The Divine Human Series: "SHOUD 8"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
March 1, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we continue with the energy of this day, this gathering of Shaumbra, and this time of moving forth into the New Energy.

It is such an honor for Moses to be here on this day, to share this space with you. He was quite the pioneer in his time, creating the new ways, creating the new understandings, creating the rules that were needed in his time. You do not need the rules in your time. The only rule is to follow your heart, to follow your feelings, to trust your own divinity.

One of the things that dear Moses tried to instill in his people was their connection to Spirit, something that has taken thousands of thousands of years to do. It is something that you, Shaumbra, are truly doing now in your lifetime. You are connecting to Spirit, connecting to your divinity.

In Moses’ days, the idea that “You Are God Also” was so foreign that the words could not even be uttered, for there were powers – yes, indeed, powers – that would put an end to that. The idea that you are divine, that you are here on a sacred journey, could not even be discussed.

So many of the commandments that were handed down by Moses had the look and feel of what you see now: “Honor thy mother and father,” “Thou shall not kill,” “Thou shall not steal,” “Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods.” But what Moses truly received on top of the mountain was the commitment and assurance from Spirit that the angels were with him.

What he heard on that day on top of the mountain was the commitment from All That Is that there was purpose, and there was meaning. There was a movement of energy in the universe. There was a commitment from Spirit to always be there.

It was commitment that was given to Moses on the mountain that there truly is no death, that there is simply transition. There is simply change. There is simply new experience.

What was given to Moses was that there was a commitment from Spirit to always love all of the angels. There was a commitment that was given to Moses that Spirit would come to each of you one day, that you were not lost, that you were not forsaken. There was a commitment from Spirit to honor you for the work you do.

There was a commitment from Spirit to one day be birthed from within you while you were in human form, while you sat in the Divine Moment. There was the commitment that Spirit would be there to support, and to love, and to honor.

Those were the true commitments that were given to Moses. These were interpreted later in a way that the people could understand, interpreted as the commandments.

Now, allow yourself to FEEL the energy of Spirit’s commitments to Moses. Feel the commitment from Spirit. Oh, you talk about feeling. You talk about something that would open you and touch your heart. Feel the true energy of what was given to Moses that day, the commitment from Spirit to always be with you.

That is why we say over and over again, “You are never alone.” Spirit has the commitment to be with you and in you.

Dear friends, you talked today in Shoud about a new aspect of the illusion of power. The illusion was that there were two separate forces battling within you, battling for control, one trying to take over the other. As you expressed in Shoud today, there is no need for this battle.

How do you heal yourself? You allow the energies to work together. You know, dear friends, all of these energies have a common goal. All seek spiritual realization, divine realization. Trust yourself to know that everything that is in your biology, in your mind, in your emotions and your spirit seeks divine realization.

Let go for a moment. Let go. This is what Moses/Mohammed tried to tell the people of Islam. Islam means “release” and “surrender.” Let go. It had to be presented in a different way back then also, so people could hear it, and understand it, and accept it within their being. So many of the messages that were told thousands of years ago are so very relevant today, so much more a part of your realization and consciousness than even they were thousands of years ago.

Trust your own divinity to know that all of these energies work together. Release the duality consciousness that you can only be light, that you can only be dark, that these two cannot combine together. Watch how your body heals. Watch how your mind comes into new balance. Watch how you become so divine, so much of a creator. Trust yourself.

Know that everything within you seeks divine realization. Sometimes you try to control processes in your body through your mind. You think that if your mind doesn’t tell your body what to do, it will go off in the wrong direction. It will work against you.

You hold back in your own mind. You are afraid to open some of those closets in your mind. You are afraid of the skeletons. They were simply experiences from the past. Even the darkest of the dark experiences that you had were working towards divine realization. They were helping give you new understandings, new meanings, and ultimately new energies.

Can you trust yourself implicitly? Can you trust your divinity at the core of your being? We are not asking you to trust some god that some religion created, a god with a big white beard, sitting in heaven, being judgmental. We are not asking you to trust a god that you do not know and cannot identify with. That would be foolish.

We are asking you to be bold and daring. Trust in yourself and your divinity. Trust that every aspect of you, every past life, and every multi-dimensional aspect, has always been moving towards divine realization. Divine realization now comes when you are in the Expanded Moment. The boat does not need to speed across the lake anymore.

Can you trust yourself so implicitly that you can rejuvenate your body, that you can bring in the abundance? Can you trust yourself that deeply?

Moses comes in on this day. Mohammed comes in on this day to sound the call for the new era, for the New Energy, to acknowledge you for the work you do, and to ask you to continue. Stay here on Earth. Continue your work. Be the teachers. Step out of the old box. Trust yourself.

With that we would be delighted to answer your questions.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1: I don’t feel joyful, perhaps only a few moments at a time. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster of emotions. And I feel alone in this. I have two boys, ages 10 and 8, and I feel they are struggling, too. This year feels harder even than last year. Can you help me to understand what’s going on for me and my boys?

TOBIAS: Indeed, you and your boys are Shaumbra! (pause from Tobias as though he has just answered the question, then audience laughter)

You have agreed to a very difficult journey. You have agreed to use this lifetime of yours as your ascension lifetime. You have agreed to stop the zooming across the lake, creating waves, creating new lifetimes, creating new experiences. You have chosen to bring it all together in this lifetime. It is difficult. It is not for – how to say – the faint of heart. Shaumbra – they are tough. Dear friends, dear friends, it is a difficult journey. It is.

In a sense, it is similar to the state of consciousness that Moses and his people had when they went into the desert for 40 years. They carried their divinity for 40 years, trying to find a resting place. It was a metaphor. Part of it did indeed happen. But it was a metaphor.

You and all of Shaumbra across the world, are going through so much of the same thing. You are going through a process of change that is difficult. You are going from the Old to the New.

How can you create joy in your life? Look at all you have done. Allow yourself to feel it. Sit in the Now. Sit in the moment. Allow yourself to feel it. It will come, little by little, but it will come. You are going through a death process so that you could be reborn again… different, this time… divine this time.

For you specifically, you are seeking so hard right now. You are trying too hard. We see it. There is struggle in your mind. You are wondering why things are not the way that you had planned them to be. But your plans were Old.

This is New. Sit in the moment. Breathe. These are simple tools, simple tools. We know there are many Shaumbra who think, “No, it could not be that easy. I won't even try these because it sounds too easy.” But it is. These are tools that you have given yourself.

As you go through the transformation process, you will find joy. You will feel joy. It will not be like the hollow joy that you have had in the past. It will be a new joy, filled with compassion, and love, and true understanding.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2: On behalf of all of us who gained weight to protect ourselves, now that the New Energy is here, it seems to me that I was going to use that to help lose weight and become healthier. And it’s not working, so I would like a suggestion from you.

TOBIAS: We say to you jokingly, “Eat chocolate!” (much audience laughter)

SHAUMBRA 2: I am! That’s the problem! (more laughter)

TOBIAS: The weight has been an issue for so many of you. It has been a protection, as you say. But now you can let that go. You can tell your body that it does not need to protect you anymore. You can release that now.

There is still fear within you associated with this. You think that if you let this go that you will be so very vulnerable. Oh, yes, you will be. You will be vulnerable, but vulnerable to new feelings, vulnerable to other people, vulnerable to all of these things. But it does not have to affect you. It does not have to take you over.

Tell your body it is time to let go. It is time for the surrender. It is time for – how to say, as Moses would say – it is time for Islam of your own body, to release what no longer serves you.

Put your energy into the foods prior to eating them. You will understand what is the appropriate balance on a moment-by-moment basis. You do not need to have these written-out diets that tell you exactly what to eat all of the time. It is day-by-day, moment-by-moment.

There are some days where your body will need many sugars. There are other days where it will need high proteins. It will tell you. You will feel it. It will indeed make grocery shopping a bit of a… (audience laughter) a bit of a mess. But this is the way.

Again, we know we resort to the simple tools, but they are effective. Breathe in. Breathe into your biology and your body. Feel it all the way down. Tell your body that it can release. There is such a memory that is built into all the cells and tissues that said, “Protect. Protect. Store. Store. There may be difficult times ahead, so we have to store food. We have to protect ourselves.”

It is like an army that is preparing for battle. It’s stocking up and building walls. That is what all of you have been doing. Tell yourself, “There is no war.” Tell yourself, “You can release now.” Breathe this in. Breathe it in and feel it. You will see it go. You will see it go. Your body wants to release this more than anything.

We know that Shaumbra would like us to come out with a magic diet. (audience laughter) But the magic is in breathing and in the moment. Your body, when it feels safe, your body will release. If it is not releasing the excess, if it is still storing, and protecting for you, go in and ask what it is still holding onto. Ask why it is holding on. It may tell you some interesting things.

Your body knows how to regulate itself. This is trust. This is trust. It knows how to regulate itself if you let it. But when you are always thinking that there are going to be difficult times ahead, always thinking that life is harsh, always thinking that you’re vulnerable to others, it will do the best thing for you. It will store and protect.

Open up and breathe. Breathe in your divinity. This weight will be gone.

QUESTIONS FROM SHAUMBRA 3: Tobias, could you please clarify for us the difference between the Old Energy karma, seven cone-shaped chakras, and the New Energy, no karma, one unified field? Is there a difference when working with those who are awakening? Does the unified field mean one large chakra connected to all? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, in the Old Energy there were seven physical chakras and five etheric chakras. These were all appropriate at the time. These chakras unify as you move into the New Energy. You no longer need to segment parts of yourself.

When a human begins their true awakening process, there is a shift in these energies. This can cause much physical discomfort – some of the reason for the body aches and pains. As these energy centers reunite into one, it is somewhat of a difficult time to go through.

For you who are energy workers, for you healers, observe the difference between someone who still has the independent chakra system and someone who has a unified chakra system. The healing modalities that you use with them will be very different.

You are now integrating all of yourself. You are integrating your past lives. You are integrating everything in your current lifetime. You have chosen this lifetime to be the designated “ascendee” for all of your soul. (audience laughter) You are unifying all of your past experiences.

In the past, each of your lifetimes was independent and separate with very little connection between them. It was like that with your chakras, as well – independent, separate. Now, dear friends, they are all melding together. This is the New Energy – when it melds together.

It is much easier for healers, for energy workers, to work with this one unified chakra. Just allow yourself to feel this.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4: Tobias, I am so grateful that you have come back into my life. My question is – I am trying to understand divinity with my mind, I know. My question is – we are trying to integrate. Our divinity is within us. It’s been in a cocoon within us for millions and billions of years or eons. And we are now integrating, and awakening, and holding our divinity. When we are on the other of the veil… my question is – is our divinity awakened when we’re over there already? Is it part of us? And then when we come back, then we have to do this all over again, and it’s in the cocoon again, and then it’s awake? I mean… is your divinity awake while you’re over where you are? (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: We are delighted with your question. We offer a simple explanation to this very complex question.

When you come back to our side of the veil, no, your divinity does not automatically come out of what we have described as a cocoon to be with you.

Just because I, Tobias, or even Moses, is back here on this side of the veil, indeed we do not have access to our full divinity. That is why we honor the work that you do.

As you integrate, as you allow that god-portion of yourself to come into your reality and your moment, and you allow it to be birthed, you allow it to come out of the cocoon. You give it a safe environment for it to come out. It also changes and affects our access to our divinity.

As we have said before, you are the ones going first. You are integrating first. When you do, when you bring Home to you, it changes the entire universe. It changes the omniverse.

So, that is difficult, because now so many of you may think that they do not have access to their divinity on our side, so what makes it any better or any worse? (audience laughter) Here on our side of the veil – as you can feel, for you have been here many times – we have a different understanding. We have an overview of things. We have expanded feelings and intuitions. We have expanded knowledge and wisdom because of this overview. But yet, all of the angels are working towards allowing our divinity to come out.

There is a difference between divinity and intelligence. There is even a difference between divinity and knowledge or wisdom. It is very difficult to describe. But the divinity is something so very special, and it is not like anything any of you ever thought it would be. Sometimes you are searching in such unusual places for it. But it is ready to come out from within you.

Basically, we would have you to understand that what you are doing in bringing your divinity in is bringing Home for all of us. We thank you.

QUESTION FROM Shaumbra 5: I suffer from social phobia. I’m often afraid of eating and drinking in the presence of other people. In these situations, I’m often very tense and stretched. And I fear I could tremble, vibrate, or shake… I don’t exactly know the English word. What can I do?

TOBIAS: It is as we talked of earlier in our discussion today. So many of you have hidden yourselves for so very long.

You literally withdrew from society for many lifetimes. Now you come back into society this lifetime and you are not used to performing “personal” functions in public. You were also involved in groups in the past who had very strict regimens about eating, and about drinking. So, all of these things come into play, and you end up with what you call social phobia.

How to release this? (Pause here from Tobias) We are doing a little bit of consulting here. The answer that we get back from your own divinity and those who are working with you is, “Do not challenge yourself in these situations. Do not put yourself in these situations.” There is part of you that actually reaps much benefit from dining alone. Yes, this can be difficult, particularly with friends or family. But literally be content with this. You are pushing yourself too hard.

In the appropriate time you will feel much more comfortable. In the meantime, simply accept this about yourself. Honor yourself. We know that this does not directly answer your question. But dear one, accept this for right now. There are reasons for it.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6: Tobias, I have a question about donating blood and donating platelets. When I do that, of course, the blood is taken out, processed through a machine, and then returned to my body. And I have a friend who is very concerned about the fact that they’re not sure about the efficiency of cleaning the machine between donations. There might be the possibility of acquiring some sort of disease or whatever that they're not cleaning out. So, I’d like a second opinion. (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: Let us ask for a third opinion. How do you feel about it?

SHAUMBRA 6: I knew you were going to ask me that! That is why I am asking on behalf of my friend. I feel that donating blood is the gift of my life, and so I’m not worried about it. But I want a second opinion… third, fourth, or fifth.

TOBIAS: As was discussed in the Shoud earlier on this day, that even the bacteria, even what would be considered the negative energy or the diseases, can be put to work, can be unified. Even those diseases are looking for divine realization. They are helping you and helping all others to search for it. So, ultimately there is no need to be concerned.

Ultimately, all of you can transmute anything. Now, we are not suggesting that you go out here and try daring feats to prove what we have talked about. We simply ask you to put yourself in the situation where this will not affect you, and where it will not affect friends and other people.

Overall, we say indeed this is a good thing. It is a healthy thing at this point.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7: Tobias, I love your channels. I’m at home when I read your words and respond to your energy. I feel great love. And I know I did already ascend. I’ve been on your side of the golden angel, and I heard myself saying, “Yes, I’ll go back as a teacher.” And it felt really good. But in my relationship with my husband, there is nothing ascended. I try to release this relationship, but it doesn’t work. I think I have not enough courage, or not enough patience. I feel this pain, but I’m not able to be in love when he is around me. Please, can you tell me something about my situation?

TOBIAS: Indeed, there are many Old Energies from past lives involved in your relationship. You have already realized this. You have already understood it. In addition to this, there is fear. There is fear that if you leave your partner, you will be alone, that you will not have the energy of another person around you.

We ask you to look at this deep underlying fear that you have, and realize that you are never alone, that if you choose to make a change in this relationship that it actually clears a path. It opens new doorways. It allows others to come into your life, others that would be so appropriate.

Now, Cauldre does not like when we give advice like this. But my dear, you and your mate know that it is time to move on. You know this at the inner levels. It is time to release it. It is time to face your own fear. And there are those who are waiting to come into your life who cannot until changes are made. Remember, you are not alone.

QUESTIONS FROM SHAUMBRA 8: Tobias, I have a vision that is somewhat frightening to me because it feels as big as Shaumbra University. But it’s a new kind of church or network of churches. And I’d like your perspective.

TOBIAS: We would like your perspective! (audience laughter)

SHAUMBRA 8: My vision is of a church that is dedicated to the new understanding of love that you have spoken of, to…

TOBIAS: But how do you FEEL about this in your heart? How do you FEEL? You are talking to us from up here. (Tobias pointing to Cauldre’s head)

SHAUMBRA 8: I feel excited. I feel passionate.

TOBIAS: And why would you hold back from your passion?

SHAUMBRA 8: Because church has been such… I know that I was part of starting the churches that are now ending. And there’s, I think, a fear of creating something new that would be abused or… seeing it wrong…

TOBIAS: We talked earlier on this day about the walls of the old churches coming down. We talked about how that would be so prevalent in these coming years. There will be many, many people who will be left without a place to go to worship. There will be many people who would be uncomfortable coming to see I, Tobias, many people who would be uncomfortable with the newness of what Shaumbra is doing.

It is our feeling – it is your feeling also – that there will still be a need for places with doors that are called churches. There will still need to be a place for the transition of Old Energies into New.

What you are feeling is so appropriate. It is so right. But yet you do not give yourself enough credit. There are angels who sit with you, who work with you, who are helping you to fuel this passion. So, be with this. Accept this. New understandings will come to you.

You are still somewhat blurred between old feelings, new understandings, old visions, and new. There is still all of this going on within you. So, be with this for a while. Breathe it in. You will come to new understandings about the type of place and even the type of human that would best be served by it. But indeed, follow your heart. You are in right place. Follow your heart.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9: There’s finally been much talk among Shaumbra on the Crimson Circle Internet message board regarding the diagnosis of multiple personality disorder. I say “finally” because I’ve been looking for a long time for a more spiritual perspective of my experiences with this diagnosis. And thanks to the message board, I am finding that I am not alone in this. I am beginning to find some answers within me. However, if there is anything you could add, it would be most certainly appreciated.

TOBIAS: Indeed, it is an interesting dilemma. First of all, these are not disorders. There ARE multiple personalities. There are fragments of each and every one of you. These are parts of you that go into the multi-dimensions to experience things. These are also aspects of you from past lives.

So, dear friends, you have all of this going on. You are opening your feelings. You are releasing all things. So now, all of these other aspects of you enter into your consciousness. They are bleed-throughs. They are coming to reunite with you. They are coming to show you who they are. They are not disorders!

Sometimes it makes living in the moment rather challenging. These aspects of you are all crying out for attention. This is something that so many of you will be feeling more of, experiencing more of in these months ahead. This is not a disorder.

Some humans are highly “fragmented.” They have many parts and pieces of themselves scattered all around the universe, scattered in so many places. It is time to bring all of these energies together, to pick up the pieces of the soul.

How you do this? It is simple – once again, breathing and being in the Expanded Moment. All of these parts and pieces will come back to you. When they come back to you, they will try to identify themselves. They will act out for you. Do not let that throw you off balance. Simply allow those parts and pieces to reintegrate. When we speak of this now, we are talking primarily about Shaumbra.

When those who are still in the Old Energy experience multiple personalities, there is a whole different way to handle and treat these multiple personalities. Sometimes, the multiple personalities can be devastating to the person who is still in the Old Energy.

But what we are talking about here refers to those of you who are in the New Energy. More than anything, it is time to be in the Now and to allow all of you to come back together.

You are the designated ascendee. All of these aspects of you, crossing through the multi-dimensional planes, are counting on you. They are counting on you to be the integrator of all of these energies. They are counting on you to walk into the New Energy.

In doing so, you will meet many of them. Understand that it is just part of you. Understand that they will be integrated. They will come back to you when they feel it is safe.

You have such a responsibility for yourself in this lifetime. You are taking on the responsibility of many lives, many aspects of yourself. You wonder why this lifetime is so difficult, why it is draining. It is because you have taken on an incredible role.

We will talk more about Multiple Personalities in upcoming channels. We are just touching on it now in response to your question. But there will be much more discussion about this.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10: Hello, Tobias, I’m here from overseas. I’d like to thank myself for getting me here. (audience laughter) Everything we’ve talked about this evening has to do with my question. And I’ll try to be concise. I’m part of a network in my home country (South Africa) that is very spiritual with Lightworkers and people who support each other on every level. But for many of us who have tried, we seemed to have reached a point where we are encountering one last obstacle. We are very clear that we create our own reality all the time. And we are giving ourselves lessons for where we need to be going. But so many of us – in clearing, and working, and letting go of all our stuff and baggage – are suddenly up against one last huge obstacle that we keep creating, and recreating, and recreating. I want the key. I want to know how to understand what it is we’re doing, and how to get beyond, because we can recognize the lesson, but we’re not getting to the solving of it because we’re not getting beyond it. Can you help us?

TOBIAS: Indeed, and we will also draw upon the energies of Moses for counsel.

The last frontier for Shaumbra is trust. It is about ultimate trust in self.

In a sense, this is like a surrender. But it is a surrender to your divinity. It is a total trust that all aspects of you are moving towards divine realization. You are moving towards divine realization. There are not parts and pieces that are working in opposition or trying to defeat this.

After so many lifetimes on Earth, it is difficult to trust your Self. Literally, you could say the religions that all of you created, taught you not to trust self. The religions taught you to trust in something else, whether it was a church, or a book, or a savior.

The last frontier is about trust. All of you face this. It is not just in your land with your people. This is happening all across Shaumbra-land. We like that term! (audience laughter) It is something all of you are experiencing.

You wonder why things are still not quite working out. All of you are thinking, “I’m almost there. I can feel it. It is so close. I feel I’m about to burst through. But I’m not quite there.”

It is about trust. It is about truly trusting your divinity. Let go. Let go of the control that you have from the mind. Let go and allow your divinity to come through.

It is a difficult step. It is like stepping off the cliff and trusting that you will be supported, trusting that when you step off the cliff that you yourself will grow your own wings to fly, or that you yourself will provide the next steppingstone.

It is about trust. It is about being in the moment. This is a difficult and challenging thing you are going through. Can you truly trust yourself and your divinity?

Thank you for the journey to come here. And you will have many more journeys ahead of you.


So dear Shaumbra, we finish another time together. We finish another day when we can step into your lives, where we can truly come close to your energy.

There was much that was discussed here today. Do not so much think about it, but rather absorb it, feel it. There is so much too that all of you are ready for. And as we just said in this last question, it is right now a matter of trust, trusting in yourself in light of a very harsh and challenging world all around you. Can you truly trust your divinity?

With Moses sitting amongst you today, and Mohammed sitting amongst you, dear friends, we remind you, we love you for your journey. And you are never alone.

And so it is.