The Divine Human Series:

"SHOUD 6: Your Self as Your Guide"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
January 4, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we welcome you home! We welcome you back to the energy of who you are. We welcome you back to this space that we together have created so often. All of us – those who are Shaumbra in human form, those who are Shaumbra on this side of the veil – we gather together and enjoy each other now.

It is always a bit overwhelming and emotional for I, Tobias, to come into this space. (chuckling) It takes a few moments to do my breathing! When I do, it is not the oxygen that I breathe in like you humans do. Rather, it is all the senses that I open up so I can truly feel you, so I can hear you, so I can sit next to you and enjoy these precious moments that we have together. Indeed, welcome home to this wonderful place, this center that you have here (referring to the move back to the Coal Creek Center). Yes, we have been here before and we love the energies.

We can adapt our energies to any environment, whether we are sitting outdoors in a gathering of Shaumbra, or whether we are sitting in one of your rather sterile hotel ballrooms, in a home, anywhere, we can all adjust our energies.

Indeed, you can sit in the middle of one of the most impoverished, and negative, and dark areas. Dear friends, you do not have to let it affect you. You do not have to send out beams of light to change the surroundings. You simply sit in it, and it changes.

We think it is amusing that some humans create these “shields” around themselves. “Surround yourself with the light,” you say. We say, “Take down the walls.” You can be or live anywhere and not have it affect you. This is what we call compassion. Compassion is the true understanding of the journey of others, and of the journey of yourself. With compassion you can sit in the darkest of the dark, in the most fearful of places. You do not have to create shields.

In your own right, now Shaumbra, you are illuminators. You glow. You shine. You send forth a New Energy, whether you consciously realize it or not. When you go to a grocery store, when you go to a crowded public place, you do not have to put up these defensive walls. You simply have to be in the moment.

What you would consider negative, dark, or any other type of imbalanced energies pass right through. They do not have to affect you. They pass right through. When you put up these walls of protection, it also keeps the energies from coming to you. You put up a wall around yourself. You shield yourself so that you can no longer feel or sense. It was appropriate, as you were learning about yourself and about the God within that, yes, at one point you created these barriers. But dear friends, this is now a New Energy.

Indeed, in the months ahead we will be telling you specific things that will seem to be in contradiction to things we previously said, or to information you have heard from other channels. Why? Because this is a New Energy. It is changing rapidly. You are changing.

Some of you are trying to find our energy right now. You are saying, “Something feels different. Perhaps, I am not in my right space. Perhaps I should have done a ceremony before I sat down.” Some of you might be saying, “I forgot to sage the room, therefore, I cannot connect like I used to.” (audience laughter)

Dear friends, the reason you are not connecting with us like you have in the past is because you’ve changed, and we’ve shifted. The energy is in a different spot now. Learn to get accustomed to this. Learn to get accustomed to constant shifts and changes. Learn not to go back to the Old ways. Honor the old ways. It served you well. But you are now in a New Energy.

The energy we bring in today comes from a different place. Imagine a fine tuner within yourself. Now, adjust the knob like you would tune a radio station. Adjust it to a higher frequency. We can come in differently now at this higher frequency because you are in a higher consciousness. When you say, “It felt different last month, or the month before. What is wrong here?” ah, take a moment. Allow yourself to come to this higher frequency to meld with us.

There is a wonderful metaphor here. We have been in this hall (Coal Creek Canyon) before, this wonderful center with the fireplace, and the kitchen, and the creaky wood floors. You started the Crimson Circle meetings here and then you moved to several other locations. Now you are back. But like so many of you have noticed today, when you come back to an Old place, it looks and feels different. It is different for you because you have changed.

You will find this metaphor very appropriate in the coming year. You will re-visit Old places, but they will be different. Notice what happens when you go back to an Old place, when you are called back there to do work.

Ah, we know Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) worries so much. He worried that coming back to this hall was perhaps a step backwards. Dear friends, dear friends, it is an evolution. It is a cycle. You will all find yourself going back to Old places or meeting Old people this year. But it will be different… literally.

In your new consciousness, yes, you change. You change the energies, and even the look and the feel of the Old. So, when you are called back to the Old for one reason or another, understand it really won’t be Old. It will be New. It will be New in so many ways.

We are delighted to be here in this place – such warm energies. We even don’t so much mind this barstool. We find it somewhat comfortable. (audience laughter) There are times here when we will be standing. We will be standing as we talk to you. There will be times, too, when we may even ask to roam the aisles a bit. We know all the volunteer workers are panicking now! (audience laughter) “Oh, Tobias, what have you put on us now – roaming the aisles!”

But there will come a time, quite soon after we get some of these humans over their concerns, when we would like to come and touch you, touch you as we talk. We would like to come and sit in the chairs with you as we talk. The logistics will be figured out. (audience laughter)

It is also different now because these changes to the grids. The last adjustments to the grids have been made. That opens the way for you to fully accept, and to own, and to integrate your divinity. There are changes that have taken place in these last few weeks of time. There will be many changes in this year ahead.

But now, let us bring in a very dear friend of mine. We sit together and have long chats at my celestial “cottage.” We talk about what it was like to have been in human form. Yes, indeed, we do smoke a few of our human-style cigars. We kick back and we share stories. (audience laughter)

I ask you to feel the energy of our honored guest on this day. Feel him in your breath. Feel him in your senses. Clear your mind, dear friends. It comes from the heart. Don’t even try to put this energy into words. Just feel him. He comes in with the color violet, with the ray of violet. He has worked with all of you before. His energy has been very present around you for the past 20 to 30 years. But his presence has not been as strong in the past few years. He come back now, more present than ever.

Indeed, our honored guest is St. Germain. He is a dear friend of mine, and yours. We spend many hours together talking about humans, for he walked as a human also. St. Germain is the master of alchemy and the master of change. St. Germain did not conform to the Old ways, but rather said, “There is a better way here on Earth.” He experimented with energies and practiced his alchemy while he was alive as a human on Earth.

St. Germain went through his own type of ascension process while he was on Earth. He learned how to glide between lifetimes and to meld lifetimes together. He learned how to break down the barriers of remembering from one lifetime to the other.

Dear, dear St. Germain has been such a part of your journey in these past years, but mostly when you were in your dream state. He has been away from the Earth realms for a while, working with you on setting the energies of the New Earth. He has also been preparing for this time, preparing his energies so that he can once again walk closely with you.

The energies of St. Germain have stayed away for a while. He returns at this time of the completion of the grids. He returns at the time when you can truly own your divinity. He comes in now, so happy to be here, so happy to be with all of you in a remembrance of his own human journey. He will be coming back to visit this group many times this year. He will be visiting you directly. His energy will come in directly, no longer in the sleep state, but when you are wide awake.

So, we ask you to take a moment to record this feeling of St. Germain. Some of you may see colors. Some of you may have sensations on your body. For some of you it may just be a knowingness. But remember this, because St. Germain says that he will come to you in your waking state. He will be there to encourage you when you are going through some of the difficulties. He will remind you that all of the solutions are already in hand.

It gives us great pleasure to have the energy of St. Germain here with us on this day.

Let us talk for a moment about where we see the direction of humanity heading this year. These are not prophecies. These are not predictions. What we are talking about are things that we see from our perspective. We would like to share with you to help you understand what the world is going through, where you are in relationship to these things, to help you understand, so that these things do not need to affect you so much.

The final adjustment of the grids and the potential of empowerment for all humans creates a challenge for the old energy of duality. Perhaps humans do not realize, in their conscious mind, that they have the potential for empowerment. But humans all around the world are feeling something. It is uncomfortable at times. It is like hearing a constant knocking at the door, but not wanting to acknowledge it.

You know what we are talking about. Most of you had this experience prior to your awakening. It is a feeling of unrest, a feeling of not being at peace, a feeling that something is going to happen, but not knowing what. This was part of your awakening process. This was the trumpet of Gabriel calling you to your awakening.

Humans all across your world are feeling this now, even if they are not churchgoers or spiritual people. They are feeling that something has changed. This feeling, this agitation, is actually intensifying the energies of duality right now. It will continue to do this for the next number of years. Duality will intensify.

You do not need to participate in it. You do not need to be affected by it. But you will see it in the others. We talked about this before when we said you have gone through a difficult challenging process of your own ascension, of walking into the New Energy. But you had tools, and you had each other.

Now, there is a whole new wave of humans who are going through this process. They do not have the type of spiritual understanding or background that you possess. They certainly don’t have other Shaumbra to guide them. At least not until they make connection with you, the teachers.

With duality intensifying this year, you will see the potential for war building up. When it cools down in one area, it will pop up in another. Regions of the world that have been peaceful for a while will come into conflict. You see, it is much like what you went through. There are Old Energies that need to be cleared, so they will come to the surface to be acknowledged and transformed.

That is why we say to you, dear Shaumbra, it is not appropriate to pray for peace. It is appropriate to be in your OWN peace and to illuminate that to the world. But you know, there are certain conflicts, Old Energies that need to come to terms with each other.

There is the talk of war in Iraq, and you see how this is creating a commotion all over the world. There is intense saber-rattling. There are powers… there are forces that would like to have war. There are others who fight for peace.

We see that there will be some last minute negotiations to cool things off. But dear friends, the energies of conflict will pop right back up. If they do not pop back up in the Mid-east, they will come in some other part of the world. You will see conflicts flaring, and then cooling down, flaring, and then cooling down. Some of the conflicts might result in war.

It does not have to be this way. These conflicts can be resolved with openness, and with great truth. You know what that is like. You have had these conflicts within yourself. You, in a sense, are a microcosm of what is happening in the world. These conflicts surfaced within you. At times, you tried to settle them down or you tried to ignore them. We saw you running from your problems! (audience laughter) You did not want to face the situation within yourself. But sooner or later you had to address your inner conflicts. Sooner or later, you had to come to terms with yourself.

This will be a most interesting year. With world finances, expect the same as last year. More roller-coaster, more up and down, not a good time to be playing the stock market. For those who ask for stock tips – not a good time. (audience laughter) There are many of you who ask us for tips, far too many! (more laughter) If I, Tobias, or St. Germain were back on Earth right now, this is one form of gambling that we would stay away from.

In the world of business, this phenomenon you have been seeing lately – the largest of the large corporations coming down – this will continue also. It will continue not just in the United States, but all over the world. In a sense, these companies get so large they cannot even handle their energies anymore. In a sense, they implode by their own choosing, so they can break into smaller pieces.

You see, there is a certain quotient of energy that is appropriate, whether it is in a country, or a company, or anything else. It gets too large, and it needs to come back into smaller pieces. Sometimes the smaller pieces can be more effective than the whole.

We have talked about the churches in previous discussions. They will continue to go through their breakups. There will be more controversy this year in the churches. There will be great changes of leadership in some of the major churches as a result of the controversy, and also as a result of certain leaders – how to say – not having the strength to go through these large shifts of consciousness.

There will be great changes in your churches. When you see this, do not panic. Understand that it is all appropriate. We talked about this quite some time ago when we said the walls will come tumbling down. And we were not just talking about the churches. The walls will come tumbling down. It is part of the transformation.

St. Germain knows so much about transmutation of energies, and that sometimes there is such a build-up that the walls need to come down so that they can be re-built in a different way, in a New way.

Dear friends, there are so many things that will be happening in your world this year. Great scientific and technology advances will be announced, more than what you have seen in recent years. It is interesting to note that while one area – the area of businesses, and churches, and politics – is going through great transformation, many changes, many walls come tumbling down. On the other hand, science and technology will take huge leaps forward.

You will hear about new breakthroughs with medical problems that have plagued humans for many years. Your doctors and scientists will announce new understandings. It will take a while to finish up the required testing and certification, but the discoveries are at hand. When you read about the discoveries in your newspapers, you will ask, “How is it that this could have been developed? How is it that the answer could have been so simple, yet overlooked for all these years?” We tell you that it is because of the work that you and other humans on this spiritual path have been doing.

We have said to you before – it is not about you anymore. You are going through all these processes within. You are changing your consciousness. You are raising the consciousness of the planet.

What happens when you raise consciousness? It expands outwards! You illuminate a new level of consciousness to the whole world. Then, when your scientists, when your engineers, when all of your leaders go to do their work, your consciousness change allows them to come to new understandings, new discoveries.

One of your great inventors, the one you call Thomas Edison, surrounded himself, somewhat unknowingly, by those who held a very high level of vibration and energy. When he was doing his inventing and his experimenting, he literally drew off of their high consciousness and came to understandings and realizations that he could not have otherwise had.

When you hear about these great advances in science and technology this year, give thanks to yourself for the work you are doing. You are changing the vibration and enabling others to do their work in a new and different way. Do you see the effect that you have on the world?

Speaking of science, dear friends, let us talk for a moment about human cloning. We want you to take note of what is happening right now. We want you to keep a very open mind about it, for it is not necessarily what you or anyone else thinks. Do you find it interesting that it was a group of spiritual seekers (the Raelians) who were able to meld technology and science with spiritual arts?

Yes, indeed, we know that they could do a better PR job! But there is even a plan behind it. You will see it unravel here in the weeks and months ahead. It took someone on the leading edge, on what normal humans would call the fringe edge, to develop this technology.

The Raelians are indeed making contact in the outer realms. They are indeed making contact with the aliens. What they have not acknowledged yet is that the aliens are them from the past. Indeed, they are working with star seed. Indeed, they are working with very interesting energies in their experiments.

Dear friends, it takes someone with a very open mind to break through the barriers. Perhaps they are considered a bit unbalanced, but it took that to go to this next level. It took the meld of spirit and science to make the leap. We can tell you now that they will be discounted and ridiculed in the scientific community and in the media.

What they have developed is just the beginning. They have an understanding of the basic issues that are at the levels simpler than your DNA. They did this by allowing their minds to expand and then putting it to practical application. They did this by surrounding themselves with high vibrations, and also tapping into your vibrations.

They will be ridiculed by the scientific community. The scientific community has to put them down because they didn’t invent it. (audience laughter) But behind the scenes, some scientists will understand the value of the Raelians’ work, something so simple that it has been overlooked.

Let us talk about the philosophical issue of cloning. We know there is much controversy. There will continue to be controversy. The ones who will speak out against it are our dear friends, the conventional religious leaders. (audience laughter) They do not believe that you are God. They stand at the pulpit, and they do not believe that you are God. They do not believe in the meld of science and spirit, and the fact that you can create great things.

What is happening with cloning on Earth is also something that will be worked on intensely on the New Earth. You see, the principle is simple. You are not your body. You are Spirit. When you choose to leave your old physical body, you can clone yourself. You can go from one lifetime to the next without having to go through the whole traumatic birth process. If you want to stay on this Earth, you do not have to go through the long and rather painful cycle to get back here. You can just hop back into a new body.

Dear friends, there are those who misunderstand. You are not cloning Spirit. You are simply cloning biology. There are those who do not understand that life is eternal. You can change your physical body very easily. It is coming. It is coming. There is much to learn yet. These early clones have many imperfections. But it is coming. It is coming.

We talked about the New Earth and said that you can go into biology and then back out of it. It is also going to be possible here on Earth. There will be clashes with the forces that do not want to see this. They are afraid. They are afraid because it will mean having to revise and change or throw out the old books. They do not want to do this. They are in such fear.

That is why we have spent so much time talking to you, Shaumbra, telling you that you are the new teachers. It is time for you to step forward and be heard.

In this year and in the years ahead you will continue to see duality intensify all around you. But now, dear friends, YOU are in a new place. You can look at it with new eyes. You do not have to be affected by the chaos like you were in the past. You can be in a place of understanding and compassion, realizing that there are so many humans still playing the game of duality, so many games that they are enjoying playing. It is not about you anymore.

It will be difficult for you in this next year if you are always looking on the outside for the answers, if you are always trying to find someone or something to give you the answers. You have now stepped into a new era for yourself. There are no more excuses. The grids have been adjusted. You have gone through an intense process over the years. There are no more excuses and no more waiting. It is here now. Your divinity is here now. It is in you. It is around you. IT IS YOU.

We have become somewhat distressed when we see that there are others saying, “But wait. Wait for the next thing. You have to wait for the year 2012. We have another 10 years of waiting.” (audience laughter) Some say you must wait for March 3, 2003… some say that you must wait for a new alignment of the planets. There always is something to wait for! Cauldre calls it the “spiritual carrot.”

Dear friends, it is appropriate for those who want to follow the path of perpetual waiting. That is appropriate. There will be many who follow that path because, in a sense, they do not want to take the responsibility right now. They want to have another reason for delay. They want to have another date on the calendar in order to procrastinate the inevitable. And the inevitable is that You are Divine. You are God Also.

Dear Shaumbra, you are different. That is why we are here. That is why St. Germain comes back to the Earth realms much stronger than ever. He has been away for a while. He comes back now to work with those who are ready to be divine and express their divinity. No excuses. No more grid changes. No more planet alignments. No more waiting for the UFO’s to land. (audience laughter) Nothing. Nothing.

You are divine NOW, in this moment. You bestow that on yourself, and we acknowledge it. There are no guides from this point forward. There are no others that are going to do it for you. Oh, indeed, there are many, many of us here, such as St. Germain, Yeshua, Metatron, and all the others. But we are here to encourage you. We are here to sit with you from time to time, to encourage you, to talk to you, to give you our perspective. But it is up to you to do the work, and to be the creators of your new life and of the New Earth.

It is time for you to be your own guide, for you to be your own guide… Self as guide. We look at you now and we see an angel and a God that is so ready, that has all of the tools to go forth. We see an angel and a God that does not need to give their power away to anyone or anything. We see an angel and a God who has gone through much challenge and difficulty to get to this point.

You wonder what comes next. What does it matter? It will come to you appropriately. And when it does, understand that you have all of the tools, all of the tools. Don’t call on us in that time of fear. Call on yourself. Oh, we will be there, but we cannot do it for you.

Now, dear friends, we want to point out something that ties into what we have been talking about in terms of your own science and technology. The best answers are the simplest ones. You sometimes wonder why you didn’t recognize it before. It is because it is so simple. You were overlooking it.

The divinity, the God that you are, is so simple. But yet you try to make it so complex. It is so simple. It is there right now. You test your powers at times. You say, “If I am God also, then why can’t I create grand abundance for myself? Why can’t I heal my body? Why can’t I read the thoughts of other humans?”

Dear friends, you are putting your energies in the wrong place, in the end result. You are not putting the energies in the moment. When you focus on abundance, surely you will have abundance problems. When you are always worried about a relationship, when you are worried about your health, you will always have these as problems. It is about being in the moment, being in the Now.

Your God-Self, your divinity comes to you in the simplest of ways. It takes care of everything, everything. YOU take care of everything in your life. You will be surprised at how easy it is to allow your Divine Self to come through and provide the divine answers. No more stressing in the mind. No more struggling with things.

Your divinity is you. In a sense, it has been away from you and separated from you for the longest time. This God-Self has been… oh, in a sense, it has been away from you. You have not been able to connect to it. But it is here now, coming in with so much love and compassion for you, coming in with the compassion at the deepest levels.

Dear friends, when there is a challenge in your life, understand that you have already solved the problem. Your Divine Self has already solved it. When there are difficulties in your life, do not panic. Understand that the solution is already there. It is within you. YOU ARE YOUR OWN GUIDE.

This divinity wants to take care of you, wants to be with you, wants to handle everything. But it requires that you let go of the old ways of handling problems. Let go, as we say, release, and allow. The divine solution will come forth.

So many of you have had dreams in these recent months and years, intense, beautiful dreams. Some of you may recall bits and pieces of the dreams, perhaps just a feeling. In the dream you met the most loving, beautiful, compassionate, and understanding being ever imaginable.

In the dream you were traveling down a road or you were sitting in your house or at a party. You met a being who radiated such light that it nearly caused you to fall to your knees. The being radiated overwhelming compassion and love. In the dream you knew that you knew this being, but you did not know how. You knew that you were meant to be together and to share life together, but you did not know when.

Then a great sadness swept over you because you could not imagine yourself away from this grand being. It was the love of your life that you had always been seeking. It was the soul mate, the twin flame. It was the incomplete part of yourself, or so you felt. In the dream you felt the intense love and the intense connection, and you never wanted to let go.

The moment you worried about the connection slipping away, you started to scream and cry. You felt that you were going back into darkness, back into loneliness, losing the connection with the greatest love you have ever felt. We know you have been there. We have watched you in your dreams. We have shed a few tears, knowing how difficult it was for you to meet your True Self, your Divine Self, to touch and to feel that energy, and then to have it slip away.

Dear friends, you had those dreams to prepare yourself, to prepare your body, your mind, your emotions. You took those trips in your dreams to prepare the divine part of yourself to come into your world. That part of yourself is here now. It is here within you. It is the grandest love. It is the greatest compassion. It is your soul mate, in a way, because it is you, the part that was not able to come in before this time. It is you. We hate to even use the term that it is separate. It is you. Feel this. Feel this now in your being.

Thank you, Gaia, right on cue! (This comment came from Tobias as a strong wind gusted outside and shook the building right as Tobias was asking Shaumbra to feel the Divine Self.)

This Divine Self is you. It always has been. It comes in now. It comes in to be such a part of you. It wants to share in a way it never could before. You will find now that as you rely on yourself for your own guide, that as you stop looking outward, as you stop looking for external dates that keep you from being divine, you will find that this Divine Self truly takes care of every need.

You, God, truly take care of every need that you have. The abundance will flow into your life. Your health will return. The relationships will come to you appropriately when you do not focus on them, when you live in the Now, when you are divine.

Dear friends, life will have its challenges. But as we have said, “It’s not about you.” You will see conflict all around you. You will be called to new places. You will be called to different types of work. Remember, it’s not about you.

Remember that in every situation you are involved in, you, God, have already come up with the answer. Get out of that human brain, the one that is in fear and panic. Sit in the middle of difficult situations and watch how the Divine Solution unfolds in your life. It will unfold in your life.

Take a pause in a moment. Remind yourself of who you are. Stop fretting. Stop calling on us to solve it for you. Take a deep breath. Be in the moment and watch how the solution unfolds. Remember that it will not necessarily be the answer you thought it would be. Keep an open mind. It will come from a different place, much like the energy of today comes from a different place. We are back in an old place here, but the energy comes in different. That is what so many of your experiences will be like. It will come in different.

There is the tendency, when there are difficulties around or within you, to panic, to try to come up with all sorts of schemes, and plots, and plans. One of our favorites is humans who think they have to think in an exact specific way – “Only good thoughts allowed here.” That does not work anymore, dear friends. Be in the midst of whatever is going on in you and around you. Allow your divinity, with the greatest compassion and love, to be with you.

Oh, and dear friends, you will see… you will see how the solution unfolds in the most beautiful way. It will make your Old way of thinking seem so hard, and cruel, and cold! The new solutions… they will be beautiful. They will be beyond what you ever thought was possible. They will be in the New Energy.

(Very emphatic) No more excuses, Shaumbra! No dates in the future that you have to wait for. No waiting for aliens or grand beings to come to you. It is Now! The grid adjustment was the final event. No more waiting and no more excuses!

YOU ARE YOUR OWN GUIDE. The answer is within every one of you, individually. It is within you. It is within you. Stay in the moment. Breathe in. Understand that you are God also. Watch the new solutions unfold.

Then share with other Shaumbra. Share what you are learning. Share about this new thing called the Divine Solution. Share how you are empowered in your life. Share how you are learning more and more each day.

Our message today is simple, simple – you are your own Divine Guide from here on. You have the power within you. No more excuses – unless you want there to be. (audience laughter)

Now, it is time for you to talk. It is time for the Shoud. It is time for all of you to gather your energies together.

We will take a moment here for Cauldre to shift his energies. And then you will hear from yourself.

(Brief pause while Cauldre shifts to Shoud 6.)

Shoud: We are Shaumbra. And we are family. We are one voice. And we are many.

We gather as family in such a lovely place with such beautiful angels, all of us somewhat wide-eyed, some of us wondering where this divinity is. But we, as Shaumbra, are willing to let it come forth in our life. We, as Shaumbra, are willing to let go of the old ways of handling challenges. We are willing to let our divinity come through. We are willing to learn new ways now. It causes a bit of unrest and unease within us!

We can feel the truth of what Tobias and St. Germain are talking about. It is truly time for us to be divine and to do our work. It is here. We have been waiting long enough. Sometimes, we thought it would never come. Other times, we wished it would never come. We realize it is here now. We are ready to do our work.

As Shaumbra, we realize that there is something that we need to look at and address. It is drama, drama. (audience laughter) We have all been going through it lately. In a sense, we don’t know another way. We have become so embedded in drama that we think that everything in life is about drama. As Shaumbra, we know that drama can be fun, but it can also deprive us of energy, take energy away from us, valuable energy that we need.

We realize that we no longer have to get involved in dramas. Our families try to pull us into it. At work we are always pulled into someone’s drama. We get pulled into drama about world events. We get pulled into drama about things within ourselves, about our own issues of self-worth. We get into our own health dramas. “Why is that negative, dark energy invading my body? I must go annihilate it. I must go wipe it out with light and good stuff.”

In a sense, we have not understood what to do if there was no drama. There seems to be such a void if there is no drama.

We now recognize that we do not need to participate in other people’s dramas. Yet we can be fully involved in living. Stepping out of drama does not mean that we have to be neutralized, that we cannot have fulfillment and enjoyment. We simply don’t have to get into the dramas.

The drama is what Tobias talks about in the lesson of the short wall. It is about being in our own place of peace, when we are also in a place of total compassion for others and their journey… whether they are having a difficult life, or a wonderful life… whether they are going into self-destruction… or whether they are in great pain… or whether they are totally being fulfilled in life… we have compassion for them.

When we have total compassion for our fellow humans, we do not need to get involved in drama. We understand the game that they are playing, and we love them for it. We have compassion.

With our own families, drama has been the way of life for them, and for us. Oh, they know how to hit our buttons and get us right in there! Then we have a wonderful game going with all of us. They feel bad when we are on the outside, when we are not getting involved. They think there is something wrong with us. They think we are strange when we do not want to play the family drama game. (audience laughter) But in a sense, we have been sitting over in the corner saying to ourself, “I will not be in drama! I will not be in drama! I will not be in drama!” (audience laughter)

Now, we can be in the midst of their drama, but we can be in a very peaceful space, a very compassionate space. We will know what to do in the moment. We do not have to prepare our script for when we go home, what to think, what to say. We will be able to smile at them and enjoy what they are doing because we are in such great compassion.

Being in a place of compassion is also being in a place of peace, knowing that we don’t need to change a thing, that they are being completely appropriate, that they are learning about who they are with what they are doing. Being compassionate means we can be peaceful. It means we do not need to be expending great energies trying to play the drama game or trying to get them not to play the drama game.

Being compassionate means being peaceful. Being peaceful means that we retain the integrity of our own energy. It also means that we have the energy then to be there to serve them.

Some of them, as we know, will never be ready. Others will see how we stand in this place of love, and admiration, and compassion for them and can enjoy the entire experience. They will come to us when they want to know how to make their life peaceful.

As we move out of the Old ways, and we move into the New Energy, we recognize drama for what it is. We recognize that we no longer need to play that game. We recognize that even though life without drama seems a bit boring, (audience laughter) that in the New Energy we find there is a new fulfillment, a new understanding, and a new joy that makes drama look like such a childish game.

So, we tell ourselves today, “See drama for what it is.” Understand that we don’t need to play it unless we want to. We have compassion for all of the others. Through compassion we can love them. We can let them play their games. But we don’t have to be affected. It is time to replace drama, replace it with fulfillment, and joy, and true compassion for what the others are doing.

And so it is.

(Brief pause again while Cauldre shifts back to Tobias.)

TOBIAS: Now, I, Tobias, return for a moment. I do like standing. (audience laughter as Tobias gets up from the barstool and stands) Soon, I will be walking. (more laughter)

Dear friends, you will find the answers in a different place within you now. You will find the answers in a different place, and it will be within you, all of the answers. We are so excited, and St. Germain in particular, for he understands alchemy, and change, and transformation. That is what you have gone through. He is so excited. I, Tobias, am so excited, knowing that if you are in the moment, fully integrated, the solution will appear before you. It will not come from us, or any outside being. It will be given to you by yourself.

When you recognize this, then you will understand what we have been talking about now for several years. You will understand when we say, “You are God also.” You will understand how simple it is and how complex you have been trying to make it. Dear friends, until you came to this point in consciousness you couldn’t even recognize it, much like the scientists who are working on new technologies and new inventions. They couldn’t see it until the consciousness was raised to a new level.

We will return in a few moments to answer your questions, to talk with you, to enjoy our time together. In the meantime, eat, enjoy, and stay out of drama! (audience laughter)

Dear friends, you are never alone. You never were alone. Your own God-Self was always there.

And so it is.