Lesson Eleven: The Creator Series

"Give Thanks to Yourself"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
Father's Day, June 17, 2001

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we gather together in our family of Shaumbra. We gather together in our circle. It seems like only moments ago that we sat here with you discussing your divine will, moving into this new energy, moving into this new space, that would allow the truth and the hope and the love of who you truly are to come forth. And now we are back, for Lesson Eleven of this Creator Series. We are back together with family.

It is difficult for us at times, when we first enter your space, to express our love. The energy here is so sweet! It is difficult for us to even begin to express to you the love that comes in, the love that is here. It is indeed very, very sweet. Here we are in a circle, a space, filled with humans who have been on an incredible journey. It seems like an eon of time ago when you left Home. You continue to do this work, to be filled with love in spite of many challenges. You come together at times like this to join with each other – human to human – and to join with the angels that come in now. What a sweet reunion this is! We have much to discuss with you.

Lesson Eleven is one that is quite simple on the surface but challenging indeed! We cannot wait to reveal this to you. (audience laughter) But now, dear friends, before we begin with the lesson, we would like to talk for a minute or two. Those who come into the second circle flood into this room and join you on this day. There are many, many who come here and they bear a special energy that we will speak of in a moment.

They now enter the second circle. You, the humans, are in the first circle. You are in the circle of honor. The others who come into the second circle are the observers. They are the ones who are invited guests. They have a particular reason for being here now. They have a particular reason for being here associated with the energy of this lesson. They come entering this circle. They come into this space. They meld with you. Feel their energy, for it is familiar. It is an energy you know. It bears strong traces of the past.

Know that as you are reading this material, we bring a gift of energy to you. It is here and available to you now as you read this. We bring this to you for the remainder of the time we meld with you, as you absorb this lesson. The angels who bring in the energy, the ones who work at the deepest level of your DNA and your being and the deepest level of All who you are, they are the angels, the ones who also gather in the second circle. Receive this energy of love and honor while we are together like this. We impart to you this sacred and blessed energy. We bring this in and you can experience it at your deepest levels. It is our gift to you in this channeling that was originally given on the Day of the Father.

I personally thank Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) for inviting me, Tobias, here on this special day of the energy of the father. It has been a long time since Cauldre and I have walked together on Earth as father and son. I have never forgotten those times! They have always been special. For I, Tobias, this day is most touching and most emotional. I thank you, my son, in spite of your embarrassment. (chuckling)

Now, let us talk of who comes into your second circle now. This energy is the one you have known as your father in this lifetime. Perhaps your father is still living, perhaps he has joined us on this side of the veil. Perhaps he has even incarnated and is now your own grandchild! There is an important reason why he is here now. If you cannot feel his energy, if you are looking for the energy of the father you knew in the past, shift slightly. Look in a slightly different place. His energy is not specifically as you remember him when he walked the Earth with you. His energy is different on this side of the veil. He has released and cleared many of the energies that were associated with him when he walked on this Earth. Shift slightly over and you will be able to feel him. It is a "clearer", less junky energy that what you might have known. But he comes in at this time for a very good reason.

We know this hurts some of you to have this visit. We know there were times that were not pleasant. We know you have gone through much healing in your lifetime because of your father. (very emotional) But he comes in on this day because it is important for him also. It is time for him to move on. It is time to have a deeper understanding of this Father energy, so he comes into your space and is next to you. Accept the love – the unconditional love -– he brings.

Perhaps you had a wonderful relationship with your father. Perhaps you admired this energy in your life. From your father, you learned about strength and stability and wisdom and love. There are those who have chosen very loving and very positive relationships with their father.

Perhaps your father still walks the Earth in human body. Indeed, his spirit is with you at this moment as well. He is sitting beside you. The part of him that is the conscious human does so much understand the true relationship between you, but the part that is divine knows and understands the challenges and ultimately the love that has been part of your relationship. Welcome this father of yours who comes in now, even if he still walks the Earth. And understand, that beyond what may be apparent to you, there is a greater good and a greater service being done.

If you never knew your biological father, if you never grew up with the energy of this biological father in your life, understand there were reasons for this. By the end of our time with you in this lesson, you will have greater knowingness of why it was this way. But this one who is your biological father, who you may have never met, is still energetically connected to you. That father is here with you now, sitting with you.

This space is now filled with a very strong male energy. It may be difficult to accept on your part. Perhaps it brings up resentment and anger and emotions. There are reasons for this. It is part of the reason we come to you now.

Now, dear friends, take this moment that we share together to accept the love and the energy that comes in from the one who you have called father. Take this time to bring this energy in. Take this time to accept the love and energy from the angels and your runners who come in now to help balance all of this energy of love and emotion. This energy has been with you and has been an important balance for you since you left Home. Take this time to bring it into your being. Breathe it in. Breathe deeply into your entire being even as you read this. There is much love and much goodness that comes to you at this time. You have gone through many challenges since you left Home. There is much honor and love for you.

Be in pause for a moment now. Breathe deeply and accept the gifts of love that we bring to you.


Now, let us talk for a moment of your journey. Let us talk of why we have invited this energy of "father" into this space, and why it is important as a part of your journey, and why we tie it into Lesson Eleven of the Creator Series.

There are those who have asked for deeper understandings of the metaphor that we used of "Home" when we spoke of the Kingdom. We have spoken specifically and deliberately of the King and the Queen. We have spoken of the story of Jack, the prince. There are those who have asked why it was important that there was a king and a queen. There have been others who have asked why Jack was man and not a woman. It would have been "Jacqueline" in that case. (audience laughter) We have waited for this day of the energy of the father to help you understand why.

Understand that we talked in many parables and symbols and metaphors because it is sometimes difficult to translate this information in the human language.

In the Kingdom, all was One. All was singular. There was a singular expression in the Kingdom. But at some point, in this Oneness, in the love and the bliss of Home, Spirit, All That Is, the Eternal One, God, knew that it was time to take an inner look. It was time to come to a greater understanding of why existence existed. It was time for All That Is to take an account of Self, of all of creation, of all that had been done. Everything up to that point had been a singular outward expression.

The very moment Spirit even contemplated looking within, even contemplated taking a look in the mirror at Self, what had been one became two. God now had the ability to look at Self. What had been a singular energy in the Kingdom now became the King and the Queen. It became what you would call a "male" energy and a "female" energy. And there was a "marriage" between the two. There was still unity, there was still oneness. But now, because Spirit even thought of looking within and contemplating Self, it instantly created a duality of sorts, different than what you have here on Earth, but it created two energies that we call the King and the Queen, the Mother and the Father.

For those who walk on earth in the female biology in this lifetime, you will appreciate the fact that in the Kingdom, sitting on the throne, is predominantly a "female" energy. It is not balanced 50/50, male to female. In your way of thinking, Spirit and All That Is is predominantly female. And again, we caution here. We are using terms for the easiest understanding.

The female energy, as you know, is one that births. It is one that is creative. It is one that is filled with love and nurturing. The Kingdom is predominantly nurturing, predominantly creative, predominantly birthing. So therefore, we say that the energy of Home is predominantly female.

Isn’t it interesting that in your society you refer to God and to Spirit as "Father." It should be "Mother"! It should be Mother. And that is why we are speaking of this in this energy. It is time for a healing to take place. It is time for a change in the energy. The new energy, dear friends, that you are moving in to has a dominant "female" energy. It is balanced, but it reverts back to what you knew in the Kingdom.

In the Kingdom, there was oneness that moved into two. It was the King and the Queen. The moment they looked each other in the eye, they saw the greatest love for each other and for all they had created. The moment they looked each other in the heart, they knew what love was, in ways Spirit never could have understood before. This was the original love story. The King and the Queen, now able to look at each other, fell in love. And when they did, the Queen gave birth to a son that we have named Jack. This is the father and the mother and the child trilogy that you even use as humans on Earth.

This creation of the love of the King and the Queen was male in energy for many reasons. The male energy is generally – and again, we use metaphors and symbols – the male energy is an energy that goes to journey. It seeks and journeys. Even in the Kingdom, the male energy was one that had the strength and stability and was also the one that journeyed. So, the King and the Queen gave birth to a son, one of male energies, so that it could journey on their behalf.

Now literally, was this a male in biology? No. We are using terms here to help you understand. We are using terms here that you can then use to teach to others and help them understand. The result of the love between the King and the Queen was a son who would be the journeyer. The King and the Queen knew that Jack would one day leave the Kingdom. This was part of the love plan. They knew, even when Jack did not know.

They knew that one day he would cross through this thing we call the "Wall of Fire". He would leave Home. He would leave the First Circle and go into a void where nothing existed. The King and the Queen had no concept and no idea of what existed outside of the First Circle, the original creation of Spirit. But their only begotten son was to journey there. In a sense, it frightened them for they did not know what would happen to their own offspring. In another sense they understood the implications of love behind the journey.

Each of you is Jack. Each of you are the journeyers who left the Kingdom, who went beyond … beyond. You went outside All That Is. You still do not so much understand the implications although we have talked of this for quite some time. But dear friends, this was and this is an incredible journey that you and that Jack took. You left All That Is.

We look at you now. You do not even understand the implications of what you have done on behalf of All That Is. You left the Kingdom to journey forth, to discover something for Spirit, something for all of creation, that could not have been done without you. You who thinks your life is small, you do not understand how big it truly is. You do not yet understand why we come to you in such great honor. Perhaps you will begin to understand now of what you did on behalf of All.

So there was a King and a Queen who conceived a son named Jack. Someday Jack would assume the throne. But before Jack could do that, there were things that needed to be experienced. There were things that needed to be expanded and balanced. And yes, oh yes, your own scientists and physicists are beginning to see the energetic path that you took to get here! They are starting to see the beginnings of the creation of your universe. They are beginning to understand the most basic vibrational tones that were sent out when you came flying through the Wall of Fire. They will continue to look at and ponder these things, but dear friends, sooner or later they will understand this was not a single event – a single big bang. Rather, it was an event that took place when all of you who are Jack came through the Wall of Fire and appeared in the void. It was not a single big bang; it was multiple big bangs that took place when you and all of the others left the Kingdom.

Now let us return to the journey of Jack. The energies of Jack and of all of you have been predominantly male. This male energy was needed to journey outside of the First Circle, the Kingdom. Each of you has carried a strong male energy, even if you are female in biology. It is time for healing of that now. It is time for healing. It is time for a rebalancing. As you move into the new energy, you will have much more of a "female" balance to your being.

Those males who will become fathers of children in the new energy in the next few years to come – what we call the clear fathers, for there will not be a lot of old energy attribute – they will have a new strength and they will have a new balance. These new clear fathers will have a closer and stronger relationship of love with their own biological children. They will spend more time playing with their children than fathers of the past. They will help to raise them and care for them because they will have a better balance within their being. They will have a better balance of the male and female.

Even at this moment, your father and their father and their father, join you. The angels who facilitate this energy come in now to work with them and work with you to heal something that has been wounded. It has been in need of healing and balancing and attunement ever since you left Home.

Let us talk for a moment of karma, while we are speaking of fathers. You have carried your own soul karma from one lifetime to another. As you know, it sets up challenges for you based on your experiences from the past. As you also know, you can choose to get off the karmic wheel. You can make the conscious choice to get off the karmic wheel at any time. You do not need to go through a prescribed number of lifetimes or a certain amount of suffering to get off your karmic cycle. All it takes is a conscious acknowledgement that you’re ready for that merry-go-round to stop. That is all! You do not need to go back and clear every lifetime on Earth and times you had before you came to Earth. You do not need to do that! Any time you are ready to get off the karmic wheel you can do it simply by saying it is now time.

Now, for those who have already done this, many things happen as you know. Some things are quite wonderful, but it sets up a series of changes in your life that are not always easy because you are going through rapid and intense changes. It could affect your body because karma is an energy that is stored within your physical being. Now that you are no longer willing to carry karma it has to find a way out of your body. This can be temporarily painful. It could put you up for a period of time, keep you bedridden. It could cause sores and boils for this old energy is trying to come out. But you are learning well to deal with these things and to release them.

Let us talk of another type of karma here. It is an "ancestral karma". It is in the DNA, it is in your biology. It is a "family" karma. We discuss it because your fathers and their fathers and their fathers and theirs are here. They are here now to heal that karma. You have chosen to get off the karmic wheel of your soul. But there is another karma that still lingers. It is the ancestral karma.

This space fills up with many who are simply waiting for you to say it is time to release the ancestral karma as well. Do you know that within your being, and within the setup of your life, it is not only your soul karma but it also your family karma? It is karma for things that were done five generations ago and ten generations ago and a hundred. It is carried forward in the biology. Indeed, you see it with diseases that are prevalent within certain blood lines. If there is a tendency for diabetes in your family, it is carried karmically in your DNA. There are also emotions – ancestral karmic emotions – that are carried within you. There are events that were created by your father’s forefathers five hundred and a thousand and two thousand years ago that you are trying to heal in this lifetime of yours. And you wonder why life can be so difficult and challenging? As we have said, it is not just about you anymore.

There are thousands of entities who come into this space right now. The fathers that you knew, and the great fathers you did not, are standing in line waiting for this healing to take place.

You needed a male oriented strength to leave the Kingdom. You needed this. But this male oriented strength, this energy of the journeyer, was also warrior energy. When you left the Kingdom and you came into the void, indeed you started battling with other. Indeed, this male energy that you have carried with you has been one of structure and discipline. It has been an energy of intellect and not so much heart. It has been one of defending and journeying. You have all carried this with you. It is time on this Day of the Father to heal that and to balance it and to release it. That is what the visitors who come in now are here for.

They ask you now if you are so ready to release and to heal the ancestral karma that has been part of your blood line. They ask you now, in your heart and your silence, to release this. It will release and heal them also. Be in silence for a moment to feel this energy of the male, this energy of the father, that you brought with you. You have carried it with you ever since you left Home. It wants to be balanced and healed now. The karma, the energy of the Father, wants to be healed. And in doing so dear friends, it allows the loving, nurturing, life-giving energy of the Mother to come forward in more balance. If it is appropriate for you to release and heal this, not only the energy of the Father but the energy of your ancestors, do so now.


There is a long line of your ancestors who stand here now. We have said to you before, "It is not about you anymore." Now that you are working in the new energy, you are finding this to be more and more true. It is not about you anymore. You are healing, and have healed, you own past. And now you are healing the pasts of others.

There are churches that even understand this concept. They pray for their ancestors. They pray that their ancestors will join them in Heaven no matter what sins have been done. They understand, to a degree, the energy behind this. They understand that there is ancestral karma.

Oh dear, many changes are taking places here. Many, many changes. (emotional pause)

One of the attributes of a male-oriented energy is that of strong ego. It is not to say that women do not have this also. We would classify the ego as a male-oriented energy. Ego. Dear friends, it was important that Jack took on the male energies. In doing so, the ego was accentuated. This was important and necessary for the long journey that Jack would take.

You have learned well of the ego! It has served you well while you have been in human form, and even before you came here. But you have a feeling that this ego is a bad thing. There are those who have been involved in spiritual work that feel the ego must be killed. They feel the ego must be destroyed for you to move forward. This is not true. The ego only needs to be melded and healed and balanced. This male-oriented energy has served you well.

Ego … derived from your Latin word meaning "I". I-go. I-go. This is what Jack did. He waved goodbye to the King and Queen and said, "I go now." Indeed, the ego was developed when you, when Jack, crossed through the Wall of Fire. It needed to be because there had never been separation before. There had never been a loss of identity of who you were. This ego was developed, and it was important. It created a sense of identity for you.

Your ego was then refined over periods of time. Your ego was intensified when you came to Earth and began taking on physical body. Your ego, dear friends, was the one thing that you could relate to from the past. Your ego was the one thing that always stayed with you, from the time you went through the Wall of Fire, through your journeys in the void, until the time you came to Earth. You felt tremendous separation and loss when you left the King and the Queen and the Kingdom. Your ego was the only constant that came with you. Ego. "I go," said Jack. "I go to the void. I go to an adventure." Ego.

It is interesting that you spend so much time battling your ego. You give it a bad rap. You try to kill it and destroy it. (chuckling) And you have found that you cannot! It is an integral part of you. It is your one connection back to Home. It is your one remembrance of Home that has always been with you.

As you move into the new energy, the ego is transforming. It is changing. You are transforming and changing. Instead of "I go" you are becoming "I Am." I AM. This is the new energy. This is the new balance of the male and the female, the King and the Queen. That is the new balance. Dear friends, be kind and gentle to your ego. It is a father or male oriented energy within you. Love it and bless it as much as you would love and bless your own biological father in this lifetime and the fathers who have come before them, and the Father from the Kingdom who helped to birth you.

There is much information to ponder and review. We will tell a short story. We will tell a story of a male, of a lightworker, of Shaumbra. It is the story of the one we call James.

James was much like many of you. James came into this lifetime for a clearing, for a final clearing and completion. James chose a family lineage that he had been with in the past. Allow us to digress here for a moment.

Indeed, when you come into a new body and a new lifetime on Earth, you do choose your family. But you do not just look at the millions and millions of families that are available, and say, "I will take this one or that one." It is not quite that simple. You have an affinity for the blood lineage that you came from. Generally, you will choose to return to a family that you have been with in the past.

There are those who believe that they bounce around from one country to the next, from one race to another. Dear friends, this is not so accurate. You tend to follow patterns. You follow families that you have been part of in the past. Do you know that you could be your own great, great, great grandfather? (audience laughter) This is not so uncommon, for you choose to come back in certain lineages, certain blood lines. There are many reasons for this that we will not go into right now.

There are stories in your Holy Scriptures that talk of twelve tribes and families of Earth. In a sense, this is accurate and true. From these twelve tribes, certain lines have been developed. You have tended to stay within these until the most recent years. Until approximately 50 years, it has been common to stay within fairly tight blood lines. This is changing now and there are many reasons for this. We do not want to take up so much precious time now discussing this. But understand, you tend to stay within the same family patterns. That is why there is a fascination for your own genealogy. You will show up on your own family tree several times! (audience laughter)

Now, James was choosing another lifetime on Earth. He selected a family he had been with before. He selected a lineage that he was quite familiar with. (Notice the common energy behind the words "family" and "familiar".) He came to Earth in this lifetime with a father who was very strict and very stern. His father was cold-hearted.

James came into this lifetime with a mother who was loving but weak. Again, if you look at the energy behind this lesson, you will understand there is much more here than meets the eye. A father who was controlling and demanding and discipling and strict. A father who gave little love but gave many guidelines. A mother who was loving but afraid – afraid of this male energy of the father, afraid to truly open her heart. She was weak.

As James grew up and came of age, he realized her wanted to get away from this strict father energy right away. For it was also an energy that required him to go to a church with which he felt no connection. He felt no closeness with this church. For in this church he learned of a stern Father, of a mean Father, of a judgmental Father and a Father who was punishing. He learned that God was this way. God the Father. Vindictive, angry, temperamental, cruel, and strict. This is what he learned. He learned it while in the biological family he had chosen that was controlled by a strict male energy.

When he came of age, he left quickly. He left quickly and began a journey of his own for at his soul level he knew that he must heal in this lifetime. He knew he must heal himself, his past, but he also subconsciously knew there was a whole family lineage of karma to heal as well.

Oh, as you know, James tried many different things, many different schools of thought, all of which helped him move to new levels, all of which served him well. But he still had many challenges in his own life. He had challenges of relationships. He did not so much understand how to open his heart to women in his life. He did not know how to relate to the female energy, for what he had seen was weak. The female energy he knew from his mother could barely eke out its love. He was trying to find love in other women, but he did not know how to deal with it. There is much more to this story than meets the eye, dear friends.

James finally found a woman who could express love, but yet was strong in her own right. She had a healthy balance of male and female. But James did not want any children. He did not want to subject another human to the type of suffering he went through, so he chose, and his wife agreed, not have children in this lifetime.

They searched together. They went to many classes. They belonged to many groups, and they learned many things along the way. But yet many of his troubles continued. He had problems with abundance in his life. He had problems with holding a job. And as his relationship with his wife matured and took on time, he had problems relating to her, to this female energy. He sought much time alone, off by himself, contemplating, talking to God the Father who he did not so much understand, but it was all he knew. He spent much time talking to God the Father, the one he learned was cruel and angry. But he knew no other relationship with Spirit. It had always been the Father energy.

At some point, after much struggling and learning and challenges, James began to read the materials of the Crimson Circle. He began to connect with the energy of family. He began to understand why he was on Earth in the first place. James began to have new meaning in his life. Oh, indeed it was difficult letting go of many of the old ways. But he began to have new understandings of why he was here.

Some good things began to happen in his life. James was always appreciative and always sat down to give thanks and prayer to God the Father and to the Angels and to his Guides. And then it would seem, as most of you have experienced, that the difficult times would come back once again.

James, who was diligently working on the lessons of the Crimson Circle, went to his job one day and was given a large raise. He was given a large raise, seemingly out of nowhere. He was happy and he thought to himself, "This is truly working now. I’m truly becoming a creator, I am truly learning to manifest, for look what has happened in my life!"

James went home that night, went to his room of meditation, shut the door, lit the candles and the incense, and polished the crystals. (chuckling) He still kept these things in spite of all we have said. (audience laughter) James prayed and gave thanks and he said, "Dear Father, thank you for this gift of the raise and this promotion at my job, for now I will have the abundance to pay my bills on time. Now I will have the abundance to buy my dear and loving wife a few things that I have always wanted to give her." James continued, "Dear angels, dear angels, I give thanks to you for arranging this. And oh yes, dear runners, I do not so much understand you yet, but I understand you facilitate my creations. I give thanks to you. I am happy and I am learning. I’m learning to become a creator. I am creating more abundance in my life."

And Spirit, represented by the King and the Queen, and the guides and angels and the runners could all hear this. For they hear all of your words. And they were laughing, and they were scratching their heads. And yes, I, Tobias, was there. I too was puzzled and thought, "Why does James give credit to Spirit, to the angels and to the guides, to a God the Father he does not so much understand and that he is even afraid of. Why does James give credit for his accomplishments to these others? Does he think we dole out favors, dole out goodies to Shaumbra, with no particular pattern?"

And we laughed, and we were amused, and we said, "We must talk to family about this in one of the lessons. It will become one of the most important lessons. We will tell James and we will tell each of you – give thanks to yourself."

Lesson Number Eleven: Give Thanks to Yourself for what you are creating. It is a simple lesson, but it will challenge you. When something good happens in your life tomorrow, you will want to say, "Oh dear God the Father, thank you." Instead, thank yourself!

Lesson Eleven: Give thanks to yourself. There is a reason why this is so important. The energy of your thanks to yourself is like a nutrient for your divinity. It is like food and water for the Christ Seed that is growing within you. When you give thanks to yourself, it is an acknowledgement within. When you give thanks to anyone else or anything else – from the King or the Queen, to your guides and angels, to the runners, to Tobias or any others in between – you are literally giving your power away. You are giving it to another. Indeed, we hear it when you thank us. Your thanks, your humbleness, adds sparkle to our lives. We love it when you talk to us, but dear friends, give the thanks to yourself! There is a divinity, this Christ Seed that is blossoming within your being. We see it in you.

You are awakening. The energy that the Christ Seed needs, that your divinity needs, is your own energy of love and acknowledgement. Do not give it to us. We do not need it. We love you dearly but nurture yourself. Give thanks to yourself. You are beginning to see examples in your own life where things are beginning to work out for the first time, truly work out. You are beginning to have new understandings. You are beginning to hear inanimate objects talk to you. Oh yes, just the other day the coffee pot talked to Cauldre! (audience laughter)

As funny as that may seem dear friends, each object, inanimate as it may seem, has a vibration level. It has an identity of its own. We have said to you before in previous channels that rocks will start talking to you! And it is true. They have their own vibration pattern, and they can communicate with you. You will experience more and more of this in your life as you truly begin to understand what it is like to be a creator. You will see it manifest in your life

Give thanks to yourself, give thanks to yourself. It will exponentially increase, and also make smoother, your own awakening path. We do not need it, this thanks, this love, this acknowledgement. Give it back to yourself.

We spoke of ego earlier because the first thing that will happen, when you go to thank yourself, this male-oriented energy of ego is going to pop up. You are going to say to yourself, "I cannot give myself thanks." This is the energy of male ego coming through. It that has caused battles in the void when you first crossed through the Wall of Fire. It has caused battles on Earth. It has caused the misperception of Spirit as a strict and stern and even cruel Father.

When you give thanks to yourself, there will be an immediate fear of your own ego. That is why this lesson is so simple but yet so pertinent. That is why we chose this Day of the Father to bring up this topic, this Lesson Number Eleven. They are all interwoven together. The energy of father, your ancestral past, the ego, and the ability to honor yourself as spirit.

As simple as this lesson seems, as easy as it seems, there will be resistance on your part to do it. When you teach it to others, they will resist it. There is a barrier, there is this male-ego energy that you have tried to suppress and run away from and kill. It is in all of you, male and female. It is in all of you. Honor and acknowledge yourself. Give thanks to yourself. When something good happens in your life – and these will occur more and more now – when something good happens, thank yourself.

Oh, it will feel strange at first. Take your hand, left or right it does not matter so much. Place it upon your chest – give thanks to yourself. Honor yourself, feel yourself. It will take a bit of work and practice to do this, but dear friends, as you do, you are nurturing and feeding this awakening Divinity within you.

If you do not acknowledge your creations, if you give the credit to Spirit or to angels or to any others, this Divinity that is like a seed growing from within will begin to wither like a plant on a hot summer day. It needs your love. Your divinity is your true self. It has been in a cocoon for a long, long time. It is who you truly are, and it is coming back to you as a child. It needs your love. It needs the balanced love of the King and the Queen within You.

Oh, there is so much more to this lesson, there is so much more than meets the eye of the dynamics of what is taking place. Dear friends, Lesson Number Eleven of the Creator Series – one that will catapult you to new levels of a creator – is Give Thanks to YOURSELF. Honor yourself and love yourself. We do not want to hear any of you thanking us anymore! (audience laughter)

Oh, we have thrown out many things that you have held dear, but it is time to move forward. (emotional) It is time. If we do hear you thanking us, we will remind you (audience laughter) in a rather fatherly way (more laughter) that it is not so appropriate anymore. Give thanks to yourself instead.

It will take a bit to get over the old concerns of ego. You will have to work through this. You will have to bring in your own balance of male and female. It will take a bit of work. Some of you will be so challenged by it that perhaps you will even give it up and go back to the old ways. We are challenging you to move beyond the old feelings of the ego, which was filled with that male energy that we have spoken of. Move beyond to understand that the ego has served you well. Understand that you are going from the journey, that could be defined as "I GO" to the new energy which is the "I AM."

There are many tears in this space now. It is the tears of your fathers, it is the tears of your forefathers, for the understanding to finally take place. The understanding of this balance of the father energy. You are beginning to understand now that there is not a Father in Heaven as you have been taught in your schools. We will tell you now, it is the King and the Queen and the energy is predominantly female, or Queen. The energy of All That Is is predominantly that of birthing and nurturing and loving. Your energy as Jack has been that of a journeyer. It has been that of strength, it has been that of moving forward. Those who gather in this space shed tears not of sorrow, but of release knowing that you are now also releasing them, releasing much of the karma that has been engrained in your own family. Yes, there are families here who have had karma of alcohol, karma of incest, karma of emotional imbalance. You dear friends, dear Shaumbra, chose the most difficult of the difficult by coming into this lifetime to not only heal yourself, to not only heal your past soul lives, but to heal your own lineage. There is much healing being done here now. It is within you; it is within all who gather here.

Dear Friends, it is so simple now. Do not make it complex. As these changes occur in your life, as you begin to see the manifestations of the work that you are doing in this Creator Series, give thanks to yourself. Honor yourself. Do not run from this ego. Integrate it.

We love you dearly. We see you as teachers. We see you, Shaumbra, as ones who will go into this world to help others cross into the new energy. This is another way of saying they will cross into their own divinity. They will need human guides. They will need you.

We do not prophesize what is to come, we do not see into the future, because it is YOU creating it. But as we have told you, we do channel you. We do see you being a wise and loving and strong and compassionate teacher for the others. You have walked a difficult road by yourself. Your students will come to you at a time and they will say, "Dear teacher, I am beginning to have a few good things happening in my life. I am beginning to make more money. I’m beginning to reunite with my biological family who I have been away from for so long. Emotionally and physically we were estranged. I even have a new romantic relationship." Your student will say to you, "Remember I told you that I wanted a new relationship? I am starting to enjoy these new relationships now." And your student will say to you, "I give thanks to God for all that is coming into my life."

And you will burst their bubble! (audience laughter) You will say, "Do not thank God, do not thank the Father," and they will not so much understand. They will think that you are putting them through yet one more crazy lesson. But each of you here has the potential, has the love and the strength to be good teachers. You will sit with them, as we are sitting with you now, and you will explain to them Lesson Number Eleven – Give Thanks to Yourself. Acknowledge the awakening of the Christ within. Acknowledge that it is your own divinity, it is your own energy that is now creating these things. When you do, it will be like watering and feeding a plant. Then your students will start coming to live.

You will start to see this more and more. Your creations will become clearer and stronger and more defined. We know you will be so tempted to thank God for that is how you have been taught. You will be tempted to lock the door and turn out the light and kneel beside your bed because this is what you have been taught. But dear friends, above all, Give Thanks to Yourself. And remember Shaumbra, you are never alone.

And so it is.