The Divine Human Series:

Presented at the Crimson Circle
November 3, 2002

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, dear Shaumbra, that we gather here together on this day in the energy of you that is changing so much. While this music was playing (“Western Sky” by Brian Keane, played before the channel), so many of you could hear the vibration and feel the frequency of Gabriel’s trumpet. Gabriel sounded the trumpet so many years ago, calling you to service, calling you to the changes, calling you to the New Earth, and calling you to take your ascension status.

While this music was playing, we could feel something singing in your hearts. You were remembering when Gabriel first sounded the trumpet in 1987. At that time, you said, “Yes! Yes, Spirit, I am here. Yes, Spirit, I am ready to move forward.”

Oh, what a journey you have been on since then! From our perspective it was only a moment or so ago. It spans some 15 years. What a journey you have been on in order to get to this point!

We are overwhelmed with emotion when we gather like this… when you put down those barriers and those walls…when you know you are enveloped by the love of Spirit, the love of I, Tobias, and the love of all who gather on this day. Yes, and most importantly when you are enveloped by the love of Shaumbra, the ones who sit next to you, the ones who you played footsie with last month! (audience laughter)

One day, we will just sit here and say no words. We will share feelings. We will share love. We will do the dance with each other without words.

Dear friends, we heard that you are planning to learn how to channel (referring to the Channeling Workshop). We have some information for you. You already know how to channel. You just don't know that you know! It will be so easy for you when you allow yourself to do this, when you truly trust who you are and allow yourself to hear the inner voice, and to feel the inner flame.

Indeed, as I have said before, when you connect with who you truly are, what you will hear so clearly in the background is us. You will realize that we have been with you every step of the way. You will realize that you are not alone, that this is a journey of many.

As you learn to express your divinity, you will hear us so clearly. You will be able to pick out names. You will know who the archangels are. You will be able to feel my energy in a whole new way. You will be able to easily pick up on the humans that you have known in this lifetime who have departed and come back to our side. This will be a new power.

There is indeed a new way to channel. We are asking Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) to do this more and more. And it is not what you have thought it would be. The old energy method of channeling was to “vacate” yourself in order for the angels to talk through you. You would allow the angels to use your body, your voice, and your reality as a vehicle for their energies.

Do you know, we are asking Cauldre now to be fully present with us, to have his energy fully present in the Now as we channel? This way it will not be so difficult on his body. It will be natural. He will not be an empty vessel. He will be part of the energetic group bringing forth the message. It will be a chorus of angelic and human energies.

It is the same for you, dear friends. When you learn how to channel, be fully present. Know that we want you present with us. We are standing together, all of us.

You worry that there is some part of you, the part that you do not trust, that will interfere, that will filter, that will distort the messages. Know that you are beyond this. Know that when you truly trust and you truly allow your divine flame to come forth, it will not lead you astray. It will not bring you misappropriate messages.

When you open your feelings and participate with us, this creates a strong channel. You will find that it is not so difficult on your body or your mind. You will not have to go through such drastic changes to move out of what you call your humored… human state – or humored state, as we like to call it (audience laughter over the accidental, but humorous slip of the tongue) – into an altered state. In the New Energy, you are a fully present, divine human, allowing us to come into your Now and then bring forth the chorus of the message of all of us.

This is the New Energy channel. This is what you are about. This is who you are becoming. Be with us. Join with us. Say, “Yes!” And let all of us move into this New Energy.

Dear friends, in the Shoud last month, you gave yourself powerful tools for the New Energy. It impressed us on this side of the veil that you could be so focused and articulate these so well. We found ourselves busy writing these down and looking at the energy of what you expressed. We decided that we would continually remind you of what you said, over and over, until you felt it deep within your being, until you said “Yes, I can do that.”

The tools of the New Energy that you gave yourself are quite simple. Breathing, breathing, dear friends, it brings life, and it tells your entire body that you want to continue living. No more suffocating. No more being partly present. Breathing tells your body “Yes, I want to continue living. Yes, I want to rejuvenate. Yes, I find the value in my life now. I Am That I Am in the moment.”

Breathing is so simple, so simple. It is not a complex tool. It does not cost anything. You do not need extensive schooling to learn how to do it. It is natural, God-given, and powerful. Use it if you are in a difficult situation, under tremendous pressure, as we know so many of you are. Use the breath to bring new life, to bring new “is-ness” into the power of “I Am.”

And dear friends, you gave yourselves the tool of feeling. Feeling, allowing yourself to open up and feel who you are. Indeed, it will be difficult at times because you will feel your pain and the pain of others. But dear teachers, you know because you have been there. You know the pain. The pain serves a purpose. The pain is part of the process. When that is recognized, pain no longer hurts.

Pain creates an energy to help you continue evolving and expanding. Pain no longer becomes what you would call a negative. When you open up to feel, you may also feel your own pains from the past. But understand it is so appropriate.

Feeling allows you to also embrace life – your life, other’s lives – to feel the sweetness, to feel the purity, to feeling the grace of life. Opening to your feelings allows you to enjoy humanness like never before, to enjoy the simple things – jokes, food, sex – all of the things that are such gifts to the humans.

Feel your own self, the identity that you have created. You know, dear friends, that so much has come from your head. It is your head talk that you have learned to mistrust. It is that head talk that has caused you to not trust who you truly are. Go into the feelings, into the fullness, into your heart. Then, the brain will handle the details. It will handle what needs to be handled in your day-to-day reality. But allow yourself to feel. Breathe and feel, dear friends.

The third tool you gave yourself was to be in the moment, to be in the Now, fully present. As we have said, living in the past will trigger the death process within you. Living in the future will suffocate you. It suffocates your divinity. Be in the Now, fully present, fully aware.

The Now includes not just the chair you sit in, and the room that you are in, but also everything that is happening in your life. That is part of the Now. That is part of the Now. But you are fully present, fully grounded, and centered. When you are in the Now, it attracts all of the appropriate things to you. This is simple spiritual physics.

And the fourth tool you gave yourself: Be in the Now, and the road moves through you. We know you are still grappling with this, trying to understand what this means. But you are coming to the understanding.

As you work with it, you will begin to understand the magic. Indeed, we use the term magic, the synchronicity. When you are fully present in the Now, breathing and feeling, you can attract all of the appropriate things to you. You are like a magnet. Everything will come to you in the moment. All of the resources. All of the tools. And all of the work of service that you will do will come to you.

When you are outside of the Now, you are like a vacant house. So, when the tools and the people and the opportunities come into your Now, you are not at home to receive them.

When you live in the Now, everything you need comes to you. You remain in the Now, and the road moves. The road brings everything you need. You will be able to feel what is important to embrace, and what to simply touch and let go on its way. When you are breathing, feeling, and living in the Now, you will have the strength of the divine flame to handle whatever comes your way.

These four tools – breathing, feeling, being present in the Now, and attracting everything to you – are so simple, so simple. Teach this, dear friends, to the others who come along. Teach this. They will not necessarily understand it right away. It will seem too simple. The head will get caught up trying to analyze it.

You know what that is like. Wait for the head chatter to go away. Then, walk them through these steps. Walk them through this. Help them to understand what you are coming to understand – the four tools of the New Energy given to you by yourself in Shoud, endorsed by all of us on this side of the veil. We could not have said it better. This is Shaumbra coming to new enlightenment.

Dear friends, dear Shaumbra, the universe is watching right now. All of the angels and entities are watching everything you do. This is an important crossroads for all of us, for you who are human, for you who are Divine Humans, and for all of us. Indeed, the work on the grids is nearly complete, nearly, nearly complete. They are just cleaning up the final parts and pieces, putting the polishing touches on now. As the grid work comes to completion, a new call goes out. The call is the acceptance of all who you are.

On this side of the veil, indeed, we are busy. We are watching. We are responding. We want to see what you do now with the ability to fully integrate your divinity. We want to see what you do as you come to remembrance of who you truly are. With the completion of the grids, we want to see how you work with us and create the New Earth.

We come to such an important crossroads in these next few weeks of time, these next few weeks that mark the end of your calendar year and the months that follow. How will humans deal with this new potential of energy, with the ability to bring in and accept their divinity? All eyes of heaven are focused on Earth, including the eyes of who you have been in the past, what you would call the aliens, focused on you right now. They want to know how you respond to the new potential, the ability to truly bring in and hold your divinity, and then how you express it.

The Order of the Arc (the Archangels) is watching so very carefully right now. What will happen? What will happen as humans are given this new potential and this New Energy? So much will transpire between now and the end of the year as the grids come to completion.

Watch to see what happens in the first few months of the new year. This will help tell you the direction that Old Earth is going in.

Watch yourself in these next few months. Observe and feel the changes taking place within you. You have gone through so much these past few years. Watch to see, dear friends, how it gets easier. You have gone through the releasing… and the releasing… and the releasing… and now come to a point of accepting and expressing. Watch how your own life changes, your own attitudes change, and your own abilities to truly create everything in your reality.

These next months are so important. We do not want to say that they are critical to the balance of Earth and to the universe, but, in a way, they are. Oh, if this does not work out, if it does not work out, dear friends, we will have all learned a tremendous amount. (chuckling) But we do not see that happening.

You have gone through the toughest of the tough in your own life. Now it is a matter of walking into your new service. But as we were saying, if it did not work out, there would still have been a tremendous amount that was learned. If we needed to try it again, we would be that much smarter and that much further ahead. Nothing that you have done has ever gone to waste. No experience, no thought or feeling would have gone to waste. It would have all been part of bringing Home to you. It would have all been part of expanding the First Circle, of coming into this New Energy of All That Is.

Destruction and termination? No, we do not see that at all. Chaos all around you? Absolutely! Absolutely! With the empathy you have gained through your own experience, know that the others will have to go through it. Indeed, they will go through so much of what you went through – peeling off the layers, coming to resolution within, changing your identity from who you thought you were, the illusion of all these previous experiences – and coming to a new understanding, your new identity as a Creator, as an heir to the throne.

So, indeed there will be chaos all around. You will see it. You will see it in the people who are in your families, and friends, and work. You will see it in the headlines. But you will know something. You will know that things are not falling apart. You will know that they are making progress on their path.

Why do you think it is that we who are of the Crimson Council and the Order of To-Bi-Wah have come in when we did? We came here to encourage you on the path, and then to encourage you to be the teachers of the New Energy, the teachers of divinity.

Dear friends, we are all watching right now to see what happens. We are excited, you could say, like children waiting for Christmas. We are excited about you, Shaumbra, having gone through the most difficult of difficult times. You are now coming to the point where you can truly live, and truly express, and create with ease. This is what we are excited about. You are coming back into harmony with your biology. You are learning how the mind works, and why it works that way. You are coming to understand how you are empowered to be the Creator of every moment.


Now, I, Tobias, would like to add a personal comment about what is going on in your world right now. Some of you may agree, some may not. So be it. Cauldre has politely said he will step to the side for a moment to allow my feelings to come through.

Yes, I am rather passionate about this, for I have… I have been a human on Earth before. And I have seen how things work. I am now on this side of the veil. I have a different perspective. I can clearly see, dear friends, that one thing, in particular, must change right now upon this Earth. It is your religions. The religions must change.

Who holds the power? It is not the politicians. It is those who are your religious and spiritual leaders on Earth. Who are the ones that influence the souls? More than any, it is the churches. And I have seen how the churches are holding back and holding back people. This must change.

The churches are standing on old rules, and old regulations, and old fears. They are telling old stories. The ones who are the religious leaders, the ones who open up the doors of the churches, are afraid of their own shadows. And they are afraid to step forth and to speak their truth. And they are afraid because they know that they do not know God! They live with this, and they sleep with it. They pray, and pray, and pray to know God – to no God. You can take that to mean it both ways.

Dear friends, dear friends, the ones who hold the power of the world religions are afraid to look within themselves. Yet these are the leaders of men and women and children. These are the ones who stand at the pulpit on Saturdays and Sundays all across your world and pretend they know and understand. But they know they don’t.

So, what do they do? They rely on old books, and old rules, and they spread fear. They do not teach their students how to go within. They do not teach that divinity is personal, and it is one, and it can be owned. It does not need to be learned. It is felt and experienced.

They teach of things that I, Tobias, personally get upset about. They teach of a hell that does not exist and a heaven that is exclusive. They teach that you have done something wrong, and that you must earn your way back to heaven. This is false, and they know it! They live with it every day, but they do not know how to get out of it.

The religions of your world hold the power. It is more powerful than money, more powerful than politics. If the churches were to begin expressing the truth that you are all God, the truth that you all have the power within, this Earth would take a giant vibrational leap right now. We would not have to go through all of this struggling and all of this work.

Dear friends, I, Tobias, do not see this changing overnight. There is too much at stake. I do not see the religions declaring that “You Are God Also.” I see them coming up with even more rules and more ways to confuse you, because they are confused. How can they speak clarity and truth when they are confused, when they go into their quiet times and their prayers, and try to find God out there somewhere, try to find redemption when it already is within?

It is my pet project and pet peeve. I will continue to speak about this. It is the religions of the world, dear friends, that need to change now. You can pray for peace for countries who are at war. That will make no difference as long as these religions hold the power.

And so it is that, dear friends, that is why I and all the others who come in here – Raphael, Gabriel, Mary, Metatron – that is why we continue to tell you over and over again that it starts within. It starts by accepting the power within. It starts by acknowledging who you are.

As you know, it is fearful and difficult to go within and say, “Would God create all of these things that I have created? How could I be God and create war? How can I be God and create pain for others? How can I be God and be so ignorant at times… and not understand how things truly work?”

But dear friends, the true understanding of God is that of total compassion, TOTAL compassion and understanding that God wanted to experience war. God wanted to experience forgetting who He and She truly was. God wanted to experience what it was like to walk in that beautiful human body of yours. God wanted to experience your own creation. That is compassion. That is God. And that is something that you will never read about in the old books or the old religions that still rule the souls of humans on Earth.

Be bold where you walk. Be bold in knowing that You Are God Also. You are coming to a new time now. Your divinity is fully available to you with the completion of the grids. You did not need the completion of the grids to take it in, but, dear friends, it does make it a bit easier.

You are coming to a time now when you are completing what was a very delicate and very important cycle – releasing the Old. You are coming to an awareness of who you truly are, understanding what the tools are, understanding the power that you truly have. You are coming in new and different ways.

Remember not to get wrapped up in the rules. Remember to tell each man, each woman, and child that they own their divinity. It is not held in a church, and it is not held in a book. They do not have to die in order to remember this or experience this. They are divine, in the Now, in the moment. Remember these words on this day.


How I love talking to you! How I love going deep inside with you! How I love when you allow me to share your journey with you. We are moving into our next cycle, Shaumbra.

Now let us introduce today’s visitor. Our visitor is one – oh, we know so many of you have been feeling our visitor’s energy as I've been yammering away. There is an energy that comes in now, a familiar energy, glowing, waiting to burst forth, waiting to be fully present in this space. Take a moment to feel this energy. Be present in the Now.

Breathe in and feel the energies. Do not try to go to the mind to figure out the name. Feel the energies of the one who is our visitor on this day. You are beginning to get it. You are beginning to feel. We will allow our dear visitor to come forth and speak to you directly.

(Pause while Cauldre and Tobias shift energies)

KRYON: Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. I come to you today filled with emotion, indeed, as Tobias said, waiting to burst forth, pacing in the energetic space here, waiting for the opportunity to be present with you. Every one of you has worked with the Kryon energy, with my energy, during these past years. It is a delight to come into your gathering place on this day. I give thanks to Tobias and to all of the others for allowing me to be here at this time of completion.

I am Kryon of magnetic service, and I have been here for eleven and three years together. In 1987, in the month of August, Archangel Gabriel sent forth the call. Gabriel sounded the trumpet for all who were ready to awaken, to come forth and to do the work as we transitioned into the New Energy. And you heard the call deep within your being. You responded in your own appropriate ways.

The entourage of Kryon heard the call and heard your response. And in the year of 1989 the entourage came to Earth to adjust the grids in response to your changing consciousness. The work would take fourteen years to complete. At the end of this time, you would have the potential of all of your divine power, the divine power that has laid in the cocoon since you left Home, waiting for the time, and waiting for the cycles to be completed, waiting to become available to you.

So, in the year of 1989 the entourage began their work. On January 1, 1992, the Kryon came to Earth, fully present to begin the true work of the adjustments of the grid. And 144,000 humans were called to begin the work. 144,000 humans upon the Earth were called to be in service during this time to begin going through the ascension process. This was a move from an Old Energy to a New Energy or divinity.

And 144,000 humans responded. All who are sitting in this room, all who are listening in, all who will read these messages, and all who have been attracted to my work responded. There were 144,000 who chose to go into ascension. Of these, most did not understand at their human intellectual level what this meant and what it would entail. But you 144,000 gave of yourself.

Many of you did not think you were worthy. You did not think that you would be picked. You thought it would be someone else. You thought that their physical body would evaporate and dissolve. But as you have learned now that is not the way it is. It was you that said “yes.” It was you that stepped forward to go into ascension. There were 144,000 that began the process. And from there another 144,000 joined in, and then another 144,000, and then more and more.

I, the Kryon, am here to address you, the ones who stepped forward, the ones who raised your hands at the sound of the trumpet of Gabriel. I thank you and honor you for everything that you have gone through, for being the ones to go into ascension. You are the ones who began the energy that changed the very face of Earth and changed all of the universe as well.

My work on Earth is nearly complete. It is an emotional and difficult time for me to be saying good-bye to you. I have never been in human form. Indeed, I am only an aspect of who you are. But what I have enjoyed in all of this time is being with you, something I never realized I could enjoy and experience so deeply. The Kryon has fallen in love with the very humans that he has been here to serve. We’ve had so many meetings and gatherings and individual private times together. It is difficult for me to move on at this point. But the work is nearly complete. How could I stay when it is time for you to take over?

Indeed, the spirits on this side do cry. Dear ones, my time on Earth is coming to a close. But I will always be with you. My work now takes me to in new place where I will come to know you again, but in a different way. My work now takes me to this place that brother Tobias has talked about, this place that Archangel Michael will be talking about much in the months to come.

It is the New Earth. The Kryon will go to this place of the New Earth to help you and to help the other angels set up the new magnetic grids. But it will be different than the grid types that you have an Earth. It will be much different. The grids of the New Earth will allow you to travel without body. These grids will allow you to create again nearly at the speed of thought. The grids that I will set up will allow you to always be in communication and connection with every part of who you are, every part of Spirit, all at the same time. It will be enjoyable work for me and my entourage.

But I will always remember the precious times that we had on Earth. I will always remember the 144,000 who responded to Gabriel’s trumpet, who gave of themselves boldly, fearlessly, who gave of themselves in total service to Spirit. I will always be in communication with you. I will always be connected with you. It will be from a different place.

One of these days soon, you will come to this New Earth. You will come to reside there. You will come to play there. And you will come to create there. And I will know you. I will know your name at the soul level. I know your energy. I will be there to greet you and work with you once again.

While I have been working on the outer magnetic grids of Earth, you have been working on the crystalline grids of Gaia, the corresponding grids that lie within the Earth. The way you have been working on these and affecting these is by releasing all of the past, by releasing the energies of who you have been in past lifetimes, by releasing the energies that are pent-up. Dear friends, you have been working on the crystalline magnetic grids of Earth while I have been working on the magnetic grids surrounding Earth. Together we have created changes. We have created new potential.

It is an honor to be invited by Tobias on this day to be with you. The work is almost completed. I bid you a loving and light farewell.

And so it is.

(Pause while Tobias returns)

TOBIAS: I, Tobias, return, dear friends, filled with the love and the emotion of the Kryon, knowing that we would be bringing the Kryon in as our special guest on this day. You can still feel the Kryon’s energy all around you, surrounding you, filling you, dancing with you. Kryon has been such an important part of all of our work and will continue to be in the New Earth.

Kryon departs this physical planet but goes on to continue your work in the New Earth. The Kryon, the Kryon bids you love, bids you empowerment today as he shares this space. You will work with this energy again in times to come. This delightful energetic entity known as the Kryon goes off now to work on the magnetic grids of the New Earth, a place you will all go to in due time.

And dear friends, in celebration of what you have done, and in celebration of the New Earth, we will devote our discussion next month, in the birthing month, we will devote this discussion to the New Earth. We will talk about its attributes. We will talk about what was learned on the planet Earth, on Gaia, that is now being brought to the New Earth. We will talk about the potential of the New Earth. We will talk about what type of playground it is.

We do not often share in advance what our next topic will be. But we want to build up your anticipation! We want you to begin feeling this New Earth that is being built right now. And we will discuss it in detail. So please do no ask any questions today about it. We will save that for next month.

With that, dear friends, it is time for the Shoud. It is time for you to speak your truth. It is time for Cauldre to be in the center of all of your energies, the ones who sit in this room, and the ones who connect from all over the world.

Cauldre is joking with us, telling us today is quite like “The Tobias Show,” (audience laughter) with all of the guests and visitors. He is complaining a bit that he has to keep switching channeling modes. But this is something that should be natural for him and for all of you… moving from one energy to the other.

We will take a moment here, a pause to adjust. And then you will hear your own voice.


Shoud: We are Shaumbra. We are family. We are one voice, and we are many voices. We come to a time of completion, the beginning of a new cycle, and the end of an old cycle. We come to the time when we can begin being who we are, when we no longer have to hide. We, Shaumbra, have been doing undercover work for so long now, working on our inner self, working on releasing, working on coming to new wisdoms and understandings.

As the Kryon mentioned, we have been going through a process that has taken 14 years of time to complete. We, Shaumbra, are somewhat anxious about what the future holds, what is up ahead. We know that the completion is almost here. We are not sure if we've learned everything there is to learn.

As Shaumbra we understand that it is time to move forth. It is time to accept our divinity and be all that we are. We have learned that everything in these past years has been important, that we have guided ourselves, that we have moved ourselves to new locations, given up old homes. We understand that we have changed relationships. We have gone through so much.

All of this has been guided by our own self, guided by our own soul. All of it had purpose and meaning. All of this has been in the response to the trumpet that was sounded, the call for those who would go through the process. We, Shaumbra, understand that we have given ourselves in total service, in total selflessness to be the first to go through this process, humbly, quietly, and so much of the time, alone, by ourselves.

We understand that everything that we went through served a purpose for All That Is. We understand that everything we went through gave us new wisdom and new understanding. We understand the tremendous guidance from our divine self to give us experience, to give us understanding.

Now comes the time of acceptance. Now comes the time of true service. Now comes the time of accepting our power. As Kryon just told us, the work of the grids is nearly completed. There is no reason for it to continue on and on, no reason for us to delay the process.

It is now time for us to be the teachers that we have agreed to be, to be fully present, to be there for others. It is time for us to come out from underneath the rock. It is time for us to be “I Am” in the Now. It is time for us to be aware of everything coming into our reality, to go within, to bring forth the tools, to bring forth the powers and the resources to deal with it.

It is time for us to go into the world and do our work, the outer work. We have done so much inner work for these past 14 years, to the point where we almost got lost in it. We almost forgot why we were here and what we agreed to do.

It is time for us, for Shaumbra, now to step forth boldly to do the work of service that we came here to do in the first place. It is time for us to write the books, teach the classes, talk to people openly about who we are, and to let them know that what we are, they can be also. And we are God!

The work of the grids is almost done. Part of us does not want to face that. Part of us would like to have this linger on and on for months and perhaps years because then we can avoid the inevitable. The inevitable is being Spirit in human form, in the moment. The inevitable is trusting who we are, allowing no other to hold any power over us.

We, Shaumbra, respond to the second calling of Gabriel. We respond to the second trumpet that is sounded. It is time for us now to do our work. We know it will come to us. We know the opportunity, or the people, or the understanding, or the passion can now come to us.

There are no more excuses. The grids are complete. We know it is time to step forth. We know there are four tools that we have given ourselves for this next portion of our journey. We know there is a family all around the world called Shaumbra who will support us in this. And we know no one can ever take anything away from us again.

There is no death. There is no other who will hold power over us. It is time to do our work. That is why we came here. That is why we are staying here. We are Shaumbra. We are power.


Tobias: So, I, Tobias, return for a moment to ask you to embrace the energy of yourselves. Embrace the energy of what you have shared with yourselves in Shoud on this day. We can see that some of you are scratching your heads and wondering what you just said! (some audience laughter) What you said was “The time is now. The grids are complete.”

You have been doing so much inner work that you almost began to enjoy doing the inner work. You have been doing so much releasing. We see some of you actually trying to find new things to release that don't need to be released at all! (audience laughter) What you told yourself in the Shoud was that it is time to step up to the plate, as you would say. It is time to begin the new cycle and the new work. It is time to be God in human form now.

Share with each other. We have said that before. In your groups, on your Internet… share. Experiences are still difficult at times. But when one shares how being fully present, fully powerful works, then the others will have confidence, and they will try too. Talk to each other, Shaumbra.

What you heard the Kryon saying, the emotional Kryon… I have never seen him so choked up. What you heard the Kryon saying – and we will reiterate and confirm – was that 144,000 were called upon to do the job. That is the mathematical equation for what it would take to begin the process of the apocalypse… the lifting of the veil… changing what was… removing the illusion. 144,000 humans across this planet Earth responded, some consciously, some at the inner levels.

We are talking to them today. We are looking at them today. Be proud of who you are. For those several of you who are saying, “Oh, it could not possibly have been me. No, you must not be talking to me, Tobias, for I just started doing this work.” You are wrong. You are one. You are one who responded.

And then the process began, and what amazed all of us on this side… oh, it was not limited to 144,000. The lines were deep, people waiting, humans waiting, wanting to also be part of the process. And so the 144,000 expanded, and there were more and more. And there are more coming in every day. They can hear the sound of the trumpet that was blown in 1987. It took them a while to hear it. They are hearing it now.

There is a change that is taking place upon your Earth. There is a change. It is about the completion of the grids. It is about you owning your own divinity. There is much work to be done. Many changes that will come into your life now. You will be asked to own your divinity and to use it in these next few months of time.

We will return in a moment to answer your questions. But dear friends, understand that in all of your cycles of lifetimes on Earth, and especially in this cycle, and especially in these last 14 years, you have never been alone.

And so it is.