The Ascension Series: Lesson 11
"Questions and Answers"

Presented at the Midsummer Light Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico
July 18, 2002

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we gather together as family, as family who has journeyed together for so very long. As we pour into this space of yours, it gives us such great joy to see how you can come back together again from all corners of the world to be here to create this sacred energy together. Oh, what a wonderful time we will share with you these next few days (at the Midsummer Light Conference in Santa Fe)!

If you have brought your worries and your cares here, this is indeed appropriate. If you have brought your troubles and your burdens here, this is what we asked you to do. Do not be ashamed of the tears that come from your eyes. Do not be ashamed of the sadness that is in your heart. Do not be confused if your journey is not clear at this moment. That is why you are here, to be with family. Our family is the humans who share this room, and the humans who connect through your Internet, the humans who will read this message in the days to come, the angels and Spirit.

Dear friends, as Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) knows so well, it is time to be out of that mind of yours! Yes, be out of your mind. It is appropriate. Open up that heart of yours. Open up your heart to receive everything that will come your way the next few days. Lay it out for us. Let us hold you, and nurture you, and love you intensely for these next few days of time.

Oh, we are always here. You are never alone. But now you are in a safe and sacred space with old friends, ones you have traveled with before. Look around you. Yes, look at the ones to the side. Look at the ones in front of you. Turn and look at the ones in back of you. These are ones you have shared so many lifetimes and experiences with.

Now, dear ones, stand up and touch their face! (audience laughter) Touch their face. Indeed.

(Pause while participants carry out Tobias' invitation with much commotion, laughter, and chuckling from Tobias.)

Now, dear ones, the joke here was truly on Cauldre, for he does not so much like this when we disrupt our conversation! (more audience laughter and Tobias chuckling)

As you reached out and touched the face of the person next to you, you could feel that you know them. You know them. You have been with them before. You have shared an incredible journey that goes back to the time of Mu (Lemuria), to the time of Alt (Atlantis).

And you share an experience so much closer in time, the time of some two thousand years ago when you incarnated to bring in and to open up something that has been called the Christ Consciousness.

You have gone through many experiences in this lifetime - the transition from the Old Energy into the New Times. Difficult, isn't it? Not what you thought it would be! Oh, this journey of the angels that you are on! Challenging, for it goes to the root of who you thought you were, of who you thought you were.

Things change, and they're not what you thought they would be. Things all around you are changing. What is old is transforming or being taken away; not by us, not by Spirit, but that loving, Christ-conscious part of yourself that holds you in a loving embrace. It is guiding you into this New Energy. We know it is difficult at times.

But dear ones who gather here, the pioneers of the new times, you have come to understand that this journey is so important to all, to all of humanity and to all of Creation.

Now, indeed, the energy of this room, of this space that we create together, is so sweet! There is so much of family here! Amazing how you could all find your way back together to be in this moment of time!

There will be many things that happen this weekend - changes within you, changes in the ones sitting around you. There will be some surprises here. There will be some unexpected things that happen to you. But that is what this is all about. Give us your burdens, your day-to-day burdens. Let us hold them. Let us love you these next three days.

We must make a comment before we continue. We heard this discussion of this book (The Tobias Materials - The Creator Series). And we saw that Cauldre received a fine pen as a gift (earlier in the evening). But I, Tobias, must note here that it is MY name that is quite large on this book! (much audience laughter)

(chuckling) In my time it was nearly impossible to have a book written, although I've been published in other books (the Book of Tobit in the Holy Bible). It was very difficult to have a book written in my days, so I take as much and perhaps a bit more pride in MY book. (audience laughter) I thank Cauldre for putting these words of MINE together (more laughter), and for doing this quite beautiful job on the artwork. And I noticed that he did put his own picture on the front cover, but my name is still larger! (more audience laughter)

More importantly, dear family, this is YOUR book. This is your book, for we channel you. We channel your consciousness. We channel your thoughts and emotions. We take what comes from your heart, and simply collect that, and put the words back through Cauldre. This book is dedicated to Shaumbra, to you, to Shaumbra all over the world. It is the book of your journey.

And I, Tobias, can guarantee this book will be read for years, and decades, and perhaps centuries to come. It will become a textbook for moving from the Old Energy into the New Energy. It is the book of YOUR journey. So, all of us here on this side of the veil applaud YOU for putting this together.

Now, the energy of this weekend. We know there are questions to answer, but we will talk here for a moment. (audience laughter)

The energy of this weekend is coming together. There are entities, strong entities, who come in to be with you. We would like to introduce them now. They will be present with you. They will be here for you throughout our time together. Even for the ones who are tuning in to this on your web system or reading these words… this energy will be available to you also, because you are here, perhaps not in body, but in consciousness. You are here with us.

There are four entities who come in now. They will take your burdens. They will carry them for you so that you can do the real inner work these next few days. Do you understand? Let those burdens go. Yes, as Cauldre discovered, get out of that mind. No sense to think, and no need to think here. Open that special place within you that you call the heart, your soul, your divinity. Allow it to come forward while we take care of these other things for you.

From the north comes an energy that will remain strong throughout the weekend. It is the energy of the Kryon. The energy of the Kryon comes in and sits at the place of the north, the place of the understanding. Kryon represents understanding, the meld of emotion and the mind for a true understanding of things. Kryon, who has walked with you for these years, comes in once again to join you, and will sit at the seat of the north.

From the west comes the energy of Archangel Michael. Indeed, you are all part of the Family of the Sword. You are truly learning to understand what the sword stands for. It is the Sword of Truth. The strong, loving, compassionate energy of Michael comes and sits at the west.

From the east comes the energy of Metatron, your voice in Spirit. Metatron, dear family, IS you. Metatron is the symbol of your divinity integrated with your humanity. Metatron is not a singular angel. Metatron, according to your books, sits at the right hand of Spirit. It is YOU. Now that you have made so much progress in integrating who you truly are while you are on Earth in human form, Metatron can come in. He has been visiting us, as you know, for many lessons in the Ascension Series. The energy of Metatron, while once perhaps difficult for some of you to adjust to… you find it to be much more comfortable and much more nurturing. Metatron, sitting across from Michael, takes the seat on the east.

And finally, dear friends, comes an energy that so many of you have been feeling these last few weeks, and especially these last few days. You could not identify it so clearly, but you knew something was there, something was different. The fourth energy coming in at this important time for you, coming to take the seat of the south, it is the energy of Mary, what you would call Mother Mary. Oh, we well up with emotion even at this mention, for she comes in now to take her appointed place at this gathering with you. From this seat of the south, she brings an intense love, and an intense nurturing for each of you.

Mary is known in your Bible, but dear friends, her energy much more vast than that. Her energy has been with you through all the times, not just in your Christian literature. It is the energy of the Mother, of the nurturer. It is the energy of the Queen from the Kingdom. Oh, we know, we know you have missed that connection to love from the Kingdom. We know you have asked to feel the love of God in your life. This is available through the energy of Mary. She is here to balance the energies of Kryon, Michael and Metatron.

Mary sits across from the seat of Kryon, as a balance, as compassion, and understanding. Mary, Kryon, Michael and Metatron will remain here for you to feel, for you to take from, for you to communicate with. They will be here all weekend, stronger than perhaps what you can do when you are not in this group of family like this.

This is a gathering of family, a gathering of old friends, a gathering of beautiful human angels, living in all different parts of your world. But yet, you are all walking the path of ascension. You are all sharing experiences that are very similar. You are all sharing the movement into the new times.

So, we say to you now, "Let us carry your burdens, and your sadnesses, and your physical pains." Allow yourself the time for your true inner work. Allow one gift to yourself. That gift is trusting your own divinity. You have struggled with this. You have tried to trust your own divinity. But yet, that human part of you continues to go back to the old ways. You are not so sure HOW to trust your divinity, WHEN to trust your divinity, or who leads in this beautiful dance of Spirit.

Your divinity is you. It is not some outside entity. It is not Michael, Kryon, Metatron or Mary. It is you.

Trust who you are. Trust the intuition that has been trying to come forth. Trust those inner messages and feelings that you are not so sure of. Have confidence in who you are, in your divinity. Be in a state of release. Be in the Void to allow all that you are to come forward.

And if you see another who is hurting these next three days, who is filled with sadness, who is not so sure how to get unstuck, dear friends, say no words, have no agenda. Simply touch them on the face, one angel to the other. They will know what you mean, for you are allowing your divinity to touch theirs. No words, no agenda. Do not try to heal them. Do not pray for them. Simply a touch, one angel to the other. They will know. They will know.

Now, so many of you have been stuck lately, not knowing which way to turn, feeling that you simply cannot get out of that spiritual rut, feeling that you are not in the world of the Old, but not yet in the New either. But you know, this is so appropriate. You are at that chasm, that crossing-over point, not having trusted your own inner self enough, so you have not truly let go of your old ways. You are still trying to hang on. You want something from the New Energy to replace it before you let go, don't you?

Now is the time to let go of the Old. Trust your divinity to guide you into the New Energy fully and completely. That is when you will get out of the rut. That is when relationships will move forward for you. Right now, you are trying to hang on to old attributes regarding relationships but wanting in your heart a new relationship.

With your job, or lack thereof, you are trying to hang on to the Old. But dear friends, let go so that you CAN go into the New, so that your divinity – and every one of you here, every one of you who is touched by this message has a divinity, make that very certain. No misunderstandings about it. None of you was missed in the divinity department. You all have it. You've been stuck in things because you've been wondering, wondering if you are truly ready, if you are truly worthy to have that final letting go of the Old.

Let us take your burdens this weekend, so that you can meld with your divinity, so you can do that final releasing, so you can get out of that rut and find new ways for your life to go forward. Indeed, WE want this because we want each one of you to complete this cycle. We want each one of you then to have the wisdom and the compassion, the knowledge, and the understanding to be teachers to others.

As we have said before, teachers of divinity are needed all over the world. We can see this from our perspective. We can see the souls who are beginning on the journey, the journey that you started ten years ago, thirty years ago, perhaps even ten lifetimes ago, the journey of integrating divinity. They will need teachers. That is why you are here. That is why you have incarnated at this time. That is why you did not choose to go back Home when we asked you if you were ready to come back. It is time to transition into the new times, and this energy of this weekend is the most appropriate place to do this.

Now, we would be delighted to answer your questions.

QUESTION: Tobias, you have said to follow my heart, but my heart doesn't seem to be leading. Something needs to be done. The answer just isn't there. I don't know what to do.

TOBIAS: Ah, such an appropriate question! You are still trying to figure out your divinity from your head. You are trying to figure out how to go to your heart, but you are doing it through your head. You will NEVER come to understand God, and you will NEVER come to understand yourself through your head.

You have been trained to use this wonderful tool. But for some of you, as you know, the mind can actually be a barrier. Opening up your heart means releasing those fears. It means releasing your old identity. You are trying to figure out how to go to your heart, but you still want your mind to control. Can you release this? Can you truly let your divinity blossom?

That is why the energy of Mary comes in for you now. It is not a head energy. It is heart. It is emotion. And it is love. She is here to help you and all the others who are facing this to learn to work from your heart. And yes, you might cry this weekend. That is helping to open the heart. Do not hold back these tears. It means releasing and letting go. It means even letting go of the concept of what you thought the heart energy was. Open up. Open up and accept all of who you truly are.

QUESTION: Tobias, what can I do to bring my special healing modality into form so that I can start practicing and healing others? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, you have a strong intuition, a strong inner wisdom, But, in a sense, it is being blocked from coming forth to its greatest potential because you still have concepts of what you think healing is. There are blocks because you have a preconceived notion of healing. Look at it. Look at it in the mirror, your definition of healing. Then, look within you to see what true healing is.

True healing has no agenda. True healing is complete giving AND a complete receiving. It is a full cycle. True healing is the compassion to know that when you sit with your client, they may choose not to be healed. True healing is the understanding that the power, indeed, does come from within you. You are not drawing on a power from outside of you, simply being a conduit for you. It is your own divinity shining, shining in front of the others.

Try true healing. Simply touch the face of another. You will begin to understand. It is so simple, so easy. You are trying to make it complex with this head thing of yours. When you put this final piece together, dear one, oh, you will be so powerful! You already are. You are already beginning to recognize what you have. Release these final barriers, dear one, and they will come knocking at your door.

QUESTION: I want to know the outcome of my relationship with this man that I love dearly. But it seems that we are most of the time physically apart. Distance inevitably comes between us.

TOBIAS: The outcome of this relationship is totally up to the two of you. We have no influence. We have no agenda. We can tell you one thing for certain: There are many, many Old Energy attributes in this relationship. And that is why you are doing somewhat of an on-again, off-again dance with each other. Go into yourself and see what you are really looking for, what you are really desiring in this relationship. Spend some quality time away from this individual for a while. You will begin to see your true feelings. Your true understandings will come up.

We are going to talk much more about relationships in our next series, which begins in your next month. That is quite an issue for so many of you. We have said this before - perhaps some of you have been disappointed with it - but relationships are not what they used to be and will not be what they used to be. Relationships are changing because you are changing. You are no longer seeking another portion of yourself out there. In the New Energy you are complete unto yourself, and therefore, your relationship will not be something that needs to fulfill you. It will be because you simply choose to be with this individual.

Look at the relationship that you have with him now. Go into your inner self. You will understand what you are doing with this. We will watch, and we will cheer you on in the greatest of love, but the decision is up to you and this partner.

QUESTION: Tobias, please explain what kind of will you have. If you have Divine Will, you would have to give it up to come to Earth and take on Free Will. Then, you'd have to give up Free Will to get Divine Will back. Thanks! (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: When you left Home, when you went through the Wall of Fire, you went from singular, or One Will, to Free Will. You created a new identity for yourself. You had Free Will. Through all of the times before you came to Earth, through all the planets, and the galaxies that you visited, through all the lifetimes you had before you ever came to Earth, you brought this attribute of Free Will with you.

Free Will is simply Spirit saying, "You can do anything you want, and I will love you unconditionally. You can play any game you want, including the game of cancer, including the game of abuse, including the game of being a victim. You can play all of these games." And Spirit says, "I will love you unconditionally."

But when you choose to stop playing these games, when you choose to move from duality into the New Energy, then your Divine Will comes forward. Divine Will is a remembering of Home, remembering why you left Home in the first place. Divine Will is saying, "I'm tired of the games now. I'm tired of duality. I have learned enough. I have grown enough. Now, I choose Divine Will, which is divine fulfillment."

You still have Free Will. It does not leave. But now, now it is embraced by Divine Will. It is the understanding. It is the clarity. It is the remembrance of Home, of who you are, and of why you are here. There are no angels on the other side pulling the strings, like you are a puppet. Spirit still does not pull the strings, because in the consciousness of Divine Will you come to understand that you are Spirit, you always were Spirit, and you always will be Spirit. It is simply saying, "Let us come now to a time of fulfillment of our journey."

Some of you have reacted quite emotionally when we talked about releasing your Free Will. But it is the very thing that you are striving for. Divine Will, which is the higher understanding of your journey. Divine Will provides for the completion of your journey.

QUESTION: Even though all the doors opened for me to move to an island the job I thought Spirit wanted me to have did not pan out. Is this because of the Void?

TOBIAS: Spirit does not want you to have any particular job. Understand that. Understand that Spirit is not trying to tell you anything except "I love you dearly." Spirit is not trying to nudge you one way or the other. Neither are the entities who gather here for this weekend - Metatron and Michael, Kryon and Mary. They are not trying to tell you anything other than, "We love you." We want you… we want all of you to begin saying, "What is my own self, what am I trying to tell me?" Are you trying to tell yourself that you should move to an island? Are you trying to tell yourself something else?

Dear ones, do not give up your power to any other being! We know we are not directly answering your question. We are answering an issue that we have with you, with all of you. Spirit is not trying to tell you anything. When something happens, and you feel you are being guided, you feel you are being moved, give thanks to yourself, for it is you.

Now, is your divinity trying to move you to an island trying to move you anywhere? Your own divinity is trying to communicate to you that change is at hand. It is done through symbols, which you will begin to understand with a new clarity very, very soon. But do not think that this is specifically an island in a geographic place. It is a symbol. It is a symbol that contains energy, and it is for you to unlock. And you can unlock it, for you hold the key. Your own divinity is telling you that change is imminent, a move is imminent. But it will require letting go of some of your old consciousness. We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to pontificate for a moment. (audience laughter)

QUESTION: Is the water in Hot Springs, Arkansas what Kryon refers to as "the water?"

TOBIAS: There is not one specific place or one specific water. We consult with Kryon here. (pausing) There are energies in any natural waters that can be assimilated into the body as long as you allow your own divinity to make energetic and molecular adjustments. Kryon and Tobias do not want to see 350 Lightworkers running off to Hot Springs, Arkansas in search of the Holy Grail! (audience laughter)

Ultimately, you will find that you can take any water, any water, any food items, particularly the live food, and put it into your being and have it serve you. Do you know that even those chocolate chip cookies want to serve you? (Tobias chuckling along with audience laughter) I could not resist that! (audience laughter) The food that is upon your plate, waiting to enter your system… it wants to serve you. You simply have to give it permission. We do not care if it is asparagus, or green beans, or meat, or potatoes, or crackers, or whatever. It wants to serve you.

If you have a consciousness that certain food is bad, it will serve you that way. It WILL make you sick. If you have the consciousness that what is on your plate is there to serve you in a healthy way, it will do so. It is that simple, dear friends. Do not make it complex. And yes, we do add in a note, this water in Hot Springs is high energy, but it is not the only water.

QUESTION: What am I to do more of, than I'm already doing, to gain more freedom on my path for the rest of my lifetime here?

TOBIAS: In this snapshot of time, what you can do more of, what all of you can do more of, is releasing the vestiges of the old. The times of old were wonderful. They served you well. Your past lives served you well. Even this lifetime has served you well. But it is time to truly release, truly let go.

This includes, for all of you - Cauldre does not like what we are going to say, but as we tell you so often, we will say it anyway - this includes your old relationships. Let go of them. The one you are in right now, with the mate you are with right now, let go of it. If it is appropriate, it will come back to you. Now, we are not saying that all of you should run to see lawyers on Monday. (audience laughter) What we are saying is to step back a moment. Let that partner of yours go. Release them to their highest. Take the burdens and the expectations that you have put on them and let them go. See what happens.

Some of them will walk out the door, and they will never come back. They will be happier and more fulfilled. Others will be so surprised when you energetically release them, that they will come flying back to you with a new unconditional and brilliant love, a love much like what you experienced when you first bonded. But now it will be pure, and clean, and without contract.

What can you do right now in your journey? It is to let go. We have been speaking about this. We have been speaking about "no identity," releasing the old. We have been speaking about the Void of Ascension - that is, standing out of the way when there is a situation or a problem. Stand out of the way. Get out of your head. Allow your divinity to come forth. Then, you will see miracles.

Releasing is the most difficult thing you will ever do as human angels, for there is a desire to build layer upon layer. But at some point, the layers have to come down. That is what you are doing in this lifetime. We thank you for this wise question.

QUESTION: Knowing all things are for my good, why did the transmission break down on the way here, and I have to stay an extra three or four days? (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: Dear one, the transmission broke down because it was in bad mechanical order! (much audience laughter) Now, the question is, can you deal with it? Can you adjust to it? Can you understand that Spirit is not making your transmission break? It was the manufacturer who made it break. (more laughter) Spirit is not trying to tell you anything. But can you handle the moment that you are in? Can you deal with a change? Can you deal with a RAPID change?

In a sense, if you really want to define why this situation is here, it is your own divinity preparing you, getting you ready. Can you handle fast change? Then, can you manifest the appropriate thing in the moment that you are living in? Quit looking behind you and above you, wondering why Spirit or the angels are doing this, or what they are trying to tell you. They do not drive automobiles. They do not so much care. (audience laughter) But can you handle the moment of time that you are in? That is the question.

QUESTION: What can I do to prepare myself for my new line of work?

TOBIAS: Again, we go back to the issue of releasing, releasing the expectations of what you thought things were, releasing what you thought these things of healings, these things of teaching even. Yes, we ask you to release the consciousness that you have of teaching. We have been told by our dear Linda that there are many humans that have a preconceived notion of teaching. Even so many of you, Shaumbra and family, have an idea of what you think teaching is. Release this. Step into this Void that we have talked about. You will begin to see a large, and clear, and beautiful picture. You will have a new clarity as you do this. Then you will understand how to approach your new work.

QUESTION: Will I be staying in my house, and if so, for how long? If I do move, will it be out of state? Thank you for any information you can provide.

TOBIAS: We already know that you know that we won't answer this question. (audience laughter) We are not prophets. We do not have crystal balls. We cannot see what you are going to do. YOU are empowered. YOU are the one who has to decide. We simply sit, and watch, and love you, and care for you. It is up to you. This is a beautiful question. It is a beautiful metaphor. Are you ready to move out of your old house? Are you ready to release the old? Are you ready for your divinity? Oh, yes, Metatron IS asking you, "ARE YOU READY?" It is up to you when it is appropriate to move.

QUESTION: What is the significance of the white stone that developed a bluish-green strata through it during the last year's Tobias channels?

TOBIAS: It is simply, dear friend, your own power, and your own vibration that has changed this. You have, in a sense, placed your own energy into this stone. It is a reflection of you. It is telling you, and it is telling all of the others of how powerful you are as humans. You can change the molecules in a stone! Your energy can change things around you! This is a beautiful symbol that you carry with you that says that you are divine. Spirit is stronger than rock. The heart is more effective than stone. You can truly change consciousness. And in changing consciousness, you change all things around you. We ask you, the one who brings this question, to show this stone to others, to show them throughout these three days the power of a Divine Human and what can be done. That is one of the reasons that you have given yourself this gift - so you could show others that consciousness moves mountains.

QUESTION: Tobias, do you have some insights on educational reforms and programs for our children in the New Energy?

TOBIAS: We do indeed: A clean sweep! (audience laughter) But this will be difficult. This will take time. This will take new consciousness on your part. It will not happen overnight. It will happen as you start teaching others about divinity, and they teach another. And eventually what you teach another human about their divine journey will find its way into the schools, perhaps not in the same words that you have used, but in consciousness.

When humans begin to understand that the power is within, and it does not lie in a book, in a nation, in a creed, or any of these other things… this change in consciousness will change the way children are taught.

For yourselves and your children, all of you who are Shaumbra, teach now, teach now by listening. Listen from your Divine Self with the Language of Ah. Listen to what is really being said from the child who is trying to communicate with you. You will begin to understand how true teaching is done.

These principles that you come to know and understand will eventually find their way into your school systems. But it will take a while. From our perspective there is sweeping reform that is needed. And many of you here who - how to say - join us now are here in this energy… you will be ones spearheading this effort. But it will take a while, and it will take energy.

QUESTION: Tobias, even with all the releasing that I've done throughout the years, I still have an adverse physical reaction anytime anyone attempts to get emotionally close to me. What do you suggest?

TOBIAS: There are so many wounds within you. There is so much hurt. Perhaps now is the time to be with yourself to understand that an outside relationship is not so important. Perhaps you cannot heal these old wounds with the bandage of an outside relationship. Perhaps it is time for you to spend time with your inner self.

Don't worry so much about whether you should have relationships, or whether people are close to you or not. Spend time with yourself and with Spirit, with your inner being. Through that you will come to heal and release these old wounds. Then, you will be able to have an open and loving relationship with others. Do not press yourself into having to have relationships right now. Go inside and allow it to happen naturally.

QUESTION: Tobias, will my husband come home? (some audience laughter)

TOBIAS: Again, this is not a question we can answer. What we can tell you is not to worry about this, not to worry. What is happening right now is appropriate. What is happening right now is also indicating to you that it is a time for you once again to nurture yourself, to take care of yourself, to not worry about the others, but to take care of yourself. There are so many deep emotional issues in this that would be difficult to go into now. But understand also that he is going through a very intense internal process himself right now. Even if it does not appear that way from the outside, he is going through a deep, deep soul-searching. In a way, you could also say that you helped to precipitate this soul-searching within him. Whether he returns, we cannot say, but if he does, he will not be the same person that you knew before.

QUESTION: My dear Tobias, just when I'm beginning to accept my physical self, you tell us that the person we see in the mirror really isn't who we are. (audience laughter) Can you please "unconfuse" me?

TOBIAS: When you look in the mirror, look past what you see in physical form. As you look in the mirror, gaze into your own soul. Gaze into your own divinity. Look past that physical body. But as you do look at that physical body, we ask you to love it also. But then look past it into who you truly are. Look not just into your own eyes, but into your soul as seen through your eyes. We're not asking you to give up your physical identity. We are asking you to look past it and see who you truly are in the mirror.

QUESTION: Tobias, I'm at a time and open to receiving an intimate encounter without a lasting relationship. Do you see it on the horizon? (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: (chuckling with more audience laughter) With your current state of mind and thinking, we see that you will attract relationships, one right after the other. (audience laughter) For you are searching, you are looking for something outside of you. You are desiring a relationship. Try having your relationship with your own divinity first. Then you will attract a very fulfilling and very long-lasting relationship with one who will bring much happiness into your life. We do not like making predictions, but indeed, there is one who is waiting for the time, for the right time. But you must be content within yourself first before their energy can come to yours.

QUESTION: Please attempt to explain the timeline - linear time on Earth as past, present, and future, versus the other side of the veil, where it's all intertwined as one. How does what we do today affect other lifetimes existing simultaneously?

TOBIAS: We hope you have a LONG time to hear our answer, (audience laughter) for it would take much, much time to explain it, much more time than Cauldre, or even we are willing to devote tonight. First of all, release the perception that there is no time on our side. We don't know where this comes from. There IS a type of time on our side. It is not like it is on yours. We do not walk around with these watches on our hands.

But there is a progression and order to events that take place. In our energy, on our side of the veil, ALL things are NOT taking place all at one time. That would be so confusing for us. At the extreme end of thought, you are right, there is no time, for you will find that all things are like a circle, all things come back. But it is an expanding and spiraling circle. Events do not fall back on themselves. So, in a sense, there is a sequence of events.

Now, from your own perception as humans walking on Earth, you have defined your life by time, and this has been appropriate. You should not try to break through the barriers of time. You have better things to do with your life. However, you WILL find your perception of time changing. Some days will seem much longer, some days much shorter. You will have a "time wobble effect," in your own personal lives. And you will feel this particularly in these next few years. You will especially feel the time wobble as humanity comes to the point of this quantum change.

We know many of you have felt this wobbling of time in your own life. And then, we find it amusing that so many of you try to stop it. You panic. You try to get back on your old timeline. It is appropriate that this is changing and fluctuating. And it will continue to be so.

In regard to defining how time works on our side, how time works in your universe, we would prefer to answer this at another time, (audience laughter) because we would like the focus of family to be on the integration of divinity. And this is an energy that comes from the heart. It is an energy that comes through and is assisted by Mary, who sits at the seat of the south. If you get too caught up in this time analysis, you are going to the mind once again. You are trying to find God through your mind. However, if you allow this divinity to continue to blossom, you will have understandings of time that you do not need to try to analyze in the brain. It will come in a different way.

QUESTION: Tobias, how are we to ascend into a new life with these - for some of us - bodies?

TOBIAS: That is an excellent question, and we are still trying to figure out that one with you. (audience laughter) The cells, the molecules, the atoms of your physical body have a certain memory to them. They have a certain pattern that has been established over generations and over eons of time. They are in the pattern, so to speak, of going through a birthing, a living, and a death process.

Now, how do we change this? Well, the easiest way is through your consciousness. That is not, by the way, through your mind. You cannot WILL yourself to live longer, but you can ALLOW yourself to live longer. Look at the stone that this one has in the question that came up earlier. The stone shows the effect of consciousness on matter. As you change your consciousness, you can change the patterns of the cells and the molecules within you. You can expand your health. You can expand your life.

But it has to be through the consciousness. It cannot be through the mind. We already see some of you struggling right here, saying "I will live longer. I will live longer. Damn it, atoms, molecules, live longer! Be healthier!" (audience laughter) It will not work that way. You will simply confuse your body, and then it will go into disease.

Consciousness is the understanding of your Divine Self. Consciousness is the expanded understanding of all things and of who you are. Consciousness is not a belief that is created in the mind. It is an energy that comes from the heart and the soul. Through your consciousness you can change the behavior of matter within you and all around you.

We will talk more tomorrow of this thing of the body, of the transition of the body. We will talk more of some of the very reasons why some of you choose, or may choose, to leave. We will talk more of - how to say - the compatibility and the communication with your own physical being to extend life, if you so choose. But there in itself lies one of the big questions: how far are you willing to go with this?

And with that, dear friends and family, so many, so many here in the energy of this room we have worked with and known so well… for the next three days of time, let Michael, and Kryon, and Metatron, and Mary hold you, and nurture you, and love you. You are worthy of what they bring here. Give of yourself to them. Let them take you in their arms, and love you, and cradle you, and nurture you, for you truly deserve it. As they do, then your divinity in you can do the real work right now.

We love you dearly. And for the next three days of your time, we will be here in all of our glory and majesty to honor you, the true angels.

And so it is!