The Creator Series Lesson 3: Question and Answers

October 14, 2000

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we continue in this circle. We continue in this divine moment that we have been sitting in with you. We have many questions to ask you, although we know that this is your question time! Tonight, it would not be so appropriate, but we will ask several questions of you. We will ask for your input in the next few days.

Never has such a large group of humans walked through the process of the awakening divinity at one time. There are tens of thousands of Lightworkers that are awakening at this time. We ask you to tell us what this is like. What does this feel like within your biology? We ask you to express what it feels like in your emotions. We ask you what it feels like in your transformation.

All of this is important. We are curious about what is going on within you, the processes, the new understandings, the new wisdoms that you are realizing. This is all new. So, we ask you to communicate with us, to share with us what you are experiencing in your moment.

We ask you how it is to walk such a lonely path, for we know that this has caused you to release many of the old things, of old relationships, of jobs, and ways of handling challenges. We ask you to share with us, but ultimately it will not be us answering the questions for you. We will gather in groups like this, and you will be answering for us. Indeed, you are the teachers.

Now we will cause Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) a bit of embarrassment here tonight. We will answer a question before it comes up. There has been a question about who Tobias is. Our friend does so much want us to go here tonight! The Book of Tobit tells a story of (pause) – our friend does not want us to go here – a Tobias Sr. and a Tobias Jr. It was Tobias Sr. that was blinded and lost his fortunes. He then asked his son, Tobias Jr., the young Tobias, to find the moneys that were owed to him. In doing so young Tobias had many adventures along the way. He learned much and ultimately returned to give Tobias Sr. the money that was owed. When this happened, he also gave him a type of cure that would provide the healing of his eyes.

And so in the Book of Tobit there were two Tobias’s. I, Tobias, the one that speaks through Cauldre, I am Tobias Sr. Tobias Jr. is the one who sits in the chair here, the one who brings forth these messages to you. I call him Cauldre. He is the one I lovingly know and remember well as my son. And he does not like this so much! (audience laughter)

I will honor him on this night and thank him for the work that he does, for he is fulfilling a contract to be here at this time. It was an agreement that was made long, long ago. When I chose not to come back to Earth, he agreed to go forth, and agreed that we would work together. Because of our close energy and the deep love for each other, Cauldre agreed to channeling for the Crimson Council. He agreed to bring forth the energy of the Crimson Council on Earth when the time was appropriate. So now, dear son, this is out! This is known. It is our pleasure to share this. (chuckling)

And with that we would be happy to take any other questions.

QUESTION: Why are you disclosing that at this time?

TOBIAS: There was a ceremony on our side of the veil earlier on this night. Yes, even we on this side of the veil have our own ceremonies and our own honorings. Shortly before the channeling began tonight, there was ceremony for young Tobias. He was acknowledged for the work that he has done. It was a beautiful ceremony. Indeed, it was filled with crimson. Indeed, young Tobias was given a new sword. He was invited to sit on the Crimson Council, in a seat of leadership. This is a moment that I, as a father to him at one time, was most proud of. That was why we bring this forth at this time.

QUESTION: In a recent small group channeling you mentioned digital technology as it relates to duality. You mentioned that we needed to balance consciousness with technology. Can you talk about this please?

TOBIAS: Digital technology exemplifies duality. It exists as a positive and a minus, or as an "0"and a "1." It is two separate energies working together. When your scientists discovered the value of this digital technology – of the opposing forces working together to create something new – this brought a whole new era in technology. It helped to create things like your computers and CD players. This brought new communications technologies. This is helping to speed the communication, and to speed the transition of energy on Earth.

In the past, technology in the past has been abused, as you would define it. Technology was used in Atlantis, and the results were not quite what you would have wanted them to be. Now there is a melding of technology and your spiritual growth. It is up to you, the enlightened humans, to help bring this forth, to help combine technology with your deeper spiritual aspects.

Your next step in this process will be the quad math, as we discussed earlier, with new discoveries that exponentially accelerate what you now know as your dual digital technology. And these discoveries, as we say, are within several years of your time. Again, if you look at the number 4, you begin to understand the strength that lies within it. Even your year 2011 is a 4-number which is the year before your final transition – what is thought to be your final transition of 2012. There is now much of a melding between technology and the understandings inherent in these and your own spiritual growth. In the past these have remained somewhat apart.

QUESTION: My friend and I saw a man disappear in front of our eyes. Who was he, and what was the message?

TOBIAS: Indeed, he never existed in the first place! It was an illusion, a highly realistic illusion. This illusion was discontinued after he gave you a message. It was not verbal; it was given to each of you through his mind. If you look back, you will understand what he was saying to you. This was not a physical entity. He was a composite of energies that were there appropriately for you.

QUESTION: Tobias, you speak of this lifetime as being one that we have all had to endure and suffer through. Is that denying the creative expression of the God I Am that has allowed us to understand, grow, and evolve through the experience and now reveal in us our great divine accomplishments?

TOBIAS: We honor you for this. We honor you for the experience that you have gone through. We know also in your life there is much joy. There is much abundance. But we also never fail to thank you for what you do endure. We know that you are out there in the world each day. You are going through challenges that have been set up. When we gather here together in this group, we always choose to acknowledge and thank you for those difficulties. Indeed, we honor you for the love and selflessness that is involved in what you do. But we also come here to help, for a brief moment, wash away the pains and the difficulties and the sadness that you have gone through. We know how challenging and how difficult this is.

QUESTION: From a non-dualistic perspective all dimensions of creation have equal validity and purpose. In fact, from the perspective of Spirit the playground of 3-D has taken eons of preparation to embody within. Why then does 3-D, which is structured around duality, get such a bad rap?

TOBIAS: Your space, your energy that has been created around Earth and your physical universe is unlike any other. It is, as we have said, existing outside of All That Is. It is not at all getting a bad rap! It is only the most difficult to go through. From my own personal experience… I had walked the Earth in many, many lifetimes and found it to be extremely difficult to be in duality, to be cut off from connection with Spirit. It was overwhelming. That is why there is so much respect and honor from our side for what you are doing. All realities, all dimensions indeed have validity, but there is none other in all of creation that is like what you are experiencing here. It is the most challenging but yet it provides the greatest potential of new creation.

QUESTION: As our physical bodies change, will this be evident to professionals who might examine our blood or DNA?

TOBIAS: It indeed will be, not only to those who read your energy, but also to those who look at it under a microscope, although their observations will come later. They will be somewhat shocked. They will ask many of you to undergo further testing. This is a good point to bring up here, for there is the potential for this to bring up fear within you that there is something wrong, that there is illness. We remind you to simply live in the divine present moment to let them test, if you so choose. They will see subtle differences begin in the areas where they can more readily observe them, particularly in cellular structure and alignment. They will see changes in those outward elements of your biology, including your skin and your eyes and your hair. And yes, indeed they will notice differences in your blood, in the balance of red and white cells, and also in the way the blood cells now attract new types of cells, particularly those that provide healing and prevent illness.

QUESTION: As teachers will we be verbally disseminating information or will it more of a non-verbal energy exchange?

TOBIAS: It will be both. There will be much work that you do on the non-verbal levels as you begin to understand more of your own divinity and of the dynamics of this new energy. Much of the work you do, in particular to affect a situation, will be done non-verbally. But the humans who come to you will have a great need for verbal information. So, you also will be talking to them, soothing them and helping them to understand what is going on.

QUESTION: Tobias, how do I have divine moments in my everyday work life? It’s easy to do it here in the group of family, but with the phone ringing and demands being made…

TOBIAS: Dear friends, we never said this would be easy! In this energy here today, it is easy to feel and to understand that divine moment. It will take practice on your part to also bring this energy into your day-to-day world. It will take dedication. But it should not take struggle. When you are in your challenging situations at work, simply stand behind the short wall. Stand in your divine moment and allow. Again, you will see things begin to change around you. But you must begin the process with the conscious intent to stand in your divine moment, to stand on the other side of the short wall, and then just be in that moment. It should be no struggle. It should not be difficult. As you consciously intend this and practice this on a regular basis, it will become more natural. It will become easier and easier. This divine moment wants to be part of you. It wants to come forth in your life. It is not like you have to make it happen. You simply have to allow the space for it to happen in.

QUESTION: Are there ways to help increase our vibration, such as essential oils, homeopathy, etc.?

TOBIAS: Dear friends, we will go back to the example of the tuning fork that we discussed earlier today. Within you feel this tuning fork with two tines, each that have been vibrating at different frequencies, opposing frequencies. Now go in and allow them to begin vibrating at harmonious frequencies. This will be the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. It is within you. It is within your DNA. It is yours. You already own it. These other things that you speak of… you do not own. You must go out and buy and apply and put inside you. You see here? It is not to condemn any of these products, for many hold value. But until you begin the process within, they will have little or no effect on you. You have found this in your life up to now. You take these things, and there is brief and momentary joy that comes from them, brief and momentary healing, but they are usually not the long term answer. Begin the process within. Begin the alignment within. Then when you take these substances in the future, they will be much more effective and much more intense. You will also question yourself when you pull out your pocketbook as to whether they are really needed!

QUESTION: Does meditation play a part in the new energy?

TOBIAS: The answer, quite simply, is not as you know it. (chuckling) And here is one also where Cauldre shies away and asks if things will be thrown at him here. (audience laughter) Your meditations have been, for the most part, struggling and difficult. Indeed, they helped you get to this point. We ask you to always honor that part of yourself. But as you move into the new energy, you do not need to sit and meditate daily for a prescribed period of time and fight the thoughts coming through your mind. All you need to do, friends, is to allow and accept All That Is. Accept yourself and live in the divine moment. You will find that you will desire quiet time to be by yourself, but it will be like a river of wisdom and love flowing through you, rather than a structured meditation. All of these things have served you well, but it is no longer necessary to go back to the old bookshelves to read the old books. This is indeed the new energy. When we began this series, when we began speaking to this group of these new things, we warned that some of this would be difficult and challenging. It would, in a sense, take away or replace all that has brought you to this point.

QUESTION: What can you tell us about love relationships during these times, especially for single Lightworkers?

TOBIAS: This is one of the most challenging areas, for many of those who are in the spiritual service find themselves alone. We know there is the desire in the heart to share with another. But there is a reason why you have given yourself this quiet time, this time of being alone. It is so that you could truly focus on your own process without distraction. Indeed, it is not that you are not worthy or capable of love, but you have asked to be in the house by yourself, to go through the processes of the new energies so that you could become a teacher of the new energy.

As you live in the divine moment where it is now a balance and a harmony – oh, they will be attracted to you. They will come to you. They will see the light, and then it will be up to you to discern what is appropriate for you at this time. We know it is challenging to be on this path alone. It is difficult to see others at the stores, at the parks and at restaurants, enjoying each other’s company. But dear friends, you have asked for is that time of solitude. We do see this changing, but it is not something you must go out and seek. It will be brought to you in all appropriateness.

QUESTION: Tobias, I have found a home that I want to buy. How do I remain in the perfect moment and proceed with this transaction? And also, how do I plan vacations now?

TOBIAS: It is appropriate that here in the metaphor of your new home that one would now come to be for you! We ask you to go within to the vibrational tuning fork to allow it to be balanced, to allow the harmony. Then all of these frustrating things that you would normally experience with purchasing a house will resolve themselves. Indeed, you will need to be present. You will need to have the intent to be in this house, but the paperwork, your loans, your timetables, and all the other processes will seem to flow together. Now as you know, many times it will occur at the last possible moment. It will not all be laid out for you well in advance. Simply release any fears associated with it, and it will come into play.

With your vacations – our friend Cauldre is not so good about these, we are reminding him – when you feel that it is time for a break to renew your own energy, simply create that time. It is something that you are worthy of. Simply create that time. Then use that to recharge your own energy.

QUESTION: My 7 year old son has had a reoccurring nightmare, and he describes numbers getting higher and things going too fast, and he physically feels sick. He says at the time that he feels so sad. Can you give us any feedback as to what might be happening for him?

TOBIAS: Many dream of number sequences and number patterns. This is not unusual. Indeed, right now there is a speeding up of the energies and the frequencies. Those with certain types of mindsets will literally dream in numbers. Our friend Cauldre has also done this. What your son sees in his dreams is essentially the weaving of the tapestries that we have spoken of before, but he is seeing this on a mathematical basis. He is also seeing the rapid speeding up of events, of technologies, of experiences, accelerating very rapidly as you approach what you would call a quantum leap. This indeed makes the physical body nauseous to experience this at a deep level. It is quite simple for him. Ask him before he sleeps at night to not see these as numbers but to bring together the digits that create the picture or the visual reality. Ask him to do this. Ask him to request this, and there will be assistance for him.

QUESTION: Last Saturday my friend and I decided to go to a bar on Fort Carson army base. We received directions but on the second try we came to a dark building without a sign, closed doors, and no cars in the parking lot. We were sure this was not the bar. After more of the same directions we came back to the same building a half an hour later at 11:00 PM. Now the lights were on, and we were told that the bar had been open since 7:00 PM but was now closing. Were we in any danger, or was this some type of omen? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Quite simply it was not appropriate for you to be there. Lightworkers will find more and more of these types of strange events occurring. And again, we always ask you to look for the number 4 implanted in these situations. This will be a clue to you not to go to a place of fear or panic, but to understand there are many changes under way.

QUESTION: I have been wanting to travel around the world. Do I look for a job to do that or do I just go?

TOBIAS: It is not so appropriate right now in your development to travel. It is not the time to do this. (We are calling in others here to help.) There are journeys that you are taking that are not of the physical form. There are vast journeys that you are taking at night. But you are not so much remembering your dreams either. This is causing you to think that there is a worldwide journey. But it is not the appropriate time now, perhaps later. There are reasons here we choose not to discuss.

QUESTION: A while back you told me to soak in sea salt in the bathtub. Do I need to keep doing that?

TOBIAS: We have often recommended to Lightworkers, as one of the most basic healing assistances for them, is to soak in the bathtub with the sea salt water. There are properties here that will help pull out impurities within the physical body. They will also pull out stress. This is something that we very much recommend. It is not that you are ingesting anything in your body. It is not that you are trying to alter. You are simply allowing these sea salts to help you to release things that are no longer appropriate. We find this to be very beneficial for the Lightworkers.

QUESTION: If our old self is dying or leaving and our new self is now here, have we ascended?

TOBIAS: Indeed, it is not that the old self has died. The old self has completed its journey, its contract. The old self has taken a job, so to speak, that it has done very well and worked very hard at. And now it can be released. It can return back to what you would call Home. There is much honor in this. The term ascension is not one that we use so much, for there are many misunderstandings of this that come from your churches and even from your New Age materials. There is the assumption that when you ascend, you will immediately be healed of all things, that you will know all things, and that you can do all things. But in a sense, yes, indeed you are ascending. You are changing. You are now being able to accept your divinity into this reality. But we only caution you about what you assume ascension is. Again, we ask you to understand that things will be quite different than what you have thought. They will be powerful and wonderful, but we ask you to hold no assumption of what this ascension process is.

QUESTION: Tobias, you mentioned stress. Is it not true that experiencing the divine moment is absolutely impossible from a state of stress?

TOBIAS: When you are in a state of stress, as most of you experience on a daily basis, this IS the ideal time to be in your divine moment. This is the ideal and most powerful time to stand behind the wall for a moment, to be in a divine moment. And indeed, stress will make it challenging and difficult, but once you begin to understand under these situations how to be in the divine moment, my friends, you will advance very rapidly. You will become empowered very rapidly.

QUESTION: We are seemingly more and more dependent on computer technology and the Internet. It seems that everyone that I know who uses the computer in any capacity whatsoever is having constant problems. What’s up with that?

TOBIAS: All things considered, your Internet technology is less than 12 years old. Your computer technology that you know today at your desktop is less than 30 years old. There are still many things that are being resolved. Look at your Internet and look at your computer capabilities as part of the new energy, as part of the rapid communications and understandings. When you understand that your Internet resides in no one single place, you understand that it resides at the hands of each user, that the power is within the hands of each user. This is all, in a sense, an illustration of what is happening with your own divinity rising from within you. It does not come from Spirit or from a central place in heaven as your churches have taught you. It is not monolithic. It happens within you. And yes, there is learning going on within your Internet. There is learning going on within you, but that is all part of the process. That is what you, the new creators, are creating.

QUESTION: I would like insight regarding how to hold my relationship with my partner, especially around a current legal situation, which we are both involved in.

TOBIAS: Here you are trying too hard. You are worrying too much of the future and the outcome here. And we ask you quite simply to live in this divine moment and to adjust your own frequencies within and be ready to accept the outcome no matter what it is. Again, the grasp that you have on this situation is far too tight. Simply release and allow and understand that it will work out in perfection.

QUESTION: I work with new technologies and would like to know if there are specific directions to go in at this time.

TOBIAS: There are many, many different directions to go in. We are looking for one that would best serve you here. (pause) You are best suited here for one that enables a faster, more efficient processing of data. Yes, that will be needed, even the systems that you work with now will be outmoded within the next few years. The need to efficiently handle vast amounts of this data will become more and more important, and you will be part of this.

QUESTION: With our vibration drawing all that we need to us as we sit in the "now" moment, how do we work with our runner angels?

TOBIAS: This is an excellent question. There are those on our side of the veil that are here specifically to assist, but they cannot do so until you create the intent and the energy behind this. The runners do not do it for you, but they can facilitate, and they do facilitate the process. This is both in terms of your experience on Earth and also multidimensionally. As you change your own resonance… as you draw to you all things that are appropriate, they, in a sense, are the ones who help get those things to you. They are the ones who on other levels are smoothing the barriers, if there are external barriers that are preventing these things from coming to you or slowing down how they come to you. The runners, in a sense, are balancers of energy. They work with your energy to help balance, to bring the appropriate things in at the appropriate time. You can request and give intent for them to help, and then you will be more conscious of their assistance, but in a sense, they are also always doing this work.

QUESTION: Are we preparing to create a third creation now? Does it overlap the two previous circles of creation, as in the Flower of Life image? Are these eventually seven circles or spheres of creation, as in the Flower of Life circle?

TOBIAS: We will say at this time there is no third creation in effect. This is somewhat difficult to explain here. We ask you to go back to our discussion earlier of quad mathematics. As the second creation begins to unfold, there will not be a linear path of new creation. It will unfold exponentially. It will unfold in a squared basis – not quite the right term. That is why there is so much focus right now on the second creation. It creates a template that will be used as you go into the quad mathematics of creation.

QUESTION: Tobias, I had a strong desire to go to Mount Shasta? Should I go?

TOBIAS: Yes. (long pause, audience laughter) When there are desires that are from the heart like this, we see no barrier to it. We say, "Go." But again, we say keep an open mind on what you find there. Have no predetermination.

Dear friends, this will take intent and energy on your part in all forms with what we have been discussing, with what we have been relaying to you. We ask you to consciously work on this until we meet again, to consciously work on accepting all things as they are, accepting your human self, and now your divine human self, and also living in the divine moment. The more you work on this, the faster the overall results will be for you and for the others who follow.

And we remind you once again, there is an entourage that is always with you. You are never alone!

And so it is.