The Divine Human Series:
"SHOUD 11: Four New Energy Paradigms"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
June 7, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends and Shaumbra, that we gather together again for our time of healing, our time of sharing, our time of taking a break from your rather hectic schedule of going from the Old Energy into the New. We stretched this music out a bit (the music played before the Shoud) because, oh, this is a time when we can truly speak to you, when we can truly come flowing in.

What you seek today – a comfort, a new balance in your body and mind, a shift that was difficult to move through – so much of this work we did while the singing took place, while you were opening your hearts, while you weren't in your mind, while you opened the gateways for us to come flooding. You gave this gift to yourself.

So much transformation can be done with sound. There are Shaumbra listening or reading right now who are working with this as a type of therapy. For those who are having difficulties and out of balance, there are certain frequencies that are conducive to helping bring back balance.

This is not a new thought at all. Scientists have discovered long ago that sound has such a dramatic impact on life force energy.

Music can have an impact in your own life. The beautiful music you just heard (“Schubert’s Ave Maria” performed by Natalie Campbell from her CD “Blue of the Flame”) was, in a sense, channeled. The composer and singer allowed the flow of appropriate energies to come through them. Yes, indeed they were the creative artists who expressed this energy through their voice and through the instruments. They allowed the flow to come through. Contained within this recording are tremendous rebalancing energies.

Dear Shaumbra, there are so many new types of modalities, so many new sources for all of you to do your work. Look beyond what is obvious. Look beyond the courses that are already developed. Play with sounds and colors. Play with all of the energies that come in to you from an inter-dimensional standpoint. These are all available to you.

While the music was playing, it also allowed you to be so much in the Now here with family in this room, family who are connecting through your Internet. It allowed you to be in the moment, to breathe safely and deeply. While you did that, you changed the very vibration of who you are.

You are an energetic force. You attract everything to you, and you send back out your vibrational signature to everything around you. There is a completion of the circle in your energy. We will talk about that today.

When you allow yourself to be relaxed and in the moment, and hear with such wonderful energies, you open a phenomenal dynamic energy that allows everything appropriate to come into your life. We have stated this over and over again. We know for so many of you it is a difficult concept. But it will come to you. Release the expectations of what you thought should be in your life. Open your heart and feel all of the potential. It comes to you.

Dear friends, you are learning a whole New way of living. You are learning to be in the New Energy where indeed everything comes to you, where indeed you can be in an expanded moment. In this expanded Now, everything you have ever been can come back in to serve you. All things come back to you, but in a new, a different, and appropriate way.

You are learning that you do not need to plan all of the details in your life. You do not need to plan out what will happen in a month, or six, or six years. It simply comes to you. We know this is a challenge. We know you question it so deeply. But this is the way of the New Energy.

You learned so well how to plan everything. You became masters at it. Now that you understand all the planning, and organizing, and living on the Old linear path; now you can leave it.

The grand Master artists learned all of painting techniques. They needed to become proficient with the painting techniques in order to become a Master. After they mastered the old painting techniques, they shed the title of Master, and they began exploring whole new ways of creating on canvas. The great Master painters knew were experts with the techniques. After learning the techniques, they could be released from it and explore new types of expression, expression that went against everything of their time.

You are like that, Shaumbra. You have learned how to plan and organize, how to balance your checkbooks, how to do all of these human things. You have learned it quite well. You are not throwing it out or rejecting how to live on a linear path. You simply transcended it. You simply mastered it.

Now it is time to put down those techniques in order to explore the New consciousness. That is what you are doing now. Little by little, but sure enough, you are learning to allow the New Energy to come into your life and then to dance with it. You are learning that in all of your planning and plotting and organizing, you could never have done it this grandly. You are learning to be the Creator in your Now moment.

What will happen when you stop all of the planning and plotting? There are millions and millions of other humans who will pick it up for you! (audience laughter) They are still learning. They love to do it. They live by it.

Oh, yes, you still may have to go through some of the motions because of the type of work environments you are in. But you will know they are just motions. Even the old master painter would occasionally repeat a stroke or a motion from the old, but he knew what it was. He knew it is just to stay in touch with that energy. But that Master artist knew that he truly transcended the old ways.

That is where you are at, Shaumbra. You are getting off the Old linear path. You are beginning to experience what it is like to have everything flow into your life. You are beginning to experience a place of such openness and trust and grace where everything flows into your life. Everything.

This is a major shift. We will continue talking about it. We want you to continue to work with it over and over. When you find yourself stuck and frustrated, when you find yourself on a dead end street, understand that you are working in the Old. Take a deep breath and just let everything come to you.

We know some of you shake your heads and said, “Tobias, it could not possibly be that simple!” Ah, if you do not want it to be, then it won't. But it can be that simple. It can be that fulfilling.


Dear Shaumbra, we have a wonderful guest here today, a guest who you know quite well. You know the energies well. Like you, this guest is going through a change and release process. Our guest has supported life on this planet Earth. She has held such a tremendous energy for humanity.

Dear friends, our guest today is the energy of Gaia. Gaia – Mother Earth as some of you call her – is an angel. She is a singular, angelic energy. This angel, Gaia, has been responsible for maintaining the flow of life force energy on Earth. She came here when the earliest of the angels came to visit Earth, to seed Earth with the new energies that would eventually bring life to this rock. Gaia went through so much preparation prior to coming here.

She has a seat of honor in the Order of the Arc (the Archangels). Her seat has been vacant for so very long while she has been visiting Earth. She is the energy of the goddess of birth and of life.

She placed her love deep into the Earth and into all of the energies surrounding Earth. She came here long before many of you ever got here. She said, “I will be here to love and to nurture all who come to experience this grand place called Earth. I will be the giver of life, and I will be the taker of life. I will help hold all of the energies in an appropriate balance.”

Gaia comes in now to be with you. Gaia comes in to share her energies and also to share the transition she is going through. You could say, in a sense, that Gaia is experiencing a type of energy flu right now, similar to what so many of you have experienced. She is going through drastic changes in her Old systems, in her ley lines and her grids and all of the energy flows of Earth. It is causing somewhat of a hardship on the angel Gaia.

But you know what, dear friends? She is celebrating this. She is celebrating the change within her own system. She honors the process. She asks you not to feel sorry for her. She has not felt sorry for you when you were sick! (audience laughter) She understands that it is just part of the process.

Gaia created many kingdoms on Earth to support a balance of energy. She created the plant kingdom – the trees, the plants, the flowers. And through the plant kingdom she expresses her joy for your presence on Earth. She expresses her love and her feeling of beauty for you. She loves to have you play in her garden.

Within the plant kingdom is a very special energy. It provides nourishment and shelter and heat. Gaia and the plant kingdom are continually renewing and recycling to help sustain you here on Earth in your physical body.

Gaia helped to create the dear animal kingdom, the ones who provide you with nourishment and warmth. Some of you have feel that it was not appropriate to eat the flesh of an animal. We honor you for your choice, but for those who do partake in this, understand that these animals give of themselves to help you maintain your body here on Earth.

The energies of the animal kingdom are changing now. They no longer have to support you in the way that they did before. In a sense, they are leaving. Oh, you will still see chipmunks, deer, a grizzly bear here or there, plenty of cows, all sorts of other animals. But the vibration is changing.

You may not be attracted so much to the flesh and the meat as you were in the past. It is not a religious thing. It is not a rule. We do not want anyone to claim that Tobias is making a new rule about meat. We are saying your vibration is changing, and so is the vibration of the animal kingdom. So, you may not find yourself inclined to eat this type of thing. Listen to your body. It will tell you.

Gaia also helped to create the human kingdom, the kingdom that you are in, the human biology and body. She helps sustain and nourish the human kingdom. She gives you energy.

Place your consciousness in your feet for a moment. Breathe into your feet. Ah, Gaia loves your feet. (audience laughter) She helps you to stay grounded.

In the early days of Earth, the angels were not grounded at all. Gaia had to work very hard to help pull the energy into the feet, into the Earth. She gives you life force energy from Earth. You receive from below as you receive from above. She has been such a supporter for you in this way. She gives back energy to you, just like she is doing through your toes right now, giving you life force energy, helping to release the Old Energy that no longer serves you, and bringing in a fresh supply, over and over again.

The human kingdom is changing on Earth. The vibration is changing. You feel it every day. All of these things are changing.

There is one more kingdom, the aquatic kingdom, as we talked about recently in the place of the water and the rocks, what you call Pahrump (Nevada). You came there and placed your energy with Gaia in the water. Gaia supported you when you first came there, and you were not in the harsh type of biology that you are in now.

You allowed your angel energies to swim in the oceans, then to meld with the dolphins and the whales. This is talked about in the Bible in the first pages. You will see yourself in these passages. Spirit – you – created the whales that swam in the oceans. They got used to being in this type of reality. The aquatic kingdom is changing also.

All of this, dear friends, is part of a process of transformation and of new responsibility, responsibility that you are beginning to take. You see, Gaia has held so much of the energies, so much of the balance for you. She has continually helped birth you, over and over again. Now so much of her role – as expressed through the plant kingdom, as expressed through the animal kingdom, and the aquatic kingdom – is changing. She is, in a sense, handing over to you the responsibility for the rejuvenation of energies.

There are many, many, many changes going on right now, Shaumbra. You wonder sometimes why you feel out of sorts. We know you come to these gatherings help get back in sorts. That is because Gaia is releasing now. She has been here for eons of time.

She, too, will be going home soon – hard to think of Earth without Gaia. She wants you to begin accepting the energies of biological rejuvenation, energies of transforming and rebalancing the body over and over again. She will not leave in one fell swoop – whatever that means (audience laughter) – like the group did last week (referring to the recent Anasazi channel given in Santa Fe).

Oh, they were waiting, the Anasazi. They had been holding such an energy, waiting for Shaumbra to come, waiting for Shaumbra to step up. They had been holding it for thousands of years. They were waiting for the gathering last week, and they rejoiced. They rejoiced. They rejoiced, and sang, and danced. They were for thankful for the time that they had here. But they knew it was time to handoff to Shaumbra. It was time for you to take on the energies of reflection that they held for so long.

Gaia will not leave in a giant windstorm like that. But she is shifting her energies now. She is changing; therefore, you will find the plant, and animal, and aquatic kingdoms changing.

We know that you get angry at times. You wonder why certain things are being done upon the Earth. But try to look at it from behind the short wall. Sometimes what you think is a careless act of human clumsiness that potentially harms the environment, it is part of the change. They are just unconsciously participating in a process of releasing.

You know, dear friends, Gaia is so immensely powerful. She can heal herself – thank you. You do not need to save her. You only need to save yourself. She can heal quite well.

Her difficulty is that she is so powerful that at times she has to – how to say – moderate her energies so as not to blow you off the planet. (audience laughter) She is working on that. She loves expressing. But we, and you, have asked her to express where it does not affect so many human lives.

She is changing in response to your changing consciousness, slowly withdrawing her energies, slowly going back to the Order of the Arc so you can take those energies within yourself. As you do, you will come to a whole new type of understanding – one we will ask you to feel here in just a moment – of how rejuvenation of biology truly happens, how the cleansing and releasing truly happens.

Gaia asks you to feel this capability within her now for a moment, the ability to clear and to renew, to birth over and over again, where no energy is ever truly dead. It is just cleansed. You see, you will be taking in these energies. You will be the ones who are providing a life force energy and the balance that goes with it.

Breathe in here for a moment and feel the energies of Gaia.

(Brief pause for breathing.)

She is truly the goddess. You ask, “How long it will be?” We do not know – years and years of time on your linear timeline. These things take quite a while. But she is starting the process now.

You see, ever since the Crimson Council began talking with you, there has been a departure of the Old Energies. It started with the departure of your guides. They had fulfilled their job. They had served you. Then with the greatest amount of love, they asked you to take responsibility for your own divine energies. There have been many groups leaving lately, going back to the other side.


So many of you know a dear one who was coming here to visit. (Tobias is referring here to a woman involved with the Crimson Circle in Romania who had recently come to Colorado for a visit. She died in a car accident the evening shortly before this channel.) Do not feel sorry for her either. It was no accident. She carefully created this. She came from across the waters. She came thinking – thinking in the Old human mind – that she was coming here to be with Shaumbra at this meeting.

In a sense, Monica is here. She is here, but she knew it was her time also. She knew that she could perform a valuable service for all of you by coming back to our side, by being with us. She sits here today with us in the Second Circle, honoring you.

There was no pain; indeed, you should know. She actually left before the accident happened. That is why it seems like an accident happened because she had already departed her physical body. What a wonderful way that all of you have for setting these things up.

So, dear friends, Gaia is shifting, and changing, and handing over the responsibility to you.

And yes, indeed some of you hear the voice behind the voice right now – the voice of Metatron saying, “Are you ready to hold the responsibility of human life force energy and balancing that Gaia has held for so very long? Are you ready to bring in some of the energies from the plant kingdom, and the animal kingdom, and the aquatic kingdom who held an energy of rejuvenation, of healing, of energies?”

So, Gaia is so honored to be here with you. She is a very lovely and a very large lady. (audience laughter) She is so honored to be with this group. And she understands while the music was playing today, she also came in with all of her beauty to give you a taste of what it's like to rejuvenate yourself, to help encourage you through this process.

Take another deep breath, dear friends, and feel the energies of Gaia. We will keep you up to date on her departure.

So much is happening now, preparing for what you call the “quantum leap,” what we are calling the shifting into New Energy – this time that we predict to occur sometime in the year 2007, perhaps a bit before, or a bit later. Somewhere in there a major change in the consciousness of humans, it is coming. You will see things speeding up, changing all around you.

And remember – all of this time, remember, Shaumbra – it's not about you. It's the world literally, and the people upon it, and all the angels surrounding it who are getting ready for a major change. There will be humans who leave quickly, animals who leave quickly. Love them when they do. If you hold onto them, it makes their journey back to our side so difficult. Honor them for holding an energy for you for so very long. Things will continue to speed up.

Dear friends, now let us gather together the energies of Shaumbra, of all of you, all the ones who are sitting beside you who have left their physical bodies but continue to be such an important part of our work. Let us gather together the energies of Gaia for our Shoud on this day, for we are indeed one voice. We are many voices. We are family. We are on a journey together. We are in a moment here of sharing and of loving and of nurturing.


Let us talk today about the Four Paradigms of the New Energy. We will have more later, but today just four. Dear friends, we have talked about mass consciousness several weeks ago in a place called Independence (Missouri), indeed deliberately selected for that, but selected by the humans, not by us.

In this place called Independence we talked about mass consciousness. We asked a question to the group who was there. In a sense – for the one who just asked – it was quite a hand-selected group. We asked this group of Shaumbra, “Are you ready to release your grip on mass consciousness?” We thought we knew the answer, but we had to ask the question.

So, now we come to this group, to all of Shaumbra, today and to all who will cross this path on their journey. To all of you we ask, “Are you ready? Do you choose to leave mass consciousness? Do you choose to leave mass consciousness?”

Consciousness is simply awareness. Awareness. Awareness can be a very personal thing. It can be personal awareness where you are aware of yourself and what is going on within you. That is personal consciousness or awareness.

There is group consciousness as well. We have talked before about groups who have traveled together, long before they ever came to Earth, even traveled together here on Earth. You and your biological family are almost certainly part of your own group consciousness. You have been together before. You came back together in his lifetime.

There are religious groups. We have talked about some of these. The ones that you would call the Mormons have a group energy, a group consciousness. The Jews indeed have a group consciousness. There are many different types of group consciousness. It’s an awareness. It is an attraction that draws you to continue to work together over and over again, lifetime after lifetime.

Then, there is mass consciousness or human consciousness. You see, you all share a type of journey together, every human who is alive here on Earth right now, and any who have ever had a human journey or human lifetime. You are part of mass consciousness. It is a collective consciousness. It can be tapped into at any time.

You wonder why sometimes there is a new invention, and it is invented by three, four, five different scientists/inventors all at the same general time, yet totally unfamiliar with each other and living in different parts of the world. It is no coincidence. They are all tapping into mass consciousness. When mass consciousness reaches a certain level, then things can be invented through the creative process. When the vibration of humanity reaches a certain point, that provides a type of energy where the corresponding inventions can be brought into reality.

Thomas Edison, who we have spoken about before – how to say this – he would call himself Shaumbra as well. There were others working on the same general types of things at the same time. He was simply tapping into mass consciousness.

Mass consciousness can be a wonderful thing. But it can also hold you back. So many of you have been going through frustrations lately, wanting to know why things didn't happen faster, wanting to know why you feel like you are trying to break through, but it is almost like a type of rubber membrane where you can’t break through. Every time you push against it, it bounces you back. You feel that you are so close to insights, and awarenesses, and new understandings of yourself, but you can’t quite get there, can’t quite get through the veil.

Dear friends, for the most part, that is the effect of mass consciousness. You see, you are part of it. It is like a giant ball. You are part of it. You are in there. It has held you back. It served you well, but now you are ready to go at a speed faster than mass consciousness. You are at the point now where you can release that grip.

So, you ask, “Why, why would I stay in mass consciousness?” Part of the reason is because it’s comfortable. You know it very well. You have been in it and a part of it in every one of your lifetimes here on Earth. To walk outside of a place of comfort, a zone of comfort, can be somewhat disconcerting, somewhat frightening.

So many of you have deliberately stayed in mass consciousness because it was comfortable. You knew it well. Some of you have stayed in mass consciousness because of your loved ones, your family, your friends, wondering what will happen to the relationship if you let go of your grip of human consciousness. Would you also be letting go of them?

Some of them rely on you so, so dearly, so heavily. They rely on you, in a sense, like you rely on Gaia for support, and nurturing, and rejuvenation. At the deeper levels you felt that if you let go of mass consciousness you would also let go of that relationship.

And you are right – you do let go of it, if it is appropriate. If it is appropriate, it will come back to you. But you have to be ready to truly let go. Let them go. We will talk more about that in a moment.

Some of you have stayed in mass consciousness simply because of fear. You are afraid to let go of the Old. You are afraid of what might be outside of human consciousness.

Some of you have deliberately stayed in mass consciousness so that you can be more empathetic healers and facilitators. You felt that if you let go that you would also release that link that helps you to understand your client or patient. You think that if you let go of mass consciousness, you would go to a different place. And then who would be there to help them to heal?

Some of you have stayed in mass consciousness because you didn’t know that you could leave. So, today, dear friends, today in the First Paradigm of the New Energy we say that “Mass consciousness is an agreement that has served its time with you.” Mass consciousness is an agreement. You see, you all agreed to it. The angels, Gaia, the plant forms, the animal kingdom – you have all agreed to it. But it no longer serves you if you choose.

So, to Gaia all across the world, to Shaumbra who are sitting here, Shaumbra who are listening in or reading, and to all who will come to this place on their path, we ask you, “Do you choose to release mass consciousness? Do you choose to let go of the grip that you have had, the grip on the general vibration?”

Oh, you ask us; you bargain with us now. You say, “So, what if I let go, what will I get?” (audience laughter) You will get a big surprise. (more laughter) It will be like a spiritual crackerjack. (more laughter) “What if I let go of mass consciousness? How will my life be better? What will it change? Who can I let go out of my life? Who can I stay with?”

Dear friends, we cannot give these answers. We know this is frustrating at times. But you know you already know within you. You feel it. You are just trying to analyze it. So, feel it deeper. There is no right or wrong answer here. You can stay. You can go. But dear friends, you can't kinda go and kinda stay. (more laughter) When you let go, you let go. What happens after that is something you have created.

Now, we do want to throw in another subject here, one thing of interest. It is a strange day, very strange day here. The energies are a bit out of whack – if you didn't feel that already. Things are kind of going awry, in a way, not following such a smooth flow – if you allow yourself to feel that.

There is an energy from the outside that is coming in here, being deliberately – how to say – focused on this gathering because they do understand what is going on. They knew before you ever came in the door here what was taking place.

You could say there are forces on our side of the veil that do not want to see this happen. We ask you to feel why they don't want it to happen, what they have to lose in this whole process. They are working with forces on Earth who do not want this to happen.

They are deliberately projecting energies at every one of you today. There is no reason to be frightened or scared. They are indeed listening to what is going on here today. And they are intensifying their efforts right now. They think that they can direct power at you while we are sitting here talking. They think that they can frighten you. Oh, they are trying very hard. They have not learned yet that power is an illusion.

So, dear Shaumbra, it goes right through you. It goes right through. And it is making them very frustrated. What you are feeling is not your own imbalanced energies, but rather theirs. They cannot use these energies to manipulate you.

They are very frustrated at this moment when we are asking you such a profound question. They are getting all out of sorts, and indeed, even right now as you let these energies go right through you without any type of paranoia or worrying.

You are divine right now. Their rather negative, crude energies are going right through you. They are coming back and affecting their own equipment and their own bodies. You see, you are letting it flow right through you.

We do not like getting into these large conspiracies. But we did – how to say – warn/talk to Cauldre before the day ever started. Indeed, indeed, they are some – somewhat humorous here – but some strange people directing strange energies at you. It is not about you.

They do not want to see the first of any group of humans begin to leave mass consciousness. They have something to lose in this process, a certain amount of control.

So, dear friends, we pose the question to you, “Do you choose to leave mass consciousness?” We are not talking about departing your physical body. You are not going to die, unless you really want to. We are talking about changing, changing an energetic pattern that has been so embedded in you, letting go of it, letting go of it.

You do not have to make up your mind right now. (chuckling) We will give you another 15 minutes. (audience laughter) You can take as long as you like. You do not have to make a decision today.

But we do tell you one thing. When you let go, you cannot go back, at least in the way you thought you could. When you go back to mass consciousness, it will be totally different. When you tap into the human energies, it will be from a New place. It might be somewhat disconcerting at first. But you will be released of that veil, of that layer that has been holding you back.

You will be like the one seagull who breaks away from all the rest, who goes off on its own, who leaves seagull mind, who leaves seagull consciousness. It is somewhat of a lonely thing at first. Ah, but there are so many blessings associated with it.

So, dear friends, the First Paradigm of the New Energy is that the agreement of mass consciousness no longer, no longer holds you. If you so choose, you can let go. We know many of you are going to struggle with this for days. You are going to get into long debates with yourself and wonder what Tobias is now throwing at you.

Just allow yourself to feel what we are talking about. Allow yourself to feel the energies who are trying to intrude on us here today, and why they would do this, why they would be trying to assault you. Understand their energies just go right through. It does not need to affect you.

The Second Paradigm of the New Energy is that everything and everyone who came to you in the Old Energy was unfulfilled. Every person you have ever known prior to your ascension journey came to you in unfulfilled energy. And you came to them in unfulfilled energy.

Every relationship you had was based in unfulfilled energy. Every pet you ever had was based in unfulfilled energy. Every experience you had in your life was because of unfulfilled energy.

And this is a big one. This is a big change. You see, the unfulfilled portions were trying to come together to fulfill each other. The two pieces were trying to make wholeness with each other. Where you had a void, where you had a hole in your life, you would then be attracted to someone else who had the potential the fill that so you would be complete.

It is different in the New Energy. And this is one we want to watch carefully. As you go into your ascension process, you become a fulfilled human angel. You have come full circle, full cycle. You have no more karma.

Yes, you have desires, desires to express, to be creative. But you are fulfilled from a soul and spirit level. You have gone through all of the lifetimes that you need to go through. You are fulfilled in every way. You are whole and complete. We know that you think there is still much that needs to be repaired. But dear friends, we tell you, if you are here, if you are listening to this material or reading it, you are fulfilled, a fulfilled soul.

Now, you are still existing in a world all around you that is unfulfilled. All the dynamics change now. Everything that happens in your life changes. Everything that came to you in the Old Energy was unfulfilled energy.

Look at it. Review your life, or your many lifetimes. You will see how it came to you, wanting something. And you found yourself wanting something. Even the angels. Yes, everything that came to you was unfulfilled energy.

That was the way of the Old. You were unfulfilled energy, therefore attracted to things that would fill you up. And you attracted unfulfilled energy as well. Very interesting dynamic for how you made your way in the Old Energy! You came to this group called the Crimson Circle because you were unfulfilled. And it came to you because it was unfulfilled. Everything in your life was unfulfilled energy meeting unfulfilled energy.

So, can you imagine now what happens when you become fulfilled energy? You no longer have to seek to complete yourself. But yet everything around you is seeking to complete itself. It changes all of your interactions with other humans. It changes the interactions with the angels who you work with. It changes everything as you are sitting here right now, a complete divine being.

You had to go through a period here, a very, very difficult change in your life – of letting go, releasing, getting sick, losing jobs, losing houses – all of this to clear the way, to clear the way so you could stand firmly in the New Energy as a fulfilled being. It changes every dynamic. It changes what comes to you. We tell you all over and over – it will come to you. And it comes to you different now because you are whole.

There will still be unfulfilled people, and events, and things coming to you. But the whole dynamic interrelationship changes because you are fulfilled. Remember this. Feel it for a while.

Everything that came into your life in the past was unfulfilled energy. You were unfulfilled energy as well, so you all played a game. So, feel what happens when you come full circle, when you are fulfilled, how everything changes.

This is a major paradigm shift of the New Energy. We will be talking about it more and more, but it has to do with how you relate to Gaia, how you relate to animals, how you relate to the dolphins. It has to do with how you relate to everything. It changes. It is different than it was before. And the basic element is that you are fulfilled.

You have come full circle – major, major implications in your life. We know it was difficult to get to this point. We know it was difficult to go through everything that you went through. It was part of a process.

Paradigm Number Three for the New Energy – everyone who you have ever interacted with, who you have ever left, will come back into your life. (audience laughter) Everyone! They will either come back in this lifetime, another lifetime. They will come back in your dreams. They perhaps will come back when you are between lifetimes. But dear friends, we know so many of you cut things out of your life and slam the door. But now in the New Energy, they will all come back to you.

The reason is simple. You shared something with them, whatever it was – an experience, a feeling – you shared your energies as angels. As humans you might have become angry with them. As humans they might have died before you… whatever the reason. But you have become part of them, and they have become part of you, because we are all one and the same in so many ways, yet totally independent.

But because we are all interrelated, they will find their way back to you. They came to you before because you were unfulfilled, and they were also. Now, you are fulfilled. They will come back into your life again because you are different. They will come back into your life, understanding at the deeper levels that they want what you have. They will come back seeking fulfillment.

When they do, you will know exactly how to work with them. You will know because of the journey you have been on. You will know the words to say and what to do.

So many of you have left your jobs, or had your jobs leave you (some laughter), only to find yourself working there again later on and scratching your head, and saying, “Spirit, what is this? What is this all about?” You left for a while so that you could complete yourself, so that you could come into your personal fulfillment. Then, you went back. You knew it so well. But now you went back to that job as a fulfilled energy. And it changes everything.

Relationships that you have had with people; they will come back, wanting to know. They will want the fulfillment that you have. It all happens at the subtle levels. They may come back to you, demanding that check that you forgot to put in the mail for them. (audience laughter) They may come back because of a common friend from the past. They may come back simply because they woke up in the middle of the night, having an intense dream about you, and just had to pick up the phone and call, even though you hadn't seen them in years.

But all of the people, and things, and even pets, and all of these things from the past will come back. That is part of the energy of the New Energy.

You see, your fulfilled energy draws them back in. Your sharing an experience, being part of them, and they part of you – this draws them back in. We know many of you are dreading this. (some laughter)

But you see, before, you were an unfulfilled human being. And it was difficult with them. Now, now, you will be able to see them in a whole new light with a whole new type of love. So, expect them to come back into your life.

And don't call us up, questioning, “Dear Tobias, dear Tobias, I thought I let her go. Why is she back in now? (audience laughter) Did I not learn my lesson? Did I forget something on the test page that I should have… do I have to go back and learn again?”

No, dear friends, you are connected. Even as you leave mass consciousness – no, we change that – especially as you leave mass consciousness, you will find yourselves in a whole new way with things from the past. There should be a clue in that for all of you here if you are wondering about this question of leaving mass consciousness. It has to do with unfulfilled versus fulfilled. These are major energy changes in this New Energy.

And also, Number Four, the Fourth Paradigm. We have said it before, and we will say it in a different way. The answers are already within if you let them appear without thought. The answers are already within. They will appear without thought.

Many of you struggle as we said in our last gathering. You wait for the big voices in your head. You wait for these huge signs. You don’t trust yourselves.

The answer is there. It is quiet. It is subtle. It will be there if you don't give it any thought. You’re so busy analyzing, wondering, trying to figure it out. You’re trying to figure us out on this side. You’re trying to figure Spirit out, trying to figure everything out. The answer appears without thought. It is just there.

Now, what happens, dear friends… let us use the example of talking to your biology. You have an imbalance. You have an ache or a pain. You want to know what you should know about it. So, you ask us. We cannot tell you. That is part of our agreement with you. It is up to you to discover.

You see, we have an agreement that we’re going to help you discover your divinity, so that someday you can help us discover ours. But we have an agreement, even though at times it is difficult. But we ask you to go in.

So, you ask your body a question. You ask your knees what it takes for them to be relieved, to feel well again, to carry you and support you. And then you expect some big voice. You expect a grand sign.

Dear friends, the answer is there. It will come through to you, maybe not in that moment, maybe a little down the road. And it may be, yes, indeed something that you discount. You may see a billboard, a billboard that tells you something. Maybe it says, “Take a deep breath… down to your knees.” (some laughter) And then you discount it. You analyze it, and say, “Oh, it’s just my crazy mind talking.”

Dear friends, how many different ways can YOU try to get through to YOU… over, and over, and over again? (audience laughter) You just don’t want to listen to YOU. You want to listen to us. But the real answer is already within you.

And it comes; it appears to you without any thought. In other words, don't try to figure it out. Don't analyze it. Ask yourself any question you want. And then let it go. Let it be. Go on doing your normal things. It will come to you.

It might come to you in a dream where you wake up. It might come as an enlightenment or a knowingness in a certain moment. It might come to you while you're watching a television program. Don't discount it. Don't say, “Well, it’s just something goofy I saw on TV.”

You see, what happens is you are going through this whole process of shifting and changing from the Old to the New. Sometimes there is a delay in the response. You will get more proficient with it. You will learn to trust your own answers. Sometimes there is a delay. Sometimes your divinity has to wait for the appropriate moment when you are not looking. And then it pops in.

If you are always looking and analyzing, it cannot come up. If you are always in anticipation of the answer, then it cannot come through. So, it will wait, and it will wait, and it will wait until the appropriate moment when you don't expect it – you’re not trying to analyze it, you’re not giving it any thought – and then the answer comes up.

The answer is already there. Look the other way, so it can come through. Stop trying to figure it out. It is there.

You will get much more proficient at this and much more trusting, much more understanding of how the process works. But we wanted to help you to understand what is happening here. This fourth paradigm of the New Energy is that the answers are already there. They will appear without thought.

We know so many of you are still relying on us. When we tell you that you cannot rely on us, that we cannot give you all of the answers, you go running off to another channel. (audience laughter) (chuckling) Yes, we feel somewhat betrayed. (more laughter) You say, “That Tobias talks, and talks, and talks, but he’ll never answer our questions.”

Dear friends, we know what happens when you go to the other channeler. They tell you the same thing! (more laughter) It is so good to see some of you back here! (more laughter)

We are all trying to tell you the same thing. It is within you. It is about trust. It is about opening up. It is about allowing yourself to go to new levels. It is about getting out of the Old Energy ways, off the Old linear highway. It is about getting into the New.

We know it is uncomfortable at times and difficult. But we are working with you, encouraging you on through your process.

So, much energy was delivered here today. Much was talked about – from Gaia leaving over a long period of time – thank you – and you accepting the responsibility of life force rejuvenation and balancing.

We talked about, dear friends, a major step for all of you – the releasing of mass consciousness, what it means, why you’ve held onto it, why now is so appropriate if you do choose to let go.

We talked about unfulfilled energies, and about how you have truly come full circle. We know it is difficult sometimes to accept that. You say, “But if I am so grand, if I have come full circle so fulfilled, why do I still have problems with my car, with my house?” Dear friends, that is because you are looking at in an Old Energy way.

Coming full circle means something totally different. It is at a soul level. You are still trying to force things at your Old human level. You will find that it is so amazingly easy as you operate in your New Energy with your divinity… how everything comes to you. You will actually feel guilty about how easy it is while you look around – people all around you, still going through their struggles.

You will want to try to tell them, “It is so easy. Let it come you.” But you know that glaring look that you will get from them if you do, much like the glaring look that you have given us. (audience laughter)

Dear friends, we love sharing this time with you. We love helping you to go through your transformation process while we talk away here. It’s not about the words we say. It is about what happens in this space – the releasing, the renewing, and the embracing your true Divine Self.

We will return in just a moment to talk to you a bit more. But for now, go off, celebrate. Celebrate and look in the eyes of the others as you talk to them and allow yourself to feel and to see a fulfilled human being.

We love you dearly. We are always with you.

And so it is.