The Divine Human Series: "SHOUD 2: No Death"
Questions and Answers

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we gather together again in this space, in the energy that has been building for days and even weeks now. We all come together to share, and to learn, and to feel.

What is it that you told yourself today in the Shoud? What bit of wisdom did you share with yourself? It is that there is no death. There is no death. There is only living, and it is living in the moment. It is living in your fullness. It is living with joy. It is living unconditionally, no rights or no wrongs, no wondering if you're doing a good thing or a bad thing.

You will feel it in your being. Your essence will share with you. Your essence will guide you. Your essence is with you. It IS you. There is no death.

Those who gather here today as our guests have recently departed the physical Earth. They believe so strongly in death, believe so strongly in things like judgment, things like being good or bad. What they've seen today is a group of humans who shared with them that there is no death. Perhaps, the physical body will leave at some point. But now, now, dear friends, that your essence is coming into you and being allowed into you, there is no death even as you would have thought.

You see, the ones who gather here today that sit in the Second Circle, what they are truly concerned of is the death of the identity that they had as a human. Oh, the physical death goes quickly for most. (chuckling) One moment you are there, and then you are here! It is the loss of the identity, everything you have held onto - that name on your driver's license, who you thought you were. But you, Shaumbra, have learned that you are so much more than the person who looks in the mirror or the person who sits in these chairs.

You have learned to release the limitations of your identity to become full and complete. In releasing your old human identity, you begin to accept all of yourself. That is when the pathways are open for you to begin accepting everything that you are, your spirit, all of your experiences that you have ever had… everything. Then, the fear of death leaves.

And now you can live. You can live every moment to the fullest. You can live in every breath that you take. You can live in every moment, no longer worrying about what the future will bring. It will come to you, all of these things.

The abundance, it will be there. It is the result of living. Abundance is the result of expressing yourself in each moment of time. It will be there. If your focus is on abundance, it will elude you. You will always be trying to have abundance, or trying to have happiness, or trying to have health. You will always be trying and never being, never realizing.

There is no death. There is only transition. There is only release and renewal. There is no death. There is only change. There is only renewal and living.

Let us live here in this moment now.

Breathe in this moment.

This moment, breathe it in, dear friends, then release it. Breathe it out.

Breathe in living. Breathe living through you.

Breathe in renewal. Let renewal go throughout your entire physical being and through your consciousness.

Breathe in living in the Now. See how easy it is.

As you breathe, hear a second breath. It is your essence, your spirit, your divinity. It is breathing also. It surrenders to you with each breath that you take. Each breath you release, you surrender to all of who you are. You breathe divinity in. It breathes you in.

You breathe it in. Now, it takes the next breath for you. You breathe divinity in. Now it becomes you.

You and Spirit. One breath. In and out in this moment. With feeling. Filled with life. All the other things that you worry about, all balanced in this moment of time that we share.

It is this simple, dear friends. You will go out these doors, maybe hit with some of the Earthly conditions, human conditions. You may forget for a moment. But tomorrow or perhaps the next day you will remember what you heard and what we did here together.

In the moment, the breath, the moment of Now, is the point of abundance. This is the point of balance. This is the point of oneness with self. Your Higher Self is not off in some far-off place or in another galaxy. There is not a wall separating you from all of who you are. There is only a breath in the moment of Now. It brings you back together. It is that easy. It is. You will find all other things come to you. Everything you need in your human life will come to you. It will be there. You will realize there is no death. There is only living.

And with that, we would be delighted to answer your questions.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1: Tobias, a friend of mine with multiple sclerosis committed suicide a couple of years ago. My question is what happens to people who commit suicide when they cross over? Is it any different than the rest of us?

TOBIAS: There is so much controversy in your society about suicide. We will make it simple. The human has ownership of their own being! They can do whatever they so choose. If they choose suicide, they are greeted here on our side as much as the person who dies any other type of death. There is absolutely no judgment on our part of suicide.

The consciousness they were in at that moment of time when they chose to cross over will determine their vibration level when they get to our side. If they were filled with anger and rage, that anger and rage are here when they show up on our side. If they were filled with compassion for themselves, the compassion shows through when they get here. So many people who commit suicide are filled with compassion for themselves in spite of the sadness or the pain that they are going through. It is quite easy for us to work with them.

There is some guilt, of course. They think, perhaps, they did a wrong thing with suicide. But dear friends, there is no judgment on our part. It is your life. You can play it, or live it, or take it any way you want. We will love you no matter what.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2: My boyfriend had a brain tumor. What is his health going to be and what is the future of our relationship?

TOBIAS: This is another TBD! (audience laughter) It is To Be Determined. There are experiences that all of you as humans give yourself. There are experiences that this dear one in your life gives himself through the brain tumor. But again, it is all happening in the moment. He can choose to heal himself. He can choose to have this condition aggravated. He can choose to come to new understandings. Now, he gave himself this imbalance to help stop him for a moment, to help make him go into a silent moment to consider where he was going in his lifetime. It is up to him.

You, you are a light for him. You can go from this place today with all you have learned about yourself and about living. And without having to say many words, you can be there in his presence. Through you he will see what living is about. Then the choice is up to him. He can choose to live life to its fullest, or he can choose to come back to this side of the veil.

Do you know that this is one of the greatest challenges that humans have? It perplexes us. Why would you NOT choose living and life? Why do you choose to be in pain when you do not need to be any more? There is no karma. There are no sins. But sometimes the human feels so guilty that they place these things upon themselves.

You can sit in front of your partner, dear one, and be an example of what living in the Now moment, living in joy and fullness can be. Living can be so easy. But humans make it so complex! So, the answer to your question is To Be Determined. The answer is up to him. And with you there at his side, as Shaumbra, one who reflects light and life, it will help him see his choice much more clearly. We thank you and we honor both of you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3: Tobias, could you give me some information regarding hitchhikers? As I understand they are being beings who are so attracted to our light that they attach to us and live vicariously through us. Do you have suggestions for protection or removal?

TOBIAS: Indeed, and this is a delightful question for us to answer. You asked about these entities who attach themselves to human, or as you say, they hitchhike upon your life. They become part of your life, in a sense, because you are allowing them to be. Now, there are many Earthbound entities, those who have left behind their physical body, but have not left the dimensional planes of Earth who, as we mentioned earlier, wander the Earth. They attach themselves to humans who are willing and cooperative.

Generally, they do not attach themselves to well-balanced, enlightened humans like yourselves. They tend to attach themselves to people with low vibrations. They tend to be attracted to your taverns and places where there are many drugs. You can find these entities here, for they are comfortable in that type of vibration. There are openings for them to come in and attach themselves, in a sense.

Now, there are others who are fascinated with your journey, and they want to be part of it. They think if they hold onto you that you will also help them ascend and help them transform. But we have found that they cannot hold on very long. It is like putting your hand on a hot skillet. It hurts after a short bit of time, and they let go.

We suggest to all of Shaumbra not to worry about these entities. If anything… if there is any influence that many of you have had, it is not from these earthbound entities. Rather, it is from aspects of yourself from the past who do not want to let go. They are trying to hold onto their identity, and they are trying to, even though they are dead, they are trying to continue living in you and through you, and they are trying to influence your life. That is much more likely to happen for Shaumbra.

If you feel the influence of these hitchhikers, simply release them. If they do not leave, then demand that they get the hell out of your energy! (audience laughter) And they must. They must. When you are strong within yourself, they have to go. They will scream and kick. And they will cause some commotion in your life. But when you are taking ownership of your own divinity, they have to go. They have to go.

Oh, they will tell you otherwise. They will tell you that they can stay and that they control you. But take ownership of your divinity. And tell them they have to go. What they fear is death of the identity. They know they have already died, but they want to continue living out their old identity. They do not realize there is so much more to their identity than what they think. They are so much grander than who they think they are. Tell them to be gone.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4: Hi, Tobias. I'd like to ask for some help or some hints. You built such a beautiful home for yourself (as mentioned in the channel earlier in the day). I'm looking for a new house for myself. I would enjoy anything you could share with me. Thank you. (Questioner begins to walk away from the microphone.)

TOBIAS: Now, we ask you to come back here and tell us, "What would you like to have?

SHAUMBRA 4: Uh, oh!

TOBIAS: Define for us your house.

SHAUMBRA 4: A small cabin with trees, a stream in the back, and animals all around (similar to the house Tobias talked about earlier). (audience laughter)

TOBIAS (chuckling): That house is not for sale! (more laughter, particularly from questioner!) We would like you to create for yourself something more than small, something unlimited, something that is a reflection of everything you have been and all of who you are. Are you ready, dear one, to bring that into your life?

SHAUMBRA 4: Yes, I am.

TOBIAS: Without reservation?

SHAUMBRA 4: Without any.

TOBIAS: Without guilt?

SHAUMBRA 4: Without any.

TOBIAS: Indeed. So, create it, and we will be there for you. All of Shaumbra will be there as you create this for yourself. But do it without limitation. Do it without limitation. You are where you are supposed to be. You are here because everything was set up. Everything came together for this time. So, we ask you to live like the queen that you are.

SHAUMBRA 4: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5: Hi to Joseph in Israel. And hello, Tobias. I've had an opportunity arise where a book might be written that could expose the truth about who my brother was. The trial around his murder left a false impression, very widespread, about who he was. I'm wondering if this is agenda, or an intent of truth. My intent is around an affirmation of who he was so that his daughters could walk into that. I don't really care how people respond or that they change their thoughts of him. It's more like the truth of who he was did not get told. In fact, the opposite is what happened. So, I'm just wondering if this looks like agenda? And how does Johnny feel about all this?

TOBIAS: And the question we ask to you is, "How do you feel? What are your feelings about this project?"

SHAUMBRA 5: My feelings are affirmative. I feel clear myself that I don't have an agenda. I would like for the truth about who he was - because he was a wonderful person - to be there, available. There was so much misinformation. At the same time, it causes my father intense… I'm afraid he's going to have a heart attack. It brings up all his rage and stuff again, even though he says he wants it done. But I'm just not clear about where… I'm concerned about how Johnny feels about it, if that's possible to know.

TOBIAS: You have concerns within you about this. And indeed, you say there is clarity, but we do not see that. There is much confusion about this issue, much confusion about what to do. We give no opinion of our own of which way to proceed with this - to let it be, or to bring it out into a book, or any other type of method that you have.

But we are sitting here with this dear brother of yours who asks you one simple thing. (Brief pause.) He first sends you much of his love. But he asks you to get on with your life. He is balanced in his. He is coming back to Earth very soon, very soon. And he wants you to live and not to worry of these things. They were all appropriate. They were all, all appropriate. Indeed, he was just as much a part of this set up as all the rest of the players. He wants to return to this Earth and see you as a dear relative, as a dear relative who is not caught in the past, but who is living in this moment. That is how he wants to see you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you, Tobias, for all your input today. My life is full of abundance, many friends, and much community, and many material things, and all sorts of love. And the money flow is the difficult one. It waits till the last minute. And in this last little while, it hasn't been there, even in the last minute. I'm wondering if you could respond to that.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and this is a challenge, this challenge of financial abundance, this challenge of abundance in general that faces so many who are Shaumbra. And you are all learning. You are still using old ways to try to bring it in. We tell you, all of you, that it is as simple as being in the moment. What you need in the moment will come to you. Not what you expect to get, not things that you do not need on your journey. If you need a home to be comfortable to do your work, it will be there. If you need the finances for your journey, it will be there. It comes to you.

This is one of the most challenging things for all of you. You are learning to allow the energy to come in at the last moment. This is the true acknowledgement that you are living, and you plan to continue to live!

Shaumbra, you think so much about death. You think about leaving. What happens then? The flow begins to cut off! When you are thinking about coming back to our side… we are not saying through suicide. But we are saying that you just know when it's time to come back, or perhaps want to come back. Things in your life start dying, much as the leaves on a tree start dying. They lose energy from their source. They begin falling off. When you are wondering whether to stay or leave, you cut off the flow.

When you begin to live in each moment, all the energies start coming up, up through the tree, through the branches, and out to the leaves. And you become abundant once again. Do you see how it works? It's so very simple, dear friends. Know that you are here. Know that you are living in each moment. It will come to you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7: Good afternoon, Tobias. Since the presidential elections, I find myself incredibly skeptical about everything that comes into the news. And I would really appreciate some of your information on Bush's war with Iraq.

TOBIAS: This is simply symbolic of human consciousness. The need at this point is for some humans, entrenched in duality, to rattle their sabers, to make threats. This is appropriate, in a sense, this is the time of the completion of the grids. All of the unresolved issues come to the surface. And there are many unresolved issues on a worldwide basis. There are many issues.

All of this is providing a unique opportunity for every human who reads the news or listens to the news to have to think about this process, this thing called "war." There were wars. There were battles so, so long ago before you ever came to Earth. What humans are doing now is walking through those experiences of a long time ago while you are here on Earth to come to new understandings and new wisdom. You have a unique opportunity to look at duality, at the value - or no value - of wars, at how to live together as a global community.

We have asked Shaumbra not to pray for one side or the other. We have asked you to go within to be balanced in your own divinity. This can do more to change consciousness than anything else. When you pray for one side, you are only adding to duality. When you pray that all of this activity ceases, perhaps you do not understand the value in what is going on. But when you go within, when you go within for balance and completion in yourself, it changes consciousness to the point that perhaps wars will no longer be needed.

These conflicts will continue through the end of this year, perhaps even into next year. It is simply about all of the changes having to do with the final grid adjustment at this point.

Your elected leaders and even your dictators are a reflection of your own consciousness. You are the ones electing them. You are the ones putting them in office, or you are the ones allowing them the space to be the dictators. When you look at your leaders, you are really looking at yourselves, in a way, at your nation, and at your community. They are who you are.

We do not make any predictions of what will happen in these coming months, although it could be a wild ride here for all of you! We do not take one side or the other. This is simply an expression of duality. We do suggest to all of you to stay centered in yourself through these difficult times, through these potential wars, through the times of financial ups and downs, through the times of so many people around you losing their balance.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8: Hello, Tobias. This is a continuation of the last question. It's in reference to the current political situation in the world and the role of Shaumbra and Lightworkers in walking out into the world with our truth, and our beliefs in peace, and putting that out into the world in a physical way, as well as internally.

TOBIAS: And how would you like to do this? (audience laughter)

SHAUMBRA 8: To walk in the world and speak my truth.

TOBIAS: And what does your truth look like? (laughter from audience and from current questioner) Is your truth an agenda? Is your truth based on a book? Or is your truth based on what you have discovered for yourself? How do you express, and how do you share what you have discovered by yourself, within yourself?

SHAUMBRA 8: I share that by putting my love out there for everyone, for all parties involved. And my question is… has to do with that fine line between just sitting in truth and taking action out in the world.

TOBIAS: Indeed. And what happens here in this process is there is little you need to do until it comes to your door. And then it is time to dance with it. What we mean by this is there is no need to be vigilant. There is no need to go out and proclaim to the world that they must do one thing or the other.

What we have said to Shaumbra all along is learn to hold your own divinity. Then, people will come to you, one-by-one, but then in groups, and then in large groups. They will come to see what it is that you have. They will be more inspired by your own divinity being expressed through your human condition than any books, than any words, than any demonstrations.

This is a New Energy, and it is different than the Old. You do not need to go out and wave signs or flags. You do not need to try to save the world. The world is just fine. The world is playing a game right now, having fun on its own. Honor that. When those who are tired of playing the game come to you, then is time for your work to begin. Then it is time.

We love Shaumbra so much because you want to DO. You want to be active. They want to get out and change the world. But dear friends, the world that is ready for change will come to you. Then, in that moment you will know what to do.

So many of you ask the question, "What should I do, Tobias, when I start hearing knocks at the door, and people start coming to me? What should I do?" You should be in the moment. If you are still not sure what to do, if it hasn't come to you, sit with them in the moment and breathe in life. It is a wonderful thing. Then, you will know what to do.

We honor you, for you see the hurt and the pain in the world. And you see the potential of the world becoming a place of true love. You see the world becoming a place where every human will know who they are, and how they are all part of the oneness. This day is coming. It will take some work. That is why you are here. That is why all of Shaumbra is here - to help one, and then to help many. They will come to you. They will come to you.

In the meantime, Shaumbra, hang in there, hang in there. There are difficult times still ahead. There are many imbalances that we can see from our side. We do not know exactly what humans will choose to experience. But we see that it could be a bit of a ride for a period of time. Own your divinity. And understand, dear friends, there is no death. Be filled with life in each moment.

We will return next month to share with you, to be with you. In the meantime, we will walk with you through your many experiences. We will be here to share with you. In the meantime, understand that for the hundreds of the recently passed souls who came in today, they saw something they have never seen before on Earth. You have made a difference. They will talk about this on our side of the veil. They will remember the energy when they come back to Earth in human form.

We love you dearly, and you are never alone.

And so it is.