The Ascension Series: Lesson 10
"Questions and Answers"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
June 1, 2002

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we return to this place where you are truly learning about the New Energy of Earth. Indeed, this is the classroom, and you are the ones who have chosen to be both the students and the teachers. Indeed, this is where those of us who are on this side of the veil learn so much about the human journey. Through you we learn so much about ourselves, and about the universe, and about our journey ever since we left Home. That is why there is such an interest from our side in what you are doing here. That is why we are delighted to come in at every opportunity that we can get - and sometimes perhaps speak longer than Cauldre would like to have us talk! (audience laughter) But we enjoy our time with you.

There is also a certain amount of energy that we come to deliver to you. There is a certain amount of energy that you have asked us to bring to you. And yes, it takes a certain amount of human time to do that. Because of the dimension that you exist in, the delivery vehicle that we use takes a certain amount of time. It is not just the words that we say. It is the energy that we deliver to you. When we came in today, we could tell that you were depleted, that you were in need of a bit of a rest, an infusion of energy from those who are your true family, including the one who comes in today, Archangel Michael.

Now, the question that we receive from our side - And indeed we do hear all that you say, whenever you talk to us… But the question that we truly hear these days from you is, "Dear Tobias, dear Michael, and Metatron, and Spirit, what is it that I am doing wrong?" This is the question you ask the most in your quiet and private moments.

You think you have taken a wrong turn. You think that perhaps you are moving backwards when you should be moving forward. You think that there is some secret, that there is something you have missed. You think that you have not studied hard enough, or practiced the lessons enough, and perhaps you missed a point.

Dear friends, you have not missed a thing. You have not taken a wrong turn. Sometimes a step back is more appropriate than a step forward. It does not always work the way you think it should work, or perhaps the way you would like it to work.

Many of you have led exceptional lifetimes where you were in charge of large religious organizations, or where you ran entire countries. There is one here today that was a brilliant researcher, an inventor who was written about in many, many books that fill your libraries. Yet, in this lifetime that person holds a very ordinary job, and doesn't think that they have, in your terms, a high IQ. They do not think they are so smart. They would not believe us if we told them that they were quite famous in the past.

Did they do something wrong? Was it a step backwards? Did they miss something? Not at all! They chose a new and a deeper level of studying, a new experience in this lifetime.

You ask us, "What am I doing wrong in this process?" We shake our heads, and we even sometimes laugh. And we say, "Why nothing!" Just because you had an incident happen in your life that you did not expect does not mean you did the wrong thing. Sometimes along this path of ascension you take what might considered detours, whereas we consider it a higher road. And you choose a difficult experience or circumstance to fill in some of the truth, and knowledge, and wisdom of your journey.

What may seem like a step backwards might actually be a gift you are giving yourself before you continue moving forward. The step back is not a step back at all. You just did not expect it to happen. And what does this tell you? Perhaps, it is time to release your expectations and come to understand that in the New Energy there is no right and wrong. In a sense, even in duality there wasn't a right or wrong, but that is difficult to explain. There is no right and wrong. There is constant expansion. Every experience that you have and everything you do is constant expansion.

Release those judgments of yourself. As Michael said in this lesson, "Trust yourself. Trust yourself enough to be teachers to others. Come out, come out wherever you are on your path to be the teachers, for they are needed now." (audience laughter)

As we said in our lesson, these times are challenging, not just for you, but also for the others. Look at the wars. Look at the wars in your world right now and what is causing them. People and countries and religions are trying to hold on to their old identities. They are trying to hold on to who they thought they were. They did not want to let go.

Oh, dear ones, you have been there! You know what that's like to have your identity released. And you know what it is like also to sit in this point of no identity… yes, the cocoon when the caterpillar has not yet become the butterfly, when you have not realized yet who you truly are. Look out across your world, and look at what is happening - people, nations and religions trying to hold onto an old identity, so much so that they would fight for it, and they would kill others. That is what is happening all around you.

Now, we know it is time to get to the questions of this day. But we do want to remind you that we do hear when you speak to us. You have all been asking lately, "What is it that I am doing wrong? What is it that I have missed?" And we say, "Nothing at all." Look at the beauty of the plan that you have laid out. No matter how extreme or how crazy you might think it is. Even if you think it is a step backward, it is not. It is part of the experience. Release that judgment of yourself.

And with that we would be delighted to answer your questions.

QUESTION: Tobias, myself and two other moms in the Crimson Circle that I know of have kids who live with a lot of fear. They are afraid to go into empty rooms by themselves, even the bathroom, scare easily, and are afraid to sleep by themselves. My son is 9. Would you comment on this and some advice? Thank you. We love you so.

TOBIAS: The children come in with a heightened sense of awareness. They come in with more sensitivity. The veil around them is not quite so thick as it was for you when you were growing up. They remember these things we have spoken of. They remember past lives. And in particular, they are troubled by the energies and the memories of the times before they ever came to Earth. They are troubled by the times that are being replayed in so many ways, replayed on your movie screens, replayed even in the experiences that you have today. What is being replayed are the times before you came to Earth when you were in the void, creating the universe.

Indeed, we heard the discussion earlier on this day about your movie, "Star Wars." This is your past. This is your past. It was about duality. It was about the conflict between the light and dark. It was about individuals or groups trying to consume others for their energy. Again, as we have talked about, this was done because you were all trying to find your way back Home. You felt that if you could conquer others and take them over, then you could find your way back Home.

Now, as you have discovered, this is not the way Home. Home comes to you. Home comes to you when you take responsibility and accept your divinity. What is happening is that the young ones… they do not have so many filters around them. They are more aware, more in tune with their own past. You will find they are, as you know, very talented, very intuitive. They pick up on things quite easily. But yet they have this other side that is filled with fear, that is filled with phobias.

Conventional … Cauldre, he always stops us when we get into giving this type of advice. (audience laughter) But he has agreed today to let us go forward. (more laughter) Conventional psychology will only add confusion because conventional psychology, based in duality, does not understand the dynamics of what is going on within the children.

So, we will put out a challenge to you, Shaumbra, to the Crimson Circle, and the humans of Earth. You have the wisdom. You have walked the path. Now, develop the classes for the children. Take responsibility for this. Don't give them pills. Don't send them off to some counselor who doesn't understand the nature of the soul, who only focuses on the mind. Develop the classes for them.

This is what Michael comes in to talk about today. Become the teachers. It is not that hard. You do not have to have a wall full of degrees. You only need to tie into your own divinity. The answers will be there. Yes, it will take some work. Yes, there will be some struggles. Yes, there will be times when you feel you are stepping backward, instead of moving forward. It is just part of the process. So, we throw out the challenge to you, not only for this type of situation, but also for all of the things. Become the teachers. You understand what is happening. Now teach them. Now teach them. Thank you for this question.

QUESTION: Dear Tobias, can you explain lucid dreaming and the alternate realities I perceive on bodies of water?

TOBIAS: Lucid dreaming is an interesting state. We could talk at great length about this, but we will give the short version today. There are so many of you who have lucid dreams, even if you do not know what these are or what they are called. But this is when you truly allow yourself to soar. We connect with you so often when you do this. This is an excellent way of expanding your consciousness.

There are several factors to take in account here. The first is to understand that all of the things and experiences that you have in these lucid dreams… do not take them literally. These are a series of symbols. You are entering into a different type of consciousness where the thought and interpretation process is not the same as you would find in your human reality. In lucid dreaming when you come across a symbol, when you come across an energy, do not take it for its face value. Pause… address the energy… and ask the energy what wisdom or insights it contains for you, practical to your human level.

There are so many of you who soar off in the lucid dreams and come back with somewhat of a distorted understanding of what took place. Perhaps, energetically you got it, but it is distorted on the human intellectual level.

When you dream of the waters, you are, in a sense, journeying back to a place where you came from. But again, we ask you not to think of it literally as water, or the surface of water, or images upon the water. This is somewhat of a distorted human interpretation. This water represents energies from where you came before you were ever on Earth, but not to be taken literally like your lakes and your seas and your oceans.

There is one more element to lucid dreaming. Consciously allow yourself to you bring these energies back with you, back to the human plane in the human dimension. For, so often as you are traveling back, as you are - how to say - you are landing back in human consciousness, you lose many of the parts and the pieces. But if you consciously remind yourself during these journeys that you will bring the energies, and the wisdoms, and the insights back with you, they have a much better chance of coming back. Then, you will know how to apply them on this level, on your human level.

So often what you gather during these journeys is not practical or applicable to your human experience. It is time to meld these together again. Many of you will find that you can take these lucid dreams, these consciousness expansions… you do not need to go off on your own into a quiet space. You can do it sitting by yourself for a moment. You can do it while you are dining, for instance. You can have these mini-lucid dreams. You will find this to be more and more frequent. We thank you for this question.

QUESTION: Tobias, are there accidents or incidents that are not planned, like traumas that change our original contracts or arrangements?

TOBIAS: It would be inappropriate to say all accidents or traumas are planned long in advance. When you are planning your lifetime, you do not write in every specific incident and accident. In a sense, you are only defining the flow and the rate of experience, much like the flow and rate of a river, but the river can take many turns along the way. Do you see? The river can divert. The river can create new channels and new conduits. You simply determine the overview of where you want to go.

So, when there is an accident in your life, and you say, " I must have planned this before I got here," it was not that way. The planning, particularly as you move into the New Energy, becomes almost spontaneous and immediate. It becomes very rapid in relationship to where your consciousness is.

Now, you are also not locked into any contract or even to any plan. You can change the river of your life at any time. But understand that at certain levels within you there is a need to know and to understand things, so check in with yourself to see what type of experiences you are looking for. You are not bound by contract, or plan, or any of that anymore. Understand that you are truly the creator.

QUESTION: Tobias, how do I find, know my gift in helping in ascension? Or is there none?

TOBIAS: It is already within you. It is already within you. It is not even something that we can tell you. It is something you must discover on your own. As we mentioned earlier, dear one, the only thing you need to do is to accept the responsibility of being a teacher, and all things will start coming into play at that point. But so many of you, Shaumbra, so many are still timid about taking on that responsibility. You are waiting for it to be written out for you and defined for you.

This is the New Energy. Sometimes it requires just beginning a process. Then, you will see how all things come into play. Remember, once again, that you are the creator of this. We do not have a list here on this side that says, "Bill must be doing this, and Mary must be doing that, and Ben has this job and that responsibility." We have none of that here. We are waiting for you to choose what you want to do. Then, we can kick in and start to support you. Then the runners can begin their work. We have a lot of runners here that are not very busy right now (audience laughter), because you have not taken that responsibility and that step.

That is why Michael comes in today to say, "No more being the student. You are the teachers. Accept that within you. Accept it." In a sense, it changes your very vibration to where you will attract those appropriate things to your front door. Thank you.

QUESTION: Tobias, my life is very happy with good relationships. Does this mean I am not changing or progressing? (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: How to say - count your blessings! (more audience laughter) There are some who are most fortunate. They are not going through difficulty. There are many reasons for this. In your case, in particular, there has been so much clearing that was done prior to this lifetime, and even in the early, early years of your lifetime. You are one who has not held tightly to an identity. You are one who, in a sense, said, "I want the path of my river to flow easily and smoothly. I choose not to have the difficulties right now." Give thanks to yourself for that.

QUESTION: Hi, Tobias. Am I on the right path to heal my body?

TOBIAS: It is first to understand that human words are so difficult at times. There is no healing. We know we are picking on words here. But understand that there is no healing. Healing indicates that something was wrong. There is no healing. It is acceptance of your own body. It is acceptance.

Understand also that there should be no struggle in the mind to try to patch yourself up. There should be no struggle to try to wipe out cancer, to try to wipe out a disease, to try to wipe out imbalances. In a sense, you are only adding to the energy of duality. You are saying, "I will get rid of what I think is bad, and only accept what I think is good." True balance and divine healing is accepting everything.

If your body has a cancer on it in the New Energy… accept all of it. We know this is difficult to do. You want to be gone with it. Your intent is to get rid it. Instead, understand why it is there, the role that it plays. It is to understand why you have chosen that for yourself. It is to understand that maybe it will persist, maybe it will not.

But you have to be ready to go to that space. You have to be ready to accept that this is one of the options. When you do that, you rise above the conflict of duality in the body. Then, you can understand not what healing is about, but what the ascended body is about. There is so much - how to say - energy of duality around the word, the human word "healing." There is, dear friends. You want it only to be good. You want only the highs, and not the lows. By embracing all of it, you get the perspective and the wisdom to truly understand what to do.

We see ones, not so much Shaumbra, but others who are in human form who are so particular about what they eat, and think, and do. They think they can only eat a certain type of food, and think a certain thought, and wear a certain type of shoe. They are playing the game of duality. They think they are being in the light. But in a sense, they are only being righteous. They are not embracing all of who they are. They are still deeply entrenched in duality.

We see that these people are the first ones to become sick… and imbalanced… and emotional… and to go through great difficulties. It is the ones… it is Shaumbra who are learning what all the marbles represented, who is learning all the aspects of duality and learning now to expand duality from 2 to 4. This is where the real glow of divinity comes forth.

In these weeks ahead you will have experiences in your life that puts identity of who thought you were in your own face. This will be challenging at times and very, very refreshing at other times. You will come to understand that this identity that you have clung onto for so long was just an illusion. It is time to let it go. And we know there is a sadness with this because oh, you were so good, so good at playing this wonderful game of duality. It is time to release that.

As we said, your homework is to look in the mirror, not just once or twice, but throughout these next six weeks. Look in the mirror. Look at the old self, look at the caterpillar before it becomes the butterfly. Understand that this period that you are in right now of no identity leads to a place of new identity in the New Energy.

Dear friends, there is so much that you have to teach. You just don't realize it yet. You are the ones that Metatron, Michael, Spirit, and all of the others are counting on. You are family. You are never alone.

And so it is!