The Ascension Series
Lesson Ten "From No Identity to New Identity"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
June 1, 2002

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, dear Shaumbra, that we gather together again in our circle. The energy of all who are here in body or spirit is loving, and is strong, and is enduring. The path of ascension you are walking is not what you thought it would be. It has not been so easy. But you continue. You continue your journey. You continue with the lessons we bring forth to you, because of the love and the commitment within your being.

Those of us on this side of the veil can feel your commitment. It is thick. Your love and your energy are thick. Your desire to keep going on is strong. There comes a point when it is time to take a pause. This is the time for you to sit in relaxation and quiet. You can release the struggling, the challenges, and the emotional and physical pain. It is time to simply receive the love of those who are your family.

For this next short period of time that we are together here, we ask you to open yourselves to our love. We ask you to take a break from the challenges of your human life. We ask you to take a refreshing moment on your path to sit under the tree, much as the Buddha sat under the tree, to enjoy the shade. Use this time to bring your energy back together.

We will do the work here for this next period of time while we are in the circle together. We will move the energy. We will bring you the love that you so richly deserve in your life. Dear friends, we know that part of your journey has been giving up love. It has been giving up the very ones who you have been close to in the past, whether in this lifetime or others. You have given up the closeness of the human relationships so that you could focus on your inner spirit and being.

Perhaps it was your biological family. Perhaps it was a mate, or in some cases, many mates. Perhaps it was your own children or friends that were near and dear. They were not taken from you. Instead, you released them. You released them so that you could continue on your path and bring forth your own divinity.

But we know it has been difficult, being without this direct love, the intense love from other humans. We know this. That is why we come to you now as family, as ones who support you, and encourage you, and love you dearly, and know you so well. We come to you now and say, "Simply relax." You are here with friends. You are here with Shaumbra and angels who come from all types of dimensions to join you in this circle.

How much we love you for the work you do! How much we admire you for the work you do! There is not much more that we need to say to you. It is the energy that we bring in, the love that we bring in.

And yes, for the one who just asked, yes, this too will change. The loves and the relationships in your life indeed will change, but it will be different than what you have known in the past. Some of you rejoice for that. It will be different. It will be a new type of love. We spoke of that in Lesson Eight.

It will be a love that is complete unto itself because YOU are complete in yourself. It will be a love that carries no agendas. The love will not be the other face of duality like it was in the old energy. It will be a love that is complete, and full, and true unto itself. It will engage you only for the purpose of love. Imagine that - a relationship with another human that engages you ONLY for love. It won't be about agenda, or about somebody trying to get into your emotional back pocket. Only for love!

Dear ones, we cherish this time we have together. We have much to discuss today. These times are precious, and these times are few. We know so many of you, Shaumbra, are so busy right now in your lives. We know so many of you, Shaumbra, are also lost in your life. We will speak of that today. We know that you feel the speeding up of duality in and around you right now that you hardly have the time to sit like this with Spirit, with Self, with Shaumbra.

The energies here are building and intensifying. Through your divine senses you can feel that there are visitors who are coming in through the doorways of the other side. There are many visitors who come in now to sit in the Second Circle to be with you, to observe, and to love, and to support. Yet, there are two in particular who come today who join in this circle, who bring interesting energies.

Indeed, for the ones who can feel this energy building, you are already aware that one you know so well now, the one who is guiding you, walking with you side-by-side on the journey into the New Energy, this one called Metatron is here again today. Metatron's energy is different than when he first came in many months ago. The energy of Metatron is much different.

It is not that Metatron has changed, dear friends. It is that you have changed. The energy of Metatron does not impact you like it did before. He does not throw you off balance. He does not come roaring through. Now, he feels much more comfortable, much gentler, but yet still very intense. That intensity in Metatron's energy represents the intensity of your own journey. But Metatron comes in for this lesson where we will talk about you, and who you are no longer.

Metatron's energy builds in this room, builds with each of you. But you are much more familiar with it now because, dear friends, Metatron has been so close to you. Metatron IS you! Metatron is your voice in Spirit.

Metatron held a balance of energy on the other side of the veil. Metatron held the balance of energy in a very sacred temple within the Order of the Arc, a temple that was secure, and safe, and very sacred. Very few were allowed into this temple. That is where part of your own divine energy has been watched over by Metatron. That is where part of you that is so divine, and so pure - the purity of love - has been waiting, watched over by your voice in Spirit, Metatron, until the time was appropriate. Metatron has walked with all of us throughout this Ascension Series.

Metatron is now able to bring his energy directly to the level of Earth. This was not possible before. It was not possible. Metatron is able to join with us now, bringing his energy into this space, into this circle. And indeed, his energy is here today.

Feel the energy of Metatron today, not as an outside being, not as some male-angel entity. Feel the energy as your very own divinity, under the name of Metatron, under a collective energy of Metatron. Allow yourself to feel yourself in Metatron. And allow Metatron to feel himself in you. Allow the melding to take place.

Metatron, the symbol of your divinity and your voice in Spirit, joins us now. Metatron is your divinity, allowing you to take a rest along your rather challenging journey, in this time we share together. Metatron allows you to be held in the hands of your own divinity, to bring your energy back together for a moment of rest and to rejuvenate your body, your emotions, and all who you are.

Oh, dear friends, you are indeed allowing this energy in. We can see it from all around the room, from all around the circle we sit in together. You are indeed like a flower unfolding, allowing your own divinity to come in now.

There is another one who joins us for this lesson. He now brings his presence forward. It is an energy you have known quite well, the energy of - how to say - the one you have called "boss." It is a very familiar energy. At times you have gotten very frustrated with him. You will know of what we speak here in a moment. In a sense, he is a type of group leader or guide for you who comes from a family you are very familiar with. He comes here now because this is one more turning point for you, one more transition point.

Welcome the energy of Archangel Michael. His presence has not been very noticeable in this "classroom of the new energy." He has not been one of the featured guests until now. But he comes in for this lesson. He comes in with the sword that you curse so often. The Sword of Truth Archangel Michael holds is blazing, on fire, and illuminated. The time is appropriate now for him to join us. It has not been appropriate until now.

We will tell you a little bit about Archangel Michael. He asks you to simply open up to his vibration as we talk. Michael, in a sense, carries a responsibility for each of you. Michael is one you work with very closely at many different levels. When the Order of the Arc was formed in an effort to bring about the New Energy of the universe, it was Michael who worked with you, helping to train you, helping to prepare you for your journey to Earth that began so long ago.

As you know, Michael has never taken human form. He is an architect who, along with you, helped create the templates of Earth and human biology and human consciousness. Michael, in a sense, was your drill sergeant before you left the Order of the Arc to come to Earth. Michael was the one who gave each of you a Sword of Truth, a symbol of your own journey. The sword is part of your own consciousness and your own biology, given to you by Michael before you embarked on your journey to find your own truth. The sword was given to you before you left for Earth. It has been part of who you have been ever since.

Those who teach your Bible and scriptures tell the story of Michael and how he fought Satan, or Lucifer in the giant battle in the heavens. Michael threw Satan out of heaven. Dear friends, the story is somewhat mixed up, because in the story, the one that is Satan is really you! (audience laughter and Tobias chuckling) But it made a better story to present it as the devil.

It was YOU that left the Order of the Arc, or what would be called "heaven." It was Michael who trained you. It was Michael who gave you the sword and sent you on your way. You were not thrown out of anywhere. You chose to leave this "heaven" and come to Earth. You agreed to it in advance.

The real story is that when Michael handed you the Sword of Truth, which is a symbol for the consciousness of your search, there were tears in his eyes. Michael knew it would be a long and difficult journey for you. Michael knew that there would be times when you would not recognize him when he came to you in your dreams and in your altered states. That brought sadness to him.

The real story is not about a big battle where Satan was thrown out of heaven. It was about your own departure from the Order of the Arc to come to Earth. It was about your journey to find your truth, dear friends. Your truth is your divinity. You had to find it on your own. You had to find it with the elements of duality, and furthermore, with the element of the veil - two very strong forces that hid you from your past, hid you from yourself, and hid you from us for so long. You had to go out on this journey to Earth in a very - how to say - neutral environment to discover your divinity. The Sword of Truth represents your own journey.

Is it no wonder that Michael comes in to be with us now? He comes here as one who was your trainer, as one who you have bonded with closely over long periods of time. Michael comes in for this lesson, for it is also a type of graduation ceremony. He is here to release you, so that you can come to those final energetic moments of finding your truth within.

The energies of Metatron and Michael are here to nurture you, so you can take a rest from the busy process of ascension you have been going through.

Dear friends, we have covered much ground in our lessons with you. We have gone now through two complete series (New Earth and Creator). Now we are coming to the conclusion of this Ascension Series. We ask you to look back at the essence of what we have been talking to you about.

Indeed, we have given you the story of how you left Home. You were the young Prince or Princess, seeking to go out on a grand adventure, seeking to find an identity for yourself outside of the First Circle. You wanted to discover who you were before you inherited the throne.

We have gone through many discussions in these past three years. We have talked about standing behind the short wall and putting problems in the Oven of Grace. We have talked of the fact that it is no longer about you or who you thought you were. It is not about you anymore. There is something far grander.

It is not about healing your karma from the past. It is not about even healing karma from the time before you came to Earth. It is not about you anymore. You transcended that in your ascension status. We have talked to you about releasing so many things, putting them in the Oven of Grace. We have talked about having no agenda, letting go, because agenda… oh, it is so much based in duality in the Old Energy!

We spoke with you in our gathering last month about the void, about going into the void, an interesting lesson, an interesting concept. And indeed, indeed we chose this word "void" very carefully. Indeed, it brought up reminders of when you left Home. There IS a correlation to the past. When you left the Kingdom, you did go into a void.

When you leave duality, again you go into a void, because what lies beyond duality has not been created yet. You are the ones creating it, my dear friends. You are the first to go into the New Energy. You are setting the foundation for the others. And indeed, it does bring about fears, and memories, and concerns of the past when you left the Kingdom and went into the Void.

So, is it no wonder that in these past 30 or so days you would have old feelings come back up… that you would have fears… that you would have perhaps remembrances of remorse… that you would have concerns about what you are doing? Many of you thought in the days that followed our last lesson, " Is this some type of trick? Am I releasing all of who I am? Am I letting go of myself? Am I being asked to go to a place where I can be taken over by others, or influenced to the dark side?"

And as you know, we said to you, "Indeed, if that's what you would like to do. Indeed." But we know that you don't. And we know that you are ready to release this old game of light and dark. You are ready to release that energy, the fear that if you do not hold on tightly to duality that you will be consumed by some evil force.

That is old, dear friends. It does not apply anymore. There is no entity out there who can take you over… other than, yes, for the one who just asked… a spouse does that from time to time. (audience laughter) But entities from our side cannot do that. Even if Metatron or Michael chose to take you over right now, to consume you and to influence you, they cannot. None can. You hold and own your own divinity!

We have gone through many, many discussions with you. The essence of these has been about releasing, releasing the past, releasing who you were, releasing the habits, the patterns, indeed, letting go. It has been, by your terms and your definition, a slow journey. It has taken these past three years to learn how to release. By our definition it has been a very short time!

You are releasing experiences that go back thousands, and millions, and more millions of years. These are patterns that were established a long, long time ago. This is what you are letting go of. The lessons over the past three years have truly been focused on letting go. As you are finding out, you cannot take your old luggage with you into the New Energy.

And that is the challenging point you are at right now. There is a desire, a very strong desire, to take certain things with you, to take - how to say - consciousnesses of your identity, parts of your identities from the past with you. This is primarily because you do not so much trust yourself.

Even the mention of going into the void brings up a fear within. It brings up all the questions of "what if." "What if I release everything? Will I have no identity left whatsoever? Will I be consumed by another entity? Will I be influenced to an evil or dark side?" All of these concerns come up. And they are appropriate right now. Do not deny yourself these feelings, thoughts, and concerns. Releasing and going into the void right now is part of the process of the New Energy. But dear friends, it is not denying who you have been. It is not trying to cut off parts of yourself.

The Void of Ascension is a quiet space where you do not wrestle with the duality within yourself. In this Void, you ask all parts of yourself to be in pause for a moment, to be in a place of quiet for a moment. It is where you ask those marbles - the white and the black and the gray - to be still and to feel the birthing of the energy of your divinity. It is where you do not try to figure out things in the limitations of your human mind.

In the Void of Ascension, you allow the mind of the divine to come through. It is your own. You are listening to yourself. You are simply putting duality on the shelf for a moment. You will get a taste of YOUR New Energy, of YOUR divinity. Many of you here have already experienced this feeling. And this is just the beginning.

Put aside the "should I/shouldn't I?" concerns, those doubts that haunt you. Put them aside for a moment. Be in the void. Then the divinity that is yours, and only yours, can come forth. That is the Void that we speak of. You are clearing the passageway to allow your divinity to come through.

Continue to work with this. Feel what happens when you truly put an issue in pause, when you can truly put one of your concerns in pause. Then your divinity can speak to you. You will be able to hear it because you will not be so caught up in the details of duality.

Now, let us speak of duality. It is the energy of "two" that has existed for as long as you have known your identity outside of the First Circle. It is changing now, as we have spoken of so often. We are going from the energy of "two" to the energy of "four." You will see it all around you.

We have spoken often about the quad math. We have spoken about new insights and new discoveries that will help take human consciousness from duality into the New Energy. We said that at the right time, the information will start coming through. As your consciousness changes, the scientific information will come through to validate it. There are researchers and scientists who are working on this.

A scientist/mathematician has even written a book about this, published since our last gathering ("A New Kind of Science" by Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram Media). It has created quite a bit of interest, quite a bit of debate. But the essence of the research contained in this book, self-published by the author, is now making its way into the mainstream. It shows that if there are three elements, each with a different type of energy, and a fourth energy that is added to it, this will create a type of New Energy. The research shows how the patterns of nature are created, and how it can be created in the New Energy. It talks about the sequence of energies and how they work. But it is always an energy of 4. It is always one element of the 4 influencing the other 3.

This is now available in print. You can read about it. It is just the beginning of the understanding of the quad math that we have talked about. It is the first step. Other researchers will come in to try to understand it or to try to disprove it. This will initiate even more scientific and mathematical validation.

You are seeing it in your lifetime, dear friends. This is not something that is out in the ethers and that does not affect you. You are seeing it in your lifetime. You are seeing the validation of your journey.

In the meantime, duality wants to hang on. It wants to hang on. You can see evidence of this in your newspapers, in your headlines. Duality desperately wants to hang on. It does not want to go. It does not want to leave, to be annihilated, to be forgotten. It is trying to hold onto its identity.

Yes, indeed, duality has its own identity. It has its own vibration. In a sense, it is like an entity, much like you. But as you know from your own experiences, duality also is tired. Duality knows it is time to transform into the New Energy. Even duality is at odds with itself, part of it wanting to hang on, part of it wanting to let go. What a beautiful orchestra! It is beautiful indeed! All of this creates higher highs, and lower lows, and faster cycles, which all indicates that large changes are taking place and will continue to take place.

As Metatron stated, as duality makes its last stand you will see many disturbing events all around you with people, and tribes, and nations, and governments. We have asked you not to pray, not to meditate, and not to visualize until you truly understand the dynamics of what is taking place in the world around you. Stand behind the short wall and observe the transition from duality into the New Energy. Then you will understand what it is you should be doing.

All of the events you are witnessing are appropriate. Duality is flipping back and forth between wanting to be free and yet wanting to hang on. It is happening not only in your world, but it is also happening within you as well. It is happening even as you are walking in the shoes of ascension.

You have gone from one lifetime to the other while staying in the same physical body. Most of you even kept your same name even though you have crossed into a new lifetime. You have maintained much of your previous identity. There is that part of you that does not want to let go, and yet another part that desperately wants to let go. You are seeing the conflict in your own life, the challenges in your own life. There is such a desire in you to hang on, but yet you want to change - an interesting energy drama!

Look at the things around you. Look at the face of duality. Look at people trying to hang on to who they thought they were. Yet this old identity is being pulled away from them, by themselves. We chuckle when we see the popularity of tattoos in your society. It is a way of saying, "I want to hang onto my identity so much so that I want it printed on my body, so I remember who I was. I do not want to let go of my identity. I want to embed it deep within my physical and my emotional being."

We chuckle when we see humans trying to maintain their identity with the markings on their clothes, the personalization of their wardrobes, personalizations even when they put their names on their shirts. We think that is funny. Do they not really know who they are? (audience laughter)

But yes, you will continue to see people trying to maintain their identity, trying to hold on, but yet the other part of them desperately wanting a change. This dichotomy is all part of the process of moving into the New Energy.

This changing of identity causes much sadness for Shaumbra. We are touched by the sadness that so many of you are going through right now. There is little that we can do, other than to reassure you this is part of the process. There is little we can do other than to come in at times like this to sit with you and to share with you the reason for your journey. There is little we can do other than to come in here and share with you that you are not alone. This space filled with two grand entities, Michael and Metatron, and many, many, many others who come in to love you at this rest stop along your path.

The sadness within you is because you are losing something. You are losing who you thought you were. You are losing relationships, jobs, and for some of you, your health. You are losing everything you thought you were. We know the sadness affects you deeply and it is strong. We are here to tell you that it is simply part of the process, dear friends. Know that you are not alone.

This sadness can be replaced, but not with the energy you might think. You will not wake up one morning and be filled with the old joy you had in duality. A completeness will come about. A completeness will come about. It will be a different type of emotion. You will not even want to use a word to describe this new feeling because a word is too limiting. In the meantime, understand that we know what you are going through.

When you sit with other humans as their teacher, you will have the empathy and the understanding for what they are going through. You will have experienced the changes firsthand. You will be able to hold their hand and tell them that you understand their sadness, the sadness that comes about when everything they thought they were, and everything they thought they would be, is different.

Dear friends, it is time to trust yourself. Michael comes in today to share this with you. You have gone through so many experiences, carrying the Sword of Truth within you. It is time to trust yourself and everything that is happening to you in your life, even, even if a spouse is leaving. You blame yourself. Outwardly you blame them, but inwardly we know that you blame yourself.

Many things are happening in your life. You are wondering who you are, what you are doing right now, why you are here. Oh, you are filled with so much doubt at the inner levels. Michael comes in to ask you to trust yourself, to trust in your divinity, to begin to understand that all things are appropriate. Even if it feels like the walls inside are coming down. Even if it feels like the fabric of who you are is coming unraveled.

Indeed, it is time to trust yourself. You are carrying the energy of divinity. Indeed, you are carrying your own Sword of Truth. It is time to trust yourself. Come forth, as difficult as it may seem when you're going through challenges in your life, as Metatron talked about. Begin your teaching, begin your work.

Oh, we know. We hear you say, "But Tobias, I do not so much know what I'm supposed to do. I am waiting for the sign." Dear friends, there ain't going to be a sign! There will not. You are waiting for something. It is already there! It is already at your front door. It has already moved into your new house. It is already there. You either don't see it, because you don't want to, because of the responsibility involved. Or, you see it, and it frightens you.

Shaumbra, you are ones who have agreed to be the teachers. It is time to start teaching. If you don't know what that means, or what it looks like, go to the Void of Ascension we talked about in our last lesson. Be still. Put aside duality. You will hear it, or you will feel it, or you will know it. The answer is within.

Michael comes in on this day to talk to you. You were once students of his. He comes in to challenge you now to be the teachers. Stop going to school. Start going to work. There is nothing more you can learn at this point that is going to make you more of a teacher of the New Energy.

You will learn more as you teach, but at this point there is no more school. There are no more books. You have read them all. There are no more classes. You have gone to them all. Now, start teaching. Now, start teaching, dear ones. You will learn as you go. You will know what to do.

Michael, the one who gave you that Sword of Truth before you left the Order of the Arc, now challenges you to be the teacher. Michael challenges you to trust yourself at the deepest levels. Oh, it is terrifying, we know. You want to trust something or someone else. The last thing in the world that humans want to do is to trust themselves. It is too much responsibility.

Michael, your teacher and trainer, says that it is time now to set you free. He has been working with you on the sidelines ever since you left the Order of the Arc to come to Earth. He has been an important part of the energy. He is now releasing you. He is now graduating you. He is now walking away from that old role with you. He says he will always be a friend and always be an admirer of you. But it is time now for him to back out of your energy field, so that you can accept the energy of YOUR voice in Spirit, represented by Metatron.

Michael comes in on this day to challenge each of you to trust yourself enough to begin your teaching. The time is right, and the world indeed will need it. Do not wait any longer. Do not be meek. Do not hold back. Work with each other. That is why you have joined together as the family of Shaumbra all across the world.

Michael says, "But now what are you waiting for? When are you going to start practicing? When are you going to be the teacher? When are you going to accept that responsibility within yourself?" The events, the energies, the people, the opportunities, they will not be clear in your spiritual vision until you accept that responsibility, the responsibility of being the teacher for others.

We know so many of you are thinking, "Oh, but who am I to teach? And what will I teach? And how will I teach?" Those questions are answered in a moment, as soon as you accept the responsibility. But you must accept the responsibility first. Then the answers will come to you.

Michael is here today to put that challenge to you, as you move from the student to the teacher. He asks you to trust yourself, to trust your own divinity so you can be there for others. Michael says that other humans who are beginning this journey of ascension will need you.

Duality is at a delicate balance point. The world needs you. Trust yourself enough to step forward, dear ones. Trust yourself. It is difficult to do when you are filled with sadness, when there are challenges in your life, and when things are leaving your life. It is difficult to do. You want to wait. You want to wait until everything is settled down, until you feel everything is just perfect.

Part of your sadness comes from the divine calling within you. There is a calling and you have not answered it. There is that knocking at the door, and you have not answered it. That is part of the reason for your sadness. There are ties to the old energy that need to be cut now. There are things that need to be released. Just do it. Trust in yourself. It will work out for you. You know deep within your being that it is time to trust yourself and truly fulfill what you came here to do in this New Energy.

Now, dear friends, when you left the Kingdom so very long ago, you developed an identity and an awareness of self. Prior to that, you know, it was a oneness. When you crossed through the Wall of Fire, you had for the first time a true awareness of your own identity. You were no longer just part of the Kingdom. You were no longer just part of what we would call in this metaphor the royal family. You developed your own identity. You have been developing your identity through many lifetimes and through many experiences before you ever came to Earth.

But now, oddly enough, it is time to let go of the identity. It is time to release it. In the past you have built your identity, what you would call your soul level identity, from one lifetime to the next. You added to it in a very linear fashion, one experience after the other. You have done that ever since you left Home.

As you move into the New Energy, you will also go into a new identity. Instead of one step at a time of the building of your identity, now you take a leap. You take a leap of identity. You leap from who you thought you were, into having a time of no identity, then into a new identity. The Void of Ascension we spoke of in Lesson Nine is when the energy of your old identity temporarily goes away.

You go through a period of no identity. No identity. You look into a mirror and it does not have a reflection. This is the zone many of you are in now. This is part of the reason for the sadness. This is part of the reason why you wonder who you are, and you wonder what you should be doing. This is part of the reason for the deep and extreme self-doubt that you have within. Your identity is fading away. In the meantime, you have no identity before you develop your new identity.

Dear friends, Lesson Ten of the Ascension Series - From No Identity to New Identity. You have the experience of no identity prior to moving into your new identity. It is the mirror without a reflection.

Look into a mirror. You will see your own physical image. But as you continue to look at it, the image will not even feel like you anymore. It will not resonate with you. It will not feel right. For some of you, the image may just totally go away, and you'll see nothing but an empty mirror!

Why do you think it is that others seem to be ignoring you lately? (audience laughter) It is because your identity of who you thought you were – we underline that word, who you thought you were – is leaving. Along with it leave all of the energies and symbols of the old you. Things like those cars that you smash up, or things like your home – we know that is a difficult one for some of you – your clothes, your friends, all of these things.

In this period of no identity, those things that you held onto most tightly are being taken away. They are not taken away by us, not by Michael, and certainly not by Metatron. They are taken away by yourself. You are going into the period of no identity before you go into your new identity. It IS the Void that we spoke of in our last gathering. It is part of the process of ascension. What you are going through now is most difficult and challenging.

Look in the mirror. You will hardly recognize the human in the reflection, if you see anything at all. Oh, we know, many of you have noticed this lately. You look in the mirror and say, "This could not be me. What I see in the mirror does not feel like who I am anymore." Do you know of what we speak? Who you thought you were is leaving.

Now, indeed, you are not truly disappearing. You are not evaporating. You are simply going through a change, much like the caterpillar goes through the change before it transforms into the butterfly. What a wonderful analogy! What a wonderful example you placed in nature to remind yourself of the ascension metamorphosis you would go through.

Imagine the caterpillar, wondering while he sits in the cocoon, "What the hell” – yes, we swear on this side (audience laughter) – “what the hell is going on?" That's exactly what the caterpillar is thinking. "What is going on? I thought I was going to be an ascended caterpillar!" (audience laugher) "With more legs and more green, and maybe some additional eyes and maybe more attractive than I was before, a little smarter. What is happening to me, dear God? I must have taken the wrong turn on the path to ascension!" (more laughter) "I am in this big nothing cocoon, wondering what is going on, wondering why I am not doing what I thought I would be doing."

The poor caterpillar is thinking all of this only moments before he bursts forth from the cocoon with wings filled with color. Wings! The caterpillar never knew anything about wings! And color? The caterpillar only knew green! But here it is now, a spectacle for all to behold.

Dear friends, did you know that angels really don't have wings? They really don't. Some very insightful artists understood that humans would, at one point, go through a metamorphosis. They knew humans would go through a change. They picked up on the energy of the metaphor of the butterfly and drew wings on the angels they painted. It was to symbolize that someday the human would go through this also.

The poor caterpillar looks into the mirror as it sits in its cocoon, wondering what is happening. It does not even recognize itself. It sees itself no longer as a caterpillar, but rather as some ugly, changing creature. The caterpillar does not know what is happening. It wonders why it is trapped and wonders why everything it thought it was … is no longer. The caterpillar has these thoughts moments before it bursts forth from the cocoon to soar as a butterfly.

This is what is happening to you. You go from the point of "no identity" just before your new identity. But you have to go through this zone, this void, this "no identity" time so that all the processes can come into play for you to truly emerge with your new identity.

Your new identity will be nothing like your old. You held tightly to your old identity and to who you were and to what you saw in the mirror. In the New Energy it is not that way. You will not have an identity that is locked in. It will be very flexible, very fluid. With your new identity, you will be aware of self, but you will also be more aware of all things around you. This awareness will come in through the divine senses, through the Language of Ah.

In your new identity you will not be bound by old contracts. You will not be locked into a mold. You will have wings of new consciousness. It will not be linear. It will be multi-dimensional. You will not have to develop and protect your identity. You will be secure unto yourself, complete within yourself. Your new identity will want to express. You will want to expand. You will want to soar, dear friends.

Michael comes in on this day to say, "Trust yourself in this period of no identity. Trust yourself. Step forward now. Step out of your cocoon. Take responsibility as a teacher. Take responsibility as your new identity emerges all around you."

Lesson Ten - From No Identity to New Identity. We will talk more in the future of this new identity, of who you are in the New Energy. But understand dear friends, understand why you are going through what you are right now. It is part of a process, the journey of Shaumbra, the journey of all who will follow after you.

The homework for this lesson is quite simple. It is something you do each day. Look in the mirror. Look in the mirror at who you thought you were. Look beyond the face in the mirror. Look into the energy as a reminder of the past. Look at the changes that are occurring, the changes similar to what a caterpillar goes through before it becomes the butterfly. Know that you are going through quite a process.

Before we leave, we will throw in one more thought that will really confuse you! This will be the subject of many of our discussions in the future. The New Energy is not just improved Old Energy. It is truly different. As you move into the New Energy, as you take responsibility for your ascension status, this also releases the identities of who you have been in the past. It releases your past lives.

In a sense, you could say your past life identities depart the family of your own energy, of your own soul. They will always be a part of you, but in a sense, you set your past life identities free. These aspects of you then go out and create their own new identity. This does not initially happen in the realms of Earth. These aspects of you will go out to other places in the universe to begin creating their unique identities.

Remember the universe? We have said that there's not much out there right now. You created this grand hall called your universe for new life forms in the New Energy. When you take on your new identity, it releases the identities of who you were in the past, each individual lifetime (and it's more complex than that). You release them. They then go out in non-physical form to other parts of the universe to take on their own independent identity.

Dear friends, you have just given birth to New Energy! You are the parent of yourself. Think about it. Think about it. Perhaps now you have a better understanding when we say, "It is not just about you anymore." You are the parent of many children of yourself, giving them identity from a lifetime that you walked through and then setting them free, so they can go out, too, and become creators much like you. But you are the only ones… you are the only ones who will have this type of parenting or identity-creating capability. The aspects of yourself that you send out, that you free so that they can go and develop their own, will not have the same type of creator ability in terms of releasing aspects of themselves.

This is all so much part of a big, grand picture, and you are the creators right in the middle of it. You are releasing the identity of who you thought you were, going into a period of no identity, so you can develop who you truly are. This is your divinity. In the process of doing so, you release your past. You birth your past, so it can go out and create its own identity. Very interesting things are happening! And you thought you lived in a small world!

Dear friends, it has been such an honor to be with you. It has been a delight for you to release here in our time together and to allow us to love you and to nurture you. We are glad you have chosen this rest stop to sit under the tree and to be with your friends. You needed it. You have been quite weary lately. You have been filled with sadnesses and disappointments. It is because you are changing who you thought you were.

It has been a delight for us to come in today to be with you. It has been a delight for Michael, the one who gave you the Sword of Truth, to set you free, no longer a student, but now the teacher. He is always a friend, but no longer, as some of you called him, the "boss."

We will return in a month and a few weeks for the final lesson of this series. There is much that will happen to you and in your world in these weeks.

Know that you are dearly loved and that you are never alone.

And so it is!