The Divine Human Series: "SHOUD 1: Expression"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
August 3, 2002

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we mark this day with this group of Divine Humans in our own history books. We have talked for quite a while on this side of the veil of the day that the energy of Shoud could truly take place, when humans could channel their human selves, one-on-one without the training wheels of us on this side. We talked of taking those training wheels off and letting you fly.

It is interesting, for we did not even know what you would speak to yourself about today! (audience laughter) So, we watched, and we listened with as much curiosity as you watch and listen. It is interesting that you should choose to define the attributes of a Divine Human. It is interesting that you should talk about "expression," indicating to yourself that it is time to open up who you are, to be true to yourself in every possible way.

Now, as you know, the energy of Mother Mary is very strong with you today. You have known this energy before, but you have known it in a different way. So many of you have connected with Mary in the past. You have felt her walking beside you. Some of you have channeled her. One of your favorite times to connect with Mary was just before going to sleep. You said your prayers to her, but more than anything else, you have spoken to her from your heart.

She wants you know that she has heard all of this, even the rote prayers. And she has heard the song of your soul. Mary comes now to walk with you. But it is a different energy. If you are wondering why perhaps you do not feel you can connect with her quite so strong, it is because you are looking in the place of the Old Energy of the Mother Mary that you knew and that you were taught.

She comes to you now in a new purity, in a new love, in a new nurturing. She comes to you to help you through this long birthing process of your own divinity. Perhaps you could feel the illustrious love that filled the room today, and that is still present. She is here. She will continue to be here. She asks you simply to release the old ways of connecting and of knowing her, to go to this new space.

Now, with that we would like to answer your questions. We would like you to come forth and to sing the song of your own soul, to ask your questions. We will connect with you when you are here, and all of Shaumbra will connect with you in a wonderful way. So, let the questions begin.

(Note: In previous gatherings, questions from the audience were written on notecards and read to Tobias by Linda. Tobias asked that from this point forward that the person come up to the microphone and ask the question in person.)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1: Hi, Tobias, I can't believe I'm doing this!

TOBIAS: But WE can. (audience laughter)

SHAUMBRA 1: Could you please explain a little more about what you were saying when we come in contact with another human being, and there's this energy exchange? I had one of those a while back, and I'm not quite over it. Could you talk a little more about that, please?

TOBIAS: Indeed, as your divinity blossoms within you, this has an effect on energies that are transmitted to other humans. You are, in part, electromagnetic beings. You send out patterns of frequencies and vibrations. Now, you can literally pick up another human's vibrations, then add your own packet of vibration to it. As it continues traveling out and their original vibration touches other people, there is now a new energy attached to it … your energy. It is a potential. It is up to other humans, who are the receivers, how they want to use it, and if they want to use it.

What you are doing, in a sense, is shedding a divine light on all thoughts, emotions and feelings that come to you and go through you. You are now affecting other things! You are not putting a charge on these vibrations or thoughts. You are simply attaching a new potential to them.

Let's go back to the example of the headache. You are not trying to stop this person's headache. You are not trying to change the headache vibration that is emanating from them. But your own energy adds another packet to their original energy. It is a process that happens naturally. You do not need to think about it. It simply is. You do not need to go around trying to gather up frequencies going through the air (audience laughter) and then sew on your own vibration. It is a natural process.

On the other hand, you are a transmitter yourself. You have a charge about you that sits in a neutral or dormant state that is available to others when they choose it and when they need it. In a sense, you are - how to say - shining a light, but the light is not perceived by other humans until they are at a state of consciousness where they want to use it and choose to use it. You shine a light, but they cannot see it until they are ready. So, again, there is nothing you need to consciously do about it. You simply are at that point of your own evolution where you now can affect other things around you if those other things choose it.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2: Tobias, could you explain the role of pain and suffering on this path, and how we might minimize it, in a sense, not get the headache from this headache energy? (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: The role of pain and suffering is tied directly into duality. It is part of the balance of positive and negative you've given yourself. Pain can be a wonderful thing. It teaches you many lessons. It helps you guide yourself through life. If you did not have pain, and you did not have emotional suffering, you would not have a depth of experience.

Now, many humans try to eliminate pain and eliminate suffering. What they try to do is put a blanket over it. They try to stamp it out. Some try to do it with the drugs we have spoken of that we do not so much appreciate (psychotropic drugs) Indeed, you will greatly reduce the level of your pain, but you will also greatly reduce the level of your experience. Pain is only painful when it lands on a friction within you, a resistance within you.

When pain comes to you, whether it is physical or emotional, do not try to run from it, or stamp it out. Once again, ask that energy why it is visiting you. It will tell you something. It will give you an enlightenment and an understanding that is valuable.

Now, we have also said that pain, or what you call "the lows," are an important part of the natural cycle. These periods of emotional depression, or physical disease, or discomfort, provide a momentum and an energy that helps you move forward to the next new level of enlightenment.

When you reach a certain point on your path, the pain and the suffering will not affect you like it did before. There is less resistance within your being. As you told yourself today in the Shoud, you accept all aspects, light and dark. When you accept all aspects, there is no internal friction for the pain to fall upon. It's not that you will be without pain, but it will give you a new sensation. It will not be so painful! (audience laughter) In a sense, it will be just a different form of energy coming to you that you can then utilize on your path.

Also, as you come into a greater understanding of things you will not be in so much pain. You will understand how to rebalance your physical body. You will understand how to rebalance your emotion. But know that pain and suffering are all part of the learning experience.

Pain served you well in the past. Understand that now where you're at on your path, you do not need this pain to the degree that you have needed it before. You do not need to choose pain and suffering, just as you do not need to choose poverty, and you did not need to choose the lack of love. So, don't try to hide it. Don't try to stamp it out. But understand that it is not anything that you need to the degree that you have had in the past.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3: Tobias, can you give us some suggestions as to how we speak with people who are not Shaumbra yet, of what we are doing?

TOBIAS: Now is a good time to ask you a question. (audience laughter) We have waited for you. (more laughter) Tell us, dear Shaumbra, tell all of us how, from your heart and your soul, how you would speak to others.

(long pause from the person asking the question)

TOBIAS: We will wait. (more laughter)

SHAUMBRA 3: Oh, goodness… OK. I thought about this on the way…

TOBIAS: Don't think so hard.

SHAUMBRA 3 (laughing): Don't think?

TOBIAS: Come from your divinity. So, a human comes up to you and says, "What is it about you? What is it about you? I sense something." What will you tell them?

SHAUMBRA 3: That I am on a path of learning to live in the New Energy, which means that it is a "no harm" and love energy. That this is in a changing world, and this will come about. And I am learning and associating with people who help me to learn to live in this new way of living.

TOBIAS: Now, talk to them from your heart, not from your mind. (audience laughter) They have just walked away, asking… (more laughter)

SHAUMBRA 3: That's why I wanted your suggestions!

TOBIAS: What we suggest – and we thank you for the opportunity to tease for a bit here.

SHAUMBRA 3: Thank YOU… I think.

TOBIAS: This is a good lesson for all of Shaumbra. And you bring up such an important point here. When you talk in long sentences, and big words, and with phrases that they don't understand, they walk away, scratching their heads. Instead, what Shaumbra says is, "What I have in my heart, you have also. It can come out. It is perhaps a difficult journey at times, but you have it also. And when you are ready to know how to bring this forward, come to me. Come to my door. Ask me the questions. But I cannot answer a question for you until you ask it. I cannot give you answers until you ask me the question. I cannot preach to you. I cannot give you a set of rules. But I will be happy to answer all of your questions."

They will walk away, perhaps still wondering what you said (audience laughter) but you will have made a connection with them because you were talking from your divinity to theirs. There will be a connection that was made. And they will walk away with a glow. There is a good chance that they could come back later and start asking you questions. And when they do, speak from your heart.

Don't give them a series of rules and regulations. Don't talk about Shaumbra. Don't talk about the New Energy. They do not know what New Energy is. They barely understand the Old Energy! But as teachers, you will understand this is the first step they are taking on their journey. What did you want somebody to tell you at that moment when you started your awakening? Did you want them to tell you that you must read 20 books, and you must go to all of these classes? No. No. You wanted somebody to tell you that you were loved, and more than anything, you were understood. Keep It Simple Shaumbra. (audience laughter) Keep it simple.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4: Greetings, Tobias. I was wondering if I will soon have the clarity that I have been seeking on this recent journey that I have been on.

TOBIAS: We ask YOU (audience laughter) how much do you want this clarity?

SHAUMBRA 4: Deeply, sincerely, totally.

TOBIAS: Without reservation?


TOBIAS: Then, so be it! Give this gift to yourself. Hold it in your heart and let it come forward. It will be there. You needed to hear yourself say that you are ready for it. You needed to hear yourself say that you were willing to walk through the fears associated with being all of who you are, with being a Divine Human. So be it! Walk from this room today with a new clarity, for you have earned it. Thank you!

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5: Tobias, my wife and I stepped off the ledge this week (made a big change in their lives). We have no fear about that. My question is this. You touched on the Crimson Circle Local Circles around the world. We have lots of people signing up every week. We need to fill those homes up. Could you nudge some of Shaumbra so that they get the same benefits from the Local Circles that we have? That's why we feel so comfortable doing what we're doing now. Thank you.

TOBIAS: This, my dear friend, is your job to nudge them. (audience laughter) That is why you have volunteered for this position. That is why you have developed the skill set around this, to know how to do this. But we ask you one thing. In your own dealings with this, think outside of the box. You have come to understand the box very well. You have practiced it in the past. You have helped define the box in the past. Now, go outside. You heard yourself say today in the Shoud that you understand the rules. You helped to write them. Now, go outside of them.

It is the same here. There is a need in the Local Circles for true expression. Everyone is trying to follow old rules, even about what times they get together, what subjects they cover, what they do. And quite frankly, so many of them are bored. So many are looking for something new. So, encourage them and encourage yourself to think outside of the box.

There is one example that we would give here. Have them do Shoud together. Have them put their collective selves together. At each meeting have them trade-off of who does the Shoud for the group. There is an interesting dynamic that happens here. It is different when one channels an outside entity like myself. It is quite different. When you channel, when you Shoud, with the ones who are in your group, you have to be in your truth. You have to stand in truth when Shaumbra is channeling Shaumbra.

There are some humans who have interesting interpretations when they channel outside entities. Their own heavy filters distort the picture sometimes. We have seen it happen so often. You could channel any of the archangels, and sometimes the humans in the audience would not even know, would not even know, if you are misinterpreting the information. They would not even know, for instance, if you intended to channel Michael and you ended up with some low-level Earthbound disincarnate entity. How would they know, other than if they were truly connected within?

But when Shoud takes place, you cannot fool anyone. You are speaking of them, for them, and with them. So, encourage your groups to do this type of thing. Also, encourage your groups to have fun together.

We enjoy this idea for this "rest stop" that you all plan to take. Yes, you are all going on strike for two days, and a type of "spiritual walk-out." (audience laughter) And we applaud this! (more laughter) And then, dear friend, ask your groups for their ideas. Ask them. And when they say, "Well, we do not know what to do. We are not so sure what to do with our Local Circles," ask them to go within for the answer. It is truly there. You have chosen a somewhat difficult task, but we know your spirit is strong, and you are up for it.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6: Hi, Tobias. I have a question about what you were talking about us having our own answers now, instead of asking you or someone else. Quite some time ago my guides pretty much told me the same thing, just that I knew I had a question, and I went to ask, but I already knew the answer. I felt deserted. I quite honestly miss the interaction, and I miss the dependency. This was last summer. I still miss it. Is there a next level of contact with these guides?

TOBIAS: Indeed, there is. The next level of contact is when you talk to us, and you don't question us. We love to talk to you, but it seems that when humans come to us, they always ask questions, questions, questions. (audience laughter) They don't come, and say, "How are you doing today? How are things over there? (more laughter) How are you feeling?" No, they don't have conversations and just share with us the joys or perhaps the sufferings of the day. They come with questions. And sometimes we have to slap our heads (audience laughter as Tobias demonstrates by slapping Cauldre's head).

The next level is much better than this question/answer level that you are used to. This next level is where we can truly begin talking to you, telling you our thoughts, our feelings, telling you about your journey. Our next level is when YOU start teaching US. That is what we are waiting for. We are waiting for YOU to teach all the rest of us. It is a large responsibility. It truly is.

You have been putting us on some type of pedestal. And that is why you felt deserted. That is why you feel lonely at times, because we don't want to be there. We don't want that role. WE follow YOU. We have a different perspective and a different overview tan you do. But WE follow YOU. So, that is why we are saying to just talk to us. Socialize. Talk like you would talk to your friends at the coffee shop. You will hear us in a whole new way. And yes, we will discuss issues of the day, just as you would with friends around the table. And yes, we will offer a unique and different perspective.

But we had to back away from so many of you, because you were so dependent on us. Your divinity cannot express itself if you are always giving your power away to others.

Try this tonight or tomorrow. Try just talking to us. Try laughing with us. Tell us a good, funny joke. (audience laughter) We like that. The other thing we like that all of you might try: we like singing with you when you are riding in your car, and singing at the top of your lungs, and feeling somewhat foolish. You think, "This sounds so good!" It's because we're singing along with you! (much audience laughter) When you're singing, you are truly opening your heart. You are expressing, like you told yourselves today in the Shoud. So, we will join in with you. We'll have a bit of fun. We'll have some joyous moments together.

Understand that everything you are doing is being recorded, being gathered together. The information is being gathered on our side of the veil. There are many, many entities who have never taken human form, more than you can possibly imagine who have never taken human form, who are wanting to come into this experience of physical being. They are studying your records. They are looking at what all of you are doing. You are the ones in the leadership position. Just talk to us. We love when you do that.

QUSTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7: Hello, Tobias. This is my first visit to the Crimson Circle. For a couple of years now I have felt a large number of changes in my life, some of them difficult, some of them joyous. A counselor friend of mine explained, or tried to explain to me, that she thought I was ascending to the New Energy, which I can't say I fully understand. My friends and my family tell me I am going through a midlife crisis of some sort. (audience laughter) Are they the same thing, ascending to the New Energy and midlife crises? (more laughter) Are they different things? Am I going through both? And is there a way to discern one from the other?

TOBIAS: So, we will put the question back on you. Are you going through a type of crisis right now? Are you going through an internal crisis right now?


TOBIAS: Now, it is easy to attach all of these changes you are going through to midlife crisis, to menopause, to changes, to all of these things. But look around you. The whole world is going through many, many changes right now. The whole world could not possibly be going through midlife crisis and menopause all at the same time. (audience laughter) In a sense, we have seen what you are talking about from you, from Shaumbra, who try attach this divine integration process onto something else. We see… Cauldre does not so much like what we're going to say, but he knows the deal. (audience laughter) He informs us that he has found another channel to bring in (through Shoud). (much laughter)

Your counselors, your psychologists, and psychiatrists do not understand what you are going through. But they have to be the smart ones. They have to be the ones that justify the dollar figures you are paying them. And they have to label what you are going through as something. So, they scurry for their books, scratching their heads, wondering. And they look down the list of symptoms they have, page after page. And they find one they think they'll attach to you.

And you go and sit in the chair or sit on their couch, and they tell you that you are going through midlife crisis, the worst they've ever seen! (audience laughter) They tell you that you must come back ever week until it's over. (more laughter) They tell you to take the little slip of paper they're handing you and go down to the drugstore. You will feel much better. Then, you walk out, and they close the door behind you and slump into their chair exhausted, wondering what just hit them.

What hit them was a human angel going through a crisis. But it was a divine crisis, not a midlife, not a physical, not an emotional crisis. It is something that they don't understand, and there is not a book on their shelf that explains it. Not yet. Those books, dear ones, will be written by you. They perhaps will not be used by the traditional psychologists and the psychiatrists. But once you take responsibility for who you are and for your role, strangely, somewhat mysteriously, the ones who are going through the crisis will find their way to you and not find their way to the doors of these offices of the ones who have studied the old ways.

No, dear friend, you're not going through a midlife crisis. You didn't go out and buy that red convertible. (audience laughter) You are going through a spiritual crisis, a spiritual challenge, we might say. And you are doing just fine. We thank you for your question. We have compassion for what you are going through.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8: When Tobias told us that we wanted to know about our own expression, my heart was so filled and so full. And I gripped myself, and eventually it passed. And I thought, "Oh, good. This is over." But then, the collective of everyone entered my soul, and I have to give this expression of the great love of Shaumbra, of family. And I say from the bottom of my soul and from the bottom of everyone's soul here that we join with you in the love of family. And recently I was validated in my feelings that I was part of the Crimson Circle. And that was the greatest blessing I have felt in my life. Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you. And we thank you for expressing yourself, and we thank you for talking to us. And more than anything, we thank you for the work that you do. We know it is challenging and difficult. You give so much of yourself.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9: So, Tobias, how is it going on your side of the veil right now? (lots of audience laughter and applause)

TOBIAS: (laughing) Dozens of angels just dropped over! (much more audience laughter) They never thought they would see the day! We're having to call in our celestial paramedics to revive them! (more laughter)

It is busy here. (more audience laughter) When the ones who make the transition from your side to ours come over, they are amazed at how busy it is. There is activity all around. There is commotion all around. There is chatter and talking and activity and planning. We are trying… and we are tired. But we are trying to respond to your changing consciousness, and at times we have a difficult time keeping up with it. You are changing so fast and releasing so much. Do you know, each time you release something, there is a TREMENDOUS amount of work on our side. (more laughter) Now, Cauldre tells me that my old Jewish side is coming out right now! We are worked to the bone over here! (more laughter)

When you change your consciousness about an event that happened in the past, whether it was this lifetime or another, you do not change the sequence of events that took place. You only change the enlightenment around them. When you decide to release an old fear that went back 15 lifetimes ago, we have to be part of that process. We have to go back 15 lifetimes ago. We have to send a whole team back there to help change the energies. (more laughter)

We are delighted to do this, for this is OUR job. This is what we are here for. But we never realized there would be so much work and so much activity. We are enjoying it, but quite frankly, Cauldre… you thought it was a joke about doing a Rest Stop weekend when Shaumbra simply ceased? We are relieved that you are doing this! (more laughter) It is no joke at all! We don't have scheduled vacations and weekends off like you do. So, this was a delight for us.

How are things going on our side? We will defer to Metatron who says, "We couldn't have imagined it any better! It is challenging and difficult for all of us. But we couldn't have imagined it. You know, of course, that there were scenarios of potential Earth destruction, which we did not want to have to go through with you. What we are doing now is building the New Energy that you are going into. We are building the New Energy for generations to come, and not only generations of humans, but of spiritual entities who will live in the very New Energy that you are helping to create." We thank you much for your comment and your questions.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10: Thank you, Tobias. I'm not sure I can follow that question. In relationships I have a lot of clarity after today's channel about putting your consciousness into a potentiality, the potentiality that you choose. You had told us many times when we've asked questions, "What do you want?" I think the concern I always get into when I start doing that is, "Isn't that an agenda? Am I not establishing an agenda?" And if the potentiality I choose has potential effects on other people, am I violating their free will, or whatever? So, could you speak to that for us? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed. On our side we call this "head stuff." (audience laughter) It is when the human gets into the "what if's" and "what if's," and worries about the effect of their creativity. First, it is to know that agenda is only limiting yourself by having a predetermined outcome to the situation. We tell you to release your agenda because, in the agenda, you are in a box.

As divine humans, you can create so much more than you ever thought was possible. When you release your agenda, you release your limitations. That is all it is, a releasing of limitations and allowing something new and full to come into your being.

As far as affecting others, indeed, you affect others! Isn't that what you have chosen, to have your light, to have your enlightenment shining, if they so choose to use it? There is an interesting physics that is set up here that it is very difficult to affect another human on a consciousness basis, not a physical, but on a consciousness basis, unless they so choose to be affected. Understand that simply because you are choosing a particular path or particular expression, you are not changing them unless they so choose.

So many Shaumbra are worried because of things you have done in the past, of - how to say - changing the minds and thoughts and beliefs of others. We have told you before… you are ones who helped create the religions. You are the ones who helped (chuckling) brainwash the other humans. And you are worried about doing that again.

But it is different in the New Energy. You work in a neutrally energized basis. Your energy is in a neutral state until the other human so chooses to use it. Then, it is their responsibility. It is not yours.

You ask very good questions. These are excellent concerns. But move beyond those. Express yourself. Do not be afraid of the "what ifs." "What if I hurt someone? What if I hurt myself?" Trust in yourself. Trust in your divinity. That is the key here… when you express trust in yourself. We thank you for your question.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11: What is this flipping of energy that we keep feeling and all the meltdowns all around? What is this all about that so many of us are going through this?

TOBIAS: What IS this flipping of energy, and what ARE these meltdowns that you are going through? What are they? Tell us. (audience laughter, as Shaumbra 11 tries to slip away. Shaumbra 11 is reluctant to answer Tobias' question.)

TOBIAS (crossing legs and sitting back in his chair): Time is not so relevant on our side. (much more laughter)

SHAUMBRA 11 (who has returned to the microphone): Changing faster than we can even imagine ourselves.

TOBIAS: That is true. The changes are much faster than what even we anticipated. The changes are going very, very rapid at this point, in a sense, because you have chosen that. You, all of Shaumbra, have chosen to move through quickly. What would have taken dozens, perhaps hundreds of lifetimes, you are trying to clear and transmute and transform in a single lifetime, in a short few number of years.

There is something that we call the "quantum factor." You can all sense that there are global changes that are imminent by the year 2012. You read about it in books. You have discussed it, and you know it is coming. We have told you that you are not locked into that year of 2012. There is nothing sacred about any date at all.

You are the ones to change the pace. You have chosen to accelerate. You have your foot on the gas, going as fast as you can. But dear Shaumbra, look down for a moment. Where is that other foot? (brief pause, then audience laughter) You have answered your own question! You are putting great stress on the spiritual engine of yours. You are trying to go fast, but your fears are putting a foot on the brake. One foot on the gas, one on the brake. That is what is causing the problem.

You told yourselves today in Shoud to express. How can you express if one foot is on the brake? You are being cautious and justifiably so. But ease off that brake a little bit. You will find you can transition into the New Energy much better.

The world around you will continue to have these ups and downs, and the highs and lows. Well over a year ago of your time, we told you that the stock market would be on roller coasters. We are not predictors of the future; however, we can see that right now things will be going back and forth, up and down. That is the natural course. In a sense, it is designed that way by you, because it builds momentum, and it builds energy. If it were always going up, there would be no corresponding energy to provide the momentum or the fuel. So, you experience highs and lows. You, Shaumbra, are getting used to this. You are learning how to stay in a place of balance, even when the world around you might be going through storms.

Now, this thing you call "meltdown." In a sense, what you are literally doing during these fast, and furious, and intense processes you are going through is you are, in a way, vibrationally melting away old attributes, old barriers, old forms of consciousness around you. It is exhausting on your system, mentally, physically, spiritually. But you are quickly melting away old layers. You are beginning to sense the light at the end of the tunnel. And no, it is not a train. It is your divinity. As you sense this, you want to speed up. You want to go faster. You can really begin to feel this approaching. So, those final layers that are still around… you are trying to melt through and burn through quickly. That is what is happening.

Now, when you go through these, don't try to fight them. We will add one very simple and one very effective suggestion for all of you, for all Shaumbra. When you really feel these periods of distress and what you call meltdown, take a bath. Take a bath. Use some sea salts in the bath. They do help pull out some of the old energies. They do help this. Breathe deeply.

And dear friends, eat a chocolate chip cookie! (audience laughter) There is more to that than simply the humor behind it. It does two things. You are giving yourself a treat. And there is a very potent vibration in the chocolate itself. Chocolate does help soothe the ascension symptoms! (audience laughter and applause)

Dear friends, it has been a delight to be here with you this day. It has been a delight to see you channel yourselves, to see you express yourself as a group. What you have said has been recorded on our side, as well as yours. And it will become the books for those who follow. You are never alone. And they will never be alone either.

And so it is!