The Divine Human Series:
"SHOUD 12: The Seven Seals"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
July 19, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we gather together again. We gather together in an energy that has continued for you throughout this weekend (the Midsummer New Energy Conference in Breckenridge, Colorado). The energy is parallel in a time/space type of way to something that happened several thousands of years ago. The energy of that event has been riding directly with the energy of this event. We will talk about that in the Shoud today.

It is a delight for I, Tobias, to be here with all of you Divine Humans. You are the ones who answered the call to be here again. It is an honor for I, Tobias, to be here with Archangel Michael (channeled through Ronna Herman), dear Michael, whose energy flooded in here the other night, whose family you are from; and the energy of White Eagle and Mark (channeled through Jonette Crowley) who come here to help balance you, to help move you through this process in an inter-dimensional way but also very much in a Now way.

By being here, you have given permission to allow yourself to go through the next doorway. It leads you to more fulfillment, to more completion, and to new types of experiences in your life. The energies of Mark and White Eagle help to overcome some of your fears and the concerns.

It is an honor for I, Tobias, to be here with the energies of dear Mary, Marit – such a wonderful angel. Her energy came flowing in with the music (referring to Ave Maria sung by Natalie Campbell before the channel). We know you felt the warmth, and the nurturing, the comfort, and the love through this. We had to do a little bit of preparation on our part to make sure this dear one, Natalie, was here to deliver the energy of Mary for you. But you see, we can work these things out when we need to. (audience laughter)

It is an honor for me to be here with Metatron, whose energy continues to prod you forward, to ask you over and over again, “Are you ready? Are you bold?” You might be driving along in your car and feel or hear the words, “Are you ready?” You might be backing away from something you feel in your heart is right to do. Then Metatron comes through and reminds you, says to you, “Are you ready?” You have been preparing for this for lifetimes and lifetimes, not just here on Earth, but long before you came here.

It is an honor for I, Tobias, to be here with the energies of St. Germain, my dear friend on this side of the veil. For we have both been in human form before. We share many stories and a few jokes about you! (some laughter) And it is an honor to be here with Hossaf who is truly learning so much about the human angel, learning how you react, learning the obstacles of this thing that has been called the veil. Yes, it is moving away.

You are so used to having the veil around you. Sometimes when the veil starts to lift away, we see you pull it back over you like a young child pulling the blankets over its head at night. You are comfortable under the veil. You know how to operate under the veil.

As the veil is lifted, you feel something funny in your body. Your mind does not seem so balanced. You feel that there are no boundaries. There are no walls to contain you. This is an unusual and uncomfortable feeling. So, you try to pull the veil back over you again. Yet, in the next breath, you say, “Dear Spirit, release the veil from around me, for I want to be a free angel!”


We have many other visitors on this day, the ones who help on our side, what you would call the staff members of the Crimson Council.

And we have angels of darkness who are all around. Yes, lovely isn’t it? They come here to observe. They cannot do anything here, dear friends. They are in a sacred and holy space that has been created by Shaumbra. They cannot do anything in this space. They are here to observe. They are part of All That Is. They are part of your past. They are part of your Now. There is a blessing in each one of them. We will discuss them on this day. There are four angels of darkness here today, one in each corner of this room. They have a job to do here with you. They will help move and transmute some energy.

We told Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) on his way up this mountain that the theme of this event is, “You can fly.” Dear friends, from your human perspective, that could be taken in several different ways. You have an expression we chuckle about. Things – how to say – they fly when they hit the fan. (audience laughter) And there are a lot of fans around the room (because of the heat in the ballroom). This is not an accident.

The energy of this event also allows things to fly, to soar, to be released, to open up, like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon. The butterfly is overwhelmed by the light of the sun and feels something different all around her. This thing called wings, at first it is frightening, for the caterpillar never knew wings before. It only knew legs. But then it sees the glorious colors of its wings. She spreads them, allowing her wings to feel the air. This former caterpillar takes a deep breath, opens her wings, releases, leaves behind the cocoon, leaves behind what sealed it in for so very long. She takes off for a new journey, a new service, and a new way of living.

Dear friends, the energy of this conference is to fly. To fly. So, we ask you to take a deep breath, all of you, those listening in on the Internet, those reading these words or listening to these words in the days to come. Take a deep breath now. We are going to go on a bit of a journey here today.

This is Shoud 12 of the Divine Human Series. We’ve had a wonderful year together with you, a monumental year. It was a time that we transitioned from I, Tobias, and the angels speaking to you. In this series, you began to speak also. Your voice and your energy was melded into all the vibrational patterns, the very complex and beautiful vibration patterns of every one of these channels. You joined together. The Shoud began. It became your voice, our voice, and the voice of Spirit.

This has not been done before. It was always the human listening to the angels, trying to listen to God; the human listening to somebody up on a pulpit, telling them what to do and how to do it; the human following a guru who had no more clue than they. The guru just knew how to talk a bit better.

So, you joined in a Shoud. It became the voice of Shaumbra and the voice of Spirit – monumental, changing the energy of the Earth.

We will continue with our Shouds. Your energy will become more and more a part of the Shoud. But you know, as you become more and more of the energy of the Shoud, as you open your hearts and express yourself energetically through us, then WE can be more and more a part of the Shoud. The Shoud can be more fulfilling and more complete.

You see, the energy of the Shoud is not linear. It is multi-dimensional. When you open up to all of who you are and add your energy to this vessel of love and information called the Shoud, we can open up more and more. Dear friends, this is the way that Spirit works. As you become more and more of the God that you truly are, God can become more and more of the God that She truly is! This is the physics of the New Energy.

You are not just trading one energy for the other. You are not stepping forward so we can step back. You are stepping forward and expanding, and Spirit is directly at your side. Gaia and even the Anasazi, and even the animals and the devas of the Earth; they have been departing. They have been leaving and withdrawing their Old energy and their Old relationship to you. As they depart, you accept the responsibility. Aah, this is a key point – then, they can come back. They can come back more full and in the New Energy in a whole new way.

The Old Energy, you see, was a bit off-balance. It required placeholders of energy to fill in where you were not complete. As you release all of the Old, and you begin to accept the God that is within you, then all of these things can come back in a dynamic New Energy way. You lose nothing. You gain everything in the New Energy.

You have been afraid that you have to give up relationships and give up jobs and give up all sorts of things in your life. You have been sad even about Gaia, sad about the departure. It was the departure of these things in the Old way, but you had to truly let go of them. You had to fully release them, not anticipating that they would come back later. You had to genuinely release the Old.

Then as you expand in your own right, all of the things you released can come back and expand also. The physics of the New Energy is that as you open up, as you expand, God expands also. It is that simple.


We are a bit overwhelmed today to be sitting with you at such an event, a bit overwhelmed at your dedication and your determination, your love, your willingness to get back in there, even when things seem to be working against you. We are going to just you sit here in this overwhelming energy for a moment and soak it in from our side. Let us honor you for who you are. You are the angels who are blazing the new trail, the angels who truly, truly love and live in the Now. (brief pause) What a fine day this is!

Approximately 2150 years ago, dear friends, this group, this exact group, bar none, sat together like this on a place called Mount Zion. Allow yourself to go inter-dimensional while staying in this Now moment. Stay in this Now moment but go inter-dimensional into the Expanded Now. Allow the energies from several thousands of years ago to come back in now. We sat together in a group like this before.

At that time, there were also angels in the Second Circle. And there were other humans and angels who were connecting energetically, telepathically just like the ones who are connecting with us online right now. They were connecting, whether it was from the Earth plane or the multi-dimensional planes. You were tuned in back then into one large loving matrix of energy.

The ones who are in this room sat together. You had traveled from far and distant lands to be at this gathering of the priests and prophets. You came from the lands of Asia, and the lands of Europe, the lands of Africa, and the lands of the unknown. You journeyed for months, many of you, for years, to be at this gathering.

Breathe in and allow yourself to remember this parallel event 2150 years ago. You were the mystics. Some of you were priests and rabbis. You were Arabs and Jews, Africans, Asians.

You see, a call had gone out from the grand house of Archangel Michael to gather on Mount Zion for a month of time for meditation and for prayer, for intense connecting to our side of the veil, for intense connecting to Earth and intense connecting to a similar event sometime in the future. You did not know the exact date, but you knew that you would gather together again to open something that had been closed for a long time, to change something that needed New Energy.

You sat together back then just as we are sitting together now. There were great discussions, even with the barrier of the languages. There were great discussions about the nature of humanity, about the human condition, and the spiritual nature of humankind all over Earth, similar to the discussions that you are having here today. There were discussions of how to reconnect with Spirit, and what was holding humankind back.

There were some of you that wanted to maintain an alliance to the church at the time, to the synagogue. Some of you did not want to be rebels, but rather wanted to try to integrate your new thoughts, your new way of looking at humanity and spirituality into the structure of the church. You wanted to stay in alignment with the churches, to flow with their energy. Others of you were quite the rebels. You wanted to go off on your own, to start your own new religion.

Others in the group were very much into the conspiracies, the conspiracy of the governments and the churches, many of which were true. But you wanted to focus the energies of your gathering, of your conference back then on Mount Zion, on the conspiracies. Another group of you wanted to go off into the remote lands, thousands of miles away, to live there as a group, to sequester yourselves, to close yourselves in and simply hold the energy of Earth.

What was discussed in great detail at this gathering was the understanding of the Seven Seals, which were later written about in the Holy Bible. There was great energy in this discussion. There was the connection to the galactic energies, the multi-dimensional energies. If you read this Book of Revelations, you will see how the galactic energies came into play.

This gathering was about the Seven Seals. You came to the understanding that there was something in the human spiritual condition that was sealed within, but appropriately so. There were seven conditions of mankind sealed into the human angels walking the face of the Earth. And one day these seals would be ready to be opened if the Earth survived, if humanity crossed certain bridges or opened certain doorways. The Seven Seals were identified. Their energy was discussed. In this gathering, dear friends, you related the seals to your understanding of the energetic systems within the human body, what you now call the chakras.

Now, we ask you to stay open with us here. Stay in the Now. Stay very present in your being but understand that we will bring in the energies of your gathering several thousands of years ago into this room. We also pull in the energies of your churches of today, which originated with the work that so many of you did in past lives. And we will bring in the energies of what we call the New Earth.

Breathe in deeply, dear friends, and allow us to integrate all of these elements together in this very interesting dimension that you are allowing to be created all around you.

Today we are going to gently – very gently – open the Seven Seals. We want you to understand that you are doing it only for yourself. You are not doing it for all of humanity. You cannot do it for them. You are not doing it for the ones that sit next to you. You are not doing it for your children, or your parents. You are gently opening these Seven Seals for yourself.

But you see, as you open, as you change your vibration, you affect the potential of everything around you. As we have talked before, when you change your vibration, you send out a neutral potential energy that can then be used by any other human, any other type of life form that so chooses. But you do not inflict your will on them.

There are many humans, the vast majority of humans today, who do not choose to open the seals. Understand and honor that. If you are here today, energetically or physically, you do not have to open these.

Understand, as you gently, gently open these, yes – indeed, someone just asked – many of you have been going through the process already, essentially helping to dissolve some of the coatings that have been on these seals. And now, now in this group energy, it is safe to gently open them more and more.

These were seven attributes that had been created based on your journey from Home, through the Wall of Fire, through the Order of the Arc, and through all of your experiences on Earth. These attributes have been deeply embedded within you, by you. These are conditions that are ready for change. These are Old paradigms and Old dynamics, Old patterns that are now ready for change. These were not things that were inflicted on you by Spirit or inflicted on you by the darkness. They are simply conditions and patterns of your journey.

The darkness is here today because it has taken part in that journey, that part of you. The darkness is here to show you exactly what it is and what it isn't, to show you that it was simply an attribute of the Old that does not need to exist anymore in the way that you had created it.


In the First Seal, dear friends, is the energy of Separation. This energy is deeply embedded within you. It has been with you ever since you left Home and crossed through the Wall of Fire. You have sealed it within you, lived it, and believed it, and accepted that you were separate from Spirit. When you went through the Wall of Fire and felt yourself shattered into a billion and a billion pieces, this created a sense of separation.

This sense of separation has stayed with you, the longing to go Home, the longing for Mother/Father/God but not being able to find that energy, the longing to be back in the arms of your dear, dear King and Queen, of the Oneness from whence you came. The separation was an illusion. It had to be there. It had to be sealed inside so you could go off on your own journey. It served you well.

The churches of modern days have intensified and magnified the energy of separation. They have embedded it even more deeply within you. They have talked about how you were thrown from the heavens, how you were banned from the gardens. Dear friends, that was the Old Energy, and it has no place in the New. You are not separate. In reality, you never were.

So, with the love in your heart and the tears in your eyes, dear friends, allow yourself to open the First Seal. As you open it, the Seal of Separation brings back the energy of Spirit and Home. It brings back the love of God. It brings it into the reality, into the Now.

Let no man, woman, or church ever again tell you that you are separate from God. Ever.


In the Second Seal contains the energy of Self. You see, when you crossed through the Wall of Fire and experienced separation, you also began to experience Self for the first time. You realized you had your own identity and your own spiritual fingerprint.

There was the realization of Self, but this also created Self-doubt. “Who am I? Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I no longer at Home? Why am I in a void?” The awareness of Self and Self-doubt also gave you the energy for Self-discovery. You have been on a journey for eons of time, discovering who you are, and who you aren’t.

The churches tell you that Self is bad or wrong. Understand and remember that you helped to create some of the doctrine and the dogma of the churches. But it is time to transform that energy, to transmute it into the New. They tell you the Self must be annihilated. They tell you to let go, to let some unknown God take over and that one day you will lose all remembrance of who you ever were because you will be back in the blissful heavens of God in a big mush of oneness.

Dear friends, in the New Energy, there is Self. There is self-realization, self-understanding. You will remember the journey that brought you here. You will remember who you are. Self should not be denied. Self should not be annihilated.

Every night all over your world we work with humans who are trying to kill themselves, physically and emotionally. They are trying to kill memories of what they have been done, where they have been. Every night we weep because Self is a precious gift of Spirit. It is your gift.

Let no man, woman, or church ever tell you to deny Self. It is an essential part of your unique spiritual identity. You are the Creator of Self. So, dear friends, with the love in your heart and the tears in your eyes, open the Second Seal. See the beauty of your Self. Gently allow the Second Seal to open.


Dear friends, there is a Third Seal. And yes – to the one who just asked – these do relate to the energies of the chakras. They do relate to the energy of the words in the scriptures if you will study for a bit. Behind the Third Seal is the energy of Satan. It is within you, deeply embedded within you.

The energy of Satan is nothing more than duality, light and dark. It has been given its own power. But you know now power is an illusion. Satan has been given its own power, and its own identity, and its own place in juxtaposition with God, with Spirit.

Yes, indeed, the churches of today teach you that you have to choose God or Satan. They are essentially the same. They are essentially the same, all part of the same. But it has been embedded within you, this sense of duality, that there is a split and a division.

There is a fear that has motivated you and also sickened you, weakened you, killed you; a fear of falling into the hands of Satan. You have raced for the light. You have tried to find refuge in the light. But Satan always seems to find you. You wonder where God is, and why God isn’t there to bail you out, why Satan is always pulling, pulling at you.

The energy of Satan, as you know it today, is an illusion. There is no Satan, as the churches would have you believe. There is no choice between heaven and hell, light and dark. There was only duality.

You have also come to believe there is a Satan within you, a part of you that is so bad, so evil, that it should not be given the love from your heart, that it should not be given the life to exist. You have cut off part of yourself.

So, dear friends, with the love in your heart and the tears in your eyes, open the Third Seal of Satan to reveal that there was an illusion of duality, that energy is just energy, until you place a label on it. It is just energy of Spirit. Feel the dark forces who are in each corner of the room. Understand the game that they have played because you have asked them to.

Let no man, woman, or church ever tell you that Satan will get you. Let no man, woman, or church ever tell you there was a power opposite of Spirit. It is just energy. It is within you. You are the Creator. Gently allow the seal to open.


Dear friends, in the Fourth Seal is the energy of Sin. It is also the guilt you have carried for so very long. It is deeply embedded within you and is part of the human spiritual condition. Sin and guilt – the same thing. You have carried guilt about leaving Home. You have carried guilt for trying to annihilate or consume other angels in the times long past, the times during the creation of the stars and the galaxies, long before you ever took on physical form. You have carried guilt because you've been told that you do things that are less worthy of the love of God.

You have carried the energy of sin and guilt within you. It has been part of your human spiritual condition. As you open this up, you will realize that there was never a reason to feel guilty, that there was no such thing as sin. There is ONLY experience.

So, dear friends, with the love in your heart and the tears from your eyes, allow the Fourth Seal to open. Release yourself from the burdens of sin and that guilt that you have carried for so very long. In the New Energy there is no such thing as sin. There is nothing to be guilty of.

Let no man, woman, or church ever tell you that you have done wrong in the eyes of God. It is all about experience.

In the New Energy you have a balance within where you will not be compelled to do things that are against the will or the love of another man or woman or of Earth or any living object, because you have a greater understanding of their journey. You will have great a compassion for them, such a compassion that you can watch them do heinous things to themselves and still love them. Release the sin and guilt. And as teachers of the New Energy, help others to move through this very difficult hurdle, this very difficult chakra.


Dear friends, behind the Fifth Seal is an energy we want you to pay particular attention to on this day, and henceforth, every day that comes. As you built the human spiritual conditions and sealed them within your consciousness and your belief systems, you created an interesting condition called Suffering. Suffering. You have felt that the way back Home, the way to atone for what you perceived as a wrong path, was through suffering. This is a more contemporary of the seals.

You have given yourself suffering – suffering physically, suffering financially, suffering in relationships, suffering for the sake of others. Dear Shaumbra, you are experts at suffering for others! By doing so, you deny them of their own suffering. And it shows a lack of compassion for them.

You have taken on your own suffering, the suffering of the world, the suffering of lifetimes past, the sufferings of universes that have never been created. (audience laughter) You have taken on the sufferings of the entities and angels that you used to be. You have embedded the energy of suffering deep within you, and it is causing problems in your hearts. It is causing problems in your life. You got so low in your journey that you thought that the only way to get back was to suffer, suffer, suffer.

When you are ready to open that Seal of Suffering, you will find that the energy transforms to one of joy and creation. Dear Shaumbra, some of you may have a difficult time opening this seal, for you still think there is more suffering you must go through. You still think that life must be difficult. You have convinced yourself of this so deeply that you give yourself only the bare minimum, enough to barely get by. You get back to our side, and you say, “Damn, life is difficult!” From now on when we hear that from you, we will say, “Damn, why are you choosing that?” (audience laughter)

So, dear friends, with the love in your heart, and the tear in your eye, and the laughter of your voice, open the Fifth Seal, and allow the energy of suffering to be released from your consciousness. Allow all of the suffering you have ever gone through and the suffering that you experience right now to leave.

Let no man, woman, or church ever, ever, ever tell you that you must suffer again. Joy is the way of the New Energy. Fulfillment is the way of the New Energy. Be proud of who you are, what you are, and what you do. Express it in love, like what you heard last night (referring to one of the speakers from the previous evening). Dear Shaumbra, release the suffering from the Fifth Seal so that you may experience the blessings of being an angel on Earth.


Behind the Sixth Seal – an interesting element – an element that has so much energy behind it today. Energies that are literally trying to attack you, energies that were present in our meeting last month and come in again, particularly on this day. Behind the Sixth Seal is Salvation, Salvation.

You knew that someday, in the crossroads of your journey, there would be salvation. There would be release. It’s not the UFO’s that come down to pick you up. (audience laughter) It’s not a guru. It’s not another human. It’s not even Jesus, Yeshua.

Salvation is you. Salvation is the release of all of the illusions. The opening of the Seven Seals IS the salvation. Within the acceptance in your heart of four simple words – I AM GOD ALSO – is salvation.

Your (Christian) churches today are telling everyone there is salvation through Jesus Christ, his only son. And I, Tobias, will make a bold statement here – that is a lie! There is not one chosen son. There are angels from Home and millions and billions of them. And I am sitting here talking to 238 of them right now, plus all of you who gather online. I am addressing all of you.

Let no church tell you that you have to follow the path of any other, including Yeshua. Indeed, he set an example. But he did not want others to follow after him. You know, he made some mistakes. He suffered more than he should have! (some laughter)

So, dear friends, with the love in your heart and the tears in your eyes, open the Sixth Seal of Salvation. Transmute the Old Energy of salvation from one who comes to save if you happen to be judged appropriately. Release that from within you. Understand that you are your own salvation. No one else is your salvation, simply you.

Salvation was always there. It was the acceptance of yourself and your journey. Understand that Yeshua loves you. Yeshua has walked with you. Yeshua did not need to save you from anything. You never needed to be saved. You only needed to be reminded.


Finally, the Seventh Seal. The Seventh Seal is also the energy of Self, just like Seal Number Two. But in the Seventh Seal, it is the unfolding of the Self, “I Am,” rather than the Self, “Who am I?” The Seventh Seal is the butterfly leaving the cocoon.

The Seventh Seal has always been within you. It always had the potential of the “I Am.” The “I Am” doesn’t need to question who it is. It doesn’t need to question what's going on around. It has a knowingness and an understanding at a profound new level. The Self behind the Seventh Seal understands things through the divine heart, not through the human intelligence. The Seventh Seal is the potential of the New Energy and the New Earth.

So, with all the blessings from us – from Archangel Michael, from Metatron and Mary, from Hossaf, from St. Germain – yes indeed, for the one who asked, indeed Kryon also, and the dark ones who stand in the corners – open the Seventh Seal to allow yourself to be the “I Am.”

Dear friends, in the New Energy let no man, woman, or church ever tell you that you are anything less than God. Begin to live each moment, each breath, and each day as God. Open up that divine heart of yours. Release the burden that you have placed on your mind.


The Seven Seals will open gently, gently. You have the love and support of the angels around you during this time. And you have your own Divine Self. You see, a baby is not conceived and birthed in one day. It takes months, nine months. The unfolding, the opening of your seals, will come gently and slowly.

We ask you to breathe in first thing in the morning and acknowledge that You are God Also. Throughout the day, when you hear that mind chatter, it is simply Self-doubt. Remind yourself, “I AM God Also.” That is all you need to know. You are worthy of it, all of you. You are worthy of it. Now, accept it into your hearts.

There are new times coming to all. You may have challenges. You may have work to do. But it won't be like before. It will not be like before. You see, some of you work, and work, and work so hard. Even the energy of work will change. It will be more playful. It will be an adventure. It won’t have to be such a struggle. You won’t have to be suffer.

There will be a lot for you to do, Shaumbra, in these New Energy days ahead. You heard some of it here (referring to presentations at the New Energy Conference). You were given offers. You were shown opportunities and potentials here. You were shown how to overcome obstacles, and hurdles, and barriers here.

If you accept the challenge, if you accept the New Energy, if you allow yourself to open the seals within that have been closed for so very long, you will find such a different way. It will come to you. It WILL come to you. You will find you will not have to work so hard. Yes, you will fill the days with activities, more than ever before, but it won't be drudgery work like it has been in the past. It will be the joy of life. Can you handle that, Shaumbra? (audience laughter)


Twenty months ago, sitting in this very room, we gave a channel that on a Sunday morning (at the first Crimson Circle School: Outside the Circle). This channel was a reflection of the words that were written some 2150 years ago by all of you right here, all of you who gathered on Mount Zion.

The essence of this channel were words that could not be spoken or written about (brief pause as Tobias gets very emotional) – a bit of emotion here – words that could not be spoken or written back then and can barely be spoken or written even now in this year of 2003. You would have been killed back then. Now, you will just be beat up a bit! (audience laughter)

Twenty months ago, we channeled four simple words – YOU ARE GOD ALSO. Simple words. Yet they are the four most dynamic words of the New Energy.

We challenged Cauldre to publish the New Energy Bible. And we meant it, literally. We have been putting pressure on the energy of Shaumbra to create this thing. We have been tapping Cauldre on the shoulder many, many times to just do this.

Indeed, indeed, we understand the concerns. Indeed, we understand that these “salvation forces” of the Old Energy do not like this one bit. They do not want to see this. They do not want these words published, you see, because they still have the seven seals closed within them. They still hang on to Old beliefs and Old ways. They are afraid of the New Energy, of the New church, of the New way.

But we know you, Shaumbra, are strong. We know you are ready. You are ready for this.

So, we ask you to accept this gift that you have created, this gift of the four words – YOU ARE GOD ALSO.

The New Energy Bible is now ready! Cauldre will tell you a funny story when we are done here (see below). The New Energy Bible had to be ready for this conference. It barely was! It had to be in this room, today! It had be with the united energies of the 238 of you who gathered on Mount Zion 2150 years ago.

In this New Energy Bible, there are only four words. (audience laughter) YOU ARE GOD ALSO. It is that simple. It is that simple.

In this New Energy Bible that you will see today there are 238 pages. There is one page representing each who is in the room today. And the cover of the New Energy Bible represents Shaumbra all over the world.

The New Energy Bible, dear friends, is filled with blank pages because no man, woman, or church can ever tell you how to live. YOU ARE GOD ALSO. Each one of you here, each one of you from 2150 years ago, is represented by a page in the book. You helped to create this.

This is a significant day for us and for you. This is a day that the forces from the outside have not looked forward to. They started their energetic attacks months ago. Yes, some of you could feel this. They intensified it during our last gathering. They almost made Cauldre forget to do the book! (some laughter) But it was delivered just in time. We are joking with you, Cauldre, of course.

So, dear friends, such is the energy of Shoud 12 of the Divine Human Series. The Seven Seals, the energies that were embedded deep within you, can now be opened and released.

Yes, if you study the scriptures, and the energies of the chakra system, you will see how this all relates. If you care to study the scriptures to learn more about Revelations, understand that some 2150 years ago when we met on Mount Zion, we did connect with the inter-dimensional energies. Look for the interpretations when they talk about the demons, and the horses, the warriors and all of the other symbols that are in the Revelations. Look back again on at this book, and you will understand indeed.

We will continue with the energy of this gathering for the next day or two. But the energy of THIS moment is the acceptance that You are God Also, and the opening of the Seven Seals.

We love you dearly. You are never alone.

And so it is.


A note from Geoffrey Hoppe (Cauldre):

The first Crimson Circle School, “Outside the Circle” was held at the Great Divide Lodge, November 8-11, 2001, in the same ballroom as the New Energy Conference where the above channel took place. It had been a long and tiring weekend at the School, but very fulfilling. Over 60 Shaumbra re-experienced the journey from Home, through the Wall of Fire, into the Void and through the creation of the universe.

I clearly remember how tired I was when I woke up on Sunday morning, the last day of the School. Tobias had already channeled through me five times during the past two days, and we had one last channel to do that morning. I told Tobias that I was exhausted, and asked him to keep the morning channel short. I was concerned about my ability to hold the focus and energy of the channel.

Later that morning, Tobias came in for the channel. I felt energized the moment he started talking. It was one of the best – and longest – channels ever given by Tobias. This is where he first presented the words, “You Are God Also.” He said that the planet was ready for the New Energy Bible, and that it should contain only the four words, “You Are God Also.” Tobias said that the New Energy Bible should be “100 and 100 and more pages” and that all but one page should be blank. He said that as creators in the New Energy, it was up to each of us to write the pages of our own New Energy Bible.

I put the project in my mental “to do” box, but it kept getting pushed to the bottom of the stack because of all of the other projects with more immediate deadlines. A year or so later, I contacted several printers for price quotes, but ran into some obstacles because they didn’t quite understand why I needed a hardcover book with only one page of printing. In the confusion, I let the project find its way down to the bottom of the list once again.

This past winter, Tobias again reminder me about the New Energy Bible during a public channel. I was so tied up with a large project for a consulting client that I chose to temporarily ignore his request. Then just two weeks before we were ready to leave for this New Energy Conference, Tobias popped in one afternoon when I stepped outside to take a break.

“How’s my New Energy Bible coming along?” he asked with a bit of sarcasm in his voice.

“Tobias, I just haven’t had the time to do the artwork and production,” I replied.

“It would be nice to have the book for the Midsummer New Energy Conference,” Tobias prodded.

“The Conference is only two weeks away, Tobias!” I said in an exasperated tone. “I’ll try to do it as soon as we get back.”

“Hmmmmm….” And Tobias was gone.

The phone rang the moment I got back to my desk. It was a printer who I was working with on client-related project. At the end of our discussion, he said, “Remember that book I quoted on about six months ago? The one with all of the blank pages? I just came across the paperwork. Are you still going to do the book?”

“How the heck does Tobias do this!!?” I wondered to myself. I told the printer that I needed the book delivered within two weeks, absolutely no later than Friday, July 18. If this wasn’t possible, we’d have to wait until after the Conference to talk.

The printer called back about four hours later. In spite of the fact that his company didn’t produce hard cover books, and that they would have to subcontractor the job to a company on the East Coast, he said they could deliver the first 300 books to Breckenridge by the July 18 … as long as I had all of the art files ready by noon the following day.

I got up at 6:00 AM the next day, designed the cover and inside pages and emailed the files to the printer by noon. I went through more emotional, mental and spiritual challenges that morning than at any other time during my eight-year spiritual journey. Who am I to be writing this book? What will people say? How will the fundamentalists react? Is Yeshua OK with this? Moses? What about my mom and dad, who are now on the other side? I was literally sick to my stomach, and so conflicted within that I couldn’t even feel Tobias around me. In my mind-of-duality at the moment, all of this seemed so … blasphemous! I had visions of being stoned. The kind with hard rocks, of course.

300 copies of the New Energy Bible were delivered as promised to Breckenridge, Colorado on July 18. Tobias had asked me not to present the book until after his channel on Saturday afternoon, July 19. I didn’t understand his request at the time, but after the channel I fully understood. He wanted to set the energy for the introduction of Shaumbra’s newest book, “The New Energy Bible.” 238 pages thick. Four simple words. “You Are God Also.”

In a very beautiful and moving moment following the channel, Brad Johnson, Clear Lake, MN suggested that everyone at the Conference sign a single copy of the New Energy. During a channel the next day, Tobias acknowledged the idea and further suggested that Linda and I take the “signature” copy of the New Energy Bible with us to all workshops and seminars so Shaumbra from around the world could sign it. And so it is!