The Divine Human Series: "SHOUD 9"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
April 5, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we continue with the energy of this day. We continue with working with you to help you understand how you can move to these different points of separation, these layers where consciousness melds and shifts. You can bring in the wisdoms. You can celebrate all of the experience that is contained there.

These are like the stars that are in your heavens. These are points of light, what you call the stars. In a sense, all of the dimensions around you have star points, points of separation, where different energetic attributes come together at a crossroads. There is a gift for you, there for you to access while you remain in the Now as a Divine Human.

Indeed, the stars are points of separation. Indeed, you can allow yourself to meld with those energies on some night when you can see the stars clearly. Meld with it. Bring that energy into your Now and feel it. It is a point of separation from an occurrence that took place in your universe so very long ago. The stars are symbols. The stars are points of separation of experiences that took place while you were building the universe.

Each star, each planet, each galaxy, and solar system has its unique attributes. They contain specific information. Each star point is like a library of wisdom. This is a good way to practice bringing a point of separation into your consciousness, to feel it. Indeed, the stars are the history of your journey, the history of everything that took place before you came to this Earth. Indeed, this massive universe of yours is the new playground of the New Energy. We have said before that there is not so much out there, other than potentials to be built on and experienced.

And one note here before we begin with our Question and Answer session. Dear friends, we have talked to you today about the Divine Plan, what we prefer you call the “whole plan,” the integrated plan between what you, the human, need and desire, and what your soul, your spirit, is becoming and fulfilling. The two can integrate together. It is the whole plan.

When you are having challenges or difficulties, stand back a moment, breathe in, and ask, “What is the essence of the Divine Plan?” And then meld it together with your human plan and your human needs.

You will begin seeing a whole new picture. You will have a whole new understanding of why things happen the way they do. You will understand that you are not a victim of your Divine Plan. You simply did not understand where your soul level was trying to go. Now, you the human and the Divine Human can be on this journey together. It does not need to be separate.

There are Divine Plans, not only for individuals, but also for groups. There is a Divine Plan of Shaumbra that you created. You can feel it if you allow yourself. The Divine Plan is for a group of humans who have been searching… a group of humans who have been trying to understand, to come to new consciousnesses, to move together, to share together, to support each other, and to bring an entire group energy out of Old into the New, into a melded, unified energy.

There are Divine Plans in your workplace. Allow yourself to feel these – a group of humans who have come together in an office, in a building or a company for a purpose; perhaps, not known anywhere in the boardroom, but agreed upon at other levels by all of the humans participating.

There are Divine Plans for nations. There are Divine Plans for families.

In the New Energy that you are in, you can begin to sense, and to feel, and to know the Divine Plan, and integrate it with the human. It gives you a whole new perspective and understanding why certain things have happened in your life.

It is not God dictating the terms. It is not some celestial Order handing these down. It is not some council of 300,000 angels that is making this happen.

It is your Divine Plan. It has been somewhat hidden from you up to now, somewhat hidden so that you could go through a series of new understandings. Dear friends, from this point forward always call in your Divine Plan to understand what is happening in your life.

When you look at the scenario with the war that is taking place in the Mideast right now, don’t just look at what is printed in the papers or portrayed on the screens of your televisions. Go into the Divine Plan that is behind it. You will have a whole new compassion and understanding of what is really taking place.

With that, we would be delighted to answer your questions.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1: Dear Tobias, today I represent here a group of rather strange, unusual people, so-called United Nations personnel, but the ones who work in the field, and who have – whether they want to admit it or not – chosen to spend the best years of their lives moving from one place to the other, which is full of negativity, very heavy energies, dangerous, and so on, and so on. Usually it is during the war, after the war, when we move in. And that group is very tired at this very moment. And I believe that a message from you would help them get some strength and move on, because they know they have to. But they want to know what's going on with their role in the whole plan. Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, we are delighted to have you in the direct energy and to represent all of the others who you speak of. There are energy balancers and placeholders all over the world. Now, this job of being a placeholder, sometimes also called a peace-giver, is indeed very tiring because you and your group are assaulted by both energies, not just one, but by all sides. You have come into this the world at this time to be a balancer, a holder of energies, to keep a very delicate balance.

This is so important right now with all of the events that are transpiring from the change from Old Energy to New. It is not just about the war. But it is about holding the balance. You see, there are incredible, incredible energies of Old that are trying to hang on. And there are energies of New that are trying to move forward. And there are individuals, angels like yourself and the others who you work with, who stand at the doorway between the Old and the New, trying to help maintain a balance.

Your resumes and your business cards say that you are peacekeepers. But indeed, you are truly energy holders and balancers. It is one of the most difficult and challenging jobs because you are being pulled in all directions; therefore, you feel very, very tired. You have come into this type of work by agreement. You have agreed that you will be moved from one place in the world to the next, wherever your energy is needed.

Come to the understanding that the services that you perform are selfless. They are done for all of humanity. They are done to keep one side or the other from dominating. It is a very special type of assignment.

Understand also that you can relieve some of these tired feelings that you have, these overwhelmed feelings, by simply letting the energies pass through you. You tend to – all of you in your group – tend to hang on to these energies too much to try to affect them. You are affecting what is happening simply by being there.

You are applauded from our side of the veil. And you will see very soon, very soon within these next few years… Cauldre asks us to define “soon” because our definition and his are somewhat different. You will see in these next couple of years that energy balancers, placeholders, are not as needed as they were before. In other words, you have done your work and your job, and you can move on to more creative work, perhaps within the same organization, but something that is more creative, rather than the pressure type of situation that you are in now.

For so long on Earth there have been energy placeholders and balancers. All of you had spirit guides at one point. They were energy placeholders. They left when it became appropriate for you to own your divinity. There are many elementals and animals in the world that held energy for so very long. They were balancers and placeholders. Many of them have chosen to leave now or to change their job.

Now, the humans, like you and those in your group, you will find that you, in these next few years, you will not have to balance the energies as much as you do right now. It is because the shifts that are occurring on Earth right now, some of the events that will be transpiring in this your, well into next year, will help move the consciousness of humanity forward.

So, you are indeed honored for this selfless work that you do. And understand that the change is coming so you can move to a different type of work.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2: Tobias, death is such a challenging issue for us as human angels. So many two-legged and four-legged souls are choosing to leave the Earth Mother now. My beloved companion, Rascal, appears be approaching the time for his transition. I do not want him to be in pain. But I’m feeling anxiety about knowing when to put him down. I know I will know when the time is appropriate. But is there ceremony, or such, that would be beneficial for him and me? How can we best assist those making their transitions? And in general, do you have any comments on or suggestions for experiencing grief as our human and non-human companions make their transitions?

TOBIAS: Indeed, we have spoken of this recently in terms of the humans and the death experience. Humans have been a victim to death in the past. Shaumbra, as you become more fully grounded in the New Energy, death will be a choice for you. You will not be able to overcome death, at least in this lifetime. It is part of a process that is still very deeply embedded and has a certain amount of intelligence behind doing this.

But instead of being subjected to death because of a disease that comes into your body, or any of these other painful experiences, you will begin having the choice of how you want to leave, and even when you want to leave. This happens when you integrate with your Divine Plan. So, you will not be able to escape the coming back Home, the dying. But you will be able to define it and create it much better yourself.

As far as the animals who are leaving, again, this refers back to the answer we gave for the last question. There have been many placeholders of many different types – human placeholders, those from the animal kingdom, even those from the angelic realms. We want you to look at your pet – you who ask the question – to feel your pet, and to understand that this dear loved one has been a balancer and a placeholder for you.

This dear companion has been helping you to process through many energies. This dear beloved pet of yours has also helped to transmute some of the imbalances in your physical body. It has taken on some of the imbalances into its own body in service to you. So, this dear companion is tired. It is ready to leave. It has done its job. It wants you now to accept that you are God.

This pet can come back to you again, this time without the responsibility of holding energy for you. This pet can come back very quickly. It will find its way to you. You do not need to worry about that. It can come back to you very quickly now without the burden and the contract. And the two of you can have much more fun together. This pet of yours will leave on its own. You will not need to worry about putting it down. You will not need to take on that guilt. This animal loves you far too much than to have to have you go through that experience.

So, communicate with this dear pet. Talk to it on its divine level. Discuss its Divine Plan. And more than anything, release it. Let this dear friend of yours go now. It has done its work. Let it go.

It is the same with humans in your life. Let them go. The most difficult thing that we see here from our side is when you grieve over someone’s death. Oh, we know, it is difficult to lose someone who you love. We know it is even more difficult to have all those pent-up guilt feelings within you, and then have them check out. It leaves you in a type of lurch where you have to work through things.

But dear friends, let go. Release them. Honor them. Find joy in the experience. It truly is.

There has been such a misperception about death which has led to the rather disgraceful way that humans have had to die. Let go of them, as we said before. If there is a dear one who is about to cross over, we have been asked what to say to them, how to treat them, what type of medications or other remedies to give them.

The greatest thing you can ever do is to hold their hand. Bring them into your loving, Now moment. Let them know the transition will be filled with joy and love. There will be those of us on our side of the veil who are there to receive them. And let them know that you can release them now.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3: I think you already answered all my questions, so this is kind of strange to ask you a question. But I’m going to whine about my knees. (audience laughter) How can I get those well? They hurt. And I’m tired of it.

TOBIAS: Indeed, the human body has gone through so much, not just yours, but for all of Shaumbra. And there are still problems in the knees here because, my dear, you were bold enough to get up and ask the question, so we will be bold enough to answer it. You are still not grounding yourself properly.

SHAUMBRA 3: I don’t know how to do that.

TOBIAS: To breathe in deeply, to stay in the Now moment, and, for you – and you may debate with us – but for you, my dear, to choose life. You are still debating whether to come or to go. We would love to have you back here, but you are much more “needed” on Earth. That is no joke when we say “knee”ded” on Earth. (Tobias pauses while audience begins to laugh at his pun.)

SHAUMBRA 3: I’d like to make a bargain with you. If somehow you could help me to heal my knees and rejuvenate my body, and so I can have a party every night (audience laughter) and I’m not allergic to alcohol, I’ll stay. (more laughter)

TOBIAS: Then, we ask you to use the breathing, because it is so simple and can be done any time, and to breathe all the way in through your knees, down to your feet, to open back up the circulation. There are closed energetic areas here. If you are having difficulty in knowing how to breathe in down through your knees, into your feet, into the Earth, there are experts in this very room who would be more than happy to help you with this.

But there is an interesting process here, too. By being bold enough to get up and acknowledge this, in a sense, you are bold enough to say you are truly ready to release it and move on. So, now start releasing all of the pent-up energies that are in that area.

It is very simple, very symbolic. You are not allowing life to come all the way down to ground you and to re-energize you. We are not dispensing medical advice here of any kind. But we simply say to do this, and you will find great relief.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4: Tobias, I am filled with a rage and hurt like never before in my life. I want to take my light and go Home. And I’m a mental health worker, so I know that my feelings and thoughts are moderately severe, although I’m choosing not to act on it. Lately, it seems to me that wherever I turn to make effort to make some part of my life better, my efforts do not work out or pay off. The larger mirror is what’s happening in the world.

And yes, I’m probably maddest at Spirit. As I’m Spirit too, I’m also mad at myself. I’m sure that I’ve put myself in numerous Catch-22’s, but it doesn’t make me feel any better to know that I’m probably the cause of my own problems. (audience laughter) If I failed so completely to create a life that nurtures and feeds me, and if my brothers on this Earth are so committed to creating misery and war forever more, then I’m not sure I want to play this game any more.

I’ve been thinking about how being so suicidal changes my choices, ironically. Or, maybe that’s the whole reason I am going through this hell – you know, the “if only I had only 30 days to live, would you do it differently exercise.” I almost bought a ridiculously expensive couch today just because it made me happy to look at its clever design and beautiful color. Clearly, if I’m considering not being here, there’s no point to saving my savings. (audience laughter) Or, maybe I spend them on taking a year off of work… kind of opens up the possibilities, huh?

Tobias, can you help me get past my internal power struggle to free myself? And be as concrete and specific as possible, please! (more laughter) I’m way past general platitudes doing any good. (more laughter) With love and some self-protective cavalierness.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and in honor and respect to your question, yes, we can be concrete and direct in our answer. The answer is, “No, there is nothing we can do.” (some laughter) But we love you for your journey. The answer is also that you are going through a very intense process. You are creating a type of energy through your anger and frustration that will be available to use by yourself to propel you to what you think is your next level, and see what you think is your next level and where you think you should be is truly nowhere at all where you are really going. (audience laughter at Tobias’ convoluted sentence)

You could say that so much of the Shoud today was for you. So much of it was energetically for you. It is time to release your expectations. It is time to connect with your Divine Plan. You’ll have a great understanding of the type of joy that is available to you.

You have very predetermined notions of the way things should be. And you have, in a sense, boxed yourself in. And you don't know how to get out. The lifesaver here for you, the assistance for you, is your own divinity and your own plan.

But you have not trusted yourself enough to look at it, to allow it to come into your life. You are angry with yourself. You are looking for help on the outside. Even if we tried to give you some specific help to try to come and bail you out, it would still not satisfy what is going on deep within you. And more than anything, you would even be madder at us if we did!

We ask you to review everything in today’s Shoud, to understand what we speak of when we say that you have a whole plan, a Divine Plan for yourself. Also, release all of your expectations. In a sense, allow yourself to die while you are still living as a human. Let all of your Old expectations, your old karma, your Old ways go.

Start clean and fresh. It might be good – hint, hint – for you to even move from where you are currently residing to give yourself a real fresh start. We think you will understand what we mean by that. We thank you for your question. And the aggravation and frustration you are feeling will come back to serve you when you choose it.

QUESTION FROM SHAUBRA 5: Dear Tobias, some of us are really, really, really ready to move on from Old energy institutions and work, and feel like we’ve been there a long, long time. And my question is… has to do with this feeling that we’re on a pause or some kind of an in-breath right now on the planet. And yet there is this desire to be passionate, and creative, and really moving forward in a vision. And I’m wondering what’s the next step? What do we do in the meantime?

TOBIAS: It is time for you and for all of the others who have these feelings to begin moving forward. It is also up to each one of you, and perhaps all of you collectively, to create the opportunities for this. There are many Old institutions on Earth which are still appropriate for people who are in the Old Energy.

But we find that Shaumbra is very frustrated in these, whether it is hospitals, whether it is mental health clinics, whether it is conventional schools or any of these other places. You are becoming more and more frustrated with the confines of these old institutions.

Dear friends, there was a dream that was turned into somewhat of a reality on an inter-dimensional basis and is ready to become a reality in one form or the other on planet Earth. Cauldre has defined it as Shaumbra University. It does not have to be one place. In a sense, it does not have to be any physical place. It can be everywhere. It is the start of encouraging all of you to begin the new work, to begin the new institutions with the support that you have from each other – the emotional, the financial support, and all of the support of Shaumbra.

Begin to write these curriculums. Take the risks and put these programs out. You will be amazed at how many people start coming to you. But it cannot be done, dear friends, unless you make that choice to begin.

You can have this painting of Shaumbra University come to each one of your meetings. And you can look at it, and say, “That would be nice someday.” Or you can make it happen now. You can begin creating, whether it is the building, whether it is a type of virtual connection with each other, to make it happen.

I cannot emphasize enough that the world will desperately need what each one of you has to offer. That is why you are here on the planet now. You went through the challenges first and moved into the New Energy so you could develop these new programs, whether they are for the physical, the mental, the spiritual, whether they are for individuals or groups. It is time, dear friends.

We refer to the books being written. And that is a metaphor. That is a way of saying that it is not just books, but it is classes. It is new ways of approaching business and money management. Right now, money management is very Old Energy. And it moves too slowly, and it favors too few.

There are new ways. It is not for I, Tobias, or any of the other angels to create these. It is up to you to do that. That is why you are on Earth now.

So, dear friends, dear Shaumbra, solidify this. Shaumbra University exists on the inter-dimensional levels. Are you bold and daring enough to bring it to Earth? We thank you for your question and for our opportunity to pontificate. (audience laughter)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6: Tobias, as a Lightworker, born as a Muslim in Iran, please tell me what is the best way to talk about Tobias and Mohammed’s teachings for my people and helping them in an appropriate way because, you know, these days the religion is a very sensitive issue in Iran, and the people are scared of their shadows.

TOBIAS: Indeed, we honor you and thank you for this question. We ask to pause here for a moment. Let us bring all of Shaumbra to a point of separation where Old consciousness moves into the New. Bring the point of separation here and embrace you in our moment for the work you are doing. Some of those who are Shaumbra… sometimes they think they have difficult duty. And then we hear from several today that have truly, truly hard duty.

So, in answer to your question, do not quote Tobias, Mohammed, Moses, Yeshua, or any of the above. In the New Energy it is the words that come from your heart through your mouth that count. That is how you will make a difference. The moment you start quoting any other being, you are going out of your moment. You are not being fully integrated in your truth.

You are, dear friends, when you quote me, when you quote Tobias, in a sense, you are afraid to speak the words yourself. So, you hide behind me. And then if they don't like what is said, you say, “Well, I don't always agree with Tobias.” (audience laughter)

So, speak your own words from your own heart. We will be standing right beside you. We will be there in support and love. But that is how you talk in the New Energy. We deeply thank you for your question.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7: I work with an organization called Hydrogen Now that is attempting to help the Earth convert from fossil fuels to renewable energy and hydrogen. (audience applause) Do you have any suggestions on how… what targets our organization should set, and how we should move ahead?

TOBIAS: Indeed. And we acknowledge and applaud you for the work that you and you group are doing. Hydrogen is one of the most available physical energies on Earth right now. It is simply a matter of working with these to unlock the potential. It is safe. It is abundant. And it is even more powerful than what the researchers understand right now.

The work that your group is doing is making a difference. And what we would suggest here is that there is a need for more papers to be written, describing your activities, for more visibility on the part of your organization. Even just speaking here now where thousands of Shaumbra across the world can hear this, this will bring up the awareness and the consciousness.

There are many different types of energies that can be used for sustaining human activities and human life. We see that hydrogen has the greatest potential in the short run. After a certain point of time, you will begin to understand cosmic energies then that can be brought in. But in the short run for Earth, this hydrogen energy is so important.

You could say that researchers have been looking too deep for solutions and how to use this. The answer is quite obvious. We would – how to say – it is difficult to get scientific information through Cauldre at times. (audience laughter) But we know how to bypass his limitations. (more laughter) And he understands what we are saying.

We would be delighted to answer questions related to this if we gather with you one-on-one, or these are put in writing. But there are some things that are being overlooked at this time. And indeed, Cauldre does understand that there are times we cannot accurately describe information; therefore, we must come in a different way to describe.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8: Tobias, like here (in Colorado), we live in a very pristine place. And we enjoy the air. And we know about the practice of deep breathing, and so on. And we walk outside. And we look up in the sky, and we see the things that are falling out of the sky that people call “chemtrails” and potentially poison things. And our friends get worried about it. How can we address this, because it seems like, even if we’re standing behind the short wall, they’re still getting to us. You can’t get away with it when you are taking deep breaths. So, can you help us to address this, not only with ourselves, but with others?

TOBIAS: We will, and we may not be terribly popular. Dear friends, if you are involved in any conspiracy theory, you are denying that you are God also. If you are involved in any conspiracy theory, you are really avoiding the inevitable and the most difficult. And that is looking within yourself, going through your own awakening process.

We see these various conspiracy theories, some of which have a degree of truth in them. They are created and they expand, and they are dramatic and emotional, and they captivate the attention of people, simply as a diversion. A diversion so that you don't have to look within.

There is very little truth in what you call these “chemtrails.” There is very little truth in what has been called the “Illuminati.” There is a lot of truth in humans blowing these out of proportion, going very dramatic, so they don't have to do the real work.

We encourage you to look up in the skies at the airplanes going by, and breathe in as deep as you can, and understand there are no deliberate poisons that are put in here to try to kill humanity. There are much easier ways to kill humanity. A nuclear bomb would solve it pretty quick. So, dear friends, do not get distracted by these conspiracies.

Yes, there are some elements in these chemical trails as a result of fuels that are not efficiently burned. Hopefully, one day they will be using hydrogen. There are some unburned fuels in here that may be toxic.

But there is not an overall deliberate plan by either a known or a secret government to take over the world by dropping chemicals on the population. There IS a deliberate plan by individuals to perpetuate this drama and this conspiracy to feed their damn egos! (audience applause) So, dear friends, they watch how all the sheep follow them and do anything they say. Cauldre thinks he might have to run out the back door when we’re done. (audience laughter) Dear friends, you come here, asking for truth. And we will give it back to you as we see.

The problem is the DRAMA surrounding all this and keeping you from the true work that is at hand.


So, dear friends, we have talked about much today. We have talked about your Divine Plan. We have talked about how you can begin to understand, and travel on an inter-dimensional basis, bring it all back to your Now moment. We have talked about your journey and about how Hossaf now comes into work with you in this next step.

There is much for you to absorb and digest here. We simply remind you not to go intellectual. Feel your way through now. Feel your way through. What is appropriate will come back up to the mind. And you will have good understanding.

We will be working with you closely in these next weeks. There might be some rather surprising and interesting things that happen on your global level, partly as a result of this war, partly as some New Energies coming in. Do not be surprised. Do not go into drama. Understand that it is appropriate. Have compassion for what is happening in the Old world and keep your balance in the New Energy.

You are never alone, dear friends.

And so it is.