The Ascension Series: Lesson 9
"Questions and Answers"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
May 5, 2002

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we return to the energy of your sacred temple. The New Energy is starting to percolate, coming forth from your very being. How appropriate that we play this song (Over the Rainbow) leading into our question and answer discussion, because as we have talked of before, you do not go Home. You do not.

You left Home so long ago on a grand journey to discover who you were, to discover a truth that could not be known in the First Circle. The journey has been most interesting, filled with many experiences. We know that you have had the desire to be at Home again, to leave this journey and return to the place that you came from. But even as Gautama (Buddha) found out on his long journey, you never go Home. You can't go Home, for you are in a new place of consciousness that does not make going Home practical anymore.

Home will come to you. Home expands to meet you. This is what is happening now. The energy of Home, represented by Metatron, comes to Earth, comes to you. You are coming to a point of fulfillment, not to the end of a journey. Even Gautama found that the journey continued. The journey continued. Truth evolves.

You are coming to a point of fulfillment, of completion, before going into a next cycle. The fulfillment is creating New Energy from a finite source, getting out of the game of duality, where you were just changing the appearance and the looks of two energies of duality. Now with your new identity and knowingness, you are making it possible for the creation of New Energies and, at the same time, making it possible for Home to come to you.

We have discussed much about New Energy on this day. Perhaps, you think to yourself, "What does it have to do with me today? How does this make my life better today?" The implications of this New Energy are vast. They are far-reaching. It will not necessarily be something that affects you the moment you walk out this door. But it will in these days and these moments ahead. It will if you allow the solution that is already within you to come to you in this void.

There is a tendency for humans to push, and replace, and struggle, and grasp. That was the way of duality. Humans do not like "void." They are uncomfortable with that place. It is not the dark that we speak of. It is not even a vacuum. A void is a nothingness, a pause. It is silence.

As you go to this Void of Ascension, something will come from within you. The solution you seek cannot be credited to another. The solution that you seek, perhaps, is nothing like you thought it would be. That is why we have asked you to release your agendas. By releasing your agendas, you have no preconceived box, limitation, or idea of what the outcome is. Releasing agenda is, in a sense, being in the void, with no expectations of the outcome. The outcome in the New Energy is far grander than it was in duality.

Shaumbra, so many of you have been trying to make duality easier or better. That is not why you are here. You are not here for a new and improved duality! (audience laughter) You are here for the creation of New Energy. You are here to be at that moment where duality is transcended, and you move into this new consciousness. To get there means releasing the old, being in this place of pause, to come to the realizations of the new.

In the New Energy there will be subtle changes in your life. For instance, as Cauldre learned today, time is warped in the New Energy. It is not linear like what you have experienced in duality. Your perception of time will change quite a bit. In a sense, that is good, for you can learn new aspects of time, new ways to work with it. In a sense, it will be difficult for some of you who have time-regulated lives, like having to be to a job at a certain time. You will find that it is more difficult to work with this, because your perception of time as it has been no longer exists.

It is the same with space. Space will appear different. For some who have not been so claustrophobic, being in tight spaces will make you claustrophobic in the New Energy for a short period of time. For those who get anxiety being in these small places, perhaps now things will not seem so small. Space will also change. Time… space… depth will change.

So many of the elements of duality will change around you. Things will not be so linear. It may seem like they are going in swirls when you have been used to going down the track in a straight line. You are releasing the bonds that created a linear type of existence. Now, you are going to an existence that is a spiral, but not limited to any direction, not limited to any phase.

The old energies of duality are leaving. We are here to share some of the aspects of New Energy. Oh, indeed, we will be working with you on this in the many, many months to come.

Now, with that we would be delighted to answer your questions.

QUESTION: Tobias, please explain how to remove the seven seals.

TOBIAS: You do not remove them with force or pressure. You release them. You release them. As Metatron said in our last gathering, they all open at once. They open together. Do not visualize yourself with a mallet in your hand trying to break these seals! Indeed, that will cause them to be tighter than ever. If anything, you simply love yourself, as we spoke of earlier. You simply come to new understandings of your past, new wisdoms. Instead of holding judgment against yourself and looking at yourself as being unworthy, you come to know that everything you encountered on your path had a purpose. That is why Buddha comes in on this day, to sit with you, to share the energy of his path, which was also long and difficult.

The seven seals open as you walk into the Void of Ascension, as you walk into this yet-to-be-created "now," this yet-to-be-created consciousness and sit in there. That is when the seals can open. (chuckling) That is when they know the coast is clear. You are not inhibiting them with the consciousness of duality. You will learn, when you come to this Void of Ascension, that the seals were not really sealed so tight. But there was a pressure, much like pressure on an object underwater, a pressure that kept them from opening. When you release duality around you, the pressure is taken off. There is no longer the element of duality that keeps the seals in place.

QUESTION: Dear Tobias, and dear Gautama, as a teacher of Buddhist meditation for many years, I do not understand how most people can gain experience of the void or the space of allowing without spending quiet time with themselves, in other words, meditating. Also, I don’t quite understand how or why it is that we are now creating New Energy that has never before existed. Thank you.

TOBIAS: From our perspective, and talking to those who crossed over to our side, there were so many humans who sat in meditation with expectation. There were so many who attempted to clear the mind. And as you know, this does not work so well. These were times of denial when you put up the blocks and keep the waves of energy from coming through. Ultimately, you struggled so much with this thing called meditation.

Others used meditation to deny living in the Now. They used meditation to escape duality, their humanness and life around them. Being in ascension status means being in the moment. If you are in the moment, there is really no need to meditate. You do not need to DO meditation. You ARE a walking, living, breathing meditation.

Now, one of the things you learned from meditation was that you needed alone space to re-energize and to revitalize yourself. But those who are now taking long walks… those who are simply finding a quiet space, and especially driving down the road… they know there is more fulfillment in this than their old form of meditations.

We are not saying that meditation is wrong, for that would be placing a judgment on it. We are saying that you have moved past the point of meditation. Gautama spent much, much time in meditation, much, much time clearing the mind, and even he realized that this was not the ultimate truth. This was not.

The void is different. It is putting the situation aside for a moment. It is not trying to replace it with something else. We used the example of your Twin Towers. The old energy came tumbling down. It is not time to replace it. Things are changing in your life. Things are being taken away energetically from you, perhaps relationships, or jobs, or even health for a period of time. There is a tendency to want to go out and replace it, to fix it.

When you get sick, you want to fix it right away. Be in the Void of Ascension. Know there might be a temporary imbalance within your body. Know that your divine being will provide a solution that was far grander than anything in your medicine cabinet. But humans, you want to replace everything so quickly. You want to replace your meditation, since we took that away, with something else. You want to replace your ceremony with something else. It is a time of "nothingness" when there is no pressure or struggle. You are not trying to replace. You are not fearing or panicking. It is a divine moment. In that moment the answers come through. If you feel yourself struggling in the mind, struggling in your being, chances are very good that you are not going in the right direction. You are still struggling with duality.

Again, we ask you to try this in the next month of time. You will find one thing – there is such an immediate desire to replace something that has gone from your life. Remember the images of the Twin Towers. Remember the images you saw even on the screen today where there is nothing, nothing. Indeed, you want to replace it with something, but if you do, you would be replacing it with a consciousness that exists in duality. Instead, go to the Void. Then, you will understand the next steps.

Our discussion of the New Energy will cause much talk amongst you, wondering about energies. There will be some who will go into the analytical and try to evaluate and discuss how energy works. Even one of your great scientists (Albert Einstein) came to the conclusion – a brilliant conclusion at the time – that energy could not be created or destroyed. And that was appropriate that many years ago.

There is a new equation, which we will talk of later, that explains the new equation of energy. This equation will offer a theory of how new energy can be created. Initially this will be a theory. But as you know, technology will follow. If you are creating a new energy of consciousness, soon, quite soon, there will be those who will come to understand how to create it in your practical world as well.

QUESTION: In the Keys of Enoch it mentions the "null zone" necessary for the ascension process. Has the Earth entered the zone? If not, when is the approximate time and its effects on us?

TOBIAS: There have been many "null zones" that you as Shaumbra have gone through on your journey. You remember many of these. These also appeared to be times of depression. What is referred to in these Keys of Enoch is not necessarily the Void of Ascension. It is similar, but it is not of the same energy. It is to be remembered that this book was written in a different time and consciousness. It is oriented towards an understanding of duality. And it provides a deeper understanding of the biblical scriptures. At that time, it was not possible for humans to walk into the New Energy, so it was not possible for a book to accurately describe what it was like.

Now, there are "nulls" all along the path leading to ascension. But they are more of what we would compare to the channeling where we talked about the "no-thing," the "no-thing," do "no-thing." There are periods of time where activity should cease, where you can recharge yourself. But this is quite different than the Void of Ascension that we speak of. This is quite different from this time and consciousness that you go into, where you are not trying to replace or rebuild, but yet you are allowing your divine answer to come through.

QUESTION: Please talk more about the Fruit of the Rose and how it manifests. Thank you.

TOBIAS: The Fruit of the Rose is your divine lineage. It comes truly comes through and manifests when you sit in the void we have discussed today. It is the solution that has not been brought in yet. It is a potential solution that exists in a neutral or dormant state. But it has always been there. It is all of the answers that you have ever sought, but you could not come to realizations until the appropriate time. We have said before that, in a sense, you have already buried the answer for yourself, along your path. You have already created all of the potential solutions before you got there. This is the Fruit of the Rose. It IS your divinity. It IS that part of God that you brought with you from Home. It is your individual identity in meld with the essence of Spirit.

Now, that does not mean that the answers have already been worked out. It means the energy for the solution is there. It still takes you living in human form, living in the "now," to bring the solution to realization. There requires participation at all levels of your being. Your divine consciousness has been behind the seven seals that are now opening. The Fruit of the Rose is the unrealized solution, but the solution that has always been there. The Fruit of the Rose does not contain the exact road map and directions for the solution, but it contains all of the energy for realization of it.

QUESTION: Dear Tobias, before I pushed my Oracles to the side, I was given an Oracle idea that I was quite excited about, hesitant, but still excited. What I would like to know if this still appropriate and not only for myself – even though I would love to know if this is personally appropriate for me – but also for others who have had or will have ideas, desires, to bring forth more Oracles and things of this nature. If we do bring them in, will it be bringing in yet more tools that should be put away? I do not know that I was brought to my "now" with all my tools. This was needed for me. Are they still needed and appropriate? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, it is time to put these aside. Look at the energy behind your own question. There is a lack of meaning or direction. There is also an innate understanding of the answer at the deepest levels of your being while you wrote your question. It is time to release them. Honor them, but also release. Dear friends, one of the greatest challenges for Shaumbra has been our asking you to release so many things, so many things that you have held dear. We know that some of you still hold things under your pillow at night. (audience laughter) Perhaps books, perhaps techniques. Certainly crystals! Does that not hurt your head? (more laughter) It is time to release all these, to honor and release.

Now, for many of you these products and these programs that you have had… they have also been your livelihood. It is what you have taught others. And there is a fear that if you let go of these things, how would you make a living? How would you make a living? So, you look around, and what do you do? You want to replace it with something else. You even want Tobias and Gautama to give you a new tool, do you not? Do you not want to replace what you are letting go? And that is our point of this whole discussion today.

There IS something else. We cannot tell you what it is, for even we do not know. But it is something in the New Energy. It is a solution and a fulfillment far grander than the Oracle, or any of these other things that you hold onto. You cannot go into the New Energy holding relics of duality. If you think you are sneaking something through, (audience laughter) there will be somebody at the door, letting you know it is not appropriate. (more laughter) You think your own security screeners now are tough! But try to get on board this New Energy… we have even tougher screeners!

We know it is difficult. We can feel the panic come up within so many of you, thinking about releasing the old. However, this is only about you. There are still things that are appropriate to teach others. And if they come to you for the facilitation that you do, or the methods that you have… if they are still knocking on your door, then it is appropriate to be teaching that. But for YOU it is time to enter the whole new zone, the New Energy that we spoke of today.

Dear ones, you cannot possibly imagine the grandness, the love, the fullness of the New Energy in the mind that you have today. So, quit trying. Quit trying. Come into the Void of Ascension. The answer will come up through you. This IS the Fruit of the Rose.

Oh, dear ones, some of you have already gone through this experience with a few things in your life. And what do you do at that time? You say, "Ah, I could never have imagined this. Why did I hang on so tightly to the past? Why did I hang on so tightly? Why did I not trust myself? Why did I not trust myself to let go and know that divinity would be there within me?"

QUESTION: Tobias, what is May 19 going to bring us?

TOBIAS: Indeed, nothing. (audience laughter) You look to your stars, and you anticipate great events. Aren't you tired of that now? It does not happen! It is a distraction. It is not appropriate. You are continually trying to replace one thing for the other. On May 19, go into the Void and stop looking into the skies!

QUESTION: Tobias, can you give some insight into the status of women on the planet? It seems like there is such an inequality, and in many cases, women are seen as sexual objects. I feel there will be a balance coming in the future. Any comments? Thanks.

TOBIAS: Dear ones, the balance is coming now, we are delighted to say. When we read the overall consciousness of women on Earth compared to a year ago when we talked about it, it HAS changed. Some of your challenging situations have put a new focus on the role of women. And certainly, your consciousness as Shaumbra has changed those institutions that were so ingrained in the male energy. Look at what has happened since we talked with you less than one year ago. Look at the changes and at your headlines.

This will continue to change, for there has to come a balance between male and female. And there has to be a respect for both sides, both sides. All of you contain the elements of male and female, all of you do. You cannot simply replace your old male energy with a female energy. It has to be a balance. Do not disrespect or dishonor the male portion of your consciousness either. But do allow the female portion to come bursting forth. You will see it.

You will see a new balance of the female energy on Earth. You will especially see it in the people around you. You will marvel at how they are integrating their male side if they are female, their female side if they are male. There will be a new tolerance for the ones you call "gays." They are ones who brought in a much better balance of male and female energy. They are ones who knew there would be challenges, who knew that they would be called sinners, who knew that they would be called perverted. They knew this when they brought in the higher level balance of male and female. It was a way to show the world that you could be integrated in both male and female.

All of this energy is such a signal that duality is unfolding, changing, transforming, and creating New Energy in the number of 4. Give thanks to those who have endured the challenges to integrate the female energy in particular. Give thanks to those who have worked so hard at their conscious levels to bring this in. Look at what is happening in the world around you. There is a whole new respect and understanding for both energies, male and female.

But also remember as these changes are taking place, as duality is winding down, as the imbalanced male-female energy is coming back into a new sacred balance, remember that there are energies making their last stand. They do not want to change. You will see things in the news, as Metatron talked to you about, that perhaps shock you, perhaps throw you off balance. But it is just the Old Energies trying to hold on, trying to hold on.

Dear ones, we have covered much ground today. And we will continue to talk of the New Energy in the lessons ahead. We ask you to not just walk from this temple space of yours back into duality and forget about what we have said. Use this tool, the Void of Ascension. Use it. Come to new understandings. Know that you do not need to replace things right away. It may be fearful at times, for the old duality within you may be screaming to have it replaced with something. But in this energy of ascension, answers will come to you, solutions, fulfillments, new ways of doing things and thinking about things that you could never have imagined before. Work with this, dear friends.

It has been a delight and a pleasure to be here with you on this day. And we will be working with you in your dreams and also in your daily life. We love you dearly. Gautama bows to you at this time. Indeed, he is welling up, very emotional. He sees the true enlightened ones. He sees you going into a new consciousnesses that he never was able to go to. Indeed, the Buddha honors you.

And so it is!