The Divine Human Series: "SHOUD 4"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
November 3, 2002

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that the energy of the Kryon remains fully present with us throughout the remainder of our gathering together. The Kryon is moving, swirling all around you, all around your body and your mind, all around your divinity. Kryon is here in appreciation of the work that you have done, and in the knowledge that things are truly changing. And the changes happen within you first.

You have gone through so much. It is time for all of that to come together now. It is time to begin the next part of your journey, and to do it in joy. Live in wonderful expression of who you are without worrying about what others think, without worrying about your own strength, or your own power, or the ability and the wisdom to balance it.

Dear friends, it was not so long ago when you released your guides, the ones who had occupied that space around you. They helped you to hold the balance of all who you were and helped you to maintain the link between your human consciousness, your divine consciousness, and this side of the veil. You released your guides. It was difficult. You felt alone.

But there was another part of you that opened up to and accepted your new space. Do you know that your guides, the ones who were beside you for so very long, were truly aspects of yourself from the past? They were parts of you that had died if they had been human form and remained on this side, our side, of the veil, but could come back to you to service your soul and to service your evolution. Other guides were parts of you that had never taken on human experience but understood your experiences before you ever came to Earth.

Your guides were you. Was it not appropriate to release them, to release yourself, to release your past? Was it not appropriate to take off the training wheels so that you could come into full expression?

It is also important now to honor and to release the Kryon who has worked with you so closely on helping to adjust the electromagnetic grids surrounding Earth and the grids of Gaia. Is it not appropriate that the training wheels come off, that you now bring in all of your divinity? This process is enabled in a large part through the grids.

So, the Kryon has finished the work on Earth. He goes off now into this place that you are helping to create, that we will talk about in our next gathering, called the New Earth. The entourage moves there. Some of you have talked about the New Earth. You have called it Planet X, the lost planet, or Nibiru. This planet that cannot be seen by the scientists, but it is felt by you. It energetic forces can be felt by astronomers who explore outer space, who explore your galaxy.

The Kryon moves off to the New Earth, off to the next assignment for Spirit. Understand, dear friends, that the Kryon is you, an aspect of who you are, parts of all of you that venture forth in response to your own changing consciousness. You can still talk to the Kryon, for time and space do not prevent us from coming and talking to you. But the Kryon moves off to other work that is appropriate.

Someday it will be appropriate for I, Tobias, to take a different role in our gatherings of Shaumbra. I love coming to talk to you. I love coming to visit. Indeed, I love having the stage! (audience laughter and Tobias chuckling)

But at some point, I want to see you channeling yourselves, your divinity, who YOU are. I want to see YOU feeling, being sensitive to understanding and channeling other humans who allow you to do so. I want to see you holding your energy. When that time comes – when you are truly taking ownership of who you are, when you truly come out from underneath and be all that you are, dear God – then I can come back to Earth. I can come back to Earth and take physical body. I can go through that journey. I can sit with you in human form, if you are on Earth at that time. I can go to you as a teacher, as a guide, one to help me through my processes.

It is all about change. Sometimes change is difficult. Sometimes humans, even angels, do not want to accept change. Sometimes you want the new, but you don't want to let go of the old. Sometimes you want to carry around much luggage from the past. Sometimes it is sad to let go.

It was sad indeed to let go of your guides, was it not? It will be sad to let go of some of the angels who you have been working with. But they ask that when the time is appropriate, you let them go so that they can be released to their next level, and so that you can come fully into your own divinity.

With that we would be delighted to attempt to answer your questions.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1: About a month ago, I was looking at a page, and there as a little dot that appeared and expanded to a geometric, brightly colored green. Can you tell me what that means?

TOBIAS: Indeed, you were seeing between the dimensions. You are opening yourself up. It is particularly common for Shaumbra to experience this while reading because your attention and part of their brain is focused on a page, on the process of translating and interpreting the printed matter on the page. And then the opening occurs.

This will become more and more common. Some humans see this as what Cauldre calls a “blue dot.” It is a bright light that bursts forth. But when you allow yourself to enter deeper into it, there will be symbols. There will be energies much more present in it. You are literally seeing into the other dimensions. This will become more and more common.

Indeed, you may think you need to get your eyes checked. But the reality is that these things will occur more and more. Be open to them and understand these are messages for you. They are coming down the highway into your Now for you. You do not have to interpret them through the mind. You will know them in your heart.

All of these things, dear friends, we have to add here, in addition to this wonderful question… all of these things that you have been working towards and waiting for are now coming your way. Be ready for them. Sometimes they will surprise you. Sometimes you will not be sure. But they are coming your way.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2: Tobias, Kryon, Gabriel, Metatron, Yeshua, all of you dear loving entities that have been working with me… thank you, thank you for your love, thank you for your guidance. And thank you for the rainbows that I am seeing today.

TOBIAS: We thank you. And we tell you, we tell all of Shaumbra, that you are so important in this work. As the Kryon mentioned before, there were 144,000 who raised their hands, who responded to the trumpet. We know many of you do not believe that he was talking about you. But he was. Your work has captured the attention of Metatron, and Mary, Yeshua, Gabriel, Raphael, all of those on our side of the veil.

As we said earlier, the universe is watching you right now, watching to see how you respond, watching to see whether you take that next step. Do you say, “yes” to your divinity? Do you say, “yes” to the new work that comes to you? Do you truly come out from underneath the rock?

We know so many of you have been doing the inside internal work. In a sense, it can be comfortable in there. But are you ready to take those sheets off – you know the sheets that we speak of – and do the next level of your work?

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3: Greetings and love, Tobias. My question or concern has to do with sensitivities, particularly at work, and the extent to which I feel bombarded by them and unable at times to not be jerked around by them.

TOBIAS: First of all, of your own work situation has the very strong potential of changing soon. (audience laughter and Tobias chuckling) But that is to be written by your own hand. It is something that you will be choosing. Indeed, it is difficult for Shaumbra who have opened up so much and become so sensitive to deal with these Old Energy. But dear friends, as you say, “yes,” and as you go into the next level of your work, that will bring your work even more into the Old Energies, for that is where you are needed.

But you will go there with a new toolbox, with new tools, tools you have given yourself. Like the ability to stay grounded and focused, to stand behind the short wall, to not get caught in the drama, to feel things around you, to be sensitive to them, but not to be dragged off by them. You have given yourselves the ability to be in the most difficult of situations, and to read the energies in order to understand what is happening all around you. You have given yourself the ability to pull up the appropriate resources and tools in the moment.

We cannot say it will be easier. You will continue to be surrounded by these Old Energies. But you now have so much more wisdom about the way things work. You will realize that it is humans, humans who are moving into their own divinity like you did. But they are going through their processes.

We add one other element to this. You are all learning so much about compassion, having full compassion. Compassion is not feeling sorry for others on their journey, and not making judgment of them. Compassion is simply allowing them to go through the process.

The compassion you have for others radiates an energy or a light from you. This becomes a potential for them to use when they are truly ready to awaken. Your light, your vibration that is around them becomes a potential for them to use when they begin their awakening process.

Dear friends, you did not have this energy to work with when you began your awakening. There were no other humans around you with the new energy of compassion, the energy of the New Earth. You had to discover it on your own. You had to bring it up on your own. Now, you will sit with them as a giver of light. You will be a giver of compassion. Then, it is up to them whether to use this or not.

So many of you will be called into a new form of service here in these next months to come. It may not be what you thought. It may not be going into what you would think of right now as exotic work or to exotic places. Wherever you go, whatever you are called upon by your own self to do, you will have all of the tools. Your powers and senses will be in balance with your wisdom and your strength.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4: Tobias, it is a pleasure. I have been holding this space for my daughter – she's 12 – in love and waiting for her to awaken. She surprised me last week with questions about witchcraft and would like to begin studies in that. Do you have any advice for a father of one?

TOBIAS: It is a wonderful journey you will go through with her! She is such a loving being who is truly preparing to open. The best thing we can say, as we have said before, is to listen. Allow her to explore, up and down, side to side. Allow her to work this out within herself. Be there to answer the questions. Be there to share what you have learned. Be open and honest with her about what you have gone through. You do not have to cloak your words with her. You are talking to much more than a 12-year-old girl! Speak from your heart. She will feel it. She will hear it. This will truly help guide her on her journey. In this case, dear one, you are being called upon to be a teacher. And there is one who is anxious. And there is one who will test you, also.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5: Hello, Tobias, and love to you and all in Spirit, and special love and gratitude to the Kryon today. You spoke very passionately about the religions and their needing to change. Is there anything that we, Shaumbra, can do to assist with this? My first feeling on it was compassion. I mean, are there any words that you care to share with us on this?

TOBIAS: I think that if I were back on Earth right now, I would make a few headlines (audience laughter) because this is quite a subject for me. I had spent so many years, so many years as a pious follower of the laws of Israel. Lifetime after lifetime, I followed the rules and tried to abide by the rules. I learned so much through that process. But I also learned that this was not the way to find heaven, or heaven on Earth, or myself. So it is that I speak on the subject of religions with great passion in my heart.

Indeed, indeed, it is about compassion right now, but compassion when combined with understanding is so much more potent. So many of you think that the great problems of your planet are caused by political leaders, or those polluting the environment, or the government, or businesses and banks, or the aliens… or any of the other rather amusing conspiracy theories.

From our perspective, these are nothing compared to what the power of the churches. They are holding people back by talking about very old things. If you have the understanding of some of the root causes, and you have compassion, that creates tremendous change. We are not saying you need to start writing inflammatory articles about the churches. We are not saying to go crashing Sunday services. (audience laughter) But we are saying to be aware, and be compassionate, that humans are truly searching for answers and truth.

People are turning away from the churches right now. They are lost. They are seeking wisdom. They are seeking spiritual understanding. But they’re not finding it in the chapels and the temples. So, they are going back to their homes, and they are depressed, and they can’t figure it out. They are saying, “There must not be a God, otherwise somebody would know.”

This is where you come in, Shaumbra. This is where you come into play. If you are compassionate and understanding, and you are in the Now, they will find their way to you. Then you can help them understand that there is no building that contains the answer. It is all held within.

The Master Yeshua tried, and tried, and tried to tell us. The master Yeshua is even more emphatic about the dammed churches of this world than I am! (audience laughter) If he came back now – we won’t even use the words to describe – but, he would kick down some doors. This is a message that he tried to give 2000 years ago and was put on the cross for it. This is an issue on our side. Yes, yes, be in compassion. We thank you for reminding us! (much audience laughter)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6: Hello, Tobias, how are you?

TOBIAS: Revved up, thank you! (more audience laughter)

SHAUMBRA 6: I’m quite new in my search, and I recently found myself on this path to… I don’t know where yet. I mean, six months ago I would have never have imagined myself being here. With what you know of me and with your perspective, any suggestions on what directions I can go to?

TOBIAS: Indeed. And you say you are new to this, and we say, “No, actually you are quite old to this.” You have been doing so much of this inner work through so many lifetimes, indeed, as one who was a type of… monk is not the right word, but a type of Brother, in the Order. You were one who was in some of the secret orders because your passion for finding the divinity was so strong. You went so deep. You are not new to this at all.

We say to you, it is much easier now than what you think. Aspects of your past tell you that the search has to be difficult, perhaps painful. These aspects tell you that you have to spend many, many hours on your knees, or in a meditative state, or praying. In a sense, there is a pull from these series of past lives, that tells you that you have to find the answer this way.

We are here to tell you on this day that you do not need to do that… any of you, any of you. The ability to bring in the answer is within you right now. The ability to bring in your divinity is here. The completion of the grids from the Kryon entourage makes it so much easier now. It is simply a matter of accepting it.

For you in particular, we know you have searched long and hard for the answers in that head of yours. You have such an ability and a gift that you basically brought into this lifetime to feel, to feel. You are being encouraged by those around you – indeed, so much love around you – to feel. But in a sense, you are afraid of it. You are not quite so sure of yourself. But we tell you, if you allow yourself to feel, you will come up with the answers. There will be no more searching for anything. It will be there. No more searching… it will come to you.

So, for you specifically, instead of recommending, jokingly, 10 “Our Fathers” and 10 “Hail Mary’s” (audience laughter), for you, we recommend 10 deep breaths in the morning and 10 deep breaths before you go to bed at night. You are absolved! (much audience laughter and applause)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7: I appreciate your sense of humor. I was a minister’s wife for 9 years. It was a very, very good lesson. My question, my statement is, in the work that I do, that I have been guided to do, the changing of the person within and without comes from releasing the energetic armor that is layered throughout the layers of the body, and to release it out through the extremities, the hands and the feet out into Mother Earth. Consequently, you are changing the vibration of your inner and outer being… changing the DNA to make you physically a lighter person, which in turn physically changes the way that you interact with other people. And that’s how you change the world, one by one by one. Where does it go from here… because I’ve seen that, but now it’s… what is the next step, because I know there is another dimension to this piece that I need to know?

TOBIAS: And we ask you, “What do you think the next step is? What do you choose the next step to be?” You have an intuition, but you have not allowed it to come out.

SHAUMBRA 7: Yeah, I think I understand the process. I do the process. However, it is for it to be safe for the multitudes, to be working with somebody when I, when any of… ah… OK… to change the responsibility and take the consequences and take the compassion within, and then to allow that to go through… something like that.

TOBIAS: Something like that. Indeed, your intuition is good and strong, but we ask you to keep it so very simple. All of you, keep it simple. There is a tendency to go into processes and procedures. But it is all so simple. That is what will amaze you as you discover yourself in the New Energy. You will say, “I wished I hadn't made it so difficult. I wished I had kept it simple.”

So, for you in particular, we say, keep it simple. The next step, the next step, we do not know. And even if we did, we would not share it with you. (audience laughter) It is for you to discover. It is for you to create in any way that you want. You know where you are right now – what used to be a path, what is now the moment – and it comes to you. And it is up to you to dance with it. We say the next step, if any, is the simplicity and the overwhelming joy of finally knowing who you are, and the compassion then to be there for others who come to you to find out how you did it. That is the next step.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8: Hi. Thank you all for sounding the call 14 years ago and for being with us. I feel like I have released so much and healed so much, and finally just even in the past month, accepting who I really am and my divinity. And it feels really good. It feels empowering. It feels strong. It feels like I’m truly headed in the right direction here. However, I have one health problem, which is very persistent. And I’ve tried going within, and talking to it, and sending it love, and being with it, and asking it what it wants. And I have limited success with this. I’m wondering if there’s something I’m missing here that you could help me with.

TOBIAS: Indeed – how to say this – you have had more success with this than what you realize right now. You have set up the process of this rejuvenation within, the rebalancing within. It just has not come to the surface so much yet. So, it still feels like it is there. And if you have this checked on, it still shows up.

But we are here to tell you, looking at you right now, looking deep within you, that you have set up the changes, and they are occurring. Now, be patient with them. You have given them the energy of being in the Now, the energy of rejuvenation, and cleansing, and purifying. Yes, it is a nagging, old problem that goes back so very long ago, so very long ago. It is – how to say – one of the last residues to truly let go.

But your own being, your own soul knows that it is time to let that go. At the deepest cellular level, at what you would call the DNA level… there have been tremendous changes to the point where they might even say it was a miracle that changed this. When the changes are ready to truly show their face, when the real inner biological work is ready to come forth, it will happen very fast. Know you have done well. Know you have – how to say – stayed in the moment so much, and gone in, and done this work. Now, the results will come forth.

Shaumbra, you have the ability to realign your physical body without hard work, and without punishing yourself. You need your physical body to go forward into your new work. Now that the gridwork is complete, and now that there is a true potential and a true balance between the grids of Earth, you need a strong and balanced body for the new work ahead. We do not even like the word “healing.” Rebalancing and rejuvenating your body will come very quickly. It will come very quickly.

Go within. Talk to your body. Listen. Listen to it. Bless it. Let it know that you love every cell and every molecule. Let your body know that you need it and love it. Your body no longer needs to carry around all of the old luggage and all of the Old Energies. Now, allow your body to catch up with your changing consciousness.

We want you to have strong and healthy bodies for the work that is ahead. We want you to be abundant in every way in your life. You will need these things. And more than anything, you deserve them. You deserve health. You deserve financial abundance. You deserve strong relationships, not relationships where you are codependent or drain you, but relationships that are based in strength.

Dear friends, as you move forward these next months, as you go beyond the completion of the grids, and you begin doing your new work, understand that there are no more lessons. There are no more lessons. The past is healed. The past is rebalanced. The future is for you to create. There are no more lessons. You do not need the burdens of health problems and all of these other things… no more lessons. But it is time to be the full expression of who you are.

And we will be there. We will stand beside you all the way. You are never alone. The Kryon bids you a particularly loving farewell for now and gives you a huge hug on this day.

And so it is.