The Ascension Series
Lesson Seven "Know No Agenda"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
February 2, 2002

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we gather again in our circle with family, with Shaumbra. This energy is so sweet indeed, so very, very sweet! On this day in particular, your hearts are open more than ever. We can feel your acceptance. We can feel the hope that you have in your being. We can feel the strength of each of you here and each of you connecting with this material. You are developing strength within your being, transitioning from what you have perceived to be a mere human. Now you are developing into a divine human, walking in more awareness than ever. You are a divine human filled with love, filled with compassion, a divine human that is now able to accept this energy into their being and to hold it. That has been the challenge for you, dear friends, these past several years.

The new energy is coming in, and certainly you have been allowing it. But now it is about whether you can hold it in your being without it just flowing out unused or without it disrupting your system, becoming unbalanced, becoming such that you are not grounded as a human. But you are learning, we see, how to hold your energy! It is so precious.

I, Tobias would like to stand up right now in honor of all of you, (audience laughter) but I have been asked not to do that. But in a sense, I am standing. View me as such, standing here today specially dressed for this occasion. And the others that come in, too… they are specially dressed. Many of you can see this, and you will perceive it as we speak here. We are dressed in our finest energetic robes, energetic garb.

We are shimmering on this day in the reds. It is appropriate not only for this time of the year in your calendar (Valentine’s Day). It is not only appropriate because this is the Crimson Council. It is appropriate because the reds are about love. The reds are about compassion and feeling. The reds are about the relationship of a teacher to a student. That is why the color that fills this room on this day is red, is crimson, and is shimmering.

We come in honor of a teacher that sits here. The teacher is not us. The teacher is you! We are truly the students. We are learning from each of you, as strange as that may seem. We are taking what we are learning from you and spreading this throughout all of the corridors and all of the dimensions of the omniverse. You are the teachers, we the students, coming to learn from the wise ones who still do not fully understand who they are. But you are beginning to get glimpses. You are beginning to accept and acknowledge who you are. You are beginning to take part of that power and that strength and hold it within the reservoir of your human consciousness.

It is a delight to be here on this day. Feel the energy, friends. Breathe this in. Breathe it in now into your being. Feel the energy of who you are. Breathe in the love of the ones who begin filling up this room. They come in from the other side of the veil to be here on this day. This is a day when indeed I did tell Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) that we would have an interesting lesson for you, an interesting one indeed.

We think this lesson will be one of the more challenging for you. It will be one that causes quite a bit of discussion, quite a bit of confusion. And based on how well I already know Shaumbra, so many of you will cuss Tobias for weeks to come! (audience laughter)

But dear friends, as you accept all of who you are, and as you accept the fact that you are God – that you are Spirit – as you accept this into your being, you become so much stronger. You become so much more aware. This opens new dimensions and whole new areas of consciousness for you.

Now, in the past few weeks of time we know many of you have been going through the swings that we talked of. You have been going through the swings. Your sensitivities have been high. You have been very sensitive to the people around you, to the energies around you. You have been sensitive even to the cycles of your own energy, more so than before.

Perhaps you thought that as you walked into this New Energy – into your ascension status – these sensitivities would be less. You thought you would feel others less, be less affected by them. You thought you would be less affected by your own cycles, by your own ups and downs. You are now learning that you are more aware of them. You are more sensitive.

So many issues have come into your life recently. There is a reason for this, a reason for the issues – sometimes old and other times new – popping into your life. We will talk more about that with this new lesson.

But before we get into the lesson, let us now bring in… Cauldre is seeing the picture, as many of you might be able to. Let us bring in all of those who are waiting to be here with you on this day. Once again, as with last month and with others to come in the future, the energy of the one we call Metatron is here with us. But it is different than last time. For some of you last time, the energy was quite harsh. It was quite warm, perhaps too warm on your physical being, perhaps somewhat unsettling and unbalancing when the energy of Metatron came in during the last lesson.

But now you are more adjusted to that energy. You have been working with Metatron now for weeks of time. You can accept more of this intense energy. So, today it is more familiar, as Metatron makes his way into this space that we share together.

In our last gathering we had to filter the energy of Metatron, for it would have been too overwhelming. It could have blown out some of your circuits. But today there is not a need for so much of that filtering. Metatron comes in, of course, gently, with much care and compassion. There are not so many shields.

When Metatron came into this circle a month ago, he was not accompanied by others. But today there is an entourage that joins him, that comes in with him. They, too, are dressed in robes of crimson reds, and gold. These are tall ones, and they stand at the perimeter of our energetic circle. They line this room and this space. They line the perimeter.

They work closely with the energy of Metatron. They are much like guards of the energy. They are ones who help balance. These are ones who work directly with your runners, helping to fulfill and complete grand cycles of energies. They are tall beings who stand here. They accompany Metatron as he journeys closer and closer to the energy of Earth. They help provide a balance.

When you work with the energy of Metatron, as so many of you will be doing, you will feel this entourage. This is an important part of the Metatron energy. There are angel-entities who will work more directly with you than what Metatron can do directly. It is still difficult, even though you are in a much higher energy now, to work directly with Metatron.

Now, we ask you to feel this within your being, to breathe it in, to allow it in. As you open, as you join into this energetic circle, it builds the energy in such a strong and wonderful way. It allows us to truly see and feel what you are going through so we can then put back the appropriate energies you.

Dear friends, there are those who have asked about the energy behind the numbers of this day, behind your day 02-02-2002 (said very deliberately as "oh, two… oh, two… two, oh… oh, two). From our perspective, these numbers by themselves do not carry much energy. But what happens in your human consciousness, as you become aware of the sequence of the numbers… you become aware that it is "0’s" (oh’s) and "2's."

As you look at this date and sequence of numbers, it does something. It affects mass consciousness, which ultimately has an effect on Earth, on all humans, on each one of you. When you look at these numbers, you are seeing, once again, the numbers and the symbols of polarity. The "2" represents polarity and duality. This energy is so ingrained that it is difficult to imagine anything else. But then you see this with the "oh" next to it, a "nothing." And you know something is going on. You know you are becoming more aware of the energy of duality.

Dear friends, dear Shaumbra, go out and talk to an "ordinary" human on the streets, one who has not been on the journey that you have been on, one who is still in their karmic cycle, one who is still living deeply in duality. Talk to them about duality and polarity. They will not understand you. They will think you are a bit "touched." They will remember, too, this movie that you talk of. (Referring to the movie "A Beautiful Mind" that was mentioned by Cauldre prior to the channel.) They will think you are talking to strange voices. (audience laughter)

Shaumbra, you are becoming aware now that there is this thing called "duality." When you look at the numbers of this day, you see it directly in front of you. You see duality, and you know at your inner levels that you and that Earth and eventually the omniverse are moving away from duality. We will talk today of how you begin doing this, of how you begin transitioning out of duality into other realms, and how to release yourself from duality.

What have you seen, in particular, these past two, three, and four weeks of your time? You have seen issues directly in front of you, relating to duality. You have seen it come stronger than ever before into your life. You are upset at times. You think it should be getting easier, and you wonder why you are faced with more issues than ever before.

There is an energy that is being released within you. It comes forward in your life, seeking release. There is a way to do this. There is a way to release the energy of duality that has been with you since the time you left the Kingdom. It will be challenging to release this. It will feel odd. It will be difficult at times.

There will be times when you will want to hold onto duality and polarity, because it is an energy that you understand at the deepest levels within your being. There will be times when you feel, yes, indeed so very alone. But it will not take so much before you move beyond that before you release that and come to new and greater understandings. It will take some work. It will take some time. But dear friends, we are now seeing now you can hold the energy of divinity within your being, and not just for fleeting moments. You are truly beginning to hold it in your body, in your spirit, in your mind, and in all of your senses.

It is a wonderful thing to see! And that's why on this day in particular we have dressed in our finest energies to be here, an acknowledgement to you that you ARE making progress, that you ARE able to hold this divinity in. That was one of the big questions that you and that we had, particularly going into this lifetime of yours. You felt relatively certain that you would be able to overcome the karmic challenges, the final clearings that you set up for yourself. So many of you took on several lifetimes worth of karma in one life. But you felt confident that you would overcome this in a single lifetime, or half of a single lifetime. But none of us was so sure how well you would be able to hold the energy of divinity within you as you transitioned into the New Energy.

We come here on this day that symbolizes duality, a day of 02-02-2002 (again, said very deliberately as "oh, two… oh, two… two, oh… oh, two") to tell you that you are beginning to hold this energy within. This is the energy of your divinity. We can see that you are breathing, and by breathing you are igniting this fire of divinity within. But this fire is not blown out so easily anymore. It continues to glow.

There are many entities in this room now. It is quite full. They are here, if you can see, with smiles beaming on their angelic faces. In a way, dear friends, there is not much more we need to say on this day, But, as you know, we will! (audience laughter)

Now, we will do a quick review. Some of you may be touched by these angels of Metatron that come here today. You may be touched during the day. With your permission, they will be moving all around you. They will not be doing healing or adjusting. They simply want to stand beside you to familiarize you with their energies. They are here to develop an energetic bond with you. When you leave this space, that energy comes with you, so that you are familiar with it. So, do not be startled when you feel a "touch" on this day.

Dear friends, we are at the midway point of this Ascension series. We are at the midway point of this series that has you walking through the doorway of ascension. In our first lesson we spoke of the fact that – guess what – you have already ascended! And – guess what – it was nothing like what you thought it would be! You had thoughts… you had illusions… you had perceptions about what ascension would be.

For so many of you who come from the more traditional Christian backgrounds… you thought you would float. You thought you would be pure angelic energy. You thought that in ascension, you could get rid of that – how would you say – damn physical body (audience laughter), and that you would have no more aches and pains. You thought in ascension that all things would work perfect for you all of the time. That wouldn’t be much fun now, would it? (more laughter and Tobias chuckling)

But dear friends, your perception of ascension was based on an Old Energy concept of duality. You perceived this from the mind of yesterday, without having the full consciousness of what it truly can be. If you had ascended based on your Old Energy consciousness, it would not ultimately have been as fulfilling and as complete as what you can experience now. We will speak of that in this lesson.

In Lesson One of this series we said, " It is not about you anymore." You are off the karmic cycle. You no longer have to go through karma. It is not about you anymore. When you are in the middle of some conflict with other humans, understand that it is not about you anymore. They are still going through their processes. They are still going through their karma. They will engage anybody who happens to be close by and attempt to pull them into the drama. You do not need to go there with them. It is not about you.

When somebody criticizes you, or is angry with you, do not let that energy stick on you. It is about them. It is, dear friends, about your compassion for them and for yourself, compassion to understand they are still walking through their processes. Have compassion to accept them, and not to try to change them. They are choosing their own path.

Shame on those who try to place their thoughts, and their desired outcomes on others! Shame on those who feel sorry for the one who begs on the streets! This is not compassion! This is your agenda! Compassion is the understanding of reasons why that human has chosen to be the beggar on the street corner. Honor that dear human for who they are, for what they wear, for how they smell. Honor them, rather than try to change them. It is not about you anymore. It is about learning to accept all of these things around you.

That was Lesson One, a difficult lesson in many respects. Suddenly you were in the Hall of Ascension, and it looked nothing like what you thought. Nothing. Surprise. It is an empty hall with all of the potential of love and all the potential of completion of the very reason why you left Home. It has all the potential of compassion, all the potential of expanding the energy of All That Is. But in a sense, it is an empty hall, waiting for the new inhabitants to come in, waiting for the new inhabitants, for you, the "ascendees" to come in, and to begin shaping it in any way you want.

We know you are somewhat disappointed that there wasn't a grand welcoming party for you when you walked into the Hall of Ascension. It was not filled with lavish foods and angels floating about, and even like in your movie (Harry Potter) with candles hovering in the air. It was empty. It is yours to create now in the most appropriate of ways, in the most divine of ways, ways perhaps you do not consciously understand right now. But you will begin to.


Metatron is in the center of this room, beaming in a way that I have never seen him before. He is like a ball of shimmering colors, predominantly in the reds, directly in the center of this space. It is lovely for me to see this. I had to stop for a moment. Intense, wonderful energy here, friends!

Now, I will get back to my point. As we moved into Lesson Two, we had to do a bit of switching around. What was to be Lesson Three, we made into Lesson Two. We did this based on what we saw with you, based on what we saw happening in your world at that time (early September 2001). In Lesson Two, dear friends, we spoke of taking ownership of your divinity, taking ownership. What we saw was that you were beginning to understand the concepts. You were coming to realizations, but you were still deferring to others, other entities, other angels, other humans.

You were still not accepting your own strength and your own power, and the fact, dear friends, that you are divine humans. You were not owning the fact that All That Is … is who you are. In a sense, you were waiting for a grand angel to come down and to do it for you. You were waiting for some type of celestial instructions to be delivered to you, a scroll, a parchment dropped at your feet to say, "Joe, do this." We are not picking on anyone here in particular… (audience laughter)… but somewhat. (More laughter because of a well-known "Joe" in the audience.)

Dear friends, you were not owning your divinity. You were still looking outward. You were still waiting for some magical door to come swinging open, for some grand being to come in. We had to change the lesson at that time to remind you to own your divinity. It is yours, and ONLY yours, and ONLY you can activate it.

We were quite emphatic in that lesson. But we also knew that you would need the strength, the inner strength and balance in the days to come, for this channeling was delivered on your first day of September. It was delivered before an event that struck your world, on what you call your "9-11."

Let us talk for a moment about this "9-11." It has shifted Earth. It is not something that you can read about in your papers per se, but it has caused a major shift in consciousness. You could say this is measured by certain resonance factors (referring to the Schumann Resonance). There are some potential scientific equations. There are ways that you think you can measure the "spiritual quotient." You are getting close. You are not quite there.

But there was a shift that took place on that day. As we said at the time, the three days that followed were the most important in modern Earth history. For what happened in those three days, in the hearts and the souls of humankind, would determine the direction for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years of time to come. Humans responded. Oh, how they responded! How it showed across your world in the tears and the caring!

It was interesting. With all the chaos and the destruction and the sadness that took place with this event of "9-11," we were somewhat shocked at the response. In the three days that followed, what came over the Earth for most of humans was a quiet, and a compassion, and a true sense of unity and oneness and caring.

What came over the Earth at that time surprised us to a degree. But I guess we shouldn’t have been. There was little agenda, other than loving each other. The overall, predominant energy of humankind was not to take up arms, was not to go slaughter another and perpetuate even more duality. The overall agenda was not to seek revenge. So often this is the way of both your religions and your politics. Instead, in the hearts and the souls of the individual humans on Earth, it was a time of reflection, and quiet, and caring, and no agenda.

A major shift occurred, a shift that is allowing us on this side of the veil to work more directly with you. It has helped Metatron work closer to the Earth plane. This September shift bumped up the consciousness and the vibration of All That Is.

Then, in our Lesson Three, dear friends, we talked of the snakes. They seek release. What we were really saying to you in this message is that there are snakes in your life that come about. They will continue to be there. You would like to think they would be completely gone. But they serve a purpose in life, and in spirit. They serve a purpose just as they do on Earth with Gaia, where snakes are part of the animal kingdom and serve a purpose. They also serve a purpose in your own life.

There are still issues, including the issue of duality, that come directly into your life at this time. You would like all of these issues to be gone. You would like to say, "Tobias, I am in ascension now. I should not have to deal with these things. They should be gone." But dear friends, they come to you now, stronger than ever, to be dealt with, to be understood. Once they are understood, you can truly go to grand new levels within your own being.

In the next three lessons – Lessons Four, Five, and Six – we spoke to you of the Language of Ah. And we will continue speaking of this, as long as you allow us to sit with you and to visit. The Language of Ah is so simple, so simple. It is a new way of perceiving and understanding. We have not gotten into the details yet of this, but it is a new way of collecting and gathering energy and bringing it into your being and using it in the most efficient manner. But for right now, the Language of Ah is a way of perceiving and sensing on your divine levels.

We spent three lessons with the Language of Ah because it is so important. We know you are using it in your life, and as we have said, the Language of Ah will come in one way or the other. It will touch your human senses. It will touch the divine senses that are now stabilizing around you. With the knowledge and the understanding of these, you will be able to better use them. You will be able to better integrate this into your life, and you will be able to better teach this to the others that come to you.

We come to the midway point of the Ascension series. Metatron was brought in at our last gathering. Metatron is here again today and will be a frequent guest and visitor. When he is not directly in our circle, he and the energies of the entourage will certainly be all around. As we mentioned in our last gathering, there is a reason for this, this highly technical, highly scientific energy coming in, as we will be delving into more of these areas.

We will be speaking to you through the second half of our series of how energy works, how you can use it. You can be like your radar dish that collects it, and refines it, and transmutes it, and then places it in the proper way. But there are some understandings that need to come in first before you go out and just start taking in this raw energy. This is the purpose of our discussion on this day.

Now, we will take a brief pause here to do a final adjustment of energies. Then, we will get into Lesson Seven of the Ascension Series. We ask you to get comfortable in your seats. We ask you to breathe in deeply. We ask you to touch the hand of Metatron and all of the others who are here with you. We will return in a moment.


Metatron has a brief message before we continue. He brings a simple message to you today. It is about the joy of being human. As you know, he has not been in human form. He is so delighted to be able to be in this close to you. He reminds each of you to take a moment each day to be joyful of the human experience. He has seen and felt things in the last few weeks that he has never been able to before, because his energy has not been able to get that close.

He has sat with you at movies and enjoyed the pleasure of sitting in that space, sometimes with others, sometimes alone. He has sat with you, dear friends, as you have been driving down the road, seeing all the makings of man, the buildings, the roads. Many of you see sadness when you look out at these things. Metatron says that he sees joy. He sees joy. He sees the efforts of humans, perhaps not always getting it right in their mind, but at least there is an attempt. He sees the heart and soul of humans wanting things to be in a balanced, loving energy.

As Metatron has sat with some of you at your restaurants this past month, as you enjoyed a fine meal, he could feel what it was like to taste something solid. He could feel what it was like to have a sip from the glass of wine. He could feel the intimate surroundings, the friendship, and the discussion. Oh, indeed, he could feel that there are burdens in your life, but the message he wants to pass on to you is … take time each day to feel the joy of being human.

It is an honor to be human. It is fulfilling to be able to touch another person. We cannot do that on this side. We can meld energies, but we cannot have the sensation of human touch. When you touch another human, you can combine the divine senses with your human senses.

You can have the joy of sitting with your pet and talking to them on many levels. Do you know that there are more of you using the Language of Ah with your pets than with other humans? (audience laughter) And it is natural. It is natural. They understand. Now, you are talking to them, not through your brain, but through your entire being, through all of your senses. Have you not noticed, dear friends, that you are closer to your pets now than you were several months ago? You seem to understand them in new ways.

Metatron asks you have joy in being human, and of all the rewards that it has. Can you imagine when you combine this feeling of joy with your new divine awareness? Ah! What a beautiful thing! Divine awareness combined with the human being-ness. You can have it all, in a sense. You can be in matter, in form. You can be immersed in this wonderful dimension that you are in AND have an awareness of who you truly are.

Now, there is a lightworker, Shaumbra, by the name of David. David is so much like all of you. David reads these lessons. He goes through the material. He works on all these things, just like you. And David, like you, struggles with many of the concepts. At times he hits the wall, and at times has even walked away from the Crimson Circle and has said that this is not for him! These lessons do not always make him feel good, for they are challenging. But David comes back into this energy because he understands, at the deepest levels, that this is the energy of Home.

Now, David is a human, a human learning to integrate his divinity into all that he is. David has a wife and two children. David has a regular job, and he has bills. David has many wishes and desires, the first of these being to be in service to Spirit. He is a wonderful Human In Being, like all of you.

There are things that David does not like about his job. David wishes that he was paid more money, and he wishes that he did not have to work in a certain department. He does not get along so well with some people. And he does not like where he has to park his car (audience laughter). He does not like the fact that he only gets three weeks of vacation. There are many issues associated with where he works, but he puts up with these. He cooperates as best he can, but there are days when it takes a toll on his energy.

David also has issues with his wife. They disagree on some but not all things. And with his children… he wishes his children were doing better in school. He wishes his son was more athletic, like David was in his youth. But his son is not, and David wishes he was. And deep down beneath, David wishes his daughter was a bit more attractive (audience laughter). It would be easier for her to get married, he thinks, if she just had gotten a little bit more of her mother’s looks.

Now, David has many, many agendas, like all of you do. He has many issues. He takes the spiritual knowledge and enlightenment that he has gained and tries then to use that energy to shape the things around him – at his home, at his office. He uses the energy even when he has an agenda …for instance, when he buys a lottery ticket. He tries to use this new energy to influence the outcome, so that he can win the lottery. Can you believe it? (audience laughter)

Now, David got to the point where he became very frustrated with himself. He doubted who he was. He was walking into the New Energy, and feeling his divinity rising from within, but also getting very frustrated with himself. He felt he could not influence things around him. He was not able to use his power to influence or change things around him.

David got very depressed, deeply depressed. He was riding a difficult low wave, and while he was riding the low wave, he was attempting to do anything to get out of it. David, like so many of you, liked the high waves. He liked the high cycles, but not the low ones. He didn’t like them at all.

We will digress for a moment here in the midst of this story of David. You experience depression, and periods of frustration on your journey into the New Energy. You fight the lows. You try to avoid them like the plague. You wonder what's wrong when you go into the low cycles. You even go to the doctor and get drugs that will take you out of this.

But we are here to tell you that these cycles are appropriate. We are here to tell you – and we know Cauldre is already trying to stop us. (audience laughter) We will be patient. (more laughter) Do not try to fight the low cycles. It is natural that these cycles occur. It is natural that you go through them. Dear friends, in your New Energy, in your new vibration that you are in, you cannot – how to say – you cannot bottom out. You cannot lose touch of yourself. We know there is this concern – how low, how low can you go? You feel that if you do not hang on, and if you do not try to crawl out of that low cycle, it will consume you like a tidal wave.

But dear friends, we will speak directly of the energy that causes these and how to work with it. But we can tell you now to stop trying to fight these low cycles. They are as important as the high cycles. If you do not have the lows, you will not have the highs. Soon you will learn that it is all part of a whole. Soon you will learn that the highs and lows, in a sense, only represented the old balance of duality. And now you can look at them in a different light.

For those of you who are going through these cycles, it is natural. Allow it to happen. There is as much, perhaps more, to be gained in these low cycles. And yes, we know they feel terrible. They feel terrible because you are resisting them. You are not gathering the energy from them. They feel terrible because you have a preconception, based on the energy of duality, of how you should feel or not feel, what you should think or not think.

You are going through these cycles so intensely now because the duality within your being is heating up. It is heating up, so that it can be changed into something else. You try to avoid the lows. You will only knock out the highs. We will talk more of this, and that is part of the reason for Metatron being here. We will speak directly of the physics and the energy behind these in our lessons to come.

But now let us get back to the story of David … David who was experiencing the highs and lows in his life. David had so many thoughts on the way that things SHOULD be in life and within him, preconceived notions based in the Old Energy of duality. And what was he finding? He was finding that he was hitting the wall. Things weren’t the way he thought they were going to be. Once in a while, there was a glimmer of hope, and things would work out well, and he would have a particularly good day. But the next day that gnawing of frustration and depression and doubt would return. It was an incomplete feeling. It was a terrible feeling.

David, not knowing which way to turn, called on us very recently. He said, "Dear Spirit, dear Metatron and Tobias." He did not call me "dear," for he was angry with me. "What do I do now? Where do I go from here? Why is it that I don't feel the sense of fulfillment and happiness and joyfulness that I would truly like to feel?"

What we said to him, we also told another group a week or so ago in a place that has high walls around it. It is a place that has bars, in a sense. In your contemporary version there is barbed wire. It was a prison where we first planted the seed of the energy of Lesson Seven. And it was a most appropriate place to plant this seed, most appropriate.

This seed has been growing since. In a sense, it is the very reason why you have gone through the issues that you have for the past several weeks of time. What we told David… what we told the inmates of this facility is … HAVE NO AGENDA.

We will title Lesson Seven of the Ascension Series, "KNOW NO AGENDA." Or, as we like to say here, a "no, no" agenda. (audience laughter and Tobias chuckling) And I do have to tell you that that humor came directly from Metatron. He is practicing being a funny human. (much more laughter and Tobias chuckling.)

Dear friends, Lesson Seven is to KNOW NO AGENDA. This will be challenging for you, as it has been for this one we call David. At first, he said, "Ah, no agenda! That sounds fine." But when he began applying this in his life, David realized one thing right away. He realized that he liked agendas! (audience laughter)

Agendas are the core energy of duality. You have had agendas ever since you left Home. You will feel naked without an agenda. As you begin to work with this lesson, you will truly call I, Tobias, and perhaps even Metatron, crazy. You will say, "We have to have agenda!" And you will try to intellectually justify why you have to have agendas in your life.

We planted this seed a week or so ago in a correctional facility, not so far from here, with inmates who are in a completely different type of energy than you. They do not consider themselves free, while you are. We planted a seed there when we spoke of releasing agenda.

And you know what, dear friends? The ones who are behind the walls that I, Tobias, can relate to – although I do have to say, conditions were much worse when I was imprisoned – they have it so easy. They had much better food! (audience laughter) They had heat and light, and I did not see any rats. All I saw was rabbits! (chuckling) I could not believe this was a place of punishment. Now, I should not carry on about my own challenging and difficult times. Perhaps one day I will get Cauldre to write a book about my experiences in prison. But first I have to get him to write the first Crimson Circle book! (more audience laughter)

Lesson Seven: KNOW NO AGENDA. Metatron likes the way that sounds! Dear friends, when you leave this space, thinking that this was perhaps a very easy lesson – "It is easy to release agendas" – understand that agendas are an energy of duality, an energy of polarity. It was appropriate to bring forth this lesson on this day, this day that has the numbers of duality right in front of your face.

It will be challenging to be without agenda. You will find yourself in situations where agendas are so natural, where you are so close to them that it is difficult to see anything else. There will be times you will cuss and stomp your feet, and say, "But I have to have agenda with this issue!"

Speaking of agenda and of recent events in your world, there are those who have agenda for terrorism, for dominance over other humans and control over other humans. It is an old agenda. It comes from the time when you left Home, when you were trying to consume another entity’s energy as a way to get back into the Kingdom, as a way to get Home. Wars are as old as the very time you left Home.

Control of another is old, and we have found that this does not work so well. That is an agenda. It is an agenda that you could say is of the dark. Do you know that there is another agenda, an agenda that some of you here might be guilty of? You will argue until the end of the day that you are right. I ask you to look in the mirror at your agenda. You are the ones who call yourselves the "peacemakers," the "liberators," the ones who pray for world peace. Do you know that you have an agenda also? "No," you say, "but Tobias, peace is good." We will not argue that, but we tell you that you have an agenda. Call it an "agenda of the light." That perpetuates the agenda of the dark. You play the game also. We speak here of letting go of your agenda.

Look at some of the energy behind this lesson. It is a continuation of some of the lessons that we have already discussed. It is important to bring up at this point in your journey. Having no agenda means allowing Divine Will in, Divine Will to open up new potentials. Having no agenda is indeed an extension of the lesson where we talked of "standing behind the short wall." However, when we introduced that lesson, we were asking you only to stand behind the short wall. We knew that you still had agenda. We knew you still had your own opinion of the outcome.

Do you know that agenda, by definition, is having a desired outcome of a situation? It is placing your energy on a desired outcome. Dear friends, when there is agenda, you are playing the game of duality. Period! You have a desired outcome. Take away agenda, and you take away duality. Take away agenda, and you allow yourself to move into a new energy. It takes you outside the realms of duality. It takes you into a new consciousness, a consciousness of ascension that is not so focused on the energy of two, duality, polarity.

Know no agenda, dear friends. Oh, you will be highly challenged with this. You will feel naked without agenda in your life. You will feel that you are – how to say – without backbone. You will feel like a jellyfish without strength, because up until now agenda has given you strength, great strength. When your agenda was strong, you were strong. You became strong in the Light or strong in the Dark. You were strong in the battle of duality. For a period of time, you might feel wobbly. You might feel like Jell-O without agenda. You might feel like running back to duality, where there is a security blanket of agenda.

So many of you have had such strong agenda these past years. You called yourself Lightworkers. Wonderful beings. It was a blanket that protected you from the realities of the world around you, a blanket that made you feel good. "I am a warrior of the light," you said. "You are fighting a battle of duality," we say.

Dear friends, this is Lesson Seven. It is a very important, a very delicate, and a very challenging step. We will use as a bridge for our other lessons in this series. Remember your reactions to Lesson Seven. Remember the experiences that you have in the first days and weeks, and even months after hearing or reading this lesson. There will come a time when your students come to you – the new humans crossing that Bridge of Swords – and say, "Dear Shaumbra, dear teacher, I'm learning these lessons. I am studying them. I’m becoming a divine human. But why is it that issues are suddenly in my face like never before? Why is it that I am feeling depressed and can't fight my way out anymore? Why is it that I am feeling the way I am? After all this work, why is it that I like I am hitting a wall?"

You will sit down, and you will talk to them about this energy of duality. They are about ready to leave duality. You will tell them that when duality is ready to leave their consciousness, it seems to come back to them in full force.

That’s why you've been having challenges these last few weeks. That is why your Internet message board has been in such chaos these past few weeks. We specifically asked Cauldre to stay out. And do you know what? He wanted to jump in. He wanted to have an agenda and post it on your message board! (audience laughter) He wanted to get involved. He wanted to justify what he was doing and what I, Tobias, was doing.

Thank you, but we do not need that justifying. We had fun, watching all of your agendas come up on your message board. It was a microcosm of the total Crimson Circle appearing through your Internet. Agenda. Go back and read the messages that you put there. Yes, all of you, all of you who are hearing this and reading this… go back and read the very messages that you posted. Look at your agenda. Go deep and look at what you were really saying. You will be surprised after sitting through the energy of this lesson. It was about agenda. It comes up strong now.

Dear friends, there will be much discussion about this lesson. You will have many questions. In our subsequent lessons we will dissect the energies behind this. We will help you to understand from a spiritual physics standpoint, how energy comes in, how it is used, how it comes out in consciousness.

KNOW NO AGENDA. Release it from your life. Journal. Write down, or share your experiences with others, because you will be on a very interesting ride here for a short period of time. You will feel like you are being spun through some sort of tunnel, perhaps completely out of control. But we do know this: You will land in a very good space, a space where you can look out over duality. You can see duality like you never saw it before. Without agenda, you can move out of duality and into divinity. We ask you to experience this until our next lesson together. KNOW NO AGENDA.

You will discover something new for yourself. When you are in a situation with other humans, and there is agenda – argument, or discussion, or debate – and you release your agenda, you also release the other human. You release them from having to defend their agenda as well. When you put down your sword, they put down theirs. Watch to see the interesting interactions that take place between you and others. When you know no agenda, notice how it changes the energy of a situation around you.

We will tell you one more thing before we depart on this day. You will be tested in the agenda department in these next weeks of time. Even when you think you are doing well and patting yourself on the back, and saying, "I've learned how to release agenda," someone will walk up to you, and poke you in the behind with their sword (audience laughter), trying to get you to adopt their agenda. In order for their agenda of duality to have energy, yours must, too. In order for any sword fight to take place, you both have to pick up the swords.

They will come to you, wanting you, prodding you to pick up an agenda. They will ask you to take a position on something. They will criticize you, and they will say, "What is wrong? Have you no backbone anymore? Have you no opinion? Have you no strength? Are you just becoming – how to say – a piece of melba toast?" (audience laughter) But as you experience being agenda-less, something new will happen. A new realization will come.

At the beginning of this gathering, as Metatron came in, we told you that you were finally able to hold the strength of your divinity. And we knew that we were on target for the discussion on this day. When you begin to truly hold your divinity – a new type of strength, not the strength of duality – then you are ready to release the old agendas. At times it may feel like you are walking without clothes on, dear friends, being without agenda. You may feel naked.

Let us tell you what agenda is like, as we see it. In the omniverse, there is a flow of energy. At the core of all things there is an energy that is always illuminated. It is always flowing. It is not in cycles. It is not "on/off." It simply is. This is the energy that you brought with you when you left Home, when we all left Home. This is a constant, illuminating energy. As the energy spreads out into the omniverse, it becomes somewhat like an on/off energy.

We will get into more of that later, but think of the energy flow like a river, flowing smooth, flowing free, flowing openly. Agendas are like boulders in the river. They block the flow of energy. And as enough boulders are placed in the river, it creates somewhat of a dam. As the dam is created, it blocks up the flow, and debris collects on the dam. Then all sorts of problems start, dear friends.

Your agendas are like boulders in the water, blocking and restricting the flow of energy to you. The boulders have been collecting debris. It is time to remove the boulders and allow all of your divine energies to flow through you openly and freely. Have fun with this lesson until our next time together!

Dear friends, we have to add one more thought before we depart. When you run into difficulties with this lesson, when you do not understand when you have questions, do not hibernate. Do not run the other way and pull the blanket over your head and try to ignore things. Communicate with others who are Shaumbra. Go on your Internet. Be in your local groups. Talk to each other. The one sitting next to you IS experiencing much the same as you, but you keep it to yourselves. You keep it so private. Do you know what happens when you share your thoughts and feelings? You realize that you are on the right path, that you are a divine human, and that indeed you are never, ever alone.

And so it is.