The Divine Human Series: "SHOUD 11"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
June 7, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that Gaia loves you so dearly. She is so delighted to be here in such a tender but focused way today, so delighted to have been in divine service to you. Again, not leaving in a flash, but starting to depart.

Your guides departed. So many of the elementals, fairies and the devas have departed. Oh, we know some of you wonder why you don't see the fairies so much anymore, if at all. It was their time also. The Kryon entourage left.

Now, Gaia slowly, slowly departs, slowly departs. She returns to her seat in the Order of the Arc so that you can integrate all of this within you. Again, it will be a process. There will be time involved with it.

Gaia came here today to thank you for letting your spirit be in her biology, to share quite an experience with her, to thank you for now taking on the responsibility of life force energies, of flows of energies coming through you, energies that can nurture, energies that can rejuvenate, energies that can cause life to not only sustain itself but now to also expand itself – what you call New Energy.

Dear friends, one of the points that we want to make to you so strongly is to understand now in a whole different way why it is not about you anymore. You see, as you move into the New Energy and you become fulfilled, your soul and your spirit become fulfilled. It changes everything. But yet you are still surrounded by those humans, and even nonhuman forms, who are unfulfilled.

A simple analogy is that – Cauldre, he warns us we are treading on thin ice here (audience laughter) – a simple analogy is that a dog who is hungry will pursue food. The dog is unfulfilled. It has hunger in its belly. So, from the moment it wakes up until the moment it goes to sleep – and even during its sleep – it will pursue food. It wants to satisfy its hunger. Everything in its life becomes about receiving food.

The basic energy of a dog is to be in service to you. A dog connects deeply with Gaia. They love to roll in Gaia. (audience laughter) But a dog is here really to be in service to you. It is a reflection of you. It comes here in service as your pet. However, when its biology is unfulfilled, when it is hungry, it will override its obligation and its commitment to service in order to feed itself. At the inner level it knows it must sustain itself before it can ever serve you.

You all are much like dogs! (audience laughter) You are here in service. Your hunger was the spiritual hunger, the soul hunger, wanting completion of your journey, wanting to release from Old commitments and Old karmas, wanting to accept all of the divinity that is within you, and the divinity that has been held by the others – by Gaia, by the Anasazi, by the animal kingdom, and the plant kingdom, and the dolphin kingdom.

You have been hungering at your soul level. But now you are allowing yourself to be filled. You are going within and rejuvenating from within. Your spiritual hunger is no longer your driving force. You are finding it in the moment, in the breath, in yourself. You see, so everything changes. You are fulfilled.

But the rest of the world, you could say, are like hungry dogs. They have a different reason for what they are doing, a different reason for being here on Earth than you do. So many of them are in the Old Energy. You are becoming balanced in the New Energy. Yet, you exist side-by-side with them.

Understand it is truly not about you when things happen. They are trying to feed themselves. They are trying to find their fulfillment. They will be attracted to you, particularly the ones who you have known before, because they feel that you have something to satisfy their hunger. However, they think that if they take a bite out of you, it will do the job, if they take something from you. So, many of them will try to do that. It is not about you. They are the hungry dogs.

Dear friends, we ask you to remember that the experiences that come to you are there for a reason. But it is not about you. You can now apply your full energies to being totally in service, if that is what you choose.

And in service, dear friends – we have a saying on this side – when you are in service, all things come to you. When you are in service, your soul level knows that it needs a strong biology. It needs abundance. It needs relationships at times. And at other times it needs no relationship. Everything will come to you.

For some strange reason, being in service in lifetimes past meant taking the vows of poverty, letting everything go. Now, in the New Energy, the New paradigm, everything comes to you quickly, quickly. You don’t have to beg for it. It already knows what you need. Your divinity already knows and understands.

So, it can come to you so that you can be that much stronger and more effective in the work of Spirit and the work of spiritual service. We ask you to absorb this within yourself, absorb the fact that it can come to you so you can be stronger in service.

You see, you have shunned it – so much of the healing, so much of the abundance – you have shunned. You thought this was the way of the Master. We tell you the true Master brings in every tool and every resource that she or he needs in that moment, in that moment, not stockpiled, but brought into that moment. Allow yourself this natural, spiritual phenomena – to have it come to you. We will say this over and over until you truly begin to understand it.

And understand what comes to you right now for the most part will be unfulfilled humans, unfulfilled experiences, unfulfilled groups. They are hungry. They will sense that you are filled within. They will want to know where you got it. You will know how to deal with them when they come to you. You will know.

Things are moving very, very fast right now and will continue to do so for these next few of years. There will be quick shifts back and forth all around you. Please, don't take that as being you. Understand.

So many of you came in here today and felt strange or odd. You felt the intensity that was here. You wanted to feel this wonderful, holy, mild, peaceful, loving feeling. (audience laughter) Ah, dear friends, what you were feeling was this outside group that we spoke of that was pouring their energies in here.

You did not have to be affected by them but yet you could feel them. You could feel their intensity. You could feel their anger and their fear. You could feel them trying to manipulate you.

You can take that energy in because, you see, as it comes to you, it truly has no attachment. They may send it out with attachment, but when it comes in to you in the New Energy, it comes in as pure energy. And you can do with that whatever you so choose. And you do have the wisdom to understand what it is.

So, dear friends, all of these things are happening. Things are changing fast. There are many forces that will not like the changes. They will feel they are giving up some control and power. They are afraid to make the shift themselves, the shift that requires them to trust that they are God also. They have been so strongly led to believe that they are not God, but they can try to get in with some high power if they do certain things.

They are deathly afraid to look within, and say, “I am God also.” It is a sin for them to say that. Now, you will understand who is intruding on you today. It is blasphemous to say that. So, there is a fear in doing that. There is a fear.

Dear friends, but we look at a group here right now. We connect with you in a very loving way. We see that you are bold enough to at least try to acknowledge that, try to open up to it, try to allow your divinity in. That is why we always get very emotional when we come in. That is why it is such an honor for us, such an honor to be here with these angels of the New Energy – you.

It is time for questions and answers. It is time to speak to you. But we would like to do things a bit different today. WE would like to ask YOU the questions! (audience laughter) We would like you to share with us and share with everyone else your energy.

We would like you to come up to the front. And when you do, we would like to ask you a question. We won’t ask you first and then have you come up. We ask you to be in the Now, in the moment, at the microphone. (audience laughter) We would like to share with you for a bit. So, be bold, dear ones. Step up to the microphone.

(Pause, then applause as the first Shaumbra, a man, approaches the microphone.)

TOBIAS: Ah, so much energy just passed when you stood up! (more laughter) So, we ask you – what is your favorite thing about being a human? We would truly like to know, by the way. This not a set-up, dear friends. We love hearing from you.

RESPONSE from a woman in the audience, not the man at the microphone: Sex! (much laughter)

TOBIAS: And the question we have back for you, dear one – is that a fulfilled or unfulfilled energy? (more laughter)

SHAUMBRA 1, the man at the microphone: Sex is very, very good. And actually I think it will even get better. I had an experience at the channeling workshop where I felt like… as my divinity was actually starting to even experience new sexual energies… and that I could actually feel my energies within me but also the partner… even though we were separated by distance. So, there was a melding of energies even though there wasn’t close contact. And I think that – to answer the question you asked earlier – the thing that brings me the most joy is discovering my divinity and allowing it to blossom and grow.

TOBIAS: And we thank you for being bold, for stepping forward and sharing with us. We hear so much more than just your words. We hear the love in your heart. We feel the glow that you have about you. And this will help to release so many doubts that you all have, that you have about this journey and where you are, how you are doing.

And we use this moment to also add a note about sex. Sex is one of the greatest ways to keep a human from discovering how divine they are. There have been so many energies of guilt, and shame, and abuse associated with sex. When you open up sexually, whether it is only to yourself or to another person, when you open up, then your divinity can come and play with you. It can dance. But as long as there are these heavy burdens of guilt, and doubt, and abuse on you, it is very difficult for your divineness to come through.

One of the greatest expressions of divinity is what you would call sex. You gave this to yourself, this grand pleasure. In the moment of orgasm, energy, divine energy, flows throughout you. And if you are with a partner who shares, who is fulfilled like you – oh, dear ones, New Energy is truly created!

So, let there be no more shame around sex. Let there be no more abuse around sex. Let it be open. Let you, Shaumbra, be the ones who teach it, because we know you have gone through some of the nastiest and most difficult experiences with it. So, be the teachers now. Be the teachers of love. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 2, a woman: Hello, Tobias.

TOBIAS: Greetings. And we ask you today – do you choose to release from mass consciousness, or do you choose to stay?

SHAUMBRA 2: I choose to release. I was actually in the Independence workshop…

TOBIAS: That is why we asked you question! (audience laughter) You were one of the ones who went through this experience on behalf of all of Shaumbra. But continue.

SHAUMBRA 2: Should I talk about that? Yeah, I choose to release mass consciousness. I have never been much of a person to be in a box, so to speak anyway. I’m kind of a box breaker. So, it’s sort of a natural step.

TOBIAS: You were – how to say – such an important part of the energy of Independence several weeks ago. And we know that you worked and talked with others there, helping them to understand, especially what the real issue at hand was with this. And so much of the work, my dear, that you have to do also has to be guiding other people through this type of release process, to where they can let go of Old notions and concepts. We work with you closely on what you are doing, what you are pursuing. And we know sometimes, too, you scratch your head and wonder about this. But what you are embarking on, and what you are teaching here is so important, one of the very critical elements. We encourage you to continue your work. We can encourage those who are here to support your work, to participate in it in the venue you have arranged here. And you are helping others to become independent in so many different ways. That's why we wanted to pick on you with this question.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you. I might add, if I may, that although I’m teaching about real estate investing, it’s almost like a disguise. It’s really about empowerment, abundance…

TOBIAS: It’s about personal independence on every level. But the hungry dog goes for the food. The person who is in poverty is always worried about money and focused on that. So, you are giving them a tool for independence. And you can quote us on that. (audience laughter)

TOBIAS TO SHAUMBRA 3 (who is a young adolescent male): How does it feel to be here?

SHAUMBRA 3: Great.

TOBIAS: How does it feel to be here?

SHAUMBRA 3: Great. (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: How does it REALLY feel to be here?

SHAUMBRA 3: Great. (more laughter)

TOBIAS: Breathe in and allow yourself to feel the energies. There is someone, not in physical form, standing beside you. And that is why we keep asking how does it feel to be here. Can you feel this one who stands beside you?

SHAUMBRA 3: Somewhat.

TOBIAS: It is all right if you say “no.” But if you breathe in, if you open your heart, you will feel that they have been there for a number of years of your life. You have known them before. They have been in human body. They have been walking with you. They left in this lifetime specifically so that they could come back to share this part of the journey with you, to be a reassuring, reassuring energy at your side. This one is very loving of you and has been waiting for quite some time for you to feel this energy. It would be best not to – how to say – get into all of the specifics here, but if you open up to feeling, you will understand so much of what we talk about. So, how do you feel?

SHAUMBRA 3: Kind of uncomfortable.

TOBIAS: Good! (audience laughter) Uncomfortable helps to shift; truly helps to shift everything. But what was important here was that you stood up, that you were willing to be in front of all of Shaumbra. You were willing to be written in books that will go into history, that others will read, standing here today in front everyone, opening your feelings. You see, it is safe to open your feelings. It is safe. No energies can come in and assault or take over. It is safe to be exposed like you are right now. We know you would like to run back to your seat. (some laughter) But you are a way-show-er. You are helping others to see. It is all right to feel and to open up. And did you have a question?


TOBIAS: Did you have a question? (more laughter)


TOBIAS: If you have a question, you can ask any time.

SHAUMBRA 3: Can I go back to my seat? (much laughter and some applause from the whole group)

TOBIAS: Yes. We thank you again for being so open. (more audience applause)

TOBIAS (addressing Shaumbra 4, a woman): We are looking. (pause) And when is your birthday?

SHAUMBRA 4: February 15th.

TOBIAS: A lovely day.

SHAUMBRA 4: Yes, it is.

TOBIAS: And how old are you?

SHAUMBRA: 52… 52 million… billion.

TOBIAS: Indeed. Indeed. And we ask you this on this day. We ask you to share this so openly with the group, so they know when your birthday is. They can plan a party. (some laughter) But also it is our way of helping all of you to understand that, you see, you are being birthed every day now. The Old Energy human way was to lock in on a birth date and to figure out your age and to hold onto that.

We see so many of you get up in the morning, and look at the mirror, and count the days and the years going by. And you are simply triggering your biology into a death process. You hold onto a date when you were born onto this Earth, even onto a sign that you came in with. None of these are truly appropriate anymore. Yes, you can still mark that date. You can still chuckle to yourself on that date.

But you’re all being rebirthed. You are all being rebirthed. You CAN rejuvenate yourselves, particularly with some of the energies brought in today by Gaia. You can rejuvenate. You don't have to hold onto an aging process anymore. You don't have to hold on to having a specific number of years. This is still ingrained within so many of you. And so many of you still follow the – how to say – the birth, and the age cycles, and count the years. It is time to release that, to release your consciousness from that Old pattern. So, we thank you for this opportunity. And we thank you for standing in front of the group like this.

SHAUMBRA 5, a man: Hi, Tobias.

TOBIAS: Indeed. So, will you choose to come back in the next lifetime, to come back to Earth? You do not have to. You have let all that go. Will you choose to come back here?

SHAUMBRA 5: I don’t really know yet.

TOBIAS: But if you had to make a decision right now, what would you choose to do?

SHAUMBRA 5: I guess I would choose to come back.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and we thank you for taking this question from us. The reason why we bring this up today is that we ask all of you to release any preconceived notions you had about returning. It is not what you think it is. You were looking at lifetimes of struggle and difficulty. You were looking at lifetimes when you could not be or feel your full self. So many of you have made commitments to yourself that you would never come back here again. And that locks you out of some potentials that exist.

There are ways that you could come back that you could never have dreamt of before. There are wonderful things about Gaia and about Earth, reasons for coming back. But we ask all of you to simply release those Old predeterminations that you had about coming back or not, about whether to go to the New Earth or whether to return to this one.

And what we can feel in your heart and in your being is that of total service to humanity. You have gone through very difficult experiences, some in this lifetime, mostly in others, and gained such a tremendous empathy and love for humanity. And we see that you are so giving of yourself to others. And we thank you for this. And we wanted to take this opportunity to simply acknowledge you for what you do.

SHAUMBRA 6, a woman: Hi, Tobias.

TOBIAS: Hello. It is a delight to see you again. The question we have for you on this day is – why did the chicken cross the road? (audience laughter)

SHAUMBRA 6: He was curious.

TOBIAS: He was curious. Indeed, and curious about what?

SHAUMBRA 6: Everything.

TOBIAS: Are you feeling a bit uncomfortable?


TOBIAS: Indeed, the chicken was curious. But when it all comes down to it, the chicken never did cross the road. (some laughter) It was only an illusion that it had to cross the road to satisfy its curiosity. The chicken remained in the Now, in the moment. And everything came to it. It did not need to cross the road. (more laughter)

SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you.

TOBIAS: And we ask you one other very quick question. There is a struggle that you have been going through indeed, feeling perhaps stuck, knowing that some energy shifted. But what is the tool from today that you will apply in your life to help you through this struggle?

SHAUMBRA 6: Everything is fulfilled in me. I am fulfilled.

TOBIAS: Indeed. Indeed, the understanding that it is already there, the understanding that you don't need to cross the road, just to breathe it in. Chickens get killed when they cross the road! (much laughter) Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you so much.

TOBIAS to Shaumbra 7, the woman now approaching the microphone: And we ask you – how would you counsel others when they come to you? How would you counsel them about the spiritual journey, one that you have been on for so long? But when they come to you as the teacher, what will you tell them?

SHAUMBRA 7: When they come to me as the teacher?

TOBIAS: Indeed.

SHAUMBRA 7: What will I tell them? I try to be as open as I can because I never know who has a message for me. And I try to apply it in any way I can to myself, if it has an answer for me. I take what I need, and I leave the rest.

TOBIAS: Indeed, we ask you this question because they will come to you very soon. They will to come you, and not necessarily ones you expected. But they will come to you in interesting and different ways. And you will be put on the spot in terms of your own heart and where your heart is in your vibration. And in a sense, they will want to know what it is that you know. But they will ask in a very defensive way.

And it is important at that point to take a deep breath. It is important at that point to ask them how they feel. It is important to listen. It is important for them to express, express what is going on inside.

This is so important to you, but for all of Shaumbra. There is no need to pontificate. There is no need to recite verses out of a book. It is to be in the moment with your students when they come to you, to take a deep breath and listen.

You see, that is what we do with you so often. When you come to us, crying to us, angry at us, we take a deep breath. And we say, “How is it that you are feeling? It sounds like you’re angry. It sounds like you’re having difficulty.” And then you allow all of these thoughts and feelings to go and to process through you. And then you come up with your own answers.

So, this is something that will happen in your life. This is something we pose to you very appropriately. And we thank you for being here. Thank you for taking on this New role that you are coming to you.

SHAUMBRA 8, a man: Hello, Tobias.

TOBIAS: Indeed. And we ask you on this day – what is the best way that you have found to release Old Energies?

SHAUMBRA 8: Breathing.

TOBIAS: Good answer! (audience laughter) And you have been doing quite a bit of releasing. We know from being beside you, from being with you that it has been a struggle to get out of the mind at times. But now that you are learning to breathe in, what happens, how, specifically how are the Old unnecessary energies released from you? How are they expelled from you? There is something you are doing here that we would like you to share with others.

SHAUMBRA 8: It seems like I just get off of a track of thinking. And I just kind of let myself go. And it’s more like a multi-dimensional way of expressing. I guess it’s just hard to explain, I guess.

TOBIAS: That’s because you are getting in your head here. (some laughter) What we see that you do when you are breathing, you allow it to come in very deeply, and then you do a little bit of a compression scheme here. You build it up inside. Then, you tend to pop it out. You tend to let it out all in one burst. You breathe in smoothly. But then you release quickly. This seems to have served you very well in letting it go. It is kind of like – how to say – a burst of energy that you expel. It tends to move much through. So, we wanted you to help share this with others, and to help them to understand that you truly can release things through the breath. It is that easy. It is that easy. And we thank you for being such a wonderful part of Shaumbra on Earth and adding your energy to this circle.

LINDA: According to Geoff’s schedule this would be the last interview.

TOBIAS: Indeed. (audience laughter)

SHAUMBRA 9, a woman: Hi, Tobias.

TOBIAS: Indeed. What would now bring you the greatest joy in your life?

SHAUMBRA 9: That could be a loaded question.

TOBIAS: Breathe in deeply. What would bring you the greatest joy right now in your personal life?

SHAUMBRA 9: My heart only says one thing. That would be relationship.

TOBIAS: Then so be it. So be it. You have put it out there. And you are so deserving. You have so much to give, and you want to share it. But let it be a relationship of two fulfilled humans. This does not need to be someone who calls himself Shaumbra, but rather someone who is fulfilled at the soul level. You have been waiting for quite a while. So, you have expressed this. You have shared this. You have shared these deep feelings with all of us. So, you have also created it. We thank you. And we would like to hear back about your relationship.

SHAUMBRA 9: I’d love to tell you that. And thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you, for you are the one who just created it. And it can now come to you. We will ask one more question.

SHAUMBRA 10, a woman: Hello, Tobias.

TOBIAS: Hello. It is good to have you here in this energy. And we ask you – what is the greatest thing you can do for yourself right now? This is a personal question directed at you. What is the greatest thing you can do for yourself?

SHAUMBRA 10: The only thing that comes to mind is what I have been learning throughout this lifetime – to love myself.

TOBIAS: Indeed. It’s the most difficult thing a human will ever do. They are taught for so very long not to love themselves. They are taught that they are incomplete. They are taught that they are unworthy. So, to learn to love yourself again is the greatest gift that any of you could give yourselves. It is the greatest joy. It will bring – how to say – the fastest transformation.

But it is difficult to do. It is difficult some days to look at yourself – any of you – in the mirror and to love yourself. You still see a reflection of something that is less than perfect.

There are many angels gathered here today, what you would call “high and mighty angels,” coming from grand orders. They sit here weeping today because they know who you are. They know the work you have done. They know the dedication. They love you dearly. They only wish you could all love yourselves, that you could all accept yourselves as who you are, not trying to play tricks on your mind, but trying to simply let in all of the love that is there, to love yourself unconditionally.

You can love others. And my dear, you do that so well, loving others, caring for others and nurturing others. But to love yourself is the greatest gift you’ll ever give you.

With that, dear friends, we thank you for this day; for sharing, for being with us, for listening to us. We thank you for allowing the energies of Gaia into this room and understanding it is time now for a transition to begin. As we said, this would take many, many, many years. But it is beginning. Gaia is opening up, saying that she would now like for you to take on the responsibilities, so much like even a week ago with the Anasazi in the place of Santa Fe. It was time for them to depart. They had done their work. Some who were in the group felt empty afterwards, felt alone, felt that a dear friend has departed. And in a sense, that is very true.

There is much changing. So much is leaving right now. But it is for you, for you, to now take on your own divinity, take on the responsibility to be the holder and balancer of energies. We remind you that even – and especially – when energies leave, then they can come back to you in a whole new way. They are simply leaving the relationship of the Old Energy so they can come back to you in the New. When you release someone or something – even the angels when you release them – they can join back up with you in a whole New Energy.

We have so much to continue talking to you about. We love you dearly. And you are never alone.

And so it is.