The Divine Human Series: "SHOUD 7"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
February 1, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we return to this day of Shaumbra, our time together. Yes indeed, you have found that the more you release everything that you thought you were, and release the limitations of the old identity, you can truly be reborn to have new understandings and insights. You can come to understand how everything is so very appropriate. When you release the old identity, you come to discover a whole new self in ways never before imagined, so filled with love, and energy, and creativity.

At the recent channeling workshop, so many of you had just a hint of this, had just a hint of what it is like to let Spirit come through you, your own divinity come forth. You had a hint of what it was like to let go of old concepts and notions and be in the moment. You know, the mind would tell you that this would be so boring. It would have no substance if you let go of everything.

Oh, but dear friends, when you let go, it is like a river. It opens the floodgates, and everything that was behind it comes through. You see, from the old perspective, looking at the dam, it looked like only a trickle of water in the stream. What you could not see was the volume of energy and love that was on the other side of the dam.

When you let go of the old identity, you become the “nowhere man.” (Here Tobias is referring to the music played before the Q & A began – a version of the Beatles song “Nowhere Man.”) You truly can become everything, everything, a whole new level of experience that is difficult to describe in words. At that point there is no need to build your identity. You are all things. It is a joyful experience. It will bring you to your knees when you understand this, when you understand what it is like to allow Spirit to dance through you, your spirit to dance, unrestricted, unrestrained.

As you said in Shoud Seven a few moments ago, there is no need to build power. There is no need to accumulate power and to try to be power. You felt what it was like to have all the power in the universe, then have it taken away. You have come to the realization that power is an illusion. You don’t need power. You already ARE all things.

You don't need to try to build up your identity and your base of power within yourself. Should another attack you, should a person come after you with words or with their physical being, you do not need power. You are energy. They will fly right through you. You will be unaffected.

In the past, you tried to build your base of power. You felt like you were disconnected from Home and Spirit; therefore, you had to create a house of power around you. Now, you realize there is no need to do that. Everything you need is in the moment. What you don't need now is any power in the moment. Why would you need the illusion of power when it is all right there?

Humans talk about being powerful and strong. They seek it. They desire it. They go after it. There is no need for that now. Use this in your life. Use this concept of power as an illusion. Use it in your life. See how that feels. You may feel a bit naked at first. You may have the tendency not to want to release that old concept all at once.

A fear might come up from within you, saying, “But if I let go of all my power, then indeed something will come in and take me over, consume me.” Try, dear friends, letting it go. You will discover that no entity or group can ever consume you… ever. You are unique and whole unto yourself. We applaud you for this realization, this illusion of power on this day. And with that, we would be delighted to share in conversation with you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1: Tobias, we were wondering if the large number of children being given the label of “autistic” are Shaumbra who are having trouble adjusting to the New Energies? Our grandson is almost three and has been labeled “autistic.” We have felt since his birth that he was Shaumbra. Any suggestions as to what we could do to help these children hold their own and adjust to the energies that seem overwhelming to them?

TOBIAS: Indeed, so many of the enlightened ones who come in now at this time – who choose you as parents – come in with no base of karma. They come in so open and clear. But yet they are so sensitive, and they are profoundly affected by all of the vibrations around them. They are so sensitive that it throws them out of balance at times, and they cannot hold their focus in this world as a human. So many of them have chosen you as parents, and guides, and teachers. They know your energy. Your energy, will nurture them, will protect them.

They are so open, and they are feeling. But yet they are having difficulty in adjusting to everything around them. It is important that they feel safe. This will help to ground them more than anything. Talk to them. Talk to them about the safe space that you are creating together with them.

Talk to them about grounding themselves in the love of Gaia… Gaia, such a precious, precious spirit in herself, such a nurturing and loving spirit. Have them ground themselves in Gaia. Have them imagine themselves as a tree of life with the roots going firmly into Gaia and the branches opening up to the energies from the heavens. Yes, this combination of grounding and bringing in the divine energy will help with this.

They knew that they chose a difficult role when they came back into this world as opened and clear humans. And they do need your constant reassurance, oh, especially when they are acting out. They want to know, in a sense, that you will always be there for them no matter what type of feelings they go to.

So, yes, indeed this dear one you mention is Shaumbra… Shaumbra, meaning family from home, family who has been together before, who was been on a journey to bring the Divine Human energy to Earth at this time. Shaumbra is not a group that you need to join. It simply means we have been together before, and we walk a common path, and we allow the Spirit to unfold while in human form on Earth.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2: Tobias, when someone dies a 3-D death while in a rage, does that person take with them their anger and limiting beliefs to the other side of the veil? Can we help those souls who have passed over recently by sending them with our intent the violet ray of transmutation to help transform their anger while they are in the astral plane?

TOBIAS: Indeed, this allows us to talk for a moment here about a project for Shaumbra to work on. We have mentioned it before – this whole issue about death. It should be worked on while you are on Earth.

You think that when someone dies, all of their problems, all of their misperceptions or imbalances go away. Dear, dear Shaumbra, it is not that way at all. When one dies in rage on Earth, they have rage here. It is as simple as imagining yourself suddenly without physical body. The consciousness does not necessarily change, especially for those who are not in an enlightened state.

When Shaumbra comes back over, they generally understand the transition process. They understand that they do not have to carry duality with them. But for the vast majority of humans, when they are in rage, they come here in rage. When they are in a place of very limited and harsh beliefs about God, they come here with that.

As we have said before, there are millions, and millions, and millions of humans who have left the Earth plane, who have come back here, and are waiting. They are waiting to be judged. They will not listen to the greatest of the angels who come by to visit them. They are waiting for Jesus to come to save them and to judge them.

When we approach them, they do not let us in because they are waiting for this one entity. We’ll have you know that even Yeshua, the energy of Sananda, has walked amongst them, and they have not recognized it. They have said, “It is a trick.” So, we are really not sure what they are waiting for!

When a human crosses over, so many times they do not even get all the way back to us. Their energy stays in a somewhat Earth-bound state. They understand that they are no longer walking in physical body, but they do not allow themselves to fully come over to our side. What generally happens is, for a very short period of time, they stay bodiless.

Then they feel the strong pull to immediately come back into human form. They do not spend time reviewing their lifetime. They do not spend time talking to the “angelic analysts” on our side. (audience laughter) They want to jump right back into duality. So many times they have anger and rage within them. They have imbalance, and they grow up with this.

This is difficult, for there needs to be a transition period between lifetimes. But so many do not choose this. There are humans who come back into human form days or weeks after they depart. You will see this so often when they are killed in a war. They want to come back in to be with a loved one. It pulls them back immediately to Earth.

We are encouraging you to work with the subject of death and transition in the Shaumbra University. The New Energy death is about how to leave the physical body gracefully, how to release before you go, what to expect when you get here.

Oh, there will be those who challenge you. Yes, yes, they want to believe there is a line for judgment over here, a great line of sinners waiting to be judged. They want to believe that there are certain levels of heaven they are accepted into based on how much they donated or what they did in their lifetime.

None of these things, dear friends, are reality. Does it even make common, human sense that these things would be true? We think not! So, we thank you for this question and the opportunity to pontificate a bit. (audience laughter)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3: I have recently been given an Old Energy book to read called “I Am That” written 30 years ago. I only scanned it, and basically the message was identical to what Tobias has told us – go within, get out of the mind, and stay in the Now moment. You are not the name on the driver’s license. It’s all an illusion. So, how will the New Energy affect the ones that will be looking in 30 years from now? Will it be quicker or easier for them? Tobias has said that the angels who will incarnate in the future will not be able to bypass and go to the New Earth. Does that mean that the message will still be the same?

TOBIAS: Dear friends, if you look at your books of wisdom over the course of modern history, you will see our message repeated over, and over, and over again. We say it in many different ways because there are many different ears that listen. But the core message is the same. The Truth is the same:


And Cauldre, we are still waiting for that book to come out! (audience laughter)

But dear friends, there are those of us on our side of the veil who talk to many of you in order to ground that message over and over again. I, Tobias, have been involved with many humans over the course of recent times, working to bring forth this message. Most of them (and you), do not realize that they are channeling, but they are.

And we will continue giving the message – YOU ARE GOD ALSO. You are Divine Humans. It is all contained within you. For the great master of love, Yeshua, this was his simple message. But it was distorted over and over again by the churches, so we have to keep bringing it back through new voices and new ways.

Yeshua would meet another human on the road. He would tell them, “The Father is within you. God is within you. You are God. Do you want healing? I cannot heal you. I can do no miracle for you. But I can show you how to heal yourself. I can show you how to come back into balance.” There were many who followed his words. There were many who ridiculed Yeshua. There were many who followed his words and learned what it was like to have Spirit come up from within to heal their physical bodies, and many other miracles. And yes, indeed Jesus never performed a miracle on someone else. He showed them how to perform it for themselves.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4: Tobias, you have brought us many interesting visitors. And I would like to request a visit. I would love to hear from Mohammed.

TOBIAS: That is very interesting, for we have been chatting about this. Cauldre has asked when Mohammed would come in. His energy has been in the Second Circle many, many times. But you know, in a sense, he has – how to say – been quite busy with other things going on. (much audience laughter) He is scheduled at some point, but there are energetic reasons why he has not wanted to be directly here as the primary guest.

There is much confusion about so many of your masters. At times they tend to take a low profile. They do not want energies or attentions focused on them. They do not want those humans to follow them. And they understand the balance needed to avoid controversy. But we thank you for your question and be assured that Mohammed will be here. Be assured that we are speaking with him – that he will have a most shocking message for you when he comes in. (audience laughter) Yes, he indeed was known for that in his time also.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5: Tobias, can you tell us how Gaia produces crude oil?

TOBIAS: There are many different ways to answer this question. On the scientific level, it is simply rearranging the molecular structure of life forms that have been on your planet, combining many different energetic sources together.

In a sense, you could also say this oil is the “sweat of Gaia.” It is a by-product of the whole transformation and the energy movements of this wonderful organism called Gaia.

It has been appropriate for this crude oil to be used by humans. There is no resentment on Gaia’s part for this. But dear friends, it is time, as you know, to move to the next level of energies on your Earth. We will talk about that in just a moment.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6: Tobias, how might I best be an instrument of compassion for a loved one with a mental illness, what we call mental illness? And how can we heal mental illness without drugs?

TOBIAS: You already have been an instrument of compassion. You know this also. You have had your days of frustration. But oh, it has brought you much joy and new understanding in your life. It is as simple as knowing that humans choose this in their life. It is not a mistake of nature. It is not a punishment of God. They choose this for a variety of reasons.

If you would like to be even more understanding, and compassionate, and see how all of this has been set up, ask this loved one in a channeling state, in a feeling state, to help you to understand more about the dynamics of why they chose this in their life. You too will be surprised at some of the things that you hear from this.

And if you say, “But Tobias, I do not know so much how to channel,” that is wrong, for you have been doing it for a long time, particularly with this individual. Allow yourself to go into the feelings of what they have to say. They will tell you a wonderful story, a story includes you also from the past. You can now release that Old Energy that holds you to them. You can see them in a whole new way, with a whole new understanding.

Mental illness is not something that can be cured. It is a condition that is brought over from our side of the veil in agreement when somebody is born. They choose this – what you would consider a disability, which is not at all – for a variety of reasons.

And yes – how can we say this enough? – these drugs that you have developed for the mind are holding back the evolution of consciousness. We know at times it helps to even things out. It tends to make it more comfortable. But we are not in favor of these things. There are homeopathic remedies that your fine homeopathic doctors can prescribe to help get these ones off these drugs that limit the mind. So, we suggest that you go to see the homeopathics, several here in this room today. Talk to them about what can be done. They will find you after this meeting, and they will talk to you, for they have much compassion in their hearts.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7: Tobias, I would like to ask about a friend who passed in the summer 2001, and why he… what the significance was of me bonding with him in the last two weeks, whereas I didn’t bond with him before that whole time. And he seems to come through a lot. I just want to know how he’s doing and the significance of it.

TOBIAS: You can stay there. (Comment from Tobias as questioner begins to move away from the microphone.) We would like to talk to you. (audience laughter) So, you when you talk to him, how does he tell you he’s doing?

SHAUMBRA 7: Good, very good. Incredibly well, actually.

TOBIAS: And how does he like it here on our side?

SHAUMBRA 7: A lot.

TOBIAS: And does he desire to come back to Earth?


TOBIAS: And what is he waiting for?

SHAUMBRA 7: I guess for us to finish the new school, the Shaumbra University? (much audience laughter and applause)

TOBIAS: We are laughing, and Cauldre is laughing. Cauldre. he is sometimes challenged to talk about things such as financing, such as the need for energies in the support for this school. So, there are insidious ways that we bring this up. (much continued laughter) And best of all he knows it.

So, how do you feel, how do you feel about when he left, and why you bonded with him before he left? What was the significance of that very short period of time. Be very open with this. Allow yourself. You know how to channel.

SHAUMBRA 7: I think he was curious, or I guess he just chose me because I was holding the presence at the time. I was connecting a lot. And he made me laugh so much. It was just amazing that he’d been through so much, and he was able to… he had a certain wisdom about him.

TOBIAS: He also knew that his time was coming. And there were certain fears and concerns that he had, like so many humans have about dying. On one level he understood the beauty and the joy of a lifetime experience, and leaving that, and coming back to our side.

But he needed to be reminded of that. He needed to be reminded of the blessings of life. He needed to be reminded that there is even joy in leaving the physical body and coming back to our side. He needed to understand that there was not a vengeful or judgmental God on our side who was waiting to see what he’d done right or wrong. He had forgotten some of that.

He needed to be in the presence of one who had wisdom. So, he came to you. There was a bonding. It reminded him of everything that he was and all that he learned. And he is ever thankful to you. And that's why he continues to come to you and joke.

And yes, indeed, indeed he is coming back. Indeed, he is waiting for a group of humans who are truly centered and grounded in their own divinity. He wants to be brought into a family like that. He had spent many lifetimes where he came into difficult families. But this wise one knows that there is no sense in choosing that anymore. If you have a choice, you can choose now to come back to a family that will love and nurture you in the New Energy. And that is what he is waiting for.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8: Tobias, I have a question regarding the space shuttle Columbia incident this morning. It is my belief that those seven souls volunteered to exit this plane today. And I wanted to know how they are doing thus far, and also maybe speak to the larger picture of why they made that decision today.

TOBIAS: Indeed, we are delighted that you brought this up. It is not that you, or other humans for the most part, script your exit scenario. There are potentials that exist. But for the ones who were on this mission, they knew the danger and the risks at many, many levels. But they didn't know, and it was never scripted that it would end on this day. So, we want you to understand, all of you, that there is not a specific date or time in the future that you will come back to us. It is all about potential.

So many of you right now, you have been through near death experiences, almost in a fatal car accident, almost in a tragic situation. But you didn’t experience the death. You changed it. You changed it.

Now, let us talk for moment about the tragedy on this day with the Columbia. We ask you also to understand there is a lot of symbolism here and much to be understood. We ask you not to get caught up in the drama of what we will say but to understand it at the deeper levels. (audience laughter as Tobias hesitates to proceed) Cauldre does not like what we are going to say, but we will talk to you in spite of him.

There have been many, many what you call space missions in your time. There is a great curiosity about what happens outside the realms of your Earth, what is in space. This is natural. One of the things that the scientists and governments learned quite a while ago was that things are quite different once you leave the energetic blanket of Earth, when you get out into space. What they learned is that there are tremendous energies that can be tapped into.

Kryon speaks of these energies in a type of cosmic lattice. There are great energies that can be tapped into. It is very difficult to tap into these when you are on Earth. So, they have been conducting experiments for quite some time. They are making connections. Sometimes they think it is with alien beings. They are still not quite sure. But they are feeling and being able to actually sense vibrations. They are feeling surges of energies that come in. And they are trying to understand what these universal energies are and, more than anything, how to bring these back to Earth.

In the past when they have tried to collect these energies… think of them, in a sense, these energies that we speak of here, like vibrations and tones in very specific patterns. They have been trying to decode these for better understanding. They think it is a language, although it is not. There was the assumption that it was a language from other civilizations, what you would call aliens. But it is not. What they have discovered is when they can tap into these frequencies and these vibrations, it delivers a type of potent, but yet very safe, energy.

Dear friends, there is all of this work to go into space. Do you think they are going there just to learn how to grow bigger corn? (audience laughter) Or to see if rats live a few days longer? No. They have discovered, in a sense, New Energy. (sighs and aahs from the audience) Yes. And they are using it in their experiments right now.

(chuckling) They understand that WE know. They even listen in on our talks here. They are trying to understand what we already know, to help them to understand better what they should know. So, we would like to greet them today. (audience laughter) Thank you for listening in! (It was later discovered that there were 70 Internet hits during this channel from the U.S. military).

They are using a type of water-based substance to try to collect this energy in space. They know it is very potent. While they are on their space missions, outside of the strong magnetics of Earth, they can utilize this energy. But past efforts to try to bring it back to Earth have failed.

Now, as you know, the grids changed. Things became different just a month ago. They went into space, quite recently, knowing this. Dear friends, they understand that the grids have changed.

So now they tried to bring this very potent New Energy back to Earth. They tried to cross through the planes. They tried to bring it back into the atmosphere of Earth. And it doesn't work so well. It doesn't work so well. It is something yet that needs great understanding.

In a sense, you could say that the consciousness of humanity will not allow it to be brought back here. It is too potent for human use right now. It makes your nuclear weapons look crude, crude and small. There is enough consciousness and vibration of the planet to know that if this was brought back now and put into hands of those who have agenda, it could be very catastrophic. There are those who were aboard the Columbia, in a sense, that, yes, did give their lives today to assure that this wasn't brought back at this time.

There will be more explorations, but rest assured, for the time being, that the governments of the world will understand it is difficult to bring back that energy from the outer realms to the Earth. They will continue their experiments.

Now, why is it that on your news this morning you see flashing, while the reporters are talking about this incident, “If you find any debris, do not touch it. Stay away from it.” It is because they are not sure what it is. There will come out in your news a wide assortment of speculations about spy projects and about all sorts of things. This also serves a purpose, for it does open the truth. Yes, there will be investigations. And yes, there will be some who come to realize that they were doing things in space that they didn’t talk about back here.

Now, dear friends, we don’t want you to get too wrapped up in this. We are trying to get you to understand what is happening at a deeper level. As you release the duality, and agenda, and drama from your life, then it is much easier to share all this because we realize you will not spend too much time focusing on it.

But yes, we told you many months ago, many months ago that they were starting to understand what New Energy was. You were creating New Energy. We told you back then that it could not be utilized by you right now, but that you were creating New Energy, and that it was taking form out in your universe. Here is one example of this.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9: Hi, Tobias. Could you speak about sabotage and especially self-sabotage? If I am God and an angel, why do I do it?

TOBIAS: There is a fear… there is a fear of being powerful. There is also a fear of not having power. This is a conflict that is taking place within you. And you are not alone. There are so many who are experiencing this also. You feel that if you open up, perhaps the dragon within you will come out, the dragon that in the past has destroyed universes, destroyed other humans, destroyed yourself. So, there is this conflict. There is this self-sabotage.

Shaumbra, you know the doors must come open. You know you must tear down the walls. But you only open the door a bit. And then when you feel something, when you feel a bit uneasy, when you feel old things from the past, you shut the door right away. So, there’s been a lot of opening and door shutting, a lot of tired hinges lately! (audience laughter)

It is appropriate that you would ask the question on this day about self-sabotage because, dear Shaumbra, you have now come to the understand that power is an illusion. Release the concept of power. There is no need to sabotage self anymore.

Allow yourself to express in your fullest, grandest way in the moment that you are in. Allow yourself to feel a bit uncomfortable at first with this. Allow those old feelings from the past to come back to visit. You know the reason why old feelings, people or experiences from the past are coming to visit you now also? It is that they want to see what you have. They want to feel your enlightenment. They want to feel your divinity.

So, we say to you, release all of this. Understand that the power was an illusion, that you simply are. The sabotaging and self-sabotaging will disappear. We know you have been in great conflict with this. And it is tiring you out more than anything, very, very tired. It is time to let that go.

Dear Shaumbra, another day together, another day in the moment, another day of new understandings, new sharings, new ventures, New Energy.

You are never alone.

And so it is.