The Divine Human Series:
"SHOUD 7: The Illusion of Power"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
February 1, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we join together in the energy of the Crimson Circle. Those who have walked the difficult path of angels in human form gather now to share, to learn, to teach, and indeed to soar. I, Tobias well up with the emotions, and love. I embrace the vibration that is here in this space. It is not just the physical space but the space of energy and consciousness where all gather together.

It takes me a moment to adjust my energies to this space of the Crimson Circle. I love to look out on each of you. I have known each of you – each and every one of you – whether it was in a lifetime on Earth where we shared a few laughs, a few tears; whether it was times back here in the Crimson Council where you come to visit between your lifetimes, when we sit and listen to your stories about the wonderful adventures on Earth.

When you come here between your lifetimes, we ask you, “What did it feel like to experience living again as a human? What did it feel like to experience love so deep? What did it feel like to experience going through the pains of death? What did it feel like when you were born in human body, when you thought you lost contact with us? What did it feel like to create something using your hands? Ah, and what did it feel like to create something using your spirit and using your creativity? What did it feel like to look at that sunset when you were off by yourself that one time? Did you know that we were sitting there beside you?”

We love to hear your stories when you come back here. And you know it is not about sitting around together, and judging, and looking at where you went right or where you went wrong. That is a quality of a human who lives in duality. There truly is no right or wrong. There is only experience and expression.

When you come back here, we do not have intensive classes with you where we review every activity of your life, and then we tell you how you could have done a better job. It does not work like that. We simply sit and listen to your stories. Like a good analyst, we say, “How did that feel?” (audience laughter) “How did that feel?”

Then we say with a smile and a wink, “If you had to do it all over again, what would you do?” And poof, you're gone back to Earth! (audience laughter) You disappear right in front of our eyes! That is how strong you are. That is how much creative energy you have. The moment that you think, “Yes, I would like to go back and do it a different way so I could have a different feeling,” you are gone. You are gone.

Now, dear friends, there is much we have to talk about today. There is much YOU have to talk about in the Shoud. So, we will keep our portion relatively short. We checked in on you earlier to see, we kind of peeked into the dressing room door, so to speak, to see what the Shoud is about today. And it is a very interesting concept that you have come to the awareness of, that you have come to the awareness of.

Now, let us take a moment to bring in our guest for today, our visitor. Dear friends, feel this energy. Feel it. You don’t have to worry about a name or an image coming to your brain. That may come later. But feel the energy of our special guest. There is the seed of ideas, many, many ideas, enough seeds here to fill many fields.

Our guest today is our dear friend who was here last month – the energy of St. Germain. He comes back to visit. As we said, he will be working with you. He visited all of you in these recent weeks, in one form or another.

You say, “Well, I did not see him. I did not know he was there.” Think back. Reflect back. He could have appeared to you as a small animal or a small child, allowing his energy to flow through them. He could have appeared to you at night when you were suddenly awakened, at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. He has talked to many of you while you were driving down the road, ah, when you were in a peaceful place. He has been with you. He will continue to be around this year. My dear friend St. Germain will be close at your side, along with the loving, nurturing energy of Mother Mary. These are like two pillars who will work so closely with you.

As I mentioned in our last discussion, St. Germain had been away for quite a while, helping the angels on our side to develop and birth this place we call the New Earth. He has been out of contact, busy with this project. Now with the alignment of the grids, he now brings his energy to both places, this physical Earth that you inhabit and the New Earth. He is like a conduit between the two.

St. Germain works directly with the order of Archangel Gabriel. We know him here as an angel who can connect in human form. We know him here by the name of Zebael. Zebael. We do not call him St. Germain. That is a human name that you have for him.

I would like to address something that gave me great joy one week ago at the Channeling Workshop (in Denver). It was such a joy to be in the energy of Divine Humans who were bold, who were crossing over the line of comfort to learn how to channel.

Remember what that felt like when it came time to open your mouth and to let your spirit express itself. Remember the nervousness, the trepidation, or perhaps the feeling of being blocked, knowing the answer, feeling it in there, but feeling that perhaps you’re going to say the wrong words, feeling that it wasn't appropriate, perhaps feeling that it needed to be something grand and profound. Yes, each one of you, each one of you took the risk, walked over that line. It was a delight to see humans feeling once again.

You have been taught to be logical, to think in a certain prescribed manner. Your energy has gotten so limited through these activities. But now you are learning how to FEEL again… and perhaps a bit afraid of your feelings at first.

Yes, indeed, when you open up to Spirit within you, it does bring back old memories. It brings back memories from a time long, long ago before you came to Earth, when you were so powerful and so expressive, when you created grand things, and also destructive and terrible things. You shut down. As you open up again and learn to feel, it is a bit confusing and somewhat terrifying at first.

Those of you who went through this experience of the Channeling Workshop took a giant step. You allowed yourself to feel. As we said, it was not about channeling. It was not about channeling. Channeling is old. It is going by the wayside. Sorry, Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe)! (audience laughter)

It is about allowing yourself to FEEL once again. And when you allow yourself to feel, that opens the doorway to connect with your divinity and your God-self. When you allow yourself to feel, you can connect with anything. It has vibration. It has a unique energetic fingerprint. And you can connect with that.

When you allow yourself to feel, you can tap into the energy of a tree. Perhaps, the tree doesn't have anything to share in terms of words or profound wisdom. It may just ask you to feel its energy. And it feels yours. You connect with that tree. You could say you are channeling. There is a channel between you and that tree.

When you learn to connect, when you open up your feelings, then you can connect to another human. When you stand behind the short wall, in particular, and get out of drama and have no judgment, and yet have great compassion, you will feel so many things from other humans. Oh, oh, and the feelings that you open up to! You can hear, and feel, and sense their entire story. You will be able to feel the entire story of their journey from the time they left Home to now.

Then when you truly open up your feelings, you can feel us, those non-physical entities, the angels, archangels, the grandest of the grand. You can feel us and communicate with us. We won't necessarily speak to you in words, like we are doing now. We will speak to you in feelings.

We do not have languages over here like you have on Earth. We have connections of vibration, and feelings, and energy, oh, that are so much more complete than words. We don’t like talking to you in words because they are so limited. It took a while for Cauldre to learn how to take the feelings and the thoughts that were coming from us and put these into human words that could be understood by others.

The humans who attended the Channeling Workshop last week experienced this same type of thing – how to perceive an ocean of feelings and bring it down to the flow of a small river. That is what your human language is like – so limited. But it was a delight to see humans feeling again.

Your schools and families and places of employment teach you not to feel. Your children are taught to not feel. They are taught to use this thing called the mind, the brain. They are taught to focus there. Yet they are not taught feel.

Dear friends, dear friends, it was such a joy. We will encourage this group of teachers to continue to give these workshops. Someday perhaps, even in your lifetime, there will be millions, and millions, and millions of humans who have been taught how to feel once again, who have been encouraged to feel.

You talk about ideas, and creativities, and passion. They are all in your feelings. You wonder why sometimes you don't feel passion in your life. It is because you are not feeling anymore. You are trying to do passion in your brain. It doesn't work. Your brain is passionless.

You, angel, and you, God, are filled with passion. It comes through your feelings. If you want to know where the passion is, it is in that thing called feelings. It is there, but you are trying to discover it in your brain.

Such a delight to be at this school!


Dear friends, let’s talk for a moment about something Cauldre presented today, the Shaumbra University. He came to us so many times. “Tobias, Tobias, what am I supposed to do?” “It doesn't matter,” we told him. “It doesn't matter. You can do nothing. Or you can go for the whole thing.”

“Tobias, what should it look like?” “We don’t care,” we said. (audience laughter) “It is for you and for Shaumbra to decide. Find somebody, Cauldre, who can bring this to form in this painting. Find somebody who can channel Shaumbra, who can channel that onto the canvas.”

“Tobias, Tobias,” Cauldre said. “Is this too grand?” And we said, “Far too grand!” (audience laughter) “Far too grand for the way you think right now. Change your thinking, and change your feeling, and open up. Why do you limit yourself, Cauldre?”

Ah, it is not just Cauldre that we pick on. We pick on all of you. (much audience laughter) You have heard us!

And Cauldre said, “How are we going to make this work? What are the logistics?” And we said, “Cauldre, that is why YOU went to Earth to be a human.” (audience laughter) “That is the journey of a human angel. That is for you to figure out.”

And finally in his desperation, he said, “But Tobias, Tobias, how do you feel about this?” And I told him, “We feel it is the New Energy. We feel it is appropriate. It you choose not to do it, we understand. If Shaumbra all around the world chooses not to become part of it, understand that is appropriate too. Understand that if you do not do it, then the next group will.” (more laughter)

We share something now with all of you. We have been – how to say – giggling. We have been waiting for this. We have not shared it with Cauldre or the others. But we share this with you right now.

This place you call Shaumbra University, that you see depicted in the painting, already exists. It does not exist here on this planet. It exists in another place and in another dimension. You have all built it already. It exists on our side of the veil.

It has been under construction for the past 12 or so years. You have been working on it. You have been setting up the energies for it. You have been putting all of the frameworks in place and then filling the inside with the appropriate energies. Each time you went through one of your difficult and challenging experiences of moving into ascension status, you filled it, the Shaumbra University, with that energy.

It already exists on a different dimension and a different place. It already exists, and it is being melded right now into this place called the New Earth. You see, the New Earth is a library and the university of the New Energy. The New Earth is the library, and the university, and the research center for the Divine Human.

So, you see, this concept, what you call a seed, has already sprouted. We did not want to share this with Cauldre or any of you until now. We want you to make the decisions.

Should you choose to bring the energies of Shaumbra University here to Earth, it will be easy. It already exists. You will find that it flows. You will find that there are those who step forward to supply the abundance that is needed, the abundance of talent, and money, and love, and compassion, and knowledge, and wisdom, and all of these things. They will step forward. But they were waiting for you. They were waiting for you – yes, Cauldre, for you, Shaumbra – to be bold and daring.

Let us talk for a moment here about how some of this works. There is much discussion that metaphysicians have about parallel universes and realities. We have not dwelled on this much in the past, for we want you to focus on the “now” moment of your lives. But indeed, there are other realities, and they exist all around you. They exist out into the universe.

You see the universe. You look out there, and you see it through the dimension of your eyes. You see stars that are located at specific points. What you do not see are all the layers and the multi-dimensions that exist. You are looking through the limited eyes of a human. If you thought the universe was large looking through your human eyes, you should see how big it is in the eyes of an angel!

When you feel what is out there, you will realize your physical universe is quite empty. But all of the universes, the layers that exist in and around it, are quite full. Out there in these multi-dimensional states so many of the human experiences and journeys are worked on.

For instance, the legend of Camelot and King Arthur that so many of you are so fond of, did not really so much happen here on Earth, we are sorry to say. But it happened in the other dimensions. It happened in the energies surrounding this place you know as Arcturus. It was lived out there, not in human physical form, but the whole reality, and the concept, and the energies behind it were acted out there. There was a King Arthur, and a Guinevere, and a Merlin, and all of the other characters. Dear friends, this was so important, so symbolic of a time of a change.

You were the actors in that play. When you weren't acting, you were helping behind the scenes. At other times you would sit out in the audience, and you watched the legend of King Arthur and the story of Camelot unfold. And it did happen there. It did happen.

It was a script that was not written in advance. We did not know, and you did not know the end of the story. In a sense, you could say that the story of King Arthur continues in these other dimensions. The story never ended. It continues. You go back there from time to time to reconnect. Many of those energies were brought here to Earth by you because you had been involved in the story.

Yes, there are many King Arthurs here, and many Guineveres, many Merlins, all of these characters. Sometimes you say, “Oh, Tobias, I think I was King Arthur in a past lifetime. But how could that be? I met someone yesterday who thought the same thing, and the day before that.” (audience laughter)

You scratch your head and say, “How can there be so many of us? Indeed, I am just crazy. Indeed, these are all the hallucinations of a crazy human mind, wanting to be in denial about their everyday life.”

No, dear friends, that is not it. You were. You were King Arthur. At one point you stepped out on the stage and assumed that energy and played the role for a while. And then another came along and played the role, and then another. Then, you switched roles. You played different characters in this dynamic drama.

Then, when you came to Earth, oh, you felt so connected with the story, so connected with the land where it happened. It did happen. Parts and pieces of it happened here on Earth. Parts and pieces did, but most of it happened on the cosmic planes.

This is true of so many things that are worked on in the multi-dimensional levels. Oh, it is quite busy, quite busy. You wonder why, when a dear one exits the human body and comes back to our side, why you hear from them for a short period, and then don't hear from them at all. Dear friends, there are so many activities here on our side. How do you say – on any given night when you are on our side, you can go to a play, many plays, many things being acted out. You can go to schools. You can go off by yourself… so much happening here.

We bring this up to reinforce our point that you see this painting, what you call Shaumbra University. It is already built. You are just now bringing these energies to your human reality. You can build it on Earth also. Build it many places. Do not keep it in a single location. Build the Shaumbra University all over the world.

As we have told you many, many times, there is such a need for teachers, such a need for an energetic place where others can learn, learn from your journey. They can learn from you. They can go to your classes and read your books. They can even take your therapies that have to do with how to open up to feelings, how to be creative once again.

This is a place where the children will come. They will be taught by you in a different way. They will be taught to use all of their resources, not just the mind, not just studying the math and the science and the computers but learning how to feel once again.

There has been all this talk of different types and categories of children – indigoes, and clears, and crystals, and God knows what. But what will come from the Shaumbra University are children who are divine and filled with creativity. This is the New Energy.

St. Germain and I have been having a good time since his return. He is an old friend, and we both share the attribute of having been human in the past. So, in this past short period of time he and I have been catching up, reuniting, having a few laughs together, telling human stories. I think some of our stories – we have tried to outdo each other – would make great works of fiction.

One of the things we have been doing is going through the volume of what we jokingly call the “a-mail,” “angel mail,” coming from you lately. (audience laughter) You have had so many questions that you have been firing off to us. We do hear all of these. We do listen to all of these. We would like to discuss a few of your questions before the Shoud begins.

St. Germain is now commenting, “Humans ask the darndest questions.” That is what we will call this, a play on your television program – humans ask the darndest questions. (audience laughter)

You ask the simplest questions and the most profound. So, let us talk about a few of these.

“Is there a God?” This is one we get over and over again from you. The answer is “No.” And “Yes.” In the terms of the traditional human way of thinking, there is no God. Humans have been taught that God is a all-powerful male figure in this place of heaven. Even though, Shaumbra, you know better, you still have this imprinted in your mind. You still think there is a big guy up there. You still try to connect with that energy.

In those terms there is no God. There is no Creator who has any sort of judgment on you. There is not that type of God.

Yes, there is a God, a God that is within you, that has always been you. There is a God-source, a Home, which birthed you. There was the energy of the King and the Queen who loved each other so much. When they looked each other in the eye and their love connected, this birthed you, yet a new energy, the Explorer energy, the energy that would take the love of Spirit and bring it to new places, bring it to new dimensions, bring it into what had never existed before.

There is the God, and the compassion, and the oneness that has always loved you. There are the mother/father energies that you speak of. But you see, you think that God is separate. You think that God forgot about you along the way. You think that you took the wrong turn on the path. And now you’ve got to work your way back Home. There is not a God in those terms.

There is a God in terms of what sits here right now, and what exists all around you, and what exists into the multi-dimensional layers of the universe. There is a God who sits within the Kingdom and misses you, misses you so much. There is a God who is coming to you, for you are expanding the energy of Home, and God is coming to you. So, when you ask us the question, and you get back that funny answer, “yes and no,” that is the reason.

So many of you also ask us, “Who is the grandest angel? We know there is a hierarchy up there on your side. Who is the grandest angel? And dear Tobias, as a footnote, where do you fit in?” (audience laughter) “Are you in the higher echelon, or are you just a mid-level angel?”

Dear friends, it is the humans who create these angelic hierarchy charts. We think these are funny, very funny. You have all these hierarchal Orders. You have all these angelic family trees and the branches coming off of them and all of the different angels, and who is in charge of who. And we have to chuckle.

Then down at the bottom of your grand chart of grand angels, you sometimes list the human at the bottom. If you really want to understand who is the grandest angel, turn that chart upside down. Turn it upside down. You are at the top of the chart! You are the boss. We are here in support of you. As we have said before, we follow in your footsteps.

We can answer this now, but Cauldre, he says, “Do you want this place, this Shaumbra University, birthed, and built, and created?” All of us back here are nodding our heads “yes,” because when we follow in your footsteps, and we come to Earth, and we go through our Ascension process, we would love to have a place like this. (audience laughter) We would love to have all of the information and the energy that you have gone through. We would love to have YOU as teachers.

So, yes, indeed, you are the grandest of the angels. That is why we are all here in support of you. Other than that there is not a hierarchy here.

There is something called the Order of the Arc, the Order of the Archangels, that was created as a unified consensus of all energies and all angels, what you would consider light and dark. All of them created this Order of the Arc to move to the next level of understanding. You see, when the universe came to a standstill, a long, long time ago, all energy slowed down, and it came to a standstill. We needed to find resolutions, for no one or nothing was being served by having all energy come to a gridlock.

So, we, all of us, the good guys, the bad guys, we created this thing called the Order of the Arc. There are archetypal energies within this. There are energies of Gabriel, and Raphael, Amael, and all of the others in the Order of the Arc.

But they are not singular archangel beings. They represent energies. Yes, sometimes you may will see or feel the energies of Raphael. But it is not a single angel. It is a unified energy. It is part of you. It is part of you.

So, we hear this quite often, “Who is the grandest of the angels? Who is in charge up there?” The energy of Metatron, as so many of you know, sits at the right hand of Spirit. But as you know, Metatron is you. Metatron is your voice in Spirit. Metatron can be perceived as a singular energy, or as a multi-layered, multi-dimensional energy.

Where do I, Tobias, fit in? That is a funny one. Dear friends, there is a certain badge of honor that I wear here that many of the angels and entities do not. So, I get a bit of extra special service from time to time. The fact that I was a human at one point means that there is a certain honor and a distinction. And yes, there are other angels who come from afar to gaze at me, to hear things from me.

They are so fascinated by any angel who has gone through the process of being a human. So, when you come back here, there is much honor, and there are many, many angels who will gather around you, yes, in a way, wanting your energetic autograph, wanting to hear your stories of being on Earth.

The other question that we hear so often on our side is, “Why is there war? Why is there war on Earth?” That is an interesting one. Dear friends, we tell you that war is a way for humans to work out conflict.

We told you a long time ago that all of your experiences on Earth are, in a sense, reenactments of experiences you had before you ever came into human form. You are reenacting experiences that you had in a far-off place in the universe. You are coming to Earth and acting it out in a very slowed down energy, an energy where you have the opportunity to make conscious choices about what to do next.

You might have had an experience long before you ever came to Earth, an experience out in the universe of some type of grand battle with another being where you were trying to consume each other's energy. Now, you come to Earth, and you want to have greater understanding about what happened. You want to be able to re-experience it, but in a new way, a way where you can have feeling about it.

So, you may run into that entity in this lifetime. Now you are both in human form. You have kind of an agreement from the past to come back together. It is not karma. It is a choice. It is a choice of re-experiencing something that happened a long time ago.

So, you marry that person. (audience laughter, which continues as Linda and Geoff look at each other) And then you experience with them what love is, what love shared is all about. Oh, you have a few disagreements from time to time. But now you experience with them a new way to handle disagreements, a new way to handle a difference in energies. You experience with them now what it is like to fall totally in love.

You see, in your experience before you were human, you would never have thought of opening yourself up and allowing the melding of their energy with yours. You would fear that they would try to consume you.

But on Earth as a human, you can open up, and you can fall together in love. You can learn how to resolve. You see, dear friends, what you are doing here on Earth is coming to greater understandings of what you had experienced in the past.

“Why is there war?” you ask. There are still groups, there are still individuals that are trying to understand. So, they battle with each other. They will find out, like you have found out, that war leads to nothing. No one side can ever dominate or take over another side.

You have seen it in your history of Earth. You have seen where one country will take over another. But give it a few hundred years, and it will change. Give it a few hundred years, or even less now, and it will flip back over. One energy can never dominate another. One angel can never own another.

They are living out old experiences. That is why we say, “Allow them to go through it.” They will tire of it. They will tire of blowing themselves up, blowing up their countries and their buildings. They will get tired of all of the negative energies associated with that.

Then, dear friends, that is when it is time for your work to begin. Somehow, somewhere, they will find their way to you. They will find their way to you, and they will say, “War has proven nothing. Where do we go from here?” They will get tired of trying to dominate and take over each other. They will get tired are trying to show how big and powerful they are. They will get tired of terrorist activities when they feel their voice is not being heard.

This is why there is war. This is why we ask you to honor it, but also to understand that they will tire of it.

Dear Tobias, dear St. Germain, you say, “Why is it that I feel stuck right now? Why is it that I read the channels, I read many things, I go to many workshops, and I still feel stuck? I still cannot make that connection with my divinity.”

And we say to you, dear friends, “You are trying too hard in that brain of yours. You have forgotten how to feel. You are stuck because you are not allowing yourself to feel. You are so busy trying to figure it out that you forgot how to feel.”

So, we say to you, “You are stuck right now because you haven’t opened up your heart.” On those few occasions that you tried to – you tried to open your heart – you were frightened. You didn’t know what to do. You shut down a flood of emotions, and feelings, and visions. Experiences came rushing in, and you felt out of control when you opened that door to your heart. That is why you are feeling stuck. Open the door. Allow those feelings to come out. Allow yourself to feel once again.

Along the same lines, you ask us, “Why is it that I feel no passion?” Such a contradiction in words. You are not feeling at all, so why would you feel passion? (audience laughter) When you allow yourself to feel at the very deepest levels of your being, you will feel your passion.

You are trying to create passion in your mind. It does not work that way. You are trying to manufacture passion, drawing it out on paper. You are trying to be architects and builders of passion. You will never find it there.

The passion, the Fruit of the Rose, has always been within you. It is there right now. It is accessible when you feel, when you open up, when you allow yourself to drop the old ways, when you get out of your mind, and get into your heart, dear friends.

Dear Tobias, dear Tobias, you write, “What do you think about this Crimson Circle message board?” (audience laughter) Oh, dear friends, this is in the top three of the popular questions we get. We have to laugh sometimes, of all the questions you get to ask, you want to know about this message board and your Internet system. We sit back and chuckle.

What a wonderful place for expressing duality! See, you are learning so much, but yet you still have all of these conflicts. They come out on your (website) message board. There have been some wise and wonderful sharings on the board. But there is also quite a bit of conflict. There is so much pressure, dear friends, on you right now. You are – how to say – exploding in there.

We hear so many of you, wanting to know how we feel, how we feel about this moderator status. (audience laughter) We hear you saying, “But Tobias, you tell us there should be no rules. So, why are there rules on the message board? Tobias, talk to Cauldre. Talk to those damn moderators.” (more laughter)

Dear friends, we haven’t. We haven’t. We allow this to be yours. But we do remind you – and Cauldre, he is chuckling now – we do remind you that these rules we told you about – it is time to release the rules – we were talking to YOU about YOURSELF, your own rules that you have for yourself. Yet, you want to focus all of your energies on the outer rules, the other rules.

My dear friends, there will always be rules. Even on our side, there are certain parameters or agreements that we have for the way certain things are. We don't call them rules or laws.

As long as you are on Earth, you will have agreements or rules. When you see a stop sign, that means to stop. If you run through it and get in an accident by hitting a tree, do not tell your policeman that Tobias told you there should be no rules, therefore, you ignored the stop sign. No, dear friends, the rules we talked about were the rules you create for yourselves.

Now, can you drop your rules and can you adjust your energies and can you be in a place of true compassion and out of drama to go into any energetic environment, whether it is a message board on the Internet, whether it is driving down the street and following certain agreements about traffic flow, whether it is about adhering to certain agreements and parameters in your workplace?

We know you, Shaumbra. You are systems busters. You do not like rules at all. But the true question is, “Can you take down your own rules so that you can be in any type of environment or any place, and flow with theirs? Can you go anywhere – whether it is to a restaurant or a theater, whether it is an office place or at home – and understand why those individuals who are part of that energy created certain agreements but yet be in your divine space?

Perhaps, perhaps, Shaumbra, your enlightenment and your presence in any energy will help move it to the next level. Perhaps, specifically with this thing that you call your message board, perhaps you can be there and help raise that vibration so that there are no parameters.

We don't have an opinion one way or the other about this. But we do enjoy watching you play out duality, and watching you twist my words in this place. Oh, yes! (audience laughter)

Dear friends, the other question we get so often is, “Why am I here? What am I doing on Earth?” That is a good one. That is a good one, for in a sense, the answer is nothing and everything. If you left Earth now, you would be welcome back here. If you came back here, oh, we would have such a reunion!

What are you doing on Earth? You are helping come to new understandings and new wisdoms for all of Spirit. You left Home so very long ago – but not long ago at all – on behalf of Spirit to be a creator in your own right, to go expand the love of Spirit. That is why you are on Earth. It is that simple. You are here, living and experiencing in the moment, and creating in the moment on behalf of All That Is.

And finally, dear friends, you ask us, “What is love? What is love?” Ah, that is a simple one. Love is the acceptance of all things. When we tell you that Spirit loves you unconditionally, it means that Spirit loves everything about you, accepts everything you are, and everything you have ever been. Love is the acceptance of all things. It is that simple.

Love is compassion. Compassion is acceptance. Compassion is the wisdom and the understanding that everything is appropriate, no matter how it appears on the outside.

Love is also expression. Love has the desire to share itself on all levels. Love looks inwards. It also expresses outward. When you left the comfort of Home and of the Kingdom, it was the desire to express this love that caused you to leave. Love is acceptance and expression of joy.

Now, those are just a few of the many, many questions that we are asked that we wanted to address with you today. We will talk about more of these in the future. Feel free to – how to say – connect with us at any time.

But now we would like to hear from you. We would like you, Shaumbra, to connect all of your energies together in this wonderful thing we call the Shoud, a time where you speak, and we listen. So, we will take a moment here to adjust energies. The next thing you will hear is the voice of yourself in Shoud.

(Pause while Cauldre shifts from channeling Tobias to channeling Shaumbra.)

Shoud: We are Shaumbra. We are family. We are one voice and many, many voices from all over this world, and from throughout creation. We come together like this in connection and in Shoud so often, not just once a month when we gather here. But so often now, we are connected with each other.

When we meet each other for the first time, we are simply having a reunion because we have been together so often in the past. As Shaumbra, there is so much activity right now in our lives. There are so many changes that are occurring all around this planet that we are involved in. As Shaumbra, we are beginning to feel the true joy and excitement of being here as humans, of moving into the New Energy.

As Shaumbra, we are feeling many of the old burdens of the past leave us. We are feeling the weight come off of our shoulders, leave our biological bodies.

As Shaumbra, we feel the excitement about the moment we are in. We feel the excitement of all that we can create together. Little by little, step-by-step, those difficult times from the past, those days when we were walking the path of ascension seem to be further and further behind. We are getting new understandings and enlightenment. We are sharing more with each other than ever before.

There is something that we, Shaumbra, have discovered lately. This did not come from Tobias, or Metatron, or St. Germain, or any of the other angels. We discovered it. We have been experiencing it in little ways in our life. And we are here now to express what we have realized.

Let us go back to the time when we left the Kingdom, and we left Home, went through the Wall of fire, and for the first time felt a sense of our own individual identity. At that point we started to have a feeling of power, a feeling of power that we could go and create stars, and galaxies, and planets. We could create these from nothing. You see, we were in a void. There was nothing.

We felt a great power come up through us, an expression come up through us to where we could create all of these grand things. We felt power when we would encounter another entity, another angel. We could then bump our energies off of each other. We could have battle and see who is the most powerful, who is the strongest, who is the best. We had so much power back then to create and destroy. But in a sense, it was really only transforming energy from one state to another.

The power was addictive. The power was exhilarating, and we wanted more and more of it. This was one of our ways of experiencing our own identity outside of Home – to feel power, to acquire more power, and then to use it.

But at one point, all energies in the universe began to slow down until they came to a standstill. No matter how much power we thought we, something was causing all of our energies to come to a gridlock.

This is when the Order of the Arc was created to find resolution and to free up our energy once again.

We, Shaumbra, chose to come to Earth at that point and take on human bodies. When we descended and lowered our vibration and took on mass, we discovered something. We discovered what it was like not to have power, as humans to feel like we could not create much of anything, to feel we had all of our magic taken away from us, all of our ability to create out of thin air, to create a universe. It was quite a shock to us to learn what having no power meant.

So many, many lifetimes have been spent trying to work our way back through this, trying to rediscover our power once again in this funny place called Earth, no place else like it. How do we become powerful angels and powerful beings? How can we manifest something immediately in front of us, simply by thinking it or willing it?

So, we have been in this true duality journey, wanting power, wanting to have that come back to us, but yet walking in these funny bodies with no power at all… difficult some days to even find a job, or feed ourselves, or to create the things we want in our life.

We remember at a deeper level when it was easy to create a star, easy to create a new type of life form before we came to Earth. So, that is the dilemma that we been in for so very long.

Now comes the New Energy. Now comes the opening of our awareness. And now comes the realization that there is no power. There never was. It was an illusion. The illusion of power, we had to come this far, this long of a journey, to discover it. We had to have what we thought was power at one point, then to lose all of that power when we came to Earth, to come to the understanding that there never was power.

There is energy. And we can make that energy into anything we want. But this whole concept of power does not exist. It was an illusion. We have been struggling for power in our own lives. But yet it is an illusion. There is no more struggle.

There simply is energy. It is not measured by how much of it we can contain or control. That’s what we thought power was. There is energy. It is ours to work with, not to be used against another, not to be accumulated and stored like we did in the past, not to be used to try to show others that we are grander.

There is no power, Shaumbra. It was an illusion. There was only energy. There was only love and expression. We know what we mean, even though our mind is trying to figure it out right now. We know what we mean. It is the illusion of power.

We can release all of those concepts that we had about being powerful beings. There is no need for that anymore. And so it is.

(Pause while Cauldre shifts to Tobias.)

TOBIAS: Now, I, Tobias, and dear St. Germain return here. We love what you said. We love what you have realized.

When we tapped into your Shaumbra consciousness before and saw what you were going to talk about today, it puzzled us at first. You see, we have learned something from you. It is difficult for you to understand because you think on our side, you think that we know everything. You think that Spirit knows everything. But dear friends, it is not always that way. Sometimes you discover first. You come to enlightenment first. Sometimes you surprise and amaze us.

When we looked in on you and saw the realization you had come to, dear friends, we took this back to the others on our side. We said, “Guess what the humans have realized?” (audience laughter) And they said, “What?” And we said, “The humans are going to talk today about power.” And the other angels nodded their heads, “Yes, power, a wonderful thing, a wonderful thing.” And we said, “No, no, you don't realize. The human angels have come to the realization that power is an illusion.”

And the angels on our side of the veil broke down in tears. It was new information to them. They had realized it through you. It has changed many of the aspects of what we do here. We know this is confusing quite a few of you. You will understand. But dear friends, we congratulate you and honor you, the teachers.

We love you dearly. You are never alone. May our journey continue together.

And so it is.