The Divine Human Series: "SHOUD 6"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
January 4, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we return for a bit more discussion with you. Then, we would love to hear your questions. We would love to hear your answers to your questions. (Tobias chuckling and audience laughter)

First, we would like to talk for a moment about something in a bit more serious tone. We would like to talk to you – as St. Germain walks in the aisles, visits with you, comes into your home, comes through your computer, sits with you – about one of the primary tasks for St. Germain in these months and months ahead, something that we know you, Shaumbra, have been challenged with lately.

It is an issue of whether you want to stay or leave Earth as a human. We know you have been thinking about this. We know you have been wondering – wondering if your time has come, wondering why you should stay on this wonderful place of Earth, wondering if perhaps you have served your purpose and it is time to come back to our side of the veil, wondering what passion the moment truly holds.

This will become even more of an issue here in these days ahead now that the magnetic grids of Earth have been completed. “Should I stay, or should I go? Should I live, or should I die?”

We have noticed that most of you have overcome the fear of dying. You understand that the soul goes on, the spirit goes on. You understand that there is no death. There is just leaving the old physical body behind.

Now, as you are walking in the New Energy, you will find this question posed to yourself, by yourself, even more. St. Germain comes to be with you, to sit with you, and to love you during these difficult moments. St. Germain is the great alchemist, the great transformer of energies. St. Germain understands how to move from one form into the other, how to transmute an old energy into a new energy.

He has been away from the Earth for many years because he has been working on the understandings of New Energy that you have brought in – how to use these, how to apply them. He will come to you during these challenging and difficult times to work with you, to help you understand.

There is no right and wrong answer, although the bias of Tobias is that you stay on Earth. You have learned so much. You are needed by the others.

One of the challenges that you face in this whole issue of whether to live or die is truly about straddling the doorway. You still have one foot in the Old, one foot in the New. You are afraid to move that foot of the Old fully into the New. Therefore, you feel you are in – how to say – a neutral territory, a no-man’s land. You are not fully participating in the Old. You are not fully participating in the New.

Dear friends, it is time to make a decision. You know that it would be difficult to go back to the Old. You have tried it. It is difficult to go back to Old Energy when you have so much wisdom and enlightenment from the New. But yet, there is a great fear of taking that other foot and placing it fully into the New Energy. When you stand between the two worlds, it is only natural that you would think your choices were about living or dying.

Truly the choices are – do you want to remain with one foot in the Old, or are you ready to put both feet in the New? “Are you ready,” as Metatron said, “to fully express who you are, to burst forth with life, with creativity, with expression? Are you ready to show the world who you are?”

You talked in the Shoud last month about rules. One of your self-imposed rules is to think you cannot be so gregarious, outgoing, showing yourself, being expressive. You think it is either not appropriate, or others will laugh at you. We have had this issue with Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) for quite some time! But dear friends, dear friends, he put that other foot into the New.

The people who are working on the cloning (the Raelians) are subject to great ridicule for expressing themselves. But because they do not hold back, things were revealed to them about the nature of life, about biology, about continuance of life, things that scientists who have both feet in the Old Energy could never have seen.

So, dear friends, you are faced with an interesting situation now. As Metatron said, “Are you ready?” Will you place that other foot into the New Energy? Will you fully express your divinity? Yes, a few around you might think you are a bit off kilter. But what we have seen is that they come back to you later on, and they say, “We know we laughed at you, and we ridiculed you. But now we see something so precious and so loving. We see such an illumination from you.”

This issue of whether to live or die is really about the acceptance of your divinity. Let it be expressed in you and through you. As you break down the old barriers, and the old ways, and the old rules, oh, dear friends, you will discover such a new way of living. It will make the old way look so hard, so harsh, so cold.

Are you ready to put two feet into the New Energy and fully express? Are you ready to live each moment, each day with full passion and compassion? Are you ready to let your divinity into your life?

You have learned to trust yourself over the years and over the lifetimes. You know you can get by as a human. Learning to trust your divinity is a scary step. It is difficult to totally let go unto yourself, to let go of the old ways of doing it.

Our message today is about allowing your Self to be your own guide. You will find yourself in situations where you are divine, where you are allowing that divinity to come through, where solutions come to you like you could never have realized.

In this new way you do not need to worry about the abundance. Your life will be so abundant in every way. You won’t have to plan and plot how you are going to make ends meet. They will always meet. It is difficult to describe this in words, so we give much of this to you in energy. It is about letting go of the old ways, trusting yourself, having total compassion for yourself. It is about living as a Divine Human in each moment.

St. Germain will be with you. We asked you to connect with the energy before, because when it comes back to you in some of your challenging times, when you are wondering about why you even want to go forward, he will sit with you. He will remind you. He will remind you of the beauty and the joy of living. He will remind you that the old ways don’t apply anymore. He will ask you to put two feet fully into the New Energy, two feet fully on the ground, and to be totally open to your own divinity.

It is about trusting your own divinity to provide the solution and the resolution. It is about learning to release the old ways of going to the brain, going to the logic. It is about feeling.

Dearest friends, you will call it a miracle when it starts happening in your life. It is not a miracle at all. It is the spiritual physics of the New Energy – fulfillment, total fulfillment where you do not need to worry about the details. Your Self handles the details on other levels.

With that, with that we would be delighted to answer your questions.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1: Tobias, I have lately been having visions, one is of four spheres whirling inside of a cube. And the other is visions of a New Earth being created. Do these visions have any basis in fact, or is my imagination working overtime?

TOBIAS: This is a delightful question because it is something you are experiencing, and so many other Shaumbra are as well. They are having thoughts and visions coming to their mind. Then they wonder if they are going crazy. They try to block these things out, or perhaps they try to figure them out in the mind of logic. They cannot and then get frustrated.

All of these things coming to you are appropriate. Indeed, you are doing so much work in your evening journeys on the New Earth. You are also bringing back so many of those energies to this planet Earth. They, in a sense, are within you. They are showing themselves to you through these visions and feelings that you have.

When you try to figure them out in the mind, you cannot. It is much like dreams. Humans try to figure out so much of dreams from the mind and try to be logical. There is – how to say – nothing logical about dreams.

Now, here is a good example of simply sitting in the moment and asking these visions what they are telling you. Then, instead of trying to hear an answer, FEEL the answer. It is there. It is there. It may not come to you in words. It may be a series of feelings that later on your brain will translate into words. But initially you will hold the feeling, and that feeling is a knowingness of what is being said in the visions.

This is an excellent question because all of you will have new experiences, new visions, and thoughts, and things coming to you. You are not going crazy. This is all part of the process. Encourage this in yourself. And this will invite even more of these experiences. They all hold important information and energy for you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2: Could you tell me more about the Ring of Fire (or Wall of Fire)? Was it actually fire or is that just a metaphor?

TOBIAS: It is a metaphor. It was not literal fire that you went through when you left Home. It is a metaphor that we use because it contains… well, feel the energy for a moment, all of you. Feel the energy of fire. It is powerful. It is brilliant. It is intriguing. Humans are drawn to the fire. But when you get too close, you get burned. So, we use it as a metaphor when talking about the Wall of Fire. It was an energy that attracted you to it, attracted you, pulled you to it. But when you got very close, you felt that perhaps this was not a good thing. You tried to draw away, and it pulled you in.

It is also an interesting metaphor. It has been used by the churches to refer to Hell, to refer to as the opposite of Heaven. When you crossed through the Wall of Fire and went into the Void, you looked back. You looked back, and what did you see? A great Central Sun, a great single brilliant light that was the Wall of Fire surrounding the Kingdom.

Indeed, it is a metaphor. This offers the opportunity to ask all of you to feel in the metaphor of fire. Feel fire. Don’t THINK fire. FEEL fire. Breathe the energy of fire into your being. You do not need to put this into words. Breathe in the energy of fire. Feel how it affects your body, what it sends you – a variety of feelings, perhaps.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3: Hello, Tobias. This is a question from Cordova, Argentina. A group of friends is creating a community called “Inti-Shanti.” And they want to know what their purpose is, and how they can move forward with this New Energy.

TOBIAS: It would be difficult for us to tell them what their purpose is. It would be interesting for all of you to find out what your purpose is. Gather together in a Shoud and ask at the deepest levels within your being what purpose does it serve. Where will you go with it?

We, on our side here, we chuckle because we know there is something in here. There is a reason this group was drawn together, a very wonderful, delightful reason. You still have not realized yet what it is. But come together and ask yourself what purpose. Where are you going with this? We will confirm that there is a very divine purpose with this group. But we ask you to feel what it is. Then we ask you to report back to us when you have figured this out! (audience laughter)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4: Tobias, the last week or so I’ve just been filled with these feelings of excitement, and anticipation, and joy. And I’m wondering if this is just looking forward to the New Year and personal things that I’m hoping will happen, or is this the New Energy, or a combination?

TOBIAS: How do you feel about this? (audience laughter) Where do you feel this joy is coming from?

SHAUMBRA 4: I guess I’m thinking that it might be both. I know it’s partly my own life and things I’m looking forward to. But I don’t know… it’s just so much excitement that I figure it just has to be something else also.

TOBIAS: In a sense, when you asked the question, you also gave your own answer. Yes, you are moving into the New Energy. You specifically gave yourself permission to release much old baggage from the past. You allowed yourself to clear the slate so that you could now go into your true work, into your true passion.

At your inner levels, you also feel what is coming down the road to you. As we said, the road moves; you remain in the Now. The road is bringing you things that are so very fulfilling, things that you did not even anticipate, that you did not even ask for or pray for. They are coming to you now because you cleared the way. You can feel their vibration moving into your Now. This causes great excitement. So, go with your feelings. You are good at that, but you tend to discount them. You already know before you even know!

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5: Tobias, would you comment on the relationship between animals and people, and specifically what’s happening with the deer right now?

TOBIAS: When all of you came to Earth – before you had physical body – you seeded the Earth. Yes, you read about this all the time, about the Star Seed. But understand it was you coming here in preparation of yourself in human biological form. You seeded the Earth and seeded Gaia with energies that sprouted as plant form, as animal form, as life form all over.

You said that you would need these energies of the animals to keep a balance for Gaia, and to provide you with nutrients for your body from the plant source and the animal source. And you also knew that the animals could be there in service to you, in a sense, a reflection of your own energies, of your own love. Animals have held such an important balance for both Gaia and for yourself.

Your domestic pets take on so much of your consciousness and your energy. They are separate. They have a separate spirit. But they absorb so much of your energies and your consciousness, so they reflect back to you. Take a look at your relationship with your pets, and you will see your relationship with yourself.

The animal spirit and elemental spirit that have been holding in an energy of Earth for you no longer need to hold that energy. So, they are choosing to leave. Their job is done.

And many of the species of the animal kingdom are going through their own changes in response to your own changing consciousness. For instance, the deer population is thinning as they change their biology. They are going through a natural purging process.

It is not because humans are bad. It is not because you are being punished. It is not because you have such terrible ways.

Look at the deer population with compassion. They are going through their own purging of Old Energies. They will come through with stronger bodies more capable of handling the new environment and new energy around them. They are transforming their own species, so honor them for this. It is difficult to watch, at times, because you love the animals. But much like even the plant forms, the trees, they go through their own natural thinning so they can adapt to the New Energies.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6: Tobias, when you had us experience the energy of St. Germain, I felt this as a huge energy within my heart, so huge that it would not fit into my physical body. How do I then differentiate when St. Germain has come to visit and walk with me, or I am experiencing the feeling of my own divinity?

TOBIAS: This is an excellent question. St. Germain contains a very specific energy. That is why we asked all of you to feel him earlier in the day. The energy will be felt inside of you. It contains a specific vibration. If you are not so sure, ask the question within, “What am I feeling?” You may get the answer back that it is both – that St. Germain is right there beside you, loving you, walking the journey with you, melding with you in that moment. So, do not be surprised if you get back the answer that it is both.

St. Germain would like to put his hand on your shoulder right now. He asks you to breathe in his love. His energy will not overpower you. As a matter of fact, it is very familiar to you because you have done much work with him in the past. He has even known you in physical form when he walked the Earth.

None of this, dear friends, has to be a great mystery. None of this has to be highly unusual. Entities such as St. Germain want to touch you, want to be close, want to meld. The veil is so very thin now, so very thin, that you can bring this in. And now he hugs you and says, “Thank you.”

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7: Tobias, earlier you had said that we don’t need to keep up shields, and that we can be safe wherever we are. What about people in our household that would be demon-possessed? How would we handle that then, if we don’t need shields? Do we have to do anything?

TOBIAS: There is one thing to do in this instance. Have the greatest love and compassion for this person who is playing this terrific game with all of these entities. The person you refer to is demon-possessed only by himself and his past. This person is not possessed by an outside force. It is the conflict within their self that is causing what seems to be such a division. This gives the appearance that they are possessed by an external entity.

When you are in the midst of this type of bizarre energy, have total compassion. Understand that they are trying to find resolution within themself. They are playing a great game of hide and seek, a great game of light and dark, of duality.

It is very difficult, as we have mentioned, very difficult for an outside entity to come in and possess you. Yes, they do linger around, these entities. But to take over a body or a mind is very difficult.

As a default, understand that it is the person, this individual, fragmenting themselves. Have compassion. Enjoy the game with them. At first, they may be mad at you because they want you to feel disempowered by them. They want you to be frightened. Have compassion. Laugh with them. What a wonderful game you are playing!

You do not need to put up any shields around yourself, ever. Be in any situation. As difficult as it may seem, have compassion. Then you will see the set-up that individuals, or groups, or whole nations have. You will realize that there are no bad circumstances. There are just very extreme games being played.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8: Hello, Tobias. How are you today?

TOBIAS (chuckling): Very fine!

SHAUMBRA 8: My question concerns the realignment of the grid that you and Kryon speak of so often. And, in particular, I know that many sacred sites, especially in my homeland – I know there are some that you have visited in recent times – are actually not located where they are by accident. But they are on what we call “ley lines,” or “energy lines,” or even intersections of these lines where energy is very powerful. And, if the grid is somehow realigned, does it no longer flow through these places? And will they not have the same energy as they have in the past?

TOBIAS: The grids, the magnetic grids that were adjusted by the Kryon entourage that are now finished, these affected you. This did not change or affect the grids of Earth, the ley lines that you talk about. This did not affect the vortexes of Gaia. The magnetic grids that Kryon adjusted affected the individual humans.

Now, there are the grids of the Earth, what are called the “crystalline grids.” These come into adjustment now, and this would be more along the lines of what you speak. These have to do with ley lines. These have to do with energy vortexes. And most certainly these have to do with energetic connections to the outer dimensions and universes. These are all being adjusted now by you, the humans.

Your consciousness will change the crystalline grids of Earth. This is your responsibility. You do not need to focus on it each morning when you wake up. It is being done naturally in response to you.

Here is how it works. When you, all of you, first came to Earth before having physical body, you seeded Earth with your energies. You seeded this rock of earth with new life. You placed very special energies all around the Earth that now form a crystalline lattice, a crystalline gridwork. These crystalline grids then helped to bring life as you know it on Earth – the plants, and the waters, the animals, all of these things. The crystalline grids help to bring that to Earth. The crystalline grids are the giver of life to Gaia.

Now that your consciousness has changed, now that you are putting two feet into the New Energy, this changes the crystalline grids and adjusts them. It also releases a whole new energy. In a sense, you could say that you buried this energy in the Earth long before you came here. You buried it and said, “It will not be available until my consciousness, my vibration, is at a certain level. And then it will come forth from the Earth.”

So, you are getting ready now to connect with the crystalline grids of Earth. This will give the human biology and your spirit a whole new energy. The crystalline grids are yours, all of yours. You placed them there before you came here. Now you activate them.

We will take groups around this year – Cauldre is rolling his eyeballs again! (audience laughter) We will take groups to different energetic spots. We will bring up some of those energies that you planted there. We will show you the dynamics of this crystalline network of Earth coming up, show you how to use these energies. We will sit in some very strange places, places that you might think highly unlikely. (audience laughter) But this is to show you how you can bring up your own energies from the grids that were placed there.

Now, Cauldre says we are getting long here, but we make one more point. The old energy vortexes indeed are changing or have changed. They are shifting. There are many who travel to the old sacred sites and pretend they feel something. (audience laughter) Perhaps, they are connecting with an energy that used to be there a long time ago.

But it is changing. There are new places sprouting up. We will mention those this year as they come up, but places that are like – how to say – eruptions of energy, that are just bursting forth – geysers of New Energy coming from Earth. We thank you for this delightful question and the opportunity to talk about the crystalline grids.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9: Hi, Tobias. On that same note, the New Earth – will the crystalline grids, the magnetics, will it be similar, only a higher vibration? Will we be able to create animals and nature like here? And will we be able to fly? (Tobias chuckling and audience laughter)

TOBIAS: There is a type of gridwork for the New Earth. It is not magnetic. It is not crystalline. It is very difficult to describe. So, we will ask you to feel it. Sometimes words, human words, are not complete. You go there, all of you, at night to work on this place, to add your energies to it.

So, let us take a moment. Feel what this new gridwork is made of. As we said, it is not magnetic and crystalline. Take a moment to feel. Don’t run this through your brain. You do not need a word answer. Feeling can be without words. So, feel for a moment.


Now, the challenging thing here is the human wants to put words, and define, and try to bracket, and structure, and to organize. Allow it to be raw feeling, raw feeling.

It is not light, either. There is a crystalline structure on the New Earth. It is different than what you have on the Old Earth. On the Old Earth you needed very intense and strong magnetics to both keep you in and to keep others out. You also needed the crystalline grids and the crystalline energies in Gaia to support life form. On the New Earth it is a New Energy that is the making of this grid.

Indeed, on the New Earth, all of those pets that you have loved so much, that you have cared for so much, in a sense, they will be there. They will be there. Their energies will be there, if you choose them to be. The New Earth is a wonderful place where these energies can now come in and be with you much more present than they were here. You will have a new way of communicating with them.

In a sense, you could say your pets also represented a type of entourage that has followed you around, and for many, many lifetimes. They do not just come in in one lifetime and then leave. Your pets tend to come back in many lifetimes. They love this work in service to you. So, yes, they will be there on the New Earth.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10: Tobias, you talked several times about world peace and not striving for world peace, and I struggle with this. James Twyman, for example, right now, is working on trying to get 100,000 people to do concerted work toward world peace. And I resonate with that work. So, would you mind commenting a little bit more about that? I imagine most of the people on his list, the 100,000, are Shaumbra.

TOBIAS: If 100,000 people who do not have peace within their soul sit together for the purpose of world peace, the answer is still zero. (audience laughter) If ten Shaumbra who have come to peace within themselves, and have total compassion for themselves and others, sit together in joy, they will radiate such a light, such a vibration, that will be available to all others when they choose. It will be available to humanity at the time when they are ready for it. This is what changes the world!

If people who are in duality, and in conflict, and unhappy with their own lives pray for peace, it will have no effect until they are at peace within themselves. We are not saying that these activities are not proper, for they do help to focus attention on the issue of peace. But it must first come from within.

We look at the prayers that are prayed by humans. We look at the group actions and movements. And, dear friends, we see that there is such a void in these things. The void is what is within the individuals.

Yes, there are many Shaumbra who are involved in this world peace because they are in a place of peace with themselves or coming to that place. They are in a place of compassion. They love the energies of this work. We make no judgment about that. But we say that the most powerful tool for world peace is peace and compassion within… the peace, and compassion, and love within. The changes that you have made within yourself in these last years have done so much to change Gaia, so much to change the entire universe. It is a very simple equation.

We are not saying there is one group who is better, that one group is right or wrong. We are simply saying that you, Shaumbra, you, Shaumbra are on a bit different journey. You are illuminators. Your light can change so much by just being there. That is why so many of you are moved to different parts of the country or the world. Sometimes your light is needed there. You get there, and you say, “Tobias, Metatron, Raphael, what should we be doing now?” And we say, “You are doing it. By being there, you are doing it.”

Now, we know that it is a drama of humans to compare the work of one with the work of another, to wonder if one group is better or righter than the other. They are all appropriate. They are all appropriate. On your own path, dear friends, look back. You have gone through many phases to get to this point. Allow others to go through their phases also.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11: Greetings, Tobias. You spoke in an earlier discourse about the changes that were happening in institutions, specifically businesses and the church. I’d like to have you speak in terms of changes that you foresee with education in our country for not only our children, and especially in the gladiator sports. (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: We have talked before about this issue of education. This will be one of the greatest to change. In a sense, in so many parts of the world, there are those who do not want to even focus on education. We have seen from our side that it is a babysitting service, and a poor one at that.

We have seen, dear friends, that there are those who are so stuck in the Old ways they do not want to look at the New. So, they will continue to go back to the old books. They will continue to revert back to old rules. When times get difficult or a bit shaky, they will say, “We must go back to the old ways, the basics, punishing the child, doing only the basic things. We will pull away the creative activities, the music, and the arts, and the way that children express themselves. We will make them study the basics.”

Dear friends, this is a difficult one. This is one where we challenge you. We challenge those who are ready to put two feet into the New Energy. Create the new systems. Create the new way of teaching that encourages the child to be creative and expressive. Encourage them to sing from the heart rather than work from the brain.

You see, so much of what you see in education is a reflection of the great conflict in duality right now. It is all being brought up to the brain. It is all about studying, and retaining facts, and being logical, and being methodical. They are killing the soul and the heart of the individual. People are no longer taught how to truly feel, how to express. They are taught that the mind is supreme, and everything goes through there.

We are teaching you, and perhaps you can teach your children and other children, it comes from the heart. It comes from the soul. The mind is strictly an interpreter of information. Sometimes the mind cannot even come close to keeping up with all of the new information that is coming in. That is why your mind sometimes short circuits with all the new work that you are doing. It is having a difficult time keeping up with the interpretation, the translation of all of the energies coming in through you. So, we challenge all of Shaumbra, start the new ways.

You say, “But I do not have qualifications. I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what to do.” Take that step. Shaumbra, if you have even had an inclination to do this work. Take that step. Make the effort to begin. All of the resources will come to you then, all of the resources to start the new schools. And they will grow in popularity. The old system will get very upset with you. (audience laughter) But when you show them what it is to have a child who can feel, and be creative, and express, rather than just think from the brain, they will see what they have been missing all of these years.

The education system and the religions need major overhauling, major overhauling. The religions will fall first. The education system will take more work.

We have said, dear friends, that you are the teachers. We mean this in so many ways. We mean it literally – the teachers of the new way, the teachers of the new understanding, the teachers of these new humans, the ones who are small right now, but who are coming up.

This is an excellent question, and one that we also spend much time discussing here on this side. If the education system isn’t changed, it will hold the consciousness back and there will be difficult times. Teach your children to be creative. Give them back the arts and the music. These things have been taken away, yes. They have gone for duality games that they play, these sports, and then things of the mind. Give them back the creative arts.

With that, dear friends, we bring our time together to a conclusion, but only in the way that we share energies here right now.

As you know, the veil is becoming thinner and thinner. It is easier for us to come in to you. But you are surprised when we do. You are surprised when we show up next to you. You discount that feeling. You say, “Oh, until I feel a physical hand tapping me, it could not possibly be Tobias, or Metatron, or St. Germain, or any of the others.”

When you get these feelings, remember that you are allowing us in so much closer. Your own energy is expanding. When you get these new thoughts that seem so exciting, that you get so passionate about, don’t discount them.

You get a wonderful thought, a wonderful feeling. You are excited about it. You go to bed. You sleep on it. You dream. You are so filled with anticipation and excitement about a new idea that came to you.

The next day you get up, and then you get logical. (audience laughter) And then you start with “what ifs.” Then you put down your own self and your own idea. You think that the great idea you had the night before was just a hallucination of a crazy mind. You go about your daily life shuffling your feet, keeping your head down, wondering, wondering when divinity will ever come in. It came in the night before! (audience laughter) And you ignored it. You “logicalacized” it. (audience laughter) We just made up that word.

Dear friends, those inspiring moments are your divinity popping in. It is time to follow your heart. Follow the song of your heart.

Dear friends, we will be beside you on your journey. St. Germain will be there. When you wonder, “Should I live or should I die,” he will be saying, “It is time to truly live, like you’ve never lived before. Live divine.”

And so it is.