The Divine Human Series:
"SHOUD 8: The Illusion of Power II"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
March 1, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends and Shaumbra, that we join our energies together for this sacred time, in this sacred space. I, Tobias, have been waiting since our last gathering to come back and enjoy this time with family. I have been waiting to be with you, waiting to hear you in Shoud.

You are channeling profound wisdoms in your Shouds, dear friends, wisdoms that we are studying here on this side of the veil. You are coming to such deep, but yet simple new understandings of who you are. You are coming to understandings from the heart, not from the mind.

Oh, there are so many books about religion and spirituality that were written from the mind. But dear Shaumbra, you are coming from your feelings. You will understand more of this in these months and years to follow. But that is the difference that we see. There are not long and detailed listings of rules. There are not heavy materials that need to be studied. Shaumbra, you are keeping it so simple, so profound, and so wise.

In our gathering a month ago, when you said that power was an illusion, this was, in a sense, a breakthrough of quantum proportions. So many of you, including Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), still do not realize the implications of this. But this is base material and core material for the New Energy. These were not just words that you spoke to fill some space or time. This is the new consciousness.

That is why all of us, the angels on this side of the veil, come rushing in to be with you, to listen to you, to feel you, to share the moment with you. Let us do that now. Let us share the moment. Let us start, Shaumbra, all over the world. Let us join together in a single, simple breath together. Allow it to touch your divinity. Allow yourself to be bold.

Let us all allow ourselves to be in this moment in silence and feel it. For all of you who are listening in today (on the Internet webcast), there is nothing wrong with your computer. There may be after we’re done, (audience laughter) but for a moment here allow yourself to feel, in the moment, with all of Shaumbra.


So much can be shared here in this moment together. So much feeling comes through. So much of you opens up. Yes, indeed it does take a bold and daring human angel to be in the moment, fully centered in the Now, and to feel. It takes a bold and daring human to open up to their feelings once again. This is where the core is. This is where the real information is. This is where the divinity can come shining through.

We see that you have been peeling away layers, and layers, and layers that have kept you from feeling. These layers have kept you from truly understanding who you are. Yes, indeed, it does take a bold and daring human to open that up.

In our gathering last month, you acknowledged that power was an illusion. Therefore, dear friends, when you open up, when you allow yourself to feel once again, you do not need to worry about somebody intruding on your space or energy. You see, you have closed down so much. You have put up those barriers so that another entity could not control you, consume you, steal your energy, control your mind, control your life, or enslave you in any way.

You have all been through that. You have been slaves and slave owners, not just in lifetimes on this Earth but even before you were human. You have felt what it is like for somebody to take your power. You have felt what it is like to have power over another’s life. In doing so, you closed down. You hid your own feelings from yourself.

Now you come to realize that power was an illusion. There is only energy, energy for you to play with however you want, however you want to create with it. But the power was an illusion; therefore, you can never truly enslave another. You can never truly take them over. And nobody can control you.

Dear friends, at your current level of wisdom and understanding, there are no forces that can control you or take you over, unless you want them to, so this is an appropriate time to be bold and daring. Open your feelings and know that nothing can come in, nothing. Nothing can absorb you.

This is the time of the New Energy to truly live, to truly live.

Let us take another breath here together. As you do, we will come rushing in, even closer to your space, and even closer to your feelings. We ask you to feel, all of us. Yes, indeed, including our special guest who comes in on this day. (audience laughter, related to Cauldre teasing – and now Tobias teasing – Shaumbra prior to the channel about who the special guest would be) Yes, much curiosity around this! We will introduce our guest in a few moments.

So many of you know this guest. You have worked with this entity in so many ways. Your lives have been influenced by this entity in so, so many ways. A grand being!

But before we introduce our dear guest, also a good friend of mine – yes, indeed, I have many good friends on this side (audience laughter) – I say to the one who saw me on the license plate, that was not me in the car! And for Cauldre, I do not always think you’re funny, but today, today was a bit funny. (more laughter, Tobias here referring to Cauldre’s earlier teasing of Tobias, telling Tobias and the audience that he could imagine Tobias speeding down the road in a big vehicle, taking up the whole road.) But to also let you know, dear friend, the license plate that you saw does not exist on the car that you saw it on. It had a – what you would say – a normal license plate with normal letters.

But you were feeling. Your heart was open. I was sitting next to you. We were talking. And when you looked over, what did you see but “Tobias” on the license, Tobias driving down the road, yes indeed, driving with you.

Dear friends, let us talk for a moment here about this age that you are in, this New Energy that you are moving into, and this supposed duality between the Old and the New. Let us talk for a moment about your religions. We have talked about that before. We would like to speak about that again today before we introduce our guest.

The religions of your world right now are going through so much internal chaos. They are going through so many changes. Yet there are parts of them that hold onto the Old. They do not want the change. They fear the change. More than anything they think – remember that word, think – that God does not want them to change from their Old ways, so they hang on desperately, in spite of everything that shows them that it is time to change.

In terms of those attending the services, their numbers are dropping. But yet, they do not understand why. They do studies, and they have great meetings where they want to know why the numbers are dwindling. So many times, they blame it on humanity, blame it on the fact that humans are losing their sense of spirituality.

This is funny on our side. We laugh about this. Humans are not losing their spirituality. They have more spirituality than ever before. There is more awakening taking place on this planet, an awakening of consciousness that will result in a quantum leap in your lifetimes; great changes sweeping over the lands.

Your religions are holding onto the Old. They are trying to find ways to stay in existence. In these coming years you will see their literal and figurative walls come tumbling down. For so many of them the walls will tumble down from the inside. You will continue to see so much chaos in the churches all around the world.

The wars that you have right now are based on religion. It is not the economy. It is not oil. It is about religions. There is old karma at play here. There are conflicts between the Christianity and Islam. There are conflicts between all of the churches. It is coming to a head now. And this is so appropriate. This is so appropriate.

Dear friends, this is why you are here on Earth now, and why you are Shaumbra. Yes, you see, you were the ones who created these churches. You were the ones who created the New Thought so very long ago. You helped to build the religions.

At some point in your soul, you knew it was time to let go and to allow yourself to come to a new truth and a new understanding. You saw how the divine word was distorted, and twisted, and changed for human purposes. And it saddened you. It still saddens you at your core. So many of you walked away from not only the religious orders but also from life. You know what I am speaking about.

You came back in recent incarnations, but you led lonely lives off by yourself. You were disillusioned by what you had created and what had become of the churches, disillusioned by the wars, by the lack of compassion and love. You were disillusioned by the energies that were created through the churches, that went out and tried to conquer the world. So many of you were involved in past lives in one of the many, many, many crusades, and not just the Christian crusades, but the crusades of Islam and the crusades of many other religions.

You left the very churches that you loved so dearly, the very churches that you had helped to build. Then you went into seclusion. You tried to forget who you were. You saw the result of what you had tried to create. And you did not like it so much, so you hid yourself. You went on a lonely journey, some of you here for many, many lifetimes, dozens of lifetimes alone, removed.

You knew within your being that you had the power and the understanding. You knew that you could influence so many things, but yet you hid. You did not allow yourself to come out. You were not bold. You were not daring. You laid low.

But you also knew at your soul level that the time would come for you to come out, for you to express your divinity, for you to be the teacher and the guide for others, but not in the Old way, not with the old churches. You would be the pioneers and trailblazers.

That has caused many challenges in this lifetime of yours. You knew this was the lifetime of ascension and uniting with yourself.

Dear friends, when you look at this concept of the Shaumbra University being built on Earth, it frightens you. You remember. You say, “But I helped to create the churches. Look what they have done.” Dear friends, that was the Old, and it has served a purpose. The churches have led humanity on a path of their awakening divinity.

As we have talked about before, Archangel Gabriel sounded the trumpet for you to come back again, for you to be the teachers, for you to step forward; not to create a religion, but to create a consciousness. The call went out, not to have lengthy documents and books about how life should be lived, but rather to simply illuminate your own divinity, bring it into your life. Being in the Now as a Divine Human is the best example, the best way to show others.

They will come to you. They will come, not to memorize lengthy scripts, not to try to follow long lists of rules. They will come to you to feel the glow of your divinity, and then to open up theirs. They will come to you to see that it is possible to be a divine angel here on Earth.

So, we tell you today that you will continue to see so many changes in all of your churches. They will proclaim, more than ever, that they are right, that they have the way. They will hold onto the Old ways. Then their walls will come tumbling down.

Do you see, dear Shaumbra, why it is so important for you to be here now? When the walls of the churches come down, where will the people go? Who will they turn to? They will be disillusioned, like you were disillusioned. They will need the guidance of somebody who has found enlightenment within. Not from a book, not from rules, but from within.

This is why you are here. This is why we are asking you to be bold and daring in your own life right now. Come out, come out, dear Shaumbra, wherever you are hiding! (audience laughter) We will continue to encourage you to step forward in your own life. We know you are still hiding. We know you are still somewhat timid. But now is the time to step forward.

With that, we would like to bring in our guest on this day. Dear friends, we ask you to feel the energy. It is very familiar to so many of you. Our guest, our guest loves all of you so dearly. (audience laughter as Tobias continues to delay revealing who the guest is)

Our guest is one who… (more and more laughter as Tobias continues to taunt the audience!) who has walked in human form and gained notoriety on several different occasions. Our guest stood before the burning bush and heard the words of God. Our guest stood atop a mountain one day and felt the skies open up and was inspired in a way that changed the world and still influences the world. Our guest brought forth to his people a message.

We would like to bring in Moshe – Moses. He comes to visit on this day. He comes to be with you. And yes, in answer to the question that was just asked in somebody's mind, he did like the movie. He did like Charlton Heston playing the role. (much audience laughter) Humans ask the strangest questions, particularly at times like this! (more laughter)

The energy of Moses comes to be with us now. Yes, he was human. He knows what it is like. He delivered his people from enslavement, to free them at a time when they were so down. They were held back. They were slaves to the Egyptians, to the great rulers at that time.

As a child, Moses would have been killed if his parents had not hid him and then given him up to a royal family. He grew up not knowing that he was a Jew. It was not until his later years that he discovered that his lineage was as a Jew, that he had been saved and protected. Through this experience he held his hand out to God in thanks for saving him.

Moses went through so many things in his lifetime as a human, experiences similar to what many of you have had in the past or perhaps in this lifetime. He was educated. He was in the higher ranks and orders of society at the time.

One day, Moses saw a guard beat a Jew slave to death. He in turn killed the guard. His anger, and his love for his own people, came to the forefront. He went and hid for many, many years after that, like so many of you, hiding from your past, hiding from your past.

But he had made such a strong connection with Spirit and his own divinity in that lifetime, that he could not truly hide, just as you cannot truly hide. You cannot hide from your divinity and from who you are. So, one day in front of the burning bush, Moses received the message again, a message that there was work for him to do, to take his people out of slavery.

Dear friends, Moshe – Moses – was a stammerer. He stuttered. And he said, “Dear God, how can I be a leader? How can I bring my people out of bondage if I stutter?”

He was trying to get out of what he knew his job was, what his mission was. So, indeed, Spirit working through Gabriel and Michael, planted the idea to have his brother speak for him because, at the core, he was still afraid to come forth, still afraid to be bold and daring.

Dear Shaumbra, do you understand what Moses is telling you?

At one point Moses went atop Mount Sinai. In meditation and prayer, he asked Spirit for understanding about how to guide and to lead his people. It was there that the Ten Commandments were delivered. In a sense, you could say they were not commandments; they were commitments from God. Commitments to Moses, commitments to his people, and commitments to all humans on Earth.

It is interesting how the churches that you helped to create have changed these into commandments. Why would God ever have commandments? God has commitments. Spirit has commitments to you. We will talk about those in a few moments.

So, dear friends, Moses helped to take his people out of bondage. He led them on a long journey through the desert, a wonderful metaphor and partially true. He led them on a long, long journey through the desert, through their own clearing, through their own dark night of the soul. He led an entire race. Moses and the consciousness of the Jews at the time then created the new state of Israel. And you know so much of the rest of the story.

Moses helped to create new guidelines for humans at the time. He helped them understand how to live a better moral life, as well as a better spiritual life. He helped create rules that were needed at the time, rules that would help a person understand their place in the community, their place in the family, and their place with God. He gave hope to a whole new nation.

His word still has so much influence across your entire world, particularly with the Christian and the Jews. What Moses started almost 4,000 years ago still has such a strong influence on your world. Moses helped bring in the Age of Christos, the time when humans could begin to bring their divinity from the outer realms onto Earth to integrate with their humanness. Moses was the instigator, the implementer of this, working with so many of you.

Yes, many of you who walked with Moses. Oh, you thought he was a tough, old ruler. And he was. He was strict at the time. He had to be. He was trying to show you, and trying to show others, the way into your own divinity. It was very difficult at the time. Consciousness was so much different than what it is now.

After leading a long and rather challenging life, but very fulfilling and rewarding, Moses left the Earth. He saw what was beginning to take place, changes sweeping over the land. But he also saw that there was an imbalance. He saw that there was another group of people who were treated as slaves, who were owned as slaves, who had no hope, who had no guidance. They needed a different message at the time for their group.

So, dear Moses came back. Dear Moses returned to Earth, accepting another challenge, being bold and daring once again, and returning to Earth as Mohammed.

Moses and Mohammed, the same. The same entity. The question was asked in our last gathering, “When would Mohammed come in as a Crimson Circle guest?” We had to laugh at the time, for we knew of this visit. And we told you then that we had a bit of a surprise.

Moses returned as Mohammed to create Islam. Islam, the surrender, the release, the letting go. The people of the land of Arabia had an old karma that needed to be released. They needed someone to guide them out of the prisons of their souls.

Moses and Mohammed had such a tremendous influence on society. So, imagine how he feels right now when he sees this duality, when he sees the conflict between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Now, you would think that he would be sad at these events. But dear friends, he has great, great compassion for humans.

Moses and Mohammed understand what is taking place in the world right now. He understands that humanity is at a time of great change. He understands that the religions that were appropriate back then, are not so appropriate now.

Moses comes here today to encourage you in your work. He encourages you, dear friends, to stand at the burning bush, to hear the word of God within you. He encourages you to sit on the mountain, like you are doing right now – not Mount Sinai, but Coal Creek Canyon (audience laughter) – to understand the commitment that Spirit has to you, the commitment that you have to your spirit.

He comes here now to ask you to be bold and daring, as he was. Moses, the stutterer, the one who could not even get the words out of his mouth, but yet followed his heart to change the world. Moses, who returned as Mohammed to help lead another group out of their bondage, to help give rise of consciousness, to help release this group from their past.

So, it is a delight to have Moses – Mohammed – here today to share our time together, to be in this Now moment.

We ask you to breathe in and to allow this energy of Moses/Mohammed to be with you, to smile at you, and to thank you for the work that you do. He has empathy and compassion, for he walked in your shoes several times, breaking new territory, breaking down the old systems, being in his truth.

Moses said that… (pause) dear friends, he tells us now that the Ten Commandments were appropriate, although somewhat misworded, for they really truly were ten commitments. But Moses tells us that if he were to write something now for the New Energy, if he were to work with Shaumbra right now, there would be a new set of commitments. Here is what Moses/Mohammed would write as the commitments of the New Energy:

First and foremost, dear friends, Moses says, “You are God also. You are God also.” Honor this. Accept this. Be in love with this. Feel the God within you. You are God also.

Number 2, Moses/Mohammed says is to be in the Now moment with God, the God that is within you, the God that is in all things. Allow yourself to feel it. Be in this space. At one point he would have said to honor the Sabbath, to honor a single day. Oh, it was a big challenge back in his time to get people to stop for one day to feel Spirit. What he says now is, “Be in the moment with Spirit, with yourself. Feel that.” You do not need to take a separate day. You can be in the love of Spirit every moment.

Number 3, Moses/Mohammed says, “Honor your lineage. Honor your ancestry. Honor your past.” You have gone through so many lifetimes and incarnations to get to this point. Sometimes you do not even want to acknowledge who you were. Why do you think you forget about your past lives? Because you put them under the rug. You try to hide them. Honor everything you have done, even those lifetimes that you would consider despicable. Honor yourself and your past. Nearly 4,000 years ago Moses said, “Honor thy mother and father.” Now, he says, “Honor your lineage. Honor who you were. Honor who you are today, indeed.”

Number 4, Moshe says, “Dear friends, be in your truth. Be in your truth at all times.” Humans avoid their truth. Yes, indeed, they tell lies because they do not like to see their truth. Now, be in your truth. It will give rise to new consciousness within you. It will help you to feel. It will help you to understand and to even hear the true words of your divinity.

If you are in the Now and in your truth, dear friends, this gives you all that you need. When you try to avoid the truth of who you were in the past, or even actions in this lifetime, it distorts the reality. In a sense, you live in an altered state. You go outside of the Now. Be in your truth. Be proud of who you are. Admit to all of your actions and take responsibility for your life. Be in your truth, dear friends.

Number 5, Moshe, “You are the creators. You can create your own abundance of life. You are the creator of everything that you need in the moment. Again, take responsibility.”

In the days of old he would have said, “Do not steal from another. Do not covet thy neighbor’s goods.” But he says now, “You are the creator. You do not need what anyone else has. You can create for yourself everything, everything in your life.” Do not look to another and have envy about their lives and the good things that they appear to have, for you do not truly understand the challenges that they go through. Be the creator of your own life. Take responsibility.

And finally, Moshe says, “Dear friends, celebrate life. Breathe in life. Be bold and daring. Feel life.” Tell yourself, “Yes, I choose life. I choose to live. I choose to be here on this planet Earth right now, fully aware of who I am, fully aware of what I am doing here.”

So, this is what Mohammed and Moses would write on the tablets now for you. It is quite simple. Perhaps they will make a movie out of this! (audience laughter)

Dear friends, the energy of Moses and Mohammed come back to the Earth right now so very strong. He will be here for a while, particularly during the transition time for your churches. He will be here for a while.

Moses’ energy will continue to be here – and, yes, to the one who just asked – yes, indeed there were what would appear to be miracles created at the times, the parting of the Red Sea, not so much a miracle, but at the time it appeared that way. And yes, to the ones who are wondering – he will clear the way on the highways down the road for you tonight. (This comment refers to the continued heavy snowfall covering the roads that Shaumbra would have to travel to get home today after the channel.) He will sit beside you. He will sit beside you and clear the way.

Before the Shoud begins, let us talk for a moment about a concept. We ask you to feel this. You will have the tendency to go very intellectual with this. We warn you right now. And we chuckle. We ask you to FEEL what we are going to talk about.

We will talk for a moment about the Expanded Now, the Expanded Now, and what it means, the implications in your life, how it is different than just the moment of Now. The Expanded Now; we ask you to feel this.

There is the potential for much discussion on your Internet message board about this. We ask you to be bold and daring as Shaumbra goes into very detailed and complex dissection of what we have said here. Remind the others to go back to their FEELINGS. You will understand so much more through feelings, rather than trying to intellectualize the concept.


Right now, we sit together in an Expanded Now. It includes you in this moment, fully present with us. But it is expanded, because it is not just you, the human, sitting in the chairs, or laying on your sofa, or on the floor. It is not just that portion of you.

See, you expand. You open up your energy fields to include other things in your moment. You include Moses and I, Tobias, even though we are a couple of old dead Jews. (audience laughter) You include us in your moment.

In the Expanded Now, you do not have to leave your body or your reality to go out into the other dimensions to visit us. You are not denying your humanness or the moment you are sitting in. But you are opening up your energy. You are expanding your energy field to include us.

As you expand your energy field, you also include all of the aspects of who you have been in past lives. You are including all of that energy in your Now. As we sit here right now, most of you are not afraid to open up. You are in the sacred energy of your divinity, and of the family Shaumbra, so you can open up to include all of the experiences of your past lives. You can open up to include the other realms.

It is the Expanded Now because you are fully present. You are the anchor point. You are the focal point. YOU are the source.

You see, in the past you would try to leave your Now moment and your body. You would try to deny the Now to go somewhere else. This is what Moshe talked about when he said, “Be in your truth.” Your truth is that you are human. You are here now. Do not try to leave. That is the Expanded Now.

The Expanded Now is the New Energy. It is one of the physics of the New Energy. You can be fully present yet include everything else. When you have no fear that someone else can consume you or control you, then you can open those energy fields and be in the Expanded Now.

Your consciousness expands into the multi-dimensional levels when you are in the Expanded Now. Your energy not only expands in your three-dimensional world, but now it also crosses into the other dimensions. You go into the multi-dimensional layers at what we call “the space between the space” of the atoms. The space between the space is where you access these multi-dimensional layers.

We will give you a short example to help you to understand. Imagine a large, large lake. The lake is beautiful, surrounded by mountains. The lake is very beautiful, and it is very calm. It is like glass.

You set out on your boat from the dock at one end of the lake. You travel in a straight line, heading towards the shore on the other side. But it is a shore that you cannot see. You assume it is there.

You speed across the glass-like waters. As you look behind, you see a wake. You see waves that have been created by the movement of the boat.

In this metaphor, the waves behind you are like all of the experiences of your past lives. You have created something. You have created movement, here represented by the waves. The waves take on a life and an energy of their own.

Much like your past life energies take on their own identity. They are not creators like you. But your past lives live on. We have talked about this before. When you release them, they go into the cosmic planes and continue a life of their own. The waves behind the boat are all of the experiences and all of the energy of your past.

Now, when you go into the Expanded Now that you are in now, the boat stops. The boat stops, but the waves continue. They have a life of their own. They come back and intersect with the boat. They come back. The waves come back and intersect with the boat.

In the Expanded Now you are not only on the surface of the lake, but you are also at all the depths of the lake. You are not only a boat on the surface, but you are also like a submarine down below. You see, while you thought you were leading a very linear life, there was so much happening at the other levels.

The lake is very, very deep. What you are creating is more than just a wave on the surface. You were changing all things in the universe. You only saw the surface. You only saw the waves. You never saw the shore or what was below the water’s surface.

In the Expanded Now that you sit in, you have full access to all of the depths of lake, all of the experiences that were created on the surface in the waves. It all comes back to you. There is no need now to race across the lake in your boat.

Everything comes to you. Everything. The Expanded Now includes all of the energies of the past, all of the inter-dimensional work you’ve been doing. It comes back to you now. It comes back to you.

You will come to realize so many things. You will come to understand these things that you call Multiple Personality Disorders. You will come to understand that they were aspects of yourself. You were experiencing “bleed throughs.”

So many of you are experiencing things like Multiple Personality Disorders now. You wonder what is happening to your mind. You are getting feelings. You are getting visions and images from the past, from multi-dimensional aspects of yourself. They are coming through. There is nothing wrong. Stay grounded in the Expanded Now moment, and you will understand what this is all about.

You will have things happen that make you scratch your head, wondering about a license plate that you see, for instance, wondering why at one moment you thought you were going to be in a horrendous car accident, only to find yourself on the other side of the road, faced in the proper direction with traffic, totally safe. You wondered what happened in those “lost” moments. It was not the angels that did it. It was you. It was you in the Expanded Moment, choosing a different potential.

We will talk about the Expanded Now, the implications and how it affects your life in the next few gatherings of Shaumbra. We will go into more of the details.

In the meantime, we know some of you are already jotting down notes, trying to figure this all out. Dear friends, feel it. Simply feel it. Be in the Expanded Moment. Indeed, everything comes to you. Everything comes to you. It is the physics of the New Energy.

Now, dear Shaumbra, it is time for the Shoud. It is time to bring all of your energies together. It is time to speak in one voice. It is time to have Moshe and I sit back and listen to you… sit here and hear your words… feel your love emanate.

We will take a moment to shift the energies here. And the next thing you will hear will be yourself.

And dear friends, here before we start, be bold. Open up. Add your energy to Shoud.

(Pause while Cauldre prepares to channel Shaumbra in the Shoud.)

Shoud: We are Shaumbra. We are one family. We are family throughout the world and the universe. We are one voice and many voices on this day.

It gives us joy to be here with Moses, and Mohammed, and Tobias. It gives us great joy to speak from our heart and from our feelings. It gives us joy to express the ways of the New Energy.

Last month when we gathered in Shoud, we talked about the illusion of power, and the fact that there truly is no power. There truly is only energy. We work with energy. We create with energy.

With this new understanding, we know that within our Expanded Moment, within our reality, there is no light and dark. There are no forces working against each other. Now, the elements work together for each other.

With this insight, we can heal. We can balance our own physical body. If there are diseases within us, they now work with the elements that are trying to heal us, the immune forces, the parts of our biology that try to repair.

Now there are not two forces within us, battling back and forth. There is only one. They all work together in commonness. They all work together to keep us balanced in the New Energy.

We do not need to worry about picking up germs or diseases from other people. We can be in an office environment where there are colds and flus, and not worry about those germs getting us down. We can open up and allow all energies into our reality, into our lives, even into our body, because once they come into our body, all of the energies work together. They combine in the New Energy for a whole new balance.

There is no power of a flu, or power of the body to heal itself. That was an illusion. Now everything comes together in unity. In the Expanded Moment, we rejuvenate ourselves. As Shaumbra, we realize we don't have to battle. We don’t have to battle what we consider dark energies, disease energies, unhealthy energies, for these were an illusion.

We do not need to worry about unbalanced emotions, dark emotions, for now all of our emotions work together. In the past we were always battling our demons, our own darkness. This was appropriate because it gave us the energy to continue moving us on our journey.

But now, by releasing the illusion of power, releasing the judgment about light and dark, all of these things can work together. We can be the creator and choose our reality, and all energies support our choices.

We do not need worry about negative vibrations from other people affecting us. They can come into our energy fields, these negative feelings, these negative aspects coming from others. They do not have to bring us down. It is just energy, and it can feed us. We can be balanced. We can be filled with compassion and love even in the midst of large groups of people who are angry or depressed.

By releasing the illusion of power, we open up a whole new realm of energies to support our choices as creators. We can bring any energies into our being. There is a transmutation that occurs. There is a process that brings everything together in support of the gods that we are.

Battling the darkness, as we did, only gave strength to the darkness. The darkness, trying to annihilate the light, only gave the light strength and hope.

Now we release the judgments of energy. We release the illusion of power so all of these can work together.

To heal ourselves we open up to everything. To heal our bodies, we allow all of the energies to come back together. In a way, you could say that we do not need these antibiotics. We do not need all of these things that try to purge out the negative. We accept, and we appreciate all of the energies that come in.

Through the work that we are doing with St. Germain, we become transmuters. We become changers of energies. We release the old charge on the elements of light and dark so that both are appropriate. Both work for us as the creators.

This is how we change the world from within us. We change the world by reuniting the energies and accepting the appropriateness. We change our own lives by taking the responsibility for all of the past aspects. We take responsibility even if our body is in disease now, and we allow ourselves to transmute this into healing. We take responsibility for any imbalances in the emotions.

And we allow the opposing forces in our mind to come together in oneness, not one enslaving the other or annihilating the other, but working in harmony, melding in a new dance, the light and the dark coming together, and creating a New Energy, a third energy.

Power was just an illusion. There is just energy.

We are Shaumbra. We are the journeyers. We are the creators.

And so it is.

(Pause again while Cauldre prepares for Tobias to return.)

TOBIAS: Now, I, Tobias and Moses return. Yes, we do have some interesting gatherings. You probably never thought that you would see it in your life when you could sit one day with Yeshua, the next day with Moses, and all of the others who we have brought in. But dear friends, you are attracting these energies. You are attracting the interest of the angels with the work you are doing.

We tell you over and over, and we will continue to tell you over and over – we honor you. You are grand beings. You do not see below the surface of the lake. You do not see what you are truly doing. You tend to look behind you and say, “But the only thing I did was create waves!” (audience laughter)

What you have done has changed the very fabric of human consciousness. You have changed the very fabric of universal consciousness as well. That is why we are always so honored to share our love with you, to bring in the angels and the Masters. We honor you as the true Masters of the New Energy.

Indeed, we ask you to be bold in your lives. Come out, dear Shaumbra. Come out to play. Come out to create. Come out to be the beacons of light for all of the others.

We love you dearly. And we will continue to be with you.

Shaumbra, the greatest angels in the universe are watching you. They are loving you and supporting you in this incredible journey. You are never alone.

And so it is.