The Divine Human Series:
"SHOUD 9: Your Divine Plan"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
April 5, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra and dear friends, that we gather once again in this place where your hearts are open, where you are moving to new levels, new understandings. I, Tobias, and all of the others from the angelic realms flood into your space now.

We ask you to feel us. Open your heart. Feel how the energy has changed in the past few minutes. Feel how it has changed now that you have taken the conscious breath.

It is not we on this side who are changing things. It is you. But when you open up, when you come out of hiding, then we can come in so much closer. We can come in so close that, if you allow yourself, you can feel the warmth of our energy next to you. If you allow yourself, you can feel the honor and the love that we bring to you. Words do not even begin to express how we feel about you. So, let our feelings tell the story.

Breathe in, dear friends. Breathe in. Take in our feelings of love and honor.

We know the journey can be difficult. But it can also be so very simple. The journey has been long and challenging. But now it can be filled with joy and it can be timeless.

You are truly grounding yourselves in this thing that we call the New Energy. You are truly beginning to open up, to integrate everything that you have ever been, to understand that you are a Creator, and to understand that you can create every moment that you sit in.

You’ve had such a focus on the human aspects of yourself. The focus has been so rough, harsh – and difficult. But you are expanding your focus now. You are changing the focus to accept the “I am” within you while you are still on Earth.

So many of you have said to yourself in the past, “I'm waiting for the day I can get off this planet to remember who I am and who I was. I don't think I will ever be able to understand life while I am in this human body and walking in these human dimensions.”

But there is a change coming over you. You are beginning to understand that it is appropriate for you to open up, to remember, and to once again feel everything that you are while you are still on Earth. There is no need to wait to go to the grave to have recall, to have awareness and consciousness.

But dear friends, breathe in once again. Breathe in the literal energies of all of those on the angelic realms who sit with you now.

When we began our discussions with you several years ago, it was difficult for us to come as close as we can now. There were barriers that prevented us from coming so close. It was difficult to come in very close because we did not want to upset the delicate balance of your biology, and your mind, and everything in your spirit.

Now in this New Energy, with your opened awareness and your sense of being in the Now, we can come right in. Perhaps, you won’t see us right away, for it is not so appropriate that you see us with physical eyes. It is appropriate to feel us as you open your heart center. Then, you will be able to start doing these other things that you have dreamt of – seeing spirits, hearing us talk.

But first it is about feeling and sensing us. It does not come through the mind. It comes through your whole being, through what you would call the heart center.

I, Tobias, am here. I am hovering slightly over Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe). I’m also embracing Linda (Geoff’s wife), for she helps to keep the lines of communications so open and clear. And I’m sitting right next to you. All of this is happening at the same time. Indeed, I can be next to Cauldre, and Linda, and also next to you.

We will be talking to you about the many ways of the New Energy. But understand first it comes through the feelings, through the heart. If the mind is struggling right now, gently set it aside. Sense us, perceive us, through your feelings. Gently, gently allow. Gently trust yourself to be in the human condition as well as the spiritual condition at the same time right now. This is the way of the New Energy.

Dear friends, it is such a delight being asked to be here once again with you, to speak on this day. There are many issues that we would like to talk about. Let us begin first with a discussion of what you would call dimensions, and time and space.

Multi-dimensional consciousness is something that you, Shaumbra, are already beginning to experience. You will experience more and more of this in the days ahead. There is no time or space, but yet there is something that helps to define and shape different levels of consciousness.

Imagine if you took the watch off of your arm. Imagine that the sun was always shining, that it did not move across your sky. How would you know that there was time?

Time was a condition that you created when you came to Earth. It was based on the broad movements of the stars, suns and Earth. It is designed to help define the progression or the evolution of your experiences. Time helps to place events into a defined perspective. It puts life experiences into understandable packets for you.

Time does not exist on our side of the veil, but yet there is a progression of events, and a progression of consciousness. Some humans assume that all things have already happened – past, present and future. But understand that the future has not yet been created. The future is not known by Spirit, or by you. The future has yet to be defined.

The future is defined by all of the potentials that you have to choose from. It is like going into one of your great department stores where there are thousands, perhaps millions of items from which to choose. The future, in a sense, is like a huge department store of potentials. You select what you want to experience.

Then between the potentials that exist, there are the “un-potentials” – we know physicists will not like that word so much. But there are the “un-potentials” that exist. They have yet to be defined. There is a space of consciousness that is held for those potentials that have not even been considered.

The future has not been created. It waits for you to choose what you want to experience. Ultimately it is up to you and up to your soul what you experience.

There is no time. There is no space either. You define space by measuring the distance from one point to the next. You have methods of measuring this with defined units such as length or volume. You also measure it the rate of travel, such as time it takes light to travel from one point to the other. But dear friends, this is all an illusion also. There truly is no space.

It is interesting that the scientists are continually trying to determine the size of the universe. But they are measuring it with old human tools. They are measuring it with tools that are energetically inappropriate outside of the realms of Earth, or perhaps this solar system. There is no space as you would know it.

These are all methods that humans have chosen to help understand and define your experiences. When you have a major event in your life you can define it by the time and the space that you were in. This helps bring it all into perspective.

Time and space as you know it will continue for a long, long period of time on Earth. But… but, in the New Energy you are learning to move outside of the known realms of time and space. This is important to understand. We mention all of this because it is something that so many of you are beginning to experience. To a degree, it is frightening some of you. You feel unbalanced. You feel a lack of control.

You are moving into the New Energy. You are experiencing life in the Expanded Now. You are drawing into you all of these multi-dimensional levels.

Dear friends, we know that sometimes you curse us because you can no longer remember what day it is, or what time it is. (Audience laughter) You get upset with us because you feel physically disoriented. You feel you are losing control. Oh, you are… in such a blessed and special way.

In the recent Divine Tools workshops, we have taken many groups through a journey to experience the Expanded Now. We go beyond time and space. This experience helps you understand how to be a Divine Human in the moment while having access to all of the multi-dimensional levels.

We have talked very recently about what we call “points of separation.” These are points of separation of consciousness. There is no time and space, per se. But there are points of separation of consciousness.

We sat together a few minutes ago when the music started. The music brought us together as a group, as Shaumbra, into a point of separation of consciousness. We were moving together from one level or one point to the next.

Now, we are at the new point of separation together. At this level you are much more aware of your spirit, and spirit all around you. You are still a human, sitting in these chairs, or sitting beside your computer. But now you have opened to the other realms. You are at a new point of separation.

You might recall an experience of standing in a lake or a river. Remember how you could feel different layers of temperatures in the water? The layer at the top was warm, and slightly below that a cooler layer of water. But yet when you go down a bit deeper, you find another layer of warmth.

There is not specific layers of water. But yet there are points where you go from cold to warm. You can feel the sensation on your body.

The multi-dimensional levels are like this also. In a sense, they are very melded, but you can find the points of separation of consciousness. This is how you begin traveling into the multi-dimensional levels.

There is no time or space. There are points of separation of consciousness. And with you today we experienced one.

Now, Shaumbra, let us all gather our energies again and open up to yet another point of separation of consciousness, a point where we understand that we are all humans. We are divine. But we are opening up to new energies and new information. As much as you give permission and allow this to happen, your consciousness goes to that new point of separation.

So, let us take a breath together as Shaumbra and go to the next point of separation. This is a new level of consciousness. It is not better or worse. It is simply expanded. It is simply grander, or more encompassing.

You can be firmly grounded in your human reality while accessing all of these points of separation of consciousness. You can go to the many layers of understanding when you are working with your students, with your clients. You have been working very linearly. You have been trying to follow a path with either their mind or their body. But now, dear friends, you can literally go to these new points of consciousness with them. You can take the journey as their guide and go with them to a whole new understanding of the root cause of the imbalance within their system.

You can go to points of separation in the consciousness of your own soul. Your soul is not linear. It is deep. It is wide. It is narrow. It is small – all at the same time. It expands out, and it contracts in. Your soul is so multi-dimensional. You have been operating on one linear level.

Now you can open up to all the points of separation. The points of separation can be the consciousness of one lifetime to another. It can be the understanding of your relationship to all of the other angels. You can allow yourself to go to points of separation in all of these layers. Within each point is information, wisdom and understanding.

You can go to a point of separation in a past life while still remaining in this present moment. You can receive and remember all of the information from that lifetime. You see, so many of you have been blocked from your past lives because you have been trying to figure it out in your mind.

You have been trying to will your mind to remember experiences. Your mind is programmed for this reality that you are in. It is not programmed to take information from your other lifetimes up until now. Now, you can allow your consciousness to go to a point of separation, a layer of your soul, to receive and feel information.

This is how you will travel and journey in the New Energy, all while remaining right here as a human on Earth. You will expand in so many ways. You will have such a greater understanding.

This is where you are going, Shaumbra. It is the ability to have everything come into your present moment. This includes remembrances of the past, the ability to go to the other dimensions, to truly be able to feel and to understand the celestial realms, to travel to parts of the universe that you could never have imagined, and dimensions that lie between all of the stars and all of the layers.

It will be done slowly, Shaumbra, so as to not overwhelm you. You see, your own Self regulates how much can come through. You do not want to overwhelm your body and mind. It is happening right now. That is why you are feeling some of the sensations in your body, mind, and spirit at this time.

It will take a bit of time to understanding what we are bringing you today. We do not want you to get intellectual about this. We know there is that tendency. But in the New Energy, as you breathe in, as you feel, as you live in the moment, now you can start having contacts with these points of separation of consciousness.

Let us breathe in one more time, and take our energies to a different point of separation, to a different level of consciousness where there is an awareness of everything going on around us, but where we do not have to become embroiled in all of the emotions and all of the duality. We can be passionate observers of the world around us. Let us go to that point of separation, and be there together for a clear understanding and wisdom of what is happening. We are talking about your world right now.

Since we met last time, indeed, war has broken out. War is ravaging, even at this moment we talk. There are lives being lost right now, dear friends. There is suffering taking place. There are tears being shed. There is anger, anger all over the globe.

From our perspective, from our point of separation, we do not have to become involved in the Old Energy duality. Yet, we can have compassion for the journey of everyone who is playing this game.

This war is a reflection of the consciousness of old Earth, not necessarily your New Energy where you sit, but a reflection of what is happening throughout the old Earth. There are some interesting dynamics taking place here.

It is a war of karma, and a war of religions. It is war of Old Energy trying to conquer and annihilate. It is a war of control and power. It is a war that is taking place in the hearts of every man and woman on Earth right now, perhaps excluding Shaumbra.

Dear friends, you have already gone through the war. That is why this war, for some of you, affects you so deeply, and it is so painful. And for others, Shaumbra, you wonder why it doesn't affect you. You wonder why it doesn't move you. Perhaps, you’re even bothered that it doesn't bring up emotion within you. Shaumbra, you have gone through the war already.

Look at the analogies here. There are two forces, both claiming to be right in the eyes of God, fighting each other. You have had this happen within your own lifetime, within your own consciousness, in your own soul. There is one side that is claiming to be the liberator, and the other side claiming to hang on to the righteous energies of God. Do you remember, Shaumbra, your own battle within you that was like this, the battle back and forth, the battle, in a sense, of the Old and New?

The war is also based on the imbalances of male to female. It is a war of religions and a war of the balance of male and female, one side holding on very tightly to the patriarchal energies, not wanting to let go, claiming that God the Father told them to hang on to this energy.

It is interesting that the war “hero,” at least in the eyes of the news, is a woman. She was captured, but then rescued and freed. This is a symbol of what is taking place on the face of the Earth. It has already taken place within you.

The war looks to be one-sided, lopsided right now. One side will claim victory very soon. But dear friends, this is not the end. While it is obvious who has been defeated, it is not so obvious what new issues will come to the surface. These issues will come back up in different places. They will come back up with different faces. This is only the beginning.

Do you remember, dear friends, when you thought in your righteousness that you had annihilated the darkness within you? (audience laughter) Do you remember when you thought that, because you said that you were a Lightworker, now the darkness would be gone? You were so proud when you felt the darkness was defeated within you. And you felt righteous.

Then when you were sitting fat and happy, look what happened. (more laughter) The darkness came out from its hiding, like a cockroach, back into your life, making you miserable, more miserable than what you were like before the battle. (more laughter) It made you lose faith and trust in yourself, and in God, and in your teachers.

Dear friends, you have already gone through the wars and battles within yourself. You have come to a place of new balance and understanding where there is not a right or a wrong. There is only experience. There is not a light and a dark. There are only energies that work in together to continue expanding your consciousness and evolving the consciousness of all of humanity. You have gone through the wars.

What you are seeing on your televisions and reading in your papers is a battle you have already gone through. Yes, there will be "closure” here soon. But in reality, there is never closure in anything you do, or anything in the realms of Spirit.

We had to laugh with a group of Shaumbra (at the Crimson Circle School 1) when we were challenged by someone who said, “Tobias, when will there be closure?” We laughed, and we said, “Never!” There is only evolution, only change, only expanded consciousness and wisdom. No closure.

This war is in a place that is so very sacred. This area of the world gave birth to grand Masters. It’s also an area of the Earth that nearly all of you, at one time or the other, have walked through in a lifetime. You have passed through that area to add your energy. The war takes place in a part of the world that is filled with sacred energies, but imbalanced toward the male, hostile, angry, power-seeking energies.

So many of you have asked us recently, “Dear Tobias, dear Tobias, how do all of you angels feel about the war? Why don't you intervene? Why don't you stop the pain and the suffering?” Dear friends, we love all of you and have so much passion for all of you. We would not dare to try to stop you from playing your games, from going through your processes, and from coming to your new understandings.

Spirit loves you so dearly. Spirit will let you choose any way you want to grow, to learn, and to become the “I am.” We dare not interfere with what is taking place in your Middle East right now.

We are here to comfort anyone who calls upon us. Oh, and then, and then there is a point of separation of consciousness that occurs when we are called upon, for then we can sit with that human angel and talk to them. But we do not take sides. We do not have one team win and another lose.

Everything that is happening there is so appropriate. We ask you today, “Can you honor this? Can you have passion and compassion for what is going on?” Look beyond the obvious. Look beyond the tears and the bloodshed and understand how all of this is helping to change the Earth. This is a potential that many people and, to a degree, the consciousness of humanity, chose to experience to move to the next level.

We honored you when you were choosing some of the most difficult experiences in your life while going through the ascension process. We honored you, even though, yes, it was difficult to watch at times. We honored you when you chose poverty, when you chose illness, when you chose mental imbalance to help put you through this ascension process. We honor you now for staying on Earth and allowing yourself to become Divine Humans.

We love this point of separation where there is no time or space. We love sitting here in this point of consciousness with you. We love that you share with us and absorb our energies.


We have a special guest today. Our guest is neither male nor female, but we will identify or address this angel as a male for ease of discussion. Our guest has not been in human form before. His name is written into your books. But it is a name and an energy that all of you are familiar with.

He is the one we call the Angel of Ascension. He is a wonderful, compassionate angel on our side of the veil who works with all of you on a regular basis. He has worked with you throughout this entire challenging ascension process that you have gone through. This is the Angel of Change, the angel who helps guide you, who helps encourage you as you are generating the energies, to help move you from being simply human into a Divine Human. This name is not familiar in your human books.

We ask you to breathe in the energy of the Angel of Ascension.

He is somewhat like a drill sergeant for many of you, but a compassionate drill sergeant, working with you constantly. Now he takes on a new type of role.

The name of the Angel of Ascension is Hossaf, which would be spelled in your human language – H-o-s-s-a-f. You know him well when you come to our side of the veil during your sleep state. Hossaf is like a friend, a teacher, a supporter, and a very tough coach.

Hossaf has wanted to come to these meetings for quite a while, but the energies were not quite ready. It was not appropriate for his energy to come here. It was more appropriate for you to connect with his energy when you came to the other side, when you traveled inter-dimensionally at night.

Now, Hossaf comes in and is filled with joy to see what you look like in your human form. He is somewhat amused at what you have chosen! (audience laughter) He knows you energetically. He knows you by your colors when you are in our dimensional levels.

Hossaf comes in now and – how to say – he is really cracking up. He is finding it… it is like trying to put the energy with the face. (more laughter) He can see both. He can see your energy patterns, your colors, as you would call them. But he also now sees your glorious face, your glorious body.

Hossaf is amazed! This is why we did not ask him in sooner. (more laughter) He is amazed at how you could put yourself into this – how to say – solid matter, for he has never been in this state of being. He is like a child running around the room. He is so amazed that this can be done.

He has heard your stories. But now he can come in so very close. In a sense, this gives Hossaf a new type of compassion and understanding for your journey. Perhaps, we should have let him in sooner! (audience laughter)

He is a grand teacher who understands spiritual physics, who understands the dimensions, who understands how energies are moved, how energies can even now be created. Hossaf wanted to experience you in your un-natural environment here in the human form.

He will also be working with you in a different way now. In a sense, he has had somewhat of a job change. He will be helping you with the balance of the energies as you live in your Expanded Now, and begin experiencing multi-dimensional realities.

He comes in on this day that we talk about points of separation or points of new consciousness so that he can help you balance between physical and nonphysical realms. He will be the one working with you as you expand your energy in the Now moment and integrate the multi-dimensional levels.

There is a potential to get whacked out, or get out of balance, as Cauldre experienced several weeks ago during one of our channels (at the San Francisco “Divine Tools” workshop). There is the potential to become imbalanced as you expand your Now, as you go to these other layers and levels. Hossaf has agreed to now work directly with you in your human state to help keep the balance as you now expand multi-dimensionally.

This is challenging because there is the tendency to withdraw your energies, to bring them in even tighter and closer to you. You want to define what life should be, based on an Old Energy mindset versus accepting what life is and can be, based on the New Energy.

You wonder sometimes why more things aren’t changing in your life, why you are not creating more and manifesting more, why you still don't feel like it is a process of choice. It is because you tend to withdraw your energies, to bring them in, overly defined. The challenge is to expand those while you remain the source in the Now. This is where major changes will occur in your life.

Hossaf, being this type of coach for you, is asking you now, “So what do you have to lose? What do you have to lose by opening, by expanding and allowing yourself?”

When you get angry with yourself or angry with us, or Spirit, and wonder why things aren’t different, take a look at your own energies. You are closing them down. Breathe at that point. Feel at that point. Accept the guidance from Hossaf and all of his team who come to help you maintain the balance between your human condition and your divine birthright.

Hossaf has now settled down a bit. (audience laughter) He is now here to work with you. He has been such a comfort and such an angel-teacher on the other realms. He is the one that you've gone back to at nighttime, confused, teary-eyed, angry, frustrated. He is the one that, with the strong but compassionate energy, has kept you going. Now he adjusts his focus and his work. He comes much closer to you and to this human reality. We are delighted to have you, Hossaf, with us.


Let us talk for a minute about your journey, dear friends, about one of the other aspects that is happening right now. Let us talk about the Divine Plan, your Divine Plan, or, what we prefer to call, “the whole plan.”

You see, you have been looking at your own journey through the eyes of a limited human, and that has been appropriate. You placed the limitations on yourself. You created a human plan for yourself. You said that you wanted to have certain things in your life. You wanted to be married. You wanted to have children. You wanted to have a certain type of house, certain type of friends. This was a human plan that you developed.

When the plan didn't work out, you got angry and frustrated. The churches told you that you were a sinner, and you believed them. (audience laughter) You thought that is why the human plan did not work out. You became frustrated and confused. Many of you spent countless hours on your knees, praying, wondering what to do next, asking for guidance, asking for forgiveness from a God that you didn't know. But dear friends, you had laid out a human plan that was not necessarily consistent with a Divine Plan.

The Divine Plan is not a plan like you would know as a human. It is not written on a piece of paper with goals, and timetables, and schedules, and budgets, and all these other rather amusing things that you do. (some laughter) We have no such things on our side. It is much more fun here. (audience laughter)

Your Divine Plan is not something that is written. Rather it is the passion of your soul. It is a desire to learn something, or to grow, or to expand, or to sense, to have experience.

For so long your Divine Plan has been blocked from you. When you come to Earth, you take on certain attributes of duality and the veil that make that Divine Plan inaccessible.

There are so many humans who come back to our side of the veil, come back to their angelic energetic form, who still do not have understanding or access to their Divine Plan. Sometimes it is hidden even from the angels. It is hidden sometimes so that the angel or the human can go through an experience, unencumbered by what they think the turnout should be, so they can go through the experience totally free of what a plan says.

You see, the Divine Plan, or the whole plan, is no plan at all. It is a “becoming” that is always taking place. But it is a “becoming” that at times has a certain direction or a certain bent to it. It has a certain desire, a fulfillment to it.

The Divine Plan of your soul has been a great mystery to you throughout so many of your lifetimes, especially in this lifetime. We hear you say over and over, “Spirit, what is it that I should be doing now?” And the response you get back – you do not like so much – is, “We don't care, whatever you choose, whatever you choose.” (audience laughter) Now, it has been difficult, and we know you get frustrated with us because you want to understand the Divine Plan.

I, Tobias, Hossaf, or any of the other angels cannot tell you what the whole plan is. But we can tell you now, as New Energy humans, how to access it and how to integrate with it. We can tell you how to bring it into your life. It is yours. It is your gift. It is between you, your human condition, and your divine self. It is yours.

The Divine Whole Plan is like the flow of water in a river. It has banks or boundaries, but these can be overcome at any time. It has a flow to it that is magnificent, and beautiful, and natural. It does not need to be manipulated or controlled.

Your Divine Plan is the fulfillment of the soul. It is the passion of the soul. The Divine Plan would be very difficult to put into words. We know, you will want to try to intellectualize it, maybe even write it down, post it on your wall, and say, “This is my Divine Plan.” You have just defeated the very purpose of connecting with your Divine Plan.

The Divine Plan changes constantly because you change constantly. The Divine Plan is in the Now, but it embraces the past as well as the potentials of the future. The Divine Plan can integrate with your human plan. They can complement each other. The Divine Plan can bring the type of material fulfillment that you desire while still bringing a fulfillment of Spirit, of the creator energy. They can work together. In other words, your Divine Plan can hear the needs of your human self. And now your human self can feel the flow of your Divine Plan.

How do you get there, dear friends? How do you connect with the Divine Plan and have it meld with the human? It is by giving yourself permission to go to that point of separation, that energetic crossroads where the two meet – that point that you sit in now. Your Divine Plan is all around you. If you try to race in your mind and put it into words, try to analyze it, try to segment it, like you do with time or space, it will elude you.

Remember, we said time is an illusion. It is what is on the device on your arm. It is the result of what you see in the skies. It is an illusion.

The Divine Plan, dear friends, cannot be segmented, or packeted, or analyzed like you do with time or even space. It is just there. It is a feeling, not put into words, not written out on a scroll. It is a feeling.

We cannot define for you. We can only tell you that it exists, in this moment, in this point of separation that we sit in together. You can bring it into your reality by staying in this now moment with us, by breathing. Aah, that will bring its energies into every tissue of your body. It will bring the Divine Plan into every aspect of your consciousness. As you breathe in the moment, it will bring the melding of the Divine Plan and the human plan.

We have to laugh because even the word “plan” is not appropriate. It is simply a fulfillment and a becoming. It is your soul, wanting to play. It is your soul having great compassion for life. It is your soul having the passion to experience something new. The two can meld together in the New Energy like this.

It is so simple! Shaumbra, don't make it complex. It is so simple!

You can sit in the moment of the melding of the divine and human understandings anytime. It does not have to be just at this time of gathering of the Crimson Circle. What you experience here right now can be in any Now moment.

The Divine Plan no longer has to be hidden. The Divine Plan does not have to be elusive anymore. It is no secret. It is in your Now.

It is unlike energies you have worked with before. It cannot be controlled. It can only be embraced. It cannot be confined because it is growing all the time. It cannot be captured and imprisoned, used at your discretion for how you want, because it is you. And it is grander than just the human you. The Divine Plan cannot be taken from you because it doesn't belong. It simply is. It will always be there.

So, dear friends, in this New Energy, you can now expand your consciousness, travel between the layers, travel at all dimensions. The Divine Plan can come into you now for a greater understanding of the purpose.

You have been wondering, “Dear Spirit, where is my passion?” It is here now. Breathe it in. Feel it. It brings life in. It brings new understanding. Avoid the temptation of trying to analyze it. Avoid the temptation of trying to lock it up.

You see, it is like a bird. You want to lock it in the cage so that you can enjoy it at your will and discretion. It does not need to be locked in a cage.

It is always there, always evolving, always available to you now. No longer do we have the dualistic attributes of a human plan and a divine plan being separate, or not even having awareness. There are here now.

The universe, dear friends, you, dear God, are always fulfilling and always unfolding. The universe, the omniverse, is not limited in any way that would ever create a problem for you. It is always responding to you in every moment. You and your soul are responding to yourself in every moment.

There is no lack, only in the illusion that you have. There is no illness, only in your illusions. God is not withholding anything from you. But God… sometimes you pretend it's not there so that you can experience something. But now the need for those types of experiences can be gone.

You can use your consciousness and your understandings to truly create. The universe, the omniverse, is constantly unfolding and becoming, constantly fulfilling. You can allow yourself to be at that point of separation to receive the blessings of the fulfillment at all times. It is that simple. It is that simple – different than any way you have ever behaved, or thought, or acted before. This is the New Energy. It is different now.

Dear friends, today we have done things a little bit differently. We have done this in order to give Hossaf a taste of what we do in our classroom together, a taste of you. There was no need for a separate Shoud. There is no need for I, Tobias, to speak and then for the Shoud. It all becomes one. We sit at that point of separation where all the layers intersect or meld together.

The Shoud is the channel. I am you. You are me. All the voices are one. The Shoud is the channel. There is no need for that distinction anymore.

A bit of a change – we should have warned Cauldre, he gets so nervous. (audience laughter) For the past 15 minutes he has been saying, “But Tobias, you are talking long today. Will we have time for a Shoud?” We have been in Shoud, dear friends.

There is one other point that you asked to be brought up today. It is a simple point but one that you want to underline for yourself. Dear Shaumbra, you take yourself far too seriously. You struggle. You forget to laugh. You forget to have fun. You still have rules about what you think you should and shouldn't do. You forget to have fun.

Shaumbra, encourage yourself to be more joyful, to, in a sense, yes, care less about things in your life, people in your life. You know, you can truly love someone when you stop caring for them so much. Your cares are your worries. You think you need to carry their burdens for them, worry for them.

You care about the direction of the world. Dear friends, the world is just perfectly fine. It truly is. The world is unfolding in an appropriate way. Have passion and compassion for this.

You care so much about yourself and about your spiritual development. If you stopped caring, then it could happen. (audience laughter) Then, you could enjoy everything that you are going through. But you think it must be a certain way and have certain attributes. You think that if you laugh, if you go out and have a good time, that this will get you off your track.

I, Tobias, am known for having a glass – or maybe two – of wine. But dear friends, sometimes I look at you, and I think, “If I were in your shoes, I would be drinking more of this, and not feeling guilty!” (audience laughter) Each night I would celebrate my life and celebrate my Shaumbra friends.

Yes, why do you get headaches? It is because you worry so damn much about everything that you do. Why have you been gaining so much weight when you eat food? It is because you worry too much about it. You worry about everything.

Be less serious, and more joyful. You are going through one of the most magnificent shifts ever seen in humanity, the shift from Old Energy to New, something that has been dreamt of and prophesied ever since the angels first came to Earth. This is the creation of New Energy. And you’re missing it because you're worrying about everything.

And we hear your excuses. “But Tobias, I have to worry. My car doesn't work right. And I might lose my job. I have to worry.” So, dear friends, enjoy THAT. (audience laughter)

You have asked us to bring this up to you, to remind you. You have been thinking about it. You have been wondering lately how to not be so serious. You are so serious that you forgot how to enjoy.

So, let us move to that point of separation. Let us move together to that point of joy. Let us shift the consciousness to the point where we can have fun in life. You will see that it is so much more effortless. You will see that you do have the energies to create whatever you choose. So, dear Shaumbra, enjoy. Smile. Smile more often. Hug more often. Have a bit more wine at night. And don't hold it against yourself.

With that, dear friends, it has been an honor for Hossaf to be here today. It has been an honor for him to take on this new role of helping you with your multi-dimensional expansion while you are still fully present, and breathing, and feeling in the Now.

This is the New Energy, and you are the pioneers. You are the ones who burst through the Old Energy walls to get here. You are the ones, dear friends, who have changed the world because you have changed your consciousness.

You wonder sometimes, you say, “Dear Spirit, I don't feel I am doing anything.” But WE know that you have done an incredible amount by just being here. You don't have to physically do something to have a great impact on All That Is. You have changed the world.

What you see happening in the war is a result of your changing consciousness. Yes, the war is your fault. (audience laughter) It could have been devastating. It could have been Armageddon. It could have been all across your world – World War III – but this time played with nuclear bombs. The war, yes, is your fault because it is isolated to a small area.

There are only a small number of humans who will transition during the process. They have given of themselves for the changes to occur. The war will be quick. It does not have to play havoc on human consciousness. The war is televised in real-time in your Expanded Now so that you can see the effects, so that all of humanity can tap in and go through a consciousness change, go to a new point of separation.

So, yes, dear friends, it is not that we are proposing that these activities would be our first choice. But sometimes, sometimes, we have to stand back and honor the humans for what they choose. You, dear Divine Humans, have compassion and honor for what your counterparts who are still in the Old Energy are going through.

You are never alone in your journey. And now Hossaf comes in to help you with your new inter-dimensional understandings. We love you dearly.

And so it is.