The Ascension Series
Lesson Six: "The Five Divine Senses of Ah"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
January 5, 2002

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we gather together with you on this day, in this wonderful energy, and in celebration. As your music suggests, (referring to the piece of music called "Celebration" played before the channeling) we are in celebration of the journey that you have been on. This journey that has taken you through so many wonderful experiences, so many challenges, and to places that Spirit, and that all of us on this side of the veil, and even yourself could never have imagined. It has been a beautiful, sacred multi-dimensional journey. And indeed, we come in on this day in celebration of many things, which we will talk of here, but mostly in celebration of where you are at.

Dear friends, dear Shaumbra, breathe in at this time. Breathe in all of who you are, and all of who you are becoming. Breathe in the spirit that is dancing within you, that spirit that is also in celebration of where you are at. We are coming to a time of merging of energies, the merging of the human and the divine, all within you. Breathe this in. Breathe life into the fire of divinity that is within you. This is how you bring it forth. This is how you bring the essence of who you are into your reality.

It is such a joy for I, Tobias, to be sitting here with you today, speaking to you more clearly than ever before. I’m not talking here of just the words that you hear coming through our friend, Cauldre (). I am talking about the clarity of how you and I address each other, of how we share, and how we communicate. It is much clearer than what we have ever experienced before.

Feel this energy. Feel my love and caring and friendship, directly through you, through all of the seven human senses that we have talked of. Feel the presence of your own "I am." It is not something removed or different, not something outside of you. Sense your own "I am" presence birthing at this very moment within you.

Ahh, such celebration we have here with you today!

Now, indeed there are other energies that are here, visitors who we will introduce shortly. Dear friends, these energies are very appropriate at this time. They are rather intense, so those of you who were feeling the warmth and the heat before, this is not just from things external to you. It was not just your sense of feeling in your skin and in your body that was overheating. It is also coming through the Language of Ah.

The visitor who comes in today… the time is appropriate, and this energy of our honored guest is intense. It is fiery. It is the appropriate time. Feel this new energy. Yet, it is an energy that you know of, that you have worked with, an energy that you helped to create, but whose time was not appropriate to be here until now.

We will let you sense our visitor before we actually make the introduction.

Let us talk for a moment of this time of transition you are in. On your calendars you recently turned the last page of an old year (2001), a year that was particularly about duality, a "three" year in your numerology. You turned the page to a new year. You saw the numbers 2-0-0-2 (two-zero-zero-two) written upon the pages, and for many of you, this had an impact on you. Perhaps you were not able to immediately understand why the energy of these numbers hit you so. Today, we will share with you what it is about.

It is a "4" year, but it is the balances of a "2" on one end and a "2" on the other. It is a year of shifts and changes, and it is a year about transitioning into a very important new energy. We have been speaking to you about "4" for quite a period of time. As a refresher, the "4" is "2" squared. You are going from duality – the energy of duality – into the energy of the "quad."

You do not go back to "1." In their spiritual teachings, so many talk about going back to "1," similar to talking of going back Home. But you do not go there. As God, you continue to expAnd and you continue to express in new ways.

When you were at home in the Kingdom eons of time ago – but not so long ago at all – the energy was about oneness and singularity. When you left Home, went through the Wall of Fire and eventually came to Earth, it was about "2." It was about polarity. It was about the mirror image. It was about seeing yourself, dear God, in a new and different way that you could have not seen in the energy of "1." So, you created "2." You have been in that energy for so very, very long. Earth has been about the energy of "2," polarity, light and dark, the lessons of good and bad, male and female, opposites. Your journey on Earth has been to understAnd at the most intimate levels, what duality, what "2" was about.

Now, we shift into a new energy. You are not only shifting into a "4" year, but you are also shifting into the fourth age of God-man, of God-woman. There have been three ages before this. We will not go into all those details on this day, for we like to talk, (chuckling) but sometimes we are asked to keep our discussion within time limits. But you are entering into your fourth age as God in human form.

This is a "4" year and a significant year. It is the year of the completion of the changes in the grid. The grids, in a sense, are reflections of your consciousness. The grids are like an energy surrounding this planet of yours. The energetic grids surrounding your planet keep energies in and keep other energies out. The grids are a reflection of consciousness. The grids, in a sense, store potential of your new spiritual energy that was not ready to come in.

The grids also provided a filter or a buffer. You did not have full access to the energy of your divinity all at once. There are many human and spiritual physics laws at play here. But the grids are like a form of buffering and protection. They also provided limitations on what you would be able to do. They limited you from accessing all of your divinity.

The year 2002. You are some 5 days now into this. It is more than just about numbers on a calendar. In a way, you can say you chose this calendar year. You chose this sequence of numbers to make the final changes.

As I, Tobias, speak to you now, and as our visitors flood into this room, there is much work being done in the final adjustments of the spiritual grids of Earth. There is a team, an entourage that many of you are so familiar with. It is the energy of the Kryon that is changing these. They can only change the grids in direct response to your changing consciousness. It is not that the Kryon does the attunement, and then you change. It is that you have been changing, therefore, giving permission and allowing the Kryon to make the changes in the grids.

As we gather here now as family, they are working at this moment on these changes, on the attunements of the grids. What this will do is allow you a new type of access to all of who you are. It will allow a new type of fuel. It will allow a portal from your full divinity in order illuminate that seed of Christ that is within you. It is a ray of sunlight that comes in, that breaks through a cloud cover that has been around you for so long. And this ray will directly beam upon the Christ seed that is germinating within you. This ray, this beautiful golden, copper, whitish ray will shine, and it will bless your divinity. It will bless the Christ seed and allow it to grow in new ways.

The veil is being reduced through the changes of the grid, dear friends. Right now, this is all happening. It is all happening in your year of 2-0-0-2.

What to expect this year for you, for your world? It is quite simple. Imagine yourself sitting on a swing, going back and forth, back and forth. You are enjoying the ride, but also knowing that as you swing back and forth, there is a certain amount of fear or trepidation that you could go too high or too fast. There is a momentum and an energy being created by the swinging back and forth.

It is like a pendulum going back and forth, but always gaining momentum, always gaining momentum. At some point it takes off. There is no more back and forth motion. Instead, you take a quantum leap.

You may remember what that is like on a swing, where you feel you are just going to keep going around. But here, as the momentum of this swinging gains more energy and more movement, this will help to catapult you and help to catapult Earth into this time of quantum changes, what you have called the changes of the year 2012. But as we have told you, it will come sooner.

In this year of 2002, you find yourself on a swing, going back and forth. And dear friends, it is more than just a story. It is more than a metaphor. It will be a year of swinging back and forth for you personally and for the world around you. Hang on to those ropes of your swing! It could be a wild ride! (audience laughter) But dear friends, if you are in the right energy and you are in the right balance, it can be fun rather than fearful. You will understand the back and forth swinging movement, rather than fearing it.

Remember that the year 2-0-0-2 is balanced on each side by an equal energy, and energies that are learning to work with each other and to balance each other. Remember that as you swing from one side to the other. Remember the energy of 2-0-0-2, well balanced in all respects. It will be a year of swings and changes for you.

As you read your newspapers, you will see the swings happen also all around you. Do not let it throw you off balance. Do not let the world situation frighten you. Do not go to the place, dear friends, of feeling your world is going through an Armageddon.

Perhaps, in a way, your world IS coming to an end, but not like you thought. Not with disaster, not with the type of terror and destruction that you have seen in your past lives. The world, as you know it perhaps, IS coming to an end, an end of an age, an end of a time, an end of an old balance. You are entering into a new. It will be a year of swings for you.

And while you are on that swing, going back and forth this year, dear Shaumbra, look down at the ground. Do you know what you will see, waiting for you to just fall off that swing? Waiting so it can bite you like it bit the others? (audience laughter) It will be a year of the snake. But you will be on that swing, and as long as you do not focus the attention on the snakes that slither below you, as long as you enjoy the ride on your swing, and you celebrate where it will take you, the snakes cannot bother you.

Ask the snakes why they are there now. You will get some very interesting answers, and not what you thought they would be!

The snakes are there, and they serve a purpose. You thought they were just waiting for you to lose control and to fall on the ground, so they can devour you like a little bunny rabbit. (audience laughter) But no, they serve a different reason. 2002, the year of the snake!

Those who you will guide and teach will be deeply challenged by their snakes, by their old issues. Their old issues are trying to be released, trying to be transformed. When you sit with those who come to you, you will know why their snakes are there, because you have a new sensitivity and a new way of listening and understanding.

In 2002, an interesting energy dynamic will cause self-doubt. But at the same time, this energy has the potential to create new self-empowerment. While you are on that swing, you may wonder why you are there, why you are going back and forth. You will hear some faint voice from within, from the past, calling to you like a parent, calling from the house, saying, "Get off that swing now. Come back home. Get off the swing. You are being frivolous. There is work for you to do. You are spending too much time playing. You are out there in your own imagination, in your own fantasy land." You will hear that voice, a distant voice, yelling to you to get off the swing and come back home.

Dear friends, you will be challenged with self-doubt during this year. You will wonder if you are doing the right thing. You will wonder why you are spending so much time on this swing. You will wonder if you are just wasting time and energy in your own fantasy land. And you will wonder if you should go back to the old ways. 2002 is the final call of the old energy that has been within you, represented by the voice and the energy of a parent, a scolding, frowning parent, trying to get you back. The voice will be distant, but you will hear it. 2002 will be a year of self-doubt, when you have to ask yourself why you are there, why you are on the swing, what you are trying to accomplish.

Now, we will tell you that when this occurs, if you go intellectual on yourself, you will get stuck. It will be difficult to work your way out of self-doubt. It is at this point, when you have the intense self-doubts and these grand questions, to be in a place of peace and acceptance of yourself. Within your being, ask what is happening. Ask why the doubt comes in and ask your Divine Will to provide the answer.

Divine Will is what transcends. It is above free will. There is an answer in Divine Will that was never obvious to you before. When you get into a deep self-doubt situation this year, go to your Divine Will. Go to your inner divinity and listen for the answers. Tune out those old voices of the parent calling you, telling you to come home, telling you to get off your playset. 2002 – the year of self-doubt.

Dear friends, 2002 will also be a year of sensitivity. You will have deep sensitivity for what is going on within you and the world around you. You will have compassion like you have never had before. It is an awareness that you could not have previously imagined. This sensitivity comes in through all of these places that we had talked of in our last gathering, through the seven senses. Your senses will be so awake and so alive at times that the energies around you may literally hurt. You will be so sensitive to energies that sometimes you will have to take refuge. Sometimes you will have to get away.

While you are on your swing this year, going back and forth, you will look out at the other houses, and the other people, and the cars on the street, and at humans walking down the sidewalk. You will have sensitivities and awarenesses that you have not previously had. You will find yourself energetically flying into a situation another person is going through, drawn into that like a magnet, feeling their pains, feeling their challenges, feeling everything about the situation.

Perhaps, it could be a joyful situation. You could find yourself immersed in their joy, feeling what it is like from their standpoint to move to a new level. You could feel what it is like when they fall in love, when they have something good happen at their job. In 2002, you will find yourself like a magnet being drawn into energy situations of others, because you are becoming more sensitive. And this is appropriate.

When you find yourself falling out of your own balance and not sure you can find your way back to your centeredness, remember the numbers of this year, the balance of 2-0-0-2. You will be increasingly sensitive to all things around you, to energies. Know this and you will be more prepared to handle what comes to you.

The year 2002 is about the final adjustments of the grids. It is about the Kryon finishing their work. The Kryon will complete what they came here to do, in order to allow this ray of divine light, of your OWN light, to shine down upon your blossoming Christ-self. The clouds are going away. The veil is being released.

As you go into this year, remember the four "S’s" that I, Tobias, spoke to you of: The many Swings that will happen this year, your increased Sensitivities, your Self-Doubt/Self-Empowerment, and of the Snakes that may show up in your path. Remember this, dear friends.

It will be – how to say – a wonderful year. It will be a year of celebration for the journey. With all that is going on in the world, you will be so relieved that you have done this work prior to now. You will see others going through challenges like you have in the past. Most of those challenges will be behind you. You will be able to be a much more balanced divine human guide for the others.

We will give you a challenge today. Take what has been within you, what has been a hidden passion, what you have kept down, what you have been so excited about, but yet so afraid to bring forth to the world. Dear friends, bring it forth now in this year, in this energy. Bring forth that thought, idea, inspiration, invention, new technique, energy essence that you have been holding the lid on. You know what we are speaking of. Bring it out this year. It is needed on your planet. Now is the time when it will easiest to bring it forth. That is the challenge we give each one of you. Put those fears aside. We know why you chose to continue staying here on this Earth. Put the fears aside and bring forth this new energy that you have within you. The others need it.

There is an idea, there is a passion that lies within you, but you have been holding back. Do you know there are a hundred and a thousand humans who are waiting for you to bring that forward, and many more after that? We can see from our perspective how they are waiting anxiously for you to do this. You think no one cares or would understand what this is that you have to offer? We see thousands and thousands who are waiting for it, who are relying on you. Be bold this year! Bring it forth.

Now, we do love the energy of our family here. We love the energy swirls that are taking place here in this room with you.

Now we would like to bring forth the one who is our invited and very honored guest on this day. He is the one who has been prodding you here as I, Tobias, have been chatting away. He is the one who has been disrupting the energies here to work with you on different levels. He is a grand one. If there was a conference table in the Order of the Arc, this wonderful being would sit at the front, right-hand chair. He would sit next to the head chair. And you wonder who sits in the head chair?? It has been vacant for a while, but it is you! You have been busy doing other things. You have not been able to preside at the spot that you indeed own.

This one that comes in today carries the name of Metatron. He comes in to visit on this day. His energy is so powerful that even a whisper from him is so grand and large that it could – how to say – knock you over. So, we had to do much prior to our gathering on this day to create a framework that would temper the energy. Metatron comes in on this day to be here with you. It is Metatron who influenced this celebration that we have here today, and the energies behind it.

Now, it is interesting to note that Metatron has not been one who could directly work with humans. The vibration of his name gives that. Most of the archangels who work directly with the humans have an "i-e-l" (or a-e-l) ending to their names, such as Uriel, Amael, Michael.

Up to now, dear friends, Metatron has not been able to directly interface with humans. Metatron has had to dispatch other archangels or other entities from our side for the interface. If he had directly interfaced with you as a human, it would have blown your circuitry. It would have burned you up. It would have been too much energy. But with some advance work, he is now able to enter this space.

Metatron comes in today to fulfill a promise. He made this promise when he sat next to you at the table in the Order of the Arc. Metatron comes in today to fulfill a promise that is even written of in your scriptures, but it is taken out of context. Metatron said, "I will come to Earth to see you again when the energies and the times are appropriate." And he comes back now, without the other archangels having to interface for him. He comes back directly to be with you.

There is a reason for this, and there is a reason for his visit. This will be a scientific year for Earth. It will be a year of many technological developments. The reason is simple. You have made the change in your own consciousness, and this allows science to move forward. Consciousness provides the energy for scientific changes. Indeed, science and spirit work together, hand-in-hand.

Metatron helped to architect the technology and the physics and the math of your universe and planet. Metatron came to Earth, never as a human, but he did come to Earth when the energies were being formed. He came to help you and the others create the energetic templates for Earth. He helped place within Gaia certain crystalline energies that would surface at the appropriate time.

Metatron returns now to be with you. With the changes that the Kryon has made in the grids, Metatron can now come in and be of assistance to you in the work that you are doing.

Metatron has been depicted as the one who sits closest to Yahweh, the one who sits next to God, indeed, the one that sits next to you. Metatron is one who holds the balance between human and divine but could not do it directly because of the immense responsibility and energy behind this. He had to use others.

Metatron has been called the "Angel of Death." This is somewhat of a wrong interpretation. He prefers to call himself an "Angel of Transition and Change." He assists you, whether your transition is that of leaving the body between lifetimes, or whether you are simply transitioning into the New Energy, into your ascension. That is what he comes forth to do.

Metatron will be an important part of the work that you and the Crimson Council do this year. It is the year of the final releasing of old energies and the bringing in the new. It is a wonderful year of balancing, shifting, and changing.

For those who are wondering, Metatron is not a single entity. It is a composition of energies. It is not a male or a female. Metatron is a collection of energies from the Order of the Arc, representing all of the archangels AND you. If you would put this together as a composite, this is Metatron.

You will see Metatron with your new eyes, or in your psychic eye. You will see Metatron at times, taking on a human-like quality – radiant and glowing – but human-like. Understand this is your way of perceiving Metatron, but it is not a single entity.

Many of you will see Metatron in your dreams or lucid states. It will be a very high energy – a shimmering vibration – ranging from the copper tones into the golds, into the flaming whites.

You may see a bright light out of the corner of your eye at times, a flash of light. You are seeing a touch of Metatron coming into your awareness field. When you see that bright flash of light, you are allowing this energy of Metatron to come in. It will be an important energy to work with throughout this year.

Feel beloved Metatron now in all of your senses, in all of your being. It is a high energy, almost metallic. It is a very technical and very sophisticated energy. It does not have some of the warmer tones or mellower tones that you would find with Amael or Raphael. It is very intense and crisp. This helps to make the transition that you, that Earth will be going through this year.

Now, we will take a pause for a moment here to readjust the energies to allow Metatron to come in even closer. Take a deep breath, dear friends. Take a deep breath. Get comfortable in your seats, and we will go into Lesson Six here in a moment.


Yes, and Metatron reminds us to tell you, "Do not worry so much when all those electronic devices break around you this year." (audience laughter) Unfortunately, that is part of his and your energy. You will find devices will simply break down. They are of the old, and they cannot hold the energies that you are now bringing in. When this happens – after you get done cussing that device – breathe in and allow for a moment. You will have an understanding of how to bring the new and appropriate equipment into your reality. This could be everything from your computers, to light bulbs, to your electronic devices. The electronics will be the most affected, but there are mechanical devices, too.

This is the energy of Metatron, very technical and scientific, filled with physics of the New Energy. He also asks us to tell you that he is simply delighted to be here today!


Now, we will continue speaking of the Language of Ah. It will be our third lesson on this subject. We have devoted three lessons to this subject because it is SO important. It may take some time to understand and to get used to and to begin working with. But it is SO important that we have devoted not just one, and not two, but three entire lessons to it.

(chuckling) When we left off last time, we were telling our rather succinct story of the seven farmers. (audience laughter) We thought it was very to the point, but Cauldre… he is asking us not to go into such long-winded stories! But we may. (more laughter)

Today we will tell a SHORT story because we have already talked a long time before we got into this lesson! We will tell a short story of Shaumbra, of one whose energy is part of family. She is part of each of you. We will call her Nancy.

Nancy was not able to be here last month in person, but she did bring in the information from your Internet and listen to it. Nancy listened to Lesson Five, the Senses of Ah. And she, like so many of you even now, fell asleep. And that is all right. She fell asleep during this lesson, but she indeed also heard this WONDERFUL story of the seven farmers. She was one that actually wanted it to go on longer! (audience laughter). She was so disappointed when we brought it to a close! (more laughter)

After listening to Lesson Five, Nancy found herself a bit tired, which is normal, dear friends, because so much energy work is done during this time. Even those who aren’t here will find themselves tired, in a way, but in a good way. They will find that there is much change going on within their being.

Nancy was suddenly aware that she was very hungry, very hungry indeed! All this talk of crops and food and farms, all of this delectable and wonderful nutrition in Lesson Five. She was very hungry indeed. She was aware that hunger was calling out through her being.

Nancy paused for a moment, wondering what to eat, imagining the wonderful cantaloupe and the wonderful strawberries from the story of the farmers. She imagined an omelet filled with cheese. She imagined the sweet taste of the vegetables that she would put in the omelet. She imagined what it would be like to eat this omelet.

She went to her refrigerator and to her cupboards, looking at what was in store. She had an energy of compassion for her body when she did this. When she looked at certain foods, she felt their vibration. She had compassion for her physical body, seeing if it resonated with the vibration of the foods that she was looking at, seeing if that was what her body called for at the moment.

As Nancy was looking in her pantry and her refrigerator, she also thought about her family. She thought about what foods they liked, wondering if there was enough for her meal and perhaps enough to feed them later. Nancy considered if there was an appropriate balance of what her body was calling for, what would be needed by others later, and what was available at that moment. She felt the energy of all of this.

Soon she determined she would cook. She pulled the spices and the raw goods from the shelves and from the refrigerator and cut them up into appropriate pieces. She focused on preparing the meal, on putting it together. She focused on the amount of time certain things would need to cook. She focused on the levels of ingredients that would be needed, how many cups of this, how many tablespoons of that, and how many pinches of this.

Soon she started to put all these ingredients together. The pan was hot. The oven was ready. The bowls were ready to be filled. She began to take full expression by putting these together and actually making the meal. All of this because of reading the story of the farmers and her hunger.

She sat down and fully enjoyed what she was eating, knowing that she had prepared it herself – an important point here. She had prepared it herself. It had resonated with her body. She had put together the appropriate balances of ingredients, even though the cookbooks might have said to use less of this spice and more of that seasoning. She did it based on her own understandings and sensitivities.

When she ate the food, not only did it taste good and satisfy her hunger, but it also provided her physical, and mental, and spiritual being with appropriately balanced energies. It brought the energies from the point of awareness that she was hungry, to the point of taking these into her being.

That night, she slept wonderful. We did not even wake her up at 4:44 – she was sleeping so well! (audience laughter) She slept well because the integration of the divinity into the DNA was going so smooth that it did not feel disruptive or restless during the night. I think we make our point to you, so many of you, very clear here.

There was an appropriate balance of nutrients and energies that came into her being. She disregarded things like counting calories when she prepared her meal. Oh, dear friends, it is so restrictive when you do that! Why do you count calories? Count energy quotients that go into your being, not calories, not fat grams, not protein. These are things of the old.

"What are energy quotients," you ask? Ask yourself! Ask your sensitivities! Ask your senses that we spoke of in Lesson Five! Ask your body! It will give you the balance of energy. (chuckling) Perhaps it would have been appropriate for Nancy to bake a large chocolate cake and devour that! If this is what her body balance was asking for, this is how she should have responded. Now, in this case it was different for her. But she slept so very well that night, and the integration work, the blossoming, flowed so smoothly within her being.

Now, you ask, "Tobias, why do you tell us this story of cooking today? First you tell us a story of farming and now of cooking. Where is this all going? How does this help us to understand the Language of Ah?" Dear friends, there is another portion we want to talk about today, another portion that is on a different level, but it is now ready to come in, much like the energy of Metatron is ready to come in now.

There are spiritual senses, senses that are used by you and used by us on different levels than your human senses. These have always been available, but while on Earth you have not used these so much. They have remained somewhat barricaded, somewhat clouded from you. They have been somewhat unavailable to you. Yes, you use them when you come
back to our side of the veil. When you leave physical form, you pick these up again. There are inherent. They are part of who you are, but when you come to Earth, you tend to leave these behind. They are not available, but they are coming in now. So much of the reason for Metatron coming today is to help carry these in, to help bridge that gap.

There are five of these senses. The five divine senses are etheric, multi-dimensional, non-physical and non-human. There are five. Imagine the shape of a star, of a five-pointed star.

At the top of the star is the first of these five senses. It is the SENSE of AWARENESS. Now these are etheric, spiritual, divine senses, the first being awareness. You developed this sense immediately when you left Home, when you left the Kingdom. Up until this time, you really did not have an awareness of who you were. You simply were. But when you left the Kingdom and went through the Wall of Fire, you immediately developed a sense of awareness. This is the "I am" Sense. "I am part of God, but yet I am my own identity." It is the first of these five senses.

Now, going counterclockwise on this star with five points is the divine SENSE of IMAGINATION. Imagination. When you imagine something, it begins to bring it to life. It begins to shape it. We also call this the Sense of Creation. Each one of you has something in your imagination that we spoke of before, that you are holding the lid on. It is there. It will be coming through. This is what we challenged you with before. The divine sense of Imagination takes the energy and places a type of energetic form to it. It starts to coalesce it. It starts to bring it in. This is the sense of Imagination.

Moving again counterclockwise on this five-pointed star is the divine SENSE of COMPASSION. Compassion. We also call this the Unity Sense. This is the divine sensitivity that gives you an understanding that you are I Am, but you are also part of All That Is. This sense of compassion allows you to see God in another's eyes. It allows you to feel and to understand another. This is what links you to every other human, to every other animal and to every molecule on this planet. This is the sense that links you to All That Is.

Without this sense of compassion and unity, you would be very, very much alone and lonely. When we speak to you in our gatherings, and we say, "Dear friends, you are never alone," we are triggering this sense of compassion and of unity and of togetherness. We will not call it "oneness," but we will call it "togetherness." This is the sense that allows you to understand what another person or entity is going through. Use it when you teach.

I, Tobias, love this sense so very much. It has touched me in my lifetimes as a human, and each time that I come into this space with you. Each time I visit you individually, oh, my divine sense of compassion bursts forward! This is the sense that brings tears to my eyes and unknown tears to your eyes. Compassion.

Now, let’s continue moving around this five-pointed star. Next is the SENSE of FOCUS. Focus. We also call it the Sense of Power. It is the ability to take raw energy that comes from the imagination, blended with compassion for others and for self, and focus that energy, to bring it to reality, to bring it to life.

This sense is so important, dear friends. So many of Shaumbra have allowed this divine sense of Focus to go dormant while you have been on Earth. You forget to focus. You forget to bring it into your reality. So many of you have totally ignored this divine sense. You don't want to necessarily focus on being human, for someone along the way told you that it was a sin. You ignore the sense of focus, and it is so important for the balance.

Focus on your imaginations and on your compassion and on your humanness. The sense of Focus draws the energies of the raw God-power and brings it into a focus. It begins to funnel the raw energies. This energy of focus will – be – SO – important – this – year. We are going to underline that. THE ENERGY OF FOCUS WILL BE SO IMPORTANT THIS YEAR.

You can no longer live out in the "ozone." It is a type of denial. You are not accepting your humanness, because somebody told you it was a sin. It is so sad that humans have been taught this.

Original sin: We do not even understand the concept! There are those who die, who come back to our side, wanting to know if they can be cleansed of the original sin. And we have to shrug our shoulders, and say, "What original sin??" But they do not choose to believe that, and they go to the next on our side and the next and the next, looking for someone who can help wash away or absolve this original sin, because they were taught on Earth. Oh, there is so much work to do here, in this area of departing. You know who we are speaking to. You know we are talking to some of you directly. It is time to get on with it. Great changes can be made if these things are resolved on your planet, on your Earth, before they come back to our side.

"Focus" will be a key word this year. Live on Earth. Be a human. Focus your energies there. Focus in your projects, in your work, in your families, and everything around you. There is nothing in your life that is not appropriate. Remember this one point of focus, this sensitivity, this sense of divine Focus.

When you are on your swing and there is that large 12-foot cobra snake at your feet, and you ask him why he is there, remember that we talked about Focus. He will have a few words to say to you about that! It is difficult to be on that swing, going back and forth to new heights, if you are not focused on what you are doing.

Those of you – Cauldre stops us here – he does not like what we were about to say. But we have an agreement with him – we will say it anyway! (audience laughter)

Those of you who meditate, dear friends, don't do it anymore! You were un-focusing. You were unraveling during your meditations. We speak to nearly every one of you. Meditation WAS a wonderful thing. It got you to this point. But there is a great, great misunderstanding of meditations.

You were taught how to leave your focus through meditation. We are asking you to do the opposite. You were taught to leave your humanness. Indeed, some of you were taught to focus on a candle or focus on a thought. But in a sense, you were letting go of any other balances that were in your being. Yes, meditation did help you to get to parts of your consciousness. But now, dear friends, your meditation should be a focus on Earth as a human. Meditation should be about all that you are, not trying to forget who you were.

We know… some may not like these words. Some have not liked other words we have spoken! But dear friends, we come to you in truth and in love and to help all move forward, to help you and to help all move forward.

The final point of this star – this final divine sense, dear friends – is EXPRESSION. It is Expression. You hold energy that is within you, that you have focused on, that you have imagined and brought in. It is now time to express it on your Earth plane in your humanness.

In our short story of Nancy and her cooking, she imagined the meal. Then she went to the refrigerator and pantry, and used her compassion to understand what would be the best balance for her, as well as the others. She used her focus to begin preparing the foods in the appropriate manner. Ultimately, she used her Expression when she began putting them into the pans and stirring them into the bowls. She took her human energy and made it happen.

"Expression" is taking the other divine senses and now bringing them forth. There are many of you here who get stuck at this point. There are many of you that want your guides or Spirit to do the Expression. You are willing to imagine what it is you would like to create. You are willing to have compassion for others. You are willing to even focus on your humanness and on the needs and desires and wants that you have. But when it comes to lifting a hand and doing it, fear comes in. Self-doubt comes in, and the snake shows up, and says, "Don’t lift that hand." That’s when we hear so many of you say, "Dear Tobias, dear Spirit, dear anybody-who-will-listen-these-days, will you do it for me?" (audience laughter)

Expression is the bursting forth of energy that is welling up within you, that is desiring to come forth. But YOUR hand must be lifted in order to express. There will be those who come knocking at your door, and you must open it with YOUR hand. You must allow this new divine energy to burst – and to birth – forward, to come into your reality. It is Expression. Bring it forth. Be bold here!

Now, these are the five divine senses. They correspond, and they work with your seven human senses that we spoke of in our last gathering. They work together. The seven human senses are in your tangible reality. They are in your fixed reality as a human. They are associated with body parts like the ears and the eyes and the nose and the mouth and the skin, the intellect, and your emotions.

These five senses that we talk of today… they are divine senses. They are not necessarily new, but the application for them in your human reality is new. You are now able to meld the human and the divine senses together. Is it not interesting, dear friends, that there has always been discussion of the seven plus five chakras? And in a sense, there are seven human senses and five divine senses.

Now, we will give you a bit of technical information that comes through Metatron, for he asks us to clarify here. It is not a straight line that connects one point of the star to the next. It is a curved – inwardly curved line or arc – that connects one point of this star to the other. It is a curved line. It is an arc that connects one to the other. Then energetically – how to say – there is a circle at the center of this. We will ask Cauldre to draw this on his computer thing that he does, so you can see. But there is a circle inside the shape of this star. There is a circle that then connects each one of the inward arcs. (Note: See the drawing created by Debi Smith at the end of this text.)

This will help you to understand. It is not sacred geometry, no. But it will help you to understand the energetics, the patterns of this. These are your divine senses that now can be brought in and used at the human, at the Earthly level.

One other thing we ask you to do now. Imagine yourself, your body, yourself. You generally have a head, two arms, two legs. The five divine senses correspond to these parts of your human being.

The sense of Awareness is represented by your head, dear friends.

The sense of Imagination is associated with your left hand.

Compassion is associated with your left foot… ergo, the human saying, "if you could only walk in my shoes."

There is an energy associated with the right foot with the sense of Focus, "dig your heels in." Do you not tap your right foot, dear friends, when you are trying to stay focused on something, when you are nervous, and you might go out of your body? And then you bring yourself back in with the tapping of the right foot because it is associated with or somewhat connected to this divine energy of focus. Do not misunderstand – that energy is not located in your foot, but it is associated externally with that foot.

Then the right hand the hand of expression – what do you do when you shake someone's hand? You express something to them. It could be many things, but it is brought out. It is the powerful healing hand; although, yes, as many of you know, there is a balance between the two. But the Expression is generally associated with the right hand. It is the one that creates expression and movement.

Now, we know we have covered much ground here today. It will take some time to assimilate. But understand that the divine senses we use on this side, – that you use when you are here with us – are now available to you, each day a bit more available. They are now available to you with all the changes that have been made in your consciousness, and also the corresponding changes of the grids that are being done and will be completed this year by the Kryon.

It is not just the seven human senses where the Language of Ah will come in. It will come in through your awareness for who you are now, a new awareness for the angel that you are. It will come in through your imagination. Your imagination will be ripe, and it will be bursting in these days to come. It will come in more than ever with your compassion for others and for yourself. Do not reserve compassion just for others. Bring compassion into your body and for yourself.

The Language of Ah will come in through the ability to focus, the ability to funnel energies in. This is what Nancy was doing with her cooking. She was taking raw energies – the ones that the farmers worked on – and bringing these in, focusing them. That is what your divine sense of Focus does. Your universe is filled with energy, raw, undefined energy. Focus makes it possible to bring it in and apply it on your level. This will be an important one for you to work with this year, not what we would call the most fun one, but so very important.

And finally Expression. If Nancy had just imagined her cooking and had compassion about it and had focused on what she was truly hungry for, she would have starved if she hadn't expressed it, if she hadn't gone into her kitchen and begun the work.

Now, the Language of Ah comes in and is available to you in these five divine senses. These senses that have always been there. This is how we operate on this side. We do not have things like smell and taste. Now, we can smell and taste things through you when we activate our sense of compassion. That is how we relate. That is how we understand what you are doing. We use this compassion so much in our dealings with humans.

This compassion is what Metatron was not so used to using in dealing with humans. Because of his strong energy, this is what we had to harness, in a way, to temper, and to filter to make it possible for him to be here today without throwing you for a loop.

These senses of the divine now come in, and they work with the seven human senses that we talked of last time. They are available to you in the Language of Ah to use. It will take some practice and some work. Work with each other and practice on each other, dear friends. It will take some time, but you will find this is such a new and wonderful way to create, to express, to focus, to even be aware of who you truly are.

When combined with the seven human senses, you will find it so possible to do things that you would have called magic or a mystery or a miracle only a few years ago. But the interesting thing is when these things happen, they will not appear so miraculous. You will have the understandings of the physics and the science behind them. And you will say to others when they are standing in awe and marvel of what you have done… you will say to them the words that the Master of Love said to you and to the others, "And this, you can do also." It is not a miracle. It is not a gift from God in the sense that God gives this gift every day. It is not a special gift. It is one that God, that I Am created… what you call this miracle.

Dear friends, as you work with the energy of the Language of Ah, this will enable you and your empowerment to create things in a way you never would have thought possible. And you know what? We know you already know this. You won't rush out and try to create all sorts of money, all sorts of material things, because that is not what is in your heart. That is not what is in your heart. You will create things that will ultimately bring others into their divinity. And when you do, dear friends, when you use this language of your own divine being, the abundance will be there automatically. Not because God said you were worthy on this specific day, but because you have created an energy balance that places it there. It may come from strange or unusual places that you have not been so used to, but it will be there.

We have enjoyed going through this series, this Language of Ah with you. We will continue to speak of it, but we will move on now with our lessons after this. But we will encourage you to continue using it. We will communicate with you now in this Language of Ah. Metatron will use it to communicate much of the technical and the physics that he brings in now. We will communicate in this language. We will open our meetings with a moment of divine communication before words are said. We speak to you one-on-one in this new language, the Language of Ah.

Meld the seven human senses with the five divine senses to truly bring this in, in the most powerful and impactful way. These are tools, dear friends, that each of you will need this year, the year of swings.

We love you dearly. We love sharing this time. Metatron has not been able to get this close to humans for so very, very long. It is a delight for him to be here on this day. He departs with a burst of compassion for you. You are never alone.

And so it is.