of sorrow and sadness and despair. This is what they receive, and they do not so much want this. Instead, they want the energy of your honor and your acceptance.

As Shaumbra, you are moving beyond the need to pray. Prayer indicates that there is an imbalance and that things are not appropriate. As Shaumbra, you will understand that all things are appropriate. If you choose to bring a balance of new energy into a situation, simply BE. Simply put yourself in that situation. Instead of feeling sorrow and anguish, simply put your energy in the situation. Your new balance will be available for those who chose to use it.

In this new energy, dear Shaumbra, there are many changes from the old ways. There are many changes and there will continue to be. The issue of praying versus BEING is but one.

With that we will begin with the questions on this night.

Question: Tobias, the four areas of human concern (abundance, relations, health and self-worth) are so broad. Must we wait for a certain period before we paint another broad stroke or can we paint one nightly?

Tobias: Dear friends, it is time to begin listening to the vibration and the song of your new house. Answer this question for yourself! You will feel if it is chaos, you will feel if it is appropriate, you will feel if it is too long between creations. More and more we will answer your questions with a question back to you: what does it feel like to you?

We cannot guide you with a general answer to this question, because for each of you it will be unique, different and individual. There are those who will feel it is appropriate to create the broad stroke for each area, on this very night. Others will choose to wait, to feel, to see what happens outside their New House after they have created with a broad stroke. They may wait days or perhaps weeks. (laughing) But this group that sits here, we know you will be working tonight!

Question: Tobias, what is the relationship between our self, and our Higher Self and our True Self? I’ve been accustomed to equating those two terms. Any insights would be welcome.

Tobias: Dear, dear friend, you have put your Higher Self and your Divine Self and your True Self outside of your house. They would like to come in now. It is all the same. As we discussed earlier, you are in one room of your house, yet there are many rooms. The many rooms under one roof are what you would call your True Self. Begin to open to the many rooms. It is ALL within you. You think that there is some being out there, a large golden angel that is outside of you. Yet, your divinity is at the smallest level within you and it grows from there. It does not come banging on the door of your house. It illuminates from within your being. The separation that you have placed between yourself and your divinity and Spirit needs to come to an end now. Bring it together within your house.

Question: Tobias, what can I do to assist in my growth ascension taking into consideration that for each of us the journey is slightly different?

Tobias: First, spend more time in your New House, the metaphor for all that you are. There are songs, there are tones and harmonies that come from within. You have been wandering the streets outside of your house, looking and searching. You have been traveling the highways and the by-ways from town to town, looking for these parts of yourself. Bring this inside now. Listen to the vibration. You will learn how to answer your own question here and you will come to new realizations.

Also, there is a vibration that sets forth the activity of creation in a more dynamic form. It is a "propelling" vibration. When you are creating, when you are using the broad stroke, there is a vibration. We will attempt to define this in the human vibrational and sound spectrum. (pause) It is similar to EH-LA-TONE. (struggling to properly channeling this tone) It is a vibration of EH-LA- TONE. EH-LA-TONE. This is a vibrational quality that intensifies the creation process. Allow the vibration of EH-LA-TONE to be in your broad stroke. It will propel it, it will add more dynamics to it. This is something that will help initiate the creation energy. It is a vibration that adds more force to it. Work with this vibration. It is like adding an exclamation point to your own creation.

Now we return to your question. Simply listen, simply listen to what the song of your New House is telling you. You will be guided appropriately. Then do not be in fear of taking the large brush and creating that first stroke and that begins the process.

Question: Tobias, is speaking and verbalizing out loud – with regard to intent or desire or just communicating – more powerful and effective than thinking or speaking inside to one’s Higher Self or guides, God, Sananda, and so forth?

Tobias: You will move past even the speaking, even the thoughts of the mind. It will come from the One Chakra area. Much of "voicing" out loud is related to the mind. You are being too limited, and there is too much mental activity. Spirit hears you whether words are spoken or not. Sometimes you tend to be so regimented even in the words you say. We know of many of you that re-phrase and re-word your communications to Spirit, thinking perhaps God didn’t hear you correctly. It is not about the words you say. It is about the vibration that emanates from you, that begins in your One Chakra. It is a simple expression. This is what is truly creating your reality.

Question: Tobias and family, am I doing everything properly or do I need to tune up in some areas? It’s kind of lonely here. I know I have my children with me but I don’t have anyone with the same understandings in my life yet, that I can share, discuss my thoughts or feelings.

Tobias: We are looking at the energy of this question. (pause) Indeed, you will continue going through changes. It is not a matter of tuning up or if you were doing the right thing. You will continue to feel changes and momentum. Do not mistake this for not doing the right thing. You are truly on the right path. You are truly on the right path.

Many lightworkers choose a time of aloneness for the inner reflections that are necessary to recharge their own energy levels. As you move deeper into the new energies and as you learn the first step of outward creation – pro-active creation with the broad stroke – apply this to your relationship area. Know that the appropriate acquaintances will then be drawn to you. They will come knocking at your door. And indeed, there is always Shaumbra, always willing to connect. We see your own local circles growing. We see your own internet communications linking all of you together. Use these tools to connect with Shaumbra, who share experiences and thoughts similar to yours.

Question: About a year ago my brother fell approximately 30 feet from a platform, breaking his pelvis and several vertebrae. He has recovered physically but he now believes two aliens have invaded his physical body as a result of injuries to his etheric body and an operation on his wrist. He also feels that his etheric body is being attacked by alien parasites. In the past year he has contacted a number of healers about his condition and had a number of healings done, so far without success. Can you shed some light on what is going on and what corrective measures are needed to rid him of this condition.

Tobias: Dear friend, this accident was a way of jarring and shaking loose some old issues that go way back. The fall literally brought these to the surface. Now you have a situation where old issues have been brought to the surface, because it is time to look at them, to bless them and to heal them. Blaming this on the aliens is giving up your own power. It is giving power back to the very thing we spoke of earlier on this night. It is giving power to ‘a lie’, giving power to something that does not have power over you. We also ask, why would the aliens want to come into your body and live like that? There are many other places they could go! A fruit tree would be a better place for them to live. (audience laughter)

Understand that many of the old imbalances from the past come forward now for you to love and to honor them and to bless them. Then they will go away and you will not be imbalanced. However, if you continue to believe that aliens are running your life, we will gladly sit and watch while you play your game.

Question: Dear Tobias, last month I showed the video of the December 2000 Tobias channeling to inmates at the federal prison. (There are plans to bring the Crimson Circle to the prison in the near future.) One of the inmates asks the following question: "Why does Tobias want to come here and be with us? Is he coming because he feels sorry for us poor slobs? Is he going to watch my back? Why does he want to come here?" The inmate became very agitated as he spoke and there were flashes of a dull mustard yellow and dull brown in his auric field. Something seemed to bring up an issue of betrayal that had caused him great pain and landed him in the prison. Is there a message for him and others?

Tobias: Dear friend, this is such an appropriate question! We will share a story that brings up many emotions. (pause) I, Tobias, died in a prison, in a lifetime long, long ago. I was an owner of land, of property. This was not during the lifetime that I went by the name of Tobias, the one where I was thrown out of your scriptures. (audience laughter) It was a lifetime that occurred afterwards. I was an owner of land and there was a person in a position of authority who very much cherished my land. He found a way to have me imprisoned. I was of a middle age and with a family. I was placed in prison to die.

Now, I had much anger around this. I had much feeling of betrayal by Spirit. I could not understand why I would have ever created this for myself as a human. This was one of the most significant lifetimes for me. Prison became a time of quiet and reflection, a time of true connection with Spirit. After going through the initial process of anger and betrayal, I came to understand Spirit and God within me. I died not an unhappy man. I died not in anger. I died having come to a new realization and a new enlightenment. In this lifetime, I chose to free myself from all of the bars that I had put around myself in the past, literally and figuratively.

The one who brings forth these messages, Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), the one I call my son, has also spent time in prison. Not so long ago, but not in this lifetime … thank you. (chuckling) He asked us to put that in. (audience laughter) Now it was not so many lifetimes ago that he spent some time behind the bars for rather reckless activities, which he does not want us to go into. (audience laughter) During this time he came to understand some realities of human conditions and power levels. He came to understand that there were injustices in your world. These knocked him down a few notches from the high chair that he sat on!

It is appropriate for this energy of the Crimson Circle to find it’s way to those who feel trapped and imprisoned, to those who feel unworthy, to those who feel no hope. For the energy of this circle is about hope and truth and love.

There will not be many words we need to say to these ones that are called inmates; we will sit with them, we will ask them to feel a movement of energy. If they are willing to open their beings, we will go to the deepest levels when we gather with them in prison. We will go to the deepest levels to say, "We love you dearly", "We know your are family", "We know your are here for a reason of your soul". "We will sit with you for a while in the greatest of compassion because we have been there."

Question: Tobias, I miss so much the peace and serenity which came following what Kryon calls taking the neutral implant. It often seems I will never feel lasting peace, which feels lost.

Tobias: You and all who are Shaumbra are going through a period of many changes. There are many adjustments at this time. You will have increased time periods of feeling balanced. Serenity will be difficult for the rest of the days of your life; but a peaceful balance, a peaceful balance will be appropriate. You will have a deeper understanding of the way things work. You will not feel you are in a battle with duality but rather a balance of love. You will all be very active in the rest of these days. There is much energy of change and movement that you have asked to be part of. You will not find yourself as a bystander, but as a creator. That is why we are all here.

Question: Tobias, now that I have made a commitment to living my life purpose through my work, the financial challenges have become intense. What is the major learning needed to move through this easily?

Tobias: Go into your new house, take that large brush, create a broad stroke of balanced abundance, and then to get out of your way. Allow your divinity to come in and bring you the things you need.

You spend so much time in your mind … you spend much time there. You have had to because of your experiences in the past. In the old energy, you had to create each individual moment. You had to worry of the battle of duality. You had to build walls around yourself. Now, you’re moving into the new energy. The lesson of using broad strokes is a simple one, and it is the first step to creating in the new energy. Create it in a broad stroke and allow it to find it’s balance. Perhaps this will mean a change of jobs. This may mean taking a new path and this is all part of the process. It is best to say for you, after you create in this broad stroke, to simply be out of the way. The appropriate financial resources will come knocking at your door.

Question: Tobias, please explain again how we should "sit with the fear".

Tobias: Dear friends, you are used to battling fear when it comes in. Your natural reaction is to put it as an opposing energy. Oh indeed, fear will come in and panic and anxiety will come in. These are all appropriate and natural energies now, and will be for a period of time. Instead of battling fear – which gives it power – sit with it when the anxiety of your fearful situation confronts you.

Your natural reaction is to worry, to get frantic, and feel you have to do some external activity. You feel you have to do a counter-activity to the fear. Simply sit with it, simply look at this fear. Ask why it is in your life. Ask if it would like to be released now. Perhaps it is waiting to go out of your life. Understand that it is not a reality if you no longer choose it.

We have already talked of what you call the "aliens." It is an example of unfounded fear. When you give them power over you, they will continue to grow. They will tell you they come from an ascended place, a high and mighty place. They will say you are a peon and that you are an experiment and you have made great mistakes in the past. These aliens, these lies, will tell you that they come here to bring you the answers. If that is so, then why have they not landed and shown themselves to all? Why is it that they have not worked with your governments and lightworkers. It is because they cannot! They cannot come here – they are aspects of the past that cross over into your reality. They will lie to you to take away your power.

The same with your fears: they will lie to you and they will tell you that they are real. Dear friends, we give you this simply tool: when these fears come in, take out your paint brush and paint right over them! (audience laughter and applause)

Question: Tobias, could you please comment on the difference between contracts which have concluded and habits which continue to live on?

Tobias: For all who are touched by these words, your contracts have concluded! There are residual energies that continue to cling on. These are, these are very interesting. These are things that we are studying on this side. When you have moved through a door and you’ve gone to another room, why do the old energies cling like they do? We are finding through you that as you spend more time in what we call your inner room of your new house, the quiet room; and you spend more time allowing these old energies to run their course, there is a smoother transition. We are learning through you that the energy structures of the old habits are not so easy to release. When you struggle with them, rather than love and accept them, when you try to arm wrestle them, when you try to fight them, they become stronger and they tend to hang on longer.

There is a group of humans that is working with some advanced energies, literal vibration waves that will help release these old energies. These are like your own energy parasites that hang on to your energy composition. They can even go through the changes of your enlightenment with you. What we have learned, through you, is that when you give them power, when you try to fight them, they hang on longer. We will discuss more of the technology this group is working on quite soon, as this information is nearly ready to be brought forth. We apologize that we cannot give you a better answer at this point, but we are learning along with you.

Question: You coincidentally used the term that the energies cling, like as in "cling-on," like as in alien. Is there a relationship?

Tobias: In a sense, yes.

Question: Do I really belong to this group? And if so, why have I had trouble physically getting here and why have I not experienced all the things others seem to be going through, the pain and the difficulties, etc?

Tobias: First of all, we say that each path is different. Each path is different and for you to say you must be going through a certain set of experiences is not being fair to yourself. It has been difficult for you to get here because you are not so sure you want to be here! You’re not so sure you want to be part of the changes that are occurring. You are not so sure if you want to be part of this first wave of humans that is going into this new energy. And for this, there is respect and honor, for there are ones who will go first and ones who will go through in the second and third and fourth wave.

Are you family? Indeed! Are you one who we have known before? Indeed, otherwise you would not be attracted to these energies. There are those who are given these channels to read and they cannot get past the first line. It is not appropriate for them at this time. There is other work for them to do. Are you family? Indeed you are and you are always welcome here, you are always welcome.

Question: Tobias could you discuss applications of astrology to us as lightworkers at this time?

Tobias: It is best dear friends to put down your ways of old astrology at this time … for yourself. For humans who are not walking into the energy of the new earth, astrology is absolutely appropriate for them. For yourselves, you have moved into your new lifetime. How do you chart that? What degrees do you place on the birth of your new Self? It is no longer appropriate to be guided by the stars. We remind you that you created these very stars! You have transcended the need to be structured by the energy of the stars … objects and energies that you placed there!

You are creating the new stars and the energy for them, the stars that have not been discovered quite yet. You are the ones shaping their energy patterns. Now, we know there are some who will not so much like this remark. We are not condemning astrology by any means, it is still appropriate for most humans, as most humans are still walking in the old energy. For Shaumbra, if you get a reading now from the stars or from ones who see energy, they will not understand what is going on with you. They will not see your energy field and they will be shocked -- because they are looking in the old place. Your energy field is now in a new place. For those who read your stars and your charts, it will not feel so right to you any more. It will feel like something from the past. It will not feel like something that you are walking in now. And if you choose to let the stars rule you now in your new energy, it will hurt.

Question: Tobias, I feel I am being called into service to assist persons who are transitioning to the other side. I am finding this to be challenging and draining on my biology. How do I find the strength to do this work?

Tobias: Indeed there is a service that you are being called to. You are putting too much pressure on yourself to have the right answers for these ones who are transitioning. You are trying too hard. Just be there with them. Simply talk to them, one human to the other. Do not philosophize with them. Do not bring them these words from the Crimson Circle thinking this will solve their problem. Simply be a divine human in the process of their transition. This is what they need the most.

The reason you feel tired and worn out is that you are trying too hard. There is energy leakage here. Just sit with them in love and honor. Hold their hands during this transition period. You, as well as they, will become energized.

Question: Tobias, I am feeling so disconnected and out of tune. I feel totally confused, lost if you will. I so desperately want to feel connected again, but how?

Tobias: You are changing from the old energy into the new. Unfortunately, as many of you have found, there comes a feeling of disconnection. There comes a feeling of disillusionment and a feeling of being dispassionate. There is a change-over in your entire system that is difficult to undergo. During this time, simply know that you are not alone – know that we are here with you. Do not worry of doing the wrong thing, for we see in your energy you are becoming frozen, you are becoming immobilized by worrying that you might have done something wrong during this transformational process. You are afraid to take action, you are afraid to express yourself. Do not worry. With all of the energy dynamics going on within and around you, you cannot go wrong. Begin to trust in yourself and understand this is just a process that you are going through.

Question: Are you the twin flame of the one called Jan Tober?

Tobias: We previously discussed the concept of "twin flame". Dear friends, there is not a lost part of you or me, in all of creation. If the talk of "twin flame" is meant to express love for two beings who walk together, and the intent is to say they are the same in many ways – they are deeply in love – there is good energy here. However, if the intent to talk of the "twin flame" is to fill in a part of you that you feel is incomplete, you will search the world and the universe in an unhappy journey.

You are complete in yourself! The feeling of being incomplete is the residual of going through the shattering in the Wall of Fire. Is it not amusing to you … the relationship of the words "twin flame" and "Wall of Fire"? (audience laughter) There is not another part of you that is lost. It was just an experience you went through in the Wall of Fire. You and I are complete unto ourselves.

Question: Tobias, I’ve put many issues in the Oven of Grace but haven’t seen much result on these issues. Is there some ritual before placing - so that the energy is right for the result?

Tobias: Part of the experience of the Oven of Grace is to allow grace to do it’s work. There are many expectations that you have when you put things into the oven. Part of the exercise here is to release the issue. Let it go. Let it find it’s own divine balance. We feel your anxiety when you put an issue in the Oven. You expect outcome in a certain number of minutes and an outcome defined in a certain way.

Dear friends, part of the experience of the Oven of Grace is that of allowing, that of patience, that of releasing. Have no expectation. When there is no expectation other than divine balance you will have such an easier time in your life. Your outcomes will be so much more powerful and so much more fulfilling to you.

You are moving into the energy, and it is quite different than the old. You are still trying to rebuild yourself based on the old energy and the old human ways and all of your past lives. In a sense, the new energy is an inversion of the old ways. In the old energy, you tried to create from the mind to effect your situations. You prayed for certain outcomes. You tried to affect an outer world without understanding your inner world. Do you see this?

As you change the vibration of your inner being with the broad brush stroke, it changes the perception and the reality of things outside your house. In the old energy way of creating, you tried to tell your outer world how to be, what to look like and what it should give you. In the new energy, you go inside your house with the tools of grace and acceptance and allowing and trust. With these tools in your heart, take your brush and create the very new vibrations of balance and fulfillment.

We love you all very dearly.
And so it is ...

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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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